Kim Kardashian is dating 28-year-old actor Michael Copon


These are new photos of Kim Kardashian last night at an event in NYC. Looking extraordinarily cat-faced. Yikes. Anyway, although Kim flew solo to the event (or Khloe was her date, maybe), Kim does have a new “boyfriend.” According to In Touch Weekly, Kim’s new boyfriend is Michael Copon, and he’s a 28-year-old actor who guest starred in One Tree Hill, Beyond the Break and Greek, amongst other television credits. He’s actually a working actor, which surprises me. I would have thought Kim would go for one of those douches who calls himself an “actor” but who doesn’t have any credits. Michael, in the photos below, is giving me a jailbait vibe, even though he’s in his late 20s. He’s cute, but he also has an air of Taylor Lautner, right?

It’s all about new beginnings for Kim Kardashian — she has a new TV show, a new zip code, and now, a new man, too! A galpal of Kim’s tells In Touch that she’s dating actor and musician Michael Copon, who’s best known for his role on One Tree Hill.

“Kim is dating Michael,” the source tells In Touch. “They have known each other for years, but he and Kim just recently reconnected.”

Kim and Michael are currently in New York, where she’s filming Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and fans can expect to see more of her new hottie.

“He’ll definitely be making appearances on Kim’s new TV show,” the source adds. Kim and Michael met in 2006 when they filmed Beyond the Break together, in which they played boyfriend and girlfriend.

“They have been running in the same circles and going to the same events forever, but now they are hitting it off romantically,” the source says. “The timing is right for both of them.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Wow, that sounds like a business arrangement casting decision true love. Seriously, Producers of whatever new Kardashian show (Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner) decided they wanted to cast an actor as Kim’s new “boyfriend” so they just started looking for 20-something actors. Meanwhile, I bet Kim is boning every athlete she can find on the side. And Michael’s boyfriend probably doesn’t mind that Michael is “dating” Kim.

Look at those diamond earrings!




Kim last night in NYC, photos of Michael from 2009 & 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Tracy9s says:

    Her face is jacked up!! Stop it already Kim!! You were a pretty girl, now you look like a 40 something housewife.

  2. Kitten says:

    Why won’t someone tell her to stop ruining her face?
    ITA w/Kaiser about it being a showmance.

  3. guesty says:

    no comment cuz kaiser covered it all! ha.

    except to say her face in that top pick looks similar to the snickers lady in that eerie commercial. spookiness. & not a compliment.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Oh please- this dude’s gay vibe just jumped off the screen and slapped me in the face.

  5. kelbear says:

    I am a huge huge fan of One Tree Hill and I couldn’t stand his character on the show. He seems like a good guy though. This actually seems like a good match.

  6. Brittney says:

    It’s funny you say that about Taylor Lautner, because there was an online rumor awhile ago that he was the first one considered for the Jacob Black role in Twilight. Copon’s on YouTube discussing it.

  7. Sara says:

    What is up with the Kardashian women and the eye makeup? Enough already! Maybe they wouldn’t need botox if they didn’t have to remove 5 lbs. of eye makeup off EVERY night! The skin around the eye is the most delicate and prone to fine lines! They should know this! Ever notice the stars that wear more neutral makeup ALWAYS look younger!

  8. poopie says:

    is kim going for that CAT WOMAN emmy? stop messing with your face! how could anyone think this is a ‘good’ look?

  9. devilgirl says:

    In that top picture, her armpit looks jacked too! Ewwww!

  10. saintdevil says:

    Agree with everyone who says that Kim is really starting to morph into the Wildenstein woman.

    And someone call PETA about all the spiders killed to manufacture those fake lashes!

  11. sickofit says:

    uuh she was really cute and good looking but this is horrible… like a plastic doll and he? gay and those small eyes somewhat give me the creeps….

  12. dread pirate cuervo says:

    This dude likes the hot dog, not the taco. He might be her main gay, but he’s not her man.

  13. Squirrel says:

    Oh, so she’s over Justin Bieber already? :-)

    I hope that when she finally does want to get serious with some rich distinguished guy nobody believes her or nobody actually cares any more.

  14. PsychicEyes says:

    Her face in the first pic freaked me out — she’s at the point now of no return. Stop before it’s too late! As for the guy — gay vibes all the way.

  15. maya says:

    This is another scripted tv hookup for their show. Just like the Aussie bodyguard, who said it took 3 takes for him and Kim to get the kiss scene right. Then again, InTouch is the same tabloid that said Kim was dating Chris Brown just 2 weeks ago.

  16. Candice says:

    I can’t believe there is only a two year age difference between these two. He looks 23 and Kim looks 35.

    I think this is staged for her tv show.

  17. pshhh says:

    Wow! He has the nicest complexion I’ve ever seen on a man. Cute! But what are with her eyelashes in the 1st pic??

  18. CanCan says:

    Does anyone else see penises in her dress?

  19. KJ says:

    Now I see why she needs Botox-she needs to be able to hold up those 6 foot tall false eyelashes!! Holy Crap!!

  20. hellen says:

    She looks like a female impersonator. A really good one.

  21. tango says:

    Yep, Kim is starting to look like a man trying to impersonate a woman.

    The guy is cute but sure gives off gay face.

  22. skibunny says:

    CanCan now that you mention it I do see penises on her dress. Lol. Jeez her face looks like a mask. Scary!

  23. redlips says:

    My gaydar went off the chart when looking at his pic. Wow, she is dating an Anglo Saxon……now, that is news!

  24. Bella Mosley says:

    Really? I just can’t imagine why who these people date is news. Who cares? And if they do, for goodness sake – WHY?

  25. MCForRealzz says:

    Kim is pretty, but all that botox makes her look like a horse

  26. LolaBella says:

    Add me to the list of those saying that this is a ‘showmance’.

    She has a new show in NY, he released a single last month that I bet we will her prominently featured on the show. Just wait.

    Besides, he is not Kim’s ‘type’ at all (judging by her past dalliances) but maybe she’s expanding her taste to draw in a new demographic for her new reality show?

  27. Kat says:

    He was a power ranger! good god. cat-face is dating the blue power ranger.

  28. walker says:

    His name sounds like “coupon.” :D AND WHY IN THE H*%$ is she still getting cr%p pumped into her FACE?

  29. KJ says:

    Good God, her FACE. I usually defend Kim against surgery allegations but I can’t have your back anymore girl. At first I thought it was really heavy handed, drag queen makeup but there’s definitely something up with her face. I don’t know what she did, and if only she could undo it because it’s looking bad and OBVIOUS.

    And she’s not dating that guy. Her camp planted the story to generate interest for her pathetic love life. Jennifer Aniston v2 here we come. Also – he’s clearly not black. There. I said it. If there’s one thing we can say with certainty about Kim and Khloe – it’s that they’re all about chocolate.

  30. KJ says:

    @CanCan – yup, dicks ALL over that dress. Weird.

  31. connie says:

    where are all the commentors saying that she doesnt look any different from when she first started her famewhore game?!?

  32. lu says:

    Her face just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

  33. Working says:

    Umm ok there is nothing left to say about her face that hasn’t already been said…but WTF is with her armpit? It looks like it’s giving birth.

  34. hottathanhollywatta says:

    why is she relevant???? She has NO TALENT to speak of. She doesn’t produce anything of any value except the garbage reality shows which show how she wastes money, has irrelevant conversations with irrelevant people and is a loser famewhore willing to do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight….complete and total waste of SKIN…Go to school and get an education this way you wont feel the need to be in the limelight only to validate yourself

  35. mel says:

    O-MMM-GEEE she looks hideous and when she’s turns 80 yrs old, she’s gona regret it. I am sure Joan Rivers can attest to that!

  36. MMF says:

    She is not dating this child.
    She likes her meat dark.

  37. Ferguson. says:

    She looks like a cartoon, her face is all fucked up, and those fake eyelashes really make it worse.

    The guy? he’s cute, but totally gay.

  38. TeeTee says:

    JHo is her hero, she’s wearing those mink ind lashes that JHO used to/wear.

    Its obvious, Kris did not give them any attention or teach them anything…oh, how to famewhore and be disresepctful to her on national tv and DESPERATE..

    instead of finding the next HOT dress, find some self esteem ladies…who wants to be hooked up w/this FEM Queen?? laughing stock, geesh.

    you’re stupid, we’re NOT. sad case

  39. Taurus says:

    Eeeeek she looks like Joan Rivers with dark hair. Poor Bruce, I don’t know how he deals with all the fakery that goes on in that family.


  40. Camille says:

    redlips: No she’s not, he is half-Filipino, so she is moving in a whole new direction altogether actually :lol: .

    I agree with the others here who said that if this is true then its a showmance.
    And those fake eyelashes (along with everything else about her) look freaking ridiculous!

  41. kim says:

    He better see the gyno now for cures for all the diseases he will get from this ho bag!

  42. kim says:

    Waht the heck has she done to her face?!!!!!!!! She looks like the Joker! Where was the parenting in this family? shameful!

  43. PsychicEyes says:



    I saw the Snicker commercial, courtesy of Dlisted, and that was so hilarious. LMAO =)

    Here’s the video:

  44. nsfw says:

    That catface is going to haunt me tonight when i go to sleep. i mean good god what the feck is up with her face?!

  45. Mary Jane says:

    Oh my this chick (maybe?) is just icky… and that zit on her forehead — yuck!

  46. KIMBERLY says:

    i was all who’s that guy? Actor?

    then read “One Tree Hill”

    and laughed

    wow! what a blast from the past. How can that show even be on still?

    BTW no they’re not dating

    it’s called

    publicity for him set up by their PR people.

    Wow PR peeps it’s taken a bit but, we, the people of the United States, can now successfully spot PR for “up and coming” actors and actresses.

    The jig is up

    you cannot fool us

    if I do a check on this “actor” am I gonna find a new film coming out or even a CD? WHY YES I DO!

    2 movies in production and one called boy band release in 2010.


  47. stylefile says:

    Ok people, WHAT IF he’s Gaycrest’s boyfriend who got promised a bump in publicity? Hitting two birds with one stone? ;)

  48. abby says:

    Has anyone seen an ad for KUWTK on E? At the end, they always show the three, and Kim’s face looks extremely freaky and cat-like.

    And yes, I do see peni on her dress. Is peni plural for penis? Because penises has just too many sss.