Heidi Klum gives Victoria Beckham cupcakes every week for a year

Heidi Klum’s birthday present to Victoria Beckham was either meant for her three boys and husband, or was a not-so-subtle encouragement for Posh to gain some much-needed weight. Since it’s Klum we’re talking about, I would bet that she meant it as more of a family gift. After she handled the minor controversy with Iman so well, I don’t consider her capable of sending cupcakes to Posh to try and tempt the stick-thin paparazzi target into eating something.

Klum had a dozen cupcakes from celebrity favorite elite bakery Sprinkles sent to Posh for her 34th birthday with a note that said “Happy Birthday – expect a dozen every Friday! Love, Heidi.”

In Touch reported this news in their latest issue, and said that it will probably cost around $2,000 for the weekly cupcake delivery service.

The Sprinkles website is well designed and makes me want to stuff one of those overpriced delectables into my mouth. A gift box of just a dozen costs a whopping $46, so if Heidi sent a year’s worth it’s around $2,400 not including delivery costs.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are also cupcake aficionados, and Tom told Oprah that Katie won his kids over by bringing cupcakes the first time he met her. Cupcakes were on the table in the kitchen when Oprah came over, with Tom calling their home “the sugar house.”

It’s not like “Kate” eats even one of those a day, and they’re more for the kids. In Touch reminds us that Victoria Beckham said “no” when Barbara Walters asked her if she would ever eat a cookie, as if we needed to hear from her that she doesn’t eat bakery items.

Cupcakes must be the new Hollywood decoration. They’re so colorful, fluffy and completely off limits. Kind of like those glass candies that grandmothers keep in a bowl. Although in this case the pain of eating them is purely psychological.

Victoria Beckham is shown with her two younger sons Romeo and Cruz Beckham going out for ice cream at The Grove with her mother in law Sandra Beckham, on 4/22/08, thanks to WENN.

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27 Responses to “Heidi Klum gives Victoria Beckham cupcakes every week for a year”

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  1. saintdevil says:

    What a waste, sending those delicious-looking things to someone who wouldn’t even eat a single cookie.

    Send them on to me, Skeleton Spice!

  2. 2 annoying women says:

    Why don’t thse two annoying women go back to their beloved Europe and leave the US alone?

    They can take Katie- gold-digger turned robot- with them.

  3. Sasha says:

    She’s wasting her time, alien blow-up dolls don’t eat human food.

  4. Syko says:

    I think it’s a very sweet (no pun intended) gesture for Heidi to make, and a thoughtful gift. You can bet those three little boys will eat them!

  5. emme says:

    Sprinkles has NOTHING on Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank – I would be upset if someone sent me weekly cupcakes from Sprinkles and not Yummy :-) No wonder Victoria won’t eat ‘em!!

  6. Likewhuoa says:

    All of you are SO freaking jealous it’s pathetic.
    Look at Sasha….The early 90s called and they want there freaking manic panic back and tell all your friends too. Instead of talking trash, maybe you all could take some motes….

    You guys are pretty funny though, LOSERS! LMAO!

  7. joseph says:

    Heidi Klum send Victoria Beckham cupcakes in attempt to get her be fat . Heidi is a mean and jealuos girl.

  8. joseph says:

    Heidi is jealous because Victoria is hellishly hot !

  9. paris herpes says:

    I think she’s even lost weight, what the hell…I sometimes think she’s going to fall over with the size of that booble head of hears. The weight of her sons might be more than her…yack!

  10. elle says:

    mmm sprinkles is so good!!!

  11. CRAS says:


  12. my business says:

    Heidi is a jealous B***H….Heidi had her backbone sticking out of her dress recently, and now she’s just being MEAN. I don’t LOVE Posh, but you know, she keeps to herself, she has well-behaved kids, and she’s not romping around in her bra like the aging Ms. Klum. Leave Posh alone you streusel-eating RAG!

  13. tom says:

    maybe that tramp klum should mind her own business.

  14. Den says:

    I doubt if she’ll eat them. Howevver maybe a mirror would have been more appropriate. She is so thin she is unattractive from the neck down and what a shame. I guess she has plenty of $$’s, so she doesn’t really care hiw she looks. Spice Girls were never a beautiful group of women, but could have the potential.

  15. kathy says:

    heidi klum will do anything to keep her name/face in the spotlight… she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about posh… i think posh is awesome, she tells it like it is and so what if she never eats junk, good for her for being able to stick to her diet so religiously! alot of times people are the same way with sugar & junk food as other people are with liquor– if they take just one bite of junk they end up gorging and going out of control: maybe posh is like that, and therefore doesn’t want to take any chances… and she looks FABULOUS !!! anyone who says otherwise is just jealous, simple as that.

  16. Ebby says:

    Keep your cupcakes, Heidi, and just teach the woman how to smile!

  17. joseph says:

    When Heidi Klum has a secret crush on Victoria, she should give her roses instead ! And/ or at least make a move on her and see what happens!.

  18. joseph says:

    Both Heidi and Victoria are HELLISHILY HOTTIES ! Victoria can forgive Heidi for sending cupcakes that she doesn’t want. She can politely tell Heidi what she would like to have instead! She could ask for lesbain movie, thongs, lingeries, or sexy clothes ..

  19. Web says:

    Has David beckham come off the injured list in the past few years?

  20. JOHN says:

    herpes face seal needs help heidi

  21. KateNonymous says:

    I’m jealous because I want someone to send me Sprinkles cupcakes once a week. Especially if they’re the lemon ones.

  22. brit says:

    yum, i want some red velvet cupcakes NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kelly says:

    Well, in refference to how much Miss Klum is paying, I doubt she’ll have the cupcakes sent in a gift box every time. The regular box is really cute too, and it saves lots of money.

  24. Georgi says:

    I think it is too funny! Nobody is jealous of Skeletoria, she just likes to pretend it is the reason so many cannot stand the sight of her. She must have a very active imagination.

  25. jayyne says:

    yayayayay 4 hedi :D some1 finally had the guts 2 tell posh just how thin she is now all we need is 4 some1 2 send some 2 nicole richie n we will finally have a step on the way 2 a healthy hollywood no offense meant 2 either of these rail like ladies :roll: but go eat like a bucket of bread n tons of soda n call me in the morning

  26. Kristoff says:

    Am I not inside your radar? Are you mad with me? Did I snub you? My designs is Le Singe Mort now and you believe it will change everything. Please my collection, my revolution, my orinary thing turns extraorinary by simple addition of … dead monkey.

    Look on the google for “Le Singe Mort” .. you will find fabulousness in there.


  27. Kim says:

    Ebby- Posh PURPOSELY doesnt smile for the paps. Its her known signature – the pout. She said not because she doesnt want to but it became a joke in England when she first got famous how she never smiled for paps so now she does it on purpose & they all try to get her to laugh & smile. When they do get her to crack a smile she jokes with them and says oh now see youve got me to smile.