Amy Winehouse’s beehive reaches epic proportions

Amy Winehouse must be going through some serious shit. Even for her. No, she’s not stoned out of her mind – or at least not to the point that it’s obvious just by looking at photos of her – but Amy’s beehive has reached legendary proportions. And Amy herself once said that when the beehive grows that tall, shit is going down.

Amy Winehouse has spoken out about her recent troubles – and blames her meltdown on having no confidence about her looks.

‘I’m quite an insecure person,’ she says. ‘I’m very insecure about the way I look. I mean, I’m a musician I’m not a model. The more insecure I felt, the more I’d drink.

‘And to Tracey Trash, who does my hair, I’d be like, “Bigger! Bigger!” – like the more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be.’

[From Now Magazine]

Amy said this in an interview last fall, after she and husband Blake were arrested in Norway for pot possession. I’m guessing she’s either feeling super unattractive right now, or the beehive height can correlate to any kind of insecurity. Though logically, I’ve got to wonder how a higher beehive would make a girl feel better about herself. Perhaps she thinks it distracts from the rest of her. Which – to be fair – when it’s really big, it sorta does.

Amy has a lot to stress about right now. Her husband Blake has pleaded guilty to assault and perverting the course of justice (witness tampering) in London, and is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Images thanks to Splash.

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26 Responses to “Amy Winehouse’s beehive reaches epic proportions”

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  1. velvet elvis says:

    What’s she got up there…Jimmy Hoffa?

  2. mithcy says:

    I wonder whats living in that thing? It can’t be healthy.

  3. duda says:

    seems to me some spiders or something could get in there and hatch some babies…

    love the voice… but the girl is a mess.

  4. Tammy says:

    Good lord she is going to topple over and get stuck

  5. Bobafet says:

    Before she became a stick insect crack head she was rather attractive in a jappy sort of way. She was very round and voluptuous.

  6. mamalama says:

    Her neck can’t support the hive! Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  7. elisha says:

    That’s not a BEE hive, it’s a pterodactyl hive.

  8. TheLostGirl says:

    Dude, it was always epic, where u been? :mrgreen:

  9. angiee says:

    that thing looks like it weighs more than her… :lol:

  10. Ron says:

    Drag Queens from across the planet are getting together right now to figure out a way to take her out! Don’t be stealin’ my weave bitch!

  11. JennGush says:

    I swear I just want to attack her with some eye make-up remover and a bottle of shampoo. And maybe a cheeseburger too.

  12. Ron says:

    It just dawned on me when I looked at this again, She is the Martian Spygirl from Mars Attacks!

  13. Kenny D. Page says:

    When I saw that Leaning Tower of Cracktacular, I said, “Oh, oh.” This trial is taking a toll on her. She’s opened that large wound up and she looks tired. I’m serious, her family better get her sectioned because if the sentencing is long, it’s rumored that she’ll attempt suicide.

  14. Syko says:

    If I looked that bad, I’d feel insecure too.

    She’s no raving beauty any way you look at her, but she looks a lot better with normal hair and without that Cleopatra eye treatment. I can’t believe the hair. Surely it’s not all hers?

  15. gg says:

    Two things come to mind. That blonde alien in ‘Mars Attacks’, and a parasitic twin on her head. I swear I see a beave in there somewhere and a coupla hooves.

    I know of a good reason to pile all four ratted weaves into her kerchief … nobody’s really looking at her crack-buzzed face.

  16. paris herpes says:

    Damn she hid an entire bong in there or something…yeah, it’s such a great idea I certainly hope she did too..

  17. ladybug says:

    She used to be gorgeous; pre-drugs, pre-Blake, pre-shoe polish eye makeup, pre-tattoos, pre-hive. At least to me, she looked like a classic Jewish beauty. It’s really sad to see how she’s ruined it all.

  18. coil says:

    OMG Ladybug, I never knew who she really was until all this crap started happening to her!! I had no idea she use to look like that!! Wow!! 8O

  19. fee says:

    Hahaha – now that is just hilarious – now i know where she’s keeping Petes pet rats…..

  20. breederina says:

    It’s goth Marge Simpson.

  21. geronimo says:

    hahahaha – nice one, breederina! Sadly that’s where the comparison ends. Amy needs a Homer.

  22. Amy says:

    Here’s an even better one of her before crack:

    That’s Amy in high school… which wasn’t long ago. This chick is only in her early 20s!

  23. Nicky says:

    I worry about the health of her spine, neck & a possible injury. I hope it isn’t as heavy as it seems for her small frame.

  24. sallysitwell says:

    Ai yi yi yi. Let’s call Trinny and Susannah to fix her up. Think of the before and after on that episode!