Shania Twain’s ex husband is engaged to his mistress, Shania’s fiance’s ex

This week’s National Enquirer reports that Shania Twain’s ex husband, “Mutt” Lange, is engaged to the woman he cheated on Shania with. Shania is of course engaged to the ex husband of her ex husband’s mistress, having fallen in love with the family friend when they faced the shared experience of their spouses stepping out on them. Now they’re all going to get married in two separate ceremonies this summer, according to the Enquirer. This sounds too weird to be true, but so does this entire story and we’ve seen it happening for a while now. One detail I’d yet to hear about this is that Shania’s fiance and his ex wife have one child, a nine year-old daughter. Shania and Mutt also have one child, a nine year-old son. Please let these kids stay far away from each other when they come of age. Here’s part of the Enquirer’s story.

“It sounds crazy, but all four Shania, Frederic, Mutt and Marie-Anne – have managed to remain friends,” said a source.

“So it isn’t as outlandish as it seems for both couples to marry so close together…

“Both [of their] kids will attend both summer weddings, which will take place near their homes in Switzerland,” revealed the source.

“Everyone has remained on friendly terms for the children’s sake. Surprisingly, the whole thing has worked out.”

Swiss-born Frederic, 40, recently proposed to Canadian native Shania with a three-carat, emerald-cut diamond ring that he helped design, and sources say he’s putting together an elaborate wedding.

“It’s going to be ultra romantic will all the bells and whistles – something Shania will never forget,” disclosed the source.

“Mutt and Marie-Anne’s wedding will be much more subdued. He’s always been very reclusive.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 10, 2011]

Star Magazine has a related story this week that Shania is writing a tell all book which will include the details about how she figured out Mutt was cheating on her. They quote a source who claims “Shania found receipts for things that Mutt never gave her, like lingerie and perfume… Mutt and Marie-Anne would give each other lingering looks. It was so obvious, Shania finally confronted Marie-Anne – and she didn’t deny it!

The book is due out this spring, and I bet that Shania stays classy, doesn’t trash her ex and just focuses on how she felt after the betrayal. His actions are damning enough on their own. Shania has found love again and is probably grateful in retrospect that everything happened the way it did. She obviously traded up.

Here’s Shania’s ex husband. He looks like a hobbit.

And his new girlfriend/rumored fiance, Marie-Anne Thiebaud:

And Shania’s man. That must be his daughter.
Shania Twain and family watch wild birds at the Lake of Bays, Muskoka, Ontario

Shania Twain and family watch wild birds at the Lake of Bays, Muskoka, Ontario

Marie-Anne Thiebaud is shown in Montreux, Switzerland on 5/26/08. “Mutt” Lange is shown on 1/12/06. Credit: Bauergriffinonline

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  1. brin says:

    Yikes…too early for these pics!!!

  2. KatScorp says:

    LOL at Mutt looking like a hobbit. As always, you’ve chosen the best pictures.

  3. lilred says:

    I hope they can all remain friends at least for the kids sake,although it must be very confusing for them.

  4. OtherChris says:

    I guess she took some comfort in the fact that the mistress was not pretty? And sloppy?

  5. Johnthing says:

    Mutt and that woman are among the ugliest human beings I have ever seen.

    Brin: It’s never a good time of day for that level of ugly.

  6. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Go Shania.. enjoy your new life!

  7. lin234 says:

    Wow that mistress is ugly! Her husband definitely traded down. Wayyyyyy down.

  8. spinner says:

    See how good Mommy & Daddy can pretend??
    The horrible vibes & pretentiousness is all your imagination, honey.

    Doin it for the kids…

    Yeah, right.

  9. crab says:

    The girlfriend actually looks like a “Mutt”!

  10. happygirl says:

    Insult to all mutts everywhere.

  11. dorothy says:

    Clearly Shania came out better.

  12. Someone Else says:

    He has a drinker’s nose. Or maybe it’s a cold. Still, I’d pass either way.

  13. Marjalane says:

    I still think there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Mutt Lange has always been a bit of a hermit, so there’s probably not going to be anything coming from him in the way of a denial. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of music she comes up with, without Mutt holding her hand.

  14. Oi says:

    @Maryjane: I’m with you. Shania has been the one to orchestrate this in the media too. Granted, she is the biggest star, but the fact that the others have had nothing to say at all whereas she goes on Opera and cries says a lot.

  15. Iggles says:

    Omg. It’s like they pulled a wife swap. Very creepy…

  16. Motor35 says:

    who do you think has more money? mutt or shania?

  17. Ella says:

    Insult to all hobbits everywhere.

  18. Twinkle says:

    @Motor35 I think Mutt definitely has more money. He receives royalties from all kinds of musicians songs. He’s worked with AC/DC, Bryan Adams AND Shania Twain (the biggest selling solo female artist of all time). So he’s raking it in from all sides. Although, Shania is definitely not suffering! I doubt there will be any kind of financial struggle in the divorce. Staying true to who they are, I’m sure it will be done very quietly and quickly! Or wait…are they already divorced? I can’t remember!

  19. Bodhi says:

    There has got to be way more than just Shania’s side to this. I very seriously doubt that Shania is 100% guiltless in all of this. Its all to strange for it to be all Mutt’s fault

  20. DGO says:

    @Marjalane – Mutt and Marie-Anne did issue formal denials when the divorce story broke. Looks like their denials were lies.

  21. JRenee says:

    Honestly it seems to be more to this than is being discussed. Sounds like some swinging was going on and then 2 of the players took it further. the other 2 then followed suit. This is all creepy.

  22. S_____ says:

    @Spinner My ex, his girlfriend and I all get along well. We spend a lot of time together and even hang out recreationally. It’s for the sake of the kids in the long run, but it doesn’t mean we don’t actually get along.

  23. fanny says:

    Shania does come out smelling like a rose and appears to have gotten the better end of the deal. But her husband never seemed supportive, foregoing events she was at. The new guy is very attractive.

  24. crtb says:

    This must be very confusing for their kids.

  25. skibunny says:

    Someone’s missing their hat and broom!

  26. TeeTee says:

    Mutt is filthy rich right?? I hope her new man has some loot also…

    wonder, if she’ll get a nice settlement..

    Mutt is veryvery wealthy, at least he was when they got together..

    he’s soo unattractive though, the nerve to cheat!

  27. mojoman says:

    The mistress reminds me of Sandra Bernhard (sp?) YIKES! and this spouse swapping/synchronized weddings is really way out of my comprehension. You can be civil for the children but getting married together? come on!

  28. Lola7 says:

    I hope they never procreate. They take the word “ugly” to a whole new level.

  29. albeli says:

    Yikes, they look FUG in the candids! I immediately thought Hobbit.

  30. bronwynfahr says:

    Damn, I just ate! Blech!!

  31. Sassy says:

    Mutt and the mistress – excuse me, his new fiance – are um, not so pretty.

  32. Tazina says:

    Mutt is probably named “Mutt” for a good reason although any doggie mutt I’ve ever been in contact with was a whole lot cuter than this one. He’s a cheater too and whoa – his mistress is ugly as a mud fence.

  33. L says:

    @teetee the new man does have some serious cash as well. Besides family money, he’s a high level exec at Nestea choc.

  34. Cinderella says:

    The new pairings make more sense, at least visually.

  35. Louise says:

    Has the relationship between Mutt and Marie ever been confirmed besides recent tabloid stories? They’ve both denied an affair and I haven’t seen any photos of them together. The whole situation is really weird.

  36. truthzbetta says:

    @ Kiska

    “Pull out the banjos folks.”

    ROTFL. Fave comment.

    Well, with the European castle and all, she and Mutt never seemed all that country before, but they all do now.

    (just a joke)

    Shania has got to be wondering how this happened. She must have felt safe with a best friend that ugly. Never marry a dog or a mangy Mutt since they’d just as soon eat from a garbage pail as a 5 star restaurant.

    Glad Mutt’s marrying this beast. The punishment will fit the crime.

  37. Hakura says:

    This whole situation is just so weird.

    While I don’t think anything of Shania and her guy being engaged, I have to admit it seems a little like ‘Jessica Simpson’ for the two exes to suddenly be engaged too, this soon after Shania’s announcements. And even getting married during the summer too.

    Makes me wonder if the woman with Mutt pushed him on the issue after she heard about Shania’s engagement. I wouldn’t put it past her. And no, she’s… not looking too good in these pictures. But she’s a much more even match with Mutt than Shania was.

  38. jemshoes says:

    CB, what an insult to hobbits! :D

    It’s a little creepy how things have “worked out” but, good grief, all the best to every single one of them because of the 2 kids involved … !

  39. MettelRay says:

    Prettier people got together in the end.. hope it isn’t a case of wife swap games played in the bedroom gone bad but it sure looks that way.

  40. samihami says:

    Looks like Shania and her fiance got the better end of that deal.

  41. Ally says:

    They must have been living some crazy, isolated life style in that Swiss castle, gotten sick of each other, and then these were the nearest, most familiar options to turn to. Of course, Mutt lived up to his name first, but still it’s weird for Shania to remarry within that same group.

    Still, Mutt Lange did write all her hit songs. I wonder who’ll be writing her daft lyrics now. Taylor Swift?

  42. Gustavo says:

    I really do not understand what men could see in this Marie Ann she is just horrible….and I mean this women was never beautifull… And Mutt what can women see on him…he looks like a hobbit…

  43. fb says:

    Wow…really Shania?!

    I have 2 thoughts..
    either her and her new husband had feeling for each other LONG before their marriages failed (hmm i wonder why) ..

    or this new marriage is DESTINED to fail becuase they are both grieving and currently relating with each other due to their pain. Once their hearts truly start to heal, they will realize their love for each other was mearly circumstantial..

    Either way, I dont really care.. I have problems of my own I need to deal with.

    Good luck Shania!!

  44. Well no matter what..those two sorry asses messed up two families that once loved an trusted.What comes around goes around.

  45. bobbi says:

    Good for her. shinia had a hard life,and she came through it with flying colours. she did not deserve this betrayal and misuse of trust..i wish her the best !

  46. Pat Miller says:

    Seems like some of you forgot when Shania’s ex, a few year’s back, was unhappy about her never being home
    because she was out dancing and singing
    and forgetting she was a wife. He told
    her to come home and act like a wife or
    he wanted a divorce. I remember that very clearly because she shortend her
    tour, came back and became pregnant and
    after her son was born, she kind of grew up,