Prince William dumped Kate Middleton in 2007 because she was too possessive


It’s know part of history and “the myth” of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nearly decade-long courtship that in 2007, they briefly split up. I remember it well – there was a lot of gossip that Prince William was well on his way to proposing to Kate in the Spring of 2007, and then the word spread that they had in fact split. By the end of the summer of 2007, they were back on, however. But there are lots of different variations of the reconciliation story. Some sources claim that Kate was very clever and she kept herself in the public eye with lots of public outings, ensuring that Prince William would see her and realize that he missed her. Some sources have Kate nursing a broken heart and William feeling like a tool, and thus, deciding to get back with her. And yet other sources have the whole thing going down over William’s wandering eye, and his desire to sleep with whomever he wanted, and Kate putting up a fight about that.

Anyway, Life & Style has yet another theory – the breakup happened because Kate became extremely possessive all of a sudden:

In April of 2007, Kate Middleton and Prince William took a two-month break from their three year relationship. Now, Life & Style reveals the reason for the split: William’s demanding schedule of military training combined with his flirty behavior toward other women had driven a normally sane and self-confident Kat Middleton over the edge.

“Kate became very possessive,” a royal insider tells Life & Style. “She wanted to know who William was with and what he was doing every waking moment. She texted and called to check up on him nonstop.”

William couldn’t take it, and called things off with Kate in early April of that year. In the weeks before and after the split, William was spotted partying hard in the London club scene — often in the company of various beauties.

Kate knew her paranoia and insecurity had driven William away.

“She admitted that she was driving herself and everyone else insane with her jealousy,” the insider says to Life & Style. “Kate didn’t like who she had become.”

Fortunately, it took only two months for Kate to realize how out of control she had gotten — and for William to realize how much he missed her.

“Kate promised him that if they got back together, she wouldn’t be a nightmare anymore,” says a royal insider. And by midsummer, they had reconciled.

[From Life & Style]

It could be true, but maybe not. I don’t know. But I would like to point out something interesting, for those people interested in the more salacious side of royal gossip: does anyone else think that Kate is in a horrible position if and when William cheats on her when they are married? I don’t think Kate will get the overwhelming public sympathy that Diana got when Charles was fooling around with Camilla for years. You know why? Because Kate has already put up with William’s infidelity, and she’s stayed with him. They’ve had mini-break-ups several times over the course of their nine year relationship (and it is NINE years, if you do the math – they got together in 2002). Every time William actually or allegedly screwed around with other girls, Kate always took him back. So when he fools around when they’re married, many of us (me) will be saying, “Well, what did you expect?” Plus, the sheer length of their courtship is another factor – Kate knows what she’s getting into (unlike Diana), and she waited nine years to get it. If Kate tries to pull the “He’s a cheater, I’m devastated!” card, I tend to think the reaction will be “Meh.”

LONDON - FEBRUARY 10:  Prince William (L) and Kate Middleton (R) watch the action during the RBS Six Nations Championship match between England and Italy at Twickenham on February 10, 2007 in London, England.  (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

CHELTENHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 16:  Kate Middleton, the girlfriend of Prince William, looks on from the Royal Box on the fourth day of The Annual National Hunt Festival held at Cheltenham Racecourse on March 16, 2007 in Cheltenham, England.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

FAKENHAM, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 18: Prince William and finacee Catherine Middleton arrive for a Christmas reception in aid of the Teenager Cancer Trust at theThursford Collection on December 18, 2010 in Fakenham, England.  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

48097, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Wednesday December 1 2010. Royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton attends a carol service at St Luke's Church in Chelsea, London. The princess-in-waiting was wearing her engagemnt ring, a sapphire and diamond ring that belonged to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Miss Middleton will marry Britain's Prince William on April 29th 2011.  Photograph:  Jesal Parshotam,

TETBURY, ENGLAND - AUGUST 6: Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William, watches the events in the main arena, on the second day of the Gatcombe Park Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park, on August 6, 2005 near Tetbury, England.(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. guesty says:

    hope the whole princess/possible queen thing is worth it for her. he is his father’s son after all…

  2. lena80 says:

    Well they started out dating at a fairly young age…sounds like they both had some growing up to do and figuring out who they are etc… plenty of young people break up and make up before they get married and some some make it and some don’t.

  3. brin says:

    Oh please, Kaiser, they just got engaged, can’t we let them be happy for two minutes before we talk about future cheating scandals?

  4. Kiki says:

    You know? For those of us who have been cheated on, it is a nightmare. Why do we stay? Because it’s not so easy to say good-bye, because we need time but most important, because we hope -we really do-, that our man WILL change. He never does and we wish we had learned our lesson soon. I was in her place. But my prince was only prince of my heart, not a whole country. It hurt when I had the guts to leave after two years and it still hurts. I will be sorry for her because I was once in her place -I am her age.- Don’t be so judgemental!

  5. Sigh. says:

    I don’t really “follow” them, but has Kate completely charmed the hell outta England (and eventually the world), like Diana did during her engagement? If not, then I think “Meh” would be the general consensus IF mistresses started popping up…

    His dad married his side-piece after DECADES of her waiting-in-the-wings (emotionally, if not physically), so I don’t know that he would see the “problem” with mistresses. But I hope considering the rumors of BOTH of his parents’ infidelity, he walked away with some insight on how devastating it can be, although he was so young at the time.

    I wish them luck. Lord knows his parents’ marriage was not the best example…

  6. Reality says:

    I don’t think he has cheated on her or will, and if he slept around when they were on a break, that doesn’t really count as infidelity in my book.

    I think they both take marriage seriously and it seems like they honestly love each other, but I guess we’ll see….

  7. MNGIRL76 says:

    My reaction will be “Meh.”
    She does know exactly what she is getting into & she has wanted it at any cost for nine years! So…have fun Kate!
    Give me Harry any day!

  8. fizXgirl314 says:

    you know this guy can get anyone he wants so the fact that he has chosen to stay with her, leads me to believe that she might have something special and she’s not some insecure, dumbass… He probably hasn’t cheated because I think if you act like a doormat to someone in his position, it’s more than likely they wouldn’t want to be with you. I think with someone in his position, you’d have to not be a doormat to get their respect so I think she might actually have a backbone…

  9. mslewis says:

    Personally, I don’t think Kate was ever possessive or overbearing. The girl is too smart for that. I believe William wanted to “take a break” because he and Kate had been together for three or four years at that point and he wanted to see what else was out there. Kate was smart enough to let him go and she allowed herself to be photographed out partying with another man and having fun without William. This made him jealous and he is the one who went back to her.

    As far as future cheating . . . I really think William will try very hard to be a good husband and not cheat. He saw what his father’s cheating did to his mother and I do believe William is a very sensitive man. I just think he really loves Kate and wants her to be happy.

  10. Bella Mosley says:

    I honestly don’t see the point in Life and Style doing a story on news that is going on 4 years old and even then it is pure speculation. I think it is w/o merit, mean spirited and a very pathetic attemp at filler.
    I do like the spin you put on it Kaiser – asking the question how the public will respond to Kate when problems arise. And problems will arise in any marriage and living in a fishbowl theirs will be quite public. I agree w/you they will not be as compassionate. He is, after all, Diana’s son and like you said she knows exactly what she is getting. No surprises there.

  11. ahha says:

    he’s certainly not good looking and she looks old.

  12. JulieM says:

    Wait a minute… Waity No Longer Katie possessive? No, REALLY?

    I totally agree with Kaiser, Kate will get little sympathy when William cheats on her. And, sadly, he will. It’s his royal duty. Just like his father.

  13. LindyLou says:

    She basically put her entire life aside to get this man and put up with everything to hold onto her “prize”. If he cheats, I’m sure she’ll turn a blind eye to keep the lifestyle she’s marrying into. Maybe one day she’ll realize what she’s done to her self-worth.

  14. REALIST says:

    Please, they’ve made their decision, so let’s give BOTH of them the benefit of the doubt for now.

  15. Vi says:

    oh come on. there’s no evidence that he cheats at all. maybe they broke up in 07 because they’d been together a long time since they were quite young and thought maybe they should try being apart for a while to make sure they’re doing the right thing.

  16. khaveman says:

    They are a lovely couple and they are due a little happiness. Come ON every relationship has its ups and downs. He’s in line to be the king of England, so wouldn’t you wait for that? I think she gets a very bad rap and frankly I admire her tenacity. It shows strength.

  17. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ LindyLou
    Couldn’t have said it better!

  18. *-* says:

    She is the oldest looking 29 year old I’ve seen in a long time. But I’d be drinking too if I had to marry into that d-bag family.

  19. mel says:

    He did get back with her after they split so that says something about the love he has for her. She knows what shes getting herself into but Kate is not ugly and I’m sure she wouldnt have a problem with finding something on the side too. Diana did.

  20. Belle Epoch says:

    Yikes – I guess I’m the only person who thinks William will try to be faithful because he still loves his mother, and he knows what his father’s cheating did to her. I like to think he will try to be a better man.

    On the other hand, the kings of England have cheated for thousands of years, so maybe it just goes with the position!

  21. terryo says:

    She should always keep in mind who his father is and mother was. He has stray dog genes on both sides. Have a feeling this one will work. She is very close to attaining goddess status.

  22. normades says:

    I like mslewis’ version of events

  23. Lisa Turtle says:

    All it took for the British media to go from despising and constantly begruding Kate to adoring was an announcement of engagement. Now they are trying to “white-wash” her image… I think she will be popular while they are married, if and when there are marriage troubles the press will dig up the 9 years of snark they have on Kate, and William will have the people’s sympathy. Kate can’t do what Diana did – She can’t just come out and say “Look how the Royals treated me.” Diana was absolutely treated terribly by Charles and his family, she was a glorified incubator – they used her to birth a suitable heir. This is not the case with Kate, Kate has been in the picture and seen the deal for 9 long years. Kate is more like Camilla than Diana.

  24. Rita says:

    I agree Kaiser, if you commit to some whoredog then realize he’s not going to change so don’t expect any sympathy.

    On the other hand, William seems like a standup guy (not that kind of standup) who wanted to sew his oats before a final commitment. So far I like these two and I’ll keep the good will light lit until one of them is caught bailing out a back window without his or her underwear.

  25. WhiteNoise says:

    ”…a royal insider tells Life & Style.“

    Nuff said on this story.

  26. DD says:

    These two must cringe when they turn on the tv and hear all the media topic headlines: Will William follow in his father’s footsteps and cheat on Kate… Princess Diana’s shadow cast on the wedding or whatever…
    The media is so tacky, it’s embarassing to listen. They act like Prince Charles invented adultery.
    This is like my second rage post today… I must be getting my period :(

  27. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Dont care. Just glad to see Princess Diana’s son happy.

  28. jessica says:

    She reminds me so much of Karen Allen from the first Indiana Jones movie.

  29. P.J. says:

    I remember seeing a photo of Prince William in a rather drunken state in spring of 2007, with his arm around a woman and his hand almost touching her breast. I remember thinking, “If I was Kate Middleton, I’d definitely call him out on that.” Apparently that’s what she did, because they split up a week or so after the picture was published.

    Apparently William wanted a little freedom, got it, then didn’t like it much, and went right back to Kate. It looks like she took her time taking him back, though. Everything I read said that Kate handled the split a lot better than William did–as she said in her engagement interview, she found her own identity during that time.

  30. lin234 says:

    How do you know he’s cheated? I wonder if her secret is that Will has been her only lover? I mean when it comes down to looks, beauty, and brains, there are tons of other girls in Will’s circle that are better choices but he kept going back to her. I don’t find her special or pretty at all.

  31. me says:

    I’ve been trying real hard not to be negative towards Waity Katie but I can’t help myself. I think that she’s waited this one out counting on the fact that Wills is just being lame and taking the safe option. These two are as dull as they can get. For me, Harry pushes all the right buttons!

  32. LuLu says:

    There’s a big difference if he cheats after they’re married. They were young – and still are – and it’s normal to break up and get back together, and even see other people or want to – especially at their ages. So … I’m not all that surprised by what’s happened in the past, but if he cheats after they’re married, yes, I would definitely have sympathy for her. I’m sure she’s going into marriage with the expectation and hope for fidelity – as everyone should.

  33. Iggles says:

    me – I agree.

    And I agree whoever said cheating is his royal duty. Hate to say it but nearly every male royal has had affairs and mistresses. Don’t see that changing with William.

  34. Yasmine says:

    Vanity Fair published an article (it’s really long btw) which explained the timelines and history between these two. IMO William seems to have been a real d-bag to her, often going back only after other women reject him or leave him with limited ‘options’.
    You should actually read it Kaiser, it’s really interesting. Kinda explains this post.

  35. Lola7 says:

    I just dont like her. She isn’t the least bit alluring. Very drab and boring.

  36. Franny says:

    I don’t think she looks “old” for 29 at all. How does she look old? she hasn’t botoxed the hell out of her face but has no wrinkles, bad skin, bad hair or a bad frame. haters gonna be haters

  37. Isabel says:

    Don’t care times, like, INFINITY.

    Royals, barf. So antiquated and pointless and dumb and inbred.

  38. Selena says:

    Oh Diana knew exactly what she was getting into. More than Kate Middleton does. Diana moved in Royal circles she was Lady Diana daughter of the Earl of Spencer. But Kate is daughter of a couple of flight attendants, wealthy flight attendants but not Royal. Sorry. And Diana pursued Charles even though she knew through Royal circle gossip that he loved another woman. I am sick to death of the driveling rewriting of history for that woman.

  39. Bodhi says:

    Ok, wait, what? If Wills got with other girls when he & Kate were broken up, then it isn’t remotely cheating.

    I SERIOUSLY doubt that he would do that to her, especially considering all of the trauma his mother went through. Those boys & their momma issues, right Kiser? :P

  40. Anon73 says:

    @Kaiser — agreed !!

    “If Kate tries to pull the “He’s a cheater, I’m devastated!” card, I tend to think the reaction will be “Meh.””

  41. Jeri says:

    If he cheats I hope she will find her own “amusements” and the palace can do what they’ve done for eons. Turn their heads and pretend it doesn’t exist.

    But really, William is aware of what happened with his mother and I hope he will not hurt a woman as Diana was hurt by his father.

    I hope these two will find the happiness that has eluded the rest of the royals.

  42. Lee says:

    I agree with PJ – and think men really aren’t all that complicated, and are in fact pretty predictable. He had his freedom, and decided he wanted her after all. She played it right (coolly), and he probably appreciated her more than before. Happens all the time, and couples go on happily from there. I wish them the best, and think he’s a better bet than his father ever was, since William was close to his mother. That is often a pretty good indicator of a man who will be a good partner.

  43. a.j. says:

    Kate always looked obsessed with William from the time she modeled underwear in a fashion show at University and he always seemed too weak to get rid of her and for him she probably is good in the boudior. She may have done anything from cartwheels, headstands to splits to keep him coming back. The press has also made sure to shove this girl down his throat in the papers. He would have looked like cad to end it after all these years even if he wanted to.

    I can’t wait until her crazy side emerges if William starts leaving her in the Palace while he goes off with friends riding horses(which she does not do) and on vacations to Africa alone to visit his old friends there.

    She got what she asked for and it’s probably going to be nightmare in the end.

    After she produces an heir, she’ll probably have to fight everyday to keep her place.

    I hope he never takes a fancy for another pushy girl modeling underwear at some charity event, who is ambitious, because Kate may have trouble.

    I doubt this is a union which will last more than a decade. Disaster seems written all over it. There are passages which young men have to go through emotionally before they marry(such as dating a few women as a young adult, which William hasn’t) and sometimes when the young men don’t go through these “rites of passage”,trouble hits when they reach middleage; William is no different.

  44. Donna Wingfield says:

    Do people not know that Diana cheated, too? There is even some speculation that she and James Hewitt were together before Charles reunited with Camilla. By the way, she was never Princess Diana. She was styled Diana, Princess of Wales. And she wasn’t even Lady Diana Spencer until her father inherited the title when she was in her teens.

  45. The Bobster says:

    At least he didn’t dump dimples because of her man hands.

  46. susanne says:

    William had to sow his royal oats, just like the prince on Coming to America.

  47. maeryanna says:

    Diana was born The Honorable Diana Spencer and when her Grandfather passed away, her father inherited the Earl Spencer Title. Diana is a descendant of King-William the Conquerer, King James I and II, King Charles I, Queen Anne Boelyn, Queen Elizabeth I, Anne of Cleeves, Lady Jane Grey, Winston Churchill, the Queen Mother Elizabeth and the current Queen Elizabeth II.

    She was and is one of the most beloved Princesses in the world, to this day, which is something I truly doubt Kate ever will be. People see through Kate and her family’s grasping, climbing manipulations of the naive Pr.William.

    Kate appears at outings with Prince William and no matter what clothing she wears(which the press tries to convince us,we should fawn and drool over) she always looks as if she went shopping at KMart in the discount aisle. She always looks common no matter what she puts on.

    Kate may rival Fergie in years to come for how tactless and cheap she may appear. Kate just does not have the carriage or bearing of the lovely Diana, Princess of Wales and she never will.

    Did William marry Kate for love only or was he just worn down by her persistance and ability to cling? We shall see in years to come perhaps.

  48. janie says:

    boy, everyone who acts like like William is just this trophy that Kate has been waiting around for…totally treating him like a piece of meat or a prize, without any humanity. they met when they were kids! seems like a really misogynistic attitude, woman who plots for years for a meal ticket.
    look at the press she got after she got a job. she was so harassed by the paps that no one would hire her and her safety was in if she chose to work for her family because she thought he was the one, seems like a risk I would take for my future husband.

  49. NancyMan says:


    I’m not interested in getting into a lengthy discussion and I have no wish to speak ill of the dead. But, don’t you think you could cut Ms Middleton and her family a ‘little slack’.

    Unless you actually know or knew the parties in question, how can you really predict the potential and the perception that the public will have of the new Princess in comparison to someone who lived in a very different time.

    The late Princess Diana was lovely looking woman who had a special ability to reach out to those less fortunate and those in society often overlooked by others. She was also an emotionally damaged rather child-like woman who was a master at manipulating the press and fairly ruthless when in pursuit of something or someone who captured her interest.

    I have confidence in Prince William’s choice for his new bride. I wish them the best and I hope she will rise to the occasion-impress us all and make the most of her extraordinary opportunities.

  50. Ling says:

    This bugged me:
    “Kate promised him that if they got back together, she wouldn’t be a nightmare anymore,” says a royal insider. And by midsummer, they had reconciled.

    Did he promise to stop being a douche?

    Oh, and I wish people would stop meangirling her. We women are sometimes such complete bitches to one another when we really should be supporting each other (or in some cases laying equal blame on both parties).

  51. JulieM says:

    I think if I hear one more time that Kate just had to quit that made up part time job because of the paps, I will scream. She quit because she rarely showed up for work. She had to be available for expensive holidays and doormat duty for William. There are multiple quotes from her co-workers about her work schedule. I’m sorry, there are no fairy tales. Sad, I know. She waited him out and wore him down. She earned it.

  52. fanny says:

    She has such a cute profile. Anyway, I think she had a right to get a little paranoid … IF this is true. They had been dating much too long without him making a commitment.

  53. sandra says:

    She looks like she’s well into her 30s.

  54. observer says:

    I think it was probably Kate who broke up with William. She may have broken up with him due to infidelity, in which case she did not put up with it and should not be expected to do so in the future. She seems an independent girl. She has plenty of money, so she’s not in this relationship for wealth. I think she really cares for William, but she also puts limits on what she will put up with.

  55. nok says:

    god she is butt ugly without makeup

  56. Kara says:

    Kate comes across like a doormat, she would never dump Prince William.

    At one point, some of the British press called her the royal m#ttress.

  57. sparkledog says:

    @Maeryanna-It’s unfair to compare Kate or anyone else to the Princess of Wales. I think it’s safe to say that she (Diana) was so incredibly amazing and unique that all future comparisons are futile.

    That being said, Kate’s no frump. It’s easy to stare at her picture then judge and pick, but obviously the prince (who Diana raised until her untimely death) sees far more quality than you. I’m willing to bet my paycheck that he sees more similarities between Kate and Diana than some overly-critical eyes may ever see.

  58. observer says:

    Most of the British press are known to be idiots. I never put any stock in what they publish. They’re mostly tabloids.

  59. Athena says:

    People are so indifferent to her. The British press was so excited and now they seem to want it over with. She is getting pretty bashed in the press too. I dare say that the press would happy if not openly gleeful about a cheating scandal.

  60. Mizz Tickles says:

    I wonder if they smoke weed.

  61. Cyui says:

    Yeah I’m on pg 3 of the vanity fair article. Young dude not ready to settle down. I don’t know why these chicks can’t just be friends with these dudes till they show they are ready to settledown . I don’t know why chicks at 24 are in a rush to settledown in the first place. Her people should’ve told her to go on about her business and be his friend . If he’s not ready to start a full on commitment by dating for marriage forget him. She would’ve saved herself alot of trouble. Sounds from what I read some chicks let him know are you ready to settledown or scam around. He let them know he wanted to scam around some more and they said peace. Sounds like he wasn’t into all of them all that much either . It is waiting for his bullshit to calm down and I guess he’s inlove, but who knows. Not being able to commit till a decade…..breaking up in 2007…is bull. He should’ve kept her as a friend if he thought shed be his wife. So you’re not doing the break up make up bullshit.

  62. Debbie says:

    Who really cares It won’t last, William will do as he pleases and If she has a brain she’ll keep her mouth shut and not be another Diana who played the press and paparazzi whenever she wanted attention.

    The only marriage to last is Edwards. All the others have failed.

    If this is true and she has a jealous streak in her that means problems down the road

  63. Cyui says:

    So basically she played the game his way and got the ring. My guess is shell get sick of that crap when she gets older. He got rid of her when he wanted to be single changedhis mind and got her back. My rule is once I touch you you’re mine. You leave once don’t come back. Long convo to see if you’re truly ready to commit. Sleeping with me then bothering with others then me then others….doesn’t work. Whatever….hope the best for them.he said at 22 he didn’t want to get married till 28 or 30. She should’ve known then to go do her own thing and if he wanted that bad he’d come around to get her back.

  64. Stronzilla says:

    Just to add some salacious gossip, around the time of that split there was some equestrian event that William was invited to but too busy to attend due to his military training and Kate did the unspeakable. She presumed to go without him, overstepping her station as a ‘commmoner’ and sat in the royal box with his father and Camilla acting like she was there to ‘represent’ him and looking for all the world like she owned the place. Major bad move on her part. This really pissed him off because to him she was way out of line assuming some kind of pseudo-official royal position and accepting an invitiation on her own that had been made to him, HRH Prince William. Personally, I think she didn’t want to pass up an opportunity, both to be on display and to ingratiate herself with Charles but she totally underestimated the reaction of Wills. For a young man who must question the loyalty and affections of all of his friends and/or potential girlfriends this made her look really bad.

    As for their reconciling, William had a wish list of potential girlfirends/mates but every one of them turned him down flat, none of them wanted the job. Doesn’t say much for William or the prestige of the British royal family but it speaks volumes of the girls. Smart girls.

  65. nnn says:

    There are and always were plenty of cheating and love children in the royals familie and in the nobility.

    You marry one you know that you just have ti put up and STU as s/he will always got the immunity if s/he cheats for having that blue blood running his theor veins…look at Caroline of Monaco and what she did to her best friend and mother of her own godson ?

  66. Stronzilla says:

    @nnn Yeah, and look how well that turned out.

  67. JulieM says:

    Stronzilla: I heard the same thing about the other potential girlfriends all turning him down. An interesting commentary on William’s desirability, minus his bank account, of course.

    I have a feeling (my opinion only) that “Princess” Katie, once in the family, will be the employer from hell. I think we’ll hear lots of grumbling from the hired and fired help because she’s difficult to work for. She’ll have a lot of time on her hands. What’s new. After all, she will not be a working princess.

  68. hanh says:

    I don’t think Kate will care if William cheats on her as long as he is discreet and for all public appearance is the doting husband.

    Her goal has always been to be princess and then queen and a icon to the world. She would love nothing more than to be the next Diana.

  69. NancyMan says:


    Prince WIlliam carries more baggage with him than a freight train. Not only does his consort almost totally give up her life, she has to spend the rest of it being a glorified cheerleader for her country. She may not have a traditional job but she will be expected to ‘earn her keep’ pressing the flesh at least several days a weeks. Throw in the relentless criticism of her most innocent comment or most mundane activity along with just bitchy criticism of her personal appearance and her clothes- I’m not surprised several smart girls said- NO WAY.

    As for Prince William, I bet he will make a good father and husband- especially given the type of extraordinary life he has led- and will be expected to lead. When you loose a loving parent at any early age as he did, the experience changes you. I would suspect he will be careful to not put his wife through the kind of marital relationship his Mother experienced. Besides, the entire world will be waiting and watching to catch him (or her) if they stray.

  70. Lea says:


    That makes sense. There was an article in the DM (from that year) that mentioned Kate showing up at work and that when asked her what had happened she said, “it was his dad-” and then didn’t elaborate and was near tears.

    This was unusual because she was normally very discreet/private, but of course, too upset to hold it in.

    Maybe showing up to this event with Prince Charles present was the issue. Will’s dad said something or as you put it what Will saw, is what she meant. In either case, you’re right.

  71. Ashley says:

    Waity Katie Sharp will NEVER give up that marriage, even if William cheated (as has already been evidenced). She and her mother have plotted for this day FOR YEARS. She’s been groomed for this and mark my words she will turn a blind eye for the rest of life.

    They have broken up plenty of times before and it’s always been Wills doing the breaking up (gee I wonder why). I was hoping he would move on and try some other women out before settling down but poor thing is bascially stuck with his first girlfriend. He’s never had a chance to really play the field because Kate’s always been there, even when they were broken up.

    As for the cheating rumors, I’ve never heard of him cheating, it’s always been Harry cheating on Chelsy. Wills has always been the good boy.

    I really wonder how much of Waity Katie’s premarriage hitory will be edited for the history books? I doubt people will be reading how she dressed up in lingerie at Freshers Week and nabbed herself a Prince. It seems the British press who used to vilify her have already changed their tune. Ever since the engagement came out she’s gone from Waity Katie to Catherine *snort*. It’s really pathetic. The Palace must be working overtime to get people to forget that she was and will always be WAITY KATIE.

  72. d.riden says:

    William has broken up with Kate at least three times that were reported, when he wanted to cheat he just dumped her. He’d take girls back to barracks and there were parties at which Kate was not invited,over the years with his friends ,……..

    Harry is more of a man than William.

    Kate’s just a doormat and William was too weak to discard her, she wrapped her entire family around the guy. It’ll all fall apart and end in tears. Something forced never works and Kate forced this whole thing and William was too weak to end it.

  73. kat says:

    in all honesty, who said she hasn’t had some revenge lays? she’s a very attractive girl, i’m sure if she showed up anywhere she’d be mobbed by willing partners.

  74. SolitaryAngel says:

    What I just can’t understand is why she WANTS this so much…marrying into the biggest family of inbreds in the world and having to follow all their bullshit rules & regs? Um no. Does she think that sort of stifling life will be worth it? I don’t get it!

  75. Michele says:

    JUST SHUT IT!!! It THEIR LIVES!! He asked her to marry him and she said yes…end of story. I hope they will be very happy together and I think they geniunely love one another. Since NONE OF YOU HAVE EVER BE EXPOSED TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP OTHER THAN THE TABLOIDS….JUST SHUT IT!!!