Hot Guy Friday: May we all have a little Irish in us


I know it’s a little “on the nose” and I usually like to mix things up a bit, but after last week’s love-in for Scottish dong, I thought we’d travel a few hundred miles for a tribute to Irish dong. We’re going to need all the shamrocks and leprechauns we can get to walk away from this HGF without getting pregnant with an adorable Irish baby. To lead off our magical dong tour, I thought we’d start with some vintage Peter O’Toole. O’Toole is one of those men who we often forget was once one of the most beautiful men EVER. We forget because he’s such a decrepit (and fabulous!) old fart now. I mean, I never would have predicted that he would still be alive and kickin’ it at this point, but there you go. Interesting O’Toole side note: it is long believed that before he did Lawrence of Arabia, he had a nose job to make himself look more “English”. Also: his eyes! Goodness, he was pretty.




Next, we have Colin Farrell. I’ll admit, I’m more jazzed about Colin because he’s newly single, and it’s just a matter of time before he gets one of us pregnant. Plus… you know, the sex tape. And what it revealed. Mm…




You might not know Michael Fassbender, but he is Irish. Half-Irish, half-German, to be exact. He was born in Germany and raised in Ireland, and… well, he’s just gorgeous. He’s also our friend Agent Bedhead’s forever dong!







Now, I know Jonathan Rhys Meyers is crazy, and he obviously has issues, and tragically, he often photographs like he’s jacked up on some crazy sh-t. But he’s also got such a strange, unusual beauty. It’s like he’s fragile and delicate in one moment, and then in the next he’s a cold, sexy bastard. It’s weird.




Speaking of weird/hot, how about that freaky Irish bastard Cillian Murphy? I mean… yes, I would hit it. But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me. He’s an attractive man, but he consistently photographs as “creepy.”



This one is just for me – Irish singer Damien Rice. He‘s a ginger! And I f-cking love his voice and he listen to him constantly. He‘s my sexy little Irish folk singer. And one of his sexiest songs is “Coconut Skins”. Tell me you don’t love him. Try.



Here’s a jumble of some great Irish blokes, from Liam Neeson to Gabriel Byrne to Pierce Brosnan. LOVE THESE MEN.

Gabriel Byrne, on left, and Liam Neeson at the Irish Arts Center's Annual Gala at the New York Athletic Club in New York City. 10/5/01  Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect

DUBLIN, IRELAND - OCTOBER 30:  Gabriel Byrne and Pierce Brosnan arrive for the The Irish Film and Televison Awards at the Burlington Hotel, on October 30, 2004 in Dublin, Ireland.  (Photo by ShowBizIreland/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - JANUARY 23: Actors Gabriel Byrne (L) and Liam Neeson (R) attend The Cinema Society after party for 'Seraphim Falls' at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on January 23, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - JANUARY 23: (L-R) Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, director David Von Ancken and Liam Neeson talk at The Cinema Society after party for 'Seraphim Falls' at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on January 23, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 5: Actors Gabriel Byrne, Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan attend the 8th Annual Spirit of Ireland Benefit Gala at the New York Athletic Club October 5, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Steven Henry/Getty Images)

TORONTO - SEPTEMBER 13:  Actors Pierce Brosnan (L) and Liam Neeson attend the 'Seraphim Falls'  press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival held at the Sutton Place Hotel on September 13, 2006 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

TORONTO - SEPTEMBER 13:  Actors Pierce Brosnan (L) and Liam Neeson attend the Toronto International Film Festival dinner party for 'Serephim Falls' held at Flow on September 13, 2006 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Darryl James/Getty Images)

NEW YORK - JANUARY 23: Actors Pierce Brosnan and Gabriel Byrne attend The Cinema Society after party for 'Seraphim Falls' at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on January 23, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Okay, I hope we’ve complete Irish Dong Day to everyone’s satisfaction. Let’s move on! Next we have a little Eric Bana, because I have the feeling a lot of you bitches are Trekkies or something, and you love him for that. But I love him because he’s really handsome, and he seems like a sweetheart.







A little Boris Kodjoe to make everything real nice. And man, this dude can dress! He really knows the value of a tailored suit.





LL Cool J – one of my “forever dongs”. However, I don’t love him enough to watch NCIS: LA. I just can’t!




A little Dave Matthews, by request. Everyone swears he’s a really nice guy. I find him hot in a completely average, dude-you-would-meet-at-a-coffee-shop kind of way.



You bitches were all over Chris Pine the other day, so I’m going to give you my favorite of the interchangeable Dudes Named Chris, Chris Evans. Evans is far superior, in my opinion. He’s funny, he’s socially aware in a real way, and he’s our new Captain America!





Jason Isaacs, by request:

41649, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - Wednesday June 16 2010. Jason Isaacs attends the premiere of The Illusionist at the Edinburgh International Film Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Photograph:

38527, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday March 11 2010. Jason Isaacs, best known for his performance as the villain Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, picks up some take out from Mr Chow restaurant. Photograph: Hellmuth Dominguez,

London 16 October 2009: Vue Cinema, Leicester Square. Celebrity arrivals for the Premiere of The Road. The Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival. (Photo by Richard Goldschmidt/Entertainment Press)
Larenz Tate – he’s really cute, but he gives me major “player” vibes.




Eddie Cahill, also by request. He’s a cutie.

Jul 28, 2010 - Beverly Hills, California, U.S. - EDDIE CAHILL during the CBS Showtime event as part of the TCA Summer Press Tour held at the Beverly Hilton. © Red Carpet Pictures

Gary Sinise, Sela Ward and Eddie Cahill shoot 'CSI New York' in Los Angeles, CA on August 18, 2010. Fame Pictures, Inc

Mekhi Phifer, because I don’t think we’ve ever done him…? And he’s got a great smile. And the rest of him is pretty nice too.




Just sneaking in a little Gerard Butler, because I can’t help myself:


Simon Pegg, by request. F-cking Trekkies.

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 30:  Actor Simon Pegg  arrives at the Premiere Of Paramount's 'Star Trek' on April 30, 2009 at Grauman�s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Simon Pegg at the Star Trek Los Angeles Premiere held at Grauman's Chines Theater, Hollywood (Photo by Henry Gondore/Entertainment Press)

A little Kurt Russell, because I do find him attractive.

11 November 2008 - New York, NY - Kurt Russell. The Quincy Jones Foundation, Harvard School of Public Health and Audemars Piguet Celebrate the Second-Annual Q Prize held at Time Warner Center. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

11 November 2008 - New York, NY - Kurt Russell. The Quincy Jones Foundation, Harvard School of Public Health and Audemars Piguet Celebrate the Second-Annual Q Prize held at Time Warner Center. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Um, have you ever seen Kurt Russell and Goldie’s son Wyatt? Ah… this boy is cute!

TIMMENDORFER STRAND, GERMANY - JANUARY 20:  Wyatt Russel, son of actress Goldie Hawn and actor Kurt Russel, after his first training session of the EHCT at the ice-hall on January 20, 2009 in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany.  (Photo by Krafft Angerer/Getty Images)

TIMMENDORFER STRAND, GERMANY - JANUARY 20:  Wyatt Russel, son of actress Goldie Hawn and actor Kurt Russel, smiles after his first training session of the EHCT at the ice-hall on January 20, 2009 in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany.  (Photo by Krafft Angerer/Getty Images)

04232668 date 21 01 2009 Copyright imago Oliver Hardt Newcomer Goalkeeper Wyatt Russell Timmendorf premiumd Vdig horizontal Photo Studio Studio shooting Highlight third division North 2008 2009 EHC Clearwater Beach Presentation Press call Photo shooting Clearwater Beach Ice hockey men Team Germany Portrait Private Highlight Human Beings Photo via Newscom

We got this one massive request listing several Bollywood actors. Now, I don’t have anything against Indian men – I am a half-Indian woman, and I think Indians in general are very attractive. But there’s something about Bollywood… the CHEESE, my god, it just kills the sexy. Anyway, here are some assorted Indian actors, from the top it’s Hrithik Roshan, then Arjun Rampal, then Milind Soman. Try not to let Bollywood kill the sexy:




Paul Rudd is so cute! He’s everybody’s boyfriend.

Cast member Paul Rudd attends the premiere of the film I Love You Man in Los Angeles on March 17, 2009. (UPI Photo/ Phil McCarten) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

NEW YORK - APRIL 20: Actor Paul Rudd attends the Broadway Opening of 'American Idiot' at the St. James Theatre on April 20, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Paul Rudd arriving at the Los Angeles Premiere of Monsters Vs. Aliens at Gibson Ampitheatre in Universal City, CA on March 22, 2009 .2009 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo... . Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Viggo Mortensen might be perfect. MIGHT. All I know is that these photos gave my vagina a fever.






Just a taste of Hill Harper:

LOS ANGELES - SEP 16: Hill Harper arrives at the CBS Fall Party 2010 at The Colony on September 16, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom


Some Wentworth Miller, by request… he was really good when he guested on Law & Order: SVU:

TOKYO - SEPTEMBER 03: Actor Wentworth Miller attends the press conference for 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' at Grand Hyatt Tokyo on September 3, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open worldwide on September 10. (Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images)

Actor Wentworth Miller attends a news conference to promote his movie Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D in Tokyo September 3, 2010. REUTERS/Toru Hanai (JAPAN - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT)

32329, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday July 8, 2009. Mariska Hargitay and Wentworth Miller were seen filming an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the Meatpacking District. In between scenes, Mariska had some fun with her son August Miklos, by letting him play with her police badge . Photograph: ©

Josh Hartnett, by request. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a really good-looking guy. Even more so when he shaves and wears nice clothes. Unfortunately, he’s usually an unkempt dirt-lip, and he hates his own hotness. Own it, bitch.





And now some Gael Garcia Bernal, just for me:

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 21: Director Gael Garcia Bernal from the film 'Revolucion' pose for a portrait during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2010 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

May 13, 2010 - Hollywood, California, U.S. - GAEL GARCIA BERNAL.''THE JURY CAMERA D'OR'' Photocall 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes , France 05-13-2010. 2010.K64780RHARV. © Red Carpet Pictures

Feb. 15, 2010 - Hollywood, California, United States - Actor and director Gael Garcia Bernal .THE PRESS CONFERENCE FOR FATHER OF INVENTION AT THE BERLIN GRAND HYATT HOTEL, BERLIN, GERMANY 02-15-2010. 2010.K64179AM. © Red Carpet Pictures

Some Gary Oldman:

HOLLYWOOD - OCTOBER 17:  Actor Gary Oldman attends the film premiere screening of The Hire on October 17, 2002 in Hollywood, California.  The event was sponsored by Vanity Fair.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

HOLLYWOOD - JUNE 06:  Actor Gary Oldman arrives at the premiere of 'Batman Begins' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 06, 2005  in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Here’s another one just for me…Amaury Nolasco. Mama like.

NBC Universal Press Tour held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on July 30th, 2010. Amaury Nolasco                                          Fame Pictures, Inc

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Actor Amaury Nolasco arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on September 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 16:  Amaury Nolasco arrives for Paramount Home Entertainment's 'Star Trek' DVD Release Party at the Griffith Observatory on November 16, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

This guy, Johnny Tri Nguyen is a Vietnamese actor who is some kind of kung fu master. And… um… he’s really f-cking hot.



A little Sam Elliott, by request:



These are a few new Benicio del Toro pics… he doesn’t look his best, but… yeah, I still would. Forever and ever. And it would be really good too.



To finish things off, I thought we would mix it up, but only slightly. As I was looking through photos of Colin Firth, I realized that I don’t show him nearly enough love, because the man really is quite amazing and sweet and talented and incredible. So I give you my Hot British Guy Trilogy: Colin, Clive Owen, and David Gandy. Enjoy, and have a good weekend!













Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN, Vanity Fair, GQ, Details, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Google Images.


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  1. malachais says:

    I’ve had a little irish in me before, I miss it sometimes ;) . LOL

  2. mln says:

    Oh the hotness,so much hotness I love HGF and it even had a soundtrack!!!

  3. L says:

    My favorite peter o’toole story was one he told about getting so drunk that he had gone out for a beer in Paris and waking up in Corsica. Love it.

  4. SallyJay says:

    KAISER I LOVE YOU! I’m Irish and I actually screamed when I saw your tribute to my country-men! Best HGF ever!! thank you thank you for starting my weekend off on the most amazing note! ps. back off Damien Rice he’s MINE.:-)

  5. SuperSleuth says:

    Bravo!!! Nice, eclectic mix. And the encore, of Colin, Clive, David, Clive, David, etc. is enough to do a girl in!!! Me likey!!!
    Applause, applause.

  6. mila says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for my beloved Michael Fassbender!I can finally forgive you for stealing my fantasy man of many years, David Gandy.

  7. waldemar says:

    That is Peter O’Toole!?! Wow.

  8. Eve says:

    Let’s see…Gabriel Byrne, Liam Neeson, Jason Issacs and, and, DEL TORO!

    Eric Bana was the worst Bruce Banner ever, but boy…is he handsome! I love the picture where he seems to be touching himself — would love to see that (RIGHT IN FRONT of me, of course). He’s got satellite dish ears too, but I could use them as handlers.

    Viggo Mortensen is 52 years old. Fifty-two years old, people…those are some awesome genes, I tell you.

    P.S.: I think I might be the only one here who’s a little creeped out by this David Gandy dude.

  9. sisi says:

    gosh I just looooove Michael Fassbender. Watched 300 again yesterday and he is the most charismatic one of the bunch. He has that crazy twinkle in his eyes like Jack Nicholson and Christian Slater. Irresistible to me. Thanks for adding him to todays list.

  10. Hautie says:

    I could see Jude Law being the lead in a movie about Peter O’Toole’s life. There is something strikingly familiar with their looks to me.

    And Amaury Nolasco… looks like LeAnn Rimes purse holder, Eddie. They have the same looking eyes. Not saying that either one of them are ugly. But they have beady little eyes. haha!

    David Gandy is just perfect.

    I will always love Colin Firth and his ability to wear a expensive suit… very well.

  11. Samigirl says:

    Colin Firth and Gabriel Byrne are my all time faves! (Tom Hanks too, but he wasn’t included! *pouty face*)

  12. Sophie says:

    Kaiser, as an Irishwoman myself, THANK YOU. my god, the hotness! it was too much. I agree with SallyJay, best HGF ever! Michael Fassbender is just absolutely GORGEOUS. and Cillian Murphy….sigh.
    also there was a funny rumour a few years ago that Damien Rice was going out with Renee Zellwegger.

  13. Raven Sparrow says:

    I’ve had a little irish in me too…and when I say little, I mean … little!!! They say small things are sweeter…not always! :)

    Loving it Kaiser!! You’re the b*tch!! :D
    Could you rock up some Jon Bon Jovi for next Friday , please?

  14. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    My vijay-jay is on fire this friday, Kaiser!! I wrote down almost every guy on this HGF. There were only a few I didnt get but the rest were HEAVEN!!! I cant even break them down.. they were HOT.

    I need to go home and call my booty call… at lunch.

    Thank you Kaiser!

  15. Abby says:

    OMG DAVID GANDY IS BRITISH? He cannot get ANY hotter. Thanks for introducing me to this fine specimen. He just might oust my love Channing Tatum now that I know he’s British… Sorry Chan.

  16. Lynnie says:

    One of the best HGFs. :) Oooooooh, Eddie Cahill, I had completely forgotten your yumminess!

  17. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Cillian Murphy, I just adore him. Hate hate hate he is married. Makes it harder to fantasize about them when they are married. I just love him in 28 Days Later. SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen 28 Days Later: I love the part where Selena can’t tell if he is a zombie or not and she nearly kills him but stops because he has grown on her, and she says in the movie she wouldn’t hesitant to kill anyone infected but she does when she sees him and can’t be sure if he is or not and then he teases her and they have an epic makeout moment where the sexual tension is like broken like a freaking dam and its hawt and then he gets hit in the head with a bottle, which was hilarious. *sigh* Love that movie.

    Love Simon Pegg. I didn’t know he was Star Trek but then again I have never really watched anything Treky in my life and I get kinda confused between Star Trek and Star Wars which I am pretty sure are two different Star fighting groups.

    JRM wasn’t such a drunk and maybe racist I would still get wet from him. Can’t now. He is adorable though. could just drown in those pretty blue eyes.

    Lorenz Tate is forever my boo, love him. Does he ever age?

    I used to have a mad crush on Colin but I can’t anymore, he is to loose.

  18. ruru says:

    Cillian Murphy is gorgeous *_* I wish Chris Nolan would stop putting a bag over his head in his films

    Also: PRETTY PLEASE include Lee Byung Hun in your next HGF!

  19. Mrs.Darcy says:

    Phew, Nice One!! Especially thanks for Viggo, Wenty and Josh H (my dirty little secret,so pretty, so vacant). Oh And Colin Firth of course, my husband. I also wouldn’t say no to the unholy Irish trilogy of Colin, Liam and Gabriel. And Bana. Yeah I’m a bit skanky this hot guy Friday!

  20. Kitten says:

    LOL! Kaiser you are so hilarious. This is exactly how I feel about CM:

    “Speaking of weird/hot, how about that freaky Irish bastard Cillian Murphy? I mean… yes, I would hit it. But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me. He’s an attractive man, but he consistently photographs as “creepy.”

    He is beautiful though isn’t he? Creepy/Pretty.
    Viggo Mortenson is not my steez at all but I find his face to be incredible. Really just takes my breath a way. His bone structure is just so sculptural and just..gorgeous really.

    GandyGandyGandy. LOVE. Clive. LOVE.

    It’s great that you had a bunch of Irish Love on this week’s HGF! I went to Ireland a couple years ago and totally fell in love with the people and the land. Such a fantastic place to visit.

  21. elin says:

    good week! i love colin firth and chris evans is gorgeous!

    i miss christian bale, but i get that a lot of people don’t like him because he yells. i obviously have issues.

  22. TQB says:

    Dang it Kaiser, when you said “a jumble of some great Irish blokes” I didn’t realize you were going to hit me with a shot of them ALL TOGETHER. I nearly fell of my chair.

    I love Boris Kodjoe but sadly found the Undercovers completely unwatchable. He was good but not enough to carry it, sorry.

    BTW the Bollywood segment most certainly DID NOT detract from anything!

  23. JM says:

    Thank you Kaiser. My hubbby is Irish & Scottish so I really appreciate the hotness those men bring. Today’s list was like you read my spank bank list. Viggo, Sam Elliot (back in the day), Josh Harnett & LL. Outstanding!

  24. Staiko says:

    Another superb HGF. Thanks Kaiser!

    I saw Pierce Brosnan in Athens two years ago. He is even more beautiful in person than in pictures. Absolutely breathtaking.And such a gentleman.

    Thanks for starting off my weekend with a smile!!

  25. Blondie says:

    Vintage Peter O’Toole – wow he def had something that is deeply attractive….god his eyes…

    Great selection once again!!

    Thanks so so so so so much for giving me my Matthew Gray Gubler pics request last HGF, only got to look couple days ago so Thanks Kaiser, I’m your devoted fan 4ever!!!! (well until the urge for more MGG pics comes over me and I have to beg u again!)

    Oh & to add on – pls show Viggo as Aragorn – bet there are sooooo many HGF readers who agree with me that he was soooooooo hot and sexy as Aragorn more so than as himself…pls pls pls…

  26. MooHoo says:

    Yea, I’m Irish too and have to say don’t forget the following:

    Larry Mullen Junior from U2

    Aiden Quinn – back in the day – think desperately seeking susan

    Okay, I am scraping it now, but Jonny Logan was hot enough back in 1980 – check this out:

    so cheesy and worth a watch for the dutch voice over and jonnys hair and that lovely song.

  27. OhCamille! says:

    I save HGF for my afternoon work break, but the Full Moon made me look this morning.
    Such beautiful eye candy to start my day.
    Please, always include Clive Owen…there’s something about that man…
    Thank you for HGF! It’s the best:-)

  28. Nikkers says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely…..

  29. sarahk says:

    Best start to a work day EVER. Man, keep it up with the vintage. Excellent work.

    If you ever feel up to a Canadian dong pictorial, might I suggest some vintage Callum Keith Rennie, Paul Gross, and Peter Outerbridge?

  30. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL @ ruru you know what in Inception and both Batman movies Nolan does put a bag over that glorious face of his doesn’t he? LOL Nolan should certainly stop that.

  31. melina says:

    I’ll take Colin Farrell and Gael, thank you very much! Next time, some Diego Luna pleaseee!!

  32. Chickie Baby says:

    THANK YOU for Fassbender and Isaacs! Have adored them forever.

    Ah, Kurt Russell. He’s the all-time great original Hunk of Red-Blooded American Male. Can’t get much better.

    Take it easy with your David Gandy/Clive Owen tidal wave at the end, Kaiser. You’re going to hurt yourself, girl!

  33. leuce7 says:

    Thank you for the Irish mélange, it was beautiful, and hot hot hot! And “yes, I would hit it. But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me” almost made me choke on my coffee!

    By the way, have you ever heard Gael García Bernal speak English? He has this gorgeous, sexy mix of what sounds like a British and Mexican accent in English. Mmmm…

    Edited to add: And wow, Peter O’Toole–I had no idea!

  34. MSMLNP says:

    Wow! I think one of the best HGFs yet!
    Paul Rudd yummm…

    What is up with the first Bollywood actor’s right ear??? I find it amusing that the trim of the jacket matches the roughed up jagged “I just got swiped by a tiger” ear.

  35. Lucy says:

    Mmm! Love me some Irish in the morning. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m Irish, but nothing is sexier to me than an Irish man. Thank you!

  36. Love the Viking says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Gary Oldman love!!!!!!! He is my forever love!

  37. Nanea says:


    And what hot guys!

    Peter O’Toole,Liam and Pierce, Boris, Gary, Amaury, Gael, Eric…

    Thanks for making me look up Hrithik!

    And Colin and Clive are just the best!

  38. Arianna says:


    Cililan Murphy
    Gary Oldman
    Colin Firth
    and LL

  39. Arianna says:


  40. JC126 says:

    @13 – you need to do a larger population size. I can speak with great authority on the subject of Irish equipment, and more often than not, it’s size L, not S. Including one guy who was freakishly porn-starish, bigger than Tommy Lee. I wish camera phones had been around back then. And he hadn’t warned me, so it was totally unexpected and shocking.

    Like these guys, esp. JRM. As for the extra guys, Eric Bana and Gabriel Garcia Bernal are my faves.

  41. Juggee says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for including my request, Josh Hartnett! I was so excited to see him in your list today! You’ve made my day!

  42. gillie says:

    lovely! can we have a HGF that includes hottie French-Canadian Georges St. Pierre??!

  43. Weeble says:

    This post is wonderful, but why on earth does my dear benicio look as though he’s about to be plopped into a casket? That lighting makes him look like he’s wearing funeral makeup.

  44. omondieu says:

    Cillian Murphy and Rhys-Meyers…numnumnumnumNUM!

  45. Arvedia says:

    Thanks for Jason Isaacs and Gabriel Byrne!! And don’t stop the Clive Owen pics, he’s the man.

    Please, some
    Jean Reno
    Justin Bartha
    Ross McCall
    Joseph Fiennes
    Mesut Özil (German soccer player, weirdly shy and beautiful)

  46. GypsyJoJo says:

    Damn…now I HAVE to scour the interwebs for the Colin Farrell sex movie. Had it once but lost it when my computer died. What a hunk! With lots of junk in his trunk…. Love it.

  47. Taurus says:

    Hot Damn!!!! I wet my knickers scrolling over Jonathan Rhys (who I would love to be ravished by), Cillian Murphy (The prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen), Eric Bana (The sh#t I would do to him)! Then I dried right up when I got to that 1st pic of Benicio (Yikes!)

    Now Kaiser, you’ve included your precious Dave Gandy and Clive Owen AGAIN, so how about including my precious Michael Jackson (circa Off The Wall thru Dangerous). Please, I’m begging you!

  48. sammyhammy says:

    Best HGF ever! You definitely got it right this time!

    Fassbender—Wow. Never heard of him, but WOW!

    Phifer—LOVE the pink flowered tie!

    Farrell—would be cute if he did something about those horrible eyebrows.

    Rudd—Adorable. Just adorable.

    Viggo—Can do no wrong.

    How about some Steven Weber sometime? He’s a total cutie that doesn’t get the attention he deserves!

  49. JC126 says:

    Yes, Benicio’s tough to look at. He’s SO charismatic, but his hairline is a terrible distraction. I’d advocate some kind of procedure to raise it, because he’s got sex appeal otherwise. (And of course he should get some sleep, quit smoking, and eat a vegetable once in a while.)

  50. Sephaya says:

    Speaking of the once beautiful you should take a look at Michael Caine, he was lovely and so absolutely rough at the same time.
    Lovely selection I’ll scrutinize them again later when the kids have gone to bed.

  51. Samantha says:

    Ahh! Simon Pegg is SO much more than just Star Trek!

  52. padiddle says:

    Gael is my forever crush. Those eyes. And then you hit me with the Damien Rice…his songs make me think he would be the most perfect tortured and angry sad f*ck ever.
    PS – I don’t think that was a rumor, I’m pretty sure he really was dating RZ for awhile.

  53. Kimi says:

    There is no “might be perfect” about it..Viggo IS perfect. Also i saw Gabriel Byrne in new york and he’s even better looking in real life.

  54. Eve says:

    @ JC126:

    The ONLY thing Benicio Del Toro should do about his hair is quit dying it (he should own his sexy silver hair). I don’t want to begin a race war (nor I’m implying you’re a racist) but raising the hairline was the procedure done to Rita Hayworth in order to make her look “more white”. One of the reasons why Benicio Del Toro is attractive is his confidence: he’s never tried to be anything else than what he is, a Latin man.

  55. LT says:

    LOVE you for putting my forever lover Dave Matthews up there!

    Eric Bana gave me a damn fever…whew…

    I think I’ll peruse these hot gents again during my lunch break. TGIHGF!

  56. jen says:

    Gael & Jonathan Rhys Meyers are so lovely! Thanks for Simon Pegg too!!

    Please don’t forget Michael Imperioli for the Italian dong special! He’s my new lurve!

  57. Feebee says:

    A little Irish? May we all have a big Irish in us!

  58. Willow says:

    I had the utmost pleasure to meet Damien Rice when he played Dallas years back…omg, i wanted to take him home so badly. He was so sweet, a bit shy. Said the band was wondering where they were planning to eat & stay for the night. Shame my boyfriend was there or I’d have settled that issue for him. Guess the pic and autograph will have to do…but dammit, next time it’ll be different *growls & licks the chops*

  59. imherenow says:

    Thanks Kaiser!
    best HGF yet.Dave Matthews/Eric Bana.Doesn’t get any better then that today. I still request MK from Dlisted and model Jamie Dornan.Can’t wait till next week :-)

  60. RHONYC says:

    viggo on the stairs in ‘history of violence’.

    i am maria bello’s stunt double.


    yeah. :-)

  61. Rachael says:

    Gael Garcia Bernal is is my top 5 DILFs. Teflon.

  62. Sam says:

    Kaiser i LOVE you!!!! finally Simon Pegg :) You just made my friggin week! He is my forever and ever <3

    @Samantha – you are right Simon is so much more than just Star Trek!!!

    HGF is the BEST

  63. ak138 says:

    Larenz Tate is adorable. He so deserves better than that horrible girl on Rescue Me.

    Gabriel Byrne has been my secret boyfriend for years. I’ve watched Miller’s Crossing at least 400 times. The final scene when he pulls the hat down over his gorgeous blue eyes …

  64. Eileen says:

    OMG I just got out of the shower-but if I had been wearing panties, they would have EXPLODED off me! EVERY single one of the Irish men were to die for! I had no idea Peter O’Toole was so FREAKING hot back in the day! Then you add in LL Cool& DG! Its just too much Kaiser TOO MUCH….for the first time ever in my life…I need a cigarette!

  65. Cheyenne says:

    Gandy, Mortenson, and that hot little Vietnamese guy Nguyen belong to me, and y’all can fight over the rest of them.

  66. Stubbylove says:

    Again, Bravo Kaiser. I’m still dying from “gave my vagina a fever” – that was a damn good one.

  67. jc126 says:

    @55, I looked again at Benicio’s pic and now I think it’s just too MUCH hair on his head, not too low. Almost a mullet, kind of. I think they lowered his hairline in that werewolf movie with Anthony Hopkins (I kept saying “He should play Dracula, look at his hairline” lol) and I was thinking of his head then.
    I can’t fault him for dying it, though. I didn’t notice, plus as someone who is alarmingly, prematurely gray myself, I dye my hair. Gray can be very distressing.

  68. Circe says:

    The world needs more Irish men.

    God, O’Toole was hot back in his Lawrence of Arabia days.

    Cillian Murphy? HOT. Watch Sunshine if you haven’t seen it yet.

  69. Raven Sparrow says:


    Speaking of hot Canadians : Stephane Rousseau ! Funny & hot !

  70. yourmom says:

    Kaiser, can you please, please, PLEASE post some pics of your Gandy next to a younger Timothy Dalton? I really want to get a tasty comparison going on. Can you see it? I think it’s Gandy’s eyes that remind me of Dalton. I’m fanning myself just thinking about it :)

  71. Eve says:

    @ JC126:

    The thing about his hair in Wolfman is that he’s sporting the “Roman fringe”, so it gives the impression his hairline is lower (than it actually is) — it’s something balding men usually try (to hide the opposite of what happens to Benicio)…in his case, maybe they tried to make him look younger.

    About grey hair: I myself dye my hair (started noticing them when I was only 20 years old) so I understand you completely. But silver hair on men has a different meaning than it does for us girls — it’s usually associated with graceful aging, charm and elegance. People don’t look at grey-haired man and say at first “He looks old” (like they do with women).

    By the way, I agree with you that he should quit smoking and start a healthy diet (I think his voice is beginning to lose its appeal) and his skin has seen better days.

  72. Twez says:

    >>I’ll admit, I’m more jazzed about Colin because he’s newly single, and it’s just a matter of time before he gets one of us pregnant.<<

    Best line ever. LOL!

    I was going to say that Fassbinder looked like a young Viggo Mortensen, then there was Viggo looking fabulous.

  73. Bailey says:

    I should have looked at this at home.
    I must now close my office door.

  74. Rosi says:

    and the next weeks.. let’s start with some hot french, then german, austrian ones. and please… once joshua jackson! need some serious pacey witter vibes next week! and speaking of this Diane Kruger lover… what about Guillaume Canet? He’s fragging hot!

  75. Rosi says:

    and zachary levi! he’s seriously good looking too.

  76. Megan says:

    Clive Clive Clive Cliveeee loooooove

    Loving Jason Isaacs… what a total hottie he is.

  77. curegirl0421 says:

    Oh Kaiser, I know what a struggle it must be to put together these Friday Dong-Fests, but I want you to know we all appreciate the hard work you put in.
    It’s like a deep cleansing breath at the end of every long, hard week (yeah I said it).

    This, though, made me laugh out loud and get in trouble at work.

    Speaking of weird/hot, how about that freaky Irish bastard Cillian Murphy? I mean… yes, I would hit it. But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me.

    HA! It’s funny because it’s TRUE.

  78. original kate says:

    so i’ve had the flu for 3 days and i have exhausted my jane austen video library… thank goddess for HGF! oh, where to start?

    damien rice: whoever said he is the best angry, tortured sad fuck is absolutely spot on. love him.

    dave matthews: he’s a pretty common celeb around seattle: i’ve seen him twice, once at a drag show and once at blockbusters – and no, i couldn’t see what he was renting, LOL. my friends have seen him, including one who talked to him at haagen das (they were both with kids so they talked about that). and yes, he is totally normal. but there is something about him that is very hot. i think it’s his naughty lyrics.

    boris kodjoe: come to mama, indeed. whew!

    colin: i never thought he was hot until i saw his sex tape and man, on man. if you haven’t seen it, let’s just say mr. farell likes “going downtown.” i don’t think you can find it anymore due to a court order.

    JRM: i love this crazy fucker. he is gorgeous and he may be the only man in the world who can rock white jeans.

    LL: who doesn’t love him?!

    cillian: “But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me.” LMAO!! but i would totally take the chance.

    thanks. i think my fever just jumped up a notch.

  79. Lady D says:

    The start of this list had me believing I was Irish in a previous life, then I saw Hrithik Roshan’s pic. I did say WOW when I saw it, but it kind of came out in a breathless whimper. I’m now convinced that I was Irish in a previous life, but I lived in India. Thank-you for the Sam Elliot pic and Viggo will forever and always be the icing on my cake.

  80. dj says:

    Go Irish! I wish I was in that pub with Liam, Gabriel and Pierce. But those are some of the best Viggo and Sam pictures EVER! I love Kurt Russell but those pictures made me sad. Still lots of great guys today. Thank you.

  81. jc126 says:

    @Eve – I can’t fault movie stars for dyeing hair, in some cases, but in real life, I would hate it if my fiance dyed his hair. Lol. My brothers and father never would, either. It always looks so weird IRL on men.

  82. Kristy Roan says:

    Callum Keith Rennie, vintage, new, whenever. He’s amazing.

  83. Ellen Smith says:

    What happened to Benecio – his face is so wrinkled and flaplike it looks like he is wearing a mask. His once gorgeous eyes have become mere “vision slits.” Please help me find the old (read: young) Benecio.

  84. Eve says:

    Kaiser, since people often request “vintage hotties” and you posted at least one picture of Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia…may I ask you to post vintage Omar Sharif next time? Please?

    I mean, come on…look at this:

    Or this (Dr. Zhivago):

  85. Tia C says:

    LL and Colin Farrell are both looking mighty fine in those pix. Thanks for sharing! The rest of them I can take or leave.

    Have you ever included Idris Elba? For some reason I think you may have, but I just can’t remember. If not, may I highly recommend his inclusion next time? He is my dream man. With or without the glasses. *swoon*

  86. Miss. Thang says:

    WHEW! This was a good week!
    I frickin loved this line:
    “Speaking of weird/hot, how about that freaky Irish bastard Cillian Murphy? I mean… yes, I would hit it. But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I could not agree more!

  87. hairball says:

    Love Paul Rudd in movies, he’s so natural and hilarious.

    Kurt Russel: There’s always a time when an actor doesn’t just look like he’s getting older and aging, but looks OLD. I don’t mean that even in a bad way. No one stays young looking forever, there’s more important things in life. But, Kurt Russel is at the point where he looks old and a lot different.

    I’m half Irish – dad is full Irish – so yea for Irish!

    The side picture of Liam Neeson and Pierce looks like Liam is a gentle giant creature towering over Pierce!

  88. Eleonor says:

    Yesterday I saw a 007 movie with Pierce Brosnan and I thought: I might suggest him fot Hot Guys on friday, and here he is!
    J.R.Meyers is a mess. But a real sexy one.

  89. C'est la vie mon ami- says:

    OMFG YES! Thank you Kaiser for granting my request of Mr. Wentworth Earl Miller III. Goodness. He is a hot Jamaican, Russian, Lebanese, British, German etc spring roll. Heavens, I’m about to flatline.

  90. pebbles says:

    And here I thought I was the only one crushing on Cillian Murphy.
    I was scared for myself when I was turned on by Red Eye.

  91. Ashley says:

    BRAAAAAAAAAAVO on Eric Bana.

    As usual, this is my weekly request for JUST ONE picture of Patrick Fabian. Please! PLEASE!? So I can focus my energy into selecting other hot guy suggestions.

  92. Nancy says:

    @Love Angelina I loved 28 days later to and loved that scene in particular Cillian is HOT AS HELL in that movie!!!

  93. Jess says:

    I was conjuring up all the nasty things I would say once I had discovered you left out Josh Hartnett. Then…towards the BOTTOM of the list, with a bunch of random dongs, there he was!!! But did you not know? He’s IRISH!! He should have been at the top of the freakin list!!! Thank you for adding him though. His pretty face in Pearl Harbor was the first to turn my (then) teenage lust ALL THE WAY UP! :D

  94. Lynette says:

    How did Daniel Day-Lewis get left out of the Irish edition of HGF?!? I demand a recount, and while you’re doing that, I’m going to drool over these fine fellows.

  95. jane says:

    Lovely men but none as lovely as Jonathan Rhys Meyers

  96. Bellatrix says:

    This week’s HGF definitely got the lips talking.

    Ooh-lala. Fan me!

  97. fran says:

    Love your description of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He is so unusual looking and sexy as they come. I truly want to gobble him up.

  98. Mari says:

    Gabriel Burn. Stigmata. Priest.

    I think I need to repent.

  99. Rachel says:

    As much as I love the Irish, and with all my heart I fully appreciate those pictures of Colin Firth, where’s Jon Hamm!?!?!?!?!! I never thought I would have to convince you to put more Jon Hamm up. Plus there’s no more Mad Men this weekend, so what am I gonna do? I’m counting on you Kaiser.

  100. JulieM says:

    How thrilled I am to see several previous posters recognize Canadian actor Callum Keith Rennie. Simply one of the best actors no one has heard of!! Check him out; gritty, rugged, definitely not pretty. He prefers to work in Canada doing indie films and occasional TV (SyFy channel mostly). I believe he was once offered a recurring role on X-Files but turned it down because he did not want to live in LA. Just a terrific actor.

    And thanks for the Viggo. Yup, pretty close to perfect.

  101. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I want a LOT of Irish in me. :)

    Ooo, can you do Joel McHale?

  102. sapphire says:

    Best HGF ever! I had forgotten how completely hot Peter O’Toole was as a young guy-there’s a fab picture from Vanity Fair of Richard Harris and O’Toole having tea and laughing-probably that they both survived.

    The Irish ummm, Vigo and Sam Elliot are all…well..I’m losing my train of thought.

  103. Rachel says:

    Bana bicep … want to bite! OMG a nice bicep makes me just want to take a little nip. And Chris Evans abs … same way. Just a little nibble. Something tells me JRM would be biting me. And I’m okay with that.

  104. Erin says:

    LOVELY!! I <3 Eric Bana, yummy! Still waiting for some Daniel Johns!!!

  105. K says:

    “I mean… yes, I would hit it. But I would also keep my pepper spray handy, just in case the f-cker tried to stab me.”
    SO TRUE. Still, it’d be worth it.

    Eric Bana and Simon Pegg? YES. Love them both. My Trekkie friend burst into tears when they came on screen. You can’t understand Trekkies… Just let them be.

    Jason Isaacs? Mmmmmmm… Diabetes would so be worth dipping him in honey.

    I’d like to ask for some Alejandro Sanz next week. PLEASE. He is kinda sketchy, but his voice is smokin’ hot. And if you ever do Samoan dong, Troy Palomalu please! I mean, ‘moan’ is right there.

  106. lucy says:

    he no fair. More pictures of Johnny Rhys Meyers. Hottest man out there.

  107. I Choose Me says:

    The things I would do to Boris, Chris, Michael, Gary, Jonathan, Colin Farrell, Clive, Cillian, Wentworth and Viggo. I love Colin Firth too but he looks too much the gentleman for me to do dirty things to.

  108. Nat says:

    Thanks for showing us some Gary, OMG.What about some showered and shaved Johnny Depp? Always a winner.

  109. Jane says:

    Awesome HGF as usual. Still hoping for some better pics of Jared, Jensen and Misha.

  110. I Choose Me says:

    @Love Angelina and Nancy re Cillian in 28 Days. Yes! Good God yes! And the intensity he brought to Red Eye. Never has evil looked so good.

  111. Lex says:

    I agree, Josh Hartnett should own his hotness and shave that dirt lip! Lol. He would still be kind of douchey looking still.

    Thanks for the Bana!

  112. Pearl says:

    I love me some Wentworth Miller! Benicio is gorgeous too but I prefer him clean-shaven, like in the Wolfman. Loved this week’s Irish HGF!!

  113. Lee says:

    Oooh TGIF!! And TG for Viggo Mortensen. He’s really 52? Amazing. Stellar list again, Kaiser – too many great choices to list the favs. Whew. Must scroll again…

  114. maxpurr9 says:

    thank you for the gary oldman!! he’s really quite lovely in some old donna karan ads with milla jovovich–for next time?!
    also, how ’bout some jim sturgess love. so adorable and talented!!
    i also support the omar sharif love–gorgeous in funny girl also!

  115. original kate says:

    “How did Daniel Day-Lewis get left out of the Irish edition of HGF?!”


  116. sashavice says:

    Johnny Tri Nguyen is the hottest one. Where’s the young guys?

  117. Mairead says:


    The Fassbender, Gael and Gary Oldman! Oh I am teh happeh :D

    Vintage O’Toole is difficult to beat. My gran used to insist there was some class of family connection there – I’m a skeptical myself.

    And I love the fact that you’ve Damien Rice – I was a big fan of his old band in the 90s (I even got a personal postcard off him once). You should check out BellX1 which is (sort of) his old bandmates.

    I couldn’t help but notice there was no Dylan Moran though – get thee to a Black Books box set (and turn on the commentary). And I totally agree with the Larry Mullen Jr suggestion too.

    But as for Johnny Logan – I mean 8O

    I could also suggest a clean-shaven Liam Ó Maonlaí: with Oscar winners The Swell Season.
    Although I MUCH prefer his brother Colm: – *fans self*

    And perhaps Aiden Gillen, who was in The Wire, and more importantly the original Queer as Folk? He’s on a new drama here, but the dyed hair is suspect.

    Now, he’s not my type, but some of the ladies and gents might appreciate this other Irish Aidan – Aidan Turner. He’s just been cast in “The Hobbit”–large-msg-123370115099.jpg


  118. Mairead says:

    And would you believe that just before I settled in to savour HGF I started watching Perrier’s Bounty – which features the beautiful Cillian and Gabriel Byrne as the narrator! Serendipity! It also has Brendan Gleeson and his son Domhnall – who may yet become one of Michael K’s ginger crushes, being a bit weird and very ginger :mrgreen:

  119. Chicoulina says:

    Irish HGF without Denis Leary??C’mon!!!
    He’s hot!!!

  120. orion70 says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but my love for Simon Pegg waaaaayyy precedes Star Trek.

    I saw Fassbender for the first time in “Fish Tank”…which is a confusing movie to lust over someone in..but yeah, it’s there.

  121. seVen says:

    OM nom nom nom! I loved Gabriel B. in that movie End of Days… he played a delicious satan lol. LL is an all time favorite, do believe my panties flew off at those pictures… so thank you, thank you <3

  122. Momica says:

    Not feeling it this week, except for Clive, Gerard, Eric, and Paul. I don’t have a “type” I like, but I certainly know what I don’t like, which, unfortunately, is most of this week’s list. Sorry, maybe next week! Would love to see photos of Sendhil Ramamurthy. He’s yummy!

  123. tooey says:

    No Denis Leary on Irish Dong Day????!!!!! But all is forgiven because you included Cillian Murphy. I was literally yelling YES, YES, YES!!!!!

    I always link HGF to my Facebook page and I get called out if I wait too late, so it is much, much loved as you can tell.

    Maybe you should do an all rock-n-roll HGF??

    Ooops, should have checked out Chicoulina @124!!

  124. insidescoop says:

    Who other than Jonathan Rhys Meyers can look hot in front of a lighted up vending machine.

    Request for next Friday: Paul Newman, please!

    Thank you!

  125. Popessa says:


    Well-done again. If you are continuing the “Men of the World” theme then may I suggest:

    Spain, France, India, Italy…all the hot countries…

  126. Green Is Good says:

    Peter O’Toole was walking SEX back in the day.

    *Chuckle* He was hilarious in “My Favorite Year”!

  127. Carrie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for including Paul Rudd!!

    The Irish HGF is a thing of beauty- all I can say is, I want to go to there.

  128. LadyBea says:

    Sexy eyes. Crazy eyes. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate.

    Thanks for placating us Trekkie-bitches. In fact, on behalf of my people(Irish-Canadian Trekkie-bitches) thanks for today. You did us a solid.

  129. mauweebound says:

    All the anglo saxxon love was Fab ! Those Indian men were lovely too, but I do have to say I am in love with the trinity, oh David Gandy take me away !!!!!

  130. truthzbetta says:


    Best around the world tour. The Irish. Wow. That kung fu guy. Man alive. White suit stud licking his lips for us. Oh my.

    And a whole Jared Leto takes pics of himself thread.

    I’m going to cry happy tears all night. Hard thankless work weeks are rewarded around these parts. Thank you, thank you.

  131. Tina says:

    So I loved it all like I usually do – thank you Kaiser for being AWEsome to us every Friday. But holy freek, it’s Kurt Russell!! He’s my forever dong of a different generation. Can’t help it. Love the Kurt!

  132. Kiska says:

    Forever Clive. I never get tired of looking at that man.

  133. Rainy says:

    HGFs are so fun! Kurt Russell made me think of other 80′s actors I loved: Patrick Swayze was beautiful, Steve Martin was hot AND hilarious, Bill Murray was sexy in Ghostbusters…hmm. I guess I like funny guys!

  134. lucy2 says:

    Whew! Loved the Irish Collection.

  135. missbhaven says:

    Boy, oh boy!, I do love your ending fellas. Always! Who does not love Colin and Clive and a very big thank you for the introduction of David to my life. I appreciate Kurt so I think you might have some appreciation for the oldies but goodies. How about some Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Bridges circa King Kong? For a current dude, does anyone dig Jason Ritter like I do? He is seriously funny and talented. Oh, and for one who I can’t recall being on the list, Andrew McCarthy, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

  136. Harmony says:

    Everytime I see Colin Firth my heart swells…he seems like such a genuine, chill, warm person. I want to hang out with him. What a love.

  137. Diva says:


    Enough said.

    He’s so sexy for so much more than his beautiful, crooked-toothed looks. My GOD, 9 and O are on constant rotation on my playlist!

    OK, I have decided I need to take a nice vacation to the Emerald Isle. I need to go find some of that Irish in me!

  138. Liz says:

    GAEL! Holy Mexican hottie,
    he’s just so gorgeous.
    & my longtime imaginary lover Gary Oldman. You made my week!
    Plus I loved the Hot British Guy Trilogy!
    Can I get some Sean O’Pry, come on that guy is HOT!

  139. Lynda says:

    HELL YEAH!!! What a great week Kaiser!
    And I do agree…Jeff Goldblum. A salute to the long and lanky guy. And the Jewish guy. We are the Chosen People, you know.

  140. Fishlips says:

    Damn, Kaiser, you’ve outdone yourself this time!

    I was feasting my eyes on LL Cool J, Pierce Brosnan, young Peter O’Toole, Boris Kodjoe, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Clive Owen, Gael Garcia Bernal and Eric Bana, when lo and behold: Hritik Roshan. Its the same delightful feeling I get when I look into my wallet and actually find money inside.

    (Bollywood movies are cheesy, but I watch them because I like the costumes, and I think Indian women are gorgeous.)

    Thank you for introducing us to the delicious Johnny Tri Nguyen.

  141. M says:

    *sigh* I think Viggo is our generation’s Paul Newman.

    That Irish Collection was … really really nice, Kaiser. I hope when the photog shot Brosnan and Byrne, the camera didn’t explode from the hot.

    *is hypnotized by Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell*

    Now can we have some more Roger and Rafa, pleeeeease? You’re practically on the same continent now. All you have to do is move a little in one direction, then a little in the other …

  142. Chi3 says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Hot Guy Friday! Jeremy Northam please. I’ve been in love with him since Emma.

  143. Bronwyn says:

    How can you do a tribute to Irish dong and not include Aidan Turner (Being Human)? Please, please, please?

  144. KC says:

    OMG My fave article every week :D

    I can’t believe you had a Bollywood list and not include JOHN ABRAHAM! :OOO He is seriously one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen and I don’t even watch Bollywood movies (I’ve only watched one, Dostana that my friend showed me and I loved it cause John Abraham was sooooo effing hot…)

    Please please please have an Australian Hot Guy Friday since you seem to be doing nationalities for a little bit; Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, Russell Crowe…there are more but I’ve got a bit of a mindblank at the moment. But seriously, Hugh Jackman needs more love :D D

  145. Alain says:

    Love it. How about some Mark Paul Goesslar next week? Everyone wanted to bang Zack Morris, and he has only gotten hotter!

  146. Sefa says:

    Mmm thank God for Irish Friday so we can finally get some Fassbender. Rawr.

    Disappointed there was no Irish Aidan Turner, though. He’s all kinds of yummy (and going to be in The Hobbit!). Maybe next time?!

  147. Lois says:

    Thank you so much for Eddie Cahill, I love him :)

    And JRM may be crazy, but he’s mesmerising :) Thank you!! :D

    EDIT: Oh, and Cillian Murphy, loved him in Inception, and Josh Hartnett…*sighs*

  148. jhwoodw says:

    Simon Pegg! I LOVE Simon Pegg and NOT because of Stertrek. I have never seen a trek movie, but Simon’s other films are so freaking hilarious! He isn’t really cute at all, but he seems like the coolest guy ever!

  149. Henriette says:

    Pierce Brosnan and Gabriel Byrne… *sigh* How I’d love to be the peanut butter in Their sandwich!! Sad thing, though: both these hot men have revealed that they were abused by priests when young. I commend them for speaking out about their experiences.

  150. Jojo says:

    HGF idea:

    Kaiser – I think you have a great thing going with the themes. In the future you could continue it with going beyond ethnicity, you could wander into careers/themes. Space men….intellectuals…sports…rock n’ roll, etc. You could explore men who are hot and at the top of their fields, but maybe not super super famous. THis would bring more hot men into the consciousness of women. We need more of them! Men like hotness, and women get famous for that. But the stuff that women like, strength and intelligence, is less often recognized in the press. Those men can sit behind the scenes and aren’t appropriately displayed as the desirable women are. Let’s get bring more of these hot, successful men out of the attic!

    For better or worse, HGF is beginning to seem more and more like playgirl. But its way better. I wouldn’t buy playgirl. For me, it is the social aspect of HGF that makes it interesting. I find it sort of empowering. Its weird! Its hysterical to objectify men as a group, when in the past it has always been us women who are the objects.

  151. madylane says:

    JRM. yum. totally my future crazy-assed ex-husband!

  152. Nessa says:

    Mmm… Thank you! I’m catching up on HGF a little late, but it’s certainly made my Monday afternoon… sweatier…

    A little Richard Dean Anderson? The only man to ever make a mullet look sexy deserves props!

    @Jojo – Your comment made me consider what the point of HGF really was. And while I applaud a movement to bring recognition to less well-known hotties, I think that (at least in my humble opinion) HGF really is a tongue-in-cheek appreciation of the beautiful physicality of men that make us drool. If many of those men happen to be famous, that is because we are more exposed to them (and they to us).

    Anyhoodle… Richard Dean Anderson, please (I love you, Kaiser!)

  153. Bonfire Beach says:

    Cheesy, I know, but how about some Vin Diesel for a future edition of HGF?

  154. Bonnie Shirley says:

    You do know that even though Gerard Butler is born in Scotland, his family is Irish? Butler is an Irish name, and his familly has no Tartan. Irish Catholic, dont know how they ended up in Scotland!!!

  155. I’m here because Wentworth Miller – he’s mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most beautiful man in the Planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love him!!!!!!!!!