Britney Spears blew through $61 million in a year

Even though her life is slowly coming back together, it’s been pretty clear that Britney Spears has done a lot of damage over the last year or so. You know, since the crazy set in. A lot has been made of her money issues, and her extravagant spending. Honestly I didn’t think it could possibly be that bad – I mean she has a lot of dough. And aside from a few nice cars, Britney always looked so trashy and ate so much fast food that I assumed she wasn’t spending a lot of cash on designer clothes and gourmet meals. Turns out you can blow a lot of money on Taco Bell and Mercedes. Like $61 million.

When Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, was named her co-conservator on February 1, he took over her financial affairs. But after going through her books, Jamie must have learned just how much of a toll Britney’s crazy behavior, which started in February 2007 when she shaved her head, has had on her bank account — she’s lost nearly $61 million. “It’s staggering how much money has been used up,” a family friend says.

In addition to the enormous tab for legal bills, rehab and psychiatric care, Britney’s inability to work has cost her a fortune. “By not touring for her last album [Blackout], she lost out on $50 million,” estimates Robert Bianchi, an LA-based CPA who isn’t an accountant for Britney. Jamie hired his own accountants to sort out the money mess and bring an end to the 26-year-old’s excessive spending. “It’s been quite a challenge getting things under control,” the insider says. Luckily, as Britney’s mental health improves, so does her bottom line. “She’s spending about a fifth of what she used to,” the insider adds.

[From In Touch]

That is an insane amount of money. I don’t even know how it’s possible to spend that on useful stuff like a few houses or something. But I doubt Britney has much of anything to show for that $61 million. She does have a home or two, but those are arguably investments, and didn’t cost her anywhere near $61 million. They say all the little stuff adds up – but really, how many Frappuccinos can a girl drink?

Brit’s legal bills are pretty extensive, so it makes sense that that’s probably a significant chunk. Hopefully she’ll continue to get her act in gear and go on tour soon. If she can really pull things together, she can make that money back.

Here’s Britney wearing sweats, on her way to a Bally’s gym in Ventura, California on April 25th. That joker smile always scares the crap out of me. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. headache says:


  2. Granger says:

    I’m not a Britney fan, but I’d like to know who this “family friend” is who’d spill something this huge (and personal) to the tabloids.

    Of course, if it IS true, it’s not really that surprising. If I’m not mistaken, she’s had quite a few leeches hanging around over the last few years, and I’m guessing they were laughing all the way to Britney’s bank.

  3. daisy42465 says:

    Bet Sam Lutfi spent most of it.

  4. Anon says:

    Like Daisy I wonder how much of this she really spent herself and how much flowed away to her ‘friends’

  5. Susan says:

    She went out EVERY NIGHT and paid for everybody’s drinks, drugs, etc. That’s alot of money but I could see her blowing through it…

  6. Syko says:

    I got the impression from that article that the $50 mil she “lost” by not touring was included. In that case she would ONLY have blown $11 million.

    I personally can not imagine blowing even one million in a year, but you know how us peons live.

    Shouldn’t you wear a bra if you’re headed to the gym to work out?

    And, JayBird, that big wide open mouth scares me too. “The better to eat you with, my dear”.

  7. CJ says:

    She probally spent it on weaves :lol: :lol:

    If she hasn’t then she needs to……..her hair looks nasty and unwashed

  8. AC says:

    *sigh* give me 2 million… if you wanna blow it on someone… of course giving me 2 million wouldn’t be blowing money! cause i’d totally use it for something good! wah!

  9. sassyspank says:

    agreeing with syko – think this was exaggerating in quoting that number . . looks like her ‘losing her chance to make a cool 50 million’ was calculated as a “loss.” Granted that 11 million $ is still a sh*tload of money, it’s nothing compared to this made-up sum. It’s amazing that a girl who likes to go barefoot to public bathrooms could ever remotely make enough to consider even this amount a “loss.” -sigh-

  10. mamalicious says:

    Well I just don’t know how you can all be so confused. I mean I myself must easily spend tens of millions every year on daily fraps, tacky clothes, fried weaves, stained brown leather boots, unfashionable sunglasses, white flip-flops, hooker handbags, fake tan, fake nails, teeth whitening, gum, junk food, temporary pets, temporary friends, hotel stays, nightclubs, red bull, vodka, pills, gas, tattoos, hangers-on, lawyers, cars, dance studios and security.
    Do the sums!
    By the way I don’t spend everything I’ve got.. I’m not that stupid. I economise by not buying underwear and I shower once in a blue moon.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    So THAT’S what finally prompted her family to take action…….sad

  12. HS says:

    WHY does she ALWAYS, ALWAYS have some type of spill stain on her clothes?????!!!!!!

  13. Codzilla says:

    Wonder how much of that went to charity? What a disgrace.

  14. brent says:

    Her money, she can do what she wants with it.

  15. ADD says:

    At least this time The Joker doesn’t have a wad of chewing gum in her gaping maw.

  16. Orphinia says:

    I heard she’s only got $40 Mill left. She has a lot of expenses too, keeping Kevin, lawyers, etc. She maybe should get out on tour. There’s good money in that.

  17. Syko says:

    I hate to always be defending Kevin Federline – but Britney doesn’t keep him, his spousal support ended a long time ago. What she pays him is child support, and rightfully so, since they are also her children.

  18. Bodhi says:

    …and she clearly can not care for them…

  19. Amy says:

    The Blog author missed what the quote was saying: the 61 million estimate includes 50 million “lost” from not touring. Not 61 million spent.

  20. Natalie says:

    I think it’s a safe bet to say that little to none of her wasted millions went to Victoria’s Secret or the like. Honestly, would it kill her to wear a damn bra?

  21. Jezzy says:

    There is a difference if she was “spending money she didn’t have” vs. blowing everything on cheetos and blow.

    Still, I can’t decide to be jealous or spiteful.

    Oh, who am I kidding. It’s just pathetic (as in full of pathos) in many ways. I remember when she had a fresh-face and chipmunk cheeks. And this is where she’s going/ending up? It may be the whiskey talking, but I’m a little sad.

  22. Mairead says:

    LMAO @ mamalicious’s comment :lol:

  23. Pamela says:

    If the conjecture is true then that’s very sad. The old sweet Britney would have given a lot to her charity and saved for her boys.

  24. sassyspank says:

    she should have had her tubes tied. spare them and the world from watching an ongoing train-wreck. my heart goes out to those boys. hopefully, they’ll turn out ok

  25. The Joker says:

    I have my doubts about this. I suspect that the author has taken previous *estimates* of her net worth (note emphasis), combined with with recent statements in the media that Britney has ‘only’ 40 million, and concluded that she blew 60 million dollars in a year.

    Firstly, the $100 million figure was only an estimate, and I suspect it was several years ago. Second, the $40 million was probably an accountant trying to make her assets look small, becuase of the ongoing legal action with Kfed. Thirdly, even if this decline in her net worth is real, it probably happened over several years.

    Finally, why does anyone care? Brainless former pop tart blows fortune in riotous living — Hardly the first time this has happened.

  26. poopie says:

    is it a co inky dink that when her FOLKS finally DID step in, her bank account had been drained? their MONEY TRAIN might end !! HEAVENS! LYNN NEEDS A NEW RANGE ROVER ! she LIVES off brit like a LEECH ! SHOW HER THE MONEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

  27. Linda B says:

    She needs her Dad to look after her money. Good God that is more money than any of us will ever see.How many nights did she stay in Hotels? She has 2 mansions and she stays in hotels.Not since Dad came along. Good thing she has the parents. Whatever they spend her money on…it’s better than being broke. Her Mom and Dad deserve something for having pushed her when she was 14. Do you think a kid could do it on their own? Mom did it!!!!!!!

  28. Other Karen says:

    It’s pretty easy to blow through a lot if you’re staying in mega-luxury places and paying the expenses of a huge entourage and flying them around to places.

    Not saying that’s what Britney did, just that large entourages cost a lot.