Jamie Lynn Spears’ fiance has cold feet, may be a cheater

The rumors surrounding teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears’ 19-year-old fiance and baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, are getting louder than ever. In Touch is reporting that Casey not only is having second thoughts about marrying Jamie Lynn because he feels “trapped,” but he’s also been fooling around with another woman for months.

But insiders say the teen parents of baby Maddie are having serious relationship trouble- and now Casey is anxious about the nuptials, which are scheduled for the end of the year. “Casey is not happy right now,” reveals a pal. “He feels trapped. He’s just miserable.”

The pal says that Casey, 19, feels like he’s being forced to marry Jamie Lynn, 17, because they have a child together.

“He was told it’s the right thing to do,” the pal explained. “But it’s not the life he pictured for himself.”

[From In Touch print version, Aug. 18, 2008]

Oh, boo hoo. I’m sure this isn’t the life that Jamie Lynn, who was 16 at the time she got pregnant and enjoying a successful acting career, pictured for herself either. But she’s sucking it up and trying to make the best of it, unlike the panty waste who impregnated her. In Touch also has an exclusive interview with Kelli Dawson, Casey’s former girlfriend who claims that she was “hooking up” with Aldridge throughout Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, until a few months before she delivered Maddie. Dawson claims that Jamie Lynn knew about the affair and was furious.

In an exclusive interview with In Touch, 28-year-old Kelli Dawson reveals that she and Casey, 19, were romantically involved — and were still sleeping together when Jamie Lynn, now 17, was six months pregnant with his child. No fleeting hookup, Casey and Kelli’s relationship was both real and lasting — and it grew in intensity, even as Jamie Lynn announced she was pregnant. And, Kelli says, they still meet up on a regular basis. “I see him all the time, at least once a week,” she shares.

The pair first met in November 2006, at the home of her sister, Kim Toller. At the time, Casey was already dating Jamie Lynn, but the sexual chemistry between Casey and Kelli was instant. “We were both really attracted to each other,” Kelli reveals. “He totally instigated it and pursued me. His friends would tell me that he liked me, that he thought I was pretty.” The couple saw each other a few times and “kissed randomly,” but it wasn’t really “hot and heavy,” Kelli admits, until the spring of 2007. Though Casey and Jamie Lynn were still involved, Kelli insists, “You never knew if they were broken up or not, because it changed from day to day!”

The pair didn’t bother to hide their relationship. “Kelli and Casey have been a couple on and off for a few years,” confirms Jason Alexander, Britney Spears’ first husband and a native of nearby Kentwood, La. “They were a really tight couple, but I think it was hard for Kelli, having Jamie Lynn in the picture.”

Kelli says she and Casey stopped sleeping together a few months before Jamie Lynn gave birth to their daughter, Maddie. “It just didn’t feel right,” she explains. “He had to deal with the baby coming, and it had to stop.” She says the last time the couple had sex together was in March but “even after we stopped having sex, we would still kiss occasionally.”

[From In Touch]

If this story is true, it’s a far cry from the “perfect” life Jamie Lynn blathered on about in her interview with OK! Magazine in July. I knew that was a big fake just by how awkward Casey looked in those photos. However, this is “In Touch” we’re talking about here- they rarely get anything right. The cover of that issue features a photo of Casey tongue kissing some skanky-looking ho, but it’s impossible to know when that photo was taken- just like it’s very difficult to know if this girl is telling the truth. The article does feature a quote from Britney Spears’ first husband, Jason Alexander, but that guy would say anything to be in the tabloids again. All I can say is, if Jamie Lynn has even a whiff that this story is partially true, she should not marry this kid.

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  1. Syko says:

    It’s been my opinion all along that marrying this little boy would be one of the biggest mistakes Jamie Lynn could make. Kick his butt to the curb and go on with your life!

  2. Megan says:

    I wouldn’t expect any other type of behaviour from a 19 year old boy.

  3. velvet elvis says:

    I’d kick him to the curb. She’s Jamie Lynn Spears, bitch!!

  4. anon69 says:

    Casey needs to get a paternity test on that baby. There was WAY too much talk about the possibility of the baby not being his before she was born.
    Unless of course he knows the baby isn’t his and is being paid/compensated by Lynn Spears to hang around. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  5. CelebitchyFAN says:

    “Oh, boo hoo. I’m sure this isn’t the life that Jamie Lynn, who was 16 at the time she got pregnant and enjoying a successful acting career, pictured for herself either.” –I have to ask, MSat, are you implying that he should suck it up and marry her because it is “the rigth thing to do”? Because I can tell you from personal experience, getting married “because it’s the right thing to do” will only get you divorced. If he doesn’t want to get married to her he shouldn’t be obligated to just because they have a child together.

  6. jaundicemachine says:

    I agree with Megan – what exactly does one expect from teenagers?

    That being said, I’m a little grossed out by the age difference between Casey and his girl-on-the-side. The difference between who you are when you’re 19 and when you’re 21 is incredible, and the difference between 19 and 28 is ridiculous.

  7. czarina says:

    Definately taking any “In Touch” article with a whole salt-shaker…nevertheless, this young man really doesn’t strike me as someone who is going to stand up and take responsibility.
    He got his 16-year-old girlfriend pregnant. Had he never heard of birth control? Did he not have any consideration towards her and what the consequences would be?
    I heard a lot of nasty, negative remarks about Jamie-Lynn Spears when her pregnancy was announced, but in my opinion Casey was older and definately should have known better–also most teenage girls who consider themselves ‘in love’ have sex to please their boyfriends, not because they love the physical act so much (most teenage boys aren’t very good at it, anyway.)
    I know I’m being judgmental, but just from his pictures I have always thought this boy looked weak and not-too-bright.
    I just hope Jamie-Lynn doesn’t make the same mistake as her sister–marrying a useless twit who will then happily divorce her and expect to live off her earnings for the rest of his life.

  8. journey says:

    granted he shouldn’t be obligated to marry her, but he does need to suck it up and decide whether he does or does not want to marry her and not send her mixed signals. and then what ever his decision, he needs to pony up with emotional and financial support.

  9. WTF?!?! says:

    I’m with anon69, and have said from the beginning that kid is the result of the unholy union between a 15 year old JLS (or was she 14 when they started up, I wonder) and a 40-something Disney exec.

    That’s a creepy (and illegal) age difference in every state of the union.

  10. daisyfly says:

    Their relationship has been going on for a couple of years? He JUST turned 19! Holy canoli, I’m icked out…

  11. Jen (the other one) says:

    Boy, that Kelli Dawson sure sounds like a classy broad, huh?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Personally I am on Casey’s side, I don’t think the baby is his, and I personally think the whole Spears family gets waaaaaayyyy to much sympathy. And they don’t deserve it. Britney basically said F her kids and I only think she’s now acting good towards them (which I don’t even believe that, rememeber the picture of Sean holding the lighter and cigarettes AFTER she supposedly is doing so good) and Jamie Lynn is a spoiled rich little girl who learned EARLY on that money will buy ANYTHING including a trapped 19 year old boy. I don’t believe that Casey is that baby’s fater and I believe he’s getting paid off to take the credit. That’s crap and COMPLETLEY wrong. This poor baby, Maddie. That’s who I feel sorry for is all the kids that have to be raised by ANYONE in the Spears family.

  13. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, why not just drop this whole engagement? What’s the big deal? JL should just be a single mom and get on with her life. There’s no need to marry the guy. It’s the new millenium, for God’s sake.

  14. Benny says:

    These two losers shouldn’t get married, it’s just a future divorce waiting to happen. But of course the family NEEDS a wedding – for the publicity and the money that wedding photos will bring in. The whole family lives on what income they can get from appearing in tabloids. I suspect getting pregnant was her whole career plan in the first place – her only path to notoriety and attention.

  15. Hollz says:

    As a 19 year old, with a 19 year old boyfriend, I gotta say that some of the comments above kinda tick me off- Not all teenagers act that way, and we SHOULD expect better from a 19 year old boy – I know I do.

    Casey should have known about birth control?? Sure he should have- but Jamie-Lynn should have to. And frankly, blaming the guy or expecting him to be the one with the condoms, is out dated. All JL had to do I walk in to a doctors office and say, I want to go on the pill or get a depo-provra shot. The doctors not even allowed to tell her mom.

  16. Carrie says:

    Well said Hollz. My daughter is 19 and she has WAY more sense.

  17. WTF?!?! says:


    As much as it KILLS me to defend this trollop, expecting the 15 year old with no driver’s license, constant media attention and an ever-present stage-whore mom to have the common sense or means to “walk in to a doctors office and say, I want to go on the pill or get a depo-provra shot” is just silly.

    Unless there’s another medical reason, the pill is not a popular prescription for a 15 year old girl whose hormones are changing daily, and the depo-provera shot would never happen with any reputable physician for someone her age, and she’d have to go back every three months for the shot. Plus, there’s weight gain associated with both methods.

    The REAL father and her parents should stocked up on condoms and contraceptive sponges to make sure she had suspenders AND a belt. A chastity belt, that is.

  18. MSat says:

    If you’ve seen photos of the baby, it’s easy to see that Casey is the father. The child looks exactly like him.

    I’m certainly not implying that he should suck it up and marry anyone- but whining about how his life turned out is a punk move. Nobody put a gun to the kid’s head and forced him to have sex with a 16-year-old. Who would have thought that Jamie Lynn would be the more mature of the pair?

  19. california angel says:

    Even if someone were to have cheated with this guy on Jamie-Lynn, why in the world would she go around announcing that she had scored a pregnant girl’s boyfriend and seem so enthused about it?
    Wait, why does this sound so familiar…Britney anyone?

  20. Cinderella says:

    He’s not getting tired of being a cover, is he?

  21. czarina says:

    If this guy were genuinely feeling “trapped” and was truly not the father of the child, then it stands to reason he would demand a paternity test.
    I assume since he hasn’t either he WANTS to assume responsibility for a child that isn’t his, or (much more likely) the child IS his.
    And, yes, a 15-year-old also knows about birth control, and I agree that Jamie Lynn should also have been more sensible–however the years between 15 and 19 are really huge in terms of maturity and development (or, they certainly should be). Four years is much less important between, say, 24 and 28 than between 10 and 14 or 15 and 19. Those years make a big difference, which is why I give Casey most of the blame for the situation–not only should he have been more responsible, but what was he doing dating a 15 year old in the first place??

  22. Tanille says:

    wow that girl is really making her self look good. Saying they stopped sleeping together shortly before she gave birth cuz the baby was coming and it felt wrong. What about the first 6 months there was a baby on the way but it didn’t bother her then?

  23. hello says:

    Hollz – adding to WTF

    In many more conservative states they wont dispense BC until you’re 18, and even when she was in LA, it’s not like she could have just rolled up to Walgreens and bought some condoms or gone to Planned Parenthood (one of the places that will dispense to underages w/o a gyno exam) and not been caught by the paps.

    I do commend you and your boyfriend for being as responsible as you sound, and yes, we should expect more from 19 year olds, but a lot of 19 year olds aren’t that forward thinking. As you find out later, a lot of people in their 20s and 30s aren’t that forward thinking, or smart. It’s sad, but true. You will work with that person, or even worse, work for them. In this case, look at the older woman he’s with. It really makes you wonder what is up with this woman, given his obvious immaturity.

    Anyway, what choices you make depends on your aspirations and the level of responsibility you were taught to take in your own life. JL has had handlers for ages and the boy she is supposed to have been knocked up by had no college aspirations. No reasons to be responsible or to know how to be for the sake of your future there.

  24. Erica says:

    I’m sorry but both teenagers should have used birth control methods. I am betting this little girl did try to trap this man with getting pregnant. Or he was a jackass who KNEW it was a money train convinced her that he loved her blah blah blah. Either way I have no sypmapthy for either one. They both played and now they both have to pay.. The sad part is that child will suffer in the end because their all NUTS

  25. Amy says:

    I don’t think she was trying to “trap” him, I just think she’s a total fucktard like everyone else in the situation. Great point by another poster: why should they get married b/c of the baby in the 21st century?

    If they’re so old fashioned, they should have married before the baby was born or *gasp* saved themselves for marriage! I mean, don’t they try to pose as conservative Christians? Pfft…

  26. Julia says:

    To Hollz:

    I just want to give you a HUGE virtual high-five. It is so frustrating to me that people seem to justify bad behavior as something normal and acceptable for men, especially young men. That whole “boys will be boys” attitude needs to die a well-deserved death.

    I think that it IS fair to say that there are 19 year olds who are less mature than you are, but then there are also 40 year olds who are less mature than you are, and he very well may become one of those people. :)

    It is also unfortunate (and irritating) that this sort of sends the message that other women who find themselves in this situation need the father to be in the picture. She is financially stable and has family support, two things that many people don’t have, so while it can’t be easy to choose to be a single mom, it would be easier for her than it would be for many others. Whether this is true or not, I think she’d be making a mistake to get married.

  27. starr says:

    so why was dis old bitch messin around wit a guy that was already involved with someone…

    …jls needs to kick his ass to tha curb!. she most defintely has tha support around her to raise her daughter w/o him

  28. Julia says:

    I’ve seen the baby, it looks just like Casey. I think it’s a real shame what Jamie Lyn did. I’m sure it wasn’t so much an accident as it was a desperate act for attention …getting out of the big sisters’ shadow. Beyonces’ sister did the same thing. What she did was stupid and I think most teenagers have more tact than that. Hopefully she prepared herself for the consequences, one being; expecting a 19 year boy to settle down and not cheat. She’s lucky she’s financially secure.

  29. Moe says:

    hey u are so crazy why did u mired Ur steel a kid now look what happens to u i was a big fan now no u are so stooped :) )