Beyonce’s mom and her husband Jay-Z are pressuring her to have a baby

Beyonce, supposedly 26, and Jay-Z, 38, have been married since 4/4/08, a date that has special significance to them. Although the couple has not yet publicly admitted to their union, they’ve both been seen wearing wedding rings and some details were leaked from their exclusive party at Jay-Z’s Tribeca loft celebrating their nuptials. Now that the two superstars have been married for a few months, Beyonce’s husband and mother are said to be bugging her to get pregnant and have a child as soon as possible. Jay-Z wants to be a dad and his mother in law, Tina, was to have another grandchild. Beyonce has a pretty enviable career however, and wants to focus on that for a while before she commits to motherhood:

It’s boom time for babies in Hollywood – but newlywed Beyonce’s not about to join the club anytime soon! And that’s a problem for both her husband Jay-Z AND her mom, say sources. They’ve joined forces to persuade the sexy singer to slow down and have a baby.

“Beyonce’s getting double-teamed to give in and get pregnant,” a longtime family family friend told The Enquirer.

“Both her husband and her mother want to see her have a child.”

But super-busy Beyonce has her career calendar blocked out solid for the next two years, and says there’s just no time for kids yet.

“Jay-Z is ready to have children,” said another source. “He and Beyonce dated for years, now they’re married, and for him it’s time for children.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 25, 2008]

Beyonce’s little sister Solange has a nearly four-year-old son, so it’s not like their mother doesn’t already have a grandchild. Another one would be a blessing, and you can see Jay-Z wanting to be a dad. These two are incredibly private, though, and if Beyonce ever does get pregnant it might be up to the tabloids to guess because she probably wouldn’t confirm the news until the baby arrived. She was rumored to be pregnant around the time of her April wedding, but that didn’t turn out to be true at all and she and Jay-Z didn’t bother to have their reps deny it.

Beyonce is young and she has plenty of years left to have children if she wants. This strikes me as a smart decision to wait, and her husband and mother are just going to have to hold their horses. They’re not the ones who are going to have to care for the baby most of the time and it’s ultimately her decision.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are shown in Cannes on 5/23/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. gracie says:

    Yes, it is ultimately her decision and definately her body that will have to go through the whole 9 months!

    This bugs me that people still feel free to pester women about “have a baby, have a baby”.

    Beyonce has worked damn hard for her career and she has the absolute right to tell everyone to WAIT until she is one who is good and ready.

    Besides….how fun or romantic or anything is to have people bugging you like day and night to have a baby? That would drive a woman mad.

    Plus it’s easy as pie for Jay-Z to tell her have a kid. He doesn’t have to do a thing.

  2. Enonymous says:

    No one should be pushed into having a child, it requires a lifetime commitment and if you have the choice then you should wait until you feel ready. Beyonce should not give in if she does not feel ready and Jay Z SHOULD respect that and her parents SHOULD mind their own business. Most of the responsibility when come to caring for a child will full on the woman’s shoulder, (even on celebrity mothers) so Beyonce has more to sacrifice for this.

  3. ff says:

    Why doesn’t her mum act as a surrogate if she wants that grandkid so badly. And if that seems like an offensive idea then it’s just as offensive to harrass someone into pregnancy when they don’t want to be a mother yet.

  4. gracie says:

    ff……very well said!

    I think it’s mean and tacky to make a woman feel like she needs to have a baby on other people’s whims and wants and desires.

    I personally think that the way society often makes a woman feel like it’s “the right thing to do” to have a baby no matter how you feel deep inside about it
    …that might be why some end up being lousy parents.

  5. Lauri says:

    The only reason she should have a baby is if she WANTS to have a baby. How dare anyone pressure her if she is not ready?

    I am childfree by choice. For the first few years I was married my mother pressured me incredibly to have a baby. It got to the point that I could not visit her without her bringing it up, no matter what the occasion. I finally told my dad to tell her to knock it off (she wouldn’t listen to me) or I would have to stop coming over to visit and there would be no relationship. That finally worked. I love my mom, but you cannot tell someone else how to live their lives. But it had to be a decision between myself and my husband, not myself and my mom.

  6. RAN says:

    “Beyonce, supposedly 26″ — Pretty funny Celebitchy :lol:

  7. Carla says:

    There is no way Beyonce is 26, no way, she was 20 when I was 16, how then can she be 26 when I am 27. Besides, she carries herself like a 40 year old.

    I doubt this story is true though, It is the national enquirer.

  8. Kaiser says:

    If this is true, her mother *really* needs to get out her private/married life. I realize that Tina is a better stage-mom than most (Dina Lohan, Lynn Spears), but still, it’s time to cut the cord.

    But I can see Jay & B having legitamite disagreements about when, where and how to have a baby. It’s pretty common, no?

    And as for the speculation that having a baby will somehow end her career – it’s not the 1950s. B. can still have an amazing career while being a mother. Motherhood is a career move for some, yes?

  9. milk and kisses says:

    You think she has an ass on her now (no Im not talking about Jay-Z) just wait til she has a baby. I dont think anyones ready for that jelly.

  10. gracie says:

    Lauri, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It’s hard when your mom,
    though probably to her well-meaning,
    does something that makes it impossible for you to keep hearing it.

    I went through the same thing (different issue, though) with my mom and used your same way of getting her to back off.


  11. Jenna says:

    If the story is true, it is probably very stressful on Beyonce. Question! When you are under a lot of stress, doesn’t it make it more difficult to conceive?

    I think when Beyonce gets ready for a baby, be it now or later, she’ll be fine. Shoot, she could retire during her pregnancy and she’ll still be set for life. Then after that sucker gets popped out, she can be like her husband and have a comeback even though she said she is retired. :D

  12. Hollz says:

    love that you put supposedly 26!

  13. boobaloob says:

    CB, I’ve always loved you, but the “supposedly 26″ has made me fall head over heels. Yeah, 26 my ass!

  14. yeah, i said it says:

    You think she has an ass on her now (no Im not talking about Jay-Z) just wait til she has a baby. I dont think anyones ready for that jelly.

    -Cosign. She’s not trying to mess up her shape while she’s at the top of her game.

  15. Kris says:

    Ugh. Why do people think that women HAVE to procreate? Like that’s our only desire and will to live.

  16. KateL says:

    Most of you are writing as though you’ve never been pressured like this and that you’re a little shocked at this obnoxious and aberrant behavior. Is that true? It seems like most of my girlfriends have moms like this, I know I do.

    I’ve never understood how people can essentially say to a child, “Breed for me now,” and expect to be taken seriously. “Oh, you want to pass on your genes, play with a baby and show it off? Sure, I’ll change the course of my entire life for your self-centered gratification, no prob.”

  17. Snowblood says:

    @ Gracie – ” Plus it’s easy as pie for Jay-Z to tell her have a kid. He doesn’t have to do a thing. ” :lol:

    :lol: Well… There’s that ONe thing, you know, that he’d have to do. I guess it’d probably take about 15 or 20 minutes out of his illustrious life and career, to let the nut bust in his wife’s special CrockPot, but then he gets to forget all about it henceforth, while she grows the baby, gives the baby birth, nurses, mothers and raises the baby with her forever altered body and her complete inavailability to her former hot-as-hades career.

    And what does Jay-Z and his infernally meddling mother get to do? Just kick back and enjoy the cutie-pie little offspring, whenever the fancy strikes them, not because they’re the MOTHER or anything, just, whenever they feel like it. GAH!!!!

    Go away, all a y’all assholish mothers-in-law, who’re tryna pressure your son’s wife to give up her career so she can breed you a grandchild! I mean, what?! WHAT?? GOD!!! GOD!!!!!

    O.K., yes, I’ll calm down, give me a sec…

  18. lala says:

    Jay already has a son, so he don’t need to knock B up…his son is with some video ho, and she had her kid AFTER him and B were already together…that is why it is kept so quiet.

  19. Savanah Anderson says:

    Why would her mother push her to do something like that? If she want another grandchild, why won’t she push Solange? She’s already experienced at that.

  20. toya says:

    damn she got the man now like she wanted wuts wrong with havin a baby she act like she wont snap back and besides thats jayz i would have his baby n e time cuss they got more then enough money 2 support the child and i know jayz would b a perfect mom. Hey Jayz i’ll have ur baby LOL! and not for the money cuss he is just fine and the only rapper thas really focused on wut he wanted and got it he deserve a child now!!!

  21. cocoa says:

    i think that beyonce should settle down and have sum kids like her mom and jay thinks.beyonce is young and have a life 2 live jay is up IN age and has done been there and done that and he’s ready to have a family with his wife.B. is gonna have to give up the “I’s”.For “US”.THAT’S HOW IT IS WHEN YOU GET MARRIED.

  22. Chima says:

    Oh beyonce, i know u are on the top of ur career now and u’d b very busy, but pls u can just take a break a little break 4 a while and have a child for the poor jay.Pls give him just a baby and b4 u know it u are back and better on the “top”.Pls.Cos i too would love to see and carry da baby of d diva.