Miley Cyrus in new semi scandalous photos – is this her boyfriend?

I pretty much ignored the other two sets of semi-scandalous Miley Cyrus leaked pictures, because I figured she’s just 15 and is goofing around like kids her age do. Miley was seen lifting up her shirt and pouting for the camera as well as sharing a piece of candy with a female friend at a slumber party. Miley defended her candy-sharing photo, saying the criticism hurt her at first when the photos were leaked, but that it “was not even a big deal” and that she felt sorry for the friend that was pictured with her because she’s not used to negative attention like Miley is.

New photos of Miley have come out that show the teen sensation lifting up her shirt as she’s sprawled on a couch. An unidentified guy puts his hand tentatively on her hip and he looks like he’s trying to get a glimpse of her bra. In another photo she’s laying across the guy’s chest, looking cosy.

It’s possible that he’s just a friend and that Miley is posing all flirty with him because she likes him. The way he looks like he’s really trying to get a peek at her chest makes it seem like he’s trying to take advantage of the moment when it presented itself. Miley could just be hamming it up for the camera like she’s so successfully done all her life.

We didn’t have digital cameras or the Internet when I was a kid. I know I did this sort of thing, it just wasn’t as well documented as it is for this generation. Now excuse me while I go take my fiber pill.

Miley says she won’t get married because she doesn’t want to share a bathroom

Miley has a new goofy interview with Life & Style in which she says she’ll never get married – because she never wants to share a bathroom. Miley is rich enough at this point in her life to retire and never have to share a bathroom even on the road if she doesn’t want to. She’s so adverse to sharing a bathroom because she had to share one on her tour bus with “three boys, including [her] dad.” She said her brother has a “ridiculous mullet” and that he uses her hairbrush and that he also used her toothbrush to comb his eyebrows. Miley said “I’m never getting married because I cannot take sharing a bathroom.”

As for her relationships with guys, Miley says “I’m too much to handle right now,” and “I can’t be quiet and ladylike and cute for boys for too long – I have to be a bit crazy. There are guys who I like to hang out with, but I like to be the girl who no one can get. I think that’s always hotter.”

Maybe she’s playing hard to get here. It doesn’t look like it, but either way that guy is probably thrilled and trying to play it cool.

Photos found at OceanUP via GossipRocks.

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  1. rushu says:

    Pretty silly stuff for a 15 yr old

  2. Syko says:

    This little girl bothers me. Too much too soon. You can tell from her face that she thinks she’s the cutest thing in shoe leather. She’s not.

  3. ELISHA says:

    That last picture is totally sketchy and innaprpriate.

    That first picture does not look like her at all to me. Her lip area looks totally different and the couple is wearing different clothing than in the second picture. I realize it could be a different day, but it seems more likely to me that it’s two different couples, with Miley only in the second picture. Like, the two couples took pictures of each other on the same couch/bed.

    In fact, now that I think about it, it seems more likely to me that Miley’s friend snapped a picture of her and her friend, handed off the camera, then Miley took the other picture… than them taking pictures in one outfit, coming back, and taking pics on a different day in the same spot.

  4. ELISHA says:

    I just compared the first and last pics and I guess it is her. (Same rubber bracelets and nail polish color). I’m just not used to seeing her from that, er, angle.

  5. OXA says:


  6. Anni says:

    well, i took some similar pics when i was 15…on the other hand…i didn´t want to become famnous so they´re not haunting me now!

  7. JoGirl says:

    She just looks like a normal 15-year-old girl to me. As Syko suggested, she’s nothing special, and her cuteness will certainly fade. (In fact, I predict a Christina Applegate-style freakout when she spots her first wrinkles around age 20.)

    That guy looks like a bit of a douche, though!

  8. Anni says:

    well, i took some similar pics when i was 15…on the other hand…i didn´t want to become famnous so they´re not haunting me now! :wink:

  9. A Fan. says:

    Wow..Im a big fan, having second thoughts? Omg…is this definitely her…i’m 15 too, i do stuff like this with my friends…but what she has to remember is SHE IS LIKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST THINGS IN HOLLYWOOD RIGHT NOW!!!!!! She can do stuff all she likes, but i think she is lacking in brains when she takes pictures!! Doesnt she know nobody can be trusted and that they’ll be leaked!!!!!!! Its getting worse since she started hanging with Mandy Jiroux. And thats a shame. :(

  10. Aimee says:


  11. Elle says:

    She’s acting no better than her parents … they’re not exactly paragons of virtue, either, no matter what white-wash the Mouse puts up.

  12. Serrah says:

    And we’re supposed to believe this girl is staying pure until marriage? Hmm… from this angle it looks pretty hard to believe. And that guy…ew…I mean, from Nick Jonas…to that?! Her taste is going down.

  13. ASHLEEEE says:


  14. Kim says:

    Look!!!! :@ I am sick of everybody blaming Mandy for what she is doing! Its her choice, and it’s Mandy’s choice what they do with their lifes. It’s Miley’s choice to copy Mandy, and who even knows if this is what Mandy does?! You all forget, Mandy is 20 years old. She can do anything she likes, and if Miley wants to act Mandy’s age, and do stuff Mandy’s doing, then let her! Has it got anything to do with you???? I didn’t think so! I’m her fan, and if you all were TRUE fans you would like her no matter what. So what if the guy isn’t the best looking guy in the world? Maybe he has the best personality, you never know! Or they might just be friends, haven’t any of you ever considered that? So, look… I’m not being mean, but come on…stop blaming Mandy Jiroux for Miley’s behaviour, I mean…she’s being a REGULAR TEENAGER!!! She says she is just like us, so why can’t she act like us? I mean… I know I do stuff like this? And if any of you say you have never had a picture taken with a boy, you’re lying. Its a typical teenage girl thing to do. And it’s a teenage guy thing to do to get pics taken with a girl. Especially if he wants to impress his mates, I mean it is MILEY CYRUS! But yeah, so what if their dating, She doesn’t get involved when YOU date people, because she doesn’t care. So what if she isn’t being the best role model, you shouldn’t want to copy her every move anyway. You should be your own person, be unique. Why does everyone want to be exact replicas of celebrities anyway? Their just people at the end of the day, and I’m guessing you would all get freaked out if people started copying your every move and dissing you because of what you do on photos. Look, if you all want to have a go at her for being normal, I’m not going to stop you. But just take the time to read this, I might sound like I’m babbling on, but hopefully you will see I’m making sense. Btw, I’m only 14, and do that stuff.

  15. Sasha says:

    And new Britney Spears is born. Mark my words.

  16. headache says:

    Who are all these twelve year olds posting today??

    Anyway, the girl is acting out. All that good girl wholesome pretentiousness is coming out. She’s gonna be married, knocked up and drunk in three years. Trust.

    And her mama is hungrier than White Oprah. Not good for Miley. Not good at all. I hope they are putting away some of that money for the DUI lawyer.

  17. Wow says:

    YEAH! I *completely* agree Kim… you’re an idiot.

  18. Scott F. says:

    Seriously, did middle school let out early today, or are the teachers just not paying close enough attention in the computer lab?

    The point is that she’s billed as a wholesome alternative to parents. I buy her crap for my 12 year old niece all the time, and I would hope she doesn’t think posting provocative pictures of yourself online is acceptable behavior for a 15 year old.

    My wife was watching that American Idol charity thing she was on, and this girl was on her knees, feeling herself up on stage. Who is this supposed to appeal to? I remember thinking that if my daughter was doing that, she’s be performing in a very baggy burlap sack for the next few years.

  19. headache says:

    Scott F, I daresay I would have yanked her ass off the damn stage and homegirl would find herself back in school as soon as her tv contract ended. Meanwhile, between takes, she would be wearing something similar to those polygamists were wearing to the courthouse last week.

  20. JennGush says:

    Um, girls take pictures like this at 15? Great, you are the skeezy little biotches who have kids when you are 16, live off the state and take all my freaking money. If you are seriously taking pictures like this at 15 something is wrong with you. At least wait until you’re like 18. Joe Francis is waiting in the shadows for you….

  21. Syko says:

    I think a lot of her problem is that her hormones are out-producing her brain cells. She’s kind of a cute little girl and she has these new boobs she just grew, and she wants to show them to you! But what are the parents doing? I realize they can’t watch her every minute, but if these pictures are her idea of acceptable behavior for a supposed teeny-bopper role model, then she needs someone to educate her fast.

  22. Gordon says:

    to me, she’s really slutty for a 15 year old. and it wasnt too long ago when a different set of revealing photos surfaced. its kinda gross to me.

  23. Anni says:

    JennGush, girls that age explore their sexuality and play with it. they don´t grow up to be sluts because of that. but when someone is about to become really famous…one should see to keep these pics in a safe.

  24. JennGush says:

    Anni, I understand that girls explore thier sexuality at that age being that I am, myself female. I’m in my mid 20′s and NONE of my friends took pictures like that when they were 15. If you’re taking pictures like this, that young, nothing good will come of it. If I were a parent and found pictures of my daughter acting like she was going to flash the cha chas she would get her ass beat!

  25. GooGoo says:

    Not only is she skanky as all get-out, she looks drunk or drugged in these pix.
    Where are her parents, or at least her PR machine to tell her NOT TO DO $HIT LIKE THIS? Forget the fact that she’s famous, it’s TOTALLY inappropriate behaviour for a 15 year old. No, there was no Internet when I was that age, either, but even if there had been, you would NEVER see a photo of me in those situations, and I was far from a prude. This girl screams “slut”.
    Why are her parents letting their “impressionable” newly menstrualite hang out with a 20 year old anyway?

  26. Neelyo says:

    It seems like there’s a trend with Disney graduates. Maybe because they miss their childhoods or something but eventually they all start to act out. Usually they make it to eighteen though. Heaven help the next Disney star, she’ll be naked on Myspace by the time she’s 12. I’ve never thought Hilary Duff was particularly talented, but she’s managed to keep her clothes on in public and not get arrested.

    For all of their crap about family values, Disney seems too concerned with the dollar to guide their stars and that obviously can’t be left to their parents.

  27. James says:

    haha she looks like she is on drugs look at her eyes they look bloodshot and look at her bags under her eyes i mean damn girl… ether she she is on drugs or drinking or just a girl who likes to take dirty pictures of her self which will eventually lead into drinking and drugs i mean shit name one girl who hasnt…

  28. AC says:

    all teenagers do this crap. I think its wrong to label her just cause of these. If they were sex pics… maybe… but these are pretty tame if you ask me.

  29. ADD says:

    Kim– if you’re posing for risque photos and consider yourself “a normal teenager”, you are misinformed and in crisis. My guess is you’re either Mandy’s little sister or a wannabe. Get professional guidance, talk to your parents, but most importantly TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND STEP AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. Your perception has been seriously distorted and you need help!!!

    TRUE FAN = Sheep.

  30. dat boi says:

    you know wat…she probably shouldnt b doing it since she is in the spot light and all…but just let me point out….she is sexy as hell

  31. Bellatrix says:

    That guy (I was about to say “boy” though) has a wonky eye à la Paris in the second picture. :D

    Oh well, the only mystery about these pictures is to find why they are wearing different clothes in both.
    It looks like a stunt a girl like Miley would come up with just to “boyfriend-ize” a guy she likes.
    Girls do pretty stupid (and silly) things at that age.

  32. Allie says:

    Well, since when did miley have a mole on the top of her lip? And i never knew she had bangs!!

  33. Bellatrix says:


    I have no real idea of Miley Cyrus and what Hannah Montana is truly about (I just know the plot and an excerpt I saw) but I do know she got the bangs done recently.
    Wasn’t there a post on Celebitchy about her new look (or it could have been Popsugar)?

  34. Yuck says:

    These little girls annoy me. Soon, like within two years, she’ll start effing some mid-late 20s dude, get knocked up or flash her cooch.

  35. YEP says:


    Act like a whore at my house and your more than welcome to stay……..

  36. Lisa says:

    Oh get a grip. She is what? 15? People act like it is a sex tape or something. Pffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttt.

  37. headache says:

    Most of the time Miley wears extensions or a wig so I don’t see how bangs can automatically mean this can’t be here.

    Look at those beaver teeth and tell me this isn’t her.

  38. Anonymous says:

    These pictures are OBSCENE…not because they hint at raunch, but because they’re way too myspace!

  39. Raye says:

    Oh yay. Another slutty, no talent, hick.

  40. Catherine says:

    “Oh get a grip. She is what? 15? People act like it is a sex tape or something. Pffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttt.”

    Lisa i totally agree. Also she is not a slut at all! Its not as if she is naked. And as for the third pic, omg!! its just a pic of her probably in the morning with some clothes thrown on! i mean really!?

    Also, lol to all those people saying she doesn’t work and lives off her dad, shut up. Im not saying she incredibly talented, but she probably works harder than a lot of people!! I know i could’nt perform in fron of all those people every day!! i also couldn’t wake up at 6 and go to sleep at 11 all the time!

  41. Chelsea says:

    she aint got shit on vanessa hudgens.

    shes just growing up, every girl experiments w/ their sexuality.
    id be more worried about the guy who looks about 18 getting in trouble for going after a 15 yr old. the last picture is the worst. and its not even THAT horrible. at least shes not running around naked in public or having sex on a camera. shut up and leave her alone. she does deserve some privacy

  42. kim says:

    I am very disappointed b/c my 4 yr old loves her and so did I but in today’s society when you are a role model for young girls you should choose your actions more wisely.

  43. Ashley says:

    WOW i used to look up to her anyways

    she is wearing two of those black sex bands wich means if someone brakes it you have to have sex with them how innapropriate

  44. notsoanonymous says:

    I don’t honestly think this looks enough like her to BE her. STRIKING resemblance I admit, but there are certain things here that are off just enough to make me question it beig Miley.

  45. Adaya says:

    WHATEV!! Everyone who is dissing miley needs to back off… I mean now-a-days it seems like every other teen starlet is doing the same thing and I agree she needs to have a BIG talk to who ever is giving her advice on these sort of things, I would say her parents, but she’s young and she will learn…. we all do things that we are later ashamed of and the only difference is that she’s “famous” and it’s too bad if kids look up to her it just means that they have no one in their life to look up to more…

  46. Jeff says:

    Kim, if you are truly 14, you are wise beyond your years! This is typical teenage stuff.. As with any other pics on the internet, there is always a good possibility they were photoshopped too. Basically, my message is don’t believe everything you see and remember she’s an extremely famous and popular 15 year old, but she’s still a 15 year old.

  47. dennis says:

    NOT all that bad for these days;
    if that’s the worst she does we could make her a saint . . .
    If there wasn’t a demand for this stuff they wouldn’t do it; who is the demon?
    The ones that want it so bad, that’s who!

  48. Roxy says:

    I have never appreciated this young teenagers talent. I was not sure why, I have plenty reasons now! A you teenager watches her shows, then trys to act like she is in the above photos. No child of mine will watch her shows from now on…

  49. Kameron says:

    They could be photoshopped but to me shes just the next Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Lynn Spears, Brittany Spears or Pars Hilton. I saw some other pics though. She was wearing underwear and a t shirt- but she was lifting the shirt up-and she was laying in bed underwaer and a t shiirt same thing but you could see her nipple! She acts all holy and i dont believ one bit of it. I’m almost 15 and i was raised not even think about doing this crap. And i dont. She needs to get a grip. MILEY GROW THE HELL UP (and not in a slutty position) :evil:

  50. Other Karen says:

    I like the green bra a lot. I wonder if the price of it would make me cry?

    Miley would dress a lot more sluttily (or sexily, from her point of view) if her mom would let her. I ran around in teeny tiny short shorts at her age. Mom made me stand at the top of the stair and looked up, and then made me stand at the bottom of the stairs and look down. If she couldn’t see anything in either direction, I was allowed to wear it.

  51. candle says:

    C’mon, how could u acted like that (I means so….strick). U all know she’s just a 15-year-old girl so why can we blaim her for being childish :cry:

  52. saisons says:

    Well HEY it’s her life people hey don’t you have ….like “strange”piks…well live her alone
    P.S i’m not a fan… whatever :?

  53. lianna says:

    OH GOD!!

    every that says shes a “slut” or whatever need to look back on when they were 15…people in my school get drunk, have sex, and do drugs but she doesnt do that stuff and ya wow you can see a peice of her bra big deal…people get pregnant at 13. just because shes in the public eye and she has everyone taking pictures of her doesnt mean shes a bad person. I THINK SHES A GREAT ROLE MODEL. People need to stop making a big fus about it, people make mistakes and thats life DEAL WITH IT. Its not like miley is making your children do bad things, your children make there own decisions and just because they watch a show doesnt mean there going to be just like miley. THERE PICTURES GOD DAMNIT!!!! ITS NOT YOUR LIFE!!!

  54. Lily says:

    She,s just a kid caught in the heat of the moment who doesnt know what she’s doing. Many girls do the same thing (including me) the difference is that shes freakin’ famous 8O

  55. sarah says:

    i know 15 yr olds who do the same thing shes just being one of not one of them, i see no point in taking pictures like that unless you want attention the wrong way. and from taking those kinds of pics your only gonna get negative reactions to them especially being famous even if you werent famous you will still get negative reactions. Her being a role model for kids of all ages i think or at least know that it just sets bad examples for them. it ruins what she stands for…….. but hey “everyone makes mistakes”… :| and the pics being one of them.

  56. Taylor says:

    Wow, all of these people are getting so upset over a few pictures. Okay, people show their stomachs when they are in bathing suits. Calm down. I’m 16, I don’t take these sort of pictures, but I know many people who do. It’s just a phase that ordinary teenage girls go through. So stop making a huge scene out of nothing. All ya’ll are ridiculous. Leave her alone, let her grow up. I’m not a fan of hers in any way, but I still think that people shouldn’t say “She’s the next Britney Spears,” and “She’s going to be married, knocked up, and drunk in 3 years.” No one knows her besides her family and friends, so don’t try to predict her future. Stop being so judgmental, get a life, and don’t worry about hers.

  57. Sammy says:

    Have you ever gone on youtube and seen the photo of Miley and Cody Linley? Have you noticed that in that picture Miley is wearing a blue plaid shirt? Have you noticed that in one of these pictures the shirt and positions of Miley in both picutres are almost exactly the same? I’m pretty sure that some one took a photo of that “guy” and then photo shopped Miley in and just rotated her position. So yes Miley is the one in the picutres, but consider could this just have been photoshopped by some sick 25 year old perv?

  58. S says:

    Pretty crappy photoshop job. Please.. Someone do better.

  59. Jodi says:

    My goodness they are pictures of her messing around like a normal teenager. It isn’t a good idea because she is in the spotlight. Stop comparing her to Mandy and Britney. People say she is going to follow their footsteps. Well, if Mandy, jumps off a cliff does that mean Miley will too? You know everyone has choices in this world. Sometimes we make good ones and sometimes we make bad ones. It is amazing how people sit back and judge us and point their finger at us the when we make poor choices. I am sure all you readers who said she did the wrong thing and don’t support her anymore are perfect too.
    She made a poor choice possing for the pictures. She isn’t doing drugs guzzling alcohol in them. You know she is fifteen and she is going to make alot more poor choices, but she will make alot of good ones too. It is just people only like to read about the bad ones which is sad.

  60. ADD says:

    Taylor– please check back in with us when one of your friends w/similar pix is raped.

    It’s begun to dawn on me– Miley Cyrus is FUGly.

  61. michelle says:

    miley cyrus is a whore!!! :evil: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  62. ... says:

    Miley Cyrus has totally changed since her very first episode on Hannah Montana.She has changed since like 14.Miley cyrus will definetly be the next Britney Spears.Britney was a disney star,got millions of little girl fans,and many albums.<<<Miley has many CDs and hopefully she will collect some sense and not do this kind of crap.She is going to follow the path of someone who is very slutty,very racy,and very dirty[Probably that 'mandy' girl].Miley is going in the WRONG direction.Her family is getting the blame because of this crap she does.MILEY..STOP ACTING LIKE A F*CKIN SLUT!!

  63. Sugar says:

    Just don’t think the bra picture is Miley–knowing the family for many years-One of her parents are always around-Just think people are trying to ruin her – :?:

  64. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think those pictures are appropriate for her age, especially when she has a lot of young fans. Maybe 2 pictures may be photoshopped but the one with the green bra looks way too real. She acts like a slut and I think she’s going to be another vanessa ann hudgens.

  65. TAR says:

    this is basic 15 yr old shit.
    the only thing i have a problem with is this “staying pure till marriage” shit. This bitch is obviously fucking around, but who cares. that much shit open to you, why wouldn’t you take advantage? I’m just saying if i was a skinny rich ass white girl i’d be doing the same.
    and guess what, most skinny teenage bitches are. so random people acting like this is all so shocking should get a fucking clue.

  66. Anon says:

    You’re kidding me?
    What is wrong with the pics exactly?
    & how do they maker it obvious she’s “screwing around”
    You’re all idiots.

  67. d-tuck says:

    well i think shes being a normal 15 yr old girl in america..

  68. getalife says:

    “we all do things that we are later ashamed of and the only difference is that she’s “famous” and it’s too bad if kids look up to her it just means that they have no one in their life to look up to more…”

    Adaya this is so true. Everyone loves these teenage celebrities until they start showing that they are human. For all the parents who are so upset because they feel that their children are being corrupted by Miley and and other teen Celebs, they should stop letting their children be raised by the television set and start setting examples for them so that they don’t have to look to celebrities to find themselves. :idea:

  69. Heather says:

    Maybe they should investigate that mickey mouse club. All the girls from it ae turning out to be YOUNG whores.

  70. Heather says:

    Hell, her mom probably took these pictures for more publicity.

  71. Heather says:

    I think she is just being a tease. I was the same way when I was her age actually. I wasn’t having sex or doing anything sexual at all as a matter of fact. They just want to be wanted. Yes there are girls who take it too far and sleep around or give blow/hand jobs stuff like that..but those are the girls who take it waaaay too far. It’s all about getting attention.

  72. FUCK U MILEY says:

    JUST WATCH !!!!!!! :lol:

  73. Maggie Mae says:

    :roll: :!: OH kayyy! i totally agree with kim. YOU JUST DONT WANNA BELIEVE IT! And i bet you someone did photoshop these. I mean maybe not but i think its way more likely than her almost taking her clothes off to some random guy!!!!!! duh! half of you are morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Rashida says:

    I swear to you the first pic no one cares about we know thats not Miley the second that is so miley cyrus and the thrid one is miley to she needs to stop coming up with excuses for what she is doing bc she is doing this just like how vanessa hudgens did her little nude pic thing to get zac efron and miley is trying to do the same to get nick jonas he dont like her ugly self so she needs to get her hill billy self on


  75. Maggie Mae says:

    :mrgreen: :| :arrow: :idea: :?: :!: :wink: :roll: :evil: :cry: :oops: :P :x :lol: 8) :? 8O :o :( :-) :D shes not trying to get nick jonas. Your stupid if you think that and yea im talking to you rashida!

  76. d-tuck says:

    i think miley is kinda hot (im 15)

  77. dddddddddddd says:

    I think this is one of miley’s old pics bcuz look at her beaver teeth she had one like when Hannah Montana started.

  78. Miley C. says:

    :wink: I think these pics shouldnt have ggot out at all. its her life and he can do what she wants, it prolly wasnt supposed to get out and its n ot like shes just some at homwe whore, or keeping secrets but everyone makes mistakes and does this, im 14 and i do stuff like this all the time with my friends and boyfriend. If its so bad then why dont you fuckers let her figure that out on her own, if she loses fans the she’ll see but if you keep telling her shes a slut she will end up pregnant because she will become fanless and then she will try to find herself in the crowd of ppl who want her all the way naked bacause thats the only ppl who are still encouraging her. So if anything you should be supporting her telln her to please not do it anymore because of these consiquences instead of calling her a slut. Who knows maybe she just wants a friend, or to be more popular with a different group.
    You guys are too judgemental. i do this stuff

  79. nfdsak says:

    :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :D apples bananas, snicker snicker

  80. pookynut says:

    Miley, nobody wants to see your little boobies. Save them for Jesus.

  81. Princess says:

    Guys comonnnnnnn

    Remember when you got boobs?? You were so :O:O: WOOOOOW about them that you prolly just wanted to take pictures that kinda flaunted them eh?
    and also the first pic its a top shes wearing not a bra and by god 15 or 25 if i had a stomach like hers I would be flaunting it 24/7

    Bigggg deal is what I say Untill she has a sex tape out and about let your daughters keep her as their role model eh? Just make sure your parental controls on the internet are in top notch working order


  82. lyndsie says:

    gimme a break. the first two there isn’t anything wrong with. so what her shirts lifted, big deal you see more in a bathing suit.ok the last one she looks like shes trying to be sexy, but it’s in a completely different setting and she was probably alone when it was taken. what teenage girl doesn’t do that stuff. and parents i hate to tell you, but you kids will being doing or are doing things far worse than this, you just have no idea about it because it isn’t all over the internet. start worrying when you see naked pics leak..and even then what 15/16 year old girl didnt do stuff with her boyfriend…everyone expects her to live this crazy intense lifestyle but at the same time you want her to be this sheltered prude. come on.

  83. Mike says:

    Another Disney disaster: what is Disney doing to these kids that make them grow up to be losers? After seeing her with at least 6 ADULT MEN in suggestive poses, I say, shame on her dad, Billy Ray! What is wrong with fathers out there when they do not protect their underage daughters from getting involved in this kind of smut? This is parental neglect pure and simple. Perhaps they need to put her in foster care like they did those kids in Texas? For those of you that think this is okay, you need to be kept away from children, because only a pedophile would think that way.

  84. Morgan says:

    shes such a freakin slut!! miley cyrus is such a…..

    wow every little girl used to look up to her as being a romodel and now look shes being a slut and showing her ppl tat little gurls shouldnt watch her show soo just cancel hannah montanna how do u like tat now miley??

  85. laura says:

    wow ur such a slut miley just turn in ur fake atitude and wig and get off the stage her u r suppose to be a romodel and and ur doin this crap no thats just sick u think thats cool doin stuff like that well its not newsflash missy how bout u try to think before u do stuff and wow look at uyr fans now stop being a stripper and do somthin worth our time and ur turning into those celebs u htought u would never turn into like lindsey lohan ya thats right im comparing u to lindsey lohan cuz ur doin this crap

  86. laura says:

    it sucks bein u now doesnt it :P hahahaaha wow just cut the crap

  87. Shiloh says:

    WHAT A F**KING HO! obviously this girl has no brains…i mean sure, the first photos were mistakes…or whatever the hell she’s callign them… BUT OYU’D THINK SHE’D LEARN….she is suck a slut I HATE MILEY CYRUS :evil:

  88. Emma says:

    MILEY…u need to get the hell over yourself and stop being such a little slut. stop calling yourself a rolemodel and give up the fake smiley act…NO ONE BELIEVES YOU ANYMORE HONEY. not after the continuous photo scandals of you flashing your “boobs” to the world and draping yourself all over some guy. your parents keep saying that they’re so proud of you when really they should be ashamed as hell…your career might be booming now but give it a year or so and people wont be giving a shit about little Miley Rae Cyrus…BITCH

  89. marsha says:

    To be honest you can tell the first pic is not of her and as for the second pic when did taking a pic with a friend become a crime. The third pic a little to grown up for her age, but not as trashy as people put out. Did people make a big deal about the fact that wholesome Brook Shields did a movie where she had to be naked at a similar age. Futhermore when did taking pictures make you become all the negative and very obscene words that you people are calling this young lady. That’s real pathetic. People were comparing Britney Spears and Christina Aguillera and look who came out better. Everybody makes mistakes and you have to learn from them. I have a daughter and she is a Hannah Montana fan and will always be a fan. She is 13 and a straight A student since pre-school and knows that being a tennager is hard as well as peer pressure. I talked to her about the pics and she was a little shocked to see them, but as she said in todays society wearing a bathing suit was more revealing than that. So people please If you can’t say anything nice about someone then don’t say nothing at all, because God don’t like Ugly………

  90. lila says:

    i’m 17 years old ans do things like that with my friends.all teens do stuff like that,either boys or long as parents don’t know it it’s ok.but even if they did it what’s the big deal.we’re just showing we have fun.we live in 2008,let’s not exaggerate.taking such photos doesn’t mean she’s a slut and she’s going to have a bad ending.i think it’s ok.all that she has to do is bear in mind that she’s famous so she’d better take care of what she does cause even simple things like that can be misunderstood

  91. grace says:

    well being a parent as i am i can say that i wouldn’t approve of it if my childern did something like thaa, especially if the photos were leaked in the would be pretty embarrassing.but then i turn back to when i was 18, almost 8 years ago and i remember taking such photos as well, with friends or without.and i think we don’t have to be so severe and judge so easily

  92. ROSELY says:


  93. julia says:

    haa yall are some dumb biotchess..

    im 18 and i took pictures WORSE than that when i was 13! girls just wanna have fun.. so let them be.. its HER life. NOT yours… so deal with it.
    im tierd of everyone griping about this crap.. i mean come on.. do any of yall actually have a life? i mean your worrying about a freaking celeberty.. get real.

  94. d-tuck says:

    fer real, girls in my grade, do ALOT worse than her, but still i guess its cause little girls look up to her, but what ever

  95. raju says:

    Guys you all need to go to school again..lots of spelling mistakes and grammar. Just wondering why all the Americans are becoming more illiterate and becoming more like dolls and scare crow..Anyways, that lady whoever it is that takes pictures for Vanity..she should show the public all the sexy pictures of her daughters that she took..She is using people and even she tried it with the Queen of England and she got the most horrible respond she rightly deserve..Typical American low class photographer.

  96. kristina says:

    I kind of understand what some of all of you are saying. she is just 15, and she is a celeb. and she should not be doing that, shes a post to be an role model for younger kids. but on other hand its her life. i mean im 16 and i take pics like that. but i dont hav my own t.v show.and she needs to get over her sweet innocent act, its not working for me.shes the next britany spears.
    stupid lil girls.

  97. d-tuck says:

    i think my grammer is just fine thank you very much, raju.

  98. Dreaa bby says:

    Ummm qrownn ahh people tellin this chiqq how dahh fuhh she gutta live her qodd dayumm life noisyy ahh people
    -this aint badd pic
    -ahe aint noo dayumm slut
    -i aint like this crraka buhhh
    yOoh quys straiqht hatinnn
    -nn she aint showin shxt she actinn
    like a 15 yr old hop off her clitt
    her and her hubby arent even kissinqq

  99. Megan says:

    OMG! Miley is such a…. word i can’t say! She has always been so annoying and now finally everybody else knows that too! Her career is down the toilet from here!!!!

    P.S. I HATE MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

  100. Dreaa bby says:

    noo it ainttt
    gett a lifee hoee

  101. jess says:

    THATS NOT EVEN HER! somebody is obviously is jealous of her fame!

  102. britt says:

    I think people should just shut up people younger than 15 do worse stuff than that and I know that people look up to her but she is a teenager just leave her alone and let her live her life the way she wants to

  103. g says:

    Yea she probably is doing what most 15 year old girls are doing butt the difference is that she is a role model to a lot of young little girls. In that situation it is totaly not appropriate.

  104. lynn says:

    I dont look down on her for any of this, because i happen to think shes a pretty girl just trying ot be the normal 15 yr old, even though shes not supposed to be… maybe shes trying to be rebelious? people expect so much from her maybe shes doing this shit on purpose? looksl ike maybe that guy gave her some xanax or something… they look way too relaxed to be completely sober.. plus hes way too ugly for her… anyways.

  105. dave says:

    hey pookynut maybe i want to see them!!!!

  106. kelsey says:

    hey everybody leave her alone!!!! all my friends and me r 3 yrs. younger than her and we take pics like way worse than that so get overyourselves!!!! some of u bitches do this to i bet so leave her alone!!!!!

  107. d-tuck says:

    i agree, but i do think that like alot of little girls look up to her, and if shes gonna do it, she should not get caught

  108. summer says:

    It’s so funny how the same people who once worshipped miley now hates her. People built her up to be this loving, caring adoring little girl, then bash her head as soon as she steps a little out of line. And you know what, she will probably turn out like britney spears, and you know why? because of people like you… For all the people who are saying all these nasty thinks about her, stop thinking that you know her, because u dont. And so what if she took some racy pics? You think she’s gonna turn into some new prostitute? If you dont like her, dont watch her shows. If you dont know her, dont pretend like you do… its not that difficult

  109. pamela says:

    im 17 years old and i love miley shes still my fave celeb ever and these pictures are not gonna change the fact that i love her music and her show. seriously i dont understand what the big deal is cuz she should be able to act like the rest of us teenagers. dont even try to tell me that either u or ur friends havnt taken pictures like this before its not like shes naked or anything. why is everybody giving her a hard time?
    “nobodys perfect” and celebs shouldnt have to be either.
    thats all i have to say.

  110. totaly awsome says:

    i think miley has turned into a bitch. and her b-freind is ugly!!!

  111. danni says:

    Im 15 and im not going to lie i have done racy stuff my parents would hate to know about
    like running down the street at midnight topless with friends
    but im not a cilebrity and my friends and i dont take racy photos or brag about the silly thing things we do pictures dont go away exspecially with the internet she should of been careful about what she was doing unless she released the pics for publicity or to get rid of her disney image

    definitly something i wouldnt do

  112. tjtjtjtjttjtjtj says:

    your all retarded, im 14, and i hate the crap outta miley cyrus, but i don’t hate her because of her pictures, if you really have nothing better to do than rip on 15 year old girls taking pictures like most of the girls in america her age, then you really must not have a life, get over her and stop caring how she’s acting, i dont wanna sound gay or anything, but you really aren’t making a difference and your obviously obsessed. it’s not affecting her, and your not affecting the american public. and to the people talking about how most girls dont take pictures like that, go to myspace, photobucket, etc. and look at the pictures they take, you people grew up in the 70′s, 80′s, etc. you dont know what girls do now, , i dont mind making fun of her, but saying how she’s out of the norm and acting suggestive, thats how girls act. i support the people that support her, but i do not like her in anyway, T.V. shows, public appearances, etc. so shut your faces freaks

  113. jessie says:

    OMG miley is a bitch or whatever you wanna call her. she just doesnt want to admit it. her parents are stupid. they are NOT proud of her. get a life miley. :evil:

  114. alicia says:

    i think its alright to run around naked as long as u dont get caught. xoxo,alicia ryant age 17

  115. nikki says:

    miley is just anormal teen yeah maybe one or two peoples saw her vagina so what im 11 years old and im setting here naked with my boyfriend garyn right now and he sees my vagina he said i look sexy with my vagina boobs and ass showing by the way david archuletta would love to see my vagina!hey boys u want to see pussy town

  116. Miley is still young though, so she gets a lot of pressure. People should relax a bit on negative comments in my opinion.