Dad Kody on Sister Wives wants to add 5th wife, pisses off other 4 wives

The last we saw of the Brown family, the polygamist stars of hit TLC reality show Sister Wives, the first three wives were jealous and upset that their one husband Kody, 41, had taken a whopping 11 day honeymoon with his newest wife Robyn, 31. Kody left the other wives behind to take care of his 13 biological children along with Robyn’s three children while he spent a week and a half in San Diego, CA getting loved up with Robyn.

According to the National Enquirer, doofus Kody hasn’t learned from experience that it’s hard enough adding a fourth wife to an already precariously balanced family. Now that Kody is famous and earning some more cash, he wants to add a fifth wife as some sort of plot point for the show. The other wives were pissed and allegedly banded together and banished him to the couch. What an ass this guy is.

“At a recent meeting with wives and show execs, Kody dropped a bombshell y suggesting he should start dating again so he can find wife No. 5,” a TV insider told The Enquirer.

“The wives were shocked and they immediately turned on him.”

The 42 year-old patriarch to 13 children and three stepkids said adding to his household would mean “ratings gold” for the show – but his wives clearly did not agree.

“Kody was brainstorming with TLC brass when he threw out the idea of sending himself back out in the dating world,” the source divulged. “The TV bosses loved it – but his wives freaked.

“The women ganged up on Kody. They told him he was insulting them and that he would be sleeping on the couch…

“Kody is desperately trying to work his way back into the women’s good graces.”

It’s not the first round of scandal for the show. Kody has battled money problems, having filed for bankruptcy.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 20, 2010]

I could see goofy maniacal Kody casually suggesting he take another wife for the show and his own personal enjoyment. He probably thought it wasn’t a big deal. What’s another wife added to the mix? He compared his wives to his children on the last show, saying “To me, loving more than one wife is really not far from loving more than one child.” He dealt with a lot of very natural jealously, crying and blaming from his other wives when he took a fourth wife and such a long honeymoom. It’s incredibly clueless to suggest that he start dating again after all that his wives just went through.

The news may have been out before but this is the first I’ve heard that Kody filed for bankruptcy in the past. Why doesn’t that surprise me? The guy has more wives than he can handle and he can’t handle his money, either. Go figure. Kody drives a new two seater convertible, a Lexus, and has 13 kids and four wives. There are a lot of wives who wouldn’t be pleased with the father of their one child driving a flashy impractical car like that. Those wives would probably put their foot down if their husband slept with someone else though. Driving a sportscar is pretty minor in comparison.




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  1. bellaluna says:

    No. Just no. This is all kinds of wrong, and if my husband tried this sh!t his ass would be mounted on a wall. Somewhere in plain view, as a warning that I’m not messing around.

  2. viper says:

    Im not sure what the issue is, the women are walking contradictions if that’s their reasoning.

  3. mln76 says:

    Well the wives are polygamists. I mean, I don’t approve of polygamy AT ALL but if you sign up for it why would you be surprised that he wants more?

  4. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    But isn’t that what they sign up for? I mean, being complicit in a polygamous marriage situation basically means that you should be cool with your husband taking a bunch of wives outside of yourself, right?

    Why are they pissing and bitching and moaning now?

    Sorry if that question has been answered before, I don’t really follow these people in the slightest so I’m not quite clear on why they are peeved that he’s doing what they’ve all agreed to him doing i.e. having multiple wives.

    EDIT: mln76-exactly. I agree. It doesn’t make sense.

  5. samihami says:

    I have no sympathy for these women. They knew that he was a polygamist-so what are they complaining about, exactly? That he is living the lifestyle that they knew he was planning on living? Personally, I think polygamy is wrong and will likely screw up those poor kids, but quite frankly, if these women didn’t like living that way, maybe they should have considered that before marrying him.

  6. nanster says:

    So, is there anything in the “polygamist handbook” ;) that says that the wives can’t take an additional husband? Seems to me that their problem(s) would probably be solved if they could! In all seriousness, if you sign up for that kind of lifestyle, you really have no room to complain.

  7. theresa says:

    What he does with you, he will do to you. Old saying. No surprise here.

  8. Whatever says:

    They need to wake up and leave his sorry ass. His lifestyle has nothing to do with God or religion; it is about this ugly, horny little toad f-cking around and not only getting away with it, but getting PAID for it. Ridiculous.

  9. Feebee says:

    This guy is a total tool. Have the women not clued on to the fact that multiple wives has nothing to do with them and it’s all about the guy, his ego and other bits of him?

    They made their bed(s) now they have to lie in them. Though funny that none will let him in for now.

  10. Sigh. says:

    His first wife probably was with him when he purchased that big ol’ bulk rate bag of wedding rings at his local big box warehouse club, and NOW #5 is “too many?”

    What is he supposed to do with all those leftover rings, huh?

    I feel NOTHING for the adults, and DEEP PITY for the CHILDREN who are being raised in this environment of LIES (the wives to themselves), DECEIT/MANIPULATION (his equal “love” for them all, and the mothers to their children, because I’m sure they are selling this as “acceptable” at the very least), and SELF-LOATHING (again, the wives).


  11. TeeTee says:

    wow, he must be also trying to add to the family finances, since all of them work and bring in money to the household.

  12. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @VIPER, I agree, they are contridicting themselves.

    Maybe there is an order to the way this should happen?

    He is an ass tho, I agree.

  13. Stubbylove says:

    Totally agree w/Moreaces – ZERO SYMPATHY. Why would they think this ape would stop @ 4, 5, 6, etc.? The idea is POLYgamy meaning MANY. Suck it up chickas – you’re in for a long ride!

  14. trillian says:

    Well if they are looking for a “plot point” maybe one of the wives could start dating and get herself a second husband? I mean, one guy can hardly carry all the groceries, not to mention other things ;-)

  15. Roxanne75 says:

    @WHATEVER….it’s as simple as that!

  16. anti says:

    they JUST realized how selfish he is?

  17. bellaluna says:

    Bet your ass if I subscribed to the polygamy point of view, I’d have more husbands than he has wives. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

  18. Sassy says:

    How can they piss and moan when they KNOW what they signed up for? I don’t get it. It’s gross to me.

  19. original kate says:

    it’s pathetic the way these women base their lives around a douchenozzle with jeff “tasty waves, dude!” spiccoli hair.

  20. Truthzbetta says:

    Illegal, immoral and on t.v. We don’t do shows on happy willing slaves and their masters, and the kookie ups and downs their lives.

    Yet that illegal, immoral part of the human past still exists too. Arrest the guy, put the wives and kids in therapy used for those who have been in a cult for years, and fire the t.v. execs who put this degrading, illegal sexual slavery/servant thing on t.v.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I’m officially done with this show. It took me a lot longer than most people, just because I really wanted to give it a chance, if not six.

    But, this is the final straw.

  22. Mizz Tickles says:

    Trillion that is a great suggestion!

  23. gg says:

    AW HELL NO. Somebody stop this douche, please, from profiting from his cheating. This is wrong.

    Re the women getting another husband: He already said it was perverse and sickened him when Meri asked him what he would think if she were seeing another man, so that’s against his rules.

  24. Kiska says:

    How can these women be so stupid? Kody is merely being allowed to mate, breed, repeat.

  25. Megan says:

    Nobody is forcing them to stay!

  26. sharylmj says:

    it’s about money and trying to keep this show going.. he sees a way to get what he wants – to be a STAR.. gross.
    This family is going to implode because of greed and selfishness.. Same thing that happened to John and Kate. It’s really sad for the children.

  27. anoneemouse says:

    They are all gross and living a gross life.

  28. B says:

    A: They knowingly signed up.

    B: I wonder if they turn out the lights during breeding sessions with Kody Spicoli…his see-through bangs, beady inbred eyes, “soul patch,” baby beard, etc…EWWWW (IMO)…

    Edit: On second thought, I don’t wonder about lights on or lights off, how could I almost go there? Ewwww again.

  29. BReed says:

    This whole crew is DIS-gustin’!!!!

  30. Sigh. says:

    @ B

    Dammit! Now you got me thinking (not always a good thing)…Doesn’t he seem like JUST the a-hole to purposely sex up one wife really loudly, so the others can hear as they cry themselves to sleep each night? A blatant statement of his dominance (manipulation) over everyone in that house.

    Blech {{shiver}}!

  31. Jen says:

    I don’t believe they didn’t all kiss before they were married except the new one. These women are all sad and pathetic for letting this scumbag use them and humiliate them. They need help.

  32. Hakura says:

    Like I said in comments before…

    He is going to continue ‘upgrading’ his harem (and that’s what it IS. A harem). He will continue to find younger and more fertile wives to satisfy him.

    He has absolutely no respect for these women. And no matter how we feel about the concept of polygamy, what Kody suggested…. taking on ANOTHER wife for the sake of ‘ratings gold’… Just proved without a shadow of a doubt that he’s *trivializing* the very concept of marriage.

    Suggesting he date and marry *another* woman, simply because it’ll look good in the ratings, shows everyone exactly how little marriage really *means* to him. Marriage for the sake of fame & money. He’s disrespected not only the intimacy of his current ‘relationships’, but the religious aspects that they believe. He hurt them badly with this new marriage. He knows that, and doesn’t give a flying fuck, or he would never subject them to even the *idea* of doing it again.

    Can’t help but wonder how Robyn is liking this little ‘reality check’.

  33. Cheyenne says:

    However did that fugly creep manage to find five women who were willing to marry him? Must be some desperate women out there…

  34. Isabel says:

    More than anything else, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE ATTRACTION TO THIS MAN. He looks like he hasn’t showered in a fortnight, his hair looks like that of a sad clown, and he’s an overall dingleberry. And now they’re shocked that he’s taking advantage of an opportunity to get new and different ass? Puh-lease!

  35. Persistent Cat says:

    I can almost see the meeting with him and the show’s execs. I can see him so graciously standing up and saying, “ok, hear me out, how about if I start dating? What do you think? I can go out and chase all kinds of tail and test the waters, all in the hope of bringing in wife #5. I am willing to bang other broads, I mean, have sexless dates, with other women if it means the show will continue to be a success.”

    Does the word “hero” apply here?

  36. buenavissta says:

    ITA with everyone who has said that these women all signed up for and agreed to this. Not much sympathy (except for the kids) from me.

    This is really bugging me, though: why can’t the wives have multiple husbands?

  37. Cruisin Through says:

    Didn’t take long for the rosy glow with Robyn to wear off! These people are attention whores. Hard to feel bad for any of them.

  38. LindaR says:

    The women in this relationship are pigs. I would be so grossed out if my husband had been dipping his wick in someone else before he brought it to bed with me. There isn’t enough disinfectant in the world that could clean that up.

  39. Lanette says:

    This guy is just a poon hound for petes sake

  40. I am Legend says:

    There’s a lot of negativity towards the women going on here. True, they are adults. I REFUSE to watch this show but from what I know about polygamy these women are groomed from birth to view polygamy as not only morally acceptable but a personal failure if they don’t comply. That, and the fact that their (polygamist) community will see to it that they suffer more from a divorce than the douchebag will (i.e. lose kids).

  41. belle Epoch says:

    WILL NOT watch the show, but wife #4 looks pretty distressed in the picture. She probably thought she was “Special.” Guess what, honey – you aren’t even married. Now get to work and bring in some bucks.

    For the record, they aren’t “wives.” Maybe we should refer to them as non-wives.

  42. slymm27 says:

    but how is he cheating though? You say you will be mad if your husband dropped his wick into someone else, and brought it to your bed? But how do you know he is not doing that right now, ? Difference is the woman he does it with, or the women he does it with do not live in your house . Stop calling them disgusting and all other insulting names. They do not like the lies and deceit associated with monogamy. I can not live like these women, but to each their own. They agreed to live likee this, so i do not see how they can complain about a new wife.

  43. telesma says:

    If any of these dumb b*tches had any self-esteem or sense, they wouldn’t be with his spoiled, selfish, overgrown 8 y/o ass to begin with. He’s going to do what he wants to do, because he’s a narcissist prick who only cares about himself.

  44. Hakura says:

    Unfortunately, Telesma, you’re absolutely right.

    But I don’t agree with some who are being so nasty toward the women themselves. Yes, it’s hard to understand what in hell they’re thinking, and it’s angering to see them allowing themselves to be taken advantage of and hurt repeatedly by this useless fucking DOUCHEBAG. But I think a lot of these women were conditioned from a young age for this lifestyle. =(

    That doesn’t mean they don’t have a choice, but it does a number on their self esteem… on what they think they deserve, and what they think is the right way to live (especially religiously.) I just think it’s hard for them, and I hate to see them hurt over and over.

  45. katjaanjuli says:

    If he has the means to do so, which I bet he does thanks to the show, he will likely take on three more wives.

    The principle of plural marriage favors having either three wives or seven. (exceptions for high-ranking individuals, who may be assigned dozens)

    When he took on #4 the wives would have understood that they were now gunning for seven.

  46. Slimycody says:

    I don’t understand why the wives are upset that he wants another wife? What difference does it make to them, they all signed up to be sloppy seconds and allow their husband to sleep around so for him to cheat with one or two or five…. What’s the diff?

  47. justbored says:

    All the adults deserve each other, but the kids were just borned into it.

  48. Michelle says:

    I have to admit I have seen the show a few times. You know what they say about curiousity. All the wives have said they want the polygamist lifestyle and want it for their kids. How can they be unhappy geting what they want? Hmmmm. How can they be mad at their husband dating another woman but be okay with his many wives? Cheating is cheating he’s only legally married to the first.

  49. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    @buenavissta, the wives don’t take on multiple husbands because Mormons believe one husband, by marrying lots of women and having lots of children, increases his chances of “godhood,” or becoming exactly like the God of the Bible, but with his own planet/kingdom. This is basically the supreme form of blasphemy for Christians, so don’t think Mormons and Christians have beliefs/doctrine in common. Mormons are polytheists, and think the Judeo-Christian God was once a man, and they can become gods themselves. They have a saying that goes something like “as man is, God once was, and as God is, man can be.”

    Seriously. Kody is attempting to screw his way to immortality.

    He populates his “celestial kingdom” (CK) with all his children. The wives become goddesses in the CK. (Pop over to a Mormon message board to observe them talking about these things like they’re not a joke. It’s especially sad to see the young wives lamenting their desire to wear cute clothes, and their frustration at the magic underpants preventing it. Or wearing lingerie over their magic underpants. That’s why the women on this show are always in long sleeves–magic underwear.) Brigham Young said that without polygamy, Mormons weren’t doing it right. Of course, the Mormons rewrite their “infallible” documents constantly to whitewash their own history. Tricky, huh?

  50. JCE says:

    They are in the perfect place now. Isn’t prostitution legal in Las Vegas? Isn’t that the real lifestyle that this Man Whore is looking for. He is in no way shape or form a loving father or husband. As far as the women, if they are too stupid than to see through this game – They Deserve Everything They GET or DON’T GET. BS to the threats of not seeing the children. This is still America. The courts would love to throw his ass in jail for pulling a stunt such as that.

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  52. Julie says:

    I’ve seen this family around town, at Walmart Centennial Hills, the little ones go to my kid’s school, Sheila Tarr and they all look miserable and act strangely. I’ve seen Robyn with a kid by herself and Christine with her older daughter, their smaller kids are terrors and the older ones are suffering and embarassed by their ass of a dad who oogles at women as they walk by and just can’t wait to be noticed. He seems insulted when people look at him and walk right by. What a loser this guy is. They proclaim they are so happy and following their faith and doing what God sees fit for them to be closer to God…well it’s not making them closer, obviously. The jealousy on the show is palpable. Especially with Christine, who is now on Xanax and anti-depressants to cope with not being the last wife anymore. It’s a joke. If they lived this way and didn’t expose innocent kids to their twisted ideas of faith and “purity”…as they move to Las Vegas of all places, it wouldn’t be so infuriating, but these 17 or 18 kids have no choice but to put up with this crap and try to blend in and have a normal life. Kody is a fame whore and Robyn a dim-witted insecure follower. Janelle couldn’t give a s@4t less and Meri is over it after 3 more wives. It’s sad for the kids, the women I don’t feel sorry for, but I don’t fall for this “we are so happy to be one big blended sister wife family and share our husband with each other” stuff for a minute. Whatever! One of them would have to move down the street from my daughter’s best freind on Jumping Juniper…thanks!

  53. Poetee says:

    I agree! These women all say they get along and are doing what thier faith allows and they are closer to God by being multiple wives to one man. Its suppose to help them not be swelfsih, then why not be totally unselfsih while Cody just goes completely I want em all. I am just wondering if their religion allows them to marry other than caucation, because it wold probably really help the ladies with getting closer to God if Cody’s next “wife” was of color and he then has a little blonde child with an afro running around the house. I do not know what bible they are reading but the one I read KJV says not to with hold relationsh from each other except for agreement in praying/fasting so I would be pretty upset as a wife if my husband is else where when I want to be close which is quite often!
    They do not look very happy although they say they like the arrangement. It appears that they feel they have no control so they accept what it is: some women do it without the statement of saying they are married to the guy, but I have a hard time dealing with knowing that my husband cheats so I have said adios.
    chainsawbuzzkill, wow, thanks for that information-it good to know howo they really believe and how they are trying to make it acceptable. I know sometimes you have to just be fatihful to your beliefs, but even one of the prohets said help my unbeliefs when he did nto believe lol. God has inacted us with something called commone sense that is still inthe developmental stasge in some, but for the most part, I bet these women all feel left out when Mr Kody bring in a new piece-I mean nice nes woman to have sex with and help her out with being the next sister wife.
    Not that I thought about it or anything, but can you imagine the tables being turned and having four husbands, all pretty nice humble, caring polite gents and them not minding it as time gets devided between the four of them-geez-that would be like a freaking honeymoon all the time! One is a business man, one is a medical professional, one is a mechanic, one is an athelete, one is a philosopher, one is a gardener, one is an activist,one is a hair dresser(hey Im dreaming here! lol and I think I went over the inital four so this multiple thing seems to not be a bad idea after all- double llooll).I just do not really see the smiles showing that they want us to believe is inside of them!

  54. betty says:

    what is wrong with this man another wife what does he have in his head are is he thinking with something else you have to take care of your children first what does your wives think #4 is a lot of wives to have i think you should stop & be happy with the ones you have now & to take robin on a holiday for a week in a half & they had to watch robin kids to now way what does your kids say about thing i think the move was a big one for them they do not seem happy about the move work on your family first they are the ones that have to live with this just not you thank you i would hope to think hard about this again betty green if you want to get back to me you have my email email addres thak you betty green my husband& i have 3 growen kids a daughter age 33 are twin boys age 29 they come first