Jade Goody learns on “Big Brother” India that she has cervical cancer

Jade Goody is the British Big Brother 2002 contestant who was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2007 after she made racist statements about the Indian actress who eventually won, Shilpa Shetty. Goody is known for her stupidity and has made a lot of ignorant comments, including thinking Saddam Hussein was a boxer, and that Sherlock Holmes invented the toilet. She’s still making money and getting work even after her racist bullying controversy. She has two perfumes out and she received $200,000 for appearing on the Indian version of Big Brother, Bigg Boss.

While filming India’s Bigg Boss, Goody received sad news. She’s gone through a series of health scares recently and has been taken to hospital after collapsing several times. Goody, 27, received a phone call on the reality show from her doctor informing her that she’s suffering from cancer. It’s most likely cervical cancer, although the Daily Mail says it’s not entirely clear and could be womb cancer:

The 27-year-old was a contestant on Bigg Boss 2 when she was called to the Diary Room to speak to her UK doctor who told her the results of a recent biopsy.

It is not clear whether she has womb or cervical cancer but the latter is far more common in women of her age.

The mother-of-two broke down in tears and sobbed to housemates she had suffered some ‘bad news’ and that she had to leave the house.

She was immediately withdrawn from the programme and was last night being flown home to begin treatment.

Her spokesman Mark Thomas said: ‘It is pretty obvious that she was looking forward to her time in the house but her health is the first priority and she is flying back for treatment and more tests.’

While cervical cancer has an 83 per cent survival rate, it kills more than 800 women each year and is the second most common form of the disease for women under 35 after breast cancer.

Jade had entered the Bigg Boss house after undergoing tests at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex after her third cancer scare and following four mystery collapses earlier this month.

But just three days after entering the house, she was told the devastating news yesterday by a specialist from the UK who was patched through to the Diary Room to speak to her.

A source said: ‘She was called into the Diary Room and spoke to her agent and then her consultant in the UK.

‘She just burst into tears, ran out and said to housemates “I have cancer”.’

Show bosses said the scenes will not be aired when the show is transmitted later tonight.

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s thoughtful of producers not to air the footage and you would expect them to put it on the show to explain what happened. It’s also quite dramatic and could make for high viewership if they included those segments.

No one should have to go through that and I hope she’s ok. Goody has two children from an ex-boyfriend, Bobby Jack, 5, and Freddie, nearly 4. She was pregnant in the spring of last year with a child from a different boyfriend, then 19 year-old Jack Tweed, but she had a miscarriage in June and eventually broke up with Tweed, saying she “felt more like his mother than his girlfriend.” Hopefully she will fully recover from this.

There have been a lot of stories of female celebrities suffering cancer, particularly breast cancer, and it helps emphasize how important it is to see your doctor and have regular checkups and screening tests.

Jade Goody is shown launching her perfume, “Controversial,” at Embassy night club in London on 7/29/08. Credit: Lia Toby / WENN

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  1. Cassie says:

    Scraping the barrel this morning?

    I’ve never heard of this chick. It’s a shame she has cancer, although I don’t think her condition deserves exposure on a celebrity blog.


  2. Mairead says:

    I’ve heard of her :P (just a gentle reminder that this site has an international readership, :wink: and some of us do love our trashy reality show gossip :oops: )

    This is very sad and would explain why she collapsed the other week.

    I don’t know what to make of her really – she really has managed to make something out of nothing for herself and her family. Just while the dipsy eejit persona has had its moments, let’s not forget that she made her name by being arguementative and slinging accusations of domestic violence about with the father of her boys.

    I would like to point out one thing though; she may be many things (and most of them unpleasant) she’s not a rascist. An arrogant bully and a borderline thug if pushed, but she and the two other harpies would have victimised the lovely Shilpa Shetty even if she was from the Home Counties.

    My flatmate and I paid a great deal of attention to this at the time and she never said to Shilpa “You should go back to the slums” as in “go back where you come from” – but rather “you should go back to the slums and try and helps the others there” because she thought Shilpa was acting above everyone :roll:
    Pretty much par for the course for some posters in certain threads here to be honest. :wink:

    For the really rascist remarks you have to go to her two co-bullies there, Jo O”Meara and Danielle Lloyd. The fact that that nasty skank Lloyd is still getting work, just because she’s “hot” (pppfrt – a face with piggy little eyes only a mother could slap IMO) sticks in my craw to this day. :evil:

  3. geronimo says:

    Wasn’t going to bother commenting here but ditto Mairead and the racism. Really unfair that she took the flak for it when the other two were 100 times more vile and vicious and genuinely offensively racist towards SS but were let almost completely off the hook.
    Wish her well.

  4. Pont Neuf says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but it is difficult to believe that naming a Hindu woman ‘Shilpa Poppadom’ and mocking her accent isn’t a horrifying display of wild, incontrollable ethnocentrism and xenophobia. As for the ‘go back to the slums’ comment, it is highly inappropriate to say that to anyone who comes from a Third World country, regardless of the context in which it is said.

    Yes, this petty, disgusting animal was aided by that harlot Danielle Lloyd (who is most famous for sleeping her way through entire football teams) and the horrid chav that is Jo O’Meara, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve any criticism for what she did. Whether motivated by a class discordance or genuine racism, her comments and her attitude towards Shilpa Shetty were beyond despicable and UTTERLY inappropriate.

    As for her having cancer… Well, we shouldn’t worry. Jade is barely above a sow in most regards, but she will know how to use this situation to clean her image. After all, she has made millions out of ‘performing’ the role of an ‘extreme caricature’ of the British underclass. If she could achieve fame by being utterly repulsive, she should be able to use this as a means to sustain it.

  5. geronimo says:

    Pont Neuf, yes, Jade is ignorant, uneducated, has no visible intelligence or talent and is offensively pointless in the scheme of things, but your last par. was just ugly.

  6. czarina says:

    geronimo; Agreed. Having just watched a family friend die slowly of cancer this past spring, not to mention several friends who have been dealing with treatments, I would never wish such a thing on ANYONE, no matter how offensive they might be.
    And let’s grab some perspective here Pont Neuf–she didn’t murder anyone or abuse her children. She is hardly the worst person in the world.
    I hope, for the sake of her children, that she is able to make a sucussful recovery.

  7. milkandkisses says:

    Pont Neuf, I agree totally and must commend you on one of the most well written posts Ive read here in ages, Honestly surprised you didnt get censored by the powers that be as its getting all a bit to hypocritically PC around here for my liking.

    I agree that Jade will find a way to turn this into another way for her to make money by splashing her ugly mug and minge all over the covers of trashy 99p gossip mags.

  8. Megan says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t care whether Jade Goody lives or dies. She is a complete bitch and only feels bad about her bitchiness when she realises the world doesn’t like her any more. She was only sorry for saying racist things about Shilpa once she realised everyone hated her. So I really don’t give a rat’s ass about Jade Goody, or her health.

  9. Blackalicious says:

    I get Cassie’s point, but I know all the Brit celebs b/c I follow a lot of Brit papers online. I visited a few times and loved it what can I say.
    Jade makes lots of money, kind of like the people who kept appearing on ‘Road Rules’ parts 1- 100 from MTV heyday. Eric Nies, anyone? She parlayed a reality tv stint into a fortune. She’s what the Brits call a ‘chav’. Her chav-tastic ways include her boozing it up and making egregious social transgressions. She’s not my cup of tea
    but this is sad news.
    The upshot is that she has had children at least; if this renders her infertile then she will have had the chance to be a mother. Hopefully it will have a good outcome.
    I really hope she cleans up her lifestyle: eating more healthily and lay off the booze- that will help her when she (hopefully) recovers.

  10. Mairead says:

    Hypocritically PC or not, I still think it’s sad that she has two little boys who could be terrified that their Mammy – as batshit as she is – might not be around.

    Pont Neuf, I don’t disagree with most of your post. Your assessment of Jade and the other two bullies is fairly spot-on, but I just have to correct one thing – the mimicing was predominantly done by others.

    It’s just my opinion, but as loathsome and moronic as it was, I still don’t think that Jade’s comment was intended to be a racial slight. I still think that if Shilpa was white and from Birmingham, they’d have mimicked the Brummie accent; from Newcastle the Geordie. Shilpa was detested by those girls for being Shilpa – not for being Indian.

    Although I find your final paragraph distasteful – for personal reasons and for cultural reasons (the legend of Irish traditional music, Ronnie Drew, was buried today after succumbing to throat cancer – this man was beloved by all and sundry.

    It’s my opinion that anyone who survives cancer shouldn’t be begrudged (well, within certain limits of course :wink: ). Can we let the woman get rid of the disease first before we start having a pop at the way she deals with it.

  11. Whitey Fisk says:

    “Womb cancer” must be British for “uterine cancer”. How do the British somehow make even cancer sound nicer?

  12. Richard Graham says:

    The press that Jade as cancer after a smear test and they have found abnormal cells does not nesercerily mean she has cancer.

    My Wife had a bad smear and she had CIN2 and as had the heat treatment, she has to go back in 6 months to find out if the treatment has worked.

    I fear that this is just a sick publicity stunt for Jade. The good side from it is that it raises the profile of cervical cancer and I hope more young women undergo smear tests.

    I will feel physically infuriated if this is a publicity stunt for Jade especially after what my wife has gone through.

  13. Andy says:

    This is one of two things – either a desperate last ditch attempt to glean some credible publicity or a genuine case.

    The first possibility is supported by the fact that the news was broken to her on a stupid reality TV show – if you were waiting for results to determine whether you had a life threatning illness, would you want it broadcast live for an entire country to see? Also the first person defending against these conspiricy theories? Surely an outraged mum, or close family friend right? No first to defence is her PUBLICIST. Sure he’s annoyed look at all the lovely moola he’s going to make out of it. This is exactly the kind of thing this disgusting professional benefit scrounger is capable of and prepared to do for a bit of limelight and £. If this is a bluff then she simply reiterates her place as a disgusting money grabbing nobody, and hopefully the story about the boy who cried wolf will come back to haunt her.

    If it is indeed genuine, I’m sorry but there are hundreds of other women suffering from the same illness who are infinitely more deserving of my sympathy/compassion etc than her. Whilst I obviously would wish her a 100% successful recovery, I cetainly wouldn’t shed any tears if she went on to snuff it, nor would I be making a donation towards hiring the crane required to bury her.

  14. gg says:

    Well, I think we can pretty much say that the “bad cells” are quite worse than first suspected. She has quite the mass of unwanted uterine tissue. Not a good diagnosis at all.

  15. Danni says:

    milkandkisse and megan i ope u rot in hell u sickos. u are complete utter wankers and jst remember wat goes round comes bak around. so gd riddens to u both..