Meet the McGee sextuplet family, they need donations

The McGee family of Columbus, Ohio, welcomed sextuplets this June. They gave birth to multiples after mom Mia had fertility treatments and opted out of selective reduction. They call their babies a “a dream come true” and say they’re getting hope locally from several churches, companies and organizations. It’s hard to make ends meet after Michelle left her job to care for the babies, and they’re soliciting donations. It sounds like they’re doing ok with it and have chosen not to go the reality show route. Here’s more, from

Mia and Rozonno McGhee and their newborn sextuplets were featured on Good Morning America recently and they need your help. According to reports, the Ohio couple had a hard time conceiving kids so they turned to fertility drugs which resulted in 6 unexpected beautiful babies. However, with one bedroom and a need for six cribs, food, doctors bills, etc the expenses may be too much for the family to handle. Via Their Facebook Page

Mr. and Mrs. McGhee were high-school sweethearts at Linden-McKinley who relied on each other to navigate a difficult adolescence in a tough neighborhood. He was 20 and she was 18 when they married 11 years ago, their only dream to stay together and raise a family.After unsuccessful attempts to have children, the North Side couple turned to fertility drugs. Mrs. McGhee gave birth to twins prematurely last year, and both infants died.When an ultrasound during her next pregnancy revealed multiple heartbeats, she felt devastated again. “They advised us to do the selective reduction,” she said. “We couldn’t.”The McGhees knew they would struggle to afford an instant family of eight. He is a carpet- and upholstery-cleaner; she is leaving her job at JPMorgan Chase to care for the babies.

To donate to a fund for the McGhee sextuplets, visit any Chase Bank location. The account can be found under “The McGhee Trust Fund”” or Rozonno and Mia McGhee. Additional donations in the forms of toys, food, diapers, etc can be sent to IMPACT Attn: Tracy Taylor 700 Bryden Road, Columbus OH 43205.


I was ready to roll my eyes at yet another family that had way too many kids without the means to care for them. They live in a one bedroom apartment. Even with fertility treatments though, no one expects six at once! That’s incredibly rare, and the McGees seem very nice in the clip I saw on Good Morning America. (below) The babies are just adorable too.





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  1. Jewbitch says:

    Those are some gorgeous babies!

  2. CeCe says:

    Give me a brake. They decide to have ALL these children then have the nerve to ask for handouts?

  3. Salina says:

    Basically another octomom who refused to consider her ability care for as many babies as was possible to conceive w drugs. I have a problem supporting people who knowingly put themselves in difficult situAtions.

  4. 6 says:

    Ok, the babies are adorable!! They have perfect little faces. C-section babies always have perfect little heads. So cute!

  5. tess says:

    When you are paying for expensive ART out of pocket, it IS understandable why you put all your “eggs” in one basket.

    These children are adorable. The parents seem lovely too. Then again, didn’t we once say this about J&K ?

    I wish them well and hope they stick together. I hope they can do this without the media.

  6. Rio says:

    oh, please! Here’s a radical idea: want kids but are unable to conceive? ADOPT.

  7. roguesiren says:

    Those babies are adorable, but why do people have kids they cannot afford to provide for and expect others to do? When you undergo fertility treatments there is a very high probability you will conceive more than 1 child. Those treatments are not cheap. I feel the same way about Octomom having all those kids without any concerns for their welfare. I’m sorry I might be a bitch about it, but I would not even have a pet if I couldn’t provide for vaccinations, tags, food. Are the selfish needs of the parents more important than providing financial security for the children? Love does not pay for diapers, food or rent.

  8. devilgirl says:

    The picture is stupid. Cute babies, but with so many children needing adoption, my money will go to charities that help them, not some family that had enough money for fertility treatments.

  9. luci says:

    I do not have a problem when someone is trying to have a baby.

    I’m glad that she did not do selective reduction. Good for them.

    Don’t blame them for wanting a child. They did everything right in my eyes.

    Congrats to them and there beautiful children.

  10. fancyamazon says:

    @Rio ITA. There are plenty of children looking for a happy family and it is well known that when you have fertility treatments it is quite common to end up with multiple births. I say give the fertility treatments a rest until the population of the earth slows down a bit.

    Selfish and now dependant on the community. Those poor children.

  11. Jackie says:

    I love the pictures. So adorable!

    I’m sure this post will get a lot of negative comments. Assuming their fertility clinic is ethical, six babies was completely unexpected. Comparisons to Octomom are unfair. She deliberately had 8 embryos transferred. This family had six eggs that were fertilized naturally. Big difference. Higher order multiples are usually not the result of IVF.

  12. Lola7 says:

    Wow, they are soooo adorable! I want one! :)

  13. Sarah says:

    They are beautiful little babies. I love that top picture, it’s not stupid, it’s cute. However, seeing how they only lived in a one bedroom apartment why did they try so hard to have children? I know it’s not their fault they ended up with six but they were trying for at least one and they didn’t exactly have the means. I hope it ends up ok without ending up on TLC.

  14. mel says:

    I am from Columbus OH and the McGhee’s have moved from their one bedroom home to a four bedroom home in the suburbs. Not sure who foot the bill. They seem to be down to earth people and I dont think they’re seeking fame but rather help from the community. They can be found on Facebook too.

  15. umabrasileira says:

    What a pretty family. Hope they don’t turn out as one of these ‘reality’ fame freaks!

  16. Delta Juliet says:

    OK…the babies are beautiful and I am happy for them that they were able to achieve their dream of having children.

    Here’s my bitch. I have 2 children. I have to work full-time. I would LOVE to have more children and I would LOVE to stay home and care for them. BUT I CAN’T AFFORD IT and I can’t expect other people to support my family.

    I’m just so tired of people who are irresponsible. And having children that you can’t support is just that.

  17. ohforf says:

    You can pay for fertility treatments and then choose to keep 6 babies and then have the gall to ask for donations? Seriously?

    @devilgirl – well put

  18. Vee says:

    As the mom of two adopted kids, I don’t support their choice. We spent $25,000 in cash for our miracle kids, and that wiped us out for years, and we’ve asked no one for donations.
    I don’t wish them ill will, just weary of people asking for help because of poor choices.

  19. Girafe99 says:

    I have nothing against people with fertility problems having children via IVF rather than adopting, I mean would you tell someone who didn’t have fertility problems that they had to adopt rather than conceive their children.

    My problem stems from the attitude that people believe that having children is all about the conception etc, e.g. my sister has three children, her stance before she even started to think about having children was building security for any future children she would have financially, i.e a home close to all amenities, good schools etc. Her argument was why would she bring children into the world if she couldn’t provide for them herself.

    It seems that the overwhelming urge to have children over-ride anything else for this couple, I mean the fact that they live in a one bedroom apartment is just one example of short-sightedness.

  20. Wicked SteppMom says:

    For all of you who are suggesting adoption-how much research have you done on the costs of adoption vs. fertility treatments? Obviously NOT MUCH. Adoption can cost upwards of $30,000. Our fertility treatments cost us around $18,000 out of pocket, as they were not covered by insurance…that’s $12,000 LESS than adoption!! AND my husband’s mother is a twin, his father is a twin, neither he or his sister is a twin, so our chances of having twins was *slightly* increased-yet our fertility doctor informed us that even with transferring 3 embryos, the chances of getting struck by lightning were higher than us conceiving triplets…we have 1 daughter from that IVF. BTW, depending upon the length of this woman’s employment w/JP Morgan Chase, her fertility treatments were at least partially covered as long as she was a full-time employee…JP Morgan Chase has always been one of the best places to work for benefits in terms of fertility coverage.

  21. guesty says:

    this is manipulative & ridiculous. everyone knows the high probability of multiples with fertility treatments. if u can’t afford them…don’t have them.

  22. tracking says:

    Thanks for posting. This family needs support and compassion not judgment. They clearly struggled with fertility problems, had already lost twins, and probably thought they’d be lucky to bring home one child. I applaud them for making the difficult decision not to opt for selective reduction when they got the surprise of a lifetime! Hope they stay strong and healthy.

  23. Stronzilla says:

    Women who go the ART route know what the potential consequences may be. Depending on her reproductive problems they probably gave her a combination of Clomid and/or FSH, HMG or HCG and if the doctors suggested a selective reduction it was only in the interests of the health of the mother and babies, her medical history, the number of viable embryoes and maybe also their economic situation. They both seem intelligent, but I’m guessing based upon her previous loss she refused the selective reduction in order to increase her chances of a successful delivery and she may not have counted on delivering all of them safely.

  24. Wif says:

    Those kids are so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.

  25. lena80 says:

    Thank you Wicked SteppMom!

    People are so quick to bash and they are clearly uninformed about adoption costs vs. fertility treatment costs that was most likely covered partially be her insurance!

    If you are uneducated on the subject do not be so quick to bash!

    The babies are beautiful.

  26. RHONYC says:

    i’m giving my money to ngo’s that are aiding children who really need help…

    in HAITI.

  27. teri says:

    With eight people living in the house I’m sure his job isn’t paying enough for them not to be receiving gov’t assistance already. Americans who can’t make ends meat get welfare to support their family. There is no consequences for having children you can’t support financially. Heck tax season is around the corner and they’ll get 2,000 per child.

  28. Jackie says:

    Seriously, people who don’t know anything first hand about fertility treatments need to research before posting. Yes of course women are advised of the possibility of multiples with fertility treatments. Saying there’s a high probability of it is wrong. The chances of twins are about 20% and the odds go down significantly for triplets, quads, etc. You only hear about sextuplets because it’s so rare. The overwhelming majority of ART pregnancies are single births.

    Another misconception I’m seeing here is that of adoption. It’s so expensive because of supply and demand. People want babies, not older children. You can adopt from foster care for little to no cost. People who adopt infants and internationally are paying $25k+ to get what they want. Check out adoptee forums and blogs to find out what they think of people who spend that kind of money on adoption. They will tell you themselves to adopt from foster care.

  29. Megan says:

    adoption may be expensive, but being a foster parent isn’t, and there are thousands of foster children who need loving homes!

  30. Stephie says:

    Those babies (and these photos of them) are so cute. I agree with CeCe (and the rest) that you shouldn’t have so many children when you can’t afford them, especially when you have the chance to prevent it— and then ask for hand outs. No excuse for that. They could put the babies to work though as baby models, that would help their financial situation. They are adorable.

  31. Crash says:

    Add me to the list of people who will NOT be sending them “donations”. I have my own family to support. I have no intention of supporting theirs. Although, through some kind of food stamp or welfare program…I imagine I will anyway. ((sigh)) Totally irresponsible having six children you cannot support. Although you were able to foot the bill for the fertility treatments? Sounds like a planned “multiples for profit” scheme to me. Whether it’s a reality show or “just” support from the community. They already got a house out of the deal, right?

  32. kelBear says:

    Lets just hope TLC doesn’t get a hold of them.

  33. dorothy says:

    Beautiful,beautiful babies. Stupid parents. Can afford treatments, opt to keep all the embryos and then have the GALL to ask for money! Thats whats wrong with the system now.

  34. dorothy says:

    Beautiful,beautiful babies. Stupid parents. Can afford treatments, opt to keep all the embryos and then have the GALL to ask for money! Thats whats wrong with the system now.

  35. Lucinda says:

    As a mother of two, I can understand the overwhelming desire to carry your own child. Adoption is a wonderful thing. No doubt. And there are many children in need. But adopting babies is extremely expensive and nothing compares to having been pregnant and giving birth. For some women (not all of course), it completes you in a way nothing else can.

    I want to judge this family. I really do. But I haven’t walked in their shoes and I can’t imagine what they have already overcome. It sounds like a lot though.

    And those babies are BEAUTIFUL. : )

  36. Mizz Tickles says:

    These families love children, and want their own genetic children so I guess they don’t love children in general, only if the kids have their genetics, since so many kids go to bed hungry at night when people are paying gazillions to have test tube babies. I have a friend who was in foster care her whole life and never got adopted, she went through hell ten times over. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are cute and all the best to them but this earth is full of kids who need loving homes so IVF is not doing earth any favors, I felt the same with Celine Dion, God bless the IVF children who are here but people’s egos in wanting “their own” seem to override the desperate need of kids waiting to be adopted and once you adopt a child that child is your own.

  37. lena80 says:

    @ Megan…you are correct to an extent…however what are chances of getting a child that is an infant in the foster care system that is perfectly healthy with no issues like being born drug addicted, having ADHD, fetal alcohol, or other behavioral problems that aren’t seen/known yet? I can tell you from FIRST hand knowledge that it’s slim to none.

    People who are making all of these comments about how they should adopt know nothing about the costs of adoption vs. fertility treatments that were most likely paid through her insurance company. And furthermore people who are saying well they could have gone the foster care route clearly do not know the odds of getting a perfectly healthy infant to adopt through the foster care system. When you take on the role of a foster parent you are taking in kids that have been taking from their homes for a variety of NEGATIVE reasons. And to further add to trouble is the fact that in many cases most foster kids still have vistitation with their troubled parents. How many people do you know would want to put up with that kind of drama for several yrs? You are practically back and forth through the court system waiting for a judge to take away all parental rights from the parents…and that can take several years…and if the parent gets whatever help that they need the child is taken away from the foster parent and the parent gets custody again. Only after ALL parental rights are revoked by the state can you adopt a child out of the foster care system.

    So in a perfect world some people can get lucky and get an infant with no issues, BUT it’s RARE.

    Again, her insurance company most likely paid for their fertility treatments…it’s actually kind of obvious since they were able to quickly go with the procedure again after her first set of twins died prematurely last year. I highly doubt they had an extra $30 + grand lying around to have IVF…twice. And clearly they were not comfortable doing selective reduction since all of the babies might be healthy…and thankfully they were in this case.

  38. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


    I have to say, I just dont think I would be able to do a “reduction” when it came to my babies either. I would not want that many kids, that is for sure but I couldnt kill my kid. EVER.

    So you do what you have to.

  39. bellaluna says:

    Of course they do. (Re: the title, which is awesome, by the way.)

    Those babies are beautiful.

    So, since my last baby nearly killed me, does that mean I can put myself and my next baby(ies) at risk of death to have more – a la Duggers, etc… – how selfish.

    Despite how much we would love more babies together, we’ve been advised not to have more. Instead, we’re going to become Foster Care & Adoption certified. We will love children that no one else loves or is able to care for.

  40. TG says:

    I agree with most on this post. I would love to have two children but the one I am carrying now is all we can afford and that is coming at a great sacrifice as it is. I want to focus what money and time I can give to this one child rather than make 2 suffer.

    I always wonder how someone’s brain works who can’t comprehend actions and consequences. But then again this country is full of give me, give me people so this family is no different than all those others out there wining about their mortgages. Don’t have a baby or buy a house you can’t afford.

  41. ruru says:

    Ahhhh, it’s an Anne Geddes nightmare!!

  42. Karen says:

    Wow…just wow…she opted not to chose selected reduction, but now wants “donations”? Ridiculous! And for those of you spouting off about how expensive adoption is; how much more expensive is adopting one child as opposed to raising six you cannot afford? Good lord.

  43. I don’t think this is being irresponsible. I raised my daughter in a 1 bedroom apartment until I was able to afford a larger space. I don’t understand it, people will watch a show about parents raising multiples in a hostile environment, but will not offer support to a family trying to avoid that TV route. Nobody expects 6 kids out of IVF, but had she selectively reduced, there would have been problems there too.

    I get the concept of “stop having kids if you can’t afford them”, but they most likely prepared for twins again. But who can properly plan for SIX at ONCE? Be sensible people. It’s so funny that Jon & Kate were CUTE but the McGee’s don’t deserve assistance. Jon & Kate had 6 MORE after twins. Essentially, THEY should have stopped…

    ..but no, you asked more more seasons of that show.

  44. chasingadalia says:

    Goodness, those children are gorgeous.

  45. Karen says:

    @EarthWindFire82 : I never watched “Jon and Kate plus 8″, or any of the exploitative reality crap that is on TLC; and I certainly will not watch this. Don’t just assume that everyone loves this junk.

  46. Jackie says:

    If people are looking into adopting from foster care are bitching and moaning about how rare it is to find a healthy infant, then I say you need to reexamine your motives. It’s quite obvious then that they are looking for a child to fit their “needs” instead of the other way around. Kids from foster care many times do have behavioral issues, wouldn’t you too if you were abused or neglected? Infants aren’t blank slates and any seemingly healthy infant is not a guarantee to stay that way. There are over over 100,000 children available for adoption now, parental rights have been terminated. Don’t delude yourselves into thinking adopting an infant is being altruistic. How do I know? I looked into adoption and actually talked to adoptees, who after all, are the most important part of the equation. I would never adopt from anywhere but foster care now.

  47. Kait says:

    Adoption and fertility treatments are nowhere near the same thing. I don’t judge how anyone else became a parent and hope that no one judges how my husband and I became parents. And yes, we’ve spent several thousands dollars adopting our four kids but I wouldn’t take that back for the world.

    Here’s my beef with fertility treatments that can result in multiples. My husband and I had to jump through hoops to prove we were capable of adopting our last two kids. We had to prove we had adequate space in our home for them, good life insurance policies and people willing to step up and keep our four kids together, and a stable income that could cover all six of us.

    Yet any idiot can walk in to a fertility clinic and walk out with 17 babies at once?

    Shouldn’t there be some sort of standard for this? There are all of these people having litters of babies and then going “Well, we’re a one (low) income family in a one bedroom apartment…HELP!” Shouldn’t fertility clinics be required to make people pass at least some sort of basic screening proving they aren’t crazy and can financially support the litter they’re trying to produce?

  48. lin234 says:

    Thanks for the information on foster care. It really takes a special set of people who should be (need to be) emotionally prepared to help those children and deal with the system.

    There is no guarantee a person will have a healthy child but at the very least, they can control every bite and drink that goes into their system to benefit their child. They may have an idea of family medical history between the two of them. So chances of a healthy infant may be higher than opposed to a baby born to a drug addicted mother. That could be a reason why hopeful parents may want their own children. Either way, it’s a personal decision and no one has the right to judge that.

    I was ready to roll my eyes until I read she had lost twins. This distinction makes their situation different to me. I hope the best for them and their kids.

    @Kait- I agree but because there is no guarantee with fertility drugs, it’s hard to control. And when the government starts setting rules for people trying to give birth via drugs, it’s a fine line between keeping people in check and limiting their rights to have their own children. Although when you see people like Octomom, it’s hard not to wish that their should be more regulation. But she is (hopefully) an anomaly and most people who seek fertility treatments are people who really need it and want children.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    I wish them and their family well. The babies are precious.

  50. bellaluna says:

    @ Kait –

    Thank You! Words of wisdom from you, my lady; true words of wisdom. God love you for it! And best wishes to you and your family.

    On another note, how unfair is it that Lily Allen (who has the means to support her child) has lost her second baby, as late in the pregnancy as she did? Don’t get mad – I’m just saying what some people are thinking.

  51. KJ says:

    @Juliet and @Giraffe99- You put it beautifully-I would never begrudge anyone the chance to have children. HOWEVER-if you go the IVF route-you KNOW going in that you may have multiples, be it twins or sextuplets and anywhere in between. If YOU make the choice to have six babies, then YOU pay for them. Plain and simple. Yes-they are gorgeous-but you know what-I have three gorgeous children of my own that I and my husband pay for!! If you can afford IVF-you better be prepared to afford whatever children come out of it!! Stop thinking other people should give you a handout for YOUR choices!!!!

  52. Crash2GO2 says:

    Gee, I’d like to stay home and take care of my daughter full time to. Anyone want to donate to me??

  53. fwozbo says:

    He should be the stay at home dad and she should go back to that good job at Chase.

  54. Jacquie says:

    I’m sorry but what is wrong with taking care of children who haven’t been given the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t that what adoption and foster care are all about? Taking care of children. Yes its harder but EVERY child deserves love NOT just the “healthy” ones. Raising children is never easy.

  55. Delta Juliet says:


    Exactly what I was thinking!

    My God…when times were tough, my husband and I had 4 jobs between us, each FT and a PT too. No one was sending us donations to help pay our bills. I am just tired of people who make their choices and then don’t want to deal with the consequences.

    Whatever happened to “You made your bed, now lie in it”?!?!

  56. MissyA says:

    I’m getting really sick of Americans living beyond their means and then turning around and asking everyone else to pick up the slack.

    “If you can’t feed your baby/ Then don’t have a baby/ And don’t think ‘maybe’/ If you can’t feed your baby!”

    I reserve my sympathies for the hardworking single mamas who manage to raise children between several jobs. Not a pair of idiots who can’t tell the difference between zygotes and people.

    You made a choice, McGees. Stop wasting money on GlamorShots at the mall and start looking for work.

  57. caprice says:

    For all of you saying she should have done selective reduction, you do realize that you’re suggesting that someone choose which babies they want to live and which ones to die, right?

    I can’t stand that women can be so hateful and not try to understand where another woman is coming from in finding happiness. It blows my mind that you think they purposely had multiples so they could get “hand outs”.

  58. KateNonymous says:

    What beautiful babies! I hope they’re all able to grow up loved and healthy.

  59. Rio says:

    I am not saying adoption is cheaper than IVF or anything like that. I wasn’t even thinking about money when I made my previous comment. What I WAS thinking about was the thousands upon thousands of children worldwide who need a home, want a home, and deserve a home. When the world is filled with so much want, I find it the height of selfishness to bring 6 new lives into it instead of taking care of people who are already here.
    And yes, I am planning on adoption when I am married and ready to have a family. I have no fertility issues and there is no medical need for me to do so. I just feel it’s the right thing to do.

  60. MissyA says:

    All due respect @caprice, but if a woman has miscarried/stillbirthed twins, chances are excellent that she’ll have a very difficult pregnancy with sextuplets.

    If you factor multiple embryos into an already “risky” womb you’re gambling with the “lives” of all of those embryos – not a select two or three.

    The McGees are lucky in the sense that there were no further complications to their litter – but why take that risk? It was selfish and shortsighted not to selectively reduce the number of zygotes/embryos to better the chances of survival for the rest.

    (That’s to say nothing of the myriad health complications multiples are more susceptible to after they are birthed. These kids are going to be fragile for the rest of their lives. Absolutely selfish. )

  61. Novaraen says:

    If you live in a one bedroom place, knowing that fertility treatments generally cause multiples…why would you do it? Just seems a bit thoughtless on the parents part. Oh and I agree with whomever said that there should be some kind of intense screening process at these fertility clinics… that we don’t end up with more Octomoms and a family of 8 in a one bedroom place…all putting their hand out for money because they can’t afford their babies.

  62. craigc says:

    no more help for dummies!!!

  63. Moore says:

    Thank you Wicked SteppMom. I was coming here to say the same thing.

    People always want to throw out adoption as if thats easier or less expensive. It’s not. Or if that instantly takes care of some people’s desire to actually carry a child. For some it honestly does not and that desire is not one I would tell someone to get over or that its selfish. Not to mention that there are many instances in which fully capable people are not allowed to adopt.

    As far as fostering goes, that may not be as expensive but if I was to foster a child from my state’s list, I would need far more assistance than they give and that I can put out myself due to the health issues of the children available.

    Each option has its issues and such. You can never go into any of these knowing exactly what will happen in the end just like you can never have a fertility procedure and predict the outcome. Right now people are talking about their small place and having that many children. Would it have been better to get rid of a few (as bad as that sounds) just to be able to live cheaply? Do people really think that way?

    If a family who adopted/fostered their family decided they need help taking care of their family, I wouldn’t hesitate to help them just as I wouldn’t hesitate to help this couple. Who cares how the family came to be, what matters is whether or not that family can function in society. Need help? Ask for it. I’m not going to be pathetic and base whether I’ll help or not on the fact that I don’t like how your children came to be.

  64. Even Anne Geddes would find that over-airbrushed, twee picture disgusting.

  65. blondie says:

    They are beautiful, and good luck.
    As far as donating, don’t breed if you can’t afford to feed.

  66. Kiska says:

    When will this end? It isn’t normal for a woman to carry that many babies and with fertility treatments this stuff is happening more and more. The world is overpopulated as it is but people STILL don’t get it. How about adoption? Use the money that it takes for fertility treatments and adopt a child.
    I wouldn’t give this family anything. They made their bed.

  67. jzhz says:

    Ooooh, they are adorable and sweet!

  68. Wicked SteppMom says:

    @Kait: Any respectable fertility clinic DOES make you fill out a HUGE packet of information, meet with at least one, if not several of their doctors & staff, go through counseling, etc. The problem is that there are clinics out there that are NOT respectable.

    A little FYI for everyone on selective reduction-when you have this done, there is a risk of loss of ALL of the fetuses, so I completely understand why she chose not to do this after a previous loss-she was probably terrified she was going to lose them anyway! Some states don’t even do selective reduction; I live in KY & would have had to travel to HER state (OH) if I had needed it done…but I too had a previous loss before my IVF & had already made up my mind that it wasn’t even an option for us.

    As far as foster-to-adopt: I was not against this at all…I just couldn’t bear the thought of having a child in my home for a year or two, loving him/her, hoping to make them a permanent part of my family…and then Mommy/Daddy gets out of jail/rehab/whatever & the state decides to give custody back. It has happened to several friends of mine multiple times & would have broken my heart as much as either of my pregnancy losses, if not more.

  69. lucy2 says:

    The babies are beautiful, and I’m happy for the parents that they have the family they’ve always wanted. I also give them credit for (so far) not running to TLC for a TV show.
    However, I have a hard time understanding how someone could spend money on fertility treatments TWICE, yet not live in a home large enough for the family they’re trying to have, or know that they’re going to be able to financially support the kids once they arrive. I’m sure their family, friends, church, community, etc will help them out, and that’s wonderful, but to ask for donations from the general public, for a situation they paid for and chose to have…sorry, I can’t get on board with that.

  70. Jen says:

    We’ve overlooked an important thing here – that selective reduction, the choice the McGees were given, contains its own risks.

    Especially with sextuplets and high multiple births, the choice to abort selectively in the first trimester carries the risk that more of the babies will die than intended.

    So – maybe they would have made the choice to not carry to term, say, two of the foetuses. What if two of the other foetuses died? Or more? It’s rare, sure, but not undocumented.

    Could you make that decision, particularly after a stillborn birth of two much-loved, much hoped-for children, knowing the risk?

  71. Jeri says:

    The babies are beautiful.

    Treatments are expensive, I get they didn’t expect six but I don’t know about the community (or us) needing to take the responsiblity for their actions.

    What’s going to happen down the line?

  72. Blondie says:

    These babies are ABSOLUTELY adorable. Why does it have to be “Oh, she had money for fertility treatments but not to raise the babies?” I understand some people feeling like she knew the risk of taking fertility drugs possibly resulting in multiple births. But I’m sure she wasn’t expecting SIX. How bout instead of labeling her as some “Octo-Mom” who got pregnant on purpose with the goal of gaining fame and celebrity or seeking handouts-we give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that this happily married, well-established couple decided they wanted to and had the means to raise a family of their own together. Who’s to say they wouldn’t have eventually tried to adopt if she never got pregnant? We’ll never know, because she DID get pregnant. Fertility treatments (that were more than likely covered by her insurance) do not ALWAYS result in multiple births and definitely not in 6 babies. Let’s assume that she figured she’d have 1 maybe 2 babies to raise and that they planned to buy a house to accommodate said babies. If there was only 1 or 2 children, she could afford childcare with both their salaries. Of course she had to stop working. Can you imagine how much childcare would cost for six infants? It would probably be her entire salary. It’s so easy for people to judge when it’s not them or their immediate family. And what the hell is with the comparison of this story to Lilly Allen losing her baby? How does that relate to being unfair to Lilly Allen? It’s THIS families fault that Lilly Allen lost her baby and theirs all lived? OMG STFU!

  73. Thoughts says:

    Those are some of the cutest baby pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s a little inappropriate that they’re asking for money, but whatever, just don’t give it to them if it bothers you. Good luck to them and those adorable babies.

  74. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Selective reduction was the only responsible choice here. Instead they gambled with all their babies’ lives and on the assumed kindness of strangers. Parenting fail.

    On the upside, those are some adorable babies. May their good looks serve them well in life.

  75. devilgirl says:

    My point is, I would rather send my money to children that have NO ONE to help them, not to a family that is not unable to work, is not without family and their own friends to lean on.

    I get they wanted children. I understand adoption is not cheap. I get a woman wanting to have her own bio children. It may sound heartless, but their financial difficulties are not my problem. Most people have financial difficulties right now, but not everyone is asking for hand outs. If I am going to help, which I do help a few charities, it is going someplace where those in need have no one else to turn to.

    And I will say ot again, those babies are very sweet!

  76. girl says:

    They look like a gorgeous family and I hope they do well.

    Having said that, this seems like just another case that demonstrates that the fertility industry should be better regulated. Selective reduction isn’t the only way having high order multiples can usually be avoided. I could be wrong but in the UK, putting back more than 2 embryos with IVF is forbidden. I don’t know if this family did IVF. Even if they just did clomid, they should have had been closely monitored so that if she had more than a couple of mature follicles at ovulation, they could have made the decision then to abstain, or not do an IUI or whatever method they used.

    It just sounds very irresponsible on the part of the medical establishment. I get that they didn’t want to end the life of their babies once they were concieved but carrying so many babies, indeed even ovulating many more follicles than is normal, can be very dangerous to the mother as well.

  77. Anna says:

    I believe that all families seeking fertility treatments should undergo a mandatory and rigerous screening procedure before being allowed to have the treatments. No one who already has a child should be included. This means that the Gosselins would have been stopped at two. The parents who recieve treatments should be forced to sign a waiver blocking welfare payments. Furthermore, no person who voluntarily quits a good job should be given donations.

    This family should just make do with what they’ve got until TLC gives them a show.

  78. LT says:

    If you don’t want to give a donation then don’t, but why automatically assume these are unfit, groveling for payout parents? They wanted children, they took a shot w/ fertility treatments and suddenly the woman is pregnant with a litter – I’d be having money troubles too! They seem to be nice people and I could never imagine participating in “selective reduction”…just those words sound horrible.

    Those babies are absolutely adorable.

  79. bereal says:

    I think someone needs to regulate these invitro clinic’s better. We can’t afford to pay for all these welfare babies! Why would they put so many fertilized egg’s into one woman?!

  80. It’s funny that so many people think adoption is so much cheaper. The process is time consuming and outright demeaning in some situations. It’s a process that is stressful, trying and unfortunately, not always successful. Those of us who got pregnant with ease (or by accident) are blessed with beautiful children. Some women aren’t as lucky. I’m sure there are women out there who would love to have nausea and swollen feet just to hold their gifts on delivery day. I don’t fault her for that. I also don’t fault her for not taking selective reduction. I’m sure they didn’t have IVF thinking they’d end up with six kids. With that being said, it’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Would you rather send a few diapers or have our taxes dinged for Octomom’s foodstamps?

    @ Karen

    I know everyone isn’t guilty of watching the Superfamily shows on TLC, but the fact that they don’t get cancelled often means enough people are watching it. Trust me, I know many people who just can’t stomach those shows.

  81. girl says:

    And I find it frightening that so many people selective termination to be the panacea for large order mulitiples. It has serious risks on it’s own to both the “non-targeted” (not sure of a better term) babies and to the mother’s health.

    How about we be responsible for our decisions before we are in such a moral quandry of wanting to save at least one child and give him or her the best chance at a good life vs. wanting all your children to live? It seems prudent to map out as many of the “what-ifs” before you embark on such a large endeavor.

  82. devilgirl says:

    @LT- I am going to assume you were addressing me since you used the term “handouts”. I never said they were unfit, but they ARE asking for handouts. If you are asking for donations, you are asking for a hand. Simple as that.

    Not trying to argue, but those are the facts.

  83. LT says:

    @devilgirl – nope, just used the word.

  84. lena80 says:

    “I’m sorry but what is wrong with taking care of children who haven’t been given the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. Isn’t that what adoption and foster care are all about? Taking care of children. Yes its harder but EVERY child deserves love NOT just the “healthy” ones. Raising children is never easy. ”

    @ Jacquie

    I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with taking care of kids out of the foster system…It just isn’t for EVERYBODY, and it’s WAY MORE work than your average healthy adjusted kid, so people making comments like “oh they could have gone through foster care” obviously have NO idea what it’s like to go through foster care system or what it’s like dealing with children that can have a variety developmental problems, emotional problems, personality issues, so and so forth and having to deal with their parents coming and going out of their lives and going back and forth to court and taking the child for counseling sessions (and it can be more than one counselor if the child has more than one specific issue going on) OR having to deal with the child going back to their parents when they straighten themselves out.

    People are so quick to judge and say what this couple should have done and they don’t have any knowledge of how these things work or what people have to deal with it. You have to be far more emotionally equipped to deal with foster care system and in my opinion A LOT of people aren’t, so before anyone starts saying what this couple should do…ask yourself have you done it and then feel free to judge.

    And AGAIN, for those of you that don’t understand…Most insurance companies pay for a % of the fertility treatments , so lay off with the uninformed comments of “they have $ to pay for fertility treatments, but no $ to take care of their kids” comments…because you sound ignorant/stupid.

    And when was it okay to start telling people that they should have gotten selective reduction…This is abortion to some people and while some believe in it other people don’t! Don’t project your beliefs like that on people, it’s a slippery slope. That’s her body and you can’t just tell a woman to have an selective reduction/abortion if they don’t believe in it, and in this case I think it’s safe to say they don’t believe in that.

  85. original kate says:

    if they couldn’t afford 6 babies why did they have fertility treatments? i am tired of rewarding such reckless behavior by giving these families (gosselins, octomom, etc) money, free stuff, TV shows, etc. they’re like human puppy mills. try adoption for god’s sake. oh i know, you have to wait and it’s expensive but you have to wait for IVF, too, and at roughly $10,000 a pop it isn’t cheap. if the IVF takes then you have multiple babies to buy stuff for instead of 1. i don’t get it.

  86. Alexa says:

    #78 Blondie – THANK YOU!! Yes, I’m FREAKING OUT by all the harsh judgments. It must be all the saints reading this post today. Good thing – if they were mere mortals like us they might find themselves in trouble for judging like they have.

  87. Iggles says:

    @ caprice:
    For all of you saying she should have done selective reduction, you do realize that you’re suggesting that someone choose which babies they want to live and which ones to die, right?

    I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. However, until it’s born or can live outside the womb on it’s own it’s not a full person yet. It’s a potential baby.

    When you consider the health risks of trying to carry all 6 potential babies, may cause some to have life long problems, parents should consider what’s in the best interests of their children-to-be.

    Also, one should consider the quality of life of children they cannot afford to raise. Either A) don’t have so many, B) be willing to consider adoption so the each child will get the love and attention it deserves, or C) work your a** off to support your children financially.

    Some may say that’s harsh.

    However, I feel it’s ridiculous at the mere suggestion of option B drives some parents to anger. If you are unwilling to make hard / selfless choices for your kids you shouldn’t be a parent in my book.

  88. sparkle586 says:

    Meh. These people are not begging in the way that people are saying. It sounds like they are in over their heads and reaching out to their community for support. More than likely, the broader plea was and is being made by others on their behalf. They went in for 1 or 2 and came out with 6. As someone who has IVF twins, I can tell you emphatically that this is not the norm. Yes, there is a high possibility of multiples but not higher order multiples like six. Many of these comments are just flat out wrong. And for all those harping about fostering who have never themselves had THAT experience or who have never witnessed it first hand. That is nothing to be taken on lightly. Foster kids are often intensely damaged — especially the older ones. Most of them come from some of the worst situations and end up just being pawns in the foster-kids-for-money game. You’d be surprised at how many so-called loving foster parents only do it for the check and treat the kids like shit. I have seen it far too often. And even when those kids finally find good foster parents, it is most often a constant round of school discipline problems, physical violence, sexual inappropriateness and on and on and on (and thats not to even mention the constant merry go round of court hearings and guardians ad litem and all the other folk involved in the system who are an every day part of your life). It takes very very special people to be good foster parents — and they do exist in this world, but it is not for everyone and has nothing to do with a couple’s decision to seek fertility treatments.

  89. Mistral says:

    Cute kids, but for the love of humanity—keep these people off of TLC!!!!

    The last thing we need is another Kate monstrosity, or Jon n Kate circus. Those poor kids are going to use up all of their TLC earnings on therapy…

    Anyhow, I wish them luck and hope they find some donors in the community who are willing to help them out with some of the necessities…

  90. 6 says:

    Wow! Have we really become this selfish and judgemental of a society? I don’t know the Mcgee’s so how could I possibly sit back and judge these people so harshly. The comments about the one bedroom apartment are rediculous. Who hasn’t started out in an apartment then realize that you really need more space (in their case really, really). Really sad.

  91. Nobody says:

    Oh puhlueeeze!!! Fertility clinics need to do credit checks on these ppl and make sure they can afford to raise kids before putting a ton of embryos in them!!! If ppl can’t afford to raise kids they have no business getting IVF. If a couple can afford IVF which is VERY expensive they have no damn right to be asking for handouts!!! Everyone knows multiples are very common in IVF so be sure you can afford it AND have the space before you shell out $10,000 + for an IVF treatment. If all they can afford is a 1 bedroom they had no business bringing all those kids in the world until they could afford to take care of them. I have no sympathy for them or Octomom or any of these other IVF ppl with a ton of kids I feel sorry for the ppl who are so poor they don’t have $10,000 in a whole year, nevermind for 1 IVF treatment. IVF should be used responsibly!!!!!!!

  92. bubbles says:

    they are here! welcome little ones. they shouldn’t have to suffer because of the whatever people think of her paernt’s choices. I actually think that they are genuine. MAZEL TOV!

  93. ashleighlauren says:

    I wish people would stop offering adoption as a trade-off for birth children. I’m an adoption worker, and I’m a huge proponent of adoption, but it doesn’t resolve the grief associated with infertility. You can’t just pretend that babies are interchangeable.

    Having said that, foster care adoption in Michigan runs about $200/kid. It’s generally reimbursable. There are plenty of wonderful kids in foster care (currently 150,000 children legally free for adoption). Yes, many of them are older, but I get children under 3 on a pretty regular basis as well. For people considering foster care adoption, I’d strongly suggest you look at the resources offered by the Dave Thomas Foundation.

    @Bellaluna: Although I’m sure that your heart is in the right place, I do have one nitpick with your phrasing. Children in foster care are loved. Birth parents (almost always) love their kids. It isn’t a question of loving them; it’s a question of caring for them. The only reason that I’m picking on this tiny tiny issue in your post is that it can be really hurtful for my kids to hear stuff like that from adoptive parents because they know that their birth parents loved them.

  94. Jag says:

    Those babies are just gorgeous.

    The only thing I have to question is why she left her higher-pay-sounding job, rather than him leaving his, if it paid less?

  95. mojoman says:

    I agree, why did she leave a high paying job @JP Morgan (one of the best banking companies) and let her husband to support the whole troop? that just doesnt make sense to me..
    My sister earns more than my BIL and even before they plan for a child they make sure they save enough money for their future child’s education/best quality of life/expenses etc. My BIL even agree to quit his job to take care of the baby. This is what you call MATURITY and RESPONSIBILITY as prospect parents.

  96. fwozbo says:

    Me (post #57) and Delta Juliet (#59) have already asked that question about why he isn’t the stay at home dad and she isn’t back at Chase.

  97. Diva says:

    Do all of you people judging those of us who aren’t blessed enough to have children without help have any idea how hard it is to adopt? There are a hundred different reasons why adoption isn’t just snap-your-fingers easy! If I went through fertility treatments to be given the most wanted blessing in life and they told me I had 6 of them in there, you can bet your ass I wouldn’t decide at ANY point, but certainly not at the legal point, to just do away with a few of them! Not knowing that some or all of them may not make it! Are you f’ing SERIOUS with your sanctimonious judgements????

    Also, where are you people getting the information that this couple had IVF or transfered embryos???? The article said they used fertility enhancing drugs, which almost NEVER results in SIX babies. That means she hyperstimulated her ovaries and SIX eggs were released. The pregnancy occured NATURALLY, in that they had SEX and sperm fertilized sex eggs that had been released. This is nearly UNHEARD of in fertility enhancing medications, they might give you a higher chance of twins, possibly triplets, but the chances of anything more than that are next to nothing, so they weren’t being Octomom/Gosselin-irresponsible. Jesus.

  98. Jennifer says:

    I just LOVE the family photo. Very adorable and beautiful.

    I wish them all the best! (:

  99. Cleo says:

    Those aren’t just the best looking multiples but also the best looking babies I have seen in a looong time. OMG those babies are individually GORGEOUS. OMG OMG OMG. Good work, McGees. HOLEY MOLEY that’s good looking. HOLY CHRIST!

  100. Autumnstars says:

    I would never begrudge someone their desire to have a family, nor to choose not to terminate some of their growing embryos, regardless of their financial circumstances. As some one else pointed out, they used fertility DRUGS, probably Clomid, not IVF. The chance of sextuplets from a drug like Clomid is absolutely miniscule. Even twins are only a little bit more likely than without drugs. So I highly doubt that they were expecting to have this many babies.

    On a lighter note, I can’t even imagine how they managed to get that first picture! It’s hard enough to get one baby to chill out and hold still enough to get a good picture, much less six at once! They’re just gorgeous though. I wish them all the very best.

  101. Blondie says:

    #96 Alexa-Thank you for agreeing with me. It’s so disheartening to read these comments and see how cruel and judgemental they can be. People are acting like this was some unemployed couple of losers who financed IVF and now want others to support them. This was a TWO INCOME family. I would imagine they thought they could afford at least one or two children. And I don’t think THEY are asking for financial support from any and every one. I think they sought it out from their friends and the story has spread because kind hearted people want to solicit other kind hearted people to help this family. I will be donating. It might not be much but it will be something.

  102. Jaye E says:

    I love how a few posters have made the “welfare” assertion. Where in the article did it say that this family was on welfare? I’ll answer…nowhere. I wonder why people would make that assumption. (I’m being sarcastic, by the way)

    @Bellaluna…soooooo it’s this couple’s fault that Lily Allen lost her baby? Stop it. Just. Stop it.

  103. Blondie says:

    @108…yeah, we know EXACTLY why people are making that welfare assumption. Sad!

    I love how Bellaluna made the assumption that everyone was thinking it and they were the only LUNA with the nerve to say it. Ummm, newsflash, the two stories are totally unrelated.

  104. Maravilha says:

    I really feel for these babies, I wish the parents had thought about it more carefully!
    You guys in America have tough laws regarding benefits! I live in the UK and here the taxpayers pick up the bill for millions of families (most of them of single mothers) who have lots of kids! In most cases, the parent/parents have never worked a single day in their lives!! It is outrageous!

  105. Mrs Carter says:


  106. Meanchick says:

    Some of you looked at the people and immediately judged them! How dare you! I hope your nastiness is not based on race because no one blamed J&K for “asking for handouts.” They weren’t trying to have that many kids, it just happened and they didn’t have the heart to opt for selective reduction. Good for them! You hateful bastards need to go hug your own kids and then ask yourself the question again. How many people in general wait to afford kids before they have them? STFU!

  107. Melanie says:

    @Jackie – a correction to your comment that Octomom implanted 8 embryos. It’s worse than that, she actually transferred 12.

    My opinion is that it is reckless endangerment of these babies to have such a pregnancy. High order multiples have extraordinarily high rates of cerebral palsy, and many other problems. It’s is the epitome of selfishness to have so many babies at one time. Anyone that purposely endangers the health of their very own babies is sick. Reckless endangerment is a crime. In this case, there are six counts of reckless endangerment. Parents are supposed to care about their babies and make sacrifices, not selfish decisions.

  108. Martina says:

    What a pretty family portrait. The babies are so cute.

    I find that the companies and publicity for families of multiple babies comes quickly when the families are white. It’s true.

    There was a family in Texas who are black had 7 babies and they didn’t get help or publicity that came when the family in Iowa had 7 babies.

    I don’t want this family to sell/pimp out their family/babies for money and fame. It is not worth sacrificing the babies future and the love and support.

    I wish the family the very best health, happiness and in finding financial help.

    Hopefully, they will take the road of just being a family and avoid the ‘TLC’ train wreck of pimping out the kids for fame, ratings and money.

    No one should judge any couple who has multiple babies. It’s not as though they are like the Ocot-mom, or people who have a pretty good lifestyle then ask for help or pimp themselves on tv like a family that is on TLC.

  109. Martina says:

    I just watched the video that I overlooked.

    They didn’t even ask for help. Someone set up a Facebook page and good people just started helping out.

    The power of family and friends :)

  110. Jaye E says:

    @Melanie…how many times does it have to be clarified that NO ONE goes into fertility treatment expecting high multiples as high multiples are VERY RARE. This couple went into treatment (that was more than likely paid for by their insurance)more than likely expecting 1 or 2 babies. Stop accusing these people of doing something they had no control over. And before people start screaming about selective abortion, please understand that that is just not an option for some people, whatever their reasoning.

    What’s the weather like up on those high horses of yours?

  111. original kate says:

    “People always want to throw out adoption as if thats easier or less expensive. It’s not.”

    @ moore: no one is saying adoption is cheap, quick or easy. but IVF isn’t cheap, quick or easy either. and even though adoption is a costly process, at least you only have the expense of raising one or two kids, not a whole litter. one child or six -which is more expensive in the long run? and the fact that these two are living in a one bedroom apartment is ridiculous – maybe they should have gotten it together before doing these procedures.

  112. lava says:

    @bereal, I totally agree with you. Why isn’t anyone regulating these horrible IVF places? Yeah, great, another dumbass who thinks jesus is going to pay for her six fucking kids. Hey everyone, break out your wallets cause as usual it’s another irresponsible selfish couple looking for a handout. ****SHOCK****

  113. lena80 says:

    @ Original Kate…actually people in this post were saying that this couple should have adopted instead of having treatment. AGAIN, her insurance more than likely paid her treatment, this is something that is available through most insurance plans. I don’t understand why people aren’t getting this! I don’t want to come off like I’m attacking you, but did you even read the entire post before you commented?…it’s all been explained what most likely happened…I highly doubt this couple who live in a 1 bedroom had 40+ grand lying around to pay for multiple fertility treatments…it’s pretty obvious her insurance covered those costs.

    So yes you are correct that going through adoption would be a guarantee that only 1 child is cared for, however they didn’t have the $ for adoption and maybe they didn’t even want to adopt…some women want to experience being pregnant and giving birth and I will not judge her for that. Their situation with fertility treatments is extremely RARE. The most people usually get is 2 kids out of it…not 6! And I for one am NOT going to tell this woman what she should have done with her body (like some other women in this post), some women can have selective abortions and some women can’t. And something tells me that that most of the women commenting about how she should have had selective reduction would throw a fit if someone told them what they should do with their bodies!

    @ Lava….I don’t think you read through the post. IVF is regulated…they have no way of determining how many eggs will take when they do it, that is why the situation with this couple is making news…because it’s beyond RARE. Furthermore the couple didn’t ask you or anyone else for that matter to pay for their kids…their friends and family set it up for them because they weren’t planning on having more 2. She was working and had to quit to take care of her kids full time, so the whole thing was unexpected for them.

  114. Michele says:

    Before you respond negatively, think about it. If you wanted so badly to have children of your own and were unable to conceive and even lost twins due to premature labor… would you be able to choose what babies to TERMINATE?! Suppose they terminated all but one and that one didn’t make it, then they would be left wondering what if they hadn’t terminated the others… then their dream of having their own child would have come true. NEVER speak negatively of someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. You do not know how you would act in the same situation until you are in it. They are not exploiting their children like so many others. They are asking for the kindness of others to help them out. If you dont want to help then DONT but if there are people out there more fortunate and have the means to help someone in need, that is their decision! Shame on anyone who judges this family.

  115. Cathy says:

    Just to let some of you know, many, many adoptive parents do not pay for their own adoptions. They do fund raisers, apply for adoption grants or run raffles. Want to win a new IPad? Many familys have adopted 4 or more children without paying dime one of their own and they are proud of it. Check out any adoptions blogs and you will see how they do it. Many of these familys are adopting children with special needs but not all. I think it’s wonderful and I’ve donated to some.

    Can anyone find a listing phone or internet for “McGhee Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning” in Columbus or Gahanna, Ohio? Going to be heard to get more business without at least a phone listing. I don’t think the father plans on working for some time. I wish them the best but I would rather donate to the adopting and fostering families.

  116. Angie says:

    Cant believe how selfish and uncaring the majority of these posts are. The McGhees wanted a baby, couldnt concieve, tried fertility drugs and were blessed. Been on fertility treatments myself for 4 years now and no baby, I would love a pregnancy resulting in 6 babies. You cant say they are money grabbers or that they wanted handouts – they are the ones who will not sleep for longer than a few minutes a time for the next few years, the ones who will worry about health, education and whether or not (and with or without aid) they can properly support and love their 6 blessings. God bless them and love them and those of you who cant see beyond the help they are being given should be ashamed.

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  119. Amelia says:

    I’m so tired of the ‘why don’t you just adopt’ line. Why don’t YOU just adopt? For those of you snarking about ‘irresponsible people’ when you have no idea what you’re talking about allow me to enlighten you. Adoption seems like a wonderful option but it is NOT easier, better or cheaper than fertility treatments. In order to adopt you have to be the perfect couple in the perfect house in the perfect income bracket AND be able to afford it. Adoption can cost $20000-$50000 or MORE and your chances of getting an infant are pretty small. My husband and I battled infertility for seven years before finally concieving our daughter. We would have and still would be happy to adopt but in order to adopt we’d have to go through numerous home inspections, background checks, psych evals the list goes on and on and on. The red tape is so daunting and the whole process takes so long its a miracle anyone does it. People who have high order multiples after fertility treatments rarely concieve their children through IVF because no responsible fertility doctor will implant more than 2-3 embryos. What happens is those of us who cannot afford the $20000+ for IVF struggle for years with embarrassing medical appointments, failed attempts, miscarriages and heartache while trying to concieve ‘naturally’. Health insurance does not pay for any fertility treatments so infertile couples seek the cheapest methods. Enter clomid. Clomid simply causes a woman’s body to produce more eggs thereby increasing the odds of fertilization. The doctor tells the woman there is a ‘slight chance’ of concieving multiples ‘most likely twins’. There is no way to regulate how clomid affects each woman and no way to know or regulate how many eggs she’ll produce. So the desperate couple takes the drug and prays. Most have only one child. These are not irresponsible overbreeders. These are people whohave longed for a family their entire married life and have tried and tried to concieve ONE child. If health insurance covered IVF and regulated the number of embryos and sessions insurance would cover they would save themselves the millions they end up shelling out on the care of high order multiple preemies. People who get pregnant just by laying on their backs long enough have right to judge those who have work to concieve their children. My congrats to this lovely family