John Travolta announces name for his soon-to-be-born son


Star Magazine claims they got an exclusive interview with John Travolta, and that he told them what he and Kelly Preston are going to name their soon-to-be-born son. Allegedly, the baby’s name with be Benjamin. Ben Travolta. Benji Preston Travolta, perhaps. It’s kind of cute. Better than L. Ron Travolta, I guess. (L’Ron Travolta would be good though.) But here’s a question: why is Travolta giving exclusive interviews to the same publication that had an article about his hairpiece refrigeration unit, housing 102 toupees?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have chosen a name for their soon-to-be born baby boy: It’s Benjamin!

In a world exclusive interview, John revealed to Star the baby’s name and said that Kelly, 48, is due to give birth in three weeks. As Star has reported, John is in Australia to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Qantas airline. John flew his personal Boeing 707 to Sydney for the event.

John and Kelly already have a daughter named Ella Bleu, 10. They lost their 16-year-old son Jett after he suffered a fatal seizure in January 2009.

[From Star Magazine]

Good for them, I guess. But the countdown stuff has got to end. Kelly has been really big for a while, so my guess is that she’s going to go into labor very soon, or maybe she just needs to get a new pillow (joking). Anyway, remember how Kelly and John are the official keepers of everything Xenu-related, and thus, they are going to adhere to the whole Scientologist “silent birth” thing? Here’s another question: at what point in the post-natal time frame can the mother speak? Like, can she hold her newborn son and say “I pronounce you Benjamin L’Ron Travolta!” or will that scar the baby’s soul just as much as childbirth screaming?


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Vee says:

    You will never convince me Kelly is pregnant. I have no respect for John or Kelly. They have been living a lie for years. Poor kids.

  2. Lady D says:

    She’s 48? Wow. I really hope her and baby stay healthy.

  3. Rita says:

    I find it strange that a star of John’s caliber would give an exclusive to Star. It’s also strange that naming your son Ben would warrent this much attention but I hope all are happy and healthy.

  4. Girafe99 says:

    I never knew that there was doubt over her pregnancy. Sad if that is true. Does Scientology have a thing about adoption?

  5. Nanea says:

    So JT gave an exclusive to Star, to distract people from the fact that he’s gone to Australia for 10 days. What a good father-to-be, to leave his wife to deal with the final days of her “pregnancy” on her own!

    Or will they wait with announcing the new addition to their family till he’s back?

  6. Julbug says:

    They forgot to say exactly WHO is giving birth in 3 weeks.

  7. photo jojo says:

    I’m with Vee. I don’t believe she’s pregnant. The Travoltas creep me right the hell out.

  8. e-non says:

    amazing how her face isn’t puffing up, esp considering how ‘big’ she is.

    how do you live such a profound public lie like this. it’s fascinating.

  9. Madisyn says:

    Is she really 48? I know its possible but highly improbable to be pregnant at 48.

  10. Anti-icon says:

    Gosh I hope the best for them. Just looking at the photo, John does not look good, his color is not good. Kelly does look good.

  11. LadyBea says:

    According to a wikipedia article (, good little Scientology babies should not be subjected to sounds for the first seven days of life.

    Silent birth? Silence for the first 7 days? That’s got to impede the bonding process between mother and baby. But the lack of bond between mother and child (and father and child) probably helps the child strongly identify with the Scientology cult.

  12. hellen says:

    I still say, let’s get a good look at her ankles. Swollen ankles (or not…) ought to tell us everything.

    Saw some tabloid with “Surrogate Mther!” claims yesterday, but can’t for the life of me remember which one.

  13. HotPockets says:

    I agree Vee. This woman is not pregnant, which doesn’t really bother me, but why lie about it? Why not adopt or admit your having a baby via surrogate? I find it pretty strange these people would go to such lengths to fake a pregnancy and make sure it gets tabloid attention.

    I know a lot of people find it deplorable that we are skeptical of her pregnancy, but they are a HUGE part of Scientology, those people do not abide by the same moral codes normal folks do.

  14. whitedaisy says:

    Her hand under the fake belly in every photo to emphasize the “reality” of her pregnancy is just ridiculous.

    Maybe John is picking up the surrogate in Australia to bring her back to LA.

  15. Sarah says:

    Usually, I tend to believe celebs who say they are pregnant. First time, I’ve ever smelled something fishy was that ultra long and huge pregnancy of Katie Holmes, but okay… whatever. Different father. But this time, I am really absolutely convinced that Kelly and John are faking the whole thing. First up… 48???? Geez! But okay… still okay. What’s really pulled that last straw was that very picture above. If that women is pregnant, I’ll eat my left shoe. She has absolutely SKINNY arms and no pregger face whatsoever, she looks like the regular Kelly but with a big pillow under her dress. If you’re going to be that huge, you should at least show some signs in your face and on your arms as well. I do know there are women out there who have just a big belly and nothing else gets “swollen” during their pregnancy. I do know that! Still… those boobs and that belly she is showing aren’t in no way possible compared to those skinny arms and chin. I am deeply sorry for Kelly and John who are apparently desperatly feel the need to live that lie. Another proof that money can’t buy you happiness and love.

  16. Awkward Turtle says:

    To be honest, getting told that I’m named after L. Ron would scar my soul at any point in my life.

  17. Po says:

    This whole thing is just so weird.

  18. alejandro says:

    Giving an exclusive to a tabloid is usually done as a trade off so they will nix an unflattering story. See Matt LeBlanc doing an interview with one of the tabs so they would hold off on reporting on his affair(s).

  19. CB Rawks says:

    L’Ron would be thoroughly awesome! I nearly drowned in iced coffee, reading that. :D

  20. Whatever says:

    I read back when Suri was born that they put the baby in a quiet, dark room alone for 24 hours and come in only to feed it. I forget what it is called, but there is limited contact between the mother and baby for the first 24 hours. Sounds barbaric and pretty much totally against nature/instinct.

    “Giving an exclusive to a tabloid is usually done as a trade off so they will nix an unflattering story. See Matt LeBlanc doing an interview with one of the tabs so they would hold off on reporting on his affair(s).”

    This is so true. Tiger Woods also gave a big interview to a sister magazine of one of the tabloids, so they would sit on the mistress story. This was about a year or so before the story broke, so they do trade silence for other ‘exclusives’.

  21. e-non says:

    abandoning a newborn for the first hours of its life? imagine the hold this evil cult must have that a woman would submit to this crap.

  22. maria says:

    She looks really good for 48. That is the only nice thing I can say.

  23. CTx22 says:

    Donor egg – while it is not unheard of that a woman of 47 gets pregnant on her own – it is very unlikely that it happened without the use of donor eggs.

  24. Grace says:

    I don’t remember what Kelly looked like the last two times she was pregnant, so I have no idea if the lack of a puffy face or the skinny arms are a sign she’s not really pregnant.

    But haven’t any of you seen a pregnant woman who has skinny arms? Celine Dion and Angelina Jolie both has stick thin arms and faces that weren’t puffy and they both had twins. It does happen.

  25. Marjalane says:

    A: I’m astounded that there aren’t 20 different posters who hotly claim that they had ten babies after the age of 48 and their arms, ankles and face NEVER got fat, and

    B: Even if this is their biological child, there is no friggin way on earth little Ben was conceived naturally, and I hope there has been some counseling for them because this whole child replacement thing is sad and pathetic.

  26. texasmom says:

    I’ve been pregnant at 40, and trust me, it isn’t pretty. Lots of swelling. I can’t comment on Ms. Preston without a view of the hands or feet!

  27. Dana says:

    I’m still ovulating and having regular periods at 48, and don’t take any chances regarding birth control!

    She doesn’t look pregnant, though, I agree about that! No swelling at all in late pregnancy?? Hmmm….

  28. Jag says:

    @whitedaisy ~ I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there! They’re going to have an Aussie baby, imo.

  29. Sarajane says:

    Uh, really? Why lie about being pregnant? Okay, has everyone forgotten what happened when SJP & Simba announced they were using a surrogate? Her home was broken in to (by cops, right?) and the offending parties tried to sell sh*t to the tabs. It was a mess. If I were a huge celebrity and I was using a surrogate, I sure as hell wouldn’t announce it to the world and then wait for the woman who’s carrying my child to be stalked, harassed and violated. But, that’s just me.

  30. Malorie says:

    @Sarajane: Well then, you could just be quiet about it and announce it when the baby is already there, instead of faking a pregnancy.

  31. Po says:

    To piggyback on Malorie’s point, Kelly Preston has been very low key for years. Even after the death of their child you didn’t see very many tabloid shots of her and if I think about it the only shots I have seen of her now have been arranged at parties. If it was about hiding something she could have just stayed out of the press. I don’t think this is about protecting anyone’s privacy. If it is she is going about it all wrong.

  32. bellaluna says:

    Xenu must be rolling through the stratosphere! Finally, a normal name for a Travolta child (arriving on the heels of Jett and Ella Bleu).

  33. sickofit says:

    these two really scare me. see the look in their eyes? and JT skin color is like grey, gosh, scientologie really gets people on the right track
    *cougcough* or not so

  34. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    She’s pregnant… question is by who?

  35. omondieu says:

    It’s understandable that they’d fake a pregnancy. This year, a lot of unsavory stories about John’s homosexual affairs have emerged once again. Faking an entire pregnancy is their attempt to prove that John is totally straight, and that the two of them are indeed sexually active.

    Announcing that they were using a surrogate would:

    a) further feed rumors that he is gay, and

    b) look really sketchy in light of the recent death of their son (a CHOICE to find and use a surrogate would make it look as though they were trying to replace their son, but an unexpected pregnancy resulting from natural intercourse makes the whole thing look like a “happy mistake”, a sign from above that this was meant to happen, etc.).

  36. Malorie says:


    a) I know many people who are gay and have had children with their wives. That doesn´t mean that they are less gay, that means they try to live inside the closet.

    b) Unexpected pregnancy at the age of 48? I´m 35 and doctors already tell me how difficult it is when you are my age to get pregnant… Most of my friends (which are my age) have had IVF to be able to have a child. I´m talking about healthy women!

    c) Why fake a pregnancy when everybody already thinks it´s fake?

    Unfortunately, rumors will continue, no matter what the truth is (that´s why they are called rumors). One should not fake a pregnancy in order to get rid of rumors.

  37. Hollowdoll says:

    I don’t think she’s really pregnant either. I’m guessing she didn’t realize how many people wouldn’t believe it. They don’t exactly live in the real world.

  38. Fire says:

    I totally thought she was supposedly pregnant with twins….where did i hear that?

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    1. For birth control purposes women are considered fertile until they are 50 years of age and told to use precautions accordingly.

    2. With hormone replacement therapy, a woman in her 40′s and 50′s is well able to carry a baby to term.

    3. They could have used a donor egg, or harvested Kelly’s eggs and screened them prior to in vitro fertilization.

    4. In vitro fertilization requires no actual sex act between the man and the woman.

  40. Westcoaster says:

    The fact that they are giving their son a normal name is what shocks me. Considering some of the strange names celebrities have given their children

  41. Bobby the K says:

    It’s funny that there seem to be more questions regarding this pregnancy then Sarah Palin’s tale of Trig’s birth, which we never seem to hear about.
    Which is odd because Her Grizzlyness seems to milk the sh1t out of all her other accomplishments.

  42. Ruffian9 says:

    JT just does NOT look happy in any of the “We’re pregnant!!!” photos. Poor guy really looks trapped.

  43. luls says:

    Doesnt anybody seem to notice they have this sad, dead look in their eyes…?! especially Kelly.

  44. travotafans says:

    Who gives a damn if it’s not a true pregancy? The reality is God has allowed them to have new life! New hope. New joy. My God, you heartless bastards, they lost an autistic son with epilepsy in a way none of you could imagine. Imagine getting woken up from a sleep to hear you son had just hit his head and was unconscious? You assholes! Be happy for them. I for one don’t give a damn if John had gay sex. I dont’ care if their church is covering up something. What do you expect them to do? Come out and say John had gay sex? Well, if he did, okay, haven’t we all done bad things we’d like to cover up? Havent’ we all needed mercy, love and forgiveness? Let God heal this marriage and family. Wish them well.