Jodie Foster on Mel Gibson: “I will love this man for the rest of my life”

Jan. 26, 2010 - Hollywood, California, United States - Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson during the premiere of the new movie from Warner Bros. Pictures EDGE OF DARKNESS, held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, on January 26, 2010, in Los Angeles.. K64036MGE. © Red Carpet Pictures

Oh, noes. You remember how Mel Gibson worked with his friend Jodie Foster late last year on a film called The Beaver? Jodie was directing and starring, and she hired her dear friend Mel Gibson to work with her. Jodie and and Mel have been friends for two decades – and before it became common knowledge that Jodie is a lesbian, many suspected that Jodie and Mel were so close, they were having an affair. Still don’t know how that one happened. Anyway, Jodie hadn’t said anything about the Explosion of Hatred, Racism and Glum C-nts coming out of Camp Gibson… until now. Jodie is the cover girl for the October issue of More Magazine, and she talks candidly about her ongoing friendship with Mel… I’m assuming this interview is to promote The Beaver (which should be retitled The Glum C-nt).

Ever since his rage-filled phone calls with his ex-girlfriend were released, Mel Gibson’s life has been a struggle to say the least, but at least he still has Jodie Foster by his side.

“The second I met him [working on 'Maverick' in 1994], I said, ‘I will love this man for the rest of my life,’” Foster tells MORE magazine in their October issue. “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they’re struggling … But more importantly, he is and has been a true and loyal friend. I hope I can get him through this dark moment.”

Foster talked about her latest film project ‘The Beaver’ starring Mel Gibson, the emotional challenge of Gibson’s role and sticking by his side like a true friend.

Gibson plays a suburban husband in ‘The Beaver’ who deals with depression as toy company CEO through an imaginary friend with a hand puppet. Foster called the film, which she directed, an “enormous, enormous, enormous emotional challenge for me.”

Even after distributors told her she couldn’t sell the movie with Gibson in it, Foster called Gibson’s performance “one of his most powerful and moving performances.”

[From PopEater]

Jesus, did Mel help Jodie dispose of a hobo’s body? Maybe when Mel calls Jodie a “glum c-nt” and “Sugart-ts” she thinks he’s joking. Maybe she’s just trying to stick up for her costar and eat sh-t and hope that The Beaver doesn’t bomb too badly. Maybe she’s being a professional. Maybe Mel is in love with Jodie, and she’s just being nice. Or maybe Jodie is just one of the few people that has known and loved Mel for a long time, and their friendship is for real, warts and all. Sigh… I want to bash Jodie, but my heart’s not in it. I see her perspective: in her mind, Mel has some kind of chemical imbalance that makes his alcoholism even worse, and that makes him a victim. Thus, she can explain away all of his monstrous insanity, and still stick by her friend. I value loyalty too, Jodie, but there is such a thing as a “breaking point.”


LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 26: (L-R) Actors Oksana Grigorieva, Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson arrive at the premiere Of Warner Bros. 'The Edge Of Darkness' held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on January 26, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

JODIE FOSTER MEL GIBSON.on the set of ''The Beaver'' Shooting outside of Andrew Freedman at 1125 Grand Concourse ,Bronx 10-21-09.Photos by - Photos,INC©2009...K62948JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

JODIE FOSTER MEL GIBSON.on the set of ''The Beaver'' Shooting outside of Andrew Freedman at 1125 Grand Concourse ,Bronx 10-21-09.Photos by - Photos,INC©2009...K62948JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

JODIE FOSTER MEL GIBSON.on the set of ''The Beaver'' Shooting outside of Andrew Freedman at 1125 Grand Concourse ,Bronx 10-21-09.Photos by - Photos,INC©2009...K62948JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

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  1. Janeth says:

    She’s a good friend, good to know some people will always have your back even though you do stupid shit. I admire that! Loyal

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:


    she just lost me as a fan.

    I understand loyalty, but I’m with you Kaiser…there’s a breaking point to every relationship and, if I were Jodie, it would have been hit by now. but I’m not her, and I don’t know the complete dynamic between these two.

    I just hope she realizes that aligning yourself with a person people hate can lead them to hate YOU, too.

  3. Lea says:

    She is great and it takes a lot out of you to be there for a friends. She’ll see whether it helps or not.

  4. PrimeO says:

    When were those photos taken (the last 3)?

  5. gillie says:

    you can love someone and not approve of their behavior. it isnt all just black and white when it comes to a persons behavior (mel)and a third party (a friend outside the behavior)

  6. Tess says:

    Ode to Victimhood

    Oh, to be a victim!
    All is excused.

    A get-out-of-jail-free card that never expires.

    Alcholism, Abuse, Advanced potty-mouthed diatribes.
    Get exercised not.

    Mel is less than an angel, but friend Foster, forgives.

    Sorry about that!!!

    Anyhoo, I agree with Foster and Kaiser.

  7. MARKYMARK says:

    I think it is heinous what he’s done, but don’t we all have friends that we would walk through hell for.
    Who knows what they may have gone through together over the years in the insane shit-tank that is Hollywood

  8. original kate says:

    i admire her for sticking by a friend who needs help (which obviously mel does). i would also stand by a friend in need, but i think when that friend started blaming jews for alll the world’s problems, referring to women as “cunts” and telling the mother of his child she “deserves to be raped by a pack of n*****s” my friendship would be withdrawn.

  9. Liana says:

    I can see her point. She’s his friend and has been for 20 years. It doesn’t mean you condone his behavior, it doesn’t mean you overlook it, but you can still support your friend without supporting the behavior. My best friend went to prison over a drug and alcohol fueled assault. I supported him even though I didn’t condone his behavior and actually believed that his sentence was a little too light for what he did. Sometimes “supporting” someone means helping someone face and admit to their wrongdoings and NOT let them make excuses.

  10. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Wow. Go Jodie! I completely admire friends for remaining loyal when the world is turning it’s back and saying horrid things without knowing the entire story. Yes, his behavior was reprehensible…BUT that’s not WHO he is. Jodie knows that, and so do his true friends. Not that I am one of his friends or know any…I just know I have stuck by some people who have done some pretty s**tty things in life, and wasn’t disappointed. I also know I’ve done and said some pretty s**tty things myself. Thank God for people who have a spirit of forgiveness and an understanding that people CAN change. None of us are perfect.

  11. im awful says:

    shes a good friend. you cant knock her for it. he mustve been very good to her when she needed it the most and its her turn now.

  12. Rita says:

    I really like Jody, not only for her talent but she seems quite authentic. I’m glad she is so close to Mel because she is exactly the type of friend he needs if he’s going to save himself.

    I want to see the Jody I think she is grab him by the ears and say, “Enough of this sh!t. You’re coming with me,” and drag him into the nearest rehab, psyco clinic, or whatever other help he needs and keep him there until he gets himself fixed (not that kind of fixed).

  13. cedar falls says:

    I don’t think you can hate on Jodie Foster for standing by a friend – seeing the good side of someone when the PR machine is telling you to ditch their *ss pronto is an admirable quality.

    It doesn’t make him any less of a douche tho’, natch!

  14. Tiffany says:

    I want to hate her, but I also would want her to have my back when I screw up. Marriages, friendships, relationships, everyone is so easy to jump ship and not stick through the rough patches. She is showing loyality in a publication that is being talked about on every gossip website, someone told her not to talk about it but she did, honestly. I can’t hate her, just don’t like her friend.

  15. Jeannified says:

    eh…she’s got a movie coming out that she put alot into…I can see why she’s doing this now. If this had happened after her movie came out and it had garnered all it was going to, the situation might be different. She’s got alot riding on this movie…AND…it’s just possible that she really means all that she’s saying. Who knows…

  16. Anoni Mus says:

    I always thought they would have made a great couple.

    I can respect Jodie’s point of view. Would all of us have such a friend, who is in for the good and the bad.

  17. Jen says:

    Here’s the thing: She’s known him personally and professionally for 20 years. Maybe, just maybe, she knows him better than we do. You know, the people who only know him through pictures in tabloids and recordings of him at his lowest moments that were sold to the highest bidder.

    I’m not saying the things he said weren’t wrong or inappropriate. What I’m saying is that maybe he was at *his* breaking point…we’ve all said stupid shit we regret, especially when it’s said in anger.

    As much as we think we know these people, we don’t. We know the image, the product, not the person. So, it’s one thing to judge the image or the product, but another thing entirely to judge the person.

  18. Anna says:

    This is a bit random but has anyone read Sextrology or Cosmic Coupling by Stella S?

    Obviously not in regards to Jodie and Mel (her being a Lesbian and all) but it’s a fun book to read through and you can read the sign descriptions and apply to not only yourself and people you know but your favorite celebs. You can take it as insight or take it for fun either way it’s quite enlightening and entertaining.

    You should check it out if you haven’t!

  19. spanks says:

    I love Jodie and admire her for sticking by her friends. Like others said, just b/c you’re there for them doesnt mean you condone their behavior.
    I still say there are many sides to the Mel story, not just what the tabloids are reporting.

  20. S says:

    @ Liana – well said! A lot of people seem to think that sticking by a friend means supporting their actions, which is exactly wrong. Sticking by a friend means you love them enough to help them see they’ve made mistakes, deal with the consequences, and help re-build.

    @ Tiffany – that is a problem today…everybody jumps ship as soon as it gets bad.

    I don’t know what kind of friend Jodie is to Mel…but I do hope it is the kind Liana described, and I would respect her very much for it. It isn’t easy, but I certainly want a friend like that in my corner.

  21. bits says:

    I agree with the previously said comment.. I love how we think we know him the best because we read tabloids and listen to tapes sold to the media. We must know everything there is to know! She might know things we don’t!

  22. WhiteNoise says:

    She knows him, she’s best placed to judge him and that she’s standing by him publicly suggests that the Mel she knows is probably a much better and more rounded one than the Mel he has revealed over the last few of years. He’s an addict and has problems but, as others have already said, standing by someone doesn’t mean approving of everything they do, and standing by someone through really tough times – publicly, in Hollywood – speaks volumes about the type of person they are. I’ve always really liked Jodie and this just reminds me why.

  23. Lola says:

    You negative ones – ya you all must make shitty friends.

  24. Liana says:

    Is she still in the closet?

    she’s been out of the closet for quite some time. Why is that relevant?

  25. leelee says:

    I admire her too – I think there is more to Mel than meets the eye as well – I think at the root of his inexcusible behavior is mental illness – you don’t turn your back on someone because they are sick.

  26. Lenore says:

    Bless her for seeing the good in him, I guess. I’ve read her raving about how lovely he was, how humble and warm, in older interviews, so I suppose it’s laudable that she’s not going to blank the question or pretend she doesn’t know him.

    But It’s like Whoopi Goldberg saying he’d been to her house, played with her kids and was therefore not a racist. If you’ve been friends with someone a while, and you’re suddenly faced with their darker nature, it’s hard to accept, maybe even impossible, that it’s the same person; hard to accept that, on a bad day, you would be the target of their hatred because of your sexuality or your race.

    Jodie says she wants to help him through “this dark moment” but I think THAT is a delusion. This is not a “dark moment” for Mel. This is simply the other side of the sunny personality she loved. This is his nature, this is the hate-filled upbringing he managed to suppress, erupting under pressure. If she can get him to therapy to address the attitudes he absorbed from his father, and his drink/anger issues too, then she might help him.

    Also, Jodie is not like us gossiphounds. She probably doesn’t surf the net for the gory details; she seems to avoid the paparazzi lifestyle, for the most part, and seems very private, so it’s possible she just doesn’t know the details of what’s gone on. She may know only that Mel Gibson is going through a rocky separation, child custody row, with accusations of abuse and violence. She may be thinking “it can’t be as bad as all that”. She may be of the “Oksana is a golddigger, or at least exaggerating for personal gain” persuasion.

    She may not know that he threatened to kill the mother of his child while stone-cold sober. She won’t have heard the tapes of him hollering sexual insults at Oksana. She’ll be thinking of how intrusive and unpleasant the press has been to her at times, and projecting that, and expecting the news about him to be distorted, and not realising just how ugly the story really is.

  27. Kitten says:

    Very simple to me: I can’t love or befriend someone that I do not respect. I could NEVER respect a man that speaks to/about a woman and or a child the way that Gibson does.

  28. The Juror says:

    I really do hope that at least this Klu Klux Gibson shit is making you feel better about yourselves. Hear anything about any emails that were recently released that don’t support your narrative ?

  29. Stephie says:

    I have a lot of respect for her so whatever her reasons (re: Mel) so be it. Love Jodie. As much as I’d love to know more about her (life, in general) at the same time I’m impressed and kind of surprised how private she’s able to keep just about everything.

  30. Diane says:

    I didn’t even recognize her on the mag cover, she doesn’t usually smile that big.

  31. Shy says:

    Well – he obviously didn’t treat her like he did to Oksana. She knows him as her friend. If one day they will fight over something and he will call her all those names he gave Oksana – then she will take it personally and will change her mind.

    It doesn’t matter if he didn’t treat her like that. Because those tapes show how is he inside. That’s real Mel.

  32. OhCamille! says:

    I am not surprised by her comments…
    She lost this fan
    Business is business, Jodie, we are all judged by the company we keep when money is involved
    Good luck and good riddance to both you and Mel
    Bad move on your part….but then again, you did Maverick, so there’s that…

  33. TQB says:

    Kaiser, I do love the disposing-of-the-hobo’s-body friendship qualifier you’ve been running with this week.

  34. mary jane says:

    She looks gorgeous on the cover of More. She’s aging well.

    How brave of her to publicly support Mel at this point in his life. Obviously she’s seen the good in him.

  35. Tammy says:

    Good for Jodie for showing love and forgiveness towards Mel when almost everyone else is turning their back on him.

    @Lenore – glad you are perfect and never make mistakes. Hopefully you’ll never need someone to stand by you when times are tough, you being perfect and all…..

  36. EMV says:

    “I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends”…..

  37. Bam Bam says:

    I’m with Jodie, she’s very gracious to overlook some stupid acts that Gibson did. Mel’s a F@#$ up, we all know it, but he was also set up to some degree. Good for her, he could probably use as many good friends as he can find with the whole world against him now.

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well said Lenore.

    Wake up Jodi. He IS the dark time.

  39. Annie says:

    I didn’t know she is a lesbian.

    This movie sounds stupid.

    There is no such thing as a “breaking point” in any real relationship. True,unconditional love is just that, unconditional; ugly warts and all.

  40. Kim says:

    I asked if she is still in the closet because I read several articles/blogs about this interview and they mention she is “still in the closet” including Perez Hilton. Usually when celebs are “out” he is aware of that and praises for them.

  41. susieqinBA says:

    I think Jodie does care about Mel like probably several other people do; being a true friend helps them to confront their wrongdoings and not just say good things about the person (if you can’t say something good don’t say anything at all)”I will love this man for the rest of my life”. Being a good friend confronts that person’s “sins” (Look Mel you are having affairs with woman, that’s wrong, Look Mel how does it make your wife feel when you are parading this woman and baby, slapping them in the face) but I feel that Mel is one that you cannot tell him what he is doing wrong, which is why he is in the mess he’s in now. But another celeb isn’t going to do that, Jodie gave him a slap on the back and cheered him when this baby was born condoning his adulterous affair.

    I still deeply believe that playing the role Mel played in the beaver was damaging to his psychological state so I don’t feel Jodie was showing herself to be looking out for Mel’s well being; I feel he should have never been considered for the part because of his mental state. I feel that she has seen only one side of Mel and she is not comprehending that there is a serious chemical imbalance. I have no doubt that Mel is a pleasant, humble, nice guy and that is what has people fooled because there is another man, an evil man, that it’s hard for people to realize that but the real man has been exposed that, I feel, a LOT of people have seen. Jodie may be trying to show support for Mel but she is NOT what he needs and she is NOT going to help him. I may get shot down for this one but another celebrity is not going to help Mel or get him thru this “dark moment” because another celeb doesn’t have strong principles/character; part of Mel’s problem is because he’s a celebrity; rehab, psych hospital, meds, hpno-therapy none of these things are going to help this man. There is only one thing that is going to help this man but Mel’s will has to reach for it and it’s not in Jodie Foster or any other celeb. If Mel is going to get the help he needs he is going to have to leave Hollywood, all that he is, everything he has, his “friends” in order to find the true man I believe he truly wants to be. He will never find it there where he is living or with the people he’s associated with.

  42. Kitten says:

    “There is no such thing as a “breaking point” in any real relationship.”

    Hmmmm….really? I guess I don’t have a truly unconditional friendship with anyone then because I’m pretty sure if one of my friends murdered someone I would have to put the kibosh on our friendship. In fact, if one of my friends (intentionally) harmed even an animal then I would cut them out of my life. Maybe I just have higher standards in what I look for in a friend??

    Yes, I know Mel didn’t murder anyone but I would also not be friends with someone who felt it fine to berate and dehumanize another human, much less the mother of his child. This is not just a “wart”. A wart is talking with your mouth full or always being late.
    This man is simply full of hate. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if the Gibson defenders heard the same tapes (or even heard them at all?) that I did.

  43. Kim says:

    Kitten ITA nevermind murder if a “friend” molested my child that’s my breaking point which probabably would lead to me murdering the “friend”

  44. GatsbyGal says:

    What does Jodie Foster care if he’s an abusive prick to the women he dates? She’ll never have to see that side of him.

    Ugh, Jodie, WTF are you doing? Why hast thou forsaken me? I thought you were a woman of chracter, and then you stand up for Mel Gibson…gimmie a fucking break.

  45. Ricci says:

    Maybe ,, there is not much hate for Jodie, Is it because she isn’t super hot sexy??
    Just a thought….

    BTW I love her acting she is great .. especially in Freaky Friday (1976)

  46. Eileen says:

    What Original Kate said-word for word.

  47. Liana says:

    oh, there’s a breaking point for friendships, absolutely. But the breaking points are personal and situational.

    And understanding where Jodi is coming from is not supporting Mel Gibson. I think he’s a misogynistic douche.

    As far as Jodi’s being a lesbian, if Perez Hilton thinks she’s still in the closet, then he doesn’t pay attention much. There was even a scandal where Jodi left her “wife” Cydney, for another woman. Jodi just doesn’t talk about her personal relationships too much. That doesn’t mean she’s in the closet, it just means she’s private.

  48. Bea says:

    Jodie’s endorsement of Mel doesn’t make me like him more. But it does make me like her LESS.

  49. Whatever says:

    She actually knows him and has for a long time, so I won’t pretend to know more about him and judge the situation. It’s nice that some people stick with friends. As for unconditional, it would depend on the situation. A friend who has been a great friend for 20 years and is having some kind of breakdown fueled by alcoholism deserves support.

  50. susieqinBA says:

    A good friend encourages you to be truthful, to tell the truth, to take responsibility for your actions (that is where true support of a friend comes in when you are taking responsibility for your actions and that friend is there beside you) and not hide behind PR because that’s “the way the celebs do it”. Mel has not cooperated with any investigations in his defense, Mel hasn’t come forward claiming any responsibilty for his actions, he is cowering behind extremes of disguising himself, I haven’t seen/heard any of his kids or Robyn going to any magazine in his defense THEM saying that their dad is NOT a monster, he did not say those things (they can’t say that because they heard those things themselves), and NOW Jodie Foster says something????? I question that. A true friend would help you/encourage you to come forward in an interview or something to speak for yourself to at least give people an understanding.

    Mel needs to confess and be truthful from his heart, what he did (has been doing), why he did it, he’s scared of himself because he knows he needs help and he knows it’s serious, but until he gives up his power, will, strength he’ll will never come out of it.

  51. Annie says:

    Kitten…didn’t know I defended Mel Gibson in my post? Where was that exactly?

    In any event, what I was thinking of was that if Jodi is claiming to “love him forever” that is a claim of unconditional love which by definition has no “breaking point”.

    Similar to a parent who’s child is Jeffrey Dalhmer for example. The child/man murdered people and chopped them up. His parents despised his actions and hated what he did but still had love for their child. That’s called love.

    You can condemn, condone, and despise the actions of another person without declaring that you “hate” them or turning your back on them completely.

  52. Mistral says:

    Obviously, Mel is an out-of-control maniac with major, scary issues. He’s mental. He’s an addict and he’s obviously got some other mental health problems compounded by the alcohol/drug dependency. He is a narcissist, he is an abuser, he randomly hates Jews…it goes on and on. HOWEVER, I’ve always “gotten” why his friends would stick by him. For all of Mel’s issues, he hasn’t done anything to make him beyond redemption. People who are sick need intervention and support. If your friends won’t be there for you, won’t forgive you, won’t help you get help and make you see how you’re wrong, then WHO WILL?

  53. OC lady says:

    I’m really disappointed in her statements. She called the whole situation struggling? Are you kidding me, Jodie?

    Verbal abuse, physical abuse and threatening someone is NOT “struggling through a dark moment.” People struggle with bills or with work. Mel’s EXTREME actions show signs of cruelty and malice. Maybe, she doesn’t believe it or hasn’t seen that side of him? Either way, I’m disappointed in her. She can still support him as a friend AND ALSO say that she doesn’t condone his ACTIONS of physical and verbal abuse. But, calling it his “struggling” makes me think she’s trying to whitewash the whole thing, so that it will go away and her movie won’t be effected as much. It just seems like many Hollywood celebs have turned evading all responsibility into a fine art.

    I used to like her, but don’t plan on seeing this movie. And, my respect for her as a person has gone down A LOT. :-(

  54. Maritza says:

    She seems to be a good loyal friend and Mel is lucky to have her on his side.

  55. lala in nYc says:

    Perhaps Mel is the father of her two children. She’s never revealed the identity of their father.

  56. S says:

    @Susieqinba re: your second statement…I disagree that Mel needs to come out and give some sort of interview or statement. He’s a very private person and always has been, and he’s in the middle of several cases that are still before the courts, therefore he actually shouldn’t be publicizing anything, and neither should Oksana. Just because we are curious about it and the culture of celebrity has accustomed us to getting all of this information (obviously everyone reading this loves it), doesn’t mean they HAVE to release statements or anything. I imagine, when this is all over, and if/when Mel wants a career again, he will do some PR, but until then, he doesn’t NEED to release anything to the public. I can only hope that he is getting some very serious therapy for his huge emotional problems.

    Also, it’s a shame so many people are losing respect for her because she continues her friendship with him. They are both private and we have no idea the extent to which they are friends or have been there for one another. I know she spoke of his actions lightly, but really? Did you expect her in a magazine interview to get into the heavy stuff, that is not her place, and for such a private person, she probably also respects Mel’s privacy. We shouldn’t judge someone on being loyal, unless we know it is misguided – which, in this case, we don’t.

  57. Whatever says:

    I haven’t seen/heard any of his kids or Robyn going to any magazine in his defense THEM saying that their dad is NOT a monster,

    Robyn wrote a letter to the court. Why in the world would she talk to a magazine??

  58. MoMo says:

    Well, I can’t hate on Jodie for standing by a friend she cares about. It’s part of being a compassionate human: deciding to stand by someone even when they act like the biggest shithead in the Universe. Maybe it would be worse for everyone in his life if it weren’t for individuals like Jodie who were willing to be supportive. Supporting someone getting their life together isn’t the same as condoning or excusing their mega asshole behavior. It’s more like encouraging them to be accountable for their decisions and actions. Even Robyn and his kids have always publicly stood by him for whatever reasons.

    btw link to part of Robyn’s deposition letter.

  59. Lukie says:

    On an interesting astrological note, Jodie Foster and Whoopi Goldberg are both Scorpios.

    One of the hallmarks of a Scorpio is loyalty.

    So don’t blame them for sticking up for the nutty drunk. Blame the planetary alignment of their birth.


  60. albeli says:

    I was on the fence about her since the (alleged) accounts she attacked a teen boy, but that’s it, I’m done with her. She’s added to my banned list.

  61. Tess says:

    I don’t think Mel is the father of Jodie’s kids. (Does she have more than one)?

    When she had her son, I heard she had gone to a sperm bank that specialized in doners who were “geniuses.”

  62. California Surfer says:

    Ricci I totally agree Jodi was awesome in Freaky Friday and also the accused with kelly mgillis which is a totally harsh movie and very well acted. And it seems like Mel and Jodi like eachother so I respect her for being mels friend and trying to help the dude out and she also has very nice teeth which don’t look like dentures.

  63. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    People hate Jodi Foster because she loves her friend? Where did she state she APPROVED of his behavior? She can be his friend and not like what he did. I have a friend who cheated on his wife, and I still care about him, even if I do not like how he treated his wife.

  64. Chris says:

    Good on you, Jodie. When Mel got in hot water over his racist comments Denzel came out to support him and now Jodie Foster is supporting him during spousal abuse saga. The Lord works in mysterious ways aye Mel?

  65. Crash2GO2 says:

    I remember her comment about the sugar tits incident. “It is no secret that Mel Gibson has a terrible problem with alcohol.” That was pretty much it. I thought that was good – called him out on his sh*t. This unconditional love stuff? That you save for families, not friends. Because you can pick your friends, and what woman would pick a racist domestic abuser for a buddy? No one I know.

    See ya Jodi.

  66. susieqinBA says:

    @Whatever Robyn signed an affidavit required by “Mel’s lawyers” for the court. She lied in what she wrote: She had stated before in NE that Mel had rages (that is showing domestic violence when it is a violent outburst in the home that is domestic violence), she DID NOT state that he was not VERBALLY ABUSIVE. I think Robyn is “screwed up” in the head because of Mel’s abuse that she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going and she doesn’t know what to say but what Mel’s lawyers want her to say. If that was my husband/father who never showed physical/verbal abuse while he was living with me I would show my face to a magazine or some publication regardless of the court and tell people he is not that man, with the humiliation that is coming against him for the sake of his career.

  67. Catherine says:

    Well, here’s to Jodie and the long lost art of Loyalty.

  68. mln says:

    I can’t hate on Jodie although I think Mel is a bastard and a jerk I understand deep friendship and Jodie has proven herself to be above the Hollywood B.S.

  69. GatsbyGal says:

    @Lukie – I’m a Scorpio and I’m one of the most disloyal people I know. If someone wrongs me, doesn’t matter if I’ve known them for years, they’re out of my life.

  70. Kloops says:

    Meh. Whatever. I’d find it more interesting if she was only defending a friend who’d done horrible things and not an actor who has probably tanked a movie she’s spent months/years working on and cost her dearly. Maybe she’s just a loyal friend, but she also has an ulterior motive that may be in play.

  71. BeckEye says:

    Wow, so now people are hating on Jodie Foster because of who she’s friends with? Ah, the old guilt by association angle. I remember it well from high school.

    I have one or two friends who I would absolutely walk through fire for, and they would do the same for me. They haven’t always done things I agree with, but if you go through life expecting to never be disappointed by the people you love, you are living in a fantasy world.

    It cracks me up when the high and mighty get on here and say things like so-and-so “just lost a fan” when a celeb dares to say anything they disagree with. So, some of you are taking your sweet, sweet fandom away from Jodie? She’s had a successful career for 40+ years. I doubt she’ll notice you’re gone.

  72. Feebee says:

    I admire her loyalty. Even for the shit Mel’s pulled, a 20 year friendship is still some of value, at least to Foster and I give kudos to her for publicly stating it.

  73. GreenGinger says:

    Not loving Mel, but my esteem for Jodie has gone up. I’d love to have a friend like her.

  74. PrimeO says:

    @34, Diane:

    “I didn’t even recognize her on the mag cover, she doesn’t usually smile that big.”

    They probably photoshopped it in! They photoshop everything else… :D

  75. Dizzybenny says:

    Team Jodie all the way!!

  76. Guest says:

    I would have respect for Jodie if she had clearly stated that she *doesn’t* approve of his behavior.

  77. Bullett says:

    this is in so many ways a tough one! One in which both sides of the argument at first seem clear and understandable. Plus, I’ve always admired Jodie Foster. In the end though, I think she underestimates just how reviled a character Gibson has become, and this “showing of support” will do neither him nor her much of any good. Supporting stupidity and hate for “old time’s sake” doesn’t really cut it. JMO, but save the unconditional love for puppies and children. Besides, there’s a difference between “support” and “friendship”; both don’t necessarily go hand in hand, and if the “friendship” is so true, it can survive without the “support”, which in Mel’s case just isn’t deserved. BTW, how much (if any) does she have invested in this “beaver” film? Mel’s standing is so bad now, I think people won’t even try buying a ticket for that one unless they’re wearing sunglasses and baseball caps to the theatre…..

  78. mariamme says:

    What is with all this negativity!!!!
    Who cares what Mel did or said, that is his private life, he was with a manipulating witch whom taped him at his worst…like none of us have ever gone too far….

  79. Kim says:

    She’s got to know that friendship is also about setting limits. In 25 years, he has never really honestly apologized to Jews or Gays or racial groups. Does he take responsibility? You can’t blame it all on alcohol. Foster needs some new friends. Smart: would’ve been to let the film stand on its merits, and not comment on his private life, then, move to France!

  80. ! says:

    You people are psychotic losers. Jodie Foster, and anyone who can stick by any “friend” who does the things he did, is a terrible person.

    @#82 nope, I’ve never taken things too far, and certainly not as far as that.

    To all who say “I make mistakes, hope someone has my back”, if you’re making mistakes as big as Mel’s, you get whatever desertion you deserve. “hey, I’m a shit bag too!” is not a good reason to support their little friendship. She’s enabling him by not withdrawing her friendship, because in his mind it’ll mean that he didn’t really do anything all that bad and that it isn’t his fault.

    As for those of you who speak of loyalty, please. Jodie has no loyalty. She’s not loyal to the gays, as she’s never come out. She’s not loyal to her partner, as she cheated on her. She’s only loyal to herself, and that’s the reason she’s “standing by” Mel.

    I notice none of you praise those who stand by Roman Polanski.

  81. Aspen says:

    Roman Polanski is a pedophile. Raping or seducing underaged girls is not the same thing as going crazy.

    Mel Gibson is mentally unstable.

    I don’t get the hatred. Appalled? yes. Horrified? yes. But writing him off as a garden variety douche bag or comparing him with a man who diddles little girls? Seriously?

    He’s insane. He has lost his ever-loving mind. It’s an illness.

    Everyone who knew this man before he lost his marbles has stood up for him at the risk of venom like the crap spewed on this thread.

    I’m not saying, “excuse the behavior.” I’m just saying, call it what it is. It’s sad. It’s really, really sad.

  82. Firewood says:

    What I don’t understand Is why is everybody making a bigger deal of Mel than Jodie? I hear of drunk-driving arrests and domestic disputes all the time and apperantly just because Mel is involved in them that gets everywhere in the media. What about Jodie? Back in 1981 she nearly got President Reagan killed outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. I would rather be arrested for drunk driving or face charges of being domestically abusive than have something to do with an attempt on the president. Everyone is bitching about Mel being anti-semetic What about Jodie she is an atheist if you are atheist you disregard all religions regardless of what you might plead, claim, or do it does not matter if you still read the bible or celebrate christmas what they are all about you deny. I wonder if she thinks Nathan Hale Suffered from a mental dillusion. Now compared to being anti-semetic you only disregard the jewish faith which has been part of history for ages from the Ancient Egytians to the Soviets. Look at who is really bad people.

  83. Scott says:

    Jodie is just trying to save her movie which she invested her own dollars in … financial decision … it is very lame.

  84. Barbara says:

    Mel Gibson is both a genius and a mad man. There’s never a dull minute. If every bad thing I have ever said was posted on the internet, I’d look just as bad as he does. We all say things we shouldn’t. Mel Gibson, however, has never let down a friend…at least not that I have ever heard about. Jody Foster is showing a lot of character in standing by him. I would like to do the same. He has done far more good than bad in this world.