New Cover of OK!: Sandra and Ryan “Yes they’re together” (Update: US Mag too!)

OK! Magazine runs with a Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds cover this week, which is bolstered by the sheer number of photos together and quotes about each other they gave while promoting The Proposal. There are a couple of details in the story that seem new to me, or maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention because I can’t see these two as anything more than friends. OK! reports that “After a night of dancing, [Sandra and Ryan] shared a midnight kiss, a champagne toast and left the restaurant together at 2 a.m., according to witnesses.” See, that sounds like more to me than just two recently single friends hanging out. If they’re together, I doubt that Sandra homewrecked Ryan’s relationship and it sounds like something that naturally developed out of Ryan’s recent breakup. I think he’s an ass, but I really like these two together! It’s just like that cheesy romcom that Betty White saved. Here’s more from OK!

A source confirms that Sandra, 46, invited the newly single Ryan, 34, and he quickly accepted. “Sandra planned all along to spend New Year’s at the restaurant with friends,” says the insider. “And she was thrilled that Ryan accepted her invitation to join in.”

They turned to each other in their time of need – Sandra had been talking to heartbroken Ryan on the phone to console him after his recent split from Scarlett. And she obviously has the healing touch.

The co-stars were friends even before teaming up to film their hit movie The Proposal in 2008. “I met Sandra through my producing partner about 11 years ago, and we’ve been good friends ever since,” says Ryan. “I never thought we’d do a film together, but it worked out.” In fact, they quickly became such good friends that Ryan says, “We vacation together.”

“I always say that chemistry is something impossible to manufacture,” he says. “The fact that you’re friends doesn’t necessarily equate to great chemistry. So we learned early on that we had it and I was so grateful for that. It’s like one of the few magical things about film that still exists. here’s no way to manipulate that. It’s either there magically or it’s not…”

The eyewitness adds that Sandra and Ryan sat next to each other throughout the evening. “By the way Sandra was glued to Ryan’s every word, they sure seem to be taken with each other.

“It was great to see Sandra laughing and having fun, and Ryan did a great job helping her relax and enjoy herself…”

The duo is set to reunite onscreen once again in Most Wanted, an action-comedy that follows a criminal (Sandra) being escorted to court by a U.S. Marshal (Ryan), when they’re ambushed and forced to go on the run. It’s telling that Sandra chose working with Ryan as her first project since winning a Best Actress Oscar – and losing her husband.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition, January 17, 2011]

Now that I’m finally reporting on this story, it makes me giddy. I want to see them become a couple and raise Louis together and live happily every after. Yes Ryan is a royal jerk, but I really think he changed when he got locked in a box to film that movie that no one saw. He saw a life where he wasn’t the center of everything and where he could find love in the arms of a beautiful older unassuming costar, instead of the vapid younger starlet he married.

Who am I kidding? OK made up this story based on the known fact that Sandra and Ryan spent New Years together. Her rep of course said they were “nothing more than friends.” Just like they were friends and coworkers at the beginning of The Proposal.

Update: US Magazine has these two on the cover this week as well, with the title “It’s On!” The teaser article on their site quotes an insider who allegedly saw them on New Year’s Eve. “They were very playful… smiling the whole time and occasionally touching…What a hot — and quick — rebound for both of them!

Photo credit: US Weekly cover via CoverAwards





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  1. Crash2GO2 says:

    I kind of think if anyone could put him in his place, it would be Sandra. So…maybe they might be an OK couple. But he’d probably do something douchy and ruin everything after 6 months or so. It seems to happen every time with him.

  2. islandwalker says:

    Oh please. They’re friends, which you are not allowed to have according to the tabloids. Ooooh dinner, must be doing it. geez.

  3. mln76 says:

    Lainey pointed out that Sandra B said she was just friends with Matthew McConaughey until they announced that they broke up. I think they would be a good match they had plenty of chemistry in the Proposal and I do think she is sufficiently strong willed enough to counter his jerk factor. He still wouldn’t be sexy but he would at least be likable with Sandra.

  4. Kaye says:

    They look really good together.

  5. Ted C. says:

    There’s more chemistry between him and Sandra in those photos than I ever saw with him and Scarlette.

  6. brin says:

    OK is wrong half the time, but it would be nice if true.

  7. lili says:

    I don’t believe it at all, if it’s true, she is way too stupid than we think

  8. Rita says:

    He doesn’t stand a chance. She’ll have him for lunch.

  9. Lori says:

    For Ryan , this is an upgrade from the vapid Scarlett. For some reason, I think this story rings true…

  10. Brit says:

    He looks more comfortable with her than he ever did with his actual wife.

  11. Marjalane says:

    I’m telling you- I’m on board with celebitchy’s fantasy on this one! Ryan is not that bad and Sandra is not that great; She may have gotten screwed by Jesse James, but she picked him in the first place and built a life with him, so I’m thinking she’s not as perfect as the media likes to present her as. Although 12 years is a big difference, and I see Ryan as a guy who will want his own kids someday.

  12. LittleFATMe says:

    I wish! I would love this couple! I am sooo with you Celebitchy!

  13. anjasmomma says:

    Why is she always attracted to assholes? I hope this isn’t true.

  14. Genevieve says:

    Careful. She looks waaaaaaaay more into him than he seems to pick up on

  15. Lori says:

    I don’t like this at all! I don’t like him, love her. And I just want to put out there that Louis is the cutest baby in Hollywood, he just has this awesome entitled look on his face. Ooo, maybe he and Empress Z will grow up to marry one another and rule the world!

  16. Motor35 says:

    awwww love that pic with her foot kicked up. adorable! they are more interesting that ry and scar ever were.

  17. kai says:

    I watched “the proposal” and I don’t get his appeal as a romantic lead. AT ALL. I thought he was so tense, like he could snap any minute.

    Sandra made that film, this woman can turn sh-t into gold.

    *edit* I saw his other film, the one with Rachel Weisz, too, and thought the same thing.
    Does anyone agree?

  18. Tess says:

    Trying very hard not to sound cynical here.

  19. happygirl says:

    Well, being the completely hopeless romantic I am, I would absolutely love to see them as a couple! Neither seemed to me to be very compatible with their ex’s, but together, they seem to fit! Although, I admit, I’ve seen the Proposal so many times, that it could be my wishful thinking – like how I loved Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling together after The Notebook. LOL. I hope this one’s true!

  20. MSat says:

    If OK! is reporting it, it must be false. Those D-bags can’t get anything right. They’ve had Jennifer Aniston pregnant about 50 times in the last year.

  21. Bee says:

    I guess the tabloid media agrees with Harry Burns/Billy Crystal.

  22. Manda says:

    They are cute together.They look happy. They may just be friends with great chemistry.

  23. fanny says:

    They look great together. But I think it’s more about two friends sparking interest in the upcoming movie than a romantic relationship. I couldn’t help notice what a well-written respectful article this was about Bullock. The BOTTOM sentence said: “It’s telling that Sandra chose working with Ryan as her first project since winning a Best Actress Oscar – and losing her husband.” The tone was completely different, however, in the traditional Aniston article that said at the TOP: “Jennifer Aniston has a crush on actor Adrien Brody. Aniston — who’s divorced from Brad Pitt – apparently got cozy with Brody at a recent Christmas bash.” Tabloids make one pathetic and the other courageous, even though one is not better than the other and both were betrayed.

  24. Wif says:

    I must have missed the memo…why is Ryan Reynolds a jerk? He seems to be a little narcissistic, but he’s not a womanizer or anything. And he’s Canadian…all Canadians are super nice, right? ;)

  25. sharylmj says:

    Maybe they are friends with benefits.. they seem like they have a great time together whenever you see them in interviews. I like them as friends.. hope they don’t ruin it by trying to make it more.

  26. kiko says:

    well i think they would make a really cute couple.

  27. guesty says:

    IF they’re together…it’ll never last cuz he probably thinks he’s doing her a major favor by hooking up with her in the first place.

  28. flutters says:

    Am I the only one laughing that Us Weekly photo of their “cozy New Year’s” is of them with 1-2 feet of distance between them and not looking at each other?

    I don’t think there’s anything to it yet and the only reason the tabloids are running with it is that it’ll sell copies. Lots and lots of copies.

  29. Li says:

    It’d be an okay coupling. But I’m still holding out (extremely faint) hope for a Sandra/Keanu matchup. :-)

    Oh, and Lori – I love the picture you paint of Louis and Empress Z!

  30. Embee says:

    How gorgeous is Sandy in that bottom pic (black dress; lots of necklaces)?

    Cute couple, if true.

  31. Carol says:

    @Wif, I must have missed that same memo. He seems pretty harmless to me. I’ve read some of his interviews, and I thought he sounded fine. I finally got around to borrowing “The Proposal” from the library, and I thought they both were good in it and had good chemistry in an otherwise okay film. I love their parody with Betty White on youtube that completely makes fun of Ryan so he’s got to have some sort of sense of humor about himself. I haven’t seen anything that would make me think he’s a saint or a jerk.

  32. *-* says:

    She looks like his mother and botox is turning her into Joker.
    Oh and homewrecker much?
    America’s sweetheart my @zz

  33. kg says:

    before ryan got really famous he was on conan (this is while conan was still in nyc – maybe after 2 guys a girl and a pizza place ended, so a long time before the proposal came out) he was name dropping going to vegas with sandra bullock – so I think they have just been good friends for a really long time.

  34. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I dunno, I want Sandra to get laid.. and with a decent looking guy..

    So I kinda like them together.. Call me crazy!!!

  35. Dudette says:

    I must be the only one who doesn’t think this is a good match. They were just about ok as a pairing in The Proposal, just like any other romcom pairing in recent memory. I simply don’t see this chemistry everyone raves about.

    I think they’re in different places in their lives too. Sandra has a baby boy to think of now and Ryan has about a zillion projects lined up. Hardly a recipe for a lasting relationship now is it?

    If it’s just a fling, then so be it. But I honestly don’t think there’s anything more there.

  36. Whatever! says:

    I hope they are getting together. They both seem like great people, happy people who just want to live their lives. I think they’d be perfect together. Although isn’t she just a bit old for him. Still love the idea of them.

  37. Hautie says:

    Oh my goodness, I love how the tabloids need new couples to torment and dang it they are going to make it happen!

    After the year she just had, with her personal life, she needs a little fun. And if it is with this goofball, then more power to her.

    Not to start anything, but didn’t she date Ryan Gosling at one point? After that movie she made with him? (Murder by Numbers)

    So her dating younger would not be unheard of…

  38. mymy says:

    I don’t think Ryan’s ego would allow this. Although he should. He was always worried Scarlett was going to leave him you could just tell. He was into her. And very jealous. I have no clue as to why. But he looks much better with Sandra. But I think he needs to have s stud factor in his ego driven relationships. He so will not date Sandra openly.

  39. Beck says:

    Sexiest Man Alive my ass. I don’t like him and think Scarlet had to be miserable while she was with him.

    I saw no chemistry between Sandra and Ryan in The Proposal. Sandra has terrible taste in men so, if they are together, it would be no big surprise.

  40. Beck says:

    What about the Eva Longoria story (also on the cover)? Does CB have better pics of Penelope Cruz’s brother? Man, Eva looks terrible there.

  41. 4Real says:

    Meh I think they’re cute together.

    But what I CAN NOT get over is how she got ON THE GROUND with her Christian Loubs in that dreadful movie PROPOSAL!! I’ll never watch it again. I had no idea it was a horror flick!!

  42. TaylorB says:

    This is off topic, but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those shoes she is wearing in the top pic. I would kill myself trying to walk in those, but they are awfully pretty… also, awfully high, either he is really tall or she is shorter than I thought.

  43. TeeTee says:

    I don’t think Sandra broke them up but I do think they are seeing each other.

    I like…

  44. Bodhi says:

    Huh… if its true then I bet there is WAY more to the Scarlett/Ryan breakup story than we have been told. I certainly don’t that Sandy “home wrecked” them (because I firmly believe that it is impossible to wreck a stable & loving home), but Ryan would be moving AWFULLY quickly for someone who professes to be heart broken by the end of his marriage

  45. someone says:

    I won’t believe this story until they tell the public themselves..I think they are just good friends.

  46. serena says:

    It’s impossible for Sandra to homewreck a marriage after what she went through, I think (and hope).

  47. Ferguson. says:

    I dont think it’s true, wish it was, but I doubt it. They would make a really cute couple.

    Can somebody please tell me why Ryan is a jerk? Seems I’m one of the people who didnt get the memo. I like him.

  48. Anti-icon says:

    I think it’s “ON” between them — and really, he seems more in line with the guys she used to date….before the Herculean misjudgment that was her spouse. Sandra seems to be so fun and lighthearted, she does and always did date younger, and I think that’s why these two “click.”

    Don’t know about homewrecking, but I worry about RR’s maturity. But maybe they both need some fun…..and a romantic fling. I’m pro that.

  49. jen says:

    Oh please, he’s such a wussy.

  50. Black Beauty says:

    I happen to think they look good together. As for him being tense in the “Proposal” I think he played his part very well.

  51. OtherChris says:

    The body language in the picture where Sandra’s in the black dress is telling. I think he’s into her. And really, she’s gorgeous and smart. She’s one of the few actesses who looks better in her mid-40s than she did 15 years ago. Whatever she’s doing (and part of it is probably not doing anything), she should keep doing it.

    And is it just me, but is he suddenly more interesting now that he might be boning her?

  52. Feebee says:

    Maybe it’s just a friend reaching out to a friend during the holidays?

  53. Patricia says:

    Can’t someone just try to be original and find a partner outside of the incestuous cesspool that is Hollywood?!?!?

    It completely grosses me out that they all just seem to keep passing their partners around.

  54. beth says:

    jesus, some people move REALLY fast.

    i just ‘broke up’ w someone ive been with 7 years – granted we still really love each other, we just didnt work as a couple – and i met some guy a week before that, and the chemistry was off the charts, but six months later, i STILL couldnt give him the green light. he thought i didnt love him enough, but actually, i wasn’t over my ex – i didnt tell him that, and he went and proposed to someone else within 3 months (!) OUCH.

    but i could hear his biological clock from a mile away, and knew it was coming, just NOT with the girl he seemed to completely forgot about whenever he was with me (!)

    and NOW, after 3 months, i think of them both, and i still can’t move on just yet.

    charlize theron has moved on faster than i moved my hand from keyboard to coffee cup, which is saying a lot cause im a freakin coffee addict.

  55. beth says:

    he’s 12 years her junior…
    i wanna see how this pans out.
    im also still crossing my fingers for mr & mrs kutcher
    big age differences oftentimes indicate incredible chemistry, AND compatibility…
    (with the exception of hugh hefner!)

  56. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @beth… I am so sorry! I have been through the same thing! After a twelve year relationship/marriage (7yrs living together/ 5 married )I still have a hard time and its been awhile. I have met someone now but damn, it took me like 3-4 years..

  57. KLO says:

    Beth, sounds like my life exactly :I

    But I’d like Ryan and Sandra together. It’s just the pictures, they seem SO comfortable with each other. I like to see people so relaxed with one another, it isn’t that easy to come by in my opinion.

  58. beth says:

    @Johnny Depp’s Girl:
    Aw, thanks… it’s really hard right, even if you want to… but it’s like your heart has a mind of its own, and it’s saying ‘Sorry, babe, Im closed for business no matter what you want.’
    It’s good to hear you’ve finally moved on…
    I bet it’s a relief!

    It’s all right KLO, if the tide pulls out, it’ll come right back in, sooner or later…
    chin up.
    And I like Ryan and Sandra together, too. You’re right – seeing people so relaxed with one another, isn’t that easy to come by…

  59. wonderful says:

    Can’t people ever just get it on in Hollywood? Why do they all have to be in “relationships?” It’s such a cartoon world.

  60. Maritza says:

    They look so cute together that I wish it were true.They really seem to have fun together.

  61. Mizz Tickles says:

    I agree with Brit and Ted – RR looks way happier with Sandra Bullock than he did with Scarlett. Perhaps Sandy gives better, um, conversations than Scarjo.

  62. Dea says:

    I hope this is true. These two look so awesome together. I can’t express how happy I am for Sandra first. This woman has shows class in the most hardship moments of her life and is such a role model for every woman. Please Ryan: Be Nice to Her. She is gorgeous.

  63. Kim says:

    I would hope Sandra who was very publicly cheated on would not hook up with a still married man & publicly humiliate & sadden Scarlett. Out of respect for Scarlett, Ryan and Sandra should keep their relationship under wraps (if its even true & i really dont thin it is).

  64. Nikki says:

    I kind of hope this story is true (though I realize there’s a good chance it’s not!), but they do seem really cute together, and Sandra was hurt so bad!

  65. mimi says:

    NOPE- this is false they aren’t together! It’s been reported that Sandra met up with Scarlett and Drew Barrymore for a friendly lunch at the Bess restaurant two days before she celebrated NYE with Ryan at the same restaurant. Scarlett and Drew stayed in town but celebrated NYE a couple blocks away. So Sandra remains tight with Scarjo even though she and Ryan are close friends. I guess they both get to share Sandy B in the divorce haha….

    It’s on Lainey and Statesman (TX newspaper) also

    I think this is the start of the media trying to paint Sandra as the cause of Ryan & Scarjo’s marriage falling apart by saying they are together.

  66. Dana M says:

    I love sandy, but I hope this article is not true!!!
    Would be so disappointed in my fellow austinite.

  67. eternalcanadian says:

    Slow day at the office? Sandra and Ryan together? Seriously doubt it. Then again who knows? :P