Lindsay Lohan has had blackouts longer than her jail sentence


I know admitting this will make me sound idiotic, but I honestly thought that when Lindsay went to jail, we would be spared the constant barrage of crack shenanigans and daily updates about her existence. I was wrong. Because even though we don’t have the visual “pleasure” of seeing whatever state Lindsay is in on a daily basis, we still get various legal updates. And the news is not good for people who like to see crazy, entitled, violently stupid crackheads thrown into jail for a long time. Radar reports that Lindsay had two additional days “shaved off” her already decreased two-week jail sentence. Lindsay should be out at some point in this coming week, it appears:

Free Lindsay Lohan as soon as possible– that’s the plan. has learned exclusively that Lindsay has had two days shaved off of her sentence.

That means the 24-year-old actress will be leaving Lynwood Correctional Facility in late July – even earlier than expected after her 90-day sentence was shortened. learned exclusively that the judge agreed to grant Lindsay two days credit for time she was previously in custody. Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley submitted the paperwork showing that she was entitled to the two days credit.

What’s more, Team Lindsay is hoping that because of jail overcrowding she can get out of Lynwood EVEN EARLIER.

Lindsay was expected to be released around August 1 or August 2, which means she would have served 14 days of her 90-day sentence. But now she’ll be free in July.

Another source tells that Lindsay’s team is working on pushing her release date even sooner. There is hope the actress could even be released this weekend!

“Lindsay’s team is doing everything they can to get her out of jail this weekend,” a source inside Lohan’s camp told Will they succeed? No guarantee but they are trying everything they can think of, said the source.

[From Radar]

Additionally, it was thought that since Lindsay was getting special treatment all over the place – even getting visitors on non-visiting days. At first the jail seemed to want to rescind those special favors (after all, Lindsay has had blackouts longer than this jail sentence), but Radar reports that Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, got to spend “hours” with her in jail yesterday, talking legal strategy I guess. BUT – Dina and Ali couldn’t come this weekend, so sad.

Oh, CRAP – I just saw this: some sources in LA are claiming that Lindsay could get out TODAY. I hope they’re just talking out of their asses. Also: Lindsay is under 24-hour-surveillance because she’s been self-harming.

Also: the other inmates are calling her “Fire Crotch”. That’s her gang name now, I bet.


Lindsay Lohan on March 5, 2010 and October 4, 2009. Credit: Fame & WENN.

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  1. MeMyself says:

    I thought that old pic with her bleached hair and the pink fur was bad, but this top pic takes the cake.
    She looks so awful there is no way she can be healthy or happy.

  2. kathryn says:

    When I have children, I will show them Lindsay Lohan’s before and after pictures and tell them — THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T DO DRUGS…
    What a waste of a beautiful, beautiful woman.

  3. Rita says:

    I think it would be good for the inmate and teenagers at large if the cells were equipped with video cams with live internet feed lol.

  4. Mercy says:

    That top photo must have been photoshopped to make her look extra haggard. Here eyes are greenish, and this photo shows them as black with black scraggly brows. She was looking bad that day, but not that bad. There are a couple other photos of her from the same event:

  5. rheba says:

    it figures … sentenced to 90…serve less than 7… yeah she’ll really learn a lesson

  6. Kirsten says:

    Kathryn… that might actually be a good idea!
    I personally think its fine if they shave down her jail sentence, just as long as they keep her in rehab for the full 90 days. That is where she really needs to be.

  7. a says:

    to be rich and famous in america…

  8. Jazz says:

    She’s gotten so many chances already, she will inevitably screw up again. So after the rehab, does she go on another probation or is the slate wiped clean?

  9. a says:

    @mercy: she also looks bad in the last photo in that link and the blogger mentions it (face wise).

    the first photo shown here on CB maybe after a makeup touch-up but her face looks the same (busted).

    she needs help and not even the judicial system seems able to deliver it. if it were any of us we’d have been in jail long ago…

  10. Kaiser says:

    I didn’t ‘Shop the image, it came directly from WENN. It’s Lindsay last year in Paris, when she was snorting, smoking and injecting all of the hardcore Parisian shit.

  11. Madisyn says:

    We ALL knew she would not spend anywhere near 90 days. Not half. Not even a third. Nothin new here.

  12. abbizmal says:

    Damn, she looks haggard. She would have been a beautiful woman if she lay off the bad shit and the plastic surgery and injections (botox, lip injections and more bad shit). I’m guessing botox because of how her eyebrows are whoppyjawed, maybe a stroke. I feel sorry for her. If they are overcrowded, maybe they should release some regular folk, but money talks.

  13. Canucklehead says:

    America, with liberty and justice for some.

  14. bellaluna says:

    I’m so disgusted by this, I just can’t comment further.

  15. original kate says:

    i guess that’s how you look when you take every drug known to mankind.

  16. Lindsay says:

    With crowding all non-violent offenders get out early – she shouldn’t be forced to stay longer than the ratio others serve. Blame the state of California for not being able to enforce sentences because of the poor jail system. She didn’t get lucky because she is famous and at least used to be rich, she got lucky because she was arrested in California and not another state without an overcrowding problem. If she is self harming, for anything other than sympathy/attention, she needs more help than the prison system can help her with. It is also common practice everywhere to credit time served before trial.

    She should have faced kidnapping and involuntary imprisonment. She would have gotten a longer sentence and probably less of a break on actual time served.

  17. itzbilehbitch says:

    its not often that i lol and really LOL but when i read “that’s her gang name now” gold. ahahahahaha

  18. Tia C says:

    Perfect title, Kaiser!

    @ Mercy: LOL, those pictures you linked to aren’t any better, IMO. She looks like she’s been on a month long bender and she’s STILL high. Lindsay doesn’t need photoshop to look bad, she takes care of that all by herself!

    It really chaps my ass that she’s not going to be serving her full sentence. 90 days isn’t very much, but it could be a potentially humbling experience for her, which she and her outsize ego desperately need. Oh well, if she doesn’t change, she’ll do more time in the future. We keep having to learn lessons until we get it.

  19. la chica says:

    it’s OK with me if she gets out early as long as they throw her back in when she violates parole. and she will.

  20. YT says:

    Bummer that her sentence will be shortened so much, BUT she now knows what to look forward to the next time she messes up, and she will, and I don’t think the courts will try so hard to help her.

    At least she still has rehab and all the money she will collect for interviews about how she will change her ways OR she did nothing to deserve this.

  21. super8 says:

    Hey folks, dont get too upset over the reduced time for Lindsay!

    She’ll back in jail later because some people never learn, and she’s one of those.

  22. snowball says:

    How sad that a Lindsay Lohan post trumps an Angelina Jolie post.

    She’ll get out early and she’ll fail rehab. I used to feel protective of her because I really thought she had a chance to do something with herself. I just loved, loved her. Now I just feel sorry for her because I can’t see her coming out of her death spiral.

    She’ll get out early and she’ll fail rehab. Repeatedly. I don’t know why it’s funny to make light of her situation. She may look ridiculous and wasted and she may be working the system, but it’s tremendously tragic.

    Do you really look at her face and see something silly and goofy rather than scary? Yeah, I know, it’s a gossip site and we get to be funny and light – more often than not, I make jokes and bring the snark. Ugh. Lindsay just makes me so sad though.

  23. a says:

    (just in case) in post #10 when i said “make up touch up”, i meant that she probably touched up her make up while on something vs. it being retouched in photoshop.

  24. super8 says:

    Top pic: Horrid!

    This chick looks like a busted up, very roughly used, less than fortunate 45 yr old coke whore.

  25. gee_gee says:

    That has to be the WORST pic I have seen of La Lohan in the history of ever. Wow.

  26. mommy says:

    maybe CA needs to actually kill the people on death row instead of letting them mooch off the state for 30 years before getting their lethal injections…I bet they’d have room then!

  27. Bodhi says:

    She should have faced kidnapping and involuntary imprisonment. She would have gotten a longer sentence and probably less of a break on actual time served.

    Hear hear!! I know she is being sued in civil court over it, but does anyone know why she wasn’t prosecute for that?

  28. GatsbyGal says:

    They might as well not even bother putting her in jail if they’re just gonna let her out in a few days. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She’s just going to get released and then call her dealer and go to a club. Nothing will change.

    Also, I’m glad the inmates are giving her a hard time. I should’ve known they wouldn’t have been star-struck for long. They’re probably pissed that she’s been doing all the illegal crap they got sent to prison for YEARS for, and she’s gonna get out next week. I’d rag on the bitch, too.

  29. George says:

    Rehab wont do a bit of good.Drug abuse is a choice,a lack of willpower.Put her ass in the service or something to scare the sh*t out of her.I know people that thought they were big,bad & tough their asses were put in the service & when they got out they were decent human beings.

  30. Majosha says:

    So does she get to take her “meds” in rehab, too? What a f*cking joke.

    And those lips are literally nauseating to look at. Talk about a face that would make little children cry.

  31. moi says:

    she looks at least 10 years older that her true age. what a hot mess.

  32. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I wonder how she felt being one cell over from that spoiled bitch who ROBBED HER HOUSE! Too bad they let that Alexis chick out! She only served 30 days of a 6 month stay and STILL thinks she did nothing wrong. Lindsey should’ve shanked her.

  33. Rhiley says:

    If I were Lindsanity and I saw that first picture of myself, I think I would say to myself, “Maybe it is time to get help.” She looks like somebody’s grandmother. Even if she quits the drugs she will look like hell as long as she is smoking ciggies.

  34. jane16 says:

    I’ve said it before & I’ll keep on saying it…Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept is known as the Sheriffs-to-the-Stars! They bend over backwards for any celeb, and then claim they do it for public safety or some such nonsense.

  35. jane16 says:

    If anyone else had done what she did, they would have been charged with car jacking and/or kidnapping.

  36. Djen says:

    I’m with la:

    “it’s OK with me if she gets out early as long as they throw her back in when she violates parole. and she will.”

    Hopefully this is enough of a taste of jail now to make her straighten up and pay attention in rehab. Then, if I understand correctly, she goes right back on probation.

    And I’m jake with this whole scene IF they toss her right back in the slammer if/when she so much as twitches on probation. She shouldn’t get another 3 year party before she pays the piper next time, that about killed us all…

  37. oduroyal says:

    Only a week? No wonder there are so many criminals in Los Angeles…

  38. Dhavy says:

    She looks older than her mother. Call me crazy but I know her parents are opportunists trying to live off their kids but at least her father makes more sense than her mother. Why would any parent let one of their kids live with a drug addict? I hope her sister learns from this

  39. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @anon: eyebrows can do that if they’re drawn on when coked or drunk out of your mind. My ex’s grandma’s eyebrows look like that all the time, especially after a Manhattan of five. LoL

  40. snappyfish says:

    What will be the family’s excuse when this girl ends up dead? Will it be the media’s fault, or the industry or will someone have spilled a drink on her scram bracelet. This girl needs help and all she has are enablers.

    She has ruined herself and her career. When that is compared to how she has ruined her life, her family should be trying to help her not aid her destruction

  41. Meanchick says:

    Am I the only one who wants to smack her?

  42. Majosha says:

    Meanchick: I’d love to smack her. But I don’t think I have the courage to get that close to those horror movie lips, so I’ll just hiss at her from a safe distance.

  43. mags says:

    @ #31…yeah cause all my friends who are in the army have come out soooo well adjusted (sarcastic, if you can’t tell)
    not to mention alcohol abuse totally isn’t a problem there, just like there are no gay service men and women. o_O

  44. Lucky Charm says:

    That top photo is outright scary. Now I’m going to have nightmares. If only she could be forced to add the time not spent in jail to her rebha sentence, and have to go to a closed, locked down facility where she can’t have any visitors but maybe one morning and afternoon a week.

  45. Beth says:

    Lindsay didn’t receive special visitation. The jail make acceptions if they thought regular visitation would be to chaotic. They just changed Lindsay’s days not the amount of time for visitation. Also the girl who robbed people just got out. She was sentenced to six months and got out after a month. Nobody complained about that. From what I understand from the news very early release is common in LA. I don’t think she’s getting special treatment. Besides I’m sure she be back soon. I don’t see her living up to the 90 days in rehab.

  46. Majosha says:

    @anon: This hag repeatedly endangered the lives of countless people while driving loaded — especially the kids she kidnapped and took on the joyride from hell while coked out of her tiny little mind. And not once did she show even a sliver of remorse. Oh, and there are also all of those instances of her demonstrating ZERO respect for other people and their belongings (how much crap has she been accused of stealing?). She’s thrown drinks at people, repeatedly ignored the conditions of her parole, and whined like a petulant child when the judge finally threw her ass in jail after already allowing Lindsay more chances to straighten up than any one of us would ever hope to get. And now we find out that this troll gets to pop pills during her jail stint, which is apparently coming to an end before it ever really began. And never ONCE has she admitted to the very obvious fact that SHE is the reason her life is a goddamn mess. So yeah, I feel like smacking her. Would I if given the chance? Of course not, because, unlike Lindsay, I have this helpful little character trait called IMPULSE CONTROL. But it sure is fun to talk about shaking some sense into this cow on an anonymous blog, and for that, I make no apologies.

  47. mojoman says:

    Dang, you can slide an ATM card between those forehead creases! I am 10 years older than her and I dont even have 1 of those.

  48. Camille says:

    I actually think the ‘fire crotch’ name is kinda mean. No wonder the girl won’t go back to her red hair. :-

    This short jail sentence won’t do her any favours either.

  49. super8 says:

    At first glance the top pic looks like badly aging coke ‘ho Dina Lohan with botox gone wrong.

    Dont worry: Lindsay will definitely find her way back to jail!!!

    She’ll be back behind bars in less than a year because she doesnt want to get clean yet.

  50. Jaxx says:

    Did they run out of that filler junk for the corners of her lips? How ridiculous does that look?

  51. Lindsay says:

    snappyfish: “What will be the family’s excuse when this girl ends up dead? Will it be the media’s fault, or the industry?”

    They will blame everybody but especially the ones they can sue. Like Brittany Murphy’s husband claiming having the part in a sequel of an animated film about penguins left her so devastated she died. Off the top of my head I’m thinking:

    E*Trade claiming the humiliation killed her

    The judge, her attorneys, the prosecutor for making her go to jail.

    If the Loveless biopic gets made then they will sue the director for the stress of making her show up on time, sober, and knowing her lines. And anyone else they think they can make a quick buck off of.

    Maybe they would sue each other for bad parenting, that would be amusing. Pot v Kettle.

  52. Statler says:


    Sentence her to mandatory military service? I love it. I picture her having a much tougher time adapting to basic training than jail time- no private cell, no special treatment, plenty of laps and push-ups.

    Plus, you know she’d at least come out of the whole experience with a solid background in latrine-cleaning.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    Damn well said Majosha!

  54. gracie says:

    I am 53 years old and she has more lines on her forehead than I do. And she is what, 22 or 23?

    What does it say about the law in this country when this spoiled, selfish, delusional crackhead can’t even be kept in custody for 90 freaking days. It’s a joke.

    At 90 days in she would at least have a solid base of reality to take with her to rehab.

  55. Kali says:

    The main picture makes her look about 50 years old. I had to look up her age on Wikipedia to remember that she’s 24 years old! It’s not surprising that she got preferential treatment in jail. It would have been great to have her serve even half of her jail sentence instead of a fraction of it. I wonder if they’ll be tougher on her for her next DUI – there will be a next time with the way the legal system treated her. She’s learned nothing from this experience – I’m sure she thinks the judge was being mean to her *rolls eyes*

  56. Johnthing says:

    That duck face is hard to look at.

  57. meme says:

    Oh Gracie, I’m glad I’m not the oldest one here:-)

  58. Obvious says:

    still think my idea is best. Whatever time from her 90 day jail sentenced that is not served-will have to be made up in rehab. So what’s 90 plus 70??? a long ass time in rehab-no visitors.

  59. gracie says:

    @Obvious…….that is pure genius.
    70+90 and no visitors.

    I think always it’s the voices of the enablers that let Lindsay soar with her delusional thinking. Oh poor me. The world is against me. Boo frickin’ hoo.

  60. gracie says:

    @meme: I’m glad for you, too!….50 is no picnic, but I have a young mind :)

  61. Linnocent says:

    I don’t care how long she serves and i hope she is freed as soon as possible. Even after just being in there a week and getting up at 5am, horrible food, no privacy having a glass partition between her and her visitors etc means she has had the awful experience of jail.

    Hopefully this will make her serious about rehab and staying sober or at the very least until August 2011 when her probation is done.

  62. Cam says:

    @Lindsay Lover

    my thoughts exactly.

  63. Jelly says:

    “Crack Shenanigans”

    Now is that a great name for a new reality show, or what? ;)

  64. dragonlady sakura says:

    This might make me seem like a horrible person, but I’m on Anna Nicole watch with Lindsay. I see her ending up the same way and that’s really sad.