Are Blake Lively & Ryan Gosling already over too?


LaineyGossip has an interesting piece about the ongoing not-so-undercover saga of Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively. Now, here’s the thing: I’ve always like Ryan. A lot. I found him attractive and charming, and I think he’s a good egg, in general. But my subconscious wasn’t into it in general until recently. Last week, I had my first Gosling dream. It was amazing. And now I’m obsessed. Like, my Goslove is now at the level of Clive Owen love, or Michael Fassbender love. And my Gosdream wasn’t even a sex dream! There was some making out though. And it was incredibly hot. Sigh…

Anyway, about this new gossip. Apparently, Blake traveled undercover to Toronto just after Christmas, perhaps to visit Ryan, who was in town to see his family. However – Lainey also says that Blake was in Vegas for the new year, and that she was seen making out with a random. Bitch. Blake, not Lainey.

Ryan Gosling spent the holidays at home in Ontario. He stayed over a week, flew back to LA on Monday. The previous Monday however, December 27, I was contacted by 3 unrelated sources all claiming that Blake Lively was seen alone at the airport in Toronto. Very low key, no paps were called, no special attention was paid. Which is unlike her, non? That must have been an order from him. And there would have only been one reason for her to be in Toronto.

Before you pour acid in your eyes though…

Blake was in Vegas for New Year’s at that Cosmopolitan opening. And as we reported on etalk yesterday we have a lock tight, unimpeachable eyewitness who saw, like right up close, Blake “kissing and canoodling” a mystery dude that night. The fact that she’s making out with someone else would suggest that 1. whatever she had with Ryan is over or 2. whatever they have isn’t exclusive. Yet.

[From LaineyGossip]

Eh. I tend to think Ryan and Blake were a PR hookup from the beginning, not an authentic love match. Gosling was probably talked into it as a way to promote Blue Valentine, and since he wasn’t currently involved with anyone, he didn’t see the harm in it. Blake, however, is all about business. She’s all about trading up and getting hers. I don’t think they are “broken up” because the business arrangement is likely still on. But, I think Gosling will probably end up disappointing her as far as “bidness” goes, but I hate to admit that we now know he will do a Gyllenhaal-style PR hookup. Sadness.



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  1. ui56kay says:

    Everyone in HW does PR showmances, when will you people realize this?

  2. brin says:

    True, most of these “relationships” are shams.

  3. Mari says:

    I just did a little happy dance.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    TBH Ryan can do 10x better. He is way more established, certainly did not need to date Blake to gain publicity for Blue Valentine because the fact that they had to fight a NC-17 rating is good enough publicity and I already wanna see it to see why that happened. Love Ryan.

  5. lolwut says:


    I just watched him in “All Good Things” last night, pretty good movie but then I like everything he does.

  6. sharylmj says:

    love love love him!!! Hope this is true.. I can’t stand her..

  7. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I hope it was a cover for Michelle Williams and Ryan. I think they would be a cute couple.

    I love HIM. I saw ‘The Notebook’ last night and wanted to lick the screen.

  8. LittleDeadGirl says:

    @ui56kay: We all know but it doesn’t mean we can’t believe and have our little fantasies …

  9. Beatrix says:

    He should get with Mila Kunis or Emma Stone. They are two attractive and talented actresses who are WORKING, not SCREWINGN their way to the A-List.

  10. Marjalane says:

    I like to believe the Gosdong heard my wailing screams of anguish when it was first reported he was banging this skank. and responded accordingly.

  11. Ally says:

    About a decade ago when I still watched that show, Denise Richards on the Tonight Show mentioned how she’d get crushes on people after she dreamt about them. Doofus Leno had no idea what she was talking about. I’ve liked her ever since, cause I’ve totally had that, too!

    Or maybe Ryan Gosling hired the Inception team on you!

  12. gabs says:

    Im so over him. His shenanigans with Blake the fake really say a lot about what kind of guy he is/isn’t. How can he not see through that hoe?

  13. normades says:

    I’m with you @ gabs, the damage has been done. This pr hook up (or not) to Boobs Lively makes him look shallow and douchey. I am over you Gosdong!

  14. GGooDeiMC says:

    UUGGGGHHHH he is such a cutie. Why can’t he date me :(

  15. FatJennyFromBurgerBlock says:

    I don’t get it…it was never confirmed that they were together. Two actors of opposite sex can’t be seen together cause the tabloids go crazy with speculative rumors. Maybe they’re good friends that like each other. Sheesh.

  16. Eve says:

    Can’t see his or her appeal. Meh.

    *He has such a loooooong face. I always have the feeling I take forever to scroll down (a picture) in order to see his entire face.

  17. Bailey says:

    I am happy dancing too!
    he is so delicious

  18. beth says:

    i swear, after ‘the notebook’, ryan can do no wrong.
    he can commit murder right under my nose, and get away with it.

  19. Jeri says:

    I used to really like him but he is getting less hot to me with all the press.

    Besides hooking up for career reasons, (sad) a little mystery goes a long ways. Sometimes too much press spoils things (no wonder Leo D & his peeps don’t do random press leaks and weekly tabloids.

  20. Sammar says:

    Umm there were other people at that Vegas Party that said guys were hitting on Blake but that she was having a “girls night out” (look at party girl blog on E), hence the photos with Florence etc. I dont trust a word that comes out of Lainey’s mouth. All she wrote was a “source” said this and an inside “source” said that. Theres no proof to this whats so ever. So Im not believing this crap.

  21. luls says:

    First of all, how do ANY of you know that those two are/were even together?!

    Sheesh, if standing next to someone or having a laugh with them, means your boning them, then iv boned half of my country’s population!!

    Second of all, even if they ARE, how can you immediately assume its PR Kaiser? U think hes so high above blake? Just because hes a sweet & talented guy, doesnt mean hes ‘above’ screwing a hot blonde. and YES SHE IS. If i were a rich young male actor, id screw her too. Fake tits or fake nose, shes hot AND her star is rising. (im able to acknowledge this despite not being her fan)

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE. I swear women LOVE to tear other women down.

  22. Mark says:

    luls I agree with you all the way. There was never proof that they were even together in the first place and even if they were there is NO evidence that Blake was even in Toronto except for those “sources” and she was def NOT kissing a guy on NYE. Look at all the other news sources that were at the party. They all said she was with Florence the whole night. Lainey is a dumb bitch that has nothing else to talk about. Shes just jealous that they might be together.