Johnny Depp demanded that his sex scene with Angelina be cut from ‘The Tourist’


From what I can see, this story was originally reported in The National Enquirer, and everyone is picking it up now. According to sources, Johnny Depp demanded that a sexy shower love scene be cut out of The Tourist, all because he didn’t want to piss off his lover/baby-mama/partner, Vanessa Paradis. This goes along with those reports earlier in the year that Vanessa was pissed that Johnny was working with Angelina Jolie, and Vanessa was afraid Jolie would “steal” Johnny. According to some report, Paradis even tried to “order” Depp to withdraw from the movie.

In any case, Depp didn’t “pull out” and he and Angelina filmed the whole thing together, sex scenes and all. And the studio is so pleased with the film that they brought the release date ahead for December, months before it was supposed to be released. But Vanessa has allegedly won one small victory – she got Johnny to ask that his explicit shower sex scene was cut from the film:

Featuring Angelina Jolie in a naked embrace with Johnny Depp, it was expected to be the steamy highlight of new crime thriller The Tourist. But it appears that Depp’s long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis has won a battle to axe the sexually explicit scene, in which the A-list pair were to writhe together in a shower.

French singer Paradis, 37, who has two children by the actor, was so distressed over the script’s ­passionate theme that she begged Depp to pull out of the project, according to a Hollywood source.

‘She put pressure on Johnny and finally he said he wanted the shower scene out,’ the source told The Mail on Sunday. ‘He told the producers it cheapened the movie and I am assured that his wishes are being honoured.’

According to a copy of the script leaked to New York celebrity magazine Life & Style, Depp, 47, plays American tourist Frank Taylor who seduces Interpol agent Cara Mason, played by Jolie, 35. The script says that after walking into the shower, Taylor ‘lifts Cara against the glass, clutching at her slithery body, kissing her frantically. Cara later turns abruptly to Frank and presses her body against his. He’s taken by surprise but willingly responds. . . wrapping his arms around her.’

After learning of the scene, Paradis ‘wanted him right out of the production’, the source said.

‘Angelina comes with a reputation. She stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston when they were shooting Mr & Mrs Smith together.’

Depp, who has lived with Paradis for 12 years, resisted her pleas. ‘But he gave in over the shower scene,’ the insider said. ‘It would have been highly embarrassing for Vanessa. When Angelina learned he wanted it out, she wanted Johnny to reconsider, but he got his way.’

A spokesman for Depp did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for producers Sony ­Pictures said: ‘I have not heard that the scene was cut. I will have to look into it.’

The Tourist is due for release in America next month.

[From The Daily Mail]

The Enquirer’s version is somewhat similar, although there is less emphasis on Vanessa “begging” Johnny to not “embarrass” her by nailing Angelina on film. Instead, the Enquirer claims that Johnny felt like the shower scene “cheapened” the sexual tension that they had on film. They also say that Angelina protested to Johnny on the phone, and then petitioned the studio executives to keep the scene in, but no go. Who knows, though? This could just be some bullsh-t scandal to help the film when it comes out in a month.

Here’s the second trailer for The Tourist:




Photos courtesy of Fame – promotional images from ‘The Tourist’.

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  1. NayNay says:

    Angie certainly has a reputation around Hollywood. I can understand Depp’s girlfriend wanting the scene to be cut, but honestly, I would have liked to see that steamy action between the two of them.

  2. lilred says:

    I like the choker she’s wearing.I hardly think that the shower sex scene is that integral to the plot,if it is it’s gonna be an awful movie IMO.

  3. Beth says:

    Yes, because all Angie has to do is lift her eyebrow and he’ll leave the mother of his children for her. I actualy find Vanessa gorgeous and exotic, her and Johnny seem happy together, so I doubt she gives a toss about a shower scene.

  4. Me1st says:

    and we are supposed to believe this? These people are not tabloid talkers

  5. Lucinda says:

    These are two of my favorite actors but I don’t think I will go see the movie because there is absolutely no chemistry in the trailers. I suspect the sex scene would have felt awkward. It’s disapointing really because I thought this would be great.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    if the scene in question was gratuitous and (as lilred said) not integral to the plot, then it probably WOULD have cheapened the movie.

    I always appreciate it when a director doesn’t include gratuitous violence or sex in a movie. When it’s there, it’s so obvious and I think “well, THAT scene was included solely to attract viewers and could have very easily been left out.”

    but who knows if this story has ANY truth to it?

  7. Girafe99 says:

    Why do it in the first place, I mean it might not be in the final cut but by taking it off, it’s giving it a status it probably wouldn’t have had if they left in the film. Everyone will probably be scrabbling to get the missing shot out there.

    Its probably just a PR stunt. having said all that.

  8. carrie says:

    i don’t believe this gossip because in Polanski’s movie, Depp asked to film his sex scene without his partner

  9. coucou says:

    I am glad to see the lack of “Oohs” and “Aahs” people! It shows that we are not all of us publicity lemmings.

    Here’s what amazes me, that these two would even make a movie like this after what happened with Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    Why? Not because it would garner speculation…but quite the opposite…we all know that lightening doesn’t strike twice, especially in Hollywood.

    Yep…jaded…Angie…Johnny…and now us…but you know, maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe now we can just watch a movie, with two actors, who are doing a job, gettin’ paid, and going home to their real lives, moving past the trite and inevitable public murmurs and whisperings…

    All this blah blah blah, man, i’m so over it, and if we’re over it, imagine how over it they are?

    So, uh, i seriously doubt Vanessa could even give 2 shites about this. I sure the hell wouldn’t if i were her. Hell no. I’d be booking my next massage, planning my next party on the Med. Booyow.

  10. Maritza says:

    The movie looks interesting although you can tell these two have no chemistry together.

  11. Hautie says:

    I just am not feeling his look in the film. It is the hair. The weird crunchy looking waves/curls. And why does he look 30 pounds heavier?

    I just hate when hot guys… fight their hotness.

  12. Moreaces says:

    Well, they still actually do the scene, so why bother to cut it now,, its not like it never happened,, Im sure there is zero truth to this story, as with most of the stories involving AJ

  13. Roxanne75 says:

    Ha! They already did the scene, what’s the difference? Isn’t the damage already done. Plus, I doubt this is true.

    And does Vanessa realize Angelina is a mother of 6!!!!

  14. Raven Sparrow says:

    Man, I love him !!!! He is soooooo sexy. Vanessa is one lucky chick.

  15. Trillion says:

    Vanessa’s French. Meaning she’s probably not hung up about it.

  16. wonderful says:

    This is obvious media manipulation. Now people will see the movie to find out whether or not it features that scene. It is completely possible that the scene never existed in the first place. Who cares, really.

  17. Sarah says:

    Can I please have a copy of that scene??? lol

  18. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL…I can’t even start or I will never stop…

    I am just in love with Angie’s styling. I am so in love with all that pictures. I that that one of Angie wearing that diamond choker seating on the boat with those bedroom eyes, should be my new pic. :D Angie looks stunning.

    I really hate JD’s hair, he would have looked a lot better with his hair in a normal length. My gawd he is giving serious Shirley Temple vibes.

  19. wunderkindt says:

    Johnny’s sexy shower scene cut?
    No! No! No!

  20. Iggles says:

    Won’t see this movie. There’s no chemistry between them. And Johnny looks bloated. He also has bad hair. No thanks!

  21. Samantha says:

    Vanessa has always seemed like a confident woman without any worries in regards to Depp. I hate that since Angelina is in this movie, suddenly she becomes this clingy whiny insecure child. I don’t believe any of it.

  22. Henriette says:

    Johnny’s lost what little Hot he ever had. Bloated. Kind of looks like Barry Gibb circa 1977, but not as cute.

  23. Sally G says:

    I don’t think Angelina ever has chemistry with her co-stars, and that includes Brad.

  24. lio says:

    French people tend to be less prude than American, so I bet VP wouldn’t care even if AJ was to give a blow job on screen to her husband. And since we are far away from that (kissing her “frantically” and than wrapping his arms around her…yeah, how shocking…), I don’t believe it.
    And VP recently played in a French movie with Romain Duris, who is super-hot. So I’m not really sure who should be more jalous in the Paradis-Depp household ;-)

  25. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    That’s my man!! I dont know if this story is true or not, dont care really except I would like to think that if Johnny’s girl asked him to do something for her as to not embarass her, and he does it, then, that is quite a man.

    That is why I love him so. :)

  26. sharylmj says:

    not true story.. Both families were together during the shooting of this movie, I SERIOUSLY doubt that Vanessa caused the scene to be pulled. It was probably pulled because it was weird and awkward.. like others have said.. these two have no chemistry.. it happens

  27. Hmm says:

    Please don’t take any notice of the Daily Mail. They are worse than the National Enquirer. They take stories from other sites (any site they find) and make them into something they are not. They rarely get anything right.

    When they run out of ideas, they take old interviews, paste them together then run it as something they have just been told.

  28. Bopa says:

    Angie isn’t johnnys type. He’s more of a pixie free spirit type of guy. Angie is a dark gloomy type of person.

  29. danielle says:

    They both look horrible in this trailer – she looks way 80s and emaciated, he looks pudgy. There chemistry in the trailer is…weird. I think they may have a bomb on their hands, sex scene or no sex scene. And I don’t believe Paradis flipped out over a scene.

  30. mslewis says:

    These two couples spent major time together during the filming and Vanessa left Venice a couple weeks before filming ended. If she was so “afraid” of Angelina, she would not have done that. This is yet another ridiculous story that certain people will believe. I don’t see Vanessa being afraid of Angelina and I don’t see Vanessa begging for the scene to be cut. What would be the point? The scene was already filmed; why would she get upset about it now? Doesn’t make sense.

    I’m excited about this film. Can’t wait for the release. I’ll be in the theatre the first weekend to see it.

  31. mln says:

    Vanessa is a french movie star I am betting she’s done love scenes that could make Angie blush. I call bullshit.

  32. devilgirl says:

    I am sure I read that Depp gained weight for the role in The Tourist. I have seen him since the filming and he looks like his old self.

  33. grlfromcanada says:

    I am so sick of Angie being called a “husband stealer”. If Brad had been happy with Jen at the time, nothing and no one could have pried them apart. He wanted to be with Angie plain and simple….THE END!!!

  34. Po says:

    I vote for bs story. I haven’t seen a commercial for a Jolie movie that I would want to go see in several years. I think I’m just a bit bored with seeing the same old actors playing the same roles.

  35. ziggy says:

    jolie didn’t ‘steal’ anyone. these lame guys can’t stick to a committed relationship, see some sexy siren and go for it. it takes two people to create a relationship. seems people want to endow jolie with some mystical power to take another woman’s man. regardless of what he’s thinking with, a man does make a conscious decision as well.

  36. Anti-icon says:

    This sounds a little fake to me….but, for the spirit of gossip, I’ll say this: I like a man (and a movie star) to choose home over work. To choose wife over star; and to choose how to be a good dad. This seems OK. The movie won’t suffer, if it’s true. (I doubt there was ever any sexy scene.)

  37. Cheyenne says:

    OMFG, this story is bullshit in so many ways I don’t know where to begin. Just the fact that it came from the Daily Mail is enough to toss it into the BS file. I’d bet a dollar to a donut hole that shower scene was never filmed at all. And Vanessa Paradis seems to be far too secure in her relationship with Depp to feel threatened because he was filming a movie with any other woman, including Angelina Jolie.

  38. Mara says:

    Yeah, no way do I believe this. Maybe the scene is cut, maybe it’s not, but no way do I believe this was the reasoning behind it.

    Both of those bottom pictures of Angelina are awesome. She looks fabulous in every shot so far from this film. I thought Johnny looked a LOT better and more like himself in this trailer. To the point that I’m wondering what the hell happened in the first one.

    It was too choppy for me to really tell if they have much chemistry. IMO He’s not really the instantly smoking hot type in love scenes that translates well to trailers like this. He’s more of a simmering hot.

  39. GatsbyGal says:

    Ugh, good. I just CAN’T buy Jolie and Depp together romantically. And really…as much as I love him, I don’t want to see him in some tawdry sex scene. Shower sex? Are you kidding me? So trashy. Hooray for Depp for saving this movie. Maybe I’ll actually see it now.

  40. bros says:

    can actors even demand that their filmed scenes are removed from the final movie? is that even possible?

  41. Whatever says:

    I vote BS too. Why get pissed and insist it be cut months AFTER the scene was shot? Makes no sense at all.

  42. Lauren says:

    Ummmmm, I don’t believe anything anymore unless it actually comes from the actor’s mouth or a reputable source. The tabloids are just fishing for some new scandal involving Jolie to sell their rags. It’s so obvious.

  43. citmyway says:

    She is beautiful! I was just looking at these pictures and thought “who wouldn’t sleep with her if given the chance?” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not fan but you can’t deny that beauty! and lets face it, poor ole Vanessa is not the prettiest color in the box!!

  44. Confuzzle says:

    So they’re desperate to stir up some ‘controversy’ about this? Means the movie is a dud and in need of free marketing to recoup costs.

  45. Annicka says:

    I think really explicit sex scenes cheapen any movie. Granted, I don’t think this will be anything fantastic, but I haven’t watched anything with Angelina Jolie since Taking Lives because it started out so great, and it kept on being great until the sex scene which just.. Honestly, it killed the movie for me.

    Plus I think her hotness is long gone. She needs to gain some weight to return to her former glory because right now she’s looking like a skeleton in a brown wig with an overinflated tire on it’s mouth.

  46. guesty says:

    imo they both look like awful in this movie soo…meh.

  47. sandy says:

    angelina, she is just so beautiful, he really cares for his mate.

  48. Dannnii says:

    He probably wanted it pulled cause it didn’t look great in terms of acting/directing/the film etc. This happens quite often in film.
    I cannot believe how it is being spun. His wife doesn’t give a crap about other people he works with.

  49. Bobby the K says:

    If they are really moving up the release date then that gives them even less time to promote it.

    I would expect to see more ‘leaks’ from their marketing team, I mean anonymous sources.

  50. Raven says:

    Depp’s character was supposed to be heavy set so he gained weight. As far as the scene being cut because Paradis was upset, this really is BS. If she had been really concerned and jealous, she would have fought to have the scene cut out of the script and not filmed in the first place. The issue for a jealous person isn’t that we see it, it is that they did it. They are all professionals and all seem happy with their respective partners.

  51. The Bobster says:

    No nudity? Well, I won’t be watching that flick.

  52. Cheyenne says:

    Now I KNOW this story is bullshit. The movie was always set to be released in December. Do the tabloid editors really think people are that stupid?

  53. dorothy says:

    Oh yeah, I would pay big bucks for a movie ticket to see Mr. Depp naked.

  54. Dee Vine says:

    Maybe the shower scene was cut cos after viewing, a bloated man and a frozen twig doing it in the shower had no sex appeal at all.

  55. Brittney says:

    It’s called professionalism. Sex scenes between two fictional personas don’t embarrass anyone’s real-life partners, especially if they’ve been together this long. I wish tabloids would stop trying to pit females against one another.

  56. Canuck says:

    They’ve used a body double for AJ for the last couple of films when it came to nude scenes. She’s gotten so underweight that it’s a no brainer that they would do the same for this. Any nude sex scenes in the film would have been shot with a body double.

    I call total BS.

  57. Majosha says:

    I was subjected to the trailer for this movie a few weeks ago in the theater, and it looked God awful. My husband and I were both snickering by the end. But maybe I’ve got it all wrong and it will be a masterpiece. HA.

  58. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Dee Vine: You are so right.

    This reeks of PR “leak” to get some buzz on the film since they moved up the release date. It’s a very cheap ploy (there may or may not be a steamy shower sex scene between these two! Go see it to find out!) and I would think if the movie was good they wouldn’t have to go this route.

    They look like they have zero chemistry and the story sounds awful. Count me out of this one.

    EDIT: Majosha I saw a trailer for this in a theater as well and there were more than a few snickers and giggles.

  59. DD says:

    I don’t know, Angelina has become so modest these past several years that I highly doubt she’d be up for a gratuitously nude sex scene. I don’t think she’d be comfortable doing that, seeing to how much she’s changed and how conservative she always looks now. Has she even done significant nudity in any of her movies in the past 6 years?

  60. Trashaddict says:

    First version out to DVD, get some $.
    Next, sell the “uncut, director’s version”! Add in shower scene. More $.

  61. texasmom says:

    They do seem to have zero chemistry. Does anyone else think she looks very abstractedly sexy and glamorous like a 007 girl?

  62. AJ says:

    Why on earth would JD do this film? Wrong wrong wrong.

  63. la chica says:

    bull crap. somebody’s trying to piss on Angie. if the scene is awesome, it would help sell the movie. if he didn’t want the scene in, he would not have filmed it.

    besides, Vanessa Paradis is no quaking wall flower. this rumor is beyond offensive to both women.

  64. Mouse says:

    If this is true, I seriously doubt Vanessa had anything to do with it. Johnny probably thought the scene was crap and wasn’t happy with it. There is zero chemistry between these two, and it’s painfully obvious. Whoever did the casting did a lousy job.

    @DeeVine = Ha, right on.

  65. filthycute says:

    Oh, gooood for him. But I bet he had a lot of fun filming it.

  66. My2Cents says:

    Her beauty is intoxicating.

  67. blasted says:

    I certainly hope this rumor proves false. I would hate to think that my (what do they call it instead of “spouse”?), oh yes, “partner” would demand anything of me regarding my profession. Johnny’s girlfriend needs to shut up and sit down when it comes to Johnny’s work. I think a sex scene would be great between these Jolie/Depp. If this rumor proves true: 1. I won’t pay to see the film. 2. Johnny needs to grow a pair & kick that haggy little chick to the curb.

  68. Jag says:

    Don’t like the lack of chemistry between them. Had there been a hot shower scene, it might’ve swayed me to see the film. Strange that it’s supposedly being cut now, because as others have said, the “damage” has been done and Johnny didn’t leave to be with Angelina. I’m sure that it’ll be leaked at some point, if it exists.

  69. Lia says:

    If Depp would leave his longtime girlfriend over a smut scene he filmed with Jolie, he isn’t worth keeping. I would assume he had more class than that, but Paradis obviously knows him better than any of us, so she must think he’s capable of being a snake. Oh, well…. those silly Hollywood folks…

  70. Sassy says:

    I call bullshit. Vanessa doesn’t seem like someone who would care who her man makes out with on screen DOING HIS JOB. Second, why would SHE have any power to have a scene pulled? I can see one of the actors making suggestions (in this case, like I said, BULLSHIT) to the director and/or producer but ultimately, wouldn’t it be their decision, not the actor(s) and certainly not the actor’s spouse/SO.

    No doubt it’s a way to hype up the film so people will go see it to find out IF the scene is there or not.

  71. Newbie says:

    DeeVine: soooo funny! If this is true, then I just gained back some respect for JD. It doesn’t matter if it’s his job. When your wife or girlfriend says she’s not comfortable (assuming it happened that way), then it’s a good thing to listen to her. Shows that he cares a lot more about Vanessa than he does about work. He’s such a big actor, I don’t think removing a sex scene is going to hurt his career at all. Though I really wish he hadn’t done this ridiculous film in the first place…

  72. tracking says:

    I’m with Trillion and lio. I highly doubt a sophisticated Frenchwoman would give a second thought to a sex scene filmed for a movie.

    Just another dumb PR stunt associated with la Jolie. Despite the reputation of the actors involved, good luck getting anyone to care about this chemistry-free fare.

  73. lily says:

    No shower sex scene was ever filmed. A friend of mine worked in the production of this. So this is a tab lie.

  74. donna says:

    Right, vanessa is jealous of Angelina right, anyone seen ang lately she looks like a bony clown. I highly doubt VP is jealous of angelina.

  75. WhoDat says:

    Lets make a note of all the “no-chemistry-there” folks so we can laugh in your faces when this movie comes out and the Jolie-Depp pairing turns out to be one of the great screen pairings of all time (falling just below the Jolie-Pitt pairing, of course).

    Because obviously, you guys know sooooo much more than Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

  76. lucy2 says:

    I’m doubting this, that Vanessa would make a stink about it, or even if she did, that the studio would edit their film because of the opinion of one star’s partner. Come on. Plus it’s a PG13 film, which I’m suspecting they did because Depp has a younger fan base also.
    I don’t think that big poufy updo is a good look for Jolie. There’s something Disney cartoon villain/old lady about it. But her eye makeup in the hood shot looks good.

    I saw a commercial the other night, it looks OK, nothing great. Even though I’m a big Depp fan, I’ll probably just get it on DVD, to see him and the locations.

  77. bizzy says:

    angelina’s so not interested in johnny — johnny’s already johnny, if you see what i mean. angelina likes a project. i don’t actually think she’s interested in moving on from brad at all, but if she was, she’d be looking at a fixer-upper, not johnny depp.

  78. LT says:

    It pains me that JD is doing a movie w/ AJ. I just cannot stand her and not for the “homewrecking” blahblahblah – she just irritates me.

    Johnny is gorgeous though. Those eyes… Swoon.

  79. Kim says:

    PLLEEAASE just because Angelina cheated with 1 guy doesnt mean she is going to go after every guy. I think Vanessa is WAY more secure than caring about a sex scene her husband did for a movie. After all he did the scene – that is the part she would have cared about not happening period. Once it was filmed why would she care if aired?

  80. Sar says:

    Im also doubting this – the name of AJ’s character in the Daily Mail article is Cara, yet in the movie her character’s name is Elise. If the gossip writer’s cant even fact check something as simple as the characters….

  81. archiepelago says:

    Kerrrrist, that press release is written like a bad bodice ripper. ‘Steamy highlight of the movie?’ Puhlease. I’m kind of glad to hear this anyway. Since Angelina Jolie got skeletal, I have the ‘do not want’ button poised over any sex scene, not to mention Depp looks like hell in the stills I have seen. Maybe Jolie succubus’d the good looking out of him when he rejected her home wrecking advances?

  82. bnmbjh says:

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  83. sammygirl says:

    A beautiful super model jealous of an aging, spent, loon? I think not.