How the tabloids covered the Kate Hudson Lance Armstrong breakup

After a high-profile three-month romance, Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are no longer dating. What could have possibly gone wrong between these two photogenic athletic people? It depends on which tabloid you choose to believe. There may or may not have been a retired hockey player and/or a Black Crowe involved, and it’s generally agreed that Kate moved too fast and Lance is too self-absorbed. Hey, the guy dumped her at his own cancer fundraiser.
Here’s what the tabs have to say about the end of HudStrong.

In Touch: Kate Scared Lance Away!

According to In Touch, Kate smothered Lance by wanting a family with him.

She had planned to bring Lance with her to her annual family vacation in Muskoka, Canada. Last year, she brought then-boyfriend Dax Shepard, but this year, she had to go solo since Lance dumped her weeks before the trip.

“Lance had all of the qualities Kate wanted in a mate,” a pal says….But Kate’s desire to settle down put an end to their whirlwind romance. “Kate really wants another baby,” the pal explains. “She definitely let Lance know that.”

[From In Touch, print edition, August 18, 2008]

Lance, who already has three children with ex-wife Kristin Richard, wasn’t interested in starting another family.

Although Kate is reportedly desperate to get remarried, she was beginning to get “disenchanted with Lance’s self-absorbed attitude,” according to another friend.

In Touch also reports Lance has already moved on. A witness overheard Lance saying he’s single.

“He said it twice,” says the witness, “like he was trying to make a point.”

In Touch briefly mentions that while Kate was spotted in Muskoka with retired NHL superstar Eric Lindros, a friend says the two are not involved romantically and that “he’s a long-time family friend” and “his girlfriend was also there.”

Us: Why Kate Can’t Settle Down

Us takes the stance that Kate wasn’t as distraught as In Touch claims. Us paints Kate as more of a free-spirit, who falls in and out of love quickly.

If it seems sudden, you don’t know Hudson, says a pal: “She throws herself into these relationships quickly, then she’s just over it.”

[From Us, print edition, August 18, 2008]

On July 24, Lance and Kate ate salmon and beef tenderloin at Alana’s Food & Wine in Columbus, Ohio, where Lance was holding the kickoff to his LiveStrong cancer summit. Witnesses reported they seemed solid at dinner, but apparently they decided to end the relationship at that time. A source is quoted as saying “they just decided to end things. There’s no hatred, just sadness.”

Although neither’s rep would comment, the split didn’t surprise friends. One of Kate’s friends says they split because of “scheduling.” However, Kate’s clinginess did play a factor.

“She’s super-need y and must be the center of someone’s attention,” confides the pal. “They were having problems, and he ended it. I think she’s also still hung up on Owen.”

Us also disputes the Eric Lindros rumor, even claiming it was actually Eric’s younger brother Brett with Kate in Muskoka, and it still wasn’t romantic.

The NHL-er’s sister Robin tells Us they are confusing Eric with their brother Brett, whom Hudson dated premarriage. The exes did hang out at Muskoka’s Windermere Pub ‘n’ Patio July 25, says Robin, “but Brett’s had a girlfriend for three years. Brett and Kate are just friends.”

If she did hook up with either of the Lindros brothers, she moves fast — dinner with Lance in Ohio on July 24 and with Brett in Ontario on July 25.

Star: Kate’s Revenge Romance!

Star agrees that Kate is broken-hearted after her break-up with Lance, but claims her sightings with Eric Lindros and Chris Robinson were ploys to make Lance jealous and win him back.

According to Star, it was Kate’s clinginess that scared Lance off.

“Lance felt that Kate came on too strong, too fast,” an insider tells Star….”She started talking marriage and babies almost right away.” But her long-term plans were overwhelming for Lance, says the insider, and “he freaked out at the clinginess and bailed.”

[From Star, print edition, August 18, 2008]

Star claims Kate is fueling the rumors about a fling with Eric Lindros so that it gets back to Lance. Kate also made sure cameras captured her affectionate kiss with Chris Robinson in New York on July 31. Their source says her alleged scheme “won’t work… [Lance] already made it clear they are ’100 percent done.’”

OK!: Kate’s Caught Kissing Her Ex!

If Star is right about Kate wanting coverage of her out with other men after the split, then OK! hands her the rumors on a silver platter. OK! claims Kate snuggled up to ex Chris Robinson only four days after her breakup with Lance.

“They were affectionate,” an eyewitness says of Kate and Chris. “They gave each other a kiss that lasted much longer than a platonic kiss should last — 20 seconds, maybe a little longer. It was more than ‘just friends.’”

[From OK!, print edition, August 18, 2008]

The two are still friends, and share a child together, but OK! reports they have been hooking up regularly since last November, according to a friend of Kate’s. But don’t expect a full-blown reconciliation.

Truth vs. Fiction

So, here’s what we can all agree on: Lance and Kate broke up, Kate was in Muskoka, Ontario with one of the Lindros brothers (who have girlfriends, so they couldn’t possibly have hooked up with Kate, because athletes with girlfriends never ever cheat, right?), Kate met up with ex Chris Robinson later in New York, and I’ve devoted way too much time reading tabloid articles about this.

Kate is young and free-spirited, so if she’s having a good time, more power to her. Hopefully she’s not as desperate and manipulative as these tabloids claim, but she’s definitely naive if she thought she could rope Lance into marriage and babies.

But she’s not exactly care-free. She has a 4-year-old son, who must be confused about these intense relationships that fizzle so quickly. It’s good to see she’s on good terms with Chris Robinson, so that little Ryder has a stable father-figure in his life.

On a final note, this must be the most times the word “Muskoka” has been in the tabloids ever. Spellcheck suggests I change it to “muskrat.”

Kate Hudson is shown out with Tobey Maguire’s wife Jennifer Meyer at the Countrywide Classic Tennis Tournament at UCLA on 8/5/08. She looks upset because her friend Tommy Haas lost. Credit: ODuran/Fame Pictures. She is also shown out with Ryder on 8/3/08. Credit: FPZ/Fame Pictures

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m going to rant here!! Why are all women “desperate” – I am so sick of hearing about how women like Kate and Jennifer Aniston are portrayed as such desperate women and they are so clingy. While the men they choose to date are such hound dogs!

    Come on people – they are humans and as we all know from being in the dating world, that relationships just don’t happen and sometimes after dating someone for a brief period, you discover that it’s not going to work. It certainly doesn’t make someone desperate.

    Kate knows what one failed marriage is like and what is the problem with her dating around and when it is not working both ADULTS walk away. It’s what happens in real life!

    I am so sick of the media writing stories that women are so desperate – it’s sickening!

  2. Enonymous says:

    Why to they always make out to be that when women (especially these female celebrities) show huge interest in a guy is because they are obsessed with marriage and children and they can’t wait to tie the guy down. It is the media that makes them sound so desperate and needy.

    Kate Hudson seems like the type of girl who likes to have fun and enjoy herself, there is nothing wrong with that because she is still young, experienced marriage once before and has already a child. So I doubt she herself wants to be tied down again so soon. I call this tabloids BS.

    Maybe all she wants is for someone to have fun for as long as possible, then if it does not work out, she moves on.

    Like all the stuff with Jennifer Aniston, If she was so desperate for marriage and kids as the media always makes her out to be, she would have stayed with her first husband.

  3. Kevin says:

    Maybe she could take some notes from her mom’s playbook. Kurt and Goldie do fine as a couple, have a kid together, and haven’t had the need for a public contract. As far as the story with her ex,if that’s true, good for him. That’s the best of both worlds right there. Still getting his fingers in the honey jar and yet still gets to live the rocker life style on the road! Getter done Yeti!!!

  4. Kaiser says:

    Good lord. Why all the drama for a 3-month relationship that seemed to be all about sex?

    And I don’t think Kate’s desperate. I think she’s probably a lot of funny (for men), if somewhat cutesy and annoying.

    Aniston, however, is deperate. But not to get re-married or have babies – I really don’t think that motherhood ever interested her. Aniston is desperate to have an amazing film career, desperate to have acting range, desperate to have an Oscar (or at least a nom). Too bad they they don’t give Oscars for catty, self-absorbed, lie-filled Pity Parties.

    There’s really no comparison between the two.

  5. cara says:

    She’s annoying and should of never left Chris…..I don’t think she’s all that attractive and had her mother not been Goldie Hawn, she would of never been able to get into the movies.

    I think she needs to get over herself and stop trying to act like she’s got her shit together. Maybe go away, and live a semi normal life and cry into her millions….the lucky bitch.

    That said, I’m seething with jealousy at her easy $$$$$$$$ in her bank account.

  6. czarina says:

    Kate Hudson reminds me of a female version of John Meyer–she has these intense, emotional affairs that last a few weeks and then she moves on.
    But I agree wholeheartedly with Linda and Enonymous–the implication that a woman only dates a guy because she is desperate to get married is out-dated, old-fashioned nonesense.
    All of us would like a long-term relationship with someone who makes our hearts happy and our lives better, but that’s hardly the same as being desperate to get married to ANYONE who happens to show up!

  7. Spike says:

    I agree with Linda and Enonymous.

    I think it’s pretty sleazy that his “friends” are gabbing that she’s so needy. It makes me think Lance it the pathetic one.

    Why is it no one talks about Lance’s record, for pity’s sake? Wasn’t he dating MK Olson not so long ago?

    Dumping her at his fundraiser — what a tool!

  8. kate says:

    kate looks as mean as a snake in these photos, like she’s trying to light someone on fire with her evil stare.

  9. Natazz says:

    The story about her ex is bull. I saw the pic of the kiss. It’s so obvious he’s kissing her above her lips and his arms are on his side.
    Chris and Kate are not hooking up, that’s the same story that OK had in March when she gained weight from smoking and everyone said she was pregnant. They quoted “friends and sources” saying it was Chris’. Thing is, Chris is serious about someone now and it’s not Kate. He’s been with her since February. He takes her on tour, of all the shows I’ve been to on the Crowes tour, I think I’ve only seen him twice not with his girlfriend. (And so far I’ve been to 20 shows. On August 3rd a few days after his alleged passionate kiss with Kate, there was a pre show picnic party. Chris was hanging a few tables down from everyone with his girlfriend right next to him. The Star and OK make up stuff out of nowhere.

  10. Michele says:

    Why are you surprised that Kate or horseface Anniston would be desperate for another HUBBY and baby? You assume LA is filled w/ guys who want to marry. Its not. Don’t you guys watch reality tv about the dating scene in LA? Even the celebrities want to be married someday…even Pammy and Denise Richards can’t hold a man….these idiot women aren’t any different then any other aging single girls in a big city….

  11. rushu says:

    Hahaha Sanjay007. That’s funny, but is she really “ugly?” That’s a pretty hash word for a woman with a beautiful body and good acting chops

  12. hello says:

    If anything she’s irresponsible. I can’t imagine how messed up her son’s relationships are going to be when he’s older. Every few weeks there is some new dude he has to hang out with.

  13. Nan says:

    Sammie323, another well written article by you.

    I just feel very sorry for this Kate. She’s not cut out for a celebrity life because she didn’t have to work for it.

  14. Victoria says:

    AGREE SPIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lance has had his 15 minutes of fame, and needs to move on…. and take his turnstile at his bedroom door with him. Talk about committing!! He can’t stay with anything long enough to make a difference. Except a piece of metal or titanium. ( his bike )

  15. czarina says:

    hello; yes, I absolutely agree with you that a single mother has to be cautious about who she is bringing around her child. What always seems funny, especially about Hollywood single/divorced mothers is that they seem to have so much time to spend with their boyfriends without their kids around.
    OK, I know they can afford childcare, but still…it would be nice to believe that even Hollywood parents would put their children first.

  16. linnymage says:

    jesus still loves you kate!

  17. lway says:

    @linnymage – haha – good one!

    Kate has low selfesteem and that’s why she’s making herself so available to men and if the “clingyness” is true it also has to do with the fact that she’s so damn insecure about herself that she constantly needs reassurance from a man.

    She should stop looking for a daddy for her son and focus on being a mommy to her boy and making him number 1 in her life right now.

    I’m no doctor – but i’ve been there and only some time by yourself can cure the “insecurities” issue.