Brigitte Nielsen wants to try IVF to get pregnant

Reality star Brigitte Nielsen is just 45 years old. I thought she was about 10 years older than that, probably due to her ragged appearance prior to her recent cosmetic surgery. Nielsen sat down with Hello! Magazine at her home in the South of France with her fifth husband, former waiter Mattia Desi, 30. Alcoholic Nielsen is looking a lot better after having an eye lift, breast lift and liposuction. She’s sober after kicking the booze and cigarettes through the help of Celebrity Rehab and Dr. Drew, and she says she’s ready to try for a baby with her younger husband.

Nielsen is working out with a personal trainer to prepare for her upcoming spread in Playboy Magazine later this year, and says that once she’s completed that she’ll try to get pregnant. She has four sons from three different men, and her boys range in age from 13 to 24. Nielsen admits that her drinking made her a bad mother to them:

You’re appearing in Playboy later this year…
“This December it will be 20 years since my last Playboy shoot. So back in LA I’ll get a personal trainer and tone up. It’s a great challenge and if I can do it I’ll be very, very happy. If my body’s in good shape, I want to show people I worked hard at it. Maybe that’s a Danish thing….”

You’ve said you’ve been portrayed as a bad mum…
“I’ve been a bad mum at times – when you take the bottle over your kids, you’re a bad mum. But I love them and there has always been a close bond. I’ve been affectionate, caring. It’s unfortunate they’ve seen me in a bad way. But kids are great, they’re the most unconditional, forgiving people.”

What are your future work plans?
“I want to give advice about drugs and alcohol to young people. I’d also like to produce – I have two ideas for shows about people in need that I want to take to Oprah Winfrey.”

Finally, would you like children with Mattia?

“We’re going to try. After I do Playboy, we want to try IVF. It’s asking a lot, but if it’s possible ,it would make our package complete.”

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, August 26, 2008]

If she wants to have another child and feels prepared for it there are options for her. There are risks of course at her age, but if she opts to use donor eggs the risks are reduced. Marcia Cross had twins at 44, and she hinted to the press that she used donor eggs. Other celebrity moms to have babies post-40 include Holly Hunter, who had twins at 47, and Geena Davis, who also had twins at the age of 47.

Brigitte Nielsen is shown at Germany’s MTV TRL on 8/8/08. I saw that interview and she seemed pretty candid about her addiction problems and what she went through as an alcoholic. Credit: WENN

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  1. Kaiser says:

    She already has four sons? How about you prove you can be a good mother to them before you try expensive and invasive procedures to get pregnant with your latest boy-toy?

  2. Lauri says:

    She has already admitted to being a bad mother to the children she already has. Why would she want to do it again? This is a bad idea.

  3. Syko says:

    Really? Only 45? I’d have sworn she was closer to 60.

    I have to agree, if you messed it up with three in the past, why would you think you’d do a better job with a fourth one?

  4. daisy424 says:

    She looks like a Tranny/Carny :lol:

  5. geronimo says:

    Don’t know why exactly but I like her. I think it was seeing her being so patient with Jackie Stallone (a monster on CBB UK) that got me. She just comes across as honest and decent and has never made excuses for herself about stuff in the past – ie. she’s not one of those whiny, blame-it-on-others drunks. And who says she’s not a good mother to her kids now? Comes across as someone who’s learned from her past and wants a chance to do it right this time, sober.

  6. Kaiser says:

    @Daisy – Tranny Hot Mess. Somebody’s got a secret…

  7. daisy424 says:

    Geronimo, I remember that slap down with Jackie, too funny. Jackie was very protective of her boy.

  8. Anna says:

    I’d be so ashamed to be one of her kids. This woman is a mess. She can’t let go of her youth and this crazy baby wish just proves that even more.

  9. alex says:

    She’s afraid of getting old now, hm?

  10. lola lola says:

    I think she’s great. I have to say, I was never her biggest fan but when I saw her on Dr. Drew, she was so down to earth & normal–and appropriately ashamed of, as she said, ‘choosing the bottle over her kids.’ She’ll be a great mom cause she wants to be & has learned from her mistakes. More power to her.

  11. Prissa says:

    More power to her indeed, but I don’t understand: why have a breast lift and liposuction when you’re just going to blow up again with pregnancy weight?????? :?:

  12. princess says:

    I think I just spotted the Four Horsemen

  13. Orangejulius says:

    Maybe it’s like a rebirth kind of thing… I’m newly sober, have a new relationship, new start at life. OK.. that’s a stretch.
    She does look way, way older than 45. Damn! The blondes I saw when I lived in Hawaii also age like this. The combo of light skin and sun… BAD. Oh, and the hair… mine looks like that if it hasn’t been washed for several days. Something about Mary…

  14. Blackalicious says:

    Late 50s, more like. BEAT!

    And how about picking up a goddamned hobby for a ‘fresh start? You don’t pop out another kid to kick start the ‘new you’. Jesus Christ, woman. How about cultivating more loving, involved relationships with your existing children? It’s radical, I know.

    And CB I want to see what her sons look like. I wonder if they are good looking. And if they even speak to her anymore.. that would be the worst to me: having kids and not having a relationship with them. She admits she was a bad parent, fine. But doesn’t seem like she is working towards making amends. That’s a
    reflection of truly poor character.

  15. Maritza says:

    Really? I had no idea Holly Hunter and Geena Davis were 47 when they had their twins and they used donor eggs! Wow! anything is possible as long as you have the money for it!

  16. rottenkitty says:

    Sun exposure + drug abuse + smoking + alcoholism = looking really bad at a young age. Any one of those things will age you. All four together, well, the proof is in the pudding.

    Esquire did a piece on her many years ago. There were semi-nude photos of her and she looked amazing back then. But few people look the same at 45 as they did at 20.

    And it’s sad that after kicking all her addictions, she felt the need to go under the knife in order to pose for Playboy. But maybe her physical appearance is all she thinks she has to offer. (Or she could be, you know, a massive narcissist.)

  17. lola lola says:

    Blackalicious: I saw 3 of her sons on the Dr. Drew show. They were absolutely gorgeous and seemed very sweet to her–and also totally uncomfortable being on TV so that made them even more endearing to me. I think they were all Italian–at least she was speaking Italian to them and I don’t think they speak any English. But very good point about fixing what she has before you move on to the next kid!

  18. Prissa says:

    I agree Lola. I saw her sons on the Flava Flav “show” (debacle more like) and they were handsome, but very camera shy. What they must have been thinking seeing their mom with Flava! What is the Italian word for YUCK?

  19. Lola says:

    Surely she is not only three years older than Halle Berry. She looks 60 and a bad 60 at that. :roll:

  20. Codzilla says:

    Is Playboy really going to feature this woman? If so, I’m guessing any sales will be rooted more in morbid curiosity than the anticipation of some hot T&A.

  21. Cassie says:

    I agree with Geronimo. I just have a liking for her, despite her apparent trashiness and over the top personality. I think she really impressed me when she showed her fluency in Italian. By my score, that increases her class by ten fold.

  22. Jennifer says:

    At 45, she needs to use donor eggs. It’s very rare for a woman to get pregnant with her own eggs at that age. One in a million. Most women who try IVF past 42 deal with trisomy 23 and end up with a d&c.

  23. Mary says:

    WOW, she is only 45. I thought she was at least an old looking 55. I am 46 and my boyfriend is 44. I really feel young now. She looks at least 15 years older than we do!

  24. BRIAN says:

    She looks like she could kick Rocky’s ass now. Did she have the same operation as Kathleen Turner? They are both men now, it looks like.

  25. Ted says:

    :P What happened to this woman? Seriously, she was smokin hot back in the day….. She was incredible… what has this woman been doing with Flavor Flav, is she on drugs or something, she looks really different these days.

  26. ms c says:

    At 45, she needs to use donor eggs. It’s very rare for a woman to get pregnant with her own eggs at that age. One in a million. Most women who try IVF past 42 deal with trisomy 23 and end up with a d&c.


    Once again we speak what we dnt know……..It is a higher risk getting pregnant at that age but it is very possible and get your fact right it is not one in a milllion. Why are people so negative do you live in here home Life has the ability to change ppl some for good and some for mad……..Who the hell are you to decide if she should have another baby are you writing her checks nooooooo. You dnt know what she was going thru when she had the first three. …….. That doesnt mean she hasnt changed……..SHAME ON YOU……I BET YOU ALL GOT MORE DIRT THAN A CEMETERY BUT WANT TO CRITICIZE EVERYONE ELSE.

  27. ms c says:

    NO Wonder most of these postings are negative……..I am willing to bet it mostly females posting. Live Love and learn.

    PS .. I AM A FEMALE.

  28. ms c says:

    She already has four sons? How about you prove you can be a good mother to them before you try expensive and invasive procedures to get pregnant with your latest boy-toy?



  29. daisy424 says:

    @ ms c “I bet you all got more dirt than a cemetary but want to criticize everyone else”

    Of course you nitwit, this is a gossip site, it’s what we do. Stop using all caps also.
    Go sit at the kiddie table until you can learn how to play nice. :P

  30. holly says:

    “Beauty posing again for Playboy”

    Beauty? Ahem… by who’s standards?

  31. Jamie says:

    Well,if she gets pregnant and finds she can’t handle one more kid,she can always give it to Brad and Angie!

  32. gloriacoto says:

    I love Brigitte Neilson because she has so much courage to change..way to go Brigitte…I hope that she is continuing the work she was doing on her relationship with her sons..keep the faith Brigitte

  33. anglwthnohalo says:

    Hello everyone I am sure that there are things in all of our closets that we are not proud of. But people do change and none of us have halo’s on our heads.
    The saying goes for our children as well as other people in our lives a friend, a spouse, a cousin, ect. God says we are to treat everyone the same. No matter what. Just as He treats us. Yes when we look at it from the human way we see it as terrible, however if we look at it from a Godly point God may have used her circumstances for His Glory and no one elses. To be forgiven He say’s we must forgive. Don’t judge the person before you judge yourself “for in the way you judge you shall be judged”. If we must judge lets judge the sin itself and leave it at that.

  34. Princess says:

    Maybe a softer hair style minus the bleach would suit her better. It’s time to lose that look….whatever you call it.

  35. gina says:

    everyone forgets she had a little girl that she left for sly stalone

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  37. Lynn says:

    I think she used her drinking to cover up other problems that need to be addressed before she even thinks about having another baby. I am around her age and I know how it can feel to want more kids but to know it’s not likely to happen on it’s own. I say if she is chem free and still wants a child in 5 years then she can get some donor eggs.
    She could also try out her new found desire to nurture something ahead of time by getting a pet, planting a garden or reaching out to kids through charity work. Who knows, she may decide that is what she has time/energy for. If she plans on using donor eggs and IVF what harm would it be to get use to being sober first?

  38. anonymus says:

    I got angry that this woman metiesen be with a younger boy. I do not understand why people are always so ill-conceived, perhaps there can be no true feelings despite the age difference, because people there are always ulterior motives behind this? If a man is but a large male who does so is a woman and is called a bitch! I do not know, does not seem right.