William Shatner talks about finding his late wife Nerine in the pool

William Shatner and his current wife, Elizabeth, on 4/14/07, thanks to WENN
The day after MSat covered the new book planned by William Shatner’s brother in law, an article came out in the print edition of the New Zealand Herald where William talks about that day and the allegations that he didn’t attempt to rescue his wife. His former brother-in-law claims that William did not attempt to rescue his wife Nerine from a pool where she had drowned, because of his $25,000 toupee.

While William doesn’t directly address the claims, he talks a lot about the day his wife died, and what his life was like with her.

On her death and the aftermath:
‘Can you imagine what it was like?’ he asks, his face twisted in anguish. “After the OJ Simpson debacle, I suppose I should have known what was going to happen. The media was asking, ‘Did Shatner kill his wife?’”

“I remember diving into the pool,” he says. “I had enough breath for one deep dive. One of her arms was floating above her and I grabbed her by that arm and lifted her, pulling her towards the shallow end. I laid her by the pool. Her skin was blue. I remember every second. For someone to suspect I killed her? I gave my life to my wife because I loved her. I devoted myself to her until the day she died. And believe me, alcoholism had Nerine by the throat.”

“Sometimes I berate her for not having stopped drinking. Sometimes I tell her it’s okay, that I am thinking about her, that she is alive in my mind. But you never get over it.”

Nerine almost killed his daughter:
“She (Nerine) had picked her up from a spa in Palm Springs and, apparently, as she drove home, she would stop at gas stations, go into the ladies’ room and down a small bottle of whatever she was drinking. She was exiting the freeway and for no reason slammed on the brakes. If there had been a car behind her it would have slammed into her at freeway speed. What kind of insanity is that? To drive drunk with a young person in the car.”

On their wedding day and marriage:
“Our wedding day was beautiful. Nerine was sober and we went to bed that night ecstatic. I woke up the next morning at eight and she was drunk. Later, I found she had hidden bottles of vodka all over the house.”

“Nerine would ask, after a drunken, rowing evening ‘What’s wrong Bill? Why are you crying?’ She would have forgotten the whole episode.”

Shatner also makes a point of addressing a couple of rumors that have followed him for years:
“I wasn’t wearing a corset (while filming Star Trek). I had fallen off a horse and broken some ribs. I had to be strapped up and some kind soul told the tabloids I’d got so beefy that I needed a corset to get into Kirk’s costume.”

“And no, it isn’t a toupee” he says, tugging his hair.

New Zealand Herald print edition 14 June 2008

Whatever happened on the day of Nerine’s death, it is obvious that she was quite a handful – too much for one person – and that it was a horrible accident. Police later found that Nerine had valium and a blood alcohol reading of 0.28, as well as a broken neck from the pool impact. Thanks to KitKat for the link.

Some commenters have noted that everyone should learn what to do in an emergency, and courses are available to teach you first aid through your local branch of the Red Cross.

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  1. ER says:

    I don’t know much about his personal life, but I love him in “Boston Legal”.

  2. Frenchie says:

    He looks way more alcoholic than she does. The puffy white and red skin and the shape and texture of the nose are signs of an advanced alcoholism. Did he ever stated that ?

  3. Syko says:

    That’s the current wife. The alcoholic one is dead.

  4. Nonny says:

    The red skin and shape and texture of the nose could also be due to a skin condition called rosacea.

  5. Frenchie says:

    yeap, but rosacea is enhanced by alcohol, coffee, and spicy food. I got a starting one removed by electric coagulation when I was a teenager (therefore not drinking) . You can also get lazer nowdays.

  6. Hollz says:

    or that could just be the shape of his nose…i must say, it’s a lot like mine- and i don’t drink that much (ie, 3 weeks ago was the last time i had a drink)

  7. Nan says:

    They’re probably both drunks. The difference is that she was a black out drinker & he isn’t. He drinks, sure. Kath Griffin called him a red bloated faced boozebag. He just doesn’t have the alchy disease as hard as she had it. It’s all genetic.

  8. Nan says:

    P.S. Both of his wives, beauties. Nerine though was stellarly gorgeous. It hits these women hard because people will always put up w/their shit ’cause of their looks. The most drunken women I have ever known were just so attractive. Men will put up w/anything for a beauty & not get her help lest they lose her. Has anyone else noticed this?

  9. Teresa says:

    William Shatner did exactly what should be done in an emergency situation. You call for help first, then get the person out of the deep end, into the shallow end and start resuscitation. Once you start resuscitation, you are not suppose to stop until paramedics take over. Where he is located, his neighbors probably would not hear him scream for help, so if he didn’t call for help first, then help would have never came. As for William Shatner’s red face and puffiness, it could be many things, I would speculate that he has high blood pressure, a heart condition or maybe pre diabetes. He needs to see a doctor and have a complete lab work up and I also think he should have a carotid ultrasound to check for plaque build up in the carotid artery. Wouldn’t hurt him to have his thyroid tested, too.

  10. Nan says:

    Teresa, aren’t you the little expert/pro. So tell me, are you a mere nurse or P.A that can write us all prescriptions. Hopefully the latter. We could use your help.

  11. Dr. Edwin says:

    Teresa sorry to inform you but that is not accurate advise. Athersclerotic buildup does not have easily-visible symptoms and though age can be a factor and weight, a coronary angiogram (not carotid ultrasound) would be done at most for diagnostic purposes. If he complains of chest pains, diagnosed with angina, or has hypercholesterolemia then perhaps it would be called for. In addition, the puffiness of the face and redness are not signs of diabetes, perhaps if you said vision weakness, fatigue, and loss of weight yes, to me it looks like rosacea (very common especially among those of north-western European ancestory). Lastly, resuscitation is only effective for a few minutes following asphyxia, and my understanding is that he found her a significant time following her death in the water, which by then it would have been too late anyway.

  12. rm says:

    Shatner is liar he wants you to beleive that he would cry over her alcholism.He seemes like he’s trying so hard to sell the fact she was some kind drunken walking disaster. I for one am not buying it.How could she fall down hit her head,break her neck then fall in the pool. I could see her falling in the pool and drowning but not falling breaking her neck and falling in the pool that is actual ridiculous not to mention he remarried 2 years later. He doesn’t seem so broken hearted to me.

  13. Charlie says:

    I saw William Shatner on the Dr Oz show on May 20th 2010. Oz asked him about his lifestyle – what he eats, exercise, etc. When it came to the alcohol, you could see it was an awkward question. he replied that he does not drink. Then he changed it to drinks a bit. What does he drink, Oz asked, “beer” was the reply. He did not say how much, but joked “is a liter of whiskey a day O.K.?” There is truth in jest, that’s for sure. He also baulked at the food question and look at his huge gut. He looks like he wears a good corset from the shape of it. Also he baulked at the exercise question and said yes he exercises – he has been horseback riding over the weekend – pollleeezz! Denial, denial, denial. The guy is acting in his real life and that is very sad.

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