Halle Berry worries that Gabriel Aubry will bring Nahla around the Kardashians


In Touch Weekly’s cover story this week seems like a rather sad attempt to make Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian have some kind of nasty girl-fight. The cover lines are all about how Halle is being “tormented” by Kim, and Kim taunting (?) Halle with “I’ll be a great stepmom!” Which doesn’t really seem like a taunt, but whatever. Also, Halle has concerns that Nahla will be spending time “around a reality star who’s done porn.” Which is oddly Kim Kardashian-specific, right? Like, would Halle mind if Gabriel dated a full-on porn star who was NOT a reality star? Anyway, there are few excerpts from the story – according to Jezebel’s tabloid round-up, “Halle is “worried” that Gabriel will talk about his relationship with her on camera. Halle is really private, and she doesn’t want her business — or her daughter — part of any Kardashian reality show.” Well… eh. I mean, it’s Gabriel’s life, and if he’s serious about Kim, he’s probably going to be in the show. Now, I seriously doubt Gabriel would be all “let me bring Nahla to the Kardashian-Jenner house for a visit, in front of the cameras.” He just doesn’t seem that dumb. Plus, I don’t think this Kim-Gabe thing is going to last, I really don’t. I give it another two months, tops.

By the way, Radar is reporting that Gabe got into some kind of accident today or yesterday – and instead of calling a Kardashian for help, he phoned Halle Berry and her assistant came and picked him up. So… I really doubt he and Halle are having problems. Halle probably doesn’t know what’s going on past Olivier Martinez’s dong.

Nov. 30, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Reality star KIM KARDASHIAN promotes her new book 'Kardashian Konfidential' held at Barnes and Noble 5th Avenue. © Red Carpet Pictures

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 30: Actress Halle Berry attends the premiere of Frankie and Alice at the Egyptian Theatre on November 30, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

27th October 2010: Gabriel Aubry  at the AMfar Inspiration Gala held at the Chateau Marmont, Hollywood. Photo via Newscom

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  1. Jo says:

    To go from Halle to this plastic cum dumpster. Talk about slumming it.

  2. Str8Shooter says:

    I’d be worried about letting my kid around this whore, too. She’d probably try to dip the kid in plastic and install tarantulas on her eyelids.

  3. Just a Poster says:

    I think Halle would have a problem with anyone near him.

  4. van says:

    If its true why should she care. She already introduced Nahla to Olivier and her Mom Judith.

  5. devilgirl says:

    I can see her concern there.

    However, I think all of this “worry” is a bit premature. Are they really “dating’ or just PR whoring?

  6. mslewis says:

    I don’t think Halle Berry has taken the time to even think about Kimmie. I mean, who would take time away from paying attention (if you get my drift) to Olivier Martinez to think about a woman who allows guys to pee on her? Seriously!! Ms. Berry has better things to do, thankyouverymuch!!

    Also, even if Gabe decided to be filmed for that reality show (big mistake if he does), he can’t allow them to film Nahla without Halle’s permission. So, that solves that problem.

  7. Tess says:

    I actually think Halle has brought this on herself. She makes sex a big part of her image and it’s not surprising that Aubrey has moved on to Kardashian. The differences between Halle and Kim are only a matter of degree—

  8. RHONYC says:

    @ Jo


    that was harsh even by ‘my’ standards. lmao!


  9. merry says:

    Kim’s face torments me. Reverse whatever you did to it, Kim, now!

  10. Kat says:

    Over at blindgossip.com, there was a blind about an ex being very upset about her old love bringing their child around a ‘plastic wh*re’ …can’t remember the whole thing but im pretty sure dlisted has it up in the blind guesses section – maybe there is something to it? Although i still find it hard to believe Aubry is with someone like that…ugh dude wtf.

  11. guesty says:

    someone had a blind item about this dramz…so this story could have a little truth to it.

  12. Mistral says:

    I get hating on these annoying reality famewhores (selling your body/soul/anything-everything for fame)… But, the whole “cum dumpster” thing is just too much, I think. It is definitely the type of degrading description of a woman the porn industry regularly uses.

    If she has sex, oh well. Who has had more partners, her or Halle? I don’t know. Does it matter? So, I don’t think we should refer to each other as “cum dumpsters”. Call her out for using porn to promote herself, or whatever (because porn is no joke, and it isn’t about sexual satisfaction for the woman, but about selling/degrading her. The fact that some of these idiots like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and the Hefner “girlfriends” are making it seem legitimate/desirable to young girls is sick and appalling).

    Call her out for being trashy and cheesy and plastic and undeserving of any fame, but let’s not trash her as a “cum dumpster”, because I don’t think we need to judge her for having sex. Also, we don’t need to buy into and spread the porn industry’s degrading views of women and effed up outlook on women, men, and sexuality by spreading their terminology.

  13. Someone Else says:

    @Jo –

    Wow! That’s a slam (an appropriate one, but jeez…)! Now I have to wipe all the soda off my computer…

    And, oh my god that man is just too fine.

  14. Jaded says:

    @Jo – plastic cum dumpster – BWAHAHAHAAAA! Perfect!

  15. InVain says:

    Lay off the eyelashes…PLEASE.
    She’s beginning to look like an alien.

  16. Samigirl says:

    I never have respect for anyone who brings their children around their flavor of the week. My mom did it to me, and it did a number on me! Uch. I just hope these people aren’t introducing that baby to just anyone!

  17. wonderwoman21 says:

    I wouldn’t want my daughter around a Kardashian either, the poor baby would be dressed like a whore by kindergarten and with a shallow comprehension of life where their only sense of value comes from attention and their looks. And yes, cum dumpster is an apt description.

  18. mel says:

    I can understand why Halle is worried. The influence of that family on Nahla would be dangerous.

  19. im awful says:

    i hear halle is a crazy b*tch. i dont get why people put her on a pedestal. also, didnt she run over someone that one time? oh, ya, shes so much better than kim! (sarcasm.)

    i think theyre equally ew. and i wish gabriel had better taste in women. he is one fine piece. but considering the company he likes to keep, he musnt be that great of a person.

  20. Marjalane says:

    This ia all so disturbing. My used to be fantasy dream date is banging the town tramp and his pretty ex babymama is banging an oily Frenchman with Leann Rhimes eyes. Somehow I feel Like I need to go pick up Nahla and offer her a decent place to hang out.

  21. SoulLovah says:

    Bravo Mistral!! Cosign with everything you said

  22. la_chica says:

    this post is totally misogynist.

    “Halle probably doesn’t know what’s going on past Olivier Martinez’s dong.”

    As if having a sexual relationship makes her totally unaware and uncaring of what is going on in her child’s life? Personally, I would not want my child spending time with Kim K or anyone in that family. They are not the kind of role models I would want to expose my kid to.

  23. Annicka says:

    I’d be worried too. Doesn’t Kim’s littlest sister know how to pole dance? She might think Nahla needs some pole dancing lessons too.

  24. Yeah, I’m not really buying this story. I don’t even believe Kim and Gabriel are even dating to begin with and even if they are, he doesn’t seem the type to bring his daughter around some chick he’s dated for two seconds. And Halle would never need to be jealous or tormented.

  25. NayNay says:

    @ Tess:

    I beg to difference. In my opinion, THE difference between them is Halle is CLASSY, while Kim is TRASHY

  26. danielle says:

    I’ve heard he is a really nice guy. And I’ve heard that Martinez is a man whore. So maybe it’s Halle that took a giant step down.

  27. Liana says:

    Ok, Not a huge fan of Kim Kardashian or any of those girls who are famous for being famous, but saying she’s done porn is a bit unfair. She made a (boring) sex tape with a (scuzzy) boyfriend. And since it was coming out regardless, she cut herself into the profits. Doesn’t seem like she’s had all that many boyfriends, either. She’s fairly innocuous and quite plastic. But come on, Oliver Martinez has done the rounds, but I guess being a male whore doesn’t count??

  28. Alarmjaguar says:

    Yep, I’m with Mistral, too.

  29. Whatever says:

    The story is probably exaggerated, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if she is pissed that he is with Kim. I read the blind item too and it sounds exactly like this story. For all we know, he’s doing Kim to get back at Halle for dumping him and he wants to piss her off. Well, you can’t dump him and then get to have a say in who he screws next, Halle.

  30. islandwalker says:

    Agree with Mistral. Well said .

    And NayNay- Do you consider hit and run driving classy too? ( And I can’t stand to Kardashians but Halle is not a saint.)

  31. J says:

    Not that I necessarily advocate for calling anyone a “cum dumpster,” but I think that the reason for that sort of association with Kim K is not because she has sex. It is because she constantly talks about how she was embarrassed by her sex tape, yet promoted it and made money off it through Vivid. Now she is sorry she did Playboy and the next thing I know she is naked on the cover of a magazine. The girl is a ball of contradictions and you can’t stand around complaining about being viewed as a sex object and yet pose naked every chance you get and promote your sex tape.

  32. Tess says:

    Agreed, Samigirl.

    Halle is the mother and she has the responsibility to shelter her child from her serial dating. But she doesn’t and that just isn’t a good thing for a young child.

    Mothers who split with a child’s father actually need to make sacrifices for their child.

    So Halle opened the door and guess what?….Kim strolled through. Nahla will just have to adjust. Cuz halle ain’t gonna give up her pleasures for her kid. Not now. Not ever.

  33. Kim says:

    I think this story is fake BUT it does state fact of who would want their kid around any of the Kardashians? A family who has built their name around a daughter/sister who released a sex tape!! This is a disgusting fame whore family with ZERO morals.

  34. Kim says:

    Liana- Its porn if you willingly sell the tape & she made it knowing she would sell it for money – THAT IS PORN.

    I bet Kim has all kinds of self made in la land, oked by her vapid mother, “morals” and would never consider herself on same level as porn stars. Well she is right. They are WAYYYYYYY above her. They are honest about what they do for money – she is not.

    Honestly how can she get up every day knowing her fame was from a sex tape she released because Paris told her it would make her famous and everyone is laughing in her face?! No amount of money or fame in the world would suffice for someone with morals BUT we are talking about the completely immoral Kardashian family so any talk about morals is out the windows!

  35. Remote Control says:

    I think only a few of us here see this post for what it is. Interesting..

  36. Mizz Tickles says:

    Marjalane that was so funny, thank you for the laugh :)

  37. louise says:

    Tormented? No. Disgusted? Absolutely. For the life of me I don’t understand what Gabriel sees in Kim. I can’t imagine this lasting. Gabriel lived a pretty quiet life with Halle. I doubt he wants his life to go zero to 1000 with Kim recording everything and courting the paps.

  38. Strawberry says:

    Ummm, I’m pretty sure all of you are playing into Kim’s hands (and her mother’s). This is what she wants, good, bad, she doesn’t mind that it’s negative attention, she’s just counting her dollar bills while you lot moan about her. It’s attention whoring 101.

  39. Strawberry says:

    Who’s buying these magazines nowadays? I get all my goss from the Internets…

  40. southerncheerleader says:

    Kimmy said her OWN MOM WANTED her to pose in Playboy.

    I would not allow my child to into their house. Have you heard the language that they use?


  41. The_Porscha says:

    Wow. This comment thread is vicious, on both sides. Y’all need to relax. It’s celebrity gossip, not the North vs. South Korea brouhaha. It is really not that serious.

    On a lighter note, Kardashian needs to stop with those damn eyelashes. They look primed to crawl right off her face.

  42. Elle says:

    All for press. Dating for publicity to create more fake drama.

  43. Liana says:

    Liana- Its porn if you willingly sell the tape & she made it knowing she would sell it for money – THAT IS PORN.

    I’m sorry, you know for certain she made the tape knowing she would sell it?

    I did, however, forget about the Playboy crap.

  44. Katherine Mac says:

    I would be much more concerned about the influences of a mother who has a history of long term relationships which she claimed were abusive, a pattern she seems to have learned from HER mother. Halle also has admitted to suicidal tendencies as recently as her mid 30s.

    Halle’s hit and run incidents in which injuries occurred are very tellng of her character and to me worse than doing a sex video that never hurt anyone. Granted the vid seems sleazier but that’s a cultural oddity.

    So before Halle accuses another person of questionable influences she needs to look in the mirror.

  45. OXA says:

    Gabe is not poking the cum dumpster, he is faithfull to me. Gabe is just using KK fo da publicity which will help him break into acting. It used to be only drooling women that knew who he was, now his face and name are plastered all over the world.

  46. Ruffian9 says:

    From Halle to a Kardashian = incomprehensible

  47. Lola7 says:

    I dunno…I kinda like Kim referred to as a cum dumpster – its so fitting. Thanks Jo. :)

  48. oh hey says:


    Halle didn’t make a career out of that car accident. If I remember, she might have even been remorseful.

    Kim made a sex tape and got pissed on. I don’t remembering her apologizing for it. She became famous because of her sex tape.

  49. moopsie says:

    fake beauty -vs- real beauty

  50. Jayna says:

    Those false eyelashes are disgusting. What guy would want to sit with her all day with her full-on drag makeup. Kim is beautiul. Too bad she insists on her over-the-top makeup. Those eyelashes look like spiders.

  51. Maritza says:

    Those eyelashes are way too long! I don’t think Halle and Olivier Martinez will last long either.

  52. TeeTee says:

    to think that some of the posters are even comparing Halle to Kim’s TRASHY butt, is a joke–NO, she is not a angel but she has not taken the route of those TRASHIANS–to WHORE themselves out for any and everything!! (w/o READING IT)to purposely whore themselves out for a sports baller to live off of (except Kourtney) Kim is the biggest plastic paid whore alive.

    HER being Nahla’s step mom is any mom’s worse nightmare.

    Maybe Kim will pay now that Halle is done, Aubry is very nice AND expensive.

    nothing about those trashbags is normal.

    I read one of Nicole Simpson’s gf’s book and the things that Kris did while married to their father is typical and I see where they get the whoring from.

    instead up picking up men (there have been alot more) Kim and the klan should pick up a talent before their time runs out and its coming–TRUST

  53. sheraqueenofthejungle says:

    @ islandwalker: Halle was in a car accident, that has nothing to do with being classy.

    Being a blow-up plastic barbie doll is just PURE TRASHY. As far as her sex tape, this BITCH purposely leaked it to the media. I guess she is proud of being a whore too.

  54. bellaluna says:

    Frankly, I wouldn’t want my daughter (or my son, for that matter) sitting on the toilet seat at la casa Kartrashian.

  55. sheraqueenofthejungle says:

    There is nothing beautiful about Kim. Any bitch that wears that much makeup is trying to hide how ugly they really are. Or perhaps, she really is a drag queen. Either way, she is pure trash

  56. Hannah says:

    I’m up in the air on this. Yes, there was a sex tape and, yes, Kim K has posed nude several times and, yes, the family is milking EVERY penny it can from their current notoriety.

    However, they are not ALL bad. Bruce Jenner is famous for actually achieving something–for you youngsters he was an Olympic gold medalist in the decathalon. He and Kris have a long and apparently stable marriage. You may question the relationship choices the sisters make but none of them are serial daters. And you don’t see pics of them falling down drunk in clubs a la Paris Hilton. (Yes, I know Khloe had a DUI…) Back in the days when the only famous people in their family were their father and stepfather, the girls had actual jobs. They owned/ran their store Dash long before all the commotion began.

    People are not black or white, i.e., all good or all bad–we are all shades of gray.

  57. mymy says:

    It seems like Gabriel is sending a message to Halie you can date a w*ore so can I. You want to drop him I’ll drop her and leave our daughter out of our dating world. He is smart.

  58. ziggy says:

    they’ve both had plastic surgery. halle ‘natural’? c’mon! she’s as botoxed as kidman (and let’s not forget her two nose jobs and eye work). kim is no worse or no better than berry or anyone else for that matter.

  59. mimi says:

    Nicely put, Mistral.

    And didn’t Halle have an extremely graphic sex scene with whats his face?

  60. Katherine Mac says:

    “Halle was in a car accident, that has nothing to do with being classy”

    It’s not about being in the car accident. It’s about hitting, causing personal injury and property damage to others and then RUNNING. She did that twice within a few short years of each other.

    THAT has a lot to do with being “classy” and criminal.

  61. BabyCakes says:

    @ im awful TY! I heard that! Isn’t it truthful that (some) actresses considered America’s Sweethearts are some of the nastiest women out there?

  62. Lila says:

    @ Katherine Mac

    LOL. You’ve got to be kidding.

    Let’s save the Oprah inspired psycho babble for TV.

    @islandwalker I do believe that accident is how she came to be involved in that women’s shelter that she regularly volunteers at. It may not be as heartwarming as a shopping spree for a bunch of Birkin bags, but Halle has to start somewhere.

  63. la chica says:

    IF it’s true, that’s a hella double standard given Oliver’s reputation as a male slut. let’s be honest. the man is a ho which makes him no different from Kim. i can’t bear double standards.

  64. DiMi says:

    Katherine Mac, your comment is offensive to women. You actually suggest that a woman who has been in relationships with men who have cheated on her is a bad influence on her children because of it? And not just a bad influence, but a worse influence than a woman who has been a porn film and whose entire life is built on chasing fame? So it’s the woman’s fault if a man cheats and she’s somehow contaminated by his sexual indiscretion and is therefore going to be a bad parent? If you think women who’ve been cheated on are a bad influence on their children, I guess you think millions of women shouldn’t have children because a lot of men have cheated.

  65. mln76 says:

    I really don’t think Halle is botoxed “black don’t crack” and I am on her side all the way.

    BTW if I had to guess I’d say Kim called up the tabs herself to drum up interest in the episodes featuring Gabriel. She’s that tacky.

  66. Jules says:

    I wouldn’t want my daughter around those useless skanks.

  67. Camille says:

    @im awful, islandwalker, Katherine Mac, ziggy and BabyCakes: I co-sign completely! Couldn’t agree with you guys more. :D

    I am *not* a fan of any of these people, but I have to admit that the manufactured ‘drama’ is hilarious and makes for good gossip if nothing else. :lol:

  68. GirlyGIrl says:

    Anyone else a bit freaked out by Wikileaks being basically shut down?

  69. Kay says:

    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?… Berry should rethink her behavior before pointing the finger at others. She has wasted no time jumping back into the dating scene, when she should be concentrating on her daughter.

  70. Relli says:

    Nice girlygirl

    Here is my thought on this kk gabriel shit. Its publicity, this is chestica simpson 101 playbook of my ex is moving on and I am in a string of three week relationships with meaningless sex. Reggie’s new cuban gf is rocking a diamond saying they are engaged. That has to be humilating for kim especially because she the new gf is very naturally pretty with also stunning assests. Poor kin has been sure to get the mention with a guy here and there to save face {haa ha) no but that does really suck because I believe she really wanted to marry him at any cost.porn aside she does not really seem to have scruples. This whole thing b/w her and gabrieal is a great way for them both to gain a little publicity and a$$.

    I predict that kk next man is the dream, he has all that she needs, he meets her requirements and they both are famewhores. He is helping her with her new album. kk better be smart marry 1st he’s a dog.

  71. Ashley says:

    She should leave her ex alone and live her life. You did not want him, move on. He is old enough to find his own friends & people he wants to hang with. We should know that we can not control another adult’s life. I think Halle is somewhat jelous that she is 44 and Kim is 30…I know …I know ..you are all going to say Halle is ten thousand times more classy than Kim is and so on but we all know women are very sensative about their age. Good luck to both of them finding suitable partners.

  72. slymm27 says:

    whatever you all call kim, she took a bad time in her life and turned it into dollar bills.

  73. Marjalane says:

    I’m thinking Halle might be a little worried that ANY association with a Kartrashian might hurt her chances with the Oscar nomination this year- she’s hustling for it like crazy.

  74. me says:

    I don’t blame her. Nahla will one day grow up to see for herself that KK’s wide open vagina has made her into a very much loved star. Yummy!

  75. TeeTee says:

    heehee, “Kim took a really BAD thing in her life and turned it around”

    when are people gonna do the math, KIM wanted that porn and she was taking a cue out of Paris’s book–her first mentor…Kim was posed boringly for the cameras..

    Kim also stole from Brandy’s family by using their credit card to purchase things for herself and her sisters and had to be sued for 90,000 and she paid it.

    when she was supposed to b styling Brandy and Ray J–she stole from them and did not say anything until the business mgr asked about the charges and then turned around and boinked Ray J and they made a mil off of the boring tape.

    Poor Nahla, bring your own toilet protectors hun, smdh

  76. Dominique says:

    did Ray J really pee on her in the tape? Are you guys serious?!!! I never watched it and never plan to, but that is beyond disgusting.

  77. Kiska says:

    Halle looks 30. Kim looks 45.

    I cannot comment about the Gabriel situation because I’m still in deep denial over it.

  78. Bopa says:

    I don’t blame Halle for being concerned at all. I don’t trust the Kardashians and I’m not even in that section of the industry that I’d ever cross paths with any of them. I just don’t understand the thirst of wanting to be in the public eye so much that I’d sack up with a family that milks any type of attention to continue to be seen by the public.

  79. Bopa says:

    Oh and I forgot to add, if Kim did say “I’d be a great stepmom one day” I think it’s a taunt. When it comes to what the tabs will run with the Kardashians are experts on. They know that if it was really said that the level of celebs they usually snare would actually say something publicly and that will give them a couple weeks in the tabs. I don’t think Halle will though.

  80. Bopa says:

    December 1st, 2010 at 4:37 pm If its true why should she care. She already introduced Nahla to Olivier and her Mom Judith.

    Part of me thinks that Gabe thought that Halle was going to fast introducing Nahla to Oliver and his family. I think he picked the worse person possible in Hollywood to push back at Halle and say if you can do it I can so see how it feels.

  81. Italia says:

    I can’t believe that Halle Berry would make such hateful comments. I have a lot of respect for her and these are pretty small minded. I do think that it is prudent to have discernment as to who comes around your child, but guess what? She doesn’t only get to make that discernment. Gabriel has that right as well and I think he has been a straight up gentlemen about everything. KK gets a lot of hate because she is very beautiful and she is successful. It is not her fault that she was with a low life (Ray Jay) who allowed the tape to be released. Therefore the blame should be placed squarely at his feet not hers. KK’s mother is the one I worry about. She pushes her daughters into things that I personally think are unseemingly. I think she lives through her daughters and from the interviews I’ve read about KK, she comes across level headed and thoughtful. She’s young, so things will happen. I just hope that Halle is not going to be small minded about who Gabriel chooses to see. I mean she’s certianly wasted no time in stepping out with someone and just because he presents well doesn’t mean he might be scary around her daughter, so she should chose her words very carefully and not critize publicly. Use discretion and whatever her concerns are she should voice them to Gabriel and not the stupid press. All the press wants to do is much rake

  82. Bopa says:


    Kim Kardashian is an adult who no longer lives with her mother. She is able to make her own choices. I believe Halle’s main issue with Kim and her family is that Halle is a very private person. The Kardashians on the other hand will milk everything and anything possible if it means they’ll get another mag cover. You can blame that on Kris but you have to remember that all 3 Kardashian girls are adults. I don’t blame Halle for not wanting her daughter around them. She may not have ultimate say on who Gabe chooses but it’s her right as a parent to worry about her child and her privacy.

  83. slymm27 says:

    kim is a ho, a famewhore and a troll, and her bf peed on her. Whatever you call her, yes she took a bad time in her life and turned it around. You all find it easy to click on any story about her and her famewhore family, and come here spewing about values. Everyone has thier values, and if halle is worried about nahla, then she should talk to that her dumb looking baby daddy. He is obviously a good father, and he wants what is best for his daughter.