Jennifer Aniston tells Chelsea that she’s still in love with Brad, says Star Mag


It’s 2005, y’all! Jennifer Aniston made the cover of this week’s Star Magazine, all because she (allegedly) can’t stop talking and obsessing over Brad Pitt. To the point where she “poured out her heart” to Chelsea Handler when they were vacationing together in Cabo. Allegedly, Jennifer told Chelsea “I can’t stop loving Brad” and Chelsea has swooped in to go on an anti-Jolie rampage in the hopes of FINALLY making Brad realize that the mother of his six children is a horrible person and that he should FINALLY leave her for Aniston. Of course.

Now, for those Jen-lovers who are going to start yelling at me immediately, let me say this for the record: I don’t think this went down. I think Star Magazine is running this cover because Uncool Bermuda Triangle covers are their bread and butter, and because Chelsea Handler’s coked-out rage and senile “jokes” have give the tabloids a new angle to play with. That being said, what did you Jennifer fans expect? Aniston’s new butt-buddy Chelsea goes on an explosive (and dated) tirade against Jolie just days after a sandy, Mojito-soaked vacay with Aniston? Of course this is the story. Of course people are going to go with the “Aniston can’t get over her ex” angle – because the whole incident makes Aniston look like SHE’S NOT OVER IT. That she’s still talking about it. That she’s still obsessing about it, going on six years later. How do we know she’s not obsessing over Brad and Angelina? Her friend is still obsessing about it, after all.

Nov. 19, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress JENNIFER ANISTON films a scene from her new movie 'Wanderlust' in Midtown Manhattan. © Red Carpet Pictures

Nov. 19, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress JENNIFER ANISTON films a scene from her new movie 'Wanderlust' in Midtown Manhattan. © Red Carpet Pictures

47701, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday November 19 2010. Jennifer Aniston keeps wrapped up warm whilst filming Wanderlust on location in Greenwich Village, New York. Photograph:

47701, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Friday November 19 2010. Jennifer Aniston keeps wrapped up warm whilst filming Wanderlust on location in Greenwich Village, New York. Photograph:

Star cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LMAO!!! The only reason I think there is a smidgen of truth to Aniston spilling her guts to Chelsea about Brad at all, is the WAY Chelsea went after Angelina. If Chelsea hadn’t been so angry and mad, like she was oh say defending a friend who she feels had been wronged, nobody would have even linked Anistons name to this. Its truly hilarious and Aniston getting a little backlash makes me happy.

  2. WhiteNoise says:

    Yeah, it’s a good story but while I don’t believe for one second that Aniston is still pining for Brad Pitt (seriously, he’s just not pine-worthy), I do think she is probably really pissed off at having Jolie and Pitt’s ‘wonderful life’ rubbed in her face all the time. While I still don’t think she has any responsibility whatsoever for Chelsea Handler’s spiteful ‘comedy’ routines, I do think if she had any dignity, she’d ask her to rein it in as all it does is perpetuate the idea that she’s still very bitter about them. And I’m not much of a fan of either so this is not coming from a pro-Jolie perspective.

  3. Jezi says:

    It’s been 5 years, she’s over it.

  4. Riley says:

    You know, I am kind of starting to feel bad for Brad and Angelina. I know they don’t pay attention to this crap but man every 3 months for the past six years they are attached to the same damn boring story. Jen does look desperate and pathetic especially now that her drinking buddies are lashing out at her ex’s partner and baby mama in public. Most of us got over this kind of behavior in our early twenties. There is something positive to be said about settling down.

  5. Jackson says:

    Ahaha. Methinks there is some truth in this.

  6. Dancing says:

    Really Star??/ You are going there…. Does anybody really think Jennifer is sitting home pineing away for Brad?? Have you seen him lately.. She got the best years from him and soon enough, when Angie stops staying with him just to prove the tabloids wrong, she will leave his wrinkled face too. Just because he was good looking when he was younger dosn’t mean we all still need to be fawning all over him now. It sounds like he is a good person, with all his charity work and stuff, so maybe its not his looks that the girls like. So anyway I’ll get off my soap box now and just say, Jen is gorgous, single, rich and popular. If she is single its because she wants to be. If she has no kids its because she dosn’t want them right now. Give it a rest.. Angie wants a soccer team good for her, thats wonderful thats who she is.. If Jen dosn’t then guess what.. thats wonderful. good for her.. Lets leave this trio alone and find something more interesting.. Now Chelsea.. she’s interesting.. very funny listening to good jokes and also funny watching her pull her foot out of her mouth. She is entertaining..

  7. Missy says:

    Good job Chelsea. You’ve made both you and Jennifer look even more jealous and bitter than we already thought you were.

  8. devilgirl says:

    Odd, when Star posts a story about Angelina, no one believes a word, but when it’s about Aniston, people say it’s true.

    Come on, Star is one step up from Out of Touch Magazine as far as accurate stories go.

  9. Bella Mosley says:

    I agree with Kaiser Star prob came up with the headline based on the recent vacation followed immediately by Chelsea’s crazed rant. It does make one believe there had to be come talk between the two about Angie and Brad, but seriously doubt Jen condons Chelsea’s Rant.
    First let me say I am not Team anyone as who loves who has nothing to do with anyone other then the people acutally involved. If a person thinks differently they are as delusional and pathetic as Jen appears to be. I say appears to be. Whether or not Jen has moved on, Chelsea did her no favor with the rant as it does make Jen look unable to let go and after all these years that would just be pityful – which is an image I can’t imagine Jen wants to project!

  10. nonyboo says:

    Can I say how much I love the fact she has forehead wrinkles? Love her.

  11. KIm says:

    Its truly hilarious and Aniston getting a little backlash makes me happy.

    That is so childish.

  12. happygirl says:

    Cosign with Jezi, Dancing, and all the commenters who think this story is BS (although I’ve never seen Chelsea’s show so I can’t comment on that part) ;)

  13. francesca says:

    Jennifer is not even pretty. Her face is so hard and hag-like. It’s amazing anyone thinks she is beautiful.

  14. Blaster says:

    There is this:

    She’s over it. Trust. It’s everyone else that needs to let it go. Because it still brings so much press.

  15. Eve says:

    LOL! Who didn’t see that coming? It was bound to happen.

    P.S.: Kaiser, you chose these pictures on purpose (I mean, for comedic reasons), didn’t you? The expressions are priceless.

  16. out-of-the-box says:

    Oh who cares about Jen, Brad or Angie, I want to hear about Oprah and Stedman – faking it. She and Gay-le make a cute couple.

  17. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    For the love of all things Johnny Depp!

    Enough already! I don’t think JA is all in love with Brad. I think she loves the Brad SHE knew. Not the baby daddy Brad.

    Chelsea is a famewhore who is using JA for publicity. As usual b/c she is not talented herself and she’s 110 years old.

  18. wonderful says:

    I dont see why she SHOULD have to get over it, he was HER HUSBAND. She can spend her whole life loving him forever if she pleases. How dare you?

  19. WhiteNoise says:

    @Blaster – yep, that’s a far more likely scenario.

  20. nnn says:

    Star is a tab do it probably fabricated but i can’t help but think there is a shred of truth.

    They probably both drank lots of margarittas and smoke pot and went gossiping like the envious bimbos they are.

    Jennifer Aniston friends (Mayer, handler, David Arquette, ect…) and lately boyfriends are usually in par with her intellect level : dumb, uneducated and childish, hence they act dumb and do dumb stunts that a more mature, intelligent friend wouldn’t.

  21. v says:

    While I don’t think she is crying over Brad. I do think that she regretted not settling down and making time for family. Brad and Angie are promoting their films, so their pictures are way more than usual. I think Aniston is like well they would have made it work if they had bio kids or adopted kids and just make their family work. She 40+ now and she’s not yet settled again, that’s the problem. But its not Brad and Angies’s problem. What Handler did was disgusting, and the network should not stand behind her for that. Brad and Angie’s children should be off limits, that is not right. The internet is accessible to all, and they have more than enough to find out without Handler adding more to it.
    I think it makes them look crass, I think Aniston knew she would do it, and she let her.
    Angie and Brad are not together for looks, because everyone gets old, and all that. They have children now, and they seem to genuinely support each other.
    There’s no reason to “fake” when they can stay away from each other on the pretense of work…for example, tom cruise and katie holmmes.
    I think Aniston needs to move on, stay low key and find a nice guy who genuinely wants her…if that’s what she wants.
    SIX years and SIX kids later…she really needs to get over it and so does Handler. is 50 cents not taking care of her well enough that she feels the need to go around insulting people???

  22. v says:

    The problem is WAS. I know lots of people who were married 4 times longer than Brad and Aniston and had children who got divorced and have moved on. No one is saying that it does not hurt, especially when the pictures are out there for all to see. But darn, she is really slowing down womens movement!

  23. anne_000 says:

    meanwhile, 40 years from now, aniston, anonymous sources close to her, and her friends who are willing to make public comments will keep saying that jennifer has never gotten over brad and angelina is a homewrecker.

    i think it’s time aniston makes it a policy for her and amongst her friends to stop talking about brad and angelina. it’s so pathetic. she should just tell everyone she knows to stop connecting her with either of them. the longer this keeps happening, the crazier aniston looks. whether or not chelsea came out with this all on her own, it doesnt matter. aniston should realize that all this aniston-brad pseudo-scandal makes her look like a desperate actress needing this senseless publicity (based on a 5-yr old breakup) to sustain what’s left of her flailing career.

    on top of this, from what i’ve read, brad and aniston werent that great of a couple anyways. he wanted kids, she didnt. he wanted to ride motorcycles/fly planes/grow beards/hang out with the guys/have the freedom to do guy things/etc. while she wanted to rein him in and make him into a stereotypical 1950s clean cut, cardboard cut-out man, a homebody with no inclination to do anything outside of what she thinks is appropriate image-wise. i dont know what they had in common at all. with or without angelina, that pitt-aniston relationship would have petered out anyways, imo.

    even without another woman involved in any way at all, after brad/aniston broke up, aniston and friends would still have found a way to make herself look a victim with brad as the bad guy.

    this story is just needs to die out and quick.

  24. someone says:

    I do not believe this story AT ALL…I think Jen has been over Brad for a very long time, and the idea that she still loves him and wants him back are ridiculous..why???? He looks like crap, dirty and unkempt..and hes with the skinniest ho in hollywood, and strapped down with 6 kids…Jen is single (and lovin it)..and yes I think shes a beautiful woman, rich..and appears to be happy with her life..the Brangaloonies need to get a life, beyond being on thier knees, worshipping a ho!

  25. wonderful says:

    Why is she setting back the women’s movement?!!?!?? Does everyone have a time limit to get over their exes? Thats completely ridiculous. Get real, no one has the right to tell someone else to get over ANY relationship that happened in their life.
    Keep in mind, as well, we have no idea how this woman actually feels, I am merely making a point.

  26. Sigh. says:

    ITA. This is soooo 2005.

    I’m not a fan of any of these people, so maybe I am objective enough to believe that Aniston would be DUMB enough to spill her deepest regrets to a OFT DRUNK, INSENSITIVE, LOUD-MOUTHED CABLE TV HOST/COMEDIENNE who is seen DAILY unleashing on EVERYBODY. Aniston has been swimming in mojitos and celebritydom for years, and should know how to handle both. Besides, Handler’s been on Jolie’s case for YEARS before, and never once said “Jen told me…,” or the like, so…

    These stories make everyone involved look like idiots, and no one looks “better” than the next. Brad is a balls-less/hapless booze hound, Angelina is a 2-faced control freak, and Jen is a desperate old maid (Whereas Clooney, also divorced/never remarried, with “questionable” tastes, is admired as a “bachelor”).

    If they say something, “It must be true.” If they say nothing, “It must be true.” Whatever.

    EDIT: And maybe, just MAYBE Handler’s hanging out with Aniston made her more sympathetic to her, and therefore more upset with the already reviled Jolie. This is her short-sighted, poorly thought out way of “sticking up” for Aniston, who obviously has her share of detractors (incl on this site).

  27. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    For the love of all things Johnny Depp!

    Get over it! JA is not pining for Brad and is not madly in love with him, she still loves the Brad SHE knew not the baby daddy Brad.

    Chelsea is a lowlife famwhore who is using JA for publicity because she has no talent and she’s 110 years old.

  28. nnn says:


    We dare cause we are in a democracy and can have an opinion about a woman’s very public divorce who ironically is the one who made it a public number one national affair.

    As for jenny, that’s her problem to deal with and her misery to live if she doesn’t want to get over it but please it’s HER problem, we don’t need to be reminded every day of the week for years to mourn HER divorce, to be shocked (the world was shocked) and to still pin for her misery, to still put Jolie on trial and play judge, party, detective and prosecturor giving the sentence when we already got over the death of other celebrities post her divorce.

    Even in reality when your own sibling is still pinning for her divorce after a few years, whining, we tell her to get over it and to move on.

    She invited us in her divorce and we are now part of it. She keeps us informed with the state of affair with her 5 years springcleansing after Brad.

    People have therefore a right to be fed up about this constant rememberance daily ceremonial of mourning that specific divorce among all of the other personal and not so personal tragedies they live.

    So again, we have a right to tell her to get over it as long as she still publicly keep us informed about her dealing with HER divorce.

  29. guesty says:

    this triangle is like yesteryear. over it.

    howevs…this works for jen…whether it’s true or not…since she’s on yet another cover for the sos.

  30. Kim says:

    Its interesting that noone ever said Nicole, Uma, Reese etc were crying to their friends pining over their exes.This story is BS IMO. Chelsea’s rant makes her BFF look pathetic.

  31. luna says:

    You know, I never really liked Jen (I think I was too young to get into Friends and couldn’t understand what the big deal with her was other than she was married to Brad Pitt), but I saw a clip last night of that interview she did with Diane Sawyer when she was promoting Along Came Polly, and I can kind of see now why she has such loyal fans. She was so likable! She seemed down to earth, like she was just one of the girls. It kind of made me feel bad for her now that her career seems to be all about her image in the tabloids.

    Seeing footage of her back then, with him at premieres and stuff, it was always like she was a little kid at the grown ups’ table. Movies are his thing, not hers, and she would do so much better if she realized that now and utilized her assets for TV, not crappy movie after crappy movie. I don’t knock her for trying, but it’s been years and she never did become that big movie star. I think she would be awesome on a TV show, with some supporting movie roles here and there.

    That being said, I do believe her when she and Courtney said that there was no cheating and that later when she found it could work to her advantage, she kind of threw Angelina under a bus. The backlash against her “poor Jen” image is stronger than ever and this “friendship” with Chelsea is just another straw on the camel’s back. The timing is all so suspect, and really, what does Jen gain from the association? She should dump Handler’s nasty ass ASAP.

  32. me says:

    Actually, I could imagine she’s still in love with him. It took me long years to get over the love of my life. The reason was that I’ve had no man in my life since who would compare to that ex. Simple as that. It may sound weird and stupid to some but hey, we’re all different and no one has the right to judge us like this. That’s what I think.

  33. MissyA says:


    Who cares if it’s “true” or not? It’s the natural conclusion anyone with half a brain would make after Handler’s recent spurt.

    Either there’s some truth to Aniston being a bitter, angry witch, or she’s tacitly complying to keep her name in the tabloids. She looks stupid and pathetic either way.

  34. Carolynn says:

    This is such a stupid story … Jennifer came to realize that Brad is a jerk years and years and years ago. She is happy to be rid of him. The magazines just can’t let go and CH sure didn’t help!

  35. Tammy says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy….Money, Money, Money….

    Star is Happy
    Chelsea is Happy
    Jennifer is Happy
    Brad is Happy
    Angelina is Happy

    We are all Happy, we are all making Money….Happy, Happy, Happy…..Money, Money, Money…..

  36. nnn says:

    In one of those post divorce interviews she said that she wil love Brad all her life and has never stopped raving about him when she had the opportunity. I always find it very telling those sweet words towards a so called cheater…

    So i beleive that retrospectively she loves him…i mean she said she loves douche Mayer even after the first split so she certainly can love Brad.

    That Handler stunt has backfired badly and put her 100 years old divorce back to number one american preoccupations.

    The overall perception and general consensus in blogs and in the media is that she comes out of it pathetic bitter and jealous…not to mention not appealing to any potential decent mate who wouldn’t want to live in another man’s shadow.

    With friends like Chelsea who needs ennemies ?

  37. serena says:

    I’m sick and tired of this god damned story. Change topic, for god’s sake.

  38. gloriaad says:

    To wonderful #22 yes Brad Pitt was Jennifer Aniston’s husband and she has a right to love him as long as she wants to, BUT, Jen have been saying in interviews and in mag print how she has moved ON dated various other Hollywood hunks and seemed and acted like as f she was enjoying her single life,and Brad & Angie cease to exist, NOW , Chelsea Handler raging tirade is so vile and nasty its like a fresh wound, sorry but something was said on that vacation against Angie. Embarrassing for Jenifer Aniston now her persona of I’m single and free, positive about my life style the public knows she is living a lie, just where Brad Pitt left her in 2005 she is still standing there waiting for him to come back! Have mercy only in Hollywood.

  39. Marjalane says:

    I doubt if the story in STAR is true, but I don’t doubt that some of the sentiments are true. I can totally see a 40 year old J.A. regretting that she didn’t put aside her (idiotic romcom) career for a bit and have some babies with a (probably) fairly decent husband. She’ll never get anyone with his stature in Hollywood to date her again, and this new “friendship” with that bitch Chelsea Handler is doing NOTHING to improve her chances. She needs to 86 this friendship and fast!

  40. wonderful says:

    Why would someone who still loves their ex tell everyone about it and seem to hate their life? OBVIOUSLY THEY WOULD TELL EVERYONE IN THE MEDIA THEY WERE OVER IT AND APPEAR TO ENJOY THEIR LIFE. it wouldnt make her a liar!!!! If you dont like the stories about her, DONT READ THEM. the thought process on some of you is CRAZY.

  41. lucy2 says:

    “It’s everyone else that needs to let it go.” ITA, blaster.

  42. Raven says:

    I love those candid shots of Jen. She is adorable. Her warmth shines through the way it does in all her movies. What a talented gifted actress. Bet she sure as hell does NOT want icky Brad back.

  43. Glyrics says:

    Has she got a movie coming out?

    I am so sick of her. In all of this, I’ve been on Team BRAD.I’ve loved him throughout his career. AJ gave him kids so his beautiful genes will live on

    All ja has given him is grief. Please please please stop reporting on her! We will all soon read about ch’s coke death.

    Brad will still be happy with his life.

  44. Sigh. says:

    This whole thing has a life of it’s own at this point.
    No one (including US) will be able to “move on,” if the media and over-zealous fans have their way and continue to feed it.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t think Aniston loves her ex-husband any more. I think she got over that a long time ago. What I think she is still living with is the anger and the resentment and the hurt pride. THAT is what she’s hanging onto and she used Handler as her mouthpiece to let it all come out, without stopping to think how pathetic and bitter it would make her look. Now the tabloids are all over it. Well, she got her face back on the tabloid covers, and I guess that’s worth something to her, never mind what it took to achieve that.

  46. Penguen says:

    I think Tammy nailed it on the head (#41).

  47. bluhare says:

    Wow. You guys are really serious!

    OK, I think JA is a master manipulator of the press. I think AJ is the same way. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a shred of truth in here somewhere, only I bet it isn’t because JA is still pining away. I find it more believable that she’s still pissed as hell he left her and made all those denials look stupid.

  48. teri says:

    Me thinks that Jennifer is playing this victim role alittle to much for way to long.
    Vogue 2008: “[We] had an amicable split … The marriage didn’t work out.”

    “I mean, in the end, we really had an amicable split. It wasn’t mean and hateful and all of this stuff that they tried to create about Brad can’t talk to Jen and Jen can’t talk to Brad because this person won’t allow it. It just didn’t happen. The marriage didn’t work out. And pretty soon after we separated, we got on the phone and we had a long, long conversati­on with each other. ”

    I feel awful for women like Tiger Woods ex wife and Sandra Bullock. They haven’t rode the pity party train and eeegads those poor woman might have an std for all anyone knows. Tiger was the king of jerks and so was whats his name but not Brad Pitt.

  49. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh I think she still loves him – that just kind of seems to be the way she is. I like what wonderful and me had to say about it further up the thread. But if she wants to salvage what shreds she has left of her public image, she needs to distance herself from Handler STAT.

  50. nnn says:

    Brad won’t come back into a marriage that sent him into therapy for severe depression. Whatever happened in it, it wasn’t rosy AT ALL.

    He is in a good place right now. Jen should look after her own happiness and not surround herself with negative and destructive people like Chelsea.

    Negativity breeds negativity. Positive people are more prone to create hapiness and serenity than bitterness and misery.

  51. Fiona says:

    Brad back?Go see a doctor!This is already harassment, pathological, the “Fatal Attraction ” type!Lock this b*… in a mental institution…

  52. Fanny says:

    Let’s hope we can all get over this and stop choosing sides and being so mean BEFORE we are all in retirement homes … and that includes the kids! PS Jen isn’t PLAYING the victim … if you go and read some of this garbage on line you will see that she IS, indeed, the victim of utter meanness.

  53. skibunny says:

    Isn’t Jen also friends with Oprah? I dont agree with the guilty by association argument.

    I dont think her movies are any better or worse than any of the other fluff Hollywood puts out these days. Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock…….I could go on. It’s mostly fluff. One could also add Angelina and Meryl Streep into the mix. All guilty of doing fluff.

  54. Crash says:

    GIVE IT A REST ALREADY! I read the headline…and that’s all I’ll read. I refuse to read this old garbage anymore! It’s sooooo old and you KNOW these rags are making it up based on new gossip going around about Chelsea’s stand up routine etc etc…How about doing your job, Star? Report something new! They put this old garbage on the cover and count the money you hand over. stupid.

  55. Lulu says:

    If Jen was so sweet, she wouldn’t be buddies with a hate-filled troll. Lovers don’t hang out with haters. And, Chelsea’s comments are PURE hate, misogynistic, and bitter. Nothing more. I remember Chelsea called Angelina “EVIL,” and then introduced Jen as a guest. If that was me, I would have said something right there–C’mon, Hitler is evil, I hardly think it applies to some in-your-face Hollywood actress, or whatever. But Jen said abolutely nothing. Speaks volumes about her. Who wants to be around someone so nasty, unless you are that nasty yourself? Either she’s with Chelsea because she agrees with her, or she’s using this to get back into the tabloids again. Either way, it’s pretty sad. And it just shows you that the real Jen Aniston is not sweet. Either she’s a manipulative fame addict, using her ex for 6 years to stay in the spotlight, or she’s pretty nasty on the inside, like her buddy, Chelsea.

  56. Crash says:

    Furthermore, Jen is not playing the “victim role”. It is constantly being thrust upon her by these gossip rags and sites that have nothing new to say and are to lazy to go out and get some relevant news. Also, who said Jen looks “rough”? She looks like a 40 YO woman should look. Actually…better. Have you SEEN the people standing in line at the local Wal-mart? or Jewel? or… maybe that’s just in the Midwest:) You all bitch and moan when a star’s face is botoxed and you criticize and belittle when they are natural. Make up your freakin’ minds.

  57. Maritza says:

    Well if its true that Jen is still thinking about Brad I feel sorry for her because she must have really suffered when she saw the photo of Brad grabbing Angelina’s butt. Brad isn’t going anywhere, it is obvious he is truly in love with the mother of his children.

  58. Jason says:

    Chalcey Handler’s face looks like a sprouted potato.
    Aniston is delusional and pathetic, Brad would never go back to her if he broke up with Angelina.

  59. Cyui says:

    That popeater article is ridiculous. She’s been betrayed by everyone. She’s so innocent. Stay away from Aniston….she is going to be stricken down by lightning. She is a snake in the grass only worried about her ego. The fact the article calls Jolie someone that stole her husband and even mentions John Mayer….a dude she associated with for less than a yr half the time bothered with other people. So did she apparently.

  60. karen says:

    I’m not buying it, it’s always the same thing celebrities are doing for attention and trying to fool us.

  61. constance says:

    hahaha. I bet Chelsea is fist pumping at this publicity. She’s a slut for fame and she loves it. :)

  62. Mine says:

    OMG 6 years and Jen can’t move on with her life, really! Why can’t she move on with her life. What do she expect will happen when she meet with people and cry on their shoulders about Angelina stealing her man. I don’t believe a man can be stolen! I believe the relationship went bad and Brad got out of it. Angelina is who he ended up with. It could have been any other women. Jen need to get real serious therapy and stop sending people after Angelina.
    Maybe Brad need to come out with a tell all to end this bunch of lies.

  63. Fauxhemian Delight says:

    I agree with White Noise. It must be just awful having the Brandgelina thing rubbed in your face ALL the time. Aniston can’t leave the house or turn on a TV without running into their love story etc. And sure all the haters think she should just get over that, but I’d like to see them get dumped by an ex and then never, ever be able to escape them. Even Paltrow said it took her more than five years to get over Brad and their relationship didn’t end this way. Paltrow still talks about Brad and they split 15 years ago. And Paltrow’s husband said he was really intimidated by the fact that she had dated Brad so I can imagine how men must feel dating Aniston, plus the added media circus that Paltrow and her husband didn’t even have to face. I think Jen handled as best she could. Personally, I probably would have taken several trips to rehab by now.

    Other than a few comments about Jolie being Uncool and Brad missing a sensitivity chip, Aniston has been nothing but gracious toward them despite how the haters want to portray her. I think Jen’s long over being with Brad, but is still hurt by the entire situation. Honestly, I think Brad is hot and all but I’d get sick of the endless pot smoking and the fact that he doesn’t like to take showers too often. I just don’t know what all the fuss is about him.

    I think the part Jen still has trouble with is that she found out things long after they split when Jolie bragged about falling in love with Brad on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad and Angelina probably got away with cheating and used a bunch of starving orphans to distract the media. Cause I mean come on, what on earth was Brad doing for the first 15 years of his fame and fortune? He wasn’t helping people. After he got caught on that beach in Africa with Jolie that first time he got charitable real quick. Anyway, it is what it is.

    Also, I think Aniston told Handler to cool it. That’s why Chelsea had to come out yesterday and explain the rant. Something tells me Aniston might not be returning her calls. But leave it to the tabs to write their own version because let’s face it the Bermuda triangle is a big money maker, not just for Star magazine, but for Kaiser as well. Hardly a day goes by without Celebitchy posting an article about these three. Judging by the number of comments, the haters on both sides can’t seem to stop obsessing either. I’m sure there will be a 100 comments by the end of the day, by people pretending not to care about Aniston. LOL.

  64. Lukie says:

    Ok. I’m really not a big JA fan, but why do people always assume she was dumped? I always felt they were mutually over, but not out about it.

    Doesn’t anybody remember that interview her and brad did? Was it Barbara Walters? He wanted 6 kids she said she’s only pushing out 2? Well, brad got those 6 kids and she got to milk a break-up into a small fortune. Smart bitch ;-)

    I always felt they probably didn’t want to announce the separation till projects finished up. Along the way, Brad met and fell in love w/AJ, a woman that is more in step w/what he wanted in life. I mean, those 2 women are very different, no?

    I am not even sure if JA is looking for a committed relationship. Maybe that’s why she picks the men that she does.

    I always wondered if she pines for Vince Vaughn though…

  65. REALIST says:

    Gee, ya think? How many years has it been now? At least five.
    She has had so many un-relationships over the years, and that’s probably why. Of course a man who was thinking of a more serious relationship with her would figure out she’s not all there.
    So many women don’t have the option of being young, attractive, and famous after they are left by their husbands for someone else…”Jen” has all those attributes-time to get over it and move on!

  66. citmyway says:

    OOOOH COME ON PEOPLE!!! THIS IS THE SAME FREAKIN STORY EVERYDAY FOR WHAT 6 YEARS NOW!!!!! I didn’t even read the story b/c I’ve read it 200 damn times just this year!!! I just wanted to read the comments and as usual there were intertaining!!

  67. Sara says:

    Jen looks pretty on that Star cover!

  68. Sara says:

    BTW, I thought the rant by Chelsea was pretty funny! Gotta love freedom of speech

  69. tracking says:

    If you were Jennifer Aniston, would there by any love lost for Angelina Jolie? Seriously, who knows what was said over drinks in Mexico but I could imagine JA feeling a little bitter/frustrated about AJ’s “St Angie” PR persona. I could also see Chelsea using any tidbits she finagled for her own PR (knowing full well how this would make Aniston look). Chelsea is not Aniston’s friend. She is a media whore who took advantage of her brief proximity to JA. Highly doubt JA wants BP back just because she’s being selective in dating/procreating. Hope she uses better judgment regarding ‘friends’ in the future, but please give the woman a break.

  70. Fanny says:

    #69 Delight: you said a lot and I think you said it very well. Nice to see a post that is thoughtful instead of reactive. :)

  71. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    “AJ gave him kids so his beautiful genes will live on” That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen written about any of these three morons.

  72. Mrs K 2 be says:

    I don’t think JA wants Brad back at all, she’s just still really embarrassed that her husband fell in love with another woman and he realised he probably didn’t ever really love her.
    I’m sure that must be hard to deal with, for about 6 months…. not 6 years!!!

  73. nnn says:

    First thing that jen should do : get rid of those tapes with Brad’s voice she religiousely listen.

    Second thing she should do : Never even mention it again that indeed she keeps till this day listenning to those voice messages or that she has a spring cleansing refering to its start equaling her divorce. It only add to the imression that she is an obsessive freak who needs to let go. She has to keep it to herself or to share it to a shrink.

    Third thing : stop gossiping between pot smoking and margarritas with girlfriends who have a big mouth and a low IQ.

  74. Shelley says:

    OMG so tired of these three tedious people! JA is the one who chose to hang out w/ CH. Misery and bitterness love company. Making stupid movies back to back (when does JA sleep?!) and being papd in bikinis is all JA does. I do not understand how she keeps getting roles when her movies all bomb. I have no problem believing she does still ‘love’ Brad, whatever that means to her, but her own ego and view of herself as destined to be a movie star is apparently part of what caused them to part. What a shame she couldn’t be grateful for her small gift as an OK TV actress on an OK ensemble show that inexplicably ran forever, and gather her riches from that and move on.

  75. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    Hmm. If my beloved husband left me for Angelina Jolie i would hope that I’d have moved on 5 years later but I’d think I’d reserve the right to talk about it as much as I bloody well wanted to! lol…

  76. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    oh- and to slag them both off from 2005 until eternity….

    there would be no expiration date on my swearing and name-calling.. NO expiration date!!!!

    Bish – where’s my Malibu beach hut!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful- I was thinking the exact same thing. He was her husband and when she married him..that was the love him forever..and if she does..there’s nothing wrong with that. Doesnt mean she cant move on with her life. But I’m sure she’ll always love him in some way.

  78. MrsOdie2 says:

    “That being said, I do believe her when she and Courtney said that there was no cheating and that later when she found it could work to her advantage, she kind of threw Angelina under a bus.”

    Brad and Angelina have both admitted that they fell in love on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Falling in love with someone while you’re married is CHEATING. Especially when the other person knows it. And you’re “playacting” in a movie that involves kissing each other. I will never understand why people give Angelina and Brad a free pass. Even if Jennifer Aniston were the ugliest, meanest harpy in the universe, Brad was her husband and she was his wife and he betrayed her. And he did it in front of the whole world.

    The way Jen looks in a bikini on the beach in Mexico does not give me the impression she is unhappy at all.

  79. Ella says:

    Just because they broke up, doesn’t mean Brad never loved her. They were together for 7 years.
    Who knows, Brangelina might call it quits any day now…

  80. Louise says:

    I don’t believe Jennifer is still in love with Brad but I think she’s disappointed in the way things turned out. I think Jennifer thought she would be in a great relationship with a huge movie career and Brad would be miserable, pining for her. Since that hasn’t happened it’s gnawing at her.

    I do believe that Jennifer talks to Chelsea about Angelina. That’s the only reason why she could have so much rage and hostility against Angelina. The jokes Chelsea made 2 years ago had none of the rage she exhibited in that psycho rant.

  81. Camille says:

    You nailed it Kaiser. Cosign completely.

    (And sorry but I can’t comment on this thread and not say this as well, but Aniston does not have an attractive face, not at all. *shudder*
    You chose some great photos there Kaiser :lol: ).

  82. Corine says:

    If Jen was so sweet, she wouldn’t be buddies with a hate-filled troll. Lovers don’t hang out with haters.
    TRUE! Chelsea Handler is a human cesspool. Her rage-filled attacks on Angelina are the epitome of ugliness. I would never befriend someone like that. But for some reason, Jen chose to do JUST THAT. WHY do you think that is? Misery loves company, indeed.

    Her fans are in such denial. She’s obviously NOT Rachel. She’s the person who says “retard,” insulting others and never apologizing. She’s the person who dates men like John Mayer, who drops the n-word and talks trash about everyone. She’s the person who is friends with Joe Francis and his ilk. I don’t see her inviting Oprah to her booze-filled Cabo/sun-tan parties. More than likely Oprah would never show up. Trashy, trashy, trashy.

    And Angelina isn’t to blame for Jen’s lack of intelligence, her poor choices, her immaturity, and her famewhoring. You can’t blame Angelina for everything in life, Jen. Look in the mirror if you want to see the root of your problems.

  83. skibunny says:

    Well said #69.

    @Hamm is My Dream Man: creepy is right

  84. rraven says:

    I think she’s over him but she hates AJ, or finds her annoying like a lot of people do. However I think her next movie, horrible bosses will be critically acclaimed and she will reveal herself to be dating Colin Farrell. That’s a much better PR move to me than getting her friend to diss Angie. I wish her the best, if for nothing else the pure entertainment value of seeing both women one up each other.

  85. alex says:

    No way is Colin Farrell is going near Aniston dating wise lol. She will just have to find another fake boyfriend while promoting her upcoming movies lol

  86. alex says:

    #69 wow very long essay there. You complained about Kaiser and Celebitchy posting articles about AJ, BP and JA but yet you continue to post under these articles. Maybe when you see a post about these three people you should skip it….just saying

  87. redlips says:

    Oh my! What a bunch of crap! Pure bullsh!t! We wonder why there is a triangle…..the media and all those defending poor Jolie.

    Whether the relationship was over or not, Aniston and Pitt were STILL married legally when he and Jolie started banging each other! In my eyes, that is all sorts of wrong. Infidelity and adultery, plain and simple.

    I still love my ex and always will. Do I wish I were still married to him, NO, that is why I divorced him. He will always have a very special place in my heart, and I am sure that is how Aniston feels about Pitt.

    Truer words have never come out of Handler’s mouth and she is certainly entitled to her opinion, as am I.

  88. CB Rawks says:

    Why does Aniston befriend feral wolverines?

  89. nnn says:


    True Brad and Jolie said that their character as Mr and Mrs Smoth fell in love in this movie, a movie that actually as people tend to deliberatly forget, was still filming ….6 months AFTER Jen and Brad legally part ways.

    So this falling in love ‘reason’, wether about their characters or them is still irrelevant considering Jen and Brad separated DURING MAM’s still filming and were both 6 months before the end of filming LEGALLY SEPARATED individuals living in different place and divorce papers introduced..

    Also I remembered clearly jennifer on her way out of the court saying something along the lines : it’s an amicable split and FROM NOW ON, BRAD is a free man.

    Then both of them moved to different places and sooner we saw a picture of jen on Vince knees kissing him on a balcony while later Brad was running on a beach after Maddoxx with Jolie looking at them. then all hell broke loose about this specific picture and not the previous one as we were supposed to be shoked as he was lacking a sensitivity chip while she was just dancing a lambada with Vince.

    Consequently any plublic grieving whining still going on strong six years after all of these above and countless of other boyfriends scream : PATHETIC and FRAUDULENT to me.

    Obviousely acts and boyfriends scream : she has moved on, the constant whines and critics of Brad’ new woman related to the split scream she has not and you just can’t have it both ways.

  90. Cyui says:

    John Mayer said the n-word with no malice. I guess you better get my college professor too, since she allowed a young white dude to say the n-word. There was no malice A 60 something yr old lawyer …black woman. He talks crap about people that talk crap about him.

    The chick mentions kids in interviews, makes passive/aggressive comments about people, and only dates dudes that will get her attention.

  91. Corine says:

    Oh please–all three of these celebrities are to blame for this triangle nonsense. There’s no innocent victims in this mess.

    I mean just this year Jen invited People magazine to her Cabo birthday and then the article read Jen: 5 yrs after Brad, fun, flirty and 40. It’s her OWN pr people doing this. She’s to blame for this STILL being a topic of discussion. It’s amazing how people want to make excuses for her. That’s EQUALLY CREEPY.

    And, Jen didn’t handle the divorce with class at all, in my opinion. Unless you think class is taking nude-ish photos, crying like a baby, and bringing along your friends to trash your ex. Then, when she did the Vogue interview and was asked about Angelina, she talked trash on Angelina off the record, as the reporter stated, and called her “uncool” on the record. She’s not only bitter, but she’s a complete coward to boot. Then, when the shit hit the fan, she went on Oprah, and cried “I don’t go there!” It’s SO obvious that she is such a manipulate, lying shit. There’s no dignity to her whatsoever. And, the Chelsea Handler thing is just another example in a long line of examples.

    Anyone who believes Aniston at this point is a fool–pure and simple. Same goes for the Brangelina people. All three are so full of BS– they have it coming out of every pore. Their fans live in la-la land. So sick of all these people and especially their WEIRD fans. /rant over

  92. Cheyenne says:

    rraven: she will reveal herself to be dating Colin Farrell.

    I very much doubt that. If you’ve noticed, every time she has a movie coming out, the rumors start circulating that she is dating her co-star, and immediately her co-star or his manager step in to quash the rumor.

    I think the biggest mistake she ever made was dating John Mayer. Nobody wants his sloppy seconds.

  93. Shelby says:

    #88. This! Well stated and I totally agree. Anyone caught up in this split 6 years after the fact is projecting their own selves onto these three people’s lives. It seems like the actual truth is long gone???

    But here’s my take on it. I’ve always thought Brad made the decision to leave on his own for obvious reasons (he wanted a family, a different life), and Aniston was angry that he started one so soon with Angelina. It just made her look bad, so she took it all out on Angelina. So much easier to blame someone else than to admit the truth of the matter and look culpable. The innocent victim routine made her sympathetic to hundreds of women who may have gone through painful splits and she was able to prolong her talentless career for years from that sympathy. It was always a fake ploy and it surprises me how many people bought it. But, then again George Bush was elected President, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. In any case, her association with Chelsea Handler speaks volumes as to her true character and it ain’t pretty. I actually am starting to feel sorry for Brad. I think he wanted a new life, but his ex refuses to let him live it. Her hooking up with this Handler woman is just another example of how she prolongs the association with Brad.
    It’s kind of sad, actually.

  94. Kim says:

    She probably does still love Brad and there is nothing wrong with that. It doesnt mean she would take him back or is plotting how to get him back – she will probably always love him and vice versa.

  95. Shay says:

    I think that, not until either Brad and Jennifer are open about this situation, settle it once and for all, instead of lying and pretending, that it will go away.

  96. Cheyenne says:

    someone: He looks like crap, dirty and unkempt..and hes with the skinniest ho in hollywood, and strapped down with 6 kids

    Are you really so emotionally immature that you think a couple’s attraction each other is based on how good they look? Angie and Brad are together based on mutual affection, mutual interests, and six children they are committed to raising together.

    Brad has six children because he wanted a large family. Aniston was too selfish to give him even one. I don’t think that’s the sole reason he left her but I think it was a contributing factor. The main reason was he just got sick and tired of her. She bored him half to death.

  97. Jason says:

    Here is a little known fact, when Jennifer found out Brad was cheating with Angelina, she fought like crazy to keep their marriage together and talked him on that cray Paris boat trip, they took right before the split. While he was in France, Angelina was calling Brad hysterically begging him to leave Jen. If their relationship was over Aniston would not have tried to hard to keep him.

  98. Cyui says:

    Didn’t these people talk all the time about their marriage ending right at the beginning of the marriage? Didn’t they talk about never seeing each other? Why is their divorce so special. People are wayyy to invested in celebs. They called the marriage a merger. They got married cause they weren’t getting any younger and they liked the superstardom stuff.

  99. Kaiser says:

    ^^^^”Jason” – Thank you, Chelsea. Needs more c-bombs.

  100. Cyui says:

    The child thing? Didn’t he say he only wanted Jolie as his children’s Mother.

  101. someone says:

    Cheyenne???I was stating my opinion on why would she want him back..those are my opinions..I think he looks like crap and most times looks like he could use a good wash down..and I think Angie is a skinny ho…And I don’t think any woman should have children if they don’t want to, especially not to please a man…and if Brads happy with his ho..good for him..but I think Jen is happy without him.

  102. Cheyenne says:

    @someone: I couldn’t agree more about a woman’s right not to want children. But she kept stringing him along with bullshit about having kids “sometime” when she never intended to. If she didn’t want children she should have been upfront with him from day one. In that case he might never have married her at all, which probably would have been better for all concerned.

    @jason: I heard that same story with a slightly different twist: Aniston told Brad to go have his fling with Jolie and then come back to her when he was tired of it. Brad told her it was no fling, that he was serious about Jolie and wanted a clean break. Then he left.

  103. echolocate says:

    It’s hard to know what’s true, although it wouldn’t be outrageous or unexpected if AJ and JA disliked one another. Jennifer could be simultaneously over it (in terms of her interest in rekindling anything with Brad), and still, justifiably, feel pain about it. It was a very public rejection, and it’s not like she can avoid hearing about them, move to another city, get another job. I’m sure her ego continues to take a hit from it, and her penchant for dating self-esteem destroying idiots like Mayer (possibly, a bid to remain young and relevant on her part) only exacerbates the problem.

    Still, one wonders how many copies of Star would sell if the headlines read: “Jen Parties with Chelsea in Mexico–and Brad’s Name Never Came Up!” “Oprah and Stedman: True Love for the Ages for this Low-Key Couple!” “Brit: Sane and Finally Dating a Guy Who Treats Her Right!” “Kate: Getting Along Swimmingly with Royals, By Jove!”

  104. nnn says:

    #102 ITA

    Not only this but some females in here are pretty naive and don’t know how the dating game works.

    We live in a machistic world and Brad Pitt, at 47 has STILL more options than Jolie and Aniston put together will ever have in terms of future potential mates if he wants to, whenever he want it, when he decides to and if he decides to.

    Sorry to burst the bubbles of certain females in here who like to put down unkept Brad like he is a too used up good that JA wouldn’t want (as if he would take her back too) but the guy is still more eligible in the dating game and could have a 25+ years old female, college graduate, executives, younger actresses, models, you name it…females looking 1000 x more beautiful and sounding 1000 x better than his ex wife could ever dream having in the reversal situation with a male having the same characteristics who would want to settle with her. He has a sea of choices.

    Sad but true. So much for putting down Pitt’s worth as an elegible man because trust me he, like many men, has 100 times more options and opportunities to end up with elgible young, beautiful and brainy women out there than jennfier or women in general, have with eligible men in the same category.

    It’s a fact of life : we are not equal men and women in that department. Pitt is still more of a prize for countless of women than his ex wife is for less men.

  105. Baby says:

    People keep repeating that lie about JA not wanting kids. She not only wanted them she had a couple of miscarriages. Maybe that’s why she was so sad when she saw that photo spread of Brad with Jolie’s kids.

  106. skibunny says:

    Why is someone considered selfish if they only want one child or none for that matter?

  107. Megatrona says:

    # 69 delight. : Bravo! So well said, you wrote down exactly what I think, amazing! Thank you

  108. Kendra says:

    I believe this, only because Jennifer has let stuff slip, that lets you know she wants Brad back. Her stupid friend, Chelsea only proves it even more with her rant against Angelina.

    Get over it Jennifer, no matter how much you and your pathetic friend diss Angelina, Brad is not coming back to you. Five years and still a bitter , lonely ho. LOL

  109. Kendra says:

    Jennifer Aniston is such a pathetic waste of space. The company you keep, says alot about you. Maybe Jennifer and Chelsea are lovers, Chelsea seems to be going overboard talking about Angelina.

    It is really sad the only way Jennifer can stay in the news ,is either to take her clothes off or get her pathetic friend to diss Angelina.

  110. nnn says:


    I personally don’t think a woman is selfish if she wants one child or doesn’t want them at all.

    I beleive however that children are a deal breaker in all cultures (in some countries it is evena legitimate cause of divorce) and that it is a serious subject that both should talk about and agree with BEFORE getting married.

    The number, the timing to have them even if it doesn’t go as planned. All of these are serious matters that can add tremendous pressure on a marriage if expectations are not met when it was planned by both parties.

    By all means I beleive no marriage survive if for one party it is paramount to have children and if for the other it isn’t. It’s like affinities, you won’t be able to go for the long run without that ‘fuel’.

    You have “love” as a structure but you need to have a strong infrastructure made of affinites, same projects of life, children or not….an infrastructure upon which your structure made of loving feelings can blossom and grow.

    Otherwhise feelings are put into tremendous strains and love can eventually turn inton bitterness, indifference or hatred…as one party can say : “you don’t love me because you don’t want to carry my children as the other can reply : you don’t love me because you want to force me to have children when i don’t want to”…

    Both legitmate, hence both should agree BEFOREHAND on the SAME PROJECT when it comes to children and when to implement it.

    Don’t know how Pitt and Aniston did it, if they plan to have kids and set a timeline to work at it, but if it was done and was part of the package deal inducing the marriage, if one party didn”t work at it as it was formerly decided, this can be seen by the other as a betrayal and cause tremendous tensions within the couple.

    Again children are a deal breaker in many people’s couples and it goes both ways.

    For example i know two cases where the woman wanted a child and the guy always elude the question. One got pregnant and was given the choice by the man to abort or he would leave. she aborted and it didn’t went well and she became sterile because of it…the couple didn’t survived and now she is alone.

    Another one stayed 15 years with a man who always postponed her desire to have a child..she contracted cancer at 38 and not only the guy ran away when she got ill but she can’t have a child anymore because of chemo and is crying all the opportunities she lost saying she should have choose guy with the same deire as hers even if it was mild love than Love but no similar paltform when it comes to having children.

    You have to be sure that you are on the same wavelength with your betterhalf before tying the knots and this including how many you want and when you both agree to work at having them.

    Considering that Pitt was already saying loud nd clear that he wanted them during the Gwyneth area, considering Jolie said he was the one who convinced her to have his, i am pretty convinced that for him, it was a case of having them the sooner possible after the marriage.

    That’s my gut feelings impression and i won’t be surprised if those therapy sessions were not related at least partly to that strong desire he had for years.

  111. justathought says:

    Looks, money and fame doesn’t guarantee happiness. I think she is a very lonely woman.

  112. Cheyenne says:

    @baby: there has never been a single verified report of Aniston ever having a miscarriage. That rumor was put out after her divorce so that people would stop saying she never wanted children. She and Brad could have adopted children if she was unable to have a child. Brad has no problem accepting an adopted child as his own. He has three he’s devoted to.

  113. la chica says:

    methinks the latest Huvane/Aniston plan backfired. badly. what a miscalculation! clearly folks are seriously OVER the Angie-bashing. give it a damn rest!

  114. Henriette says:

    Yawn. This reeks of sexism. Divorced, single woman in her 40s MUST be pining for her ex=husband and wishing that she had kids, right? Why doesn’t anyone accuse Clooney of pining for his ex-wife and mouring the fact that he doesn’t have kids? To me, Jennifer looks happy with her life just as it is. Maybe she still loves her ex… guess what? I still love two of my ex-boyfriends and wish them nothing but good things. I suspect some of you still love a few of your exes, too.

  115. Kendra says:

    I can not believe all of the whinning that took place, when Joan Collins said Jennifer Aniston was ” not cute”.

    But let crazy Handler who is besties with pathetic Anustin, call someone out of their name and make ugly comments about them ,that is alright with the Jentards. Go figure.

  116. Cheyenne says:

    Raven: Bet she sure as hell does NOT want icky Brad back.
    At this point I think she’d take whoever she could get.

    Kim: she will probably always love him and vice versa.
    I doubt she ever really loved him, and I’d be extremely surprised if he still has any feelings whatsoever for her except possibly irritation.

  117. notafan says:


  118. Cyui says:

    These people were talking about their divorce right when they got married and they were barely around each in 03. It was a marriage of convenience. These long novels about why something didn’t work when people were talking divorce in the very beginning is ridiculous.

  119. Jen says:

    Watching Angelina on Larry King tonight just seems as tho she has turned into a real phoney. The fake smile and easy going attitude are just from studying for her new movie to be that way, even she has admitted. People don’t change that much, I think she is just hiding her anger and insanity these days. When Larry asked what was next in her “endeavers” for the UN she stumbled on an answer, “I am there, whenever and whereever they need me” (in between movies and living in a mansion in France). Gimme a break with Brad and New Orleans, they have lived in Europe for years. ALL FOR PUBLICITY!!!

  120. southerncheerleader says:

    The WORLD loves Angie cause

    she loves people of ALL RACES — unlike

    Missy Jenny & that MEANIE-MONSTER,

    Chessire Handyman.

  121. luna says:

    @mrsodie2: if there are no kids involved, then all’s fair in love and war, i say. the best he could’ve done was separate, file for divorce or whatever, and then start a physical relationship, but even if that’s what he really did, he’d still get demonized for falling in love with someone else. i guess the only way it would’ve satisfied some people is if he stayed in a dead end marriage… admittedly, it sucks for jen if she really didn’t want the marriage to end but sh*t happens, and it seems both parties are better off this way anyway.

    and please, looking good in a bikini is not an indication of happiness…

  122. Lulu says:

    @Kendra. Agreed. You’d think the world was collapsing when Collins said Jen was only cute. Jen fans love to call her critics hateful. But Jen has friends who say the C-word, ho, the b-word, calls little kids monkeys, eskimos and lesbos==and her fans say it’s no biggie, it’s true, it’s free speech, it’s funny, comedy, etc. Amazingly hypocritical.

  123. Stronzilla says:

    Its possible we’re all analyzing this under the wrong light, i.e. a filter of normality. Each of the people involved here, from wayward Brad and Evil Angie to long-suffering Jen, are all narcissists at heart. They’re actors, they have to have some narcissism in their soul. That’s what gave them the drive and ambition to seek out the spotlight that the rest of us don’t have.

    Jen ate the same salad every day for 10 years while filming Fiends. Now if that doesn’t smack of OCD I don’t know what does.

    Brad has a habit of being a chameleon boyfriend, adapting his looks, dress and ideology to match that of his partner du jour.

    Angie has serious unresolved father issues, sense of abandonment and God knows what else. Adopting/having all those kids is her way of trying to rectify the past and give them the childhood she never had.

    This being the case, the one common denominator they all seem to share is a need for publicity. And my guess is the women are quite savvy about how to go about getting it.

    Handler’s tirade came suspiciously after the Mexican get-away with Jen and whether she still loves him or not, Jen has realized that being Mrs. Pitt was the one thing that guaranteed she would stay in the public eye no matter how bad the films she makes.

    Angie, on the other hand, was already quite established and accomplished in Hollywood but needed to clean up her image while at the same time reach a broader market. Hence Brad. he catapulted her into the mainstream, enhanced her image and revised her entire history and made adopting all those kids seem like a normal requirement for any woman who would be deemed ‘Brad-worthy’.

    All this to say that it probably does still rankle Jen that when she was married to Brad she looked at him as a drawback keeping her from the big film career she seemed to think was her destiny and now, when the proof is in the box office, she most likely does want him back if only to stay famous by association because if she relies on her acting skills, sooner or later she will fade into obscurity.

  124. Eve says:

    ^^^^”Jason” – Thank you, Chelsea. Needs more c-bombs.


  125. jrt says:

    I think its totally true and I think this pettiness that Jen exudes is the reason that Brad has moved onto someone like Angeline…… she is the complete oposite to Jen in every way….

  126. mymy says:

    Marriages have peaks and valley’s if everyone left during a valley all marriages would end in divorce. The average Joe does not have the opportunities that Hollywood stars do. It is really very simple. If husbands across the USA went to work in the morning and took of all their cloths and did a movie scene with a beautiful woman who wasn’t his wife during a valley in his marriage. Most likely the marriage would not last.
    I think the marriage was not as bad as some of you would like to think. Just normal boredom. The only way this worked is both Angie and Brad were willing to ignore the fact that he was married. And I don’t think Jen is jealous of Brad’s life with Angie. I don’t think she likes Angie’s personality. Most people who get married and are in love. Suffer greatly and still love the person who left them for another. Not odd or uncommon. Why should she be hated for that? While I support your liking Angie. It doesn’t mean you should not have empathy.It is a human emotion.

  127. reba says:

    AJ also broke up BillyBob and Laura Dern. She’s still the same nasty ho she’s always been.

  128. Cheyenne says:

    Oh good lord, Reba, get a grip. Billy Bob was done with Dern before he even met Angie. She wanted to get married, he didn’t, and she didn’t have sense enough to let go.

  129. TeeTee says:

    nothing surprises me anymore–who are we to say she should have no more feelings for her ex husband..

    she may, its no one’s business but hers–she nds to keep it to herself, cause folks will profit off of it and run it into the ground.

    She sees how druggy AJ is and thinks WHY?? no one wants to believe that AJ is an addict–it’ll come out yrs from now–once the kids get older WATCH.

  130. Sakyiwaa says:

    @133, BBT is a jerk Laura Dern should thank Angie cos he was gonna leave her anyway. plus, she even more famous now by association with AJ.

    @TeeTee, yeah, we’re watching. make sure you still here when their kids are beautiful, rich, sophisticated and still famous than you could ever dream.

    @nnn, You said it, nnn. I know, as much as it is annoying, Brad was most definitely thought of as some prize among men by numerous women for years. And nobody put him there but the people. Two-time Sexiest man alive, not to mention all the other accolades he’s won. Before this whole Bermuda Triangle ‘faux’ scandal, Brad would’ve probably gone down in Hollywood as one of the most successful and well-behaved HW men. Every woman Brad Pitt went out with became instantly famous. Every woman around the world would begin to scrutinize said woman relentlessly trying to figure what they have so they could get the same and hopefully snag a guy like Brad. Jen was the epitome of an “everywoman”.

    Just sufficiently attractive. Everyone could relate and when Brad married her, suddenly, he was attainable. But was he happy? Like Angelina, looking back at the women Brad’s dated, many of them were not perfect beauties. But he still loved them at that time and to me, he’s never been openly classless. Plus, his list is longer than Angie’s but of course, double standards reign.

    Fans, and women fans at that, know that for the past 20 years, Brad just moved steadily from one awesome woman to the next, each one providing a “je ne sais quoi” element in him as he adopted portions of their auras and certain nuances.

    That man is not capable of being “stolen”. Maybe, his heart is. But that just means he left the door open and never really gave the key to the woman he was with. His tastes change, his plans change and he moves. He’s always moved in the past. So now he’s with Angelina, I hope he stays.

    I’m putting my money on he will though, cos at some point, you’ve got to stop and smell the roses. Plus, if you ask him; he’s found what he was looking for. A family to call his own.

  131. Crash2GO2 says:

    Good balanced thoughtful post Strongzilla.

  132. Camille says:

    @Stronzilla: Excellent post.

  133. NC native says:

    It does happen you know…people get divorced. 5-6 years later they realize they never stopped loving each other. They reconcile and live happy lives. I know this from personal experience. :) Not saying that would ever happen in this case. Just saying, all of you condemning Jenn for still loving Brad (if that is the case), need to just back off unless you are in the situation. I agree with everyone who commented that she is a single, attractive (yes, she is), and wealthy woman having the time of her life. All of this triangle crap is just old…

  134. MrsOdie2 says:

    Jen wasn’t classy enough about having her husband leave her for another woman? Classy, shmassy. I think women are allowed a pass in these instances. I mean, she didn’t attack his car with a golf club or anything. I would’ve said to Oprah, “My husband left me for a homewrecking slut.” I would not have taken a “high road.” Not for one second.

    Brad and Angelina had an affair during that movie, not six months later during the reshoots. Maybe they were open about it later, but the “chemistry” and the “falling in love” was all through the movie. And Brad Pitt was still married in the eyes of the law to another woman, it was very low class of Angie Voight to get pregnant by a married man.

  135. Marie says:

    @Mrs.Oldie2: You want a side of fries with your delusions? :-) Seriously, you don’t know these people that intimately.

    It freaks me out when people pretend like they know exactly what was going down in these stranger’s lives. Weird.

  136. sanddcastles says:

    I really wish the three of them would just hold a interview and then everybody would know everything and then maybe everyone could move on…but then nobody would make any money…seriously, I think that some people(on both sides) posting should take the advice they seem to enjoy dishing out..MOVE ON!

  137. *-* says:

    How old is Aniston? Damn, she looks wrinkled and old Q_Q

  138. telesma says:

    I just don’t get all the pissing and moaning about how awful Angelina “stole” Brad Pitt. Even if she “went after him”, all he had to do was say NO. He made HIS decision. Get over it.

  139. Chica T says:

    #88 – good post. Chelsea is a famewhore for sure. She meant every word of her rant and she was drunk as usual. She did JA no favor but, she doesn’t care. Brad is for sure sponge worthy. Damn hot and would have chicks lined up for blocks if he and Angie ever split.

  140. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    In the six years since their break up, Jennifer Aniston has been with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, probably Gerard Butler and an array of nobodies all hoping to catch their big break in Hollywood by coupling up with the tabloids favourite lonely heart. In contrast, in the six years since he left Jennifer Aniston, Brad has been with one woman, Angelina.

    Doesn’t that tell people something? He was fed up with his life married to Aniston and the empty nothingness that was their existence. Vacations, tanning, premieres and pretty much nothing else. He was a vapid, vacant pothead as was she. He snapped out of it and has gone on to not only be a father of beautiful children, but has done the best work of his career AND gotten involved in global issues, actually making a DIFFERENCE in the lives of other people, especially in New Orleans.

    And he’s still as in love with Jolie now as he was six years ago. That is what some people can’t stand about the Pitt-Jolies. It wasn’t just a roll in the hay, a quick fling he wanted out of his system. Their lives, since their divorce, speaks VOLUMES about which of them has regrets and which of them does not.

  141. anon says:

    @Zzzzzzzzzz : good post :-)

    @telesma: yep

  142. Cheryl says:

    Aniston is the biggest slut there is. She is the town doorknob. Everyone has had a turn. How many men has this diseased bed-hopper been through in 6 years? 7-8, at last count? She is DISGUSTING! People are gullible fools if they can’t see through Aniston’s manipulations. Aniston is an evil bitch, and she deserves EVERY single little bit of pain she can possibly get. Nothing is too much for all the hurt she has caused Angelina and others. She deserves so much more pain than possibly imaginable. Angelina does nothing but good and has never hurt anyone. Since when has it been in vogue to slander good decent people? Since when did wrong become right, and right become wrong?

  143. Cheryl says:

    As for Aniston still loving Brad, this selfish cruel vindictive bitch has NEVER loved anyone but herself; she has most 100% certainly never loved Brad. She was even the one who said, when she was still very married to Brad, on tv, that she didn’t think that her own husband was the love of her life. Now, Brad and Jen were still (to all intents and purposes that we knew) very happily married and together, and she said this before Brad even started shooting M&MS – even before the role came up. Everyone feels sorry for Brad dumping this maggot in the sewer where she belongs; but tell me, what do these same people think about that? What do you think about a woman who goes on tv, and says, publicly, I don’t believe my husband is the love of my life? How would YOU feel if your spouse dod that, to YOU? What a hateful and CRUEL thing to say, and to say it PUBLICLY? That is the man she is married to, and she openly states, I don’t believe he is the love of my life? And you all give her a FREE PASS??? She is a nasty, thoroughly unpleasant creature. She is slimy scum and I hope she gets tonnes more pain from the karma gods for what she has put Angelina, Brad, their children, and others through. I couldn’t blame her mother if she wished she never had her. Aniston is pure sh1t.