“George Lopez is divorcing the woman who gave him a kidney” links

23 September 2010 - Hollywood, California - George Lopez and wife Ana Serrano Lopez. 25th Annual Padres Contra El Cancer Benefit Gala held at The Hollywood Palladium. Photo Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

George Lopez is divorcing his wife of 17 years – she gave him a kidney, and he allegedly cheated on her. [ICYDK]
Clive Owen dampens panties by making a bitchface in a taxi. SWOON. [Agent Bedhead]
Lindsay Lohan caught a movie at 2 a.m., Crack Standard Time. [Evil Beet]
Justin Bieber says his fans don‘t have “real love” for him. [Celebuzz]
Rest in peace, Gloria Stuart. [Dlisted]
Summer Phoenix’s public bitchface at her husband, Casey Affleck. [LaineyGossip]
Mad Men recap: God, last night‘s episode was depressing. But The Hamm can act his everloving ass off. As can John Slattery. [Pajiba]
Naomi Campbell is thinking about beating someone. [PopBytes]
Alec Baldwin is a big fan of Blake Lively‘s rack. Who isn‘t? [IDLITW]
Comedian Greg Giraldo overdosed, is still in critical condition. [LimeLife]
Kellan Lutz will accept a PETA Award on behalf of Kellan Lutz, but Kellan Lutz will not let it get to Kellan Lutz‘s head. [Pop Sugar]
Who wore it best – Khloe or Kim Kardashian in the same grey dress. [Bitten and Bound]
Hugh Jackman is adorable with his son. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Photos of Katy Perry‘s new NYC pad – it‘s nice! The wood paneling is slightly oppressive, though. [Gawker]
Some Zachary Levi spanking porn, since you seem to like him. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]

HOLLYWOOD - SEPTEMBER 23: Actor George Lopez and wife Ann Serrano arrives at the Padres Contra El Cancer's 25th Annual Gala at The Hollywood Palladium on September 23, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17:  Actor George Lopez and wife Ann Serrano arrives at the 2009 ALMA Awards held at Royce Hall on September 17, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 30: Ann Serrano and comedian George Lopez attend the 6th Annual Roots Jam Session at Key Club on January 30, 2010 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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35 Responses to ““George Lopez is divorcing the woman who gave him a kidney” links”

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  1. Tazina says:

    Maybe she can sue to get it back?

    Seriously though, I hope she gets a good divorce settlement. She deserves it for what she has done for him.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Damn George…she gave you a kidney man. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

  3. Just a Poster says:

    This is not going to be pretty.

  4. SickofCelebs says:

    I swear I knew that was going to happen. I just knew he would end up divorcing her. Geez George, the woman saved your life and you cheat on her and dump her?? Ever hear of karma???

  5. liz says:

    I will never understand this male weakness. I have a wonderful boyfriend. He’s adoring and intelligent. In addition, he has his flaws, just as I do I’m sure every other person in the world as well. Yet, I would NEVER cheat on him. I have been wasted, flirted with, I have spent a couple of weeks without him while he was on a business trip and never did it cross my mind that I could find a thrill in cheating on him. It is not testosterone, it is not even specifically boredom, it is cheap, irresponsible, inconsiderate and disrespectful weakness that these men can blame their inclinations on.

  6. michkabibbles says:

    did anyone actually read the story? the report said it was a mutual decision. i’m not defending him, especially if/ since he cheated on her, but it’s not like he’s dumping her ass. maybe she smartened up and asked for the divorce.

  7. Ron says:

    truly crappy….happens all the time though–the wife that sticks with you through the hard times, give you a a kidney, then you cheat on her and dump her for a 20 year old PA on your show. Makes Jay Leno looks like a prince.

  8. Weeble says:

    So does this mean she gets half of everything now and also for the rest of his life? Technically without her kidney he could not live, so her divorce settlement is gonna be awesome.

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I dont believe it.

    Edit, ok, People magazine is now reporting it, now I am sad… Thought he was one of the good guys! :(

  10. OXA says:

    Robyn and Mel Gibson’s divorce was supposedly amicacble too, there is so much money at stake in a 50/50 state.

  11. Sugarplum says:

    First time commenter here – This is worse than getting a tattoo of someone’s name on your own body. I don’t care if it’s mutual divorce or not, that sucks. And she won’t get $$ for it back, because it was a gift.

  12. jen says:

    WTH is going on with Khloe Kardashian’s boobs?!

  13. xxodettexx says:

    @ liz “It is not testosterone, it is not even specifically boredom, it is cheap, irresponsible, inconsiderate and disrespectful weakness that these men can blame their inclinations on.”

    Totes agree!!!

  14. Mistral says:

    Wow! That sucks. What a horrible thing to do to someone who sacrificed for you. Giving away a kidney is major—the operation is harder on the person who donates than the one who receives it!

  15. TG says:

    @liz – I agree too. Being with someone is a choice that I make everyday and I evaluate that often and work to remember that when the temptations come my way. I always want to be honorable to my husband and I trust he is doing the same for me.

  16. Snarf says:

    Do you think she’ll ask for it back in the divorce?

  17. Aqua says:

    Even if it’s mutual it’s still a sad story to me.

  18. Cath says:

    She needs a tshirt that says:

    “I Gave My Husband a Kidney And All I Got Was This Shitty Facelift!”

  19. freckles says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @Cath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!

    Ok I’m going to say this at the risk of sounding like a bitch (but hey, I guess I’m in the right place)… yes, she gave him a kidney and saved his life, but does that mean he’s obligated to be with her forever and ever, even if their marriage totally sucks and is falling apart or if she’s a heinous bitch behind closed doors? We don’t know if the cheating rumor is true, right? I mean it does suck, and she did make a huge sacrifice to him, but if she did it for the right reasons then she would have done it whether they were married or not, and whether they would STAY married or not. That’s just my opinion, I guess.

    And is the “who wore it better” between Khloe and Kim EVER going to be a question? Unless the “it” in the question is a mask, or anything else that can be placed over the face, assume Kim wore it better. :P I know that’s extremely mean, but f*ck it. I don’t care.

  20. Super Sleuth says:

    Slimeball. I knew it was only a matter of time.

  21. Captaine says:

    @ liz, lol ummm you seriously need to gtfoh with that broad ass generalization. Cheating is not just a “guy thing”. Females have that same weakness and do foul dirty shit too. Males don’t hold the patent on adultry. Let’s come down out of the clouds and bring it back to reality.

  22. Maritza says:

    That would really be a rotten thing to do to someone who saved his life and risked her own life in doing so!

  23. la chica says:

    wrong headline. shoud read: “George Lopez cheated on the wife who gave him a kidney.” It’s Mrs. Lopez who is kicking her skank husband to the curb. Good for her. And they live in California so she gets half PLUS the cost of the kidney which if I were her attorney, I would value at $100 million more. just saying.

  24. guesty says:

    george george george…this makes u look like a such a schmuck.

  25. Mum Is the Word says:

    You will be hearing from the mistresses soon

  26. wunderkindt says:


    She should get her kidney back!!!

  27. Jag says:

    At least he’s divorcing her instead of continuing to cheat on her. I wonder if she can get the kidney back?

    As for Alba being nude in a film, it seems that she’s abandoned all those protestations that she isn’t just eye candy and wants to be known for her acting skills, eh?

  28. Gwendolyn says:

    What a sleaze ball! He needs to BURN!

  29. Lenore says:

    (Comment erased – ignore me, it’s early where I am.)

    I will say though that in that silver-grey top, Ms Lopez has an unbelievable brassiere. Kudos. Wow.

  30. Sarah says:

    It’s probably mutual because she knows he cheated on her…with hookers…I’d be disgusted and want a divorce too

  31. Jess says:

    Wonder if Sandra Bullock still thinks he hung the moon considering he cheated on his wife.

  32. Marjalane says:

    He’s a pig. Hooker’s, really? Nice George. When the original story came out there were all kinds of posters who defended him and insisted he would never do anything like this, “because he’s so down to earth and funny”.


    This creep is mean spirited and oozes self rightous entitlement to say anything he wants about anyone. Maybe he’ll make fun of himself on a future ahow.

  33. LindaR says:

    He is a pig. I have never been fooled by his shit-eating grin.