Katie Holmes really is going to Broadway

We all thought Tom would never let her out of her cage – but somehow Katie Holmes has managed to escape long enough to actually do something to salvage her career. Holmesbot will be playing the role of Ann Deever in Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons. Which means she’ll be heading to the Big Apple – presumably with Tom in tow. It has been widely reported that Katie wanted to go to New York as a sort of trial separation from Tom. Not surprisingly, he put the kibosh on that pretty quickly.

Discussions to bring the actress to Broadway were confirmed back in March, and now a deal seems inevitable. Producer Eric Falkenstein tells OK! he thinks Katie is perfect for the part. “Katie is very well suited for the role of Ann,” he says. “There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”

Falkenstein also feels that Mrs. Cruise’s star-power won’t overshadow her acting ability. “Despite being in the spotlight and her celebrity status, the fact remains that she has a tremendous record of performances,” he says. “I think Katie is a tremendous actor. Whenever she decides to come to the stage she’ll be terrific.”

All My Sons will hit Broadway with a preview in September and open a month later in October. A formal announcement is expected to take place within the next 10 days.

[From OK! Magazine]

Notice how nice OK was to sidestep the whole Tom issue? Will Tom let Katie off her leash? Will he reprogram her circuits? Will Katie cut the cord? What other ridiculous metaphors can we use to imply that Tom Cruise is a controlling nut bag?

It would really be fabulous if Katie got a little time away from the Scientology influence. But with all the minders Tom keeps around, that seems highly unlikely. If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see if she can pull off the role. I’ve always found her acting rather drab at best. And since Tom’s groomed her, she speaks with this ridiculous faux-softness that I just can’t stand. I’m not sure how that will transfer to the stage. Nonetheless: spread your wings Katie! Break out of the cage! Fly away! Okay I really am done with the metaphors now. Just leave the guy.

Here’s Katie and Tom at the Fashion and Fantasy’ Costume Institute Gala on May 5th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Ack! says:

    Do they teach that smirk in Scientology classes? She used to smile.

  2. Anni says:

    i hope she´ll be on her own in new york, leaving tom at home and have a great time. maybe then she realizes how good life can be…no controlling, no rules, no crazy daily scientology input.

  3. Neelyo says:

    Why don’t the producers just tell the truth and call it what it is, stunt casting?

  4. Diva says:

    She doesn’t want to leave, she is perfectly happy where she is.

    I think they’re both those kind of people who make LIFE a movie. You know the type, they’re always really dramatic and fake, and they’re that way with EVERYTHING. I really believe that she sees her life as a role that she gets to play 24/7. And I totally believe she loves it!

    They’re gonna have to mic her with that voice, though, lol, you’re right Jay!

  5. Sasha says:

    … and she’s joined the chemically tanned brigade as well….

  6. Cici says:

    DIVA – I so totally agree. A lot of people actually do this – but usually one day they end up crashing hard, resentful of living a life that “wasn’t really them.”

  7. snappyfish says:

    she has ruined every movie she was in….so now she is going to ruin the great white way?

    say it isnt’ so….Isn’t NYC considered entheta?

  8. adleisia says:

    Please Kate Holmesbot… don’t ruin a perfectly wonderful Arthur Miller play. ITA with Neelyo… it’s complete stunt casting. And that producer is a liar… she isn’t well suited for Ann at all. Ann needs to carry most of Act 2.

  9. paris herpes says:

    Ugly blue shoes don’t exactly match the red dress (which I secretly love but it’s probably a million dollars or something so boo hoo!)…Katebot learned how to smirk from being a slave to Tom I suppose…it means HELP ME!

  10. Kat says:

    Stop with the self tanning creams/lotion!!! Maybe, now that you have a job, you will stop with this obsession, and realize you are 2 shades too dark.

  11. Syko says:

    I really long for the old days when you had to actually have talent to make it in Hollywood or on Broadway. Now you only have to be born to someone or married to someone.

  12. gg says:

    She still looks like a little girl playing dress-up. The clothes look silly on her, because she has/had an earthy, honest persona deep down. Now she looks like a traffic safety cone after a makeover by Victoria Trasham. What a horrible role model.

    I agree with syko.

  13. KDRockstar says:

    She’s smirking because Posh told her that every time she smiles at a camera, it takes away part of her soul.

  14. Bodhi says:

    “There is an additional layer of soul to Ann and from the work I’ve seen of Katie, she has always impressed with multi-faceted characters. She would nail it.”

    “Despite being in the spotlight and her celebrity status, the fact remains that she has a tremendous record of performances,”

    Who in the hell is the producer talking about? Surely not Kat(i)e Cruise cause she can’t act for shit!

    Diva- thats a really good observation.!

  15. Cyberkitten38 says:

    ACKKKK MY EYES..MY EYES!!! wth was she thinkin?? BLUE shoes with that RED dress? Good gawd!

  16. Blanche says:

    The dress and shoes are Superman colors. The theme of the gala was super heroes.

  17. Jennifer H. in Calgary says:

    I love the blue shoes, they are adventurous and fun! The only problem I have is the blush which goes all the way to her hairline. But the dress is to die for and she is HOT – lovely skin and she is in killer shape. I’d be smirking too. :-)

  18. Jude says:

    Katie Holmes is happy as a lark where she is, and that is with Tom. She acts like Vistoria with those sly smiles LOL she never has had a personality of her own and copies her friends. She has everything she wanted. She has millions of dollars, all the publicity she wants, a child and Tom who “she always dreamed of marrying”. So what is wrong with her? I know she can’t act.