Brad Pitt has a new tattoo on his back (update)

Update: The Daily Mail published this story well after we did. They completely jacked our idea, which probably isn’t even accurate, used the exact same map we found, and never even mentioned our site. Guess it’s a win for them since they didn’t have to point out someone’s cellulite or saggy knees that day.

Brad Pitt has a line drawn tattoo on his back that could depict the streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans. New Orleans levee system which failed during Hurricane Katrina. This is likely to occur to others when they see the tattoo, but it took some deductive reasoning for me to figure it out. At first I thought it might be a pared-down architectural drawing, because Pitt is known to love modern architecture. I looked up sketches by Pitt’s favorite architects and nothing really matched.

Then I tried to think what’s Pitt might consider incredibly important and remembered his “Make it Right” project building green homes for New Orleans residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

I found an illustration of the New Orleans levees streets on Wikipedia, and when you turn it on the side and control for how far out the levees streets were, the tattoo on Pitt’s back matches exactly.

Pitt has a tattoo of Europe’s oldest natural human mummy, Ötzi, on his left forearm. He also has Angelina Jolie’s birthday in Khmer on his lower stomach.

Brad Pitt was seen taking his boys Pax and Maddox on a helicopter with an older gentleman in the South of France yesterday. Their pregnant mom Angelina and sisters Zahara and Shiloh stayed home. At one point his shirt blew up to show the tattoo on his back which has not yet been seen by the public.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are also show in faraway photos on the deck of the villa where they’re staying in the South of France.

Update: Pitt also has a sanskrit blessing on his lower left back, which is similar to a tattoo that Angelina has. It is thought to be a protection prayer for his son Maddox. [Thanks Meredith!]

Update 2: Thanks to commenter Ceenitall for pointing out that those are the streets of New Orleans in that illustration, not the levees. If you count the number of the streets, their positions and the way the streets curve, they are remarkably similar to his tattoo. It could be a coincidence though and the verdict is still out as to what exactly it is. I looked up higher res satellite photos of the flooding in New Orleans as well as charts of where the levees broke, and it doesn’t seem to explain Pitt’s tattoo.

Update 3: Here’s a tattoo that Angelina used to have on her right arm that’s similar to Brad’s. It’s an abstract line design she did with Billy Bob Thornton and is now covered up with the Arabic phrase “strength of will.” [Thanks to anonymous commentor and Now I will quit trying to figure this out.]

Thanks to Splash News for these photos.

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  1. MissMara says:

    Wow, good job, Sherlock – Celebitchy – Holmes!

    It looks to me like BP is showing them to this man, who as far as I can tell holds up his shirt, and actively checks them out, while the owner of this innovative piece of body art is explaining it to the man. But I could be mistaken, of course.

  2. Meredith says:

    That’s one of the oddest tattoos I’ve ever heard of!

  3. Jilly says:

    I’m not all that sure the levee system matches either. However it’s a good guess

  4. Meredith says:

    I saw that some on his lower back were Sanskrit blessings which “looked like scratches.” (???)

  5. Loob says:

    “Brad Pitt has the New Orleans Levee System tattooed on his back”

    A swirling whirlpool with poo in it? That sounds really unattractive.

  6. Celebitchy says:

    Meredith I should have mentioned that tattoo, it’s on the other side of his back. I will add it.

  7. Mairead says:

    Oh Lord Brad, you’re deep and meaningful – we know! Having said that, I do support his trying to keep this tragic event in the public eye, especially after the horrific devastation wreaked in Burma recently.

    I DID find the link to his favourite architects very interesting though CB – thanks for that. The usual suspects were there with one really remarkable exception, Le Corbusier. Nevermind that he and Mies were the daddies of Modernism; considering the project in New Orleans is almost like Jenneret’s “City for 3 million persons” social experiment in miniature, I would have thought Brad would have found him a particular influence. :?

    Piano Renzo’s work in Lyons is also of interest (basically creating a new city within the city of Lyons – although there’s just too much goddam terracotta for my liking)

  8. AC says:

    This may be mean to say but I think thats totally lame. Seems sort of self rightious and just weird and unnecissary… but to each his own…

  9. momoftwins says:

    Are you f’ing kidding me? Am I the only one that finds this incredibly lame? With the money they have you would think they would go to a great tattoo artist. They look like they were all done in the joint.

  10. countrybabe says:

    He’s becoming as weird as she is.

  11. snappyfish says:

    he tends to morph into whomever he is with…..remember the brother and sister highlights that he and jennifer aniston sported at their wedding?

    odd….you would think with looks like that he would have a stronger sense of self.

    I guess it goes to show what is on the inside is so much more powerful that one’s outside appearance.

  12. elisha says:

    I don’t really see it? I mean, kind of, but if you told me it was a map to another solar system and held up something vaguely similar, I’d have to believe that too.

    Why the heck would anyone want a tattoo that took so much explaining?

  13. KateNonymous says:

    Well, I’ll say this: at least those are tattoos that not everyone has.

  14. Patricia says:

    Love that Brad and Angelina keep stayin’ weird. That is what I love about them. No one really knows that the earlier Brad was ever really the real Brad. This might be the real Brad. Personally I like the Pitts!

  15. KDRockstar says:

    Geez, and I was going to get those little angel wings on my shoulder blades. Don’t I feel lame.

  16. sherry says:

    That’s an interesting theory. I wondered if it was the beginnings of some sort of intricate family tree.

  17. Ceenitall says:

    Sorry but the chart that you have up there isn’t what that tattoo is. Those linse would have to be streets (because that is what is on that fliped chart), the only actuall levee that is shown on the chart are on the sides by the blue water. I don’t think even Brad would tattoo New Orleans streets on his back, must be something else.

  18. ? says:

    Are you sure about that? Angelina used to have one similar to these on her arm when she was with BBT. She designed it with bb.

  19. Jody says:

    forget the tats…looks like Brad has some sympathy weight on his belly. Maybe Angelina worked some spell so that Brad gains the extra weight.

  20. someone says:

    Soon his body will be as hideous as hers, covered with tatoos.

  21. Megan says:

    I think Angelina has one of Brad in her nether region. You have to be weird yourself to leave your wife for a sick demented woman. I don’t know how much I have to tell people that these two deserve each other and their autistic child who has a head is too big.

  22. Sacr0w says:

    It looks like frequencies to me.

  23. He is in regression says:

    Brad is regressing to the age of 14-16.

    10 years ago tattoos were kind of cool, but now, it’s totally lame.

    Moreover, he is like 47 years old. He looks 50 and he is getting a tattoo?

    Hey grandpa, get over that midlife crisis and learn to accept your age.

  24. OMG says:

    What has Angelina done to him?!

    It’s like she sucked the life out of him.

    H used to look like a movie star and he was a handsome man.
    Now, he has aged a lot and doing really wierd and unstable things, like jumping from one country to another without being able to stay in one place for more than a minute and hectically adopting children without allowing them to adjust.

    Stop with all the erratic changes. It has taken a huge toll on you.

  25. Poor Brad says:

    Brad looked like a movie star when he was with Jennifer.
    He seemed fresh and relaxed. I thought he was down to earth and NORMAL.

    Now he has become a clueless weirdo.

    He lives in luxurious castles and has an extravagant lifestyle, but he seems like he is under a lot of pressure.

  26. ? says:

    The problem with Brad is that it seems like he morphs into his partners. like why can’t he just be himself?

    I wonder what he was like when he was with Julliette lewis. did he go around acting like a teenager with her since she was only 16 when they were together? :lol:

  27. Poor Brad says:

    I think it’s because he is living with a crazy, unstable woman.

    That must be the reason he is so worn down.
    It is very difficult to have a partner like that.

  28. Bodhi says:

    I don’t know how much I have to tell people that these two deserve each other and their autistic child who has a head is too big.

    What the fuck? Regardless of how you feel about Brad & Angie, attacking their child is as low as you can get. How the hell would know if Shiloh is or isn’t autistic? And if she were, what the fuck would it matter?

    Harsh on Brad & Angie all you want but lay off their kids. It takes a special kind of hateful heartless person to do that

  29. Bodhi says:

    :roll: He looked like a bleach blonde bimbo when he was with Jen. Now he looks like a NORMAL family man.

  30. gilly says:

    Looks like a pasty white blob more like never seen him look so gross

  31. Ron says:

    Isn’t it just easier to get a GPS?

  32. Bodhi says:

    And what do most family men look like? Slighly pudgy w/ hardly any fashion sence…

  33. headache says:

    Agreed, Bodhi on all counts.

  34. Freya says:

    I agree with Bodhi too! Totally!
    Before Brad hooked up with Angelina, he led a shallow and boring life.

  35. Linda says:

    Brad just becomes more and more pathetic as time goes on. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that his career is going to nose dive much like Tom Cruise’s has!

  36. Mairead says:

    LMAO at Ron’s comment :lol: :lol: :lol:

  37. Scott F. says:

    How hilarious would it be, if after all this intense speculation and thought, it turns out he was just letting one of the kids go nuts on him with a magic marker? That was my first thought when I saw it, as a father who’s had more than a few marker incidents himself.

    It sure as hell seems more plausible than getting levies tattooed above his ass.

  38. Nathaniel R says:

    I find all the attacks on two of Hollywood’s coolest and most beautiful humanitarians really depressing. anyone should be thrilled to look like Brad at brad’s age.

    but yes he does morph into his girlfriends. which is kind of interesting rather than pathetic since it’s not the norm —usually you see the women catering to whatever the man wants.

    but anyway. nobody has even mentioned Brad’s tanktop tan. oops!

  39. Jack says:

    I’m with Nathaniel on that Brad’s actually really in good shape for his age. I also noticed the crappy tan. Maybe he just doesn’t want to go tanning with the small slope growing on his belly. I don’t see why though I guess its just one of his new wierd things, its perfectly natural. I think he would still look great even if that small bump kept growing.
    A lot better most other guys at least! :lol:

  40. Janet says:

    Brad knew what he was doing when he kicked Aniston to the curb. She’s bounced from one man to the next ever since he dumped her and now she’s with a man who likes to piss all over his dates. Somebody better tell her to stay out of the sun — pee stings on burned skin.

  41. kris says:

    Wow! Brad used to be so HOT! Now he is,well, wierd like Angelina Jolie. Its ok for Angelina to be weird since that’s how she’s always been, but it doesn’t feel right with Brad Pitt. He seems so creepy and phony now. I don’t like his new image,( the way he dresses or looks etc….)at all. I might just be one person, but they say for every one person, there are 25,000 that have the same opinion. My opinion is that he has definately lost me as one of his fans. For a man to have made his fortune on looks and being the good guy he sure has changed alot. I agree with other posters here, his career is circling the drain. He has turned into a fat-assed slob! Sorry!

  42. bet says:

    Whiners please quit your usual useless notion. He looks great he put on his body what is close to his heart. Brad love for arctiete never been a secrate.It is his body he can put what he belive/wants in. He is only 44 it is young for a man. Jhony is 46 has a lot of tattoos. Beckhams is the same in tattoos department. Your girl new man Jhon mayor has a lot tattoos .

  43. betty says:

    Your girl man Jhon Mayor has a lot tatoos. Brad’s body is not yours people. It is his. Jhonny depp has a lot tattoos at 46 I never heard anybody complaining about it.

  44. anna says:

    You all are just jealous. Let him be. He is in vactaion with his family. His abs are tight like his ass. The last week photos proved it. This one is just in the side and very blury.

  45. kris says:

    Yes they do have tattoos and have always had tattoos, but Brad Pitt has taken on the personality of yet another one of his woman friends, wives, and has morphed into her. Apparantly Brad Pitt has been influenced to get tatoos since hooking up with Angelina Jolie. I’m guessing they are supposed to be deep and meaningful, and all i see is weird and ugly.He didn’t have them before lets say 2 years ago. HELLO!

  46. Linda says:

    IMO, I could care less if Brad packs on a couple of pounds…what makes him so unattractive these days is the fact that he has NO identity of his own. Who the hell would want a man who is that pathetic and feeble? He’s like playdough and it’s just as creepy as Tom Cruise – certainly in a different way – but certainly just as creepy.

  47. lol says:

    turn the map on it’s side and control the length of the lines?

    if you do that then you’re not even dealing with the same pictures… you may as well grab a copy of a subway system in europe and do the same thing, you’d get a nearly equal result. those lines could be anything at all. they even almost look like the printouts on those old scantron test sheets…

    i dont want to sound like a jerk, i just think you’re reaching pretty far on this one. :)

  48. MONICA says:

    i think brad is lame too! the only think i ever though he was remotely attractive in was fight club. he’s becoming a pudgy old man. i’m talking looks people, not acting or humanitarian qualities so don’t get all self-righteous.

  49. stevie says:

    angelina ruined brad pitt.

  50. Anni says:

    gosh, 50 posts because of a tattoo and most of them are mean, made up “facts” and/or good ol plain BS. i can´t believe how low people can get only to insult angelina, brad and even their kids.

    you guys are seriously ruining this site for me sometimes.

  51. newbie says:

    Ok, here it goes. I don’t usually but in, and throw in my 2 cents, but you all got me fired up.
    AC – …and who are u exactly, to decide what Brad deems NECESSARY ( “Sick demented woman”? And what would you call YOURSELF, attacking an innocent baby ??? Have you any clue what a parent feels when you call their baby names, out of pure jealousy ?? These parents are doing GREAT raising these children, teaching them to stay away from people LIKE YOU, showing them the world, (which you will never see..), and doing it with a smile on their face! You poor, poor pathetic idiot !!!! Now we know who the demented one is….

  52. Sasha says:

    *makes the ‘whatever’ handsign*

  53. newbie says:

    Ok, here goes my 2 cents, you all got me fired up.
    AC – …and who are u exactly, to decide what Brad deems NECESSARY ? Monica, someone,gilly, kris – You DO realize u are judging this actor’s integrity based on his looks…right?? People, he is an ACTOR, stop categorizing him based on superficial stuff ! U make it sound like it’s a BAD thing to look “old”, and to you it’s “gross” that he’s not a slutty 25yr old bimbo anymore since he’s got a family now. Helllooo ? He IS older, and he IS a family man ! If all u care about is that he’s not “attractive” anymore, u r the lame ones… stevie,Linda, Kris, snappyfish – He “morphs” into the women he’s with? Where the hell have u been livin’, under a rock ?? We ALL take on some of our partners’ qualities (or defects), and THEY blend into us more or less ! It is a normal part of becoming a couple! Haven’t you ever taken on a hobby just because your loved one is into it ?? That means “no identity” ? God, u r such hypocrites.. omg, Poor Brad, countrybabe – …and what exactly makes him weird? Brad was eccentric to begin with, if u really need to know, but Anal Aniston was too concerned with the media ‘image’ to allow Brad to be himself ! Angie seems to accept him as he is, motorcycle, tattoos and all; why ? Because she is the same: the ‘media image’ can go to hell, and so can your comments if u have to be so shallow!
    sherry – Now, THAT would be a cool tattoo, lol.
    Janet – Greatest comment ever, ROFL, LMAO !!!
    Betty, anna, bet,Jack, Nathaniel, Freya, Bodhi, Patricia – Big, big thumbs up, waaaay up !!
    And I have a special one for Megan :
    “Sick demented woman”? And what would you call YOURSELF, attacking an innocent baby ??? Have you any morals ? Any clue what a parent feels when you call their baby names, out of pure jealousy and stupidity ?? These parents are doing GREAT raising these children, teaching them to stay away from people LIKE YOU, showing them the world, (which you will never see..), and doing it with a smile on their face! You poor, poor pathetic idiot !!!! Now we know who the demented one is….

  54. Angel says:

    Perhaps if some of you who are making rude comments about Brad and Angelina would take just a moment to think instead of jumping to conclusions, you may see things in a different light.

    As far as Brad’s “morphing” into his partners, I think in this case he was influenced in a good way. He could be one of those rare men who actually cares enough about his girlfriend to learn about the things she’s interested in. I think he gets so caught up in them that he loses sight of his own sense of self, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    They have both given (what’s the exact figure, CB? I thought it was around 8 million) millions of dollars of their own money to further their charity work; I think that’s amazing. They could be like these celebrities who say they’re involved in this charity or that, and then get caught in lies, or just give a little money and go their merry way. Instead, they both have chosen to do so much more than that, and I hope you people will give them the credit they deserve.

    Also, they are giving these children a loving home, they want for nothing, and before you stoop so low as to make any more nasty, totally uncalled-for comments about their children, ask yourself; how many families do you know who have both parents constantly spending time with their kids? Every single time you see either Brad or Angelina, they are doing something with their kids!! It is wonderfully obvious that family comes first. People, please.

    Also, please keep in mind that these are CHILDREN; they are helpless and innocent. They did not ask to be born into this world; they have no control over who their parents are, so back the hell off and shut your pie holes.

    Yes, Angelina has issues; she has had a wild past, and I admire the hell out of her for putting all that away and focusing on being a responsible, caring adult. So what if she chooses to tattoo her body? In case you forgot, it’s HER body! If she or Brad want to tattoo themselves, so what? Nobody gives an airborne rodent’s posterior! Just because a person has a tat, doesn’t mean they’re bad; I waited until my 30th birthday to get my first one. I had wanted one since I was 17, and I waited to see if I would grow out of it; I didn’t, so I got one. I now have 4, and all but one are in places easily covered up, and they each remind me of a certain time in my life. I have not changed since I got them! I’m still a loving, caring, smart person who is working on a Master’s degree at 41.

    I agree with Anni; some of you guys are really ruining this site for me, too.

  55. rose says:

    I really don’t understand the big deal about Brad Pitt is.Really,he was only hot in Fight Club and I guess Legends of the Fall. Wait,I forgot about Troy and Ocean’s 11.Oh,and Thelma and Lewis,shit he did make a hot vampire also. You know what? forget it!!!

  56. tabatha says:

    who gives a shit !!! they both are fuckin idiots anyways ! cant they drwn in some foriegn river or something and be done with them both??? !!! think the world will be better off .!

  57. tabatha says:

    People treat them like they are freakin gods or something… CAN YOU SAY USED ABUSED AND TOTAL TRASH ???

  58. tabatha says:


  59. tabatha says:

    Was brad even known for humanitary work before angelina????? dont think so….. Can you tell i hate hollywood…buncha fake ass people

  60. fee says:

    Who really gives a shit that Brad & Angelina have tattoos? Good on em, they can get what ever the fuck they want inked on their bodies……if they want to have some fugly tats, thats up to them isnt it? Compared to other celeb out there doing absoulutely fuck all with their wealth & public profiles except shop, party & get arrested why are people so down on these two?

  61. tabatha says:

    And ps…give all the chicks some freakin FOOD already !!!!!! The colleges called…they want their skeletons back now !!!

  62. tabatha says:

    PPS leave the kids alone…they had no choice !!!

  63. kris says:

    Brad’s a tool and is turning into a freak like jolie…….PERIOD! :roll:

  64. Lilywise says:

    My only issue with Brad is that his girlfriends tend to get super-skinny when they’re with him. Gwyneth looked terrible; she finally looks like she eats once in a while. Jennifer was cute as a button and then she got rail-thin after they got married. Angelina was curvy and hot and now she looks like a stick figure. Why do these women start looking so unhealthy when they’re with Brad??

  65. Wild says:

    Well as far as the tattoo from what I could tell…doubt anyone would know what it was if it didnt say..maybe its not done yet, if so he got ripped off if he paid for it.. But I think it looks like Brad might need to do some sit-ups. Looks like theres a little bit of belly flab around the middle there…Angelina probably has better looking abs then him and shes pregnant.. lol Guess thats what happens when you become a Mr Mom.

  66. Jen says:

    I was looking up some of Brad’s favorite architects, and it kind of looks like Daniel Libeskind’s design for buildings where the WTC used to stand, in a very simple way, of course, with the angles and the heights of the buildings (when they are turned 90 degrees to the right). Just a thought!

  67. serengeti says:

    his ships’ location in battleship :lol:

  68. headache says:

    Lily watch girl, interrupted and Gone in 60 seconds and tell me homegirl hasn’t always been thin. I don’t know if it’s natural for her body or whatever but I do know that it pre-dates Brad Pitt.

  69. Please says:

    HE lives with a control freak.

    What do you expect?

    Angelina has ruined him completely.
    She has these PR moves to get attention like the tattoos and fake humanitarian work.

    Please. Do not insult true volunteers.

    People who actually want to help don’t make a publicity even out of it.
    They simply give money and time

  70. Bodhi says:

    Please~ She has been tattooed for YEARS, it was part of why she was labeled as a wild child (notice I said PART, not whole) & she has been involved in humanitarian efforts for far longer than she has been linked to Brad Pitt.

    No matter what you think, they aren’t PR moves. They wouldn’t be a big deal at all if people (like yourself) didn’t constantly point them out & call them PR moves

  71. Anni says:

    please: there are some people doing charity and not go public with it. but charity NEEDS publicity. people tend to close their eyes to reality. they know that there are people starving or children killed by landmines. but it´s not something everyone has on their minds constanlty. and that´s sad.

    what´s wrong with making it public? what´s wrong about using ones fame to bring the matters into the headlines? we´re really sorry asses if we get angry over that fact.

    sometimes i have the feeliong that some people don´t want to be reminded of the terrible situations and things that go on on this planet. and then those people get agressive and rude.

  72. Devilgirl says:

    I went to Mizzou and Brad Pitt was in my Intro. to Greek Architecture class. I spoke with him once, and oddly enough it was about our fondness for Kraft macaroni and cheese and pizza rolls. We disagreed on achitects that we liked, as he thought Frank Lloyd Wright was a hack, and I am a big fan. He was a down to earth kinda stoner guy. The Brad Pitt of today would NEVER eat Kraft macaroni and cheese or sully himself on a pizza roll. The Greek Architecture class was a tough one and after a few weeks I started to skip class in favor of hanging out with friends, when I started to go back to class, I never saw him again. Don’t know if that’s when he went to California to seek fame and fortune, but I do know I barely got a B in the class. :wink:

  73. Eileen says:

    wow…. thats the lamwest tattoo….EVER
    i jus dont get it ! it seems to me that angelina has brad wrapped around her little finger

    lets jus face the facts people…


  74. Bodhi says:

    I thought he loved FLW. Angie took him to one of Wright’s houses last year-ish as a present

  75. Devilgirl says:

    If he now has an appreciation for Wright, then finally he has seen the beauty of his work, but back in 1984 Brad was most definitely not a fan. He told me he felt he was overrated. He was a big Jean Nouvel fan. Mind you, this conversation took place 24 yrs ago, like his taste in food, I am sure his taste in architecture has changed :mrgreen:

  76. Bodhi says:

    Ah, well, we all grow up, right? :mrgreen:

  77. Devilgirl says:

    Yeah, but I still like Kraft mac’n'cheese! :P

  78. Tom says:

    I think if you turn the tatoo sideways it is the stick figures in the opening sequence of the Valley of The Dolls

  79. Tuta says:

    He looks soo old, and do I see a belly…what happened to him…gross 8O

  80. Tammie says:

    Perhaps the scars or stab marks that Jesus Christ received???

  81. Willow says:

    I tried to find a post, within all the posts I skimmed through, but didn’t find
    it. It’s interesting how Brad has a
    tattoo of the levee system in New Orleans, b/c Angie has a lot of different kinds of tattoos, as you all know. What I think is interesting is she
    has tats on Latitude and Longitude of where her children were born. I guess
    she’ll be adding two more soon! I think
    that Brad and Angie are a wonderful, amazing couple. It is estimated that Angelina gives almost half of her income
    (that’s half!) to charities. She became the Goodwill Ambassador, out of the goodness of her heart, and you can tell Angie really cares about the children she sees in 3rd world countries. I think it’s great that they, as a loving couple have adopted 3 children and are about to have 3 biological children in this world also! They seem to be classy, responsible parents, and I applaud them for never having a “Britney” moment. :-)

  82. Crystal says:

    I think it looks dumb really on him sheesh :roll:

  83. Lori says:

    If he wants to tattoo a map of Mars on his body it’s his perogative. Who really cares, and why should anyone try to over-analyze it as if they KNOW all the facts themselves. No one knows exactly what it is meant to be or why he got it. That’s his business. And to all the comments about him looking gross … Uh … have you seen the majority of American men at his age? Talk about gross!!! Brad is happy and not a superficial bimbo who cares only about abs and spa treatments. He cares about his family. That’s more than can be said for most actors. He looks like a happy dad with a pregnant wife who enjoys spending time with his family. More power to the Jolie-Pitts! If only more families could be as loving with each other and as generous with the world as they have been. :D And just because you went to college with the guy or had a class with him 25 years ago doesn’t mean you are the authority on his personal life …

  84. BC says:

    Lame. Good actor, but he becomes whoever he is with. Maybe he likes it, he must.

  85. Pirate Gal says:

    I laugh and wonder… what the hell do you all look like? Maybe you need a few tatoos of your own!
    Get a life!!!

  86. TG says:

    Brad is a skank. So, is AJ. They do deserve each other.

  87. clint says:

    Brad got caught up in the BBT/AJ mentality. he may start wearing a vile of blood around his neck , like his husband inlaw, BBT

  88. ranee says:

    What the H is wrong with those two that they keep inking themselves up. Maybe they’re tired of being attractive. Both look like crap from the back. Angie with the tramp stamp from hell that is inching upwards and now Brad’s joined the circus. Next thing you know they’ll be wearing six vials of blood around their necks for the kids. They’re just nasty.

  89. lm says:

    The diagram you originally used to explain the tatoo is an elevation map of one section of the span of the city. The city (a crescent shape) is bounded by the river on one side and the lake on the other. Both sides have levees. It really has no bearing or meritness or even explanation of levees breaking. It is a factual diagram. That was a real stretch. You must have been tired of looking. Maybe the tatoo isn’t finished yet? Since I am from the GNO area you got me to look so I guess it worked on yur end. Weird or not I don’t care. I applaud the work he is doing for the area. Where he lives is one of the oldest areas of the quarter and everyone here seems to leave him alone as they should. The style of housing doesn’t really fit in with the area he is building it but its free or economical for the future homeowners and good for the environment. I do think he is her tag along but he’s trying to do it with things that are important to him. Maybe she gave him a little push. I don’t think she would have chosen N.O. on her own.

  90. missed again says:

    what a frickin’ igmo

  91. Liz says:

    ya know I have to say, I thought my asparagus tattoo was stupid!!!!! hahahahahahaha He’s got a levee system!!!!! Wow, he takes the cake!

  92. Hey, Newbie, dig your attitude! Lifes way too short. Leave others (nun ya biz) alone. Dont do people dirty, you will get returned the favor!!! You peeps eat with your mouth’s??? Have a peachy Day.

  93. landspirit says:

    Life deepened for Brad with Angelina. However, he does look wore out and has become fat. Angelina is all sticks and bones except for her pregnancy. He seems to be eating for the both of them. I hope that the pregnancy pulls out well and I pray for strength and courage in their lives and causes.

  94. purplehermit says:

    hey janet diss angie ALL u want n con demn brad for his biggest mistake of his life but dont talk bad about jen, that witch broke their home the women has been heart broke u dont know what shes going threw give her a break !!!!!!!!!!! :(

  95. Alex says:

    This ranks up there with putting an obituary on you back windshield!

  96. Smitty says:

    From Angelina’s interview with Entertainment Weekly

    What’s the deal with Brad’s new tattoo?
    I drew that. We went to Davos. It’s not that we were bored at the World Economic Forum, but one night we didn’t have anything to do, so I was drawing on his back.

    So it’s not permanent?
    It is. But I was just sketching.

    On him?
    On him, yeah.

    And you thought, ”Let’s make it a tattoo”?
    He just liked it! The picture everybody saw was kind of awkward, but it just lines up beautifully on his back, just enhances the part of the body I like.

    So it doesn’t mean anything per se.
    I mean, it’s meaningful in that it’s us making angles and shapes out of each other’s body, that kind of a thing.

  97. LadyRaven says:

    You people are silly, stupid, blind and above all, jealous. I respect them both for helping in other nations and wartorn areas. They are both beautiful. Fat, skinny, these are words that mean very little. If you knew anything about him, btw, you’d know that he’s fought being typecast for being pretty. He’s fought it since he was a teenager. As for him “morphing” into his girlfrinds, well, let’s just say in this case that theory wouldn’t be a bad thing. She is beautiful BECAUSE she’s not perfect. That’s what makes her real. She’s always been what you people seem to think is weird. I think she’s honest. she doesn’t hide who she is. And as far as the tatt goes, it’s HIS body. She didn’t hold a gun to his head and make him get it. Silly children…you can’t force someone to get a tattoo. and as far as the whole split up with miss fake, you can’t steal what comes willingly. Angelina is far more woman than jennifer will ever be. Do you see her doing anything for anyone other than herself? i never liked her. I’ve only seen two count em two episodes of friends, because she annoyed me so much. he finally figured out where he belonged. And my final note, don’t pretend you know what goes on in anyone else’s marriage. You can’t know. No one can except the people in it. 8)

  98. Mike90210 says:

    Pitt has vocalized that is a big Architecture and design fan. Im pretty sure that this is a stylized rendering of a building that he likes. I actually designed a tattoo that lokked a lot like this one before I got my Art Nouveau tattoo, I was that major lines in a Zaha Hadid building that I love. I thought that this might be Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater but I couldn’t get the tattoo to line up. Im almost completely sure that this is a rendering of a building or sculpture that he likes.

  99. lizzie says:

    He was attacked by a ghost while in Vennice, he said it was a fan that attacked him but no he was staying some place very haunted and was attacked by an entity. Brad and Angie share a passion for occult, they have many similar hobbies beyond sex and motercycles. He fell in love with her because she is a real vampire.

  100. Valeri Hern says:

    Some very fascinating factors however i believe your analysis and bias leaves a lot to be desired. Then in fact, that’s just my opinion. Have an important day undoubtedly a thought-scary post.