Heather Mills backs out of a promise of new prosthetic legs

In case you needed more reason to dislike Heather Mills, here’s another one. She, who of all people should know how important prosthetic legs are, has reneged on her promise of £10,000 to supply a pair to a Russian train accident victim. Maria Rybkina was befriended by a British couple named Inna and Robin Barrett, who decided to help her raise funds for prosthetic legs.

After trying to raise funds themselves the Norwich couple contacted Mucca’s amputee charity—and were stunned to get a personal call back.

Robin recalled: “She said brightly, ‘Hello, this is Heather Mills-McCartney’. We spoke for a long time.

“Heather said she would personally get Maria some really good artificial legs, which would cost around £5,000, and cosmesis—the silicone cosmetic covering—which would be another £5,000.

“She promised she would also provide all the medical support needed to get her walking again. She told us that because her charity only helped victims of landmines, she would support Maria from her own personal finances.”

Mucca, 40, then met Maria in Moscow, during a visit to Russia with Sir Paul, who was playing a concert in St Petersburg.

Afterwards Mucca sent Robin an email saying: “I will pay for Maria’s costs agreed in advance and paid directly to the clinic. Please email me the price.” In another she said: “Email me costs individually and I’ll get money to you.”

News of the World

Heather never made good on the cash.

The good news is that eventually Maria did get a new set of legs after the Barratt’s raised £5,000, including £2,000 of their own money, for a set of uncovered prosthesis.

While I understand that Heather has undergone some very stressful times lately, with her long divorce and heavy television schedule, it is really awful to promise someone that you will help them with something they so desperately need, and then not follow through with the promise.

Heather lost her own left leg below the knee in a traffic accident.

While looking for information of Heather I stumbled across this article in the London Times, where Chris Terrill (Heather’s first fiancé) writes an open letter to Paul McCartney, where he talks about her ‘elastic relationship with the truth’ and how she left him for Sir Paul 6 days before their wedding, telling her friends that Chris was gay. Interesting reading.

Heather Mills is shown at Heathrow Airport on 4/22/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. Sasha says:

    Some people just won’t accept a leg up in life anymore :(

  2. Lola Loya says:

    What is wrong with this woman? Why can’t she follow through? Her reputation is as such for a reason.

  3. Syko says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. She’s such a low-life.

  4. snappyfish says:

    hate this gold-digger. please do us all a favor and go away with your ill-gotten gains.

    feel bad for beatrice.

  5. summertime921 says:

    And she wonders why people hate her gold-digging ass? So delusional.

  6. Granger says:

    Loved that article by her ex-fiance. Imagine being dumped for a Beatle!!!! That would definitely take some healing. Sounds like he’s got a good sense of humour about things now, though. I’d love to see a photo of Paul having a beer with the guy…

  7. xxx says:

    Why am I not surprised…..wreched, wreched woman.

  8. abbizmal says:

    That is a shitty thing to do. Gold-digging ho will get hers one day. Hide and watch. Celebitchy, you need to find the most unflattering pic of her you can, like the one TMZ always uses. Cracks me up every time.

  9. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I am glad this girl finally did get a new pair of prosthetic legs.

  10. Devilgirl says:

    Well now that this is out, Heather doesn’t have a leg to stand on! :lol:

  11. Jude says:

    Hey why would she spend HER money on someone else? She won’t even pop for a first class ticket for her own kid.
    She wants Paul to pay for everything.
    This really shows what she truly is.
    She used this poor kid for her own purpose for publicity to make her look good and then dumped her. So much for her “all my life I have worked for charity” BS. SKANK. I will never watch another show Trump puts on after him having her as a judge. He is another Skank.

  12. mili parks says:

    i am appalled. in my country{USA}we stand by our word. i am an amputee and have been since the age of 16. if it had not been for the shriners, i would have been in a pickle.they paid for everything. although, they did not leave a promise in words, so to speak,they still followed through. OH WAIT!!!! THEY WERE NOT MARRIED TO SIR PAUL. NO OFFENSE MR.MCCARTNEY