Pete Wentz wants to take his baby on Fall Out Boy tour

Pete Wentz is going to be one hell of a frightening father. I mean he’s going to rival early Britney Spears in terms of parenting. And the kid’s got Ashlee Simpson for a mother. Pete thinks it would be totally awesome and a heck of a lot of fun to bring his baby on tour with his band Fall Out Boy. Because what’s better for a little, impressionable kid who can easily pick up both germs and bad language than spending its formative years touring with a quasi-rock band?

Their baby isn’t due for several months, but Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz are already planning to bring the little one on tour. “I think it would be a really awesome environment for kids,” Pete, 29, tells In Touch. “Bringing a kid along would be cool.”

And he probably won’t get an argument from his wife — Ashlee, 23, was singing along backstage when Fall Out Boy performed at Victoria’s Secret Pinkapalooza in LA on July 17. “Pete came over and sang to her belly after their set,” an onlooker says. “They were so cute.” Lead singer Patrick Stump gives his approval, too! “He’ll be a fun dad,” Patrick says. “I’m most excited about meeting the baby,” Pete tells In Touch.

[From In Touch]

Wow, that really would be an awesome environment for kids. You know what else would be a great environment in which to raise kids? The circus. Running and jumping through those circles of fire? That’s the best. Maybe Pete can convince Fall Out Boy to do a circus-based tour, and combine those two really awesome environments for kids. I hear the zoo is also a really great place to raise kids. Particularly the tiger cage.

What do you think the odds are that Pete and Ashlee’s kid will end up without some significant loud (bad) music related hearing loss by the age of one? Frankly that’s probably the best case scenario. My mind boggles at the shear amount of obstacles this child will have to overcome in order to survive to the age of seven.

Here’s Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz at Cafe Med in Los Angeles on July 15th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Snowblood says:

    That was an awesome article, JayBird, I loved reading that – too funny & oh so true! That would be awful, though, if they made their baby deaf by age 1. Oh, god that poor baby…

  2. NHchicky says:

    That kid is going to have some serious hearing loss by the time he/she’s 5.

  3. Trillion says:

    Pre-meditated chid abuse.

  4. MISSY says:

    Ashlee does not look happy.

  5. Scorn says:

    Like I said on Jessica’s post, I’m done with this family, they are zeroes.

  6. Christina X says:

    These two are so hell bent on “living on the edge” they’ll do anything, even if it means dangling the baby over the goddamned Grand Canyon, for fuck’s sake.

  7. Jen (the other one) says:

    Wow, JayBird, this is a rather venomous post.

  8. Jen (the other one) says:

    You all thought it was cute when Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took Kingston on tour with them…same with the Spice Girls’ kids.

    Would it be better for the kid to be left at home to be raised by nannies than to spend time together as a family? And as for hearing loss, come on. Do you actually think they’d bring the baby onstage? What are they gonna do, perch the baby carrier on top of the speakers?

    Dammit, you made me defend Pete mother-effing Wentz. But seriously, maybe retract the claws a bit with regard to these two?

  9. Ashley says:

    My question is why does Ashlee still have red hair?? I’ve never been pregnant but I thought that it was unsafe to the baby to dye your hair while you’re pregnant, and we all know Ashlee’s naturally blonde.

  10. Shonagh says:

    I’m not sure how far along she is but it’s said to be safe to dye after the first 12 weeks.

  11. Christina X says:

    Jen, my problem with Wentz and Simpson is that they’re already trying to give their baby some sort of image before it’s even born.

    My bitch with these two is that they’re not going to let their child have their own identity. All of this is just so that the poor child will grow up to be known as nothing but “Pete Wentz’s kid”, and that sucks.