“LeAnn Rimes paid about $85,000 for her engagement ring” links


LeAnn Rimes‘ ring isn‘t as blingy as Carrie Underwood‘s. [Celebuzz]
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The Lohans are suin‘ again. Hide yo‘ husbands. [PopBytes]
Teen Mom Amber made a lot of money for beating on her boyfriend. [ONTD]
Can Jewish Twihards get a menorah up in this junk? [Agent Bedhead]
Gordon Ramsey has some tax problems. [Radar]
Nicki Minaj’s unfortunate leopard print. [PopEater]
Bar Refaeli‘s crazy body in a black bikini now. [IDLITW]
Cindy Crawford or Elisabetta Canalis? [INFDaily]
Tackiest ice-cream themed manicure EVER. [The Frisky]
Will Diddy ever marry Kim Porter? [Bossip]
Emily Blunt has some thoughts on Kate Middleton. [LimeLife]


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  1. Bailey says:

    I swear I saw that ring at Marshalls

  2. someone says:

    Im not a big Leanne fan, but shes worth a lot of money, and if she were to buy her own ring, I think she would have paid a lot more money for it!

  3. Crash2GO2 says:

    That would go a long way toward making up on EC’s back child support, eh?

  4. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Well, at least it’s big enough so she can see it…

  5. brin says:

    I saw that ring in a gumball machine outside of Walmart.

  6. happygirl says:

    @Bill Hicks is God – LMAO!

  7. LaLa says:

    People talked to that Polocheck guy talking about the ring.
    How can you be surprised about your engagement when you helped design your ring?


  8. Bill Hicks is God says:

    This whole engagement ring thing is out of hand and overblown.


    1) Ladies, you’re not supposed to buy your own ring;
    2) The ring should be something the man can afford, it’s what it means symbolically, not how many carats it has which leads me to;
    3) The size and expense of the ring has absolutely nothing to do with how much the guy loves you or if your marriage will last.

    The ring now is flaunted entirely to impress other women.

    My grandmother had no engagement ring, two people lucky enough to be working during the Depression got married in a family living room (on a Tuesday and went to work the next day). Her wedding ring was a skinny gold band. And no, she wasn’t expecting ;-)

    Once my grandfather started succeeding financially in his own business he asked her about buying her a diamond because he couldn’t give her an engagement ring. She said no, her band was enough. They were married over 50 years and that ring never came off.

    When she was in palliative care and passed of cancer, it was still on her finger and it stayed there. She told my mother specifically to “make sure they don’t take off my ring.”

    Love is not jewelry. And it is. It totally depends on the people, and if it’s love it could be the ring off a beer can. Just ask Frank and Gail Zappa ;-)

  9. Rita says:

    She may not want to spend that much for the wedding ring. After her $10mil divorce to Dean, Buying Dean’s-Brandi’s-and Scheanna’s tell-all book rights, the loss on her Nashville home, buys $5mil Cali house, paying for Eddie’s divorce, paying Brandi to sign the divorce papers a week before her last album was supposed to be released, keeping Eddie in luxury vacation travel, private jets to Mexico, $20k Christmas presents for the kids, the cost of mag covers and photo-ops, her old man stole $9mil, and mother Rimes has been living off her for 15 years…..well LeAnn’s money pit is going dry fast……shhhhhhhh don’t tell Eddie. With no revenue from music sales, bankruptcy here we come.

  10. brin says:

    @Bill Hicks is God…very well said.

  11. Rita says:

    @Bill Hicks

    You’re absolutely right! This pretentious crap of strutting around with an ostentatious ring is childish and shallow. The depth of true love is usually inversely proportional to the size and quality of the ring the bride wears. I think it’s wonderful when a woman wears a simple gold band; it’s real and shows the world that bling is way down on her list of what she values.

    Looking at my ring, I see it needs a good cleaning. When ever I take it to the jewelers I make him clean it right in front of me. I will not let my 7.25 carrot flawless white marquee cut stone out of my sight for a minute.

    (Just having fun)

  12. happygirl says:

    @Bill Hicks is God – that was an awesome post. Thanks for putting a huge (authentic & dreamy) smile on my face today! What a great story.

  13. hannah says:

    teen mom made $280,000? no wonder teens were getting knocked up to get on that show! thats just insane! it just shows that stupidity pays off.

  14. Marjalane says:

    I don’t know than Squinty has the same kind of cash she had back when she was, you know, actually popular. Maybe 85k was the best her accountant would let her spring for.

  15. December says:

    Isn’t it considered tacky to tell the amount of what an engagement ring cost? But then again, LeAnn is the definition of tacky.

  16. Relli says:

    Well said Bill Hicks, well said.

    I am getting married soon and have no official engagement ring because we simply cannot afford two rings (an engagement ring and a wedding band) just for me. We also have a small child, a dog and two cats. Demanding something with multiple carats when our family has to have their basic needs met, just seems so selfish. I told him just one really nice ring is all i need.

  17. brin says:

    @Relli…congratulations & best wishes.
    Seems like you have your priorities in good order. You have the most important things and one ring is really all you do need.

  18. lolwut says:

    LOL@ Lainey’s “Happy New Year, you idiot. You’ll be paying for this one for a long, LONG time.” to Jessica, who looks like she’s getting heavier every time i see a pic of her.

  19. Whatever says:

    No way he paid for that ring when he barely pays child support, crying broke. The only ‘shock’ LeAnn had over this whole thing came when she opened her credit card bill. Stupid.

  20. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Dear R#17, I can’t read your handle because it runs over the post number…I wonder if that can be fixed.

    Your fella’s lucky. If he ever has doubts or feels bad about it, tell him my story and really, how little the engagement rings means. It’s the ‘permanent’ one that counts.

    I wish you all best and worlds of happiness, you’ll make it and be happy too in your marriage. I just have a feeling.

    To everyone else for appreciating a memory, a very heartfelt thank-you. Especially from my Grandparents :-)

  21. Wicked SteppMom says:

    Not that I buy into *ANY* of what LR spouts off, but I showed my Hubs the exact engagement ring I wanted & we paid for it together (it was on sale!) However, he took it home, put it “away” & chose his time to give it to me. It could have been the next day, or the next year…it happened to be about 2 months later, so I was genuinely surprised. Of course, neither of us had cheated on anyone else, is a famewhore, et cetera. And the cost of my ring would have only been equal to a mortgage payment, not what we still owe on the house!

  22. guesty says:

    def lol @ lainey…how over it does eric seem in those pics? very over it….already!

    as for teen mom salaries…omg. that’s truly outrageous. but what pisses me off about it is that they’re still playing the “poor card”/documentary bs.

  23. Samigirl says:

    @Bill Hicks-amazing and perfect. I love my little .73 carat diamond band. It may not be huge, but my fiance’ saved up big time to buy it for me. It’s my favorite possession, and this baby doesn’t come off!

  24. judyjudy says:

    When Mr. JudyJudy and I were dating I told him that I didn’t need a ring, that he could tie twine on my finger and I’d be happy. He proposed soon after with a BEAUTIFUL ring. I was truly shocked and blown away because I totally wasn’t expecting it. I feel bad for women who design and pay for their rings because that’s totally not the point . My ring is special because he picked it out because he wanted me to have it not because I told him I wanted it.

  25. Blanca says:

    Honor looks so much like her dad,she is adorable.

  26. padiddle says:

    My fiance picked out my engagement ring by himself without me knowing. It was way bigger and fancier than I expected, but the size of the diamond didn’t make me love him more.
    We both plan on getting simple white gold bands and wearing them all the time. I don’t know that I will wear my engagement ring after we are married.
    It’s not wrong to have a huge ring, or to spend a lot of money on your fiancee, but it is wrong to run around shoving your ring into people’s faces and trying to make them feel jealous. That just makes you petty.

    ETA that my ring isn’t celebrity huge (it’s about 1.2 carat center stone) but I was expecting something much, much smaller. Just goes to show everyone’s perception of “big” is different.

  27. indi says:

    Go to D-Listed and see the runner up comment to the photo caption contest for Dec 28th (re Cibrian). Hilarious!

  28. Dingles says:

    “The depth of true love is usually inversely proportional to the size and quality of the ring the bride wears.”

    Amen. I’m sure we could all name more than one couple who flashed around a big ole’ diamond only to split a few years later.

  29. Darla says:

    Padiddle, I got a simple band that welded to my engagement ring, so my wedding ring incorporated my engagement ring. They sell those all over.

    BTW large diamonds and gold are politically and ecologically harmful, so I do see fit to call them out on it. But I really don’t like her, so I have no problem hating on her.

  30. JenJen says:

    Her updated Bio on Twitter:

    # Bio Fiancee, Friend, Daughter, Caretaker To Everyone I Love Dearly, Incredibly Happy Woman….oh yeah, and I do this little thing called music and film too

    First billing! This woman has some serious self esteem issues.

  31. Grace says:

    @Rita: I don’t agree with that. I know tons of people who married men they don’t even seem to love (they settled because they felt they should be married and not because they were truly in love) and they have tiny engagement rings. I can also name several people with rather large rings who are deeply in love with the men who gave it to them. I think the whole, the smaller the ring the deeper the love thing is kind of like how some people try to argue that poor people are happier and have better values than those horrible, empty rich people. I don’t go for the sweeping generalities. I think there are just as many poor people who are unhappy and who have married for all the wrong reasons as rich people.

  32. Josie says:

    LeAnn definitely bought that ring. Eddie has no money. The size of a ring in carat weight means nothing when it comes to true love. For anyone who knows the late great Teena Marie, her song “I Need Your Lovin” has a line that says..and she spells out the words money and lovin… “M O N E Y never did a thing for L O V I N.”

  33. Mizz Tickles says:

    I like your post Bill Hicks is God :)

  34. islandwalker says:

    Good family story Bill.

    I never had an engagement ring or a wedding ring. When we got married I needed surgery so we paid my medical bills and I didn’t care because I hate anything on my hands. ( I work with a lot of paints and solvent.) On our 5th anniversary my husband designed a modest ring with one of my best friends Kathleen who was a jeweler. It was a lovely surprise. Kathleen passed away from a very fast moving breast cancer the following spring. That ring means more to me than any 10 carat beast because it carries the love of my husband and my dear friend. I still only wear it on special occasions but sometimes I just carry it with me.

    Their whole “romance” has been an exercise in cruelty and selfishness. They should be hanging their heads in shame. ( And I actually used to like her. Girl can sing.)

  35. Whatever says:

    BTW large diamonds and gold are politically and ecologically harmful, so I do see fit to call them out on it.
    Exactly, the human rights abuses are the reason I don’t own, and will never own a diamond. Too much like profiting from the pain of another human being and I’m not into that at all. It always amazes me how people scream about animals killed for fur, but people killed for diamonds? Well that’s just fine.

  36. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @Bill Hicks: I absolutely adored your story–it made me get a lil weepy! I just had a baby 2 weeks ago, so for the last few months my hands have been a little too puffy for my engagement/wedding ring. So, I’ve been wearing my great-grandmother’s wedding ring. It’s a simple gold band that she wore for over 50 years as well, and traveled from Germany to Pittsburgh. :-)

  37. why? says:

    This stuff about the engagement ring is just damage control, everyone is saying that she bought and designed her own ring and now she thinks that she can fix it by having People mag write a nice little write up with rainbows and sunshine.

    It makes her look pathetic.

    Wasn’t she also flashing her wedding ring a lot when she was married to Dean?
    The last time she did that it was to convince people that she was happily married to DS and wasn’t cheating with EC since EC kept right on denying that he had any relations with her.

    So what we can conclude is that she thinks that flashing the ring will once and for make everyone think that all is well with her and EC. EC is cheating because Leann is working way too hard to convince everyone that all is perfect. I wouldn’t be surprised if EC other mistress turns out to be one of her friends.

    I also think that she is putting out this stuff about her ring because she is trying to upstage all those other celebs who are also getting married. So that must mean that she is going to bombard the public and media with a photo-op EVERY day.

    What is so special about her ring because didn’t EC also buy his wife a 5 carat ring? Well we did say that LR wants EVERYTHING that BG had. Now why does LR want to always be in competition with BG if she has “won” EC?

    Can someone please explain why EC looks so miserable and sick? He is with the woman he is madly in love with and engaged? He looks like he is in hell.

  38. ohmy says:

    how on earth did Leann homewrecker become an A-lister according to People is beyond me. Either People got paid by her publicist or People is crazy, too!

  39. christina says:

    Am I the only one who thought of Dumb & Dumber when I looked at those pics of J.Simps and her man? >_<

  40. mojoman says:

    @islandwalker, your story is so touching it brought tears into my eyes. You are so blessed with wonderful people who love(d) you. Your story is WORTH more than any diamonds rings in my book.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    @islandwalker: “Their whole “romance” has been an exercise in cruelty and selfishness.”

    I think that sums it up better than anything else that I have read so far. Thanks – and thanks for your beautiful story.

  42. flutters says:

    I got a pretty good laugh when I saw the Top 5 most read stories at People.com. Not only are Leann/Eddie not #1, they’re only the 3rd most read engagement story behind Natalie Portman’s engagement/pregnancy announcement and Hugh Hefner’s engagement. Not only that but Hugh Hefner’s engagement has 2 out of the top 5 stories!

    I would imagine Leann’s been hitting the Refresh button on her People story all day too ;)

  43. KatScorp says:

    Re: the photo shoot on the Malibu beach. LeAnn responded to a tweeter who called her out on the pics being staged and LeAnn replied – “clearly you’re wrong. You have no idea how much we get followed. We went to a friends (sic) for breakfast and were enjoying the dolphins, sun and each other on his deck and someone hid very very well to get pics. It’s easy to do on the beach and we had no idea til we got a call about the pics later.”

    I’m just cynical and bitchy (hence why I love this site), but this bitch is full of a combination of herself and shit. The placement of her left hand (on top of all three hands in one pic; another pic she’s wrapped her left arm around his shoulders to show the ring perfectly… and then another with her hand reaching back and resting under his mouth) in these pics make it blatantly obvious that she knew exactly where the bloody camera was. Yeah, some poses look almost natural when she was leaning back into his chest, but the others were posed to make the ring prominant in the pictures.

    Does LeAnn even know when she’s lying anymore?

  44. KelBear says:

    On my ring finger I have a 2 thousand dollar ring. It is a platinum princess cut solitaire ring. And you know what!? I am not afraid to say that to anyone because most importantly, my husband picked out my engagement ring himself with his love for me on his mind.

    I just happen to be one of those people who totally disagree with picking out your own ring. It should be what the guy can afford and what he thinks you should wear proudly no matter the cost or whatever.

  45. Isa says:

    Bill Hicks is God- I LOVED your post!
    That is so sweet! I love hearing about people that have been in love for a long time. It gives me faith!

    When I got married I didn’t have a ring. I actually didn’t get one until after I got pregnant and noticed how everyone’s eyes went to my belly and then to my ring finger. So we bought a simple gold band.

    A few years later some douchebag hit on me and told me that my ring was cheap and that he would buy me a better one. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even drunk, he was just an ass.

    Anyway, it bothered me and I shouldn’t have let it. I wore a fake ring that I loved for a while and then found one a real (but smaller…way smaller) version for very cheap! My husband didn’t even know about it until he got home from work that night. So yea, I picked out and bought my own ring. I still have my gold band, but it doesn’t fit me anymore. My finger went down a full size…which is why you shouldn’t buy a ring when you’re swollen and pregnant!

  46. why? says:

    Leann just proved my point.She says that the paps are ALWAYS following them and that they can’t help that they are being followed by them, so

    How did EC manage to go the jewelry store or even meet up with his friend to design the ring without ONE photo or mention of it by the media? Remember when LR went to the jewelry store the media was on it and knew right about.

    How were EC and LR able to go a week without any photos when LR childhood friend came to town and we know that they went out because LR made sure to tweet about it?

    LR and EC were able to go on several trips in the past without once being spotted at an airport, but now they can’t go to one airport(ie-like how did they get to cabin when STAR put out that story about EC cheating with BG) without there being photos? How did they manage to escape the paps all those times in the past if they are always being followed? Seeing as how LR wasn’t accepted by the public when she was on Shape mag, there isn’t even a demand for them. Which was what many sites said when E exposed that LR and EC were upset over E reporting on their engagement because they were trying to make money off of it.

    How come the paps only showed up at the soccer games when LR knew that BG wasn’t going to be there? Wouldn’t the paps show up at ALL of the games? Why would they pick and choose the games to attend and how would they even know which games to attend if someone wasn’t telling them when to show up and where to go?

    We hardly ever see EC out and about by himself(The only time we see him without LR is when he is playing the devoted father to hype up either his or LR career. I can count on one hand the number of photos of EC out by himself).
    Let’s keep in mind that many of the media outlets think that EC is a hottie, so it’s automatic that they would be scrambling to get photos of him. So how does he avoid the paps? He doesn’t call them everytime he leaves LR house and since no one is knocking down doors to get photos of EC by himself, it means that the demand for EC isn’t as huge as the media (aka People mag) makes it out to be.

  47. brin says:

    Just saw Reese’s ring and it’s absolutely stunning. I think it’s much classier looking than leann’s (go figure).

  48. poopie says:

    just WHO would be following THEM? i can’t stand to even LOOK AT PICTURES of her with those squinty eyes! GO AWAY. we don’t care. i say they split after a year

  49. KatScorp says:

    Hey Kaiser? Is this a pic from Cabo (can’t see the ring, but perhaps she didn’t want to lose it at the beach?) If so, LeAnn’s implants are (visually) confirmed

    Congrats to Rita, Brin, Jezi and others who called it.

  50. Darla says:

    What was it DetRiotGirl said? Something about a pseudo Leann tweet

    “The paps won’t leave us alone. My struggles are so personal and inspirational”. Someone needs to give DetRiot Girl a job writing, seriously. She’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Didn’t she summarize the first 10 minutes of “Northern Lights” not to long ago?

  51. Rita says:

    Oh man! Thanks for the pic Katscorp! She’s as thin as a rail and yet she finally got the boobs. Such a natural girl and so content and confident in her love that she had to get Brandi Boobs. Now the only question left to answer is how can you tweet while getting surgery for breast implants. Obviously, LeAnn doesn’t do her own tweeting.

  52. deb says:

    @ katscorp…Now lets see how some of the LR loonies handle this one. Lets see if their hypocrisy stays true to form.

  53. Rita says:


    I’m waiting for someone to ask her on twitter about it. Let’s see if she lies to them. By the way, she’s really looking sickly. Skeleton like. I wonder if its her ulcer or something more serious.

  54. brin says:

    Yep, that’s what happened when her “friend came for a visit”…talk about a bossom buddy.

  55. Jezi says:

    Thanks for the shout out KatScorp. She was looking a little busty lately. We were contemplating whether it was a really good push up or actual implants. Guess that pic answered my question. So she copies Brandi’s style, styles her hair like Brandi, poses in pics with Eddie the same way Brandi poses,gets a 5 carat ring to match the same 5 carat ring Eddie gave Brandi and now gets implants to have boobs like Brandi. But she’s mentally sane…ok!!!!

  56. Relli says:

    @ Bill Hicks.

    My handle is Relli. Thanks for the story! I think you are awesome!

  57. sapphire says:

    That is a pretty crappy 5 carat if it’s under $100gs. I guess size matters and quality doesn’t. Maybe that’s true about the boobs too.

  58. AnnieB says:

    Love how Leann had to respond to whoever tweeted her new boobie pic. Just to make sure everyone who reads her brain killing twatter would see them. She’s so….subtle like that.

    Funny thing is, one of the things that makes her look the most mannish, and is getting more emphasized as she tries to get her body closer to Kelly Bensimon’s (aka Steven Tyler/Iggy Pop in a bikini) shape, is her short stumpy legs. She always wears platform heels to TRY to hide this, but they’re in full view in bikini shots. Too bad the one she’s trying to dopplegang has looooonnnnnng legs. You know that KILLS Leann. Haha!!

  59. deb says:

    @Rita So am I. I seem to recall various past posts bashing B in regards to this subject. Maybe we will get the gift of “Radio silence” from her on twitter.
    I know I know pipe dream fo sho.

  60. brin says:

    That picture of her looks like a twig with two walnuts sticking out.

  61. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Darla Aw, thanks :) *blushes*

  62. sami says:

    bill you are one great man . made me cry , married for love got the big ring and weddding , 10 years later found out he cheated the whole time ever on the honeymoon . meet a great man have a plain gold band, and would not want any other one . the ring size should not mean a thing.