Megan Fox in a bikini: “painfully thin” or does she look healthy?


Remember how I was wondering on Friday why Megan Fox is no longer ubiquitous? Yeah. Looks like Megan wants some attention after being quiet and low-key for a few months. Megan and Brian Austin Green are in Hawaii for the holidays, and Megan put on her smallest little black bikini for the paps – she’s also wearing her diamond ring, which Bauer-Griffin is noting for some reason. It does look very big in these pics, but I don’t see how that’s particularly notable. Only didn’t she “lose” it the last time she and BAG were in Hawaii? But the one that she lost was only two carats – this one looks much bigger. Also – I take off my jewelry when I swim, in the pool or the ocean. Doesn’t everyone?


Do you like how she’s posing for the cameras? I mean, I can’t blame her really. If someone was taking my photo while I was in a bikini, I would be using whatever I had to cover up. Megan’s got a lovely figure – athletic, slim, nice shape – but judging from where she has her hands, I think she’s probably a little self-conscious of her thighs. It happens to the best of us. But, The Daily Mail is making a big deal about how Megan looks “painfully thin” – however, to my eyes, she looks either the same as always, or like she might have put on a pound or two. She’s not emaciated. But I do think something wonky is happening with her boobs, which The Mail also talks about. Back in June, I wondered if she had gotten some recent implants, but now her bust looks slightly deflated. Thoughts?





Photos courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. bellaluna says:

    She looks too thin – kinda gross! And I NEVER take off my wedding rings. EVER.

  2. kristen says:

    This is the best I’ve seen her look ever. And no she is not ‘painfully thin’, she actually look like she eats!

    BTW, what’s with the posing? It’s totally obvious.

  3. mslewis says:

    She has no curves!! I don’t know about “painfully” but she is quite thin and looks like she has lost all of her sexy.

  4. Rita says:

    I hate tats!! (Not to be confused with tatas).

  5. Susan says:

    I think she looks great. She looks thin, but not scary skinny.

  6. Lee says:

    I am no expert but her chest looks like that of a woman who had breast augmentation – and then lost enough weight to then make aforementioned augmentation *painfully* obvious.

    Also, weight fluctuates. I don’t think that she looks like she lost more than 10 pounds from the pictures of her a few months ago. She’s small to begin with so if she loses 5-10 pounds it would be VERY obvious.

  7. alfandindi says:

    Healthy?! Are you joking – slim is one thing, emaciated is another! I would hate to even imagine what her body fat ratio must be and to be honest id be surprised if she is even having regular periods at that weight.

  8. Liana says:

    I don’t understand the hatred for tats. I have several and I’m far from trashy. I don’t like the big forearm tat, but I’m not a fan of portraits.

    I take off my rings when swimming. They’re expensive and meaningful and don’t want anything to happen to them.

  9. Reality says:

    Are you guys serious? That body is ridiculous! She obviously works hard for it too, those abs are evidence.

    Now for the definition of “painfully thin” see any recent photo of Angie Jo…

  10. elzzy says:

    she looks too thin.hate the graffiti…………

  11. Oldman says:

    She look how every female should look. The girls that say she’s too thin are probably fat.

  12. moopsie says:

    legs and hips are nice, but if it wasn’t for the boob job she’d look painfully skinny in the chest area. nice flat stomach…if i had a stomach that lean i’d try to build my ab muscles.

  13. H says:

    Well, don’t be mad at me, but her hubby looks GROSS.For me her body now isn’t scary skinny, but from her face I can tell she is anorexic, she doesn’t eat much to stay that thin because her natural body is much fatter, her mom and sister are fat too. Her chest looks scary because of too much weight loss, there are no fat left, you can see the implants only. Agree, she lost all her appeal and what for?

  14. jen says:

    I don’t hate tats, but there is such a thing as overkill.

  15. H says:

    You’re right, but the problem isn’t her weight because there are many naturally skinny girls like that and even skinnier, the problem is she is not eating to stay thin, she is approx. 35 pounds under her natural weight.

  16. brin says:

    I think she looks good, not painfully thin.

  17. Jb says:

    She looks a wee big too thin but really, really pretty.

  18. Louise says:

    She’s definately lost weight since Transformers 2. Maybe 10lbs but not painfully thin. Also her breast bones are showing in a couple of photos. That’s never a good look.

  19. tattoofreak says:

    She looks GREAT-very healthy looking. (loove her tattoos also) Im skinnier than her and her thighs are so normal looking, I wouldn’t even want thighs her size to be looks good on her, but I like small thighs and her thighs look like she could be a size 4 or something. Why do people say she is painfully thin? this is the reason why america is so obese today. Nothing is wrong with her size.

  20. mimi says:

    this woman is so gorgeous. Yet so critiqued…jealous?

  21. jilly says:

    I agree with #10 she looks great and for her age that is how girls should be – not too much fat.

  22. Franny says:

    god. you people disgust me. i can’t even write a good comment because im too busy being pissed at “her thighs are too big for my taste” and “you are all a bunch of fatties and the reason most americans are obese”.

    everyone has a different body type. some are naturally thinner, as i feel megan fox is. some are somewhat larger. bodies aren’t meant to be on the extremes (too thin or obese) but as long as one falls within a healthy body fat, who are we to say what looks good and what doesn’t.

    • Em says:

      Second that. America and the rest of the world are also full of people struggling with eating disorders other than obesity and it’s ignorant to say stupid crap like that. This whole article and set of pictures is foul. Get a life everyone.

  23. DetRiotgirl says:

    I think she looks fantastic from the side. But, the front of her belly looks… Strange. It almost looks like it’s been streched in some way. Maybe it’s because her belly button seems unusually long to me. I find her tats kind of unattractive, garish and pointless. In general though, I think she looks pretty.

    I kind of appreciate that Megan doesn’t seem like the type to pap herself. She actually looks kind of embarrassed in these pictures. I also like that she seems very stable in her personal life, when compared to other Hollywood types her age. And, as much as I hate to admit this, I also kind of miss Megan’s ridiculous quotes. I guess I sort of like her… In very small doses.

  24. nnn says:

    I love the fact that she didn’t choose a big breast augmentation for her frame. But it wasn’t done properly and they were always too hard looking as soon as she got them.

    She has short legs for her trunk but her overall body shape is fine.

  25. Jenna says:

    I had some reply typed out, but I deleted it, I’m done commenting on other people’s bodies, if they’re too skinny or not skinny enough. There’s not a person on this planet, male or female, that is completely 100% happy with the way they look.

  26. Snarky_Pup says:

    BAG used to date Tori Spelling so he probably thinks Megan’s implants look great. Megan is a beautiful girl but her body has never been the best. She’s always had weird looking boobs. Brian, I have a fabulous rack! Call me!

  27. Bodhi says:

    Wow, you say size 4 like its a bad thing. There are several pictures of her wearing BAG’s son’s clothes; anyone who fits into a small boy’s clothes is teeny, no question.

    Saying that all women should look like her is insane, pure & simple.

  28. bellaluna says:

    @ Liana – My rings are meaningful too; hence the “not taking them off” attitude. And mine are expensive too. But when my husband put them on me, I intended for them to stay that way. (I do take them off to have them cleaned, but I won’t leave them unattended with a jeweller. My stones are valuable, and never let them out of my sight.)

  29. Oldman says:

    Just walk around the Malls of America. Most women look like “Bloated pots of oil with big fat butts”. This woman is a Goddess! Pure SEXINESS! :)

  30. Christina says:

    She is waaaay to damn skinny. Just a few months ago Megan Fox was one of the hottest chicks on the planet.. I’m not so sure. She looks even skinnier now than she did a few months ago. Love her, but someone needs to give that girl a buscuit.

  31. leuce7 says:

    I think people say she looks painfully thin because her breast bone is so prominent in these pics, and that just looks painful and brings up unpleasant associations.

    I agree she looks thinner but not by much, I think what Lee said about her being so small is true.

    I never take my rings off, but right now, I can’t even if I wanted to. I gained about 30 pounds after a hospital stay and medication they put me on, and am going to the gym now to get them back off. Not fun.

  32. Franny says:


    it doesn’t make much sense to compare middle-age women from the Midwest to a 24 year old Hollywood star. I’m from Wisconsin so I know how large some women are (and how unhealthy it is to be that large) but you can’t really compare one to the other.

  33. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    I think she looks very thin, but oddly she appears to be toned so it kind of looks ok to be that thin as she looks healthy

    Basically she doesn’t look starved, tho a few more ounds would def help

  34. guesty says:

    this is the absolute thinnest she should ever go…

  35. bored says:

    She looks like the type of woman who is naturally thin, long and slender. I dont think anyone could be that skinny and still walk around with pretty skin, thick and healthy hair… not unless you were naturally on the lean side. She is toned though, its not just a lack of fat otherwise she’d look boney and flappy (think super skinny Nicole… shit I forget her last name the one that hung around with Paris).

    Anyways, she’s walking a fine line but I think she is in control and not some kind of a purger or food restrictor.

    Oh and the boobs… here is my theory. Since she is naturally slender she naturally doesnt have any boobs at all. Thats why you get that little caved in things going on between since she is walking a fine line between emaciated and healthy. But she has implants for sure but ones that compliment her small frame and unfortunately they only serve to make that sunken in part stand out a bit more.

    Regardless of everything I have to say she is a beautiful woman. And I dont think anyone can honestly say she isnt.

  36. bellaluna says:

    @ leuce7 – Good luck, and I hope you’re well.

  37. Lemon Drops says:

    Kaiser you were doing so good there for a while, not posting on Megan Fox…what happened.

  38. Runs with Scissors says:

    If you can see a woman’s RIBS through her CHEST, she’s too thin.

    I don’t think she’s in danger or anything, but if she wants her sexy back, she needs to gain at least 10-15 pounds and work out. Then she’d look great. (And no, I’m not fat “Oldman” :)

  39. M says:

    you just said she is gorgeous only because others are “Bloated pots of oil with big fat butts”, right? you should come here in Europe, you’ll forget about her is gorgeous in a sec.

  40. southerncheerleader says:

    Her body is perfect!!!
    She’s not that thin.

    Can’t stand fat, cellie, wide-loads like the KKs.

    When did fat, dubble, cellie butts like KK’s become fashionable. YUK!!!

    Wish that trend would go AWAY — SOON.

  41. tuscan sun says:

    She definitely has breast implants. You can really see it in the third pic. They’re forming that tell-tale cavity in the middle of her chest that implants are unfortunately known for. It’s one of the downsides of implants.

  42. observer says:

    I think she had lipo on her belly when she had her plastic surgeries, so her belly is always going to look very thin. In contrast, her thighs look like those of a normally slim girl and almost look like they don’t belong on the same body as that super thin belly.

  43. anti says:

    she’s a fit sort of thin. not unhealthy looking, no bones jutting out, just thin.

  44. Cyui says:

    Her upper body is too thin. Her legs look real good though.

  45. Dahlimama says:

    She is extremely thin, but I think it’s just her body type. Girls with small ribcages, like her, tend to have very petite figures. Also, I think her tattoos are rad.

  46. Gabriela says:

    She looks hot, firm and athletic. I’m guessing those who say Megan looks painfully thin is probably painfully fatty and jealous.

    Just sayin…

  47. latam2012 says:

    she has wonderful proportions, like her shape is amazing because of her bone structure. But i disagree and i think she’s lost weight not put it on. 5 lbs would do her good, oh and fyi. just because someone thinks she looks to thin doesnt mean they’re fat.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    Ribs showing is not a good look.

  49. Kiska says:

    She has a nice toned and athletic body. She is gorgeous in my opinion. I’ve only seen her in one film, “Run, Fatboy Run” and the camera loves her.
    Not sure why she gets so much hate. I’ve seen comments on other sites and they just rip her to shreds. She is young and has said some stupid stuff to the media. She is incredibly photogenic and seems to have settled down with BAG. That has to say something about her. She can sustain a long term relationship!

  50. judyjudy says:

    I think she looks healthy. Sadly, the majority of people in the US are obese and have caused most of us to forget what normal looks like.

  51. becky says:

    oh so please tell me ive been curious about this lately… most people sleep with their wedding rigs on? what about those rings that go w the engagement and you wear them together? people sleep with those too? i could never fall asleep with a ring on, and if I had an engagement ring i’d be scared of cutting my face in my sleep

  52. nnn says:

    She is not too thin. She is just short legged with a bad boob job.

    Other than that, she looks fine.

  53. becky says:

    my ideal bod is brit brit’s when she was going out with justin. firm thighs, big butt, still really skinny, crazy toned flat tummy. The tall/skinny model type and big curvy beyonce types can be beautiful too, but to me brit’s body type takes the cake.

  54. latam2012 says:

    i don get this short legged thing some of you are on about. I’d love to have her proportions. Much better than a short waist and long legs.

    But then maybe I like the long torso look, I feel the same way about guys bodies

  55. jen says:

    I don’t think she had lipo on her belly.

    If you don’t fill your stomach with food it gets flat, my best friend has an eating disorder, she has lost a lot of weight and her belly is flat now, her boobs are smaller but the head stays big like Megan’s.

  56. jzhz says:

    You can see the bones in her chest! I just think her body has an odd shape, not that she’s too thin. I am definitely not jealous of that. She definitely does not look athletic to me, she doesn’t look strong at all. She’s just young!

  57. dj says:

    I’m with Bellaluna re: wedding rings. Mine do not come off except to shower (at home only). They are too meaningful for me to risk getting stolen, lost in the sand, etc. With me the unexpected bizarre accidents can and do happen! LOL.

  58. SRM says:

    I think she looks perfectly fine. I can’t believe people nitpicking her body like they do. If she was 5lbs heavier people would probably be calling her fat. The Daily Mail just finds things to make stories about and sensationalize everything!

  59. original kate says:

    all i see are those hideous tats. it looks like she fell asleep on the beach and some kids drew on her with a sharpie.

  60. Anon says:

    I have a friend who has a similar body type to Megan – she’s 5 foot, about 110 pounds. Very muscular, but still feminine and petite. However, she has very small breasts.

    By the way Megan’s breastbone is exposed, I’m just assuming that this proves she has breast implants. She seems to be an alright size for her body frame (most people put her real height at 5’2 – 5’3), but I think if her breasts were natural, they would be much smaller and her breastbone wouldn’t be as exposed.

    I still think she looks alright though, and not ‘painfully’ thin (I consider the old Nicole Richie as painfully thin, and Megan looks nothing like that).

  61. irishserra says:

    I think she looks like an average thin girl with implants. Not my idea of a perfect body, but definitely not horrible or even unhealthy (and I don’t even care for the girl much).

    I don’t have any tattoos and I’ve never cared much for them, but I certainly don’t think tattoos automatically signal “trashy.” That’s a very unfair assumption, as many people who get tattoos have a very specific and/or private reason for getting them (i.e., to honor a loved one or signify an important event in their life, etc.)

    EDIT: The worst thing about her tattoos is the placement. At first glance, I thought the markings on her upper ribs WERE her upper ribs. It scared me at first, but then I focused in and saw that it was ink and not protruding ribs.

  62. Crash2GO2 says:

    She is very slim, no doubt about it. But as a woman in her industry, she has to be. I don’t see an overabundance of boniness, so I’d have to say she’s healthy albeit we have no idea of her eating habits.

  63. Mouse says:

    Geez, is there any part of her body that’s natural anymore besides her freaky thumbs?? She looks so plastic in these photos, she’s reminding me of Gabriel Anwar. Her stomach has been so sucked and stretched her belly button looks like a dog’s arsehole.

  64. MSat says:

    I would love to have those abs.

  65. viper says:

    Im guessing by the Megan fox posts that she’s going to be polluting out screens some more?

    As for her body, she’s looks like an anorexic. Her breasts also look….very very wrong and wrinkley. Not to mention how yellowishly sick her skin colour is. Her hair line is higher and her hair looks very thin. Her legs are NASTY to look at. She cant even close them for when she does there still a gap her legs are so skinny. Just nasty.

    Megan fox is an anorexic. Just revolting to look at now. She’ll need to gain 30 LBS to look human again. I’m not kidding look at that long torso and short legs. The girl needs serious help if she thinks THAT body is appealing at all.

  66. Alix says:

    What the hell has she got tattooed all over her ribs, War & Peace?

  67. OtherChris says:

    While I generally think a woman with actual curves is pretty, I don’t think she looks unhealthy, just slim. The tattoos are awful and the implants are obvious, though.

  68. koko269 says:

    I can’t stand Megan Fox, but I think she actually looks good in here. Not painfully thin. Look at her abs. She works out.

  69. gg says:

    I see no abs – those are ribs. Also, over scribbled on for her profession – it’s a bad idea when your body is your life, and I don’t think she eats much.

  70. Susan says:

    I’d also like to point out that the DM seems to hate on most women no matter what their weight/build is.

    And I still think she looks good. She looks like a pear shape with fuller legs and hips and a leaner upper body.

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @becky: No woman I’ve ever known takes off her wedding ring or engagement ring before she goes to sleep. I certainly never did. Rings are too easy to lose.

  72. stn says:

    Her body is asymmetric, she has ridiculously short legs.
    Her chest is bony, don’t see anything pretty, helthy, perfect or hot, and I love too much long legs.

  73. Crash2GO2 says:

    As far as the bony chest goes – even when I was pregnant and weighed 40 lbs more than I do now, you could still see the bones in my chest. My body simply does not put fat there. Maybe Megan is the same. Just saying that it is not an absolute indicator of anything.

  74. Hakura says:

    @Franny (#23)- ITA.

    And I can’t stand people who respond to any/all negative comments with “U R SO jealous!” x_x Likewise I can’t stand when people are like “OMG she’s DEFINITELY anorexic.”

    And I don’t even LIKE Megan xD At all. It’s just so obvious that people are unreasonably critical. I don’t think she looks *too* skinny, she’s just naturally thin. But she couldn’t afford to lose anything, either.

  75. DrM says:

    She would look much better with the aforementioned addition of 10 or even 15 pounds…

  76. LBees says:

    Thanks Franny, for that one bit (two bits) of sanity.

    Here I was just going to say she looks a little bit like Juliette Ormond in that first picture, does anyone else see it?

    Other than that, yeesh people. Too fat, too thin, and Oldman’s just j/o in the corner.

  77. tara says:

    This is so hypocritical…..had this been angelina she wouldve been hung at the stake but megan aka low budget angelina gets a pass!!? Gtfoh shes what 100lbs wet mind u?? I think shes getn close to painfully thin but not quite and that caved in chest isnt helpn either……

  78. Dannnii says:

    I don’t think she is posing. They look uncomfortable with the cameras and she is covering the part of her thighs they may have
    “cellulite” cause the poor thing knows that’s what the paps are looking for here: judge a young woman for 1. being too thin, 2. being too fat, 3. having cellulite, i.e. female natural fatty tissue or 4. for having to much work done.

  79. nat says:

    “she’s naturally thin”, yeah…right, she is naturally thin just like Ashlee Simpson or Tara Reid, that’s funny how some ppl, even women don’t understand the difference between naturally thin and unnaturally thin.

  80. Camille says:

    Yuck. She has awful hard looking fake boobs and a weird upper body with short legs. Not a fan of the skinny/bony chest or the abs either. I don’t think she is all that and I never have. *shrugs*

  81. bill says:

    Too skinny. Looks like a noodle. She should never have tried to get so much attention because she was bound to disappoint since she has no real talent. She’s still pretty. Just no substance.

  82. Janice says:

    PERFECT … looks like a normal physique to me.

  83. Glenn says:

    After carefuly examination, I think she looks really fit, even if she has questionable taste in ink.

  84. albeli says:

    I think her body is just naturally thin. Those are obvious implants, though.

  85. WhiteNoise says:

    She looks fine to me, lean and fit.

  86. serena says:

    Her boobs at least looks natural to me.
    Anyway I don’t see this “painfully slim”, I think she’s petite and slim, yes, a few more pounds would look good on her. But either way is fine.

  87. latam2012 says:

    i wanna add, I do think she is naturally slim but I just think its better if theres a tiny tiny little something between the skin and the muscle, like she used to (and i dont mean a litte fat pouch). This coming from someone who is a size 4.
    Her waist/hips are so nice, jealous :(

  88. Hakura says:

    As to the breasts… that it appears she’s just not wearing a top that pulls them up/together. I don’t think the ‘space’ between them is because of a bad ‘boob job’.

    Unfortunately, some of us have ‘wide set’ breasts, and have to use a push up bra/top to achieve cleavage. Her bikini top doesn’t appear to be designed for that. One more reason I don’t think she’s comfortable being photog-ed in these pics.

  89. di butler says:

    @oldman Please tell me you don’t have a daughter. I see one fucked up rexi in your future.

  90. Jaxx says:

    Gads, she looks hideous. And if she looks this thin in the photos which tend to add weight you can imagine how skinny she is in real life. Yuck. This is her response to becoming nobody? Quit eating?

  91. CooCooCatchoo says:

    She looks incredible! Not too thin, toned and just right. I don’t think that there’s a woman alive who can’t relate to feeling self conscious in a swimsuit – even woman who look as great at MFox. She’s very thin but still has great knockers – which makes me think that she’s got some (tasteful & appropriately sized) implants. All women know that when you loose the weight, the boobs go, too.

  92. Nibbi says:

    actually, i think she looks frikkin’ fantastic. i don’t even mind the tattoos, and i hate tattoos- i’ve never seen that side-rib placement; i wonder what they say.
    also, her face looks gorgeous- crinkled up and natural, like a straight-up, simply pretty girl. i’m used to seeing her plastic snotty arch-eyed sexyface thing.
    man. how old is she? she makes me wanna start working out like a crazy woman cuz i used to be really skinny like that, but maybe after a certain age it’s just gone.

  93. Kloops says:

    Too thin. You can see every breast bone and her implants look like two mandarin oranges stuck to her chest. If she didn’t have implants she’d be totally flat chested. I like to be thin, but still look like a woman with real breasts. Even my husband, who thinks MF is hot, thinks she looks way too thin here.

  94. Rosanna says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw PURRFECT!

  95. blah says:

    Wow some of these posts are killing me. To whomever said that there’s absolutely nothing appealing about her body, and to whomever said her thighs are fat, get a grip.

  96. Solveig says:

    “anorexic” “too skinny”?
    She’s not even underweight! Her arms are ok, not too muscular nor thin, her legs are ok, she seems super skinny because she has very fit abs.
    Those are fake boobs, anyway.

  97. Samihami says:

    Pretty girl, but she should gain about 10-15 pounds. Too much ink-I like tattoos and have one myself, but she’s gone way overboard. And the boobs? They are a great size for her frame, but they are obviously worked on and poorly done.

  98. DD says:

    She has a cute body. She’s very slim but toned and soft. No piercing bones everywhere. Her boobs are kind of bad looking on her body, and the chest ribs poking out… unfortunately I have those too, but I think hers are emphasized because of her boobs pushing her skin down. I think.

  99. Bodhi says:

    I never take off my wedding band, but I do take off my engagement ring (the one with the diamond) when I got to sleep, take a shower or go swimming. I’d scratch myself to bits if I wore it in my sleep & I’m terrified that it would slip off in water

  100. Alice says:

    Whoever says she’s too thin are haters!!!! And fat and only wishing they’d look as good.

  101. Rachel says:

    Uhhm you can see her bones all over very underweight. The fake boobs give the illusion of more weight than there is. Sad.

  102. tattoofreak says:

    @BLAH-Not one comment mentioned Megan fox having fat thighs…are you seeing things?

  103. Hakura says:

    @Alice (#100)- Whoever says she’s too thin are haters!!!! And fat and only wishing they’d look as good.

    @Oldman (#12)- …The girls that say she’s too thin are probably fat.

    @Gabriella (#47)- I’m guessing those who say Megan looks painfully thin is probably painfully fatty and jealous.

    The posts absolutely tearing her body apart, calling her ‘disgusting,‘ & ‘anorexic‘ are ridiculous, & irritate the crap out of me too, but with this BS about everyone being ‘jealous’ & ‘fat’?

    STFU. And Oldman? That just goes for you, in general.

  104. Shay says:

    What the hell is up with tattooing quotes on the body?
    Are people so dumb they need to have works etched on their bodies?
    How about picking up a book morons!

    Considering the camera adds at least 5 pounds, she would look hideous in real life. So yes, thin as, which is what the new generation of starlets think is normal, or new generation of insecure male Hollywood executives,who think that thin women plump up their masculinity. Either way, it would make for an interesting dissertation: thinness and female submissiveness (which has been all the rage lately, with novel heroines, like Bella, seeking suicide as a solution).

  105. Eileen says:

    She looks great-no make up, hair undone… better than some of these chicks with platform shoes, full on shoe make up hair curled and up with all the body jewelry! With exception of the breast bones, she looks the best I’ve seen her in a LONG time!

  106. Kiki says:

    She looks great! that bitch…

  107. Shazza says:

    I think she looks fine.
    Some people are naturally really skinny, but I agree the ribs in the boob area make it look a lot like she had implants put in then lost too much weight in that area.

    On the other hand, no matter how good she looks, she’s still the stupidest, most vapid human being in existence after Paris Hilton.

  108. Dana M says:

    She definitely has implants…small ones.

    She is thin but not anorexic. She could afford to gain 5-8 pounds or so. But she looks nice, except for her Tats.

    BTW, I NEVER take off wedding rings at the pool nor At the beach… and come to think of it, I never take off my rings…ever. So paranoid they will be lost or stolen. Perhaps she is too after losing her other one.

  109. Yasmine says:

    I dunno what other people’s description of a fit body include: lean and toned? But she really looks sickly to me with bones protruding; the rib cage and knees are especially weird. Where’s the natural body fat? I worked in retail for years (fml) and saw my fair share of strange/uncommon body types, but you could always see a bit of body fat on someone healthy, no matter how small they were. She looks like skin and bones to me (no muscle or fat).
    Yet it seems like most posters like her body which is weird to me. Do we live in a society that is THAT messed up? Where skin and bones like Megan Fox looks ‘healthy’?

  110. jen says:

    I honestly don’t see this “painfully thin” thing. Yes, she’s very very thin, but she doesn’t look unhealthy thin to me at all. She looks good, except for the boobs. First thing I noticed was the implants. They look ridiculous because they’re SO obvious. Other than that, her figure is lovely.

    Oh, but I do NOT agree that “every woman” should look like her. Give me a f*cking break. Same with the “fat jealous haters” bit. Grow the hell up.

  111. nina says:

    First, she is at least 15lbs away from scary skinny.
    However, I agree, that considering how she was larger in the past, and how she appears not to have any fat at all, she may be underweight for her natural weight.
    Then again – at 30 I am (naturally) smaller than at 20, some people just get skinnier with age. And am still smaller than MF (minus the fake boobs, of course, these are gross), and very healthy…So no opinion on whether she is unhealthy or not. She is def healthier than the overweight folks though!!!

  112. Jessica says:

    At least her belly button doesnt look like J Woww’s belly button. Megan looks normal to me.

  113. wunderkindt says:

    She looks good. Probably shouldnt go any thinner than this.

    The tats are fugly.

  114. MissyA says:

    I don’t like her, but I have to hand it to her – that girl works hard for that body. She’s definitely toned and taking care of herself.

    Still, it wouldn’t hurt if she let herself have a cheeseburger every once in a while.

  115. truthzbetta says:

    Wonder if it was harder CGI’ing a woman’s meat on her bones or all the Transformers put together.

  116. Dominique says:

    She reminds me of a lot of girls I went to HS with so I never saw the big deal about her. Starved, dyed hair, lots of makeup, overplucked brows, thin lips, and most of them had monthly passes to the local tanning salon (but that’s another issue).

    I can always tell when someone is too thin for what they should be when i can see their Sternum bone. Some people naturally have protruding clavicles so that’s not as accurate, but seeing that bone is a sign of an undernourished person (see Zoe)

  117. Henriette says:

    Someone can be a bit overweight without being unhealthy. I think Megan is a bit underweight but she doesn’t look ill. I think she’d look better with a few more pounds of fat.

  118. Lani says:

    Ok I want to hate Megan Fox so bad (because of her SERIOUS lack of acting skills and personality in interviews) but she’s so damn pretty it pisses me off! She does have a great body and I love her tattoos…I want to hate her but I think it’s a serious love-hate relationship.

    I have to say she definitely had a breast augmentation. They looked kinda messed up. :/

  119. Lani says:

    Oh and I think about 5-10 pounds would suit her REALLY well because she has a nice shape but she doesn’t have any fat or muscle on her right now.

  120. Chicoulina says:

    She’s stunning!!I love her body!I wish I had a flat belly like that.I love the fact that she has a tiny waist and curves and not a boyish body like Kate Moss.She’s very feminine and sexy.
    Halle Berry is as thin as she is but nobody writes about her being too thin.They almost have the same body type.Halle just has better boobs.

  121. alexwifey says:

    She doesnt look “painfully thin” she looks painfully gross. And breast do look smaller.

  122. Hakura says:

    Re: Wedding Rings-

    My mom had her wedding ring stolen after our house fire. She took them off to help clean up, & forgot to grab them before we left. (House was destroyed, so we couldn’t stay there.)

    It was over 6 yrs ago, & she still gets upset thinking about it. Oddly, her reaction to that was to almost never wear her (replacement) ring. She’s never been comfortable wearing rings all the time (she’s not a jewelry person in general, personal quirk.), so always feels like taking them off while working. (Drawing blood for a medical place.) Now she’s afraid of losing the new(er) one.

    I’m not married, but would likely never take mine off. Though I’m a major ring person, so wouldn’t be uncomfortable bathing/sleeping/swimming in them. My mom’s habits made me realize wearing it ALL the time just isn’t for everyone. Doesn’t mean anything in regards to her happiness or devotion to her marriage.

  123. med says:

    @ Dominique: I agree with you and she has big bones,naturally thin girls have little bones, it’s just amazing how many ppl, especially women don’t understand the difference between naturally thin and unnaturally thin.
    And sure they didn’t see her 2003 pics because her belly wasn’t flat then and she was twice larger.

  124. isabella says:

    she is perfect and you are just jealous.

  125. Eleonor says:

    Implants, but to make them look better she should gain some weight.
    Her figure is as usual.
    On ring: my Grandma never took her wedding ring, and another one which was a present my grandpa gave her in 1963, off. Whatever she was doing (sleeping, cooking) she had them on her hand; only when she understood she was dying she took the rings off. For some people it’s normal.

  126. candy says:

    Megan looks great. She is not skeletal. Her legs are evidence of that. She obviously works out with her husband and is keeping body fat to a minimum. She is young and this is how healthy bodies look at that age. In ten years her body will change, she will have a few more pounds on her small frame and so on and so forth.

  127. nnn says:

    I don’t think she is bony at all but she has been meatier before and for the sake of a better looking boobjob it will be finer if she adds a few pounds.

    But again, she is slim not skinny.

    I am tired of the double standard and blatant harshness thrown at slim women like they are less of a woman (real women are curvier we often hear…how insulting) have a desease, are automatically anorexic (very few women are and this is a serious mental desease struck in your teens most of the tomes) and are out of normality.

    Every shape are among us women. No need to overblast one and be indulgent for the opposite one.

  128. Molly says:

    I agree. She looks really thin here. But if she’s healthy, then great.

  129. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    She looks fine. She’s really tiny naturally so it’s not really surprising to me that she looks like this in a bikini. She doesn’t look sickly. She’s got some muscle tone. Boobs are clearly fake but whatever. The thing that disturbs me is her weird belly button.

    My mom wore her wedding band all the time but only wore her engagement ring out on special occasions. She was afraid something would happen to it since it was so monetarily valuable. She made my dad pick up a cheap wedding band for daily wear-thought it was more practical.

    nnn: Hear hear. It is beyond annoying reading and hearing about this “real woman” crap. Every woman is real. A chestier woman isn’t more womanly that one with small breasts. A woman with a meatier ass isn’t more womanly than one with a tiny tush. We’re all real women and we come in different shapes and sizes-including shapes on the slimmer side.

  130. Helen says:

    So Kaiser, I thought I’d mention this to you, since I really really like you guys. You’re being ripped off:

    Keep up the good work – and those hot guys fridays ;)

  131. TXCinderella says:

    I don’t think she looks abnormally thin as her ribs are not sticking out. Yes, she is thin, but she doesn’t appear to be unhealthy. Those tats though, ugh. She has one too many and one day will regret them.

  132. irishserra says:

    Just weighing in on the ring situation, but I can’t stand wearing jewelry. Hence, I take my wedding rings off the moment I get home and only put them on when I go out. I know many people who don’t always wear their wedding rings, so I know it’s not that odd.

  133. padiddle says:

    on the ring thing – I’m engaged and I always take my ring off before bed, in the shower, when I am doing dishes or cooking.
    I don’t like sleeping with it on because I often smack my hands into the head board ( I sleep with my arms at weird angles) and would hate to knock a stone loose.

  134. Hakura says:

    @nnn (#132)- I’m with you! I wondered if I was the only one who was offended by the double standard. I spent most of my life as a size 0, and now in my mid 20′s, I’m only barely a size 2 now.

    I have nothing against ANY body type. But I’d always feel upset by the idea that you had to be ‘passive agressive’ about another body type in order to empower your own. All body types are ‘real women’. No matter what shape, how small their chest or hips, or naturally slim. That also doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy.

    My collarbone is very visible, but I’m definitely a healthy weight. Some people just have ‘bony’ places naturally.

    It’s just irritating how much *certainty* a lot of people speak with about someone they’ve never met’s body type.

  135. decemberist15 says:

    OK so @ southern cheerleader and all the other “fattie” hating people on this post… for real? you all think a size 4 or above is fat? Really?

    Some people naturally have bigger thighs, arms and/or butts. It’s just how life happens. If you want to change it, go to the gym or make some lifestyle changes. If you are ok with who you are, who cares???

    I’m not saying its ok to be “too fat” or ‘too thin’ or anything, but as they say, different strokes for different folks. Some people like the megan fox look. Some people like the curvier look. One is not better than the other, it’s just preference.

    In short, to the “size 4 fattie haters” on this site- You are idiots. Go eat a cheeseburger and enjoy life! There is more to it than how thin you are.

  136. ahni says:

    She has had small implants placed.

  137. I Choose Me says:

    Not too thin at all. In fact, except for the tatas, girl’s got a banging bod. Her stomach is flat and wash-boardy without being too muscly, she’s got well tones thighs and arms is is very nicely porpotioned. Also she looks less waxy and more real and feminine here without make-up. But let’s forget about Megan for a moment and talk about BAG. Choosy like. *inspects bulge* And he looks like he’s packing too. ;)

    Edit: @Tara. Woah, what does Angelina Jolie got to do with this post? Angie is too thin. Seriously, she would look better with another ten or fifteen on her frame. However, she’s always been thin with the exception of when she bulked up for Tomb Raider. Different people, feel comfortable at different weights, as long as they’re not suffering from an obvious eating disorder I say live and let live.

  138. LindaR says:

    Pretty girl. Cheesy tats. (most are and they become irrelevant after a few years, as well. Get out the laser tat remover.)

  139. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Hakura: It’s normal for collar bones to stick out, but it’s not healthy to see the bones of your chest, imo. She doesn’t look anorexic though, I agree.

    @I Choose Me: how can you say Megan Fox is not too thin, but then turn around and say Jolie is too thin? Take a look at the recent pics of her, they look about the same to me (both could stand to gain about 10 lbs. IMO) Jolie has REAL breasts too and we still can’t see the bones poking through like Megan’s are here. I think it’s Jolie’s skinny arms and legs that make her look so thin, but her body is normal and healthy looking to me.

  140. Hakura says:

    @Runs with Scissors (#145)- I wasn’t sure what the ‘chest bones’ were called (I think I meant the ‘sternum’ instead of collar bone.) Mine do show a little bit, but they always have. I’m naturally petite, & even fluctuating 5lbs can make it more visible.

    Not to say that’s definitely the case with Megan, but it’s a possibility. I do think she could use a good 5-10lbs, but she’s far from what I’d call ‘anorexic’.

    I don’t care for the tattoos she has… nor the placement. The writing on her ribs creates an odd look that makes them appear to stand out even more. I have *1* tattoo (that I’ve always wanted) that I worked on for years before deciding on it. I think a lot of people my age are too impulsive with tattoos. I just know the ones that *mean* something are less likely to be regretted later.

    Plus I think having a lot of ‘black & gray’ work can create an unattractive ‘ashy’ look to the skin that some describe as looking ‘dirty’. I love tattoos, but there are some things to avoid.

  141. dahlia47 says:

    Just a little bit too skinny. You can see her ribs. Yucky. She’s looks clueless in the water. Like: “What’s this stuff?” She’s lost.

  142. Ruffian9 says:

    “I would love to have those abs.”

    MSat – lose every ounce of body fat you have; you abs will look just like that. Don’t expect to be able to eat much, though.

    Trolls abound …..or have I stumbled onto the wrong website?

  143. wub says:

    she looks so much prettier Without make-up. just natural.
    would be better without the ugly tatoos.

  144. Yowsers says:

    She’s fine. Another -5lbs, though, and I’d have to re-evaluate.

    Too bad she’s still an inked-up mess, because her face is growing into something beautiful.

    The tatts are like bad body graffitti. Most graffitti is hideous, drawn by ‘tards who couldn’t pass 2nd grade art class. Most tatts are barely more advanced.

  145. L says:

    She’s look absolutely stunning if you couldn’t see her ribs above her boobs.

    I wouldn’t go with painfully skinny, just slim.

    Every woman is a “real” woman regardless of size. Everyone needs to stop hating on everyone else’s bodies and just worry about themselves. If the person is happy (and healthy, you can still be fat and healthy) what’s the matter?

  146. RHONYC says:

    megan’s a cutie, no doubt.

    i’ll admit i saw ‘jennifer’s body’ 3am one sunday morning and i liked it. it was really camp, like the 80′s horror flicks i.e. ‘prom night’.

    here’s the what with her frame:

    she has a healthy weight for her height. it’s just she has a really long torso for her legs. plus, her hips are kind of wide and sit low.

    but, whatevs…i sure david silver is literally ‘lovin’ that everynight! :-)

  147. I Choose Me says:

    @Runs with scissors. It just seems to me that Megan is really toned, while Jolie is not. Like I said, Angelina has always been thin and I don’t think she’s as scary skinny as some seem to think nor do I think that she’s not eating but neither is she at an ideal weight imo. If Megan dropped another five, ten pounds then I would categorize her as too thin as well. But this is just me eye-balling and giving an opinion based on *my* aesthetic tastes, which I think everyone here is doing. That’s why I ended with “different people, feel comfortable at different weights, as long as they’re not suffering from an obvious eating disorder I say live and let live.” I’m also well aware that are all sorts of body types and that five, ten pounds on one person can look completely different on another, even if they’re the same height and weight.

  148. Isa says:

    She looks fine. Her hips are a little wider than I imagined but that’s not a bad thing.
    I would love to have her waist. I think she once said something about how it was 22 inches.
    I’m probably the only one that doesn’t think she’s had breast implants after seeing these pictures. If she did she should probably ask for her money back.

  149. girl says:

    americans are so obsessed with weight it`s absourd! I mean, really? She is thin because she has probably cut out all of the crap in her diet and works out as hell. But she looks healthy! YES, because it is actually healthy to be thin. People who consume less calories per day lives longer, that is proven! I mean seriously, look at Ghandi! Read his biography and you see what I mean… now you might say “she looks anorexic!” First, that`s a ridicolous thing to say. Anorexia Nevrosa is a mental desease. Besides, the people who comment on this site (yea, including me) are so brain-dead! Discussing a woman`s body like this? It`s discusting! Yes she`s rich and famous and everything but there are no limits for what people say in here! As a former anorexic I can say that what makes me wanna starve myself is comments like the above. Body-obsessed. “She`s so thin!” “She`s soooooo ugly!” I mean, seriously??? STOP IT! She looks more beautiful than anyone who has commented on this site thats for sure! Ewww, this website is discusting, can`t believe I wasted my time.

  150. Amanda G says:

    Hmmm…I don’t think she looks bad at all. She looks healthy to me. Some people are just naturally thin.

  151. Kathryn says:

    She is not thin, at all. She is just right—if you look in the animals kingdom, there are no naturally fat animals. We have all gotten so used to the media (Oprah, etc.) trying to make us all “accept” ourselves, no matter how fat or gross or unhealthy our appearance is, and then showing it off in over-exposing clothes, that we have forgotten what healthy looks like. It is almost like a “reverse-healthiness” fad. I think she is what we should all look like, by nature.

  152. SMART PERSON says:

    people this is obviously fake this is not megan, megan has bigger boobs and is curvy. this doesnt even look like her!

  153. Emese says:

    okay, of all the trash comments the last one is the most ridiculous :D of course its Megan! and i don’t know whats up with her boobs i dont really care either, but she looks fuckin awesome, and I agree with comment 155. that being this skinny is actually the healthy way, and it’s sooooo far from anorexia – only someone can say something who 1.fucking jealous or 2.knows nothing about ana. or both :D
    I don’t like the portrait tat either, but the others are cool! Go Megan :D

  154. Lin says:

    I agree with Franny. The world isn’t all black and white and neither are body types.

  155. Alison E says:

    I think she looks awesome. I feel bad for her, if you couldn’t see her breastbone all the headlines would be MEGAN FOX: SO SO FAT! FATTEST PERSON EVER! Gawd.

  156. wow!! says:

    @Amese: I’m with on that. People get over yourselves. She has a nice body! look at the definition in her abs, you have to work hard for a body like that. I seriouly think all (most) of the mean comments about her weight are from overweight, unhappy,jealous, insecure women.

  157. Rep says:

    she is trying to pull of that 18-19 year old look… though she did have some type of breast augmentation etc., it all depends what you are into… if you like curvy women u’ll think she is way too skinny.. if you prefer athletic, soccer/model looking chicks u’ll prob. think she is fine…

  158. Jolie says:

    She’s got a bump up on her left thigh and why all the ugly tattoes?

  159. Ms.GM4 says:

    She definitely has the implant outline (which she has always had) and her breasts are definitely smaller, she must have swapped them out.

  160. pickles. says:

    She looks a little thin, but I just can’t stand her as a person and she contributes nothing of value to society. So if she starves to death, nothing of value would be lost.

  161. Anonymous says:

    shes way better then the new transformer girl…whats her name

  162. Britt Paquette says:

    I half agree with Pickles, but a little less hatefully. I would say she looks healthy still, she just has to be careful of becoming unhealthy. I’m sure she has people to help her balance her diet everyday, so she should be good- no, not painfully thin, haha, A LITTLE PAINFUL FOR ME though. I agree she doesn’t contribute a whole lot to society, and she’s not the type of chick I would hang with, a little self absorbed and boring to me.

  163. Venefica Delirium says:

    @Oldman…you do know that Megan Fox is only human right? I’m so sick of people like you posting comments as though anyone who isn’t a celebrity is genetically inferior or not as attractive.

    I know I’ll be countered with a bunch of “u jelly” comments, but it’s just stupid. Some celebrities are prettier than others, but they are not prettier than everyone else. Your logic is ridiculous.

    As for Megan Fox, she’s thin. I see girls with bodies like hers at college all the time. She’s not an iconic beauty. I don’t think anyone decades later will be imitating her look, or at least having people recognize it, because her only look is “sorority girl” anyway. I don’t think she’s that pretty, but apparently I’m posting this to a deaf audience, who will unconditionally imagine me as jealous, so even if I explain why it’ll be invalid to you.

    People can’t handle that some of us out there think she’s far from perfect.

    • taz says:

      i completely agree. I feel the same. Megan Fox is nothing but a wanna be angelina. my theory is: She had amazing plastic surgery done to looke like angelina and it worked wonders. But of course she wont admit that anytime soon. Thats my theory it may not be true though. Personally i think she probabaly should have gone into the pornography industry. She would have been more successfull for that kinda acting. lol :)

  164. taz says:

    Meh. to me she looks a tad thin to be honest.No bum, thighs arent all there… boob job is obvious. I dont like Megan fox but honestly i think she should gain some weight because she isnt what she used to be in transformers. She looked better back then, then she does now.