Kate Middleton & Prince William’s first sit-down interview: how did they do?


Earlier, I mentioned that I had never heard Kate Middleton’s voice, and some commenters were good enough to point me in the direction of a few YouTube clips of her saying various things. From those clips, I thought Kate’s voice sounded surprisingly nasal, and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Now William and Kate have sat down for their “engagement interview” – and Kate’s voice sounds different. It’s like she’s taken diction classes – she sounds like she’s trying to sound posh. Also – this talking out of the side of one’s mouth thing has got to stop. It’s The Katie Holmes Syndrome. Here are some highlights from the interview clips I could find – the sit-down part of the interview starts at around 6:30…

William on Kate filling his mother’s shoes: “It’s about carving your own future. No one is trying to fill my mother’s shoes.”

Giving Middleton, 28, his mother’s engagement ring “is my way of keeping her close to it all,” he said. His mother was killed in a car crash in 1997, the year after she and William’s father, Prince Charles, divorced.

“I would love to have met her,” Middleton said. “She was an inspirational woman.”

Of their wedding, the prince, 28, said, “Obviously, she is not going to be around to share in the fun and excitement of it all.”

The two appeared more jovial when discussing their engagement and eight-year relationship. The prince revealed that he carried around his mother’s engagement ring in Kenya in a rucksack for three weeks before he popped the question. William said he had been planning to pop the question for a while but added, “As every guy out there will know, it takes time a certain amount of motivation to get yourself going.”

William on becoming a father: “I think we’ll take it one step at a time. We’ll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids. But obviously we want a family so we’ll have to start thinking about that.”

Kate on their 2007 breakup: “Well I think if you do go out with someone for quite a long time you do get to know each other very, very well, you go through the good times, you go through the bad times. I think if you can come out of that stronger and learn things about yourself, it certainly, it’s been a good how many years?”

[From The Mirror]

Does anyone else get the feeling that William wants to make damn sure that Kate doesn’t over-shadow him like his mother always over-shadowed Charles? And Will is partly cute about Kate and the engagement, but he’s also… I don’t know… it’s like he’s still very reticent about all of it. Read the whole interview transcript here.


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  1. Mistral says:

    Good luck, kids! You’re going to need it :D

  2. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I think they are well suited.

  3. Chris says:

    What’s their acronym? Widdleton? Or does Prince William & Kate Middleton get you Piddleton?

  4. Parisienne says:

    she is looking quite old for her age and she should change her eye make up… william windsor, you are an underachiever.

  5. norma says:

    kate is all yah and “the hice” doing a QE, and william is all yah and a bit of guy ritchie gobshite. hilarious! he’s such a fratboy.

  6. norma says:

    she is so going to boil the heads of every journalist that ever dissed her arse. don’t think her sister hasn’t kept a scrapbook lainey……

  7. Obvious says:

    I think they are adorable!!!

    and for all of you on the other post freaking out over the ring. he just explained the why of it here-just like many of us already said-it’s a sentimental gesture!

  8. brin says:

    I remember how William did not like the media at all after his mother’s death, so I’m sure he wants to keep some things private. He also does not want Kate hounded like his mother was. I think they are sweet & I wish them the best.

  9. Ella says:

    They make a lovely couple.
    Wish them all the best!

    The people treating the ring like it’s The One Ring are cracking me up, though.

  10. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea we all know the ring was a sentimental gesture. Its just got a lot of history with it since the last time it was worn. It doesn’t really symbolize positivity besides being gorgeous. William and Kate could change all that.

    I didn’t bother to listen to the interview because it will be on The Today Show in the morning I will see it then. I will say William has a banging body and I love Kate’s dress. From reading the excerpts they sound normal and they have really thought this out.

  11. tachrw says:

    Weird camera work in the first youtube video- not showing the person that is talking but the one that is listening. that aside- i think “Catherine” is much more interesting than the other european princesses and at least to my (german) ears well spoken (we’re suckers for the british accent…) i do find her quite charming but not quite in the diana way- more conventional, maybe. unfortunately Wills isn’t the catch he once was in the looks department he looks quite dull and old-ish with the thinning hair and stuff.

  12. dejii says:

    She seems ok…down to earth I suposse, but I dont know she looks old or something in the face????

  13. Iggles says:

    hmm – I agree. They came across likable.

    Still, kind of wished he chose someone else. The 8 year relationship and her lack of goals (other than becoming Queen) is so off-putting. Still don’t have much faith in them lasting. She’s let him get away with too much. I’d respect her more if she didn’t take his grap (like Harry’s ex).

  14. melinda says:

    Can’t we just be happy for them and stop being so critical?

  15. Raven says:

    I have read for years that William has had a lot of problem with the royal role. He didn’t like the idea of being king. I think that has been part of his delay in settling down and the marriage issue was in that mix.

    They look like a couple who know each other very well. If he hadn’t felt really comfortable with her, he probably would not have proposed. He was doing military service and that could have been an excuse if he wanted it to be.

    She looked like she was trying to do everything right. She seems very aware of what she needs to do and looks like she wants to avoid embarrassing him. She also seems very aware that she has a lot to learn. I think he trusts her and my guess is that they will make it work. Britain is still a very classist society and they are online merchants so she and her family take a lot of ribbing in the press for attempting to go “above their station”.

    As far as talking out of the side of her mouth, I saw no evidence of it. I had a family member who did that and it was very annoying.

  16. Mel says:

    I thought Kate came across well under the circumstances. She was a little nervous and William was adorable as always.

    I hate all the negative commentary on Kate here today. Very disappointed as I usually like Celebitchy. Give her a chance, we don’t even know her yet.

    I can’t believe I’m defending the royals as I’m not a royalist, maybe I’ve come over all patriotic but mostly I believe in fairness.

  17. TG says:

    I will listen to the interviews at home, but they seems cute together and maybe she will grow on me, but why did it take him 3 weeks to propose? Makes me think he didn’t want to. If a guy wants to marry you he won’t be hesitating like that. But, it is fun that it is finally offical and they can trot her out now so we can hear more about her. I agree with earlier posts, the Prince is an underachiever and so is she. According to the VF article he dropped his first major because he couldn’t handle it and took easier courses and it sounds like they were always playing lord and lady of the manor or out partying not sure when they had time to study.

  18. shayrlmj says:

    she is VERY green with the press and he is VERY wise about them.. he is trying to let her get comfortable, but still trying to protect her at the same time. He has been dealing with paparazi since birth, he knows them and what they can do. I think they are a charming couple, it would take a good 7 – 9 years to ease into the media storm that will follow. I think they were smart the way they handled this whole situation.

  19. Carol says:

    They remind me of Edward and Sophie. They seem like a good match.

  20. Tazina says:

    They’re both 28. Why do some critical people on here say she looks old? What do you think 28 looks like? Well, here it is. This is what 28 looks like. Perhaps you should look in your own mirror and see how young and wonderful you look for your age before you feel qualified to judge others. She is an attractive woman with a model’s figure.

  21. jamessparrow says:

    This interview did absolutely nothing to improve Kate’s “Waity Katie” image.

    She’s constantly fretting about not saying the right thing instead of just letting her emotions talk for her. I don’t really blame her, because if you say one wrong thing, the press is going to be all over it, but at least when you’re asked what you like about your future husband, you can let your guard down for a bit?

    In my view, William thinks Kate will (eventually) make a good, reliable queen: she’s got the qualities for it (discretion, beauty, reliability) and that’s why he’s hung on to her. It isn’t easy to find a girl with those traits – and he’s got the entire British public to please. But I’ll be very surprised if he hasn’t been spending those 8 years with her trying to find someone with those qualities who he could actually fall smack in love with – and now he thinks that person just doesn’t exist and has settled for Kate. Harsh, but come on – is there any adoration in his eyes when he looks at her? The only form of physical contact between them is a slap on the knee with the exclamation of “she’ll do well!”. I think he’s definitely fond of her, and he’s very protective of her, he might even love her – but I don’t think he’s in love with her.

    Kate’s voice is very poshed-up and she’s too scared of screwing the whole thing up last minute. Who can blame her after 8 years?

  22. lala in nYc says:

    Congratulations to these two young kids! Hope they will be very happy together : )

  23. Lardy Chops says:

    Kate Middleton is an anagram of Naked Tit Model. This is the most pleasing news of the day.

  24. Zvonk says:


    Kate not having had goals aside from “being Queen” is actually a positive thing in my opinion. Who wants a Queen who constantly wishes she was doing something else. She’d end up begrudging her royal duties. Not having a career to miss out on will make her a better Queen to King William in my opinion.


    I didn’t interpret it as hesitation on William’s part. The three weeks was the time interval between arriving in Kenya and the pre-planned proposal. Clearly he took the ring with him because he planned to pop the question. If he had proposed on the first day of their holiday, she would have spent the next three weeks itching to get back to the UK to share the news with her friends and family. My brother proposed to his wife whilst they were on holiday. He too, chose to propose at the end of the holiday. No hesitation, just a well thought out plan.

  25. hanh says:

    I think she looks old for 28.

    I wish she had her own real life during all those years like a real middle class girl she claims to be – you know, with an job and etc. At least do charity work. She is a rather bad role model for young women.

    But she knew what she wanted (Princess) and she did everything she could to fit into that posh lifestyle including not have a job and lay about doing society crap.

    Hopefully this marriage will help her be more than just Prince William’s girlfriend.

  26. garvels says:

    It’s about time. I wish them well and I think their marriage will last. Prince William obviously did not want to marry an independent self sufficient woman who may have the audacity to potentially challenge royal protocol which in turn would create royal headaches and royal heartaches. I think she is pretty and I think she is quite capable to ceremoniously cut those ribbons and wave to the peasants as she passes by in her designer frocks.

  27. we'll see says:

    Well we’ll always have Harry. He likes a good strong smart woman. (Chelsy’s a law student and all who dumped him when he couldn’t keep up)

  28. Livia says:

    I don’t think they’re right for each other, in that I don’t believe he loves her at all, and I think she loves the idea of him (future KING!) more than the actual man. But, I do think she’s suitable and “manageable”, in that she’s desperate to be Queen and will probably do whatever she’s told in order to become and remain Queen, and that’s what the Royals need. In other words, she’s no Diana. She’s also non-nobility, so will provide some fresh DNA to their rather incestuous royal family tree (read the very fascinating book “Royal Babylon” to see what I mean). I feel a little sorry for them, but I also feel that they are adults and not college kids anymore. Right or wrong, happy or miserable, they’ve made their choice, and can now blame no one for their future as a couple except themselves. Good luck to them both.

  29. mln says:

    I think that the ring is a sweet gesture BTW William had access to a collection of jewels and could have picked any number of antiques they all have some sort of history attached to them and are worth innumerably more than an exclusive diamond from high end stores specifically because they are a part of the royal collection. AND it doesn’t matter anyway because all of the jewelry belongs to the England which is why Diana had to give back her engagement ring and all other jewelry after the divorce.

  30. Christine says:

    Jesus, Mary & Joseph, people! She’s 28 years old facing the WORLD and being welcomed into a royal family. Give her a break. I wish I was as poised as her when I was 28. Jeesh.

  31. ERM says:

    It’s sad that everyone will play ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ about the entire engagement, ring, etc.

    Good for them, they have been together for a really long time and let’s face it staying in a relationship takes a lot of work!

  32. Kiska says:

    She truly seems happy and I love her little dimple when she smiles. She is quite lovely.
    Wills seems like a well-adjusted lad, a tad stodgy but that goes with the territory.

  33. Donna Wingfield says:

    They both look happy.

  34. Ally says:

    Is there anything else going on in the world?. This is getting BORING and over played. Who gives a shit at this point. Is this going to put food on your table or pay your damn bills knowing some rich snobs are getting married.

  35. Maravilha says:


    I don’t think Kate is trying to sound posh, she is posh! The girl was born with a silver spoon in her mouth; she might not have blue blood, but she is very rich, well educated and has aristocratic connections. If she wasn’t rich, she would never be able to mix with people like William! I don’t believe the future king wouldn’t marry a cocktail waitress, even if he was totally in love!
    And the “talking out of the side of the mouth” is annoying, but it is the way posh people talk in England!

  36. JulieM says:

    Maravilha: Coming from a wealthy family does not make you aristocratic or posh. It never has and never will. Any silver spoons in your mouth must be in the family for 500 years. British society is very stratified and the Middleton family will forever be middle class. Fairly or not.

  37. filthycute says:

    I love the way he says “rucksack.” He can say it to me while hammering my cervix!

  38. bros says:

    she is a little jowly and lumpy in the cheeks, which is why her face seems more aged than 28. I also think the ring is a really 80′s style and could have been at least reset to something a little more contemporary and would have retained the sentimentality he was going for. besides that, im super duper happy for them.

    ps maybe someone from the uk can answer this: is she wearing nylons? (stockings as you might call them) is that like, protocol in the presence of royalty? her legs are really shiny and I think she is wearing nylons, but i just want to make sense out of her shiny mcshiny legs.

  39. Linda says:

    @ garvels (#27) HAHAHAHAHAHA Love it.

  40. bluhare says:

    To the person who said Diana returned the ring after the divorce, that’s incorrect. William and Harry were offered the opportunity to pick some of their mothers things and they took the ring and her watch. Amongst other things.

    And of course Kate was wearing hose.

  41. texasmom says:

    I think they’ll do fine. William has had a lifetime of experience with the press and I think it is totally understandable if he is cautious and reserved. I also think it makes sense to have waited as long as they did, this isn’t a normal marriage, it comes with all the scrutiny.

    If I had to stand there in that blizzard of flashes I would end up hiding in the fireplace! That’s a perfectly good reason to wait all that time right there!

  42. Jayna says:

    I agree with Texasmom.

    Wow, some of the remarks on here are mindblowing. He doesn’t love her, blah, blah. Of course, he loves her. He didn’t get engaged sooner I bet because he knew the madness that would ensue and maybe strain their relationship. He knows what it did to his mother, being hounded all the time. Instead, it had time to grow without all that crazy pressure and paparazzi. They have been able to have a lot of fun with no expectations on them as the future king and queen if they were married.

    Re a job, she has been working since graduation.

    Such ugliness by some instead of being genuinely happy for them.

  43. Zoe says:

    The one problem I have with this interview is the continuing clip in which Kate claims that the opinions of her friends and family are all that matters. Obviously, she hasn’t been schooled in royal life yet, but she’s going to have to start to care what the people of England think because ultimately, her and William be their symbolic representation. It came across as pretty selfish. I get what she’s saying and if she wasn’t going to be a princess of England, I’d agree. However, given her new role, she’s going to have to start thinking outside her own head. She also didn’t sound very convincing when she said she wanted to help. That said, I wish them both the best.

  44. Lisa Turtle says:

    She says “Sort of” quite a bit. It’s her nervous twitch.

  45. citysuede says:

    hahahaha…..the katie holmes syndrome!!

  46. benny says:

    I’m gonna repeat what I posted on Emma Watson’s thread:

    She’s cute. But I was wondering about the double-standard: she obviously has the same nerve problem by her mouth that Katie Holmes has (were one side lifts up more than the other), although Holmes’ is on the opposite side. I’m sure neither one can control it, but people here give Holmes sh!t for this tick that she can’t control, and Watson gets a free pass? And I just read one of the Kate Middleton stories, and CB mentions that about Middleton too.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should be criticized for a physical trait they cannot control; I was just wondering why people have that double-standard.

  47. sassy says:

    well I hope she knows that William will have a mistress. Diana didn’t realize that and their marriage broke up as a result. She will be the wife who bears his royal children. He will have his mistress on the side. she just needs to know that and expect it. just so there are no surprises!

  48. munchies says:

    William can have the most beautiful, richest, super model, most famous, an actress,a princess, most educated woman in the world if he wants… WOMEN chase him. But he didnt because he LOVE this Woman. SIMPLE as That.

    Who are we to say he didnt love her or her to him? GOSH.

    Kate MIDDLETON is a thousand times pretteir than Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes and even Jennifer Aniston. She is discreet, she is not a famewhore like most women in America.

    I dont undersand this term waity Kathy. Just because you love someone you should not wait until the man is ready just because he is a future king? YOu should not wait your bf and you should sleep with other guys because he cant marry you yet while youre 24?

    It is funny how people say here she needs real job. Do you know what behind the pictures? You do not even know what she is doing. Just because you didnt hear anything, doesnt mean shes doing nothing. Like I said, shes not a famewhore announching her every move may it her job, her hobbies or her charities.

    It could be those traits why William love her.

    Just be happy for them. Some people are just sourgraping because they wished they are Ms. Middleton.

  49. Sunnyjyl says:

    Gah! She will never be able to leave the house without a fresh manicure again! Poor lamb.

  50. Granger says:

    William saw first-hand what the royal family did to his mother. They took a naive and star-struck 19-year-old girl and turned her into a miserable, media-savvy monster. (Lovely and philanthropic, yes, but completely screwed up.) So all this crap that people spew about how William waited so long to propose to Kate because he didn’t really love her, or he wasn’t sure about her, makes me sick. Of course he wasn’t sure about her! I don’t believe for one second he would have been sure of ANYONE. His parents’ experience definitely taught him to be cautious, and for that, I think he should be commended. Too many people rush into marriage.

    William showed a lot of respect for Kate, in my opinion, by “making” her wait. (And for the record, I don’t even think waiting until 28 is anything to sneer at. Twenty-eight is a perfectly reasonable age at which to decide to settle down FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.) He stated unequivocally in that interview that he waited because he wanted Kate to see at least in some small way what being in the royal family would be like, and then give her time to “back out” if she wanted to. Seems to me he’s got a very good head on his shoulders.

  51. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Wow. “He will have a mistress”….I love how that is just said. You don’t KNOW what he will do. Perhaps he will be a faithful and loving husband! Frankly it is none of our business, but geez, all of the negativity is killer. It’s just sad.

  52. PJ says:

    I found it touching that both of them emphasized the fact that they are true friends. That to me is essential to a happy marriage–that a couple genuinely like each other and understand each other.

    It’s also a good sign that Kate’s family is so close and that her parents are happy. She has a role model for a good relationship.

    This and the fact that she has become accustomed gradually to being in the public eye bode well for her and William. Both Diana and Sarah grew up with parents in severely dysfunctional relationships, and both were thrown in to the royal life without adequate preparation, with disastrous results.

  53. mln says:

    @bluhare Thanks I stand corrected I read that on another site but then when I did research it does seem that not only was this ring in Dianna’s personal collection at her death but she actually picked this ring out of several other options. My point still does stand that it’s a fitting way to honor his mom.

  54. Chris says:

    Seriously, guys, we need an acronym.

  55. DrM says:

    Man you think you’re a cynic…and…you aren’t. Having a good old blub. I’m SO pleased for them. Wish them nothing but happiness…I was 15 when Charles and Diana got married and it was very touching to hear Prince William speak so lovingly of his Mum…because at the end of the day that is what she was, royal or not…his Mum. Good on you guys…God bless.

  56. mojoman says:

    geez, it took 3 minutes discussing whether he likes to cook etc, I mean seriously, can the interviewer find a better topic to address? apart from that, I think Kate is adorable and hope she will adjust and fit in the royal life (I sure cant, no money nor title can ever buy me such a life)

  57. Kloops says:

    Meh. I don’t have strong feelings about them either way. My gut impression is that they are well suited and well prepared, but It’s probably not a love match in the romantic sense. However, I’m sure it will be a long lasting, uneventful, committed relationship. And with that ringing endorsement, good luck to them.

  58. Carol says:

    I have to laugh at all this criticism. Let them be. A nice young couple, just starting out, under a microscope. Warm wishes and best of luck to them.

  59. Jm says:

    Wow – can we just be happy for them for a teensy, weensy second????

    Unless any of you have spent time with them, your criticisms are BS. They seem lovely together. Let them make their own way w/o the baggage of your judgments.

  60. Taurus says:

    She’s pretty and looks her age! I can see this turning into a Charles and Diana 2.0 thing. She’s beautiful but they probably have no chemistry.

  61. Lia says:

    William actually looks handsome in those pics. I think he is really happy. It might be one of the few royal couples who married for love. Isn’t Albert of Monaco getting married in the next few months, too?

  62. Chris says:

    Okay, I just got off drive time talk back her in Oz and floated the idea of calling them Piddleton and the DJs said that’s what they’re going to call them from now on. The campaign is on in earnest. :)

  63. CB says:

    They are REALLY cute together. SO much better than the other couples getting engaged right now (or not getting engaged, Eddie & Le Anne).

    They seem to be really mature and down to earth for their age and he stuck to his guns. And you have to respect a guy who has pretty much been with the same girl for 8 years, esp. in his position.

    I give him MAJOR props. And the interview was SO much better than when his dad did it the 1st time. These guys seem to be genuinely in love.

  64. Megan says:

    I felt sorry for her a bit, she is obviously quite nervous in the interview, and it’s so easy to say the wrong thing which the media will twist and turn against you, especially with topics like Princess Diana and the Queen… one step wrong and you’ve made an enemy of a whole country. Good luck Kate, I think she’s a wonderful girl.

  65. Dee Vine says:

    For those who criticize her for being a bad role model for doing nothing except follow William around. We haven’t heard of stories of him cheating around and treating her like dirt, why shouldn’t she wait for him to propose?

    Imagine your boyfriend is rich, future KING of England for goodness sake, why would you want to work? You will have a lifetime of Royal duties to carry out where your schedule is planned months, if not years in advance. It is a full time job till the day she dies! And looks like she has spent the last 8 years training for it. Rather than Diana, who barely knew Charles, and of a different educational background, and was thrust into the Royal lifestyle. And that turned out really badly.

    They seem to be a good match.

  66. Stronzilla says:

    Well, it should have gone well considering she’s probably been practicing in the mirror what she was going to say since she was 5. Still say she wore him down. Can’t you just hear her to her friends.

    “9 years. 9 years I waited for this a-hole to propose and what do I get? Regifted with some old ring of his mother’s! I really wanted that 10-carat pink diamond they sold at auction in Canada yesterday! Ooofy!”

  67. Snappyfish says:

    They are lovely and seem v v happy (&relaxed) w/each other. Well done to them both.

    As for the vitriol drenched comments here, pure jealously.

    I look forward to an actually happily married royal couple….for a change

  68. JulieM says:

    Sorry Dee Vine: There are many stories about him running around on her, cheating, etc. One of the reasons they broke up in 2007.

    Sassy @46- Agreed, he will take a mistress. William is his father’s son and she better like it. Queen Alexandra invited her husband’s (Edward VII) mistress to his death bed to say goodbye to him.

    Jamessparrow @22- And Livia @29- Could not agree with you both more. He is settling for Kate; she desperately wants the job and will make a compliant wife. OK, fine. Until he takes a mistress. Let’s see how she handles that.

    MLN @30- Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was not part of the crown jewels. It was her personal property and did not go back to the crown jewels upon her death. The family “borrows” jewelry from The Queen and must give those items back. In fact, I remember one of the nastiest stories coming out after Diana’s death was The Queen demanding back some of Diana’s borrowed jewelry before her body was even cold. Yes, Diana still had some borrowed stuff. However, each member of The Firm (as Philip calls it) has their own personal jewelry stash which is not part of the family heirloom stuff.

  69. Stronzilla says:

    @DeeVine: I think the problem some of us have is that just because your boyfriend is royal, he is still only your boyfriend and to assume a lifestyle 9 years in advance in anticipation of a proposal that was never locked up seems at best presumptious, at worst calculating. They met their first year at St. Andrew’s and in today’s world, the odds on any college relationship going the distance are not in their favor. People change, especially after they hit 30, and while she looks like she will settle in for the long haul, he is going to have a hangover from this decision that he will regret for the rest of his life. He satis-ficed, she won by default. A veritable fairytale in the making.

  70. Beth says:

    JulieM, you have to be one of the most negative, obsessive posters I’ve seen. You know nothing about these two except what you’ve read in gossip magazines, so for you to make such (bitter-sounding) statements about how he has ‘settled’ for her, doesn’t really love her, and will definitely take a mistress is ridiculous and reeks of jealousy.

    In the UK, she’s pretty popular and will only grow more so. I understand, you aren’t a fan (and you don’t have to like either of them) but please at least stop with these stupid, groundless assertions and predictions.

    These are actual people, why would you wish them (or anyone) unhappiness?

  71. L says:

    @min actually her engagement ring was one of the few pieces of jewelery that Diana owned outright. (not like the cambridge love knot tiara that she had to return) Some of those emeralds were also her own. Which increase how special they are really, since he could have ‘borrowed’ a piece from the crown jewels

    And common all-his mother passed away when he was 15. That’s such a huge thing to happen at that age (at any age really, but the teen years) He still loves her and a heirloom ring isn’t cheap or bad luck, is a symbol of recognizing the past as well as the future.

  72. devilgirl says:

    What a bunch of negative people some of you are.

  73. Eddie says:

    Yea, Sounds good for the start but that ring has a catastrophic history.

    I think the acronym is widleton, williams and middleton haaa! Eddie kampala Uganda.

  74. JulieM says:

    Beth- I will say whatever I like and until CB and/or Kaiser bans me, I will continue to voice my opinion. If you don’t like it, you can voice your. Which you have done. Other posters have also said that he is settling and will take a mistress. I am hardly the only one and others have posted as many times as I have.

    She earned him, she can have him. Jealous, nope.

  75. Diane says:

    @Devilgirl: My thoughts exactly, I really need to stop reading these. I wish them the very best as I would any couple starting married life.

  76. Kate says:

    William made a huge mistake to give that ring to Kate. That was Dianas ring, and Harry was the one who got it. Diana in her will made sure her personal Jewelry will be divided to her sons. Harry got the ring and William her cartier watch two of the most famous pieces. I dont know how come William thinks its fit to give Dianas ring to Kate. I think only Dianas future grandaughter deserves it. Saw the interview and he seems resigned.She sounds like she tries to be posh. Rumors in Europe say they rushed to anounce an engagement under heavy pressure from the Goverment who wants to pass hard financial measures, and gay rumors about Charles.Supposedly two of his male lovers are writing a book about him.Its all over European Tabloids.

  77. Stronzilla says:

    No, no, I got it, the ultimate moniker. In honor of the patience and tolerance displayed by both over the years while awaiting this auspicious occasion I hereby dub thee:


    Cue to Wills singing:

    “whip it Katie”
    “whip it right”
    “whip it Katie”
    “whip it all night”

  78. JulieM says:

    Good one, Stronzilla. Now, if I had written that, Beth would not have liked it.

  79. janie says:

    a cold calculating vixen, who at age 18, made it her life’s goal to bag the prince? and what, when she was 5, her parents calculated which school to send her to so that she could entrap the prince?
    they are two kids, best wishes to both of them.she has acted with total grace.

  80. pinns says:

    She totally fluffed it when she was asked about her ‘work’ of the last few years. Vague, slightly panicky, hesitant reply that didn’t actually answer the question!

    She knows she hasn’t exactly been leading by example (working hard) since she left university but now she has finally got the dream “job” she wanted all these years (Royal Wife) she will hopefully put her heart and soul and a bit of effort into her royal engagements. Then the public might accept her more and stop questioning her ‘motives’.

    Good luck to them both.

  81. whateva says:

    yeah team kate all the way.

  82. Lilley the Super Mutant says:

    I hope they are happy together and don’t let anyone ruin it for them.

  83. MrsKrabapple says:

    I was on the fence about her – she seemed so shallow, just waiting around for the rich man to propose. But when I really thought about it, isn’t that what a future queen has to do? Suppose she had a real job – let’s say, a cardiologist. There’s no way she could continue to work at ANY real job, no matter how important, after becoming the future queen. To me, it would have been sadder to see a real career woman forced to give up her career because of the fuddy-duddy royal family. So I think it works out better this way.

    (Also, that family needs some vibrant commoner blood – they are starting to look a little sickly).

  84. Jenna says:

    aawww… he has a great personality and they seem to be a really good couple! good for them!!!

  85. Jenna says:

    I really don’t think William will have a mistress. He knows what his parents went through so i doubt he would do that to kate.

  86. Carly says:

    Kate sounded rather inarticulate and dull during the interview. She said “you know” about a hundred times and she said obviously too many times. Doesn’t strike me as intelligent at all.

    Also, William answered for her during the interview, which makes Kate look submissive and weak. That’s what I don’t like about her: she’s very keen to please.

  87. Allie says:

    I think William was wise to wait as long as he did, before getting engaged. When you look at the members of the Royal family, who are divorced, it’s staggering. Edward is the only one of the Queen’s children, was hasn’t divorced.
    I do agree with what Carly said, I noticed Kate’s “You knows” right away. It does sound like she’s trying to put on her accent a bit, in sounding very upper class, more so than William. Which makes her look, like she’s over exaggerating it.

    One thing I don’t understand though. Princess Diana had to be “pure,” upon her marriage to Charles, but William and Kate have lived together for years and years.

  88. eternalcanadian says:

    I thought they looked very stiff. William was like slouching down, barely touching Catherine. Royal manners or not, I would presume people deeply in love for so many years would be holding hands, leaning against each other, or William draping his arm around her shoulder or waist. All I saw was space between their bodies, hands separated, no touching between them except for that short part at the end of the interview when William touched Catherine’s knee.

    I also saw a lot of fidgeting from William, and he looked so totally uncomfortable when Kate talked about their 2007 break up. Just not good karma coming off that interview. At least William didn’t say “whatever love means”.

    @Stronzilla that’s exactly what my coworker said! Wait all this time for this guy to get his crap together, and when he finally does you get “some second-hand ring” that will forever have people comparing you to his dead mum (which probably sparked that remark about Catherine carving her own role). I think if there wasn’t such negative karma associated with the ring (infidelity, divorce, death) and that it was a ring where “my parents were happily married for 29 years before my mum died and I hope we’ll be happily married for much longer” it wouldn’t have that kind of stigma. And come to think of it, didn’t Prince Harry get the ring after Diana died (William got the watch she wore all the time and taught him time on)? I don’t know how this all came about that William got the ring?

    @sassy for sure William will have a mistress or two. I think that’s going to be Jecca Craig as I already mentioned in an earlier post she’s going to be the “Camilla Parker Bowles” of William’s life. Perhaps he’ll be classier about those texts or phone calls than his father was and not refer to himself as a tampon! They already broke up twice, because of William’s roving eye, and I think one of his former girlfriends ended their relationship because she didn’t like that roving eye. People say William wouldn’t do that because he saw what his father did to his mum. But look at all the flings William has had, and the reason for those two breakups. Not to mention Harry’s situation with Chelsy where apparently he asked her for an open relationship which she said no to and went back to Africa. So I don’t think either of them would be able to be monogamous despite what happened to their parents.

    So yeah, still on the fence about this whole thing. One of my coworkers said “he had the audicity to propose in front of his 12-year long on/off lover?” (the proposal was at Jecca Craig’s estate).

  89. cprincess says:

    Oh for Gods sake-hes not worried about being overshadowed because he wont be and hes not reticent-hes typically English and more than that thats the way the Windsors present themselves but actually he has enough of his mother in him to where he comes over very well!
    Theyve spent their 20s together-she is not a naive 19 year old-they look great together and seem to be friends -shes going to be fine!

  90. JulieM says:

    I think what most people who are in the Most Worshipful Waity No Longer Katie Fan Club fail to realize when they say William would not dare to cheat on her because of the pain his father caused his mother is this: Sadly, with Diana’s death 13 years ago, her influence on him is waning, as it obviously would. Certainly he does still have some of his mother in him, but he is becoming more and more each day his father’s son. He will do as he likes, and she will be compliant. She will not overshadow him, she doesn’t have anything to overshadow him with. Unlike Diana, who, despite all her flaws, had charisma to beat the band and who just wouldn’t accept Charles’ infidelity.

    His proposing at Jecca Craig’s estate, more bad karma. Along with the ring (don’t compare Katie to Diana but saddle her with Diana’s famous ring), just bad, bad karma, you know.

  91. Emma says:

    She does look old for 28 because she’s en route to becoming too thin. What do the French say, “you have to pick between a small butt or a young face.” She seems like a good-natured simpleton, eager to follow the agenda of the royal family. At least, she had orthodontia, something that all the royals sorely needed.

  92. sonia says:

    i liked this interview a lot.kate seems like a very nice girl.even her history records r clean n even if she may not look like the cliche type princess blonde hair n all.she seems graceful and well suited for her future princess life
    yes in the interview she did say “u know” quite a lot but maybe it was just the fact that she was a bit nervous

    one thing seems really funny though it may b coincidence or fate?:|
    1. she went to chile just like prince william had already gone there some time back

    2.she chose to go to st Andrews jsut like william AND she had to chose the exact same course as him history and arts when er she didn’t really use it in her later choice of career :|

    3. her friends claim that she used to have a prince william poster and she was called princess inw aiting bck then hmm
    are these all coincidences????????????

    anyway wishing both of them best wishes for the future and they do look cute together : )

  93. supid says:

    I was told that Kate broke up with his old bf after she started to date william. She may like william but how she can ignore the monarchy? So stupid, she looks like that she was torched many time by the arrogant prince. I just doubt why stupid british did not remove the out-dated monarchy that only reminds most are low classes except the stupid royal family.
    I dont think their marriage can last long time.

  94. bii says:

    8 years is not long waiting for Kate since she is addicted to her dream that she can be the princess. So 8 years if not a big deal for her actually.
    Many women even wait 20 years but can not touch this prince.

  95. wawa says:

    from this first pic, we can see the prince just wear a faked smile. and the dark tan k like a witch not a pure princess

  96. Dave says:

    I think they will make a great pair and maybe everybody should get of their backs and give them a sporting chance.

    Found some good memorabilia for those who care. Check it out at:


  97. sayreal says:

    Save William from Kate…!