Charlie Sheen’s porn star claims she’s no escort; Radar vs. TMZ’s Charlie coverage

Porn star says she’s not a hooker
TMZ and Radar have a bunch of updates on the Charlie Sheen debacle, only some of which seem motivated by TMZ’s adolescent rivalry with Radar. (Which Radar does not seem to be reciprocating, although it’s hard to tell. It looks to me like they’re just reporting what they find while TMZ is working to claim Radar’s scoops are wrong.) First off is this amusing report that the hooker-in-the-closet claims she’s not a hooker and is just a porn star. She’s supposedly 22 and although I would add 8-10 years to that easily, TMZ has uncovered her “audition” tape for porn giant Vivid four years ago, when she claimed to be 18. (Not that it proves much, although she did look 18 back then.) The porn star, stage name Capri Anderson along with a bunch of other aliases, supposedly met Charlie in the bar of the hotel where he was staying. I’m sure he didn’t call her first or anything. Give me a break.

Radar vs. TMZ: Charlie freaked out when his wallet or watch went missing
TMZ claims that “police sources” told them Charlie’s freakout happened when he thought an expensive watch was missing. Earlier stories of course had the missing item pegged as his wallet. Radar claims that it was a wallet and cell phone, not that it particularly matters. They did got Charlie to comment on this. As Kaiser mentioned yesterday, he of course downplayed the whole thing and acted like it was everyone else’s fault for paying attention to the fact that he trashed a hotel room and locked a hooker/porn star in the closet.

Radar vs. TMZ: Charlie will or will not go to rehab
Radar claimed earlier this week that Charlie was going to admit himself to Promises rehab on an outpatient basis. TMZ says that’s not true and there are no plans for rehab in Charlie’s future.

Radar vs. TMZ: Charlie was or was not coked out of his skull
Radar is reporting that Charlie tested positive for cocaine after he opted to go to the hospital instead of the police station following his meltdown. TMZ says there were no drugs found in the room.

Radar vs. TMZ: Hooker was locked in the closet by Charlie or had locked herself in the bathroom
TMZ has Capri locking herself in the bathroom for her own safety after Charlie flew into a rage while Radar claims that Capri got locked in the closet by Charlie, which is what we’ve been hearing all along.

It’s interesting that Radar is the one who got a quote from Charlie when all of TMZ’s reports seem to heavily favor his side of the story. Whatever happened exactly, and we’ll probably hear a well paid tell all by this Capri woman at some point, the room was trashed. TMZ has photos of Charlie’s hotel room and you can see a couple of broken chairs along with stuff strewn around. It doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting, but it’s hard to tell due to the low quality of the pictures. Charlie has agreed to pay for the damages in full, which are said to amount to over $7,000. The hotel has not pressed charges and it’s thought that Charlie will avoid all legal consequences despite the fact that he has a little over a week left on probation for his Colorado domestic violence plea.


ASPEN, CO - AUGUST 02: Charlie Sheen arrives at the Pitkin County Courthhouse on August 2, 2010 in Aspen, Colorado. (Photo by Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images)

Actor Charlie Sheen gestures towards fans as he arrives for a sentencing hearing at the Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen, Colorado August 2, 2010. Sheen was expected to be sentenced for assaulting his wife during an alcohol-fueled Christmas Day quarrel in Aspen. REUTERS/Rick Wilking (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT CRIME LAW)


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  1. Kitten says:

    Any bets when this chick is going to come out with her first tell-all? I see an US Weekly cover and a Today Show interview in her future.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL I would believe she is not a hooker if porn stars were common in the Plaza Hotel. Please, total hooker. Porn stars just don’t hang out at the Plaza.

  3. NayNay says:

    Yes, because being a porn star is so much better than being a hooker. I mean, isn’t being a porn star an inch away from being a hooker? Don’t they both get paid to get f*cked!!!!!!!! So, what’s the difference.

  4. Xx says:

    Since when is being a porn actress a respectable way to make a living? Ridiculous.

  5. Stormy says:

    It seems that everybody wants to talk about the porn star. I love how Charlie pulls this sh*t and all anyone can talk about is the woman! Why destroy her and not Charlie? She is not at fault here, but all of a sudden she is the main story! There are more serious issues here than the porn star! SMDH

  6. k says:

    i love the bouble standard the press/culture/industry has for charlie and lindsay.
    charlie has children and is violent while lindsay is only self destructive. charlie gets a few mil an episode while lindsay is posing for lame modeling gigs. wtf?

  7. Sounds to me like Charlie would be a pretty good drinking buddy to hang out with …

  8. Samigirl says:

    If you get paid to have sex, you are a hooker. Regardless if it is on video or in private.

  9. Obvious says:

    @k, I still adore my idea of a Charlie sheen Lindsay hook up. best of both crack messes. Can you imagine the shenanigans??? Gossip GOLD.

  10. Disco says:

    @k: Please feel free to tell the people that Lindsay held hostage for her cracked out drive in which she terrorized her ex-assistant and the girl’s mother that she’s only self-destructive. I bet they’d disagree.

    I’m still amazed that Charlie has any career at all. He’s going to kill someone some day and everyone will shake their heads and say they never saw it coming. When will these women learn to steer clear of him?

  11. Nessa says:

    I think the hooker/model/pornstar is Swedish. She´ll problaby do Playboy now..

  12. Roma says:

    Maybe there was no coke found in the room because he had snorted it all? That’s why he trashed the room… “I know I left another baggie somewhere!”

  13. icantbelievethis says:

    Somewhere else is reporting that this woman plans to file charges and go to Colorado to plead her case and explain what happened.

    Someone is going to be getting a HUGE payoff soon.

  14. guesty says:

    she is so loving this…he has done wonders for her “career”. mg.

  15. alex says:

    she is not getting a huge payoff or any payoff at all.

  16. Jenna says:

    hahaha bc “porn star” is so much better than “hooker”

    “i ain’t no damnnn hooker! how dare you, bitch!!”

  17. Anti-icon says:

    OK guys, remember the original problem Charlie had back in the days with hookers and substance abuse and Heidi Fleiss went to PRISION for being the Hollywood Madame. Well, remember, she didn’t name names…..she didn’t name her “girls” and she didn’t name her “clients.”

    I long for those days. Heidi was on Celeb Rehab, and she’s got more character and honor in her little finger than Charlie Sheen has ever had.

    This trick just needs to work quietly with the AUTHORITIES.

    It doesn’t pay to prostitute—high end or low end.

  18. fabgrrl says:

    A pr0n star is upset that people think she is a hooker, ie. someone who has sex for money. Huh?

    Oh, I forgot. Porn is all about female empowerment and positive expression of your sexuality, or something. Right, Montana Fishburne?

  19. Persistent Cat says:

    Can I bitch about Radar Online for a moment? Content aside, the look of their site is the worst. There’s nowhere for the eye to rest, you have no idea what’s going on and why have a slideshow when your content updates often? They’re the poster child for everything to not do on a website.

  20. Kim says:

    Porn star – hooker whats the difference?!

  21. Camille says:

    He sure does have a type doesn’t he. :lol:

  22. alexandra says:

    What about the dead pornstar? The one who gave an interview to the enquire, or one of those rags, about Charlie having sex with her and complaining about Denise. She is dead now. The curious case of the dead, locked up in the closet hooker/pornstar. Things that make you go hmmm..

  23. Trashaddict says:

    Can we have a national “All Women Spit on Charlie Sheen Day”? The guy is an out-and-out shit. It truly sucks that he continues to get off for this kind of thing.

  24. k says:

    please tell kelly preston her bullet wound was self destructive and being held “hostage” in aa car they voluntarily entered is same. or tell his 2 wives who have both feared for their lives charlie is simply self destructive

  25. k says:

    disco u are obv a clown whoo has no understanding of domestivc violence and having a father who does this to woen lindsy has no children to ruin. get a grip