Hot Guy Friday: The Unbearable Hotness of Dong


Idris Elba. Alas, not every week can begin with an open letter from the desk of Clive Owen. Even though you say that’s what you want, you would tire of Clive, and Clive wouldn’t want that. So here we have the black Clive Owen… or is Clive the white Idris Elba? Discuss. My love of Idris has grown by leaps and bounds, pretty much as soon as I heard him speak with his natural British accent. And then I took one look at his arms, and my love knew no bounds. Is Idris a sketchball? Yes. But he’s a beautiful ball of sketchiness that I would like to spread on… wait, what? That got away from me. IDRIS.








Viggo Motensen. What is there to say about him? He’s beautiful. He’s sexy. He’s challenging. He’s an actor’s actor. He’s beautiful. Sigh… VIGGO.








Andy Whitfield. He’s sick right now, but we can dream of the day when he’s all better and he’s smoldering like this in front of us and we can be all “I’m so glad you’re feeling better, here are my panties, meet me in the bathroom.” I went and did the extra legwork and found a couple of his half-naked photos from Spartacus: Blood and Sand. You know, for “research”. I would “research” the hell out of this man.








Cory Monteith (By CB) We’ve had a lot of requests for this guy, and while I’ll admit to feeling a little pervy since I know him as a sweet highschooler on TV, he’s actually one of the older Glee castmembers at 28! He seems like good boyfriend material, like a solid guy who cooks you dinner and is a romantic. I’m confusing him with Finn again, but he does have that “decent guy” vibe about him. Plus, we’ve barely heard anything about his dating life, and you know he could have plenty of starlets. (OK, he dated Taylor Swift and maybe even Lea Michele briefly – there were rumors – but I’ll give him a pass for that.)






Chris Pine (By CB) This Star Trek hottie is another request, and holy crap has he grown on me since I’ve been staring at his photos. He looks cocky as hell, but that just means the boy knows what he wants. He’s pretty enough to be a model.







Ben Barnes (By CB) This 29 year-old British specimen is best known for his work as Prince Caspian in the Narnia films. I would say he’s not my type, but with his hair slicked back he reminds me of an English guy I dated in my 20s. The accent does it for me every time. Do you like him better clean cut or with shaggy hair? I know you’re going to say shaggy. When I see him in chain mail, I really get the appeal.






Mos Def. Mos Def is a request, and I’m kicking myself for not including him sooner – I friggin’ love this guy! He’s so talented, both musically and acting-wise. Plus, he’s adorable. I don’t even thing “Ooooh, I need to hit that.” I want to actually date him, and maybe make out with him a little bit.






Mike Rowe. I really don’t get the Mike Rowe thing. I mean, I “get” that he’s rather sexy, in an average-guy-who-fixes-your-car way, especially because of his great voice and his arms. But I don’t get why Mr. Average With A Sexy Voice is enough to merit multiple requests on Hot Guy Friday. You realize that you in these particular hot guy fantasies, you could be boning ANYONE, right? So why choose your mechanic? You could bone that guy any day of the week.





Matthew Gray Gubler. By request, because you Gube-nerds keep requesting him. You know what’s weird? Even though I’m always on the look-out for “pillow weepers” (I should trademark that), I don’t think The Gube is one. He’s nerdy and rather femme and yes, he totally looks like the guy who would run out and buy your tampons for you, but he’s not a pillow-weeper like, say, Jim Sturgess. Enjoy him, nerds.









Jesse Williams. By request. Apparently, he’s on Grey’s Anatomy and he’s also done some movie work too. At first I thought he was kind of creepy-looking, but I think that’s just his eyes. He has dog eyes – and I mean that as a compliment. To borrow a turn of phrase from Tom Ford, he has the eyes of a Husky.





Michael Fassbender. I had difficulties this week in deciding whether My Beloved should go at the beginning or at the end. I decided that Fassbender should go at the end… because he is our dessert. He is our brownie, our handful of peanut butter M&Ms, our pile of whipped cream… and now I’m think of a whipped-cream-covered Fassdong. Mm. Anyway, considering our new Hot Guy Friday policy is “less work for Kaiser”, I only should have done a few photos. But I couldn’t stop myself from pouring over the epic-ness of The Fassbender. This man would break my heart in a million pieces, and I would let him just for the opportunity to hear him say my name, just once. Okay, but I want him to say my name when he’s whispering it in my ear as he’s nailing me. Deal?











Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN, Vogue, The Telegraph, Fascinating Fassbender fansite, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, GQ, GQ UK, Vogue, Details, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Google Images.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Mmm Viggo. I don’t care if he’s old enough to have fathered me, I would hit it like a house on FIRE. Twice.

    Fessbender, and the fellow from Spartacus. Yum!

    Thanks Kaiser!

  2. Chelsey says:

    Ooooh Kaiser thank you for that Mos Def! He is adorable!

    Oh and as for Mike Rowe, girl if he was MY mechanic, I WOULD be trying to bone him ANY TIME I WANTED ;)

    I would also like to request pretty boy Matt Lanter from 90210!

    Aaand Jeffrey Dean Morgan- he’s my forever dong!

  3. Hautie says:

    Chris Pine is a pretty man.

    Whom I hope owns a pair of those tiny white Dolce panties that I love.

    And I willing to bet, he is not a pillow weeper.

    Now Viggo. That is pure testosterone. And a man whose midnight calls I would answer.

  4. Oi says:

    Oooh…Mos Def and Viggo in the same post! *squeal* Awesomeness!

  5. mymy says:

    two home runs
    Viggo and Fessbender
    Top of my list. Even if Viggo did break up a marriage and now lives with her and her child.
    And Fessbender is dating a very young girl.
    Damn why do these men have to mess it all up for me and my fantasies of the perfect male.Now it is just about the look.So sad

  6. Nanea says:

    TGIHGF again!

    Idris as a starter, that’s such a very good idea! And Michael for dessert! And most everything in between, thank you!

    Nix mix, and thanks for adding BB, CB! You should try to see him on stage in London! Tegel/Heathrow is neither far nor expensive *grins*

    Have a most excellent weekend!

  7. jessica says:

    Mr. Fassbender is quite Hammish!! yummy!

  8. Raven Sparrow says:

    Thank you Kaiser for including the photo where Viggo is tickling my feet…have you been looking through my albums?

    PS: you should have included the photo that came right after that one… ;)

  9. LittleFATMe says:

    Idris Elba, could rip my clothes off and Mike Rowe could take me in the shadows of some craptastic construction site, but my LOVE will always go to Matthew Gray Gubler – I am an ubber nerd and the fantasies I have of him involve chalk boards, calculus and thing I dare not type out loud!

  10. Arianna says:

    AHHHHHHHH ANDY WHITFIELD!!!!!! <33333333
    i think he has officially gone into my top 3 holy fackkk
    seriously my heart is racing.

    and thank you viggo is beautiful nobody ever agrees with me YUM! and he seems like such a nice man.

    fassbender and idris oh la la

  11. Chickie Baby says:

    Interesting how you manage to create a double connection with the Hot Scot Gerard Butler, and yet don’t include him on this particular list: Idris Elba was in Rocknrolla with him a couple years ago–Oh, Kaiser, you must see this one. Gerry and Idris are a great team in it. And of course, Fassbender and Gerry were in 300 together looking all hot and nail-worthy.

    And I’m totally in agreement with Hautie about Viggo Mortensen. He IS pure testosterone, plus he’s a total renaissance man, which adds to his sexiness…and he doesn’t have to acknowledge it because he’s THAT cool.

  12. The Truth Fairy says:

    Viggo is flawed perfection.

  13. Solveig says:

    I love Mos Def! He’s so talented and funny, but not sexy.
    Fassbender, yum! I would marry him in a second.
    This Andy Whitfield is absolutely gorgeous! If male men breeding was possible he would be the son of Sam Worthington and Joseph Gordon-Levit

  14. Lady says:

    Jesse Williams and Michael Fassbender!! Yummm. Omygoodness, can we get some Michael Ealy next week? His eyes are beatiful as well…..OH, we should have a HGF “Beautiful/Hot eyes” theme.

  15. Nikkers says:

    Great photos of Fassbender — he’s just moved up on my list.

    As for the Mike Rowe love — it’s the charm and personality (along with the voice and biceps) He very funny, great in interviews — makes him even more attractive

  16. Lois says:

    You literally made my week by including Ben Barnes (shaggy hair, yes!!!) Yummy!! Thank you so much! An epic celebration of the end of my exams!! :D :D

  17. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    oh my lord!!!

    Viggo.. I want to nail that to a wall..
    When I saw him in that movie
    where he is getting it all over
    the stairs.. OMG! I am hot
    thinking about it!!

    I love me some MIKE ROWE… He’s charming, witty, smart and sexy. check him out. (one helluva ass too)

    Chris Pine and Andy Whitfield are growing on me.. They are delicious

  18. Girafe99 says:

    My love for Mos Def and Michael Fassbender knows no bounds! I am so happy, after a miserable day you managed to make me smile, with a little warm glow inside

  19. I Choose Me says:

    YES! to every single one of these men except for Gubler and Monteith. That Andy Whitfield guy – my gosh! So that’s what his fans were on about. And fassbender…sigh.

  20. MsCatra says:

    Yeah, the appeal of Mike Rowe (who I find VERY appealing!) is that he’s the whole package. Super smart, great sense of humor, awesomely sexy voice, AND he could could get all dirty and sweaty and hot and mmmm….uh…where was I going with this? Oh yeah, he could fix my car, too. AND he used to be an opera singer. Just the whole intriguingly complex package.

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    Idris, Viggo, Andy…a-a-h-h-h, inclusions in my “Forever Dong” list. Thank you, Kaiser! Now, how about a bit of the Samoan-looking hottie from “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” – you know, the one who has the younger lover who loves birds. That dude is FREAKIN’ HOT! (And he’s in the prequel that’s just come out, too. Shouldn’t be too hard to find – no pun intended!) ;)

  22. December says:

    Yay for Viggo!! He’s so freakin’ hot.

  23. Megan says:

    Viggo is lordy lordy lordy… he’s so gorgeous.

    Didn’t notice that Ben had such dark eyes before… he’s pretty!

  24. Jasmin says:

    Mmm I enjoyed the Fassbender this week! And I think I am starting to really appreciate Idris. Thank youuu

  25. sarahk says:

    GUBLER! I know he’s not your cup of tea, so that makes me all the more grateful for you indulging us.

  26. orion70 says:

    oooh, I love Mos Def, and his voice is sexy as hell imho.

    I want Chris Pine’s sweater.

  27. Should be working says:

    Idris is Idris, and Clive is Clive. Period. Both hot. I liked opening HGF to Idris so much that I let a very loud “OH!” out that signaled I wasn’t working. LOL. MOS DEF!!!! I loooove him.

  28. Sumodo1 says:

    Thank you, thank you for the Viggo. Given the choice of Viggo or the Hamm, I would actually go with Viggo. Also, thank you for Chris (“I Need My Eyes Lifted”)Pine, and if you can’t “get” Mike Rowe, you’re down a quart of estrogen.

  29. Kimble says:

    This nerd lover thanks you for Matthew Gray Gubler. Mos Def was a nice addition too! I love a good bod, but a good mind too – yummy!!!! (Ok, maybe MGG is not a genius IRL, but this is MY fantasy!)

  30. jaye E says:

    I’d like to make a Me sandwich with Viggo and Idris as the bread. I’d like to have Ben Barnes as an appetizer and I’d like to round out the smorgasbord with Mos Def for dessert. Please and Thank you.

  31. Tucson says:

    Amazing group of men Kaiser – OMG Viggo just does it for me, reminds me of a blond version of a guy I dated years ago. Idris is incredibly yummy and agree with you on Fassbender – he would break my heart but would love to hear him say my name in the throws of ecstasy! Could we get some Jeffery Dean Morgan (my forever dong) and James Purefoy? He looks like he would do some wicked, wonderful things over an amazing weekend – hehe

  32. RHONYC says:


    damn, i love him in that erotic scene in ‘a History of Violence’.

    gettin’ slammed on the stairs…then, him playing with my toes.

    yeah, that sounds like a nice sunday afternoon. ;-)

  33. therese says:

    Dear Celebitchy,
    Happy New Year ladies. I have only written once before, using a name not my own, and I forgot what I used. DON’T ban me, please!!!

    So, thank you so much for all your work, that I enjoy every morning with my coffee. And I do enjoy seeing the lovely men, but what ever happened to the Old Hollywood Scandal Monday. I loved that more, and was really ready to get into it. Could you please bring that back?

    My request for hot guy friday is a bit more arcane. David O’Hara. May be using David Patrick O’Hara now. He was the Irishman in Braveheart. I know, it’s dated, but he’s a really good actor.

    Thanks ladies, have a good year.

  34. Sophie says:

    sigh…Fassbender…I just….he’s just….perfect.

    and Viggo! just so beautiful and sexy.

    and thanks for Matthew Gray Gubler! I’ve just recently become obsessed with Criminal Minds and he’s so cute in it!

  35. margaret says:

    just so much man beauty! sigh!

  36. Jezi says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Kaiser for putting in Andy Whitfield. If no one has seen Spartacus, well you are missing out. Not only is the show awesome, he’s just so damn scrumptous. The pictures are not even half of his hotness. Just watch the show. I’m very saddened by his cancer and hope and pray he will be back to the show. They are looking to replace him but I don’t think it’s possible. Love love love him with a serious passion.

  37. deb says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MIKE ROWE!!!!! A sense of humor is sexy as hell. Andy Whitfield yum yum yum

  38. Aries_Mira says:

    I truly admire Viggo. He’s a very talented actor, he has a myriad of other interests including artist, poet, author, musician and he speaks five languages – three of them fluently. And he is very easy on the eyes. Truly, the man is amazing! It would be interesting to just sit down with him and talk.

  39. Starr says:

    Thank you so much for the Jesse Williams Pics. He doesn’t photograph as well, but it is the eyes. It’s ridiculous. Fassbender. Wow. And I’ll give it up to the sick guy from Spartacus. Hope he gets better soon. It would be a shame.

  40. RHONYC says:

    @ Aries_Mira:

    It would be interesting to just sit down with him and talk.


    umm hmmm.

    yeah, and (in my fantasy) while he’s at it there would be no objection to him talking me right into bed.

    no objection at all. :lol:

  41. WOM says:

    Thanks for the pics of Chris Pine. Maybe it’s just the cold medicine talking, but when I look at those photos, I know he loves me too.

  42. Boromir's bytch says:

    You can add house-wrecking hound dog to the list of Viggo’s attributes. Still deciding if it’s true or not and if it detracts from his hotness if it is. Mike Rowe is the sexiest ex-QVC host ever.

  43. truthSF says:


    Best orgasm EVER!!!!

  44. Lee says:

    Wonderful job as usual! I look forward to it every Friday. Thanks again for The Gube. Everytime he’s included I get giddy.

  45. DreamyK says:

    Mike Rowe..Yum! “I’m only doing this for your own good, you naughty girl” *spank* Yeah, I can totally see that.

  46. SRM says:

    Thank you for the Andy Whitfield/Spartacus pics! When I watch Spartacus and his scenes come up I am literally left breathless. My husband will definitely be getting lucky this weekend! Haha!

    And as the orginial bellaluna said, check out the guy who plays Crixus. His name is Manu Bennet. Scenes with those 2 together, almost nude? I’m done….

  47. Raven Sparrow says:

    Kaiser, could you give me some Johnny Depp for next Friday??? Please oh please??? Especially the Johnny he is now: mature, intense and sexy as hell! He’s my forever and ever and ever… What Le Fass is to you, Johnny is to me…*sigh*

  48. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    Kaiser – love MGG so huge thanks!!

    But can I please have Rufus Sewell and Shemar Moore??????

    Please please please please please Kaiser…they are both gorg and sxy and deserve a place on HGF…

    Please please please x10000000000

    Edit – also can I second the Matt Lantner request as he is also v yummy ;o)

  49. dj says:

    Andy Whitfield (please get well!) and Viggo! What more is there to say? Except there needed to be some kind of transition from these hot manly men to the guy from Glee? It sucked all the estrogen out of my body and not in a good way. LOL. Enjoyed today very much. Good work!

  50. Anna says:

    MOS DEF! Thanks, Kaiser! You made my week :)

  51. original kate says:

    idris is so hot that smoke came out of my laptop.

  52. leuce7 says:

    Oh, Idris. Idris, Idris, Idris.

    I’m not quite sold on Chris Pine. I saw him in Bottle Shock and he just looked so…dirty. Not in a good way. He almost redeemed himself with Star Trek, but I’m not quite there yet with him.

    Have we ever had John Barrowman on here? I mean, I can dream, can’t I, and this is the place to do it?

  53. KLO says:

    Good work as always :D

    I have a request – could you please include Til Schweiger and Gedeon Burkhard in the future? They played in Inglourious Basterds.

  54. Bam Bam says:

    Andy Whitfield – see him in “Gabriel”, the movie is a bit goth, but he is mesmerizing in it.

  55. Mary Jane says:

    Viggoooooo! My beautiful renaissance man… Going back to bed for a bit…

  56. LadyLupton says:

    Thank you for my Ben Barnes totally made my week!

    ….and excellent Viggo…

  57. LadyLupton says:

    PS Shaggy, clean cut, either way suits me fine!

  58. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    BAck off Raven.. If Kaiser puts Johnny on next week, it will be for me.

    Besides, he’s my man…

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    @ SRM – No, it’s not Crixus. He’s the guy who sleeps with Dominus’ wife (Lucy Lawless). I’m talking about Antonio Te Maioha. God, he’s a tall, beautiful Samoan, and he sleeps with Eka Darville, who plays Pietros in the series.

    *SPOILER ALERT* In Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Antonio’s character is betrayed; Pietros is sexually abused by another (minor) character; and Pietros hangs himself as a result. (I know, I have no life.)

  60. Sparkly says:

    I like Viggo’s acting, but I’m usually not hot for him. That last pic of him is good, though. I’d let him lay at my feet.

    Mos Def is awesome. He has really nice eyes.

    And I’m a big MGG fan, so yay on him.

    Mike Rowe has a pretty awesome personality, which ups the appeal, but I can’t really see him as hot anymore since my hubs pointed out that he looks a whole lot like Ernest P. Worrell.

  61. Ron says:

    Viggo used to go to the same gym I did up in LA. This was before he was uberfamous around the time he did that Paltrow/Douglas movie. I saw him naked in the locker room a few times. Nice. VERY NICE.

  62. Ashley says:

    Sweet Friday Dong!

    You guys have outdone yourself, and I don’t say that JUST because you featured my two request Mr. Rowe and Mr. Williams.

    On average guys – I feel like even though this is HGF and I can have anyone I want…my tastes just seem to gravitate towards the Attainable Babe. Plus, I like ‘em MANLY, not too pretty. Not too groomed. I don’t want a man who is prettier than me.

    Also – I’m now fully on the Fasswagon.

  63. Madison says:

    Viggo is the reason I clicked on your hot guy Friday first instead of looking through the other stories. Viggo is timeless, what an amazing actor, artist and classy man, one of the few actors whose ageing well and is still hot.

  64. Delta Juliet says:

    OMG I love the picture of Viggo stroking my feet. I mean, I’m a little embarassed and it’s kind of personal but as long as you ladies like looking at it, I don’t mind sharing.


  65. ctkat1 says:

    Yay for Viggo and the Fassbender- so hot!!

    Request for next week: John Krasinski. And I know you’ll mock it, but damn, that boy is cute!

  66. sassenach says:

    I would nail Fassbender so frickin hard!!! Please include Robert Sheehan and Iwan Rheon for next week please please please!!

  67. RHONYC says:

    …in the alternate universe (in my head) where gay men can get pregnant…that Andy Whitfield looks like the love child of Brian Austin Green & Justin Timberlake. :-o

  68. Amy says:

    I don’t know why but Viggo Mortenson has always reminded me of Johnny Depp. They don’t physically look alike at all but they both have that sort of Hollywood outcast/artistic vibe going on. My mom went to school with Viggo and said even in college he was the dark, artsy, brooding type. :)

  69. Raven Sparrow says:

    Johnny Depp’s Girl – now, now, sharing is the key to making this world a better place…He’s my Sparrow but I’m willing to share him with you.

    Now all I have to do is figure out a way to convince Vanessa…wanna help?

  70. MuñekitA says:

    Not the best HGF for me…i couldnt find ANY of them really HOT, i mean some of them are ok (Viggo & Andy W) but nothing like “WOW this just made my day” but oh well.. i guess many of you enjoy it so that’s good =)

    Can i ask for Alan Rickman & Eric Bana for the next week Please!!!

    By the way…Michal F looks like a Fu*k!’ Murderer

  71. JulieM says:

    mymy@5: I have always been a big fan of Viggo but since I learned of his arrangement which you alluded to, I’ve been a little off him. If anyone wants to know who he’s with, check out Appaloosa. Ariadna Gil plays the prostitute Katie. She’s a legitimate actress but not much to look at. My opinion only. Ah well.

    He, though, is still a beautiful and multi talented man.

  72. latam2012 says:

    i find chris pine really unattractive. I hate his mouth, hes pointy chin and his eyes. You know sometimes when you cant describe why, but you just hate someones face

  73. SassyOne says:

    Ooooooooohhhhhhh, Viggo…..

    He makes my heart flutter… and those muscles that do kegels, too….

    ****sigh***** I would absolutely CONSUME him sexually…

  74. Anoni Mus says:

    Hi ladies! I see we are starting the year with some hot hot men. Outstanding list again, some of my favorites this week:

    Idris is mesmerizing and soo manly.
    Fassbender is chamaleonic and dear Lord, in that picture in the kitchen… let’s just say that is some fantasy fodder right there.
    Andy Whitfield is really beautiful, I hope he gets better.
    Mos Def is so talented and he has beautiful and soulful eyes.
    The young ones from Glee and Narnia are really cute!

    Viggo and Pine are not quite my type, but Viggo makes my list just because of what’s in his head. Gotta love me some complicated, sexy brain!

    Pine is too pretty, can’t complain about the pictures, though.

    Whew, that’ll get me through the week, very nicely done, thank you!

  75. UrbanRube says:

    I have a hot/cold thing with Viggo… Don’t like his teeth, but absolutely everything else is to die for. Is that tooth problem tres Americain? Anyway, yes, Ben Barnes in chain mail… Mmm-hmm. And how about some Karl Urban with a sword (any kind will do… any kind).

  76. Lívia FM says:

    Finally!!!! Cory \o/
    My prince charming..
    He´s so cute..and yes, he really seems to be a good guy.
    Now..there´s another Glee handsome who deserves to be here: Mark Salling ;)
    Cory is my number one, but Mark is also hot! rs
    Kisses from Brazil!

  77. Kim says:

    Viggo – drool. He is so hot!

  78. DeeDee says:

    Please please please put Tom Cruise on next week! I know he is thought to be totally nuts, but who cares? He is TOTALLY hot. He is the stuff of my climax.

  79. LittleDeadGirl says:

    You out did yourself. Chris Pine is the boy you fuck in your 20′s. Idris in your 30′s and Viggo is the one I want to marry and grow old with. Viggo and Patrick Swayze are my forever dongs.

    Kaiser you need to see Idris in Luther if you haven’t. He’s angry and confident and omg … just thinking about the episodes … I would be waiing for that man naked every night when he gets home from work.

  80. jessica says:

    More Keanu please & thank you!

  81. truthzbetta says:

    Elba, Viggo and whoever was sporting the codpiece.

    WOW. What an opener.

    Yeah, the “mechanic” was boring but I don’t know who he is.

    To the “Chris Pine is too pretty” comment. Heresy! Studs, pretty boys, muscle men and one or two bad boys. All good.

    There is no such thing as too handsome for a real woman. That means you, Josh Holloway.

    Just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean they can’t be great inside too.

  82. YvetteW says:

    Idris. Viggio. Andy Whitfield. Sigh. I am so very satisfied. Leaving the rest of the list for the other ladies….

  83. Athena says:

    How about Jamie Dornan? He’s HOT (and apparently dating one of Colin Farrells exes)

  84. LittleOat says:

    Michael Pitt soon please?

  85. Lynda says:


  86. DrM says:

    Mike Rowe whispering in your ear just as you are about to….

    Phew Kaiser!…;)

  87. beegeek12 says:

    I adore Mike Rowe, always have, can’t tell you how much I love that he made hot guy Friday!! The guy could read the phone book to me and it would make me hot. I think the appeal is that sometimes you want someone pretty like Skarsgard and sometimes you want someone to get dirty with like Rowe.

  88. Sweet crab salad says:

    Dedicated daily reader here, too lazy to post usually, but -


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I’ve already thanked his parents, God and Eastmancolour a million times, its your turn.

  89. TrixC says:

    @ the original bellaluna Antonio Te Maioha is Maori, not Samoan. Either way, he is hotter than toast.

  90. Lady says:

    request: Ian Somelhelder or something…I don’t know how to spell his last name. You know that guy from Vampire Diaries!

  91. Anti-icon says:

    Viggo, Viggo, you are my pick of the litter…and ladies (and gentlemen) readers….if you have not seen Viggo’s body of work….may I suggest Eastern Promises. Great movie. Viggo is a great talent, and his body………well, speechless.

  92. samanthalous says:

    Um Kaiser, please check your list most of these guys are really unworthy, Mike Rowe wtf.

  93. Samsam says:

    @ Samanthalous

    Bitch please.

  94. Whitney says:

    Fassbender! He is soooooo yummy, especially in the kitchen photo.

    Could we see some Desmond Harrington next week somehow? I am re-watching Dexter episodes and he is adorable!!!

  95. bluhare says:

    From the Desk of bluhare:

    I will never ever tire of Clive’s love letters. Ever. I won’t ever tire of Clive either. So write me another letter, Clive. A good one.

  96. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:


    I like the whole “just got done with a 5 day heroin bender” look…mmm…skinny. So sexy. I would feed him hot pockets!!

  97. silver says:

    “…you would tire of Clive…”

    Oh no. No, no, never. Neither him nor the missives from his desk, which I would like to be since his hands are surely on it a lot.

    Was so sad to see a Hot Guy Friday with no Clive, but then…oh look, Viggo Mortensen to cheer me up. And Mos Def is seriously adorable.

  98. Nonny says:

    Thank you! I love you Kaiser. And I mean that in a totally non-lesbian way. Such yummy eye candy. And no calories!

  99. the original bellaluna says:

    @ TrixC – Abso-freakin’-lutely! He is just SO built, SO hot, SO tall, and SO gorgeous! OMGoodness, he’s lovely! More of him any day, pleaseandthankyou! Come on Kaiser, a little love for our man?…

  100. katbalou says:

    Oh Kaiser, What a great way to open with Idris. That made my week. If you haven’t seen Luther you have to.

    Now my forever dong is Jeffrey Dean Morgan – When are we gonna get some new pictures of him? This laying low stuff is getting on my nerves

  101. missbhaven says:

    I don’t get the Mike Rowe thing either, but hey, I don’t judge and I would never dare hate on anybody else’s dong. Posting Jesse made me think of newcomer to Grey’s I was surprised to see. Daniel Sunjata from Rescue me. Sure, he is a womanizing asshole on Resuce but I still dig him. On Grey’s he is really sweet and that I like. I would love to see what pics you could dig up on him. I can’t be the only one who digs Rescue Me including the real asshole of the show, Denis. How is it that he is so sexy on that show? Must be the hair.

  102. LBeees says:

    Thanks for Viggo and Mista Pine… I’ve been listening to Black on Both Sides by MosDef again and he’s so… soulful. Love it. Thanks!

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