Hot Guy Friday: Of Biscuits and Men


Pierce Brosnan. Pierce is just about equal to Clive Owen as the kind of man I want whispering in my ear. And yet Pierce is largely forgotten, left un-requested on our weekly Hot Guy dong-athons. Why is that? Is it because we don’t want our lady parts (and gentleman parts, as men are welcomed here) tended to by such a lovely man as Pierce? He doesn’t seem like a dirty bastard, for better or for worse. Pierce is the kind of man you marry. He’s not the kind of man you have dirty, anonymous sex with in a hotel. You would have to marry him, and then have dirty sex with him in a hotel. By the way, thank you so much for the positive feedback on Pierce – I love the guy, and I want to feature him more often on our Dongapalooza.








James McAvoy. I honestly forget if I’ve done James recently (*rimshot*), so here he is again. I was just thinking about him. Because he’s lovely, and I like to check in with my non-Gerard Butler Scottish dongs.






Godfrey Gao (or Gao Yi Xiang). A request, and whoever requested him owes me a thank you – I had to look for a long time for these images. Gao’s been getting a lot of press recently because he’s the first Asian model ever used for Louis Vuitton – he’s in ads for man-purses. He’s Taiwanese, he’s 26 years old and he was born in Vancouver. Oh, and he’s huge too – he’s apparently very, very tall for a model at 6 foot 4. He’s very sexy, but I don’t like the scraggly beard stuff. If it’s going to grow in that scruffy, just be clean-shaven, you know?






Naveen Andrews. I just love him. I know he’s a sketchball and I know he has some baby-daddy drama. His on-again thing with Barbara Hershey is weird in a lot of ways, and he’s never going to be the dude from The English Patient in real life. He’s not even going to be Sayeed from Lost in real life. But I still love him. He’s sexy as hell, and an underrated actor.






Gaspard Ulliel. I tossed up some photos of Gaspard earlier this week when he attended the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week, and you bitches were all over him. STEP OFF, sluts. No, there’s enough Gaspard (“Gaspy”) for all of us. Gaspard is tight with Karl Lagerfeld, and Gaspard is “the face” of something Chanel (Bleu?). He was also the young Hannibal Lector in Hannibal Rising, which if you haven’t seen yet… is actually pretty good. The book is good too. Back to Gaspard: so pretty. But it’s an unconventional pretty, which I enjoy. He’s not some interchangeable beefcake. He is unique French beefcake.







Jesse L. Martin. Best known for his stints on Broadway, and for playing Det. Ed Green on Law & Order for many, many years. Jesse has a beautiful smile, an easy-going personality, and I know of no drama in his personal life. Maybe there is, and he keeps his junk tight. Maybe he’s just as nice as I imagine. Because I do spend a lot of time imagining how he’s going to fall in love with me when we meet. Can you blame me? Oh, and he’s a Virginia boy too. We grow ‘em real good in Virginia (not really, Jesse is the exception!).







Damian Lewis. By request, although it’s really not necessary – Damian is one of my favorites, and he’s probably my favorite male ginger. I love him even more than Prince Harry. Damian is just THAT amazing. Band of Brothers and Life are enough to get him on my Forever Dong List. Sigh… I love gingers.







Chad Ochocinco (By CB) This muscled wide receiver entered our collective fantasies when he competed on Dancing with The Stars last year. We swooned over his moves and questioned his motivation when he showered dance partner Cheryl Burke with jewelry and praise. Then he predictably earned his own dating reality show on VH1. Whether that ruins him for you or not, it can still make your heart race to stare at him.

Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco (85)

letterman celebs 291009

Chad Ochocinco Chooses Ink, Not Mink


Jason Statham (By CB) We do this dude on HGF about once a month – I just checked our archives. There’s a very good, deep, meaningful, powerful, commanding, rhythmic reason… what was I saying? Oh yeah, we get a lot of requests for him. I have no idea why. Look at these recent photos of Statham. He’s f*cking you with his eyes, and making you imagine that stubble creating a red contact rash along the insides of your thighs. A rash you won’t notice for several days afterwards. He’s putting it on a little thick here. Thick being the operative word. Check out his hands.








Vincent Cassel. He didn’t get an Oscar nomination this week (for Black Swan, in which he was pretty good), so he gets the “consolation prize” of being our Dong Dessert of the week.








Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN, Vogue, The Telegraph, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, GQ, The Berry, GQ UK, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Details, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Google Images.


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  1. clorismetchum says:

    lord….this place is gonna be flooded with panty pudding in about 2.5 seconds…

  2. Raven Sparrow says:

    Gosh I hate that Chanel tv ad with Gaspard ²Ulliel…”I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be anymore” and then the way he walks off – argh! Hate it. Was not impressed at all by Hannibal Rising (book or movie).Silence of the lambs both book & movie were excellent, Hannibal the book was amazing, the movie was awful.

    Other than that, great job ladies! Have a happy Friday!

    Or should I say… Have a happy Dong Day !!!

  3. Maria says:

    Hey Kaiser,first time commenter though i’ve been reading celebitchy religiously for a year now.Thank you for your neverending love for the wonderful scotsmen(although I’ll trade Butler for Fassbender)and for making our fridays brighter!!!Lots of love from Greece!!

  4. rerun says:

    that was like a well made gin & tonic after a hard day at work. must have stared at ochocinco for like 5 minutes. THANK YOU for damian lewis and vincent cassel.

  5. Eileen says:

    I love James McAvoy! So freaking cute! And Jesse Martin! Those eyes *sigh*!!

  6. Tamiko says:

    Thank you for introducing Godfrey Gao to my fantasies! Just delicious!

  7. heatheradair says:

    I’ll never get tired of Statham. Actually – I had THE BEST dream about him the other nite – as much as he knew he was SUPPOSED to be with that Rosie Huntington-Whatsername he JUST couldn’t stay away from me. Hated himself for it (whatever – he knew he was slummin it with me I guess), but he couldn’t keep his hands off me – DAMN I hated to wake up from that one. His chest….mmmmm, his chest.

  8. Rachael says:

    You had me at Sayid and that French guy. and that Asian model if he would get rid of the pube beard.

  9. guesty says:

    jason statham…my my my. btw…love b&w it.

  10. Chickie Baby says:

    You know, you’re right–how could we have forgotten Pierce Brosnan? Oh, the shame and guilt! That man just gets better with age. Please include him more often–he should be on the Hot Man Friday list for the MEN of the world who have transcended the “guy” stages of their lives. You know what I mean.

    And yeah, Statham has great hands. Huge hands.

    How could you put Damian Lewis at the top of the Hot Ginger list? Did you forget Fassbender? He’s the king. But if you want Damian, go ahead. More Fassbender for me!

  11. Nanea says:

    TGIHGF again!

    Nice mix of appetizers, main course, dessert and eye candy.

    Really, all of them!

    You’re right about PB and CO, there’s something about them, the Elder Dongsman aura, I’d call it.

    But… but if you lot do Jason Statham about once a month, could you pretty please feature Keanu from time to time too? Thank you!

    Good thing I have my own personal Hot Ginger: my husband!

  12. Alaska says:

    Mmm… I say this pretty much every week, but I think this might be the best HGF yet. I LOVE Pierce. And James… and Godfrey… and Jesse… and my new love Gaspard… and even Ochocinco is certainly pretty to look at, even if his personality leaves something to be desired. Great work, Kaiser!

  13. original kate says:

    mea culpa for forgetting about pierce! damn, that is a fine looking man, and he just gets better with age, like a fine wine. very classy.

    jesse l. martin “keeps his junk tight?” oh, not as tight as i’d keep it! *rimshots all around*

    i love james mcavoy. he is is hot. and talented. today’s math lesson: hot + talented = yummy.

  14. Canuck says:

    Perfect appetizer, perfect dessert. Yum!

  15. Riley says:

    Things I like about Pierce Bronson: He is easy on the eyes, he likes fuller figured women (that is really refreshing), and he speaks very nicely. But he is boring as hell. He is the worst interview and has absolutely no personality (or about the same personality as Harrison Ford which is pretty awful). I think that is why he was axed as 007 and is probably why people forget about him.

  16. Cherry Rose says:

    Mmm…Gaspard Ulliel, Jason Statham, and James McAvoy.

    Yum, yum, yum.

  17. Roma says:

    So many suits today! Swoon. Seriously though, Pierce can wear the hell out of a suit.

  18. MBT says:

    Very nice selection! Love McAvoy and Jesse Martin. Where did Jesse Martin go??? I would watch anything he was in

  19. jlw says:

    Thanks again, Ladies, for another well-done HGF. Really do appreciate y’alls hard work….and the wonderful results.

    (For the record, IMO, Peirce is not equal to Clive…..Clive has no equal. Just sayin’)

  20. sarahk says:

    Le sigh. Lovely. Now I want to go watch Pierce’s Thomas Crowne Affair remake. Again and again and again.

    Also, love the lovely James McAvoy.

    Have you done Matt Bomer, recently? If not, consider that a formal request.

  21. Keljo says:

    Kaiser, I would be the bitch that requested Godfrey Gao…thank you, you are amazingly awesome!! Once again, great list…can’t find fault with any of them, especially Naveen Andrews, Damian Lewis, Jason Statham, and Vincent Cassel. Have to say that I think I would go gay for his wife, Monica Bellucci…that is won stunning woman. Thanks again for Godfrey!

  22. mary jane says:

    The black and white of James McAvoy is lovely.

  23. Devon says:

    I’m not usually attracted to Asian dudes (except for Chow Yun Fat & Ken Watanabe…yum!) but this Godfrey Gao is smoking! Chad Ochocinco is so delicious. Did anyone see him on The League? So funny. Child, please! Jason Statham (his chest is so hot), Jesse L Martin (love him in Rent), VINCENT CASSEL (the dirty things that I want him to do to me) and James McAvoy. Good god do I love the Scots. Probably the reason why I married one. The baby blues and dark hair, just like my husband…*sigh*

    I’m voting for Ken Watanabe to be on next week’s HGF. So freaking sexy.

  24. Quest says:

    OMG…OMG…OMFG…I love, I melt, I..I..”Pierce, Jason, Godfrey…

    Kaiser you should have a disclaimer before proceeding to view HGF.

    “Warning: for your viewing pleasure, may cause burning, sweating or variouse means of arousals. Please view in cool dark places – preferably near a cold shower.”

  25. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm What a wonderful way to start my lunch break..

    Thank you ladies!! You did a fine FINE job this week.

    Happy Dongtastic Friday!

    YUM YUM Yummy

  26. Hollowdoll says:

    Thanks for a fabulous HGF. When I look at Gaspy I see Andy Sambergh.

  27. Keljo says:

    I just re-read my post and realized that I used “won” instead of “one.” What the hell is wrong with me today?

    And I second Devon’s motion for Ken Watanabe!!

  28. Anon says:

    I squealed when I came on Celebitchy for the first time today and saw Gaspard’s beautiful face.

    Perfect, perfect, perfect.

  29. Sarah says:

    Looking like he is, Pierce is very much reminding me of a Robert Redford

    And that’s a GOOD thing :)

  30. serena says:

    Oh Pierce…Oh Gaspard (thanks for letting me know of him), Oh Go Yi-something..this is hotness.
    But Naveen?? WTF, seriously??

  31. eja102 says:


    what a nice way to spend a dreary snowy friday.

    I had never seen Gaspard before. yummy.

  32. Cherry says:

    Lord have mercy!!! This might be my favorite HGF ever. Thank you for the flavors. Godfrey is beautiful (I 2nd the request for Ken Watanabe) Chad Ochocino (think he’s Johnson again) put me on the floor. James McAvoy is in one of my favorite interracial fantasies. I replace Kerry Washington in Last King of Scotland and things don’t turn out so bad. Still waiting for Alain Delon…

  33. Jess says:

    Thank you, thank you for my new James McAvoy screensaver! He is delicious.

    May I request Alex Pettyfer? He makes me drool. Damn his young age.

  34. I Choose Me says:

    Mmmhmm, I’m liking the newcomers (heh, heh) Gaspard and Godfrey. Statham!!! I get serious lady boners for that guy and is it just me or does Jesse Martin has the most soulful eyes?

  35. hairball says:

    Jason Statham totally won me over when by chance I saw “The Transporter”. The charisma he has on-screen is amazing.

    Pierce Brosnan is always a winner. He did some funky kind of movie a few years back that was totally away from his normal role. I hope he does more like that.

  36. Melissa says:

    I know you are going to hate this request because I have read the negative posts about him but I think Dr. Drew is SO HOT and worthy of a few pics next friday!!

  37. mrsezc says:

    Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …. it’s flooded here with Panty Pudding!!!

  38. Glyrics says:

    How about Matt Smith? Or Jérôme Robart. I’m in Paris and he keeps me company on Nicolas Le Floch, even though I don’t understand a word of french.

  39. Girafe99 says:

    Can we have Taylor Kitsch and Thierry Henry soon, please?

  40. MissyA says:

    I’ve never seen an angle of Pierce Brosnan I didn’t like.

    I have a SUPER special request (if you take my meaning).

    . . . Aaron Rodgers and/or Donald Driver.

    Now, I know they aren’t Hollywood celebrities, but they are impossibly hot looking athletes who live and work in the middle of nowhere (<3) and deserve some HGF recognition. And unbeknownst to both of them, they’ve been my boyfriend(s) for a very long, long time.

    I’d also accept Clay Matthews – don’t judge! I have a thing for longhaired, burly Norse linebackers (who don’t wear purple, of course. ;) ).

    I love my Packers, and I have a feeling once you do some google searches, you will too!

  41. vivi says:

    Very disapointing. I don’t like this list at all!

  42. hstl1 says:

    That Gaspard Ulliel guy looks just like Michael Graziadei from The Young & the Restless. LOL

  43. original kate says:

    jeremy sisto, please. that is all.

  44. Starbuck says:

    Jesse L. Martin IS as nice as he looks–my boss met him a few times through the store she used to own, and said he was incredibly friendly and courteous.

  45. MarenGermany says:

    Pierce is hot, but I prefer Rodger Moore over him.

  46. sassenach says:

    Damn…Godfrey is fine as hell and so is James McAvoy. That eyebrow action in his first pic is killing me. I request them every week and I am ignored but I will keep requesting them until you convert to the hotness. Robert Sheehan and Iwan Rheon.

  47. calgarykerry says:

    Love it
    but i’m still waiting for christian kane please!!

  48. KLO says:

    This is the best HGF ever.

    Gaspard Ulliel is like the french variant of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. They’re both so pretty that it makes you feel really dirty. ;D

    Like, a normal, moral person shouldn’t be able to touch either one of them and not go up in flames.

  49. jen34 says:

    Pierce and Naveen. Pierce is definitely marriage material or leave-your-husband material. And Naveen was my favorite until Desmond appeared in Season 2. He always looked hot in his wife beaters.

  50. Bunny says:

    Sigh……I love Damian Lewis.

  51. Sally-Sue says:

    My good friend worked on a movie with Pierce Brosnan and she said he’s such a lovely man – all the crew loved him and these folks tend to be good judges of character.

  52. bee says:

    woooo!!! Statham!!! thanks Kaiser, you’re the best!

  53. Ashley says:

    I still love this format!!

    But how about Dean Winters?

    He’s been on 30 Rock, and now I think he’s most known for the Allstate commercials.

    He’s a babe

  54. KsGirl says:

    The Asian hottie from Vancouver and the young French hottie…oh Jesus. Thank you Kaiser. Thank you. Look at French boy’s eyes! OMG!

    And Pierce Brosnan will never not be hot because he’s such a good guy irl. The actual *being* hot thing – doesn’t hurt, tho.

    Jason Statham. I don’t want to have a convo with you. I don’t want to go shopping with you. I don’t want to redecorate my house with you. There is only one thing I want to do with you.

  55. Sammie says:

    I didn’t check this earlier in the day and when I did, everyone in here heard me say “My my my my my my my my my my!” WOW. Thanks for putting Pierce first! He actually put the rest of the guys to shame. What a man. He gets better the older he gets! Thanks for making my Friday good…and first pic becomes my desktop RIGHT NOW!

  56. Koolkitty says:

    Didn’t request him but a big shout out for shining a light on the deliciousness known as Godfrey.
    And Pierce pics just made my day! He is so under-rated both as an actor and for his hot dong-ness. I’ve had a crush on him almost as long as John Taylor from Duran-Duran.

  57. TQB says:

    I love you, I love you, I love you.

    Thanks for the Jesse L. Martin. He is beautiful and the memory of those last few years of Jerry Orbach on L&O were terrific.

    As for Ochocinco, if you were a football fan, you’d feel differently. There’s just too much to look past.

    oh and PIERCE. My first and forever love.

  58. dj says:

    Pierce is all kinds of sexy, delicious, drinking 12 year old Scotch guy (or older) and speaking in that wonderful, quiet voice of delicious things you are going to be doing after you leave that public space (preferably hotel bar, with dark wood)! Whew! Did I just say that out loud? Anyhoo, I call my husband Pierce and he is definitely the one you want to marry (or leave your husband for)! Enjoyed very much! Strong work!

  59. W.O.M. says:

    I am now entering the 25th year of my love affair with Pierce Brosnan. This means I’m old, but loyal and more than willing to put out.

  60. Mandy says:

    Seconding MissyA’s Packers request! Aaron Rodgers is yummy (even though he needs a new haircut, gah!), and I also totally have a thing for Clay Matthews.

    And thanks for Gaspard! Forget about Hannibal Rising, you have to see him in A Very Long Engagement. One of my very favorite movies (Marion Cotillard is in it, too, and who doesn’t love her?).

  61. Solveig says:

    Did Sayid realize that in his blue t-shirt there’s a drawing of two men whose penises are touching? This is so gay!
    Sayid was one of my favourite Lost’s characters, I’m going to do a rewatch because I’m missing that series, although I really hated the final season and the finale.
    Request: Tony Leung, not ordinarily beautiful but hot (and good actor, too).

  62. Liz909 says:

    Great installment of HGF…as usual!

    I would love to see some rockers thrown into the mix, like Jared Leto, Chris Cornell, or Tommy Lee. Thanks!

  63. Whitey Fisk says:

    Wow, Pierce Brosnan is a MAN.

    Thanks to the reader who asked for Godfrey Gao. I would like to hold his Louis Vuitton man purse for him.

    Gaspard Ullie could be Andy Samberg’s twin.

    Naveen Andrews grosses me out almost (almost) to the point of negating the hotness of the other men on this page. I’ve never seen him in anything, so I’m guessing he has a sexy demeanor???

    I don’t remember seeing any vintage Andy Garcia on HGF. That there’s some soulful dong. And feel absolutely free to, um, thrust Prince Harry on us again. Over and over again. Thrust. Prince Harry. Please.

  64. Mouse says:

    Nice, there are dishes on the menu this week that I’ve never tried before. Thx especially for Statham and McAvoy!

  65. lucy2 says:

    Thanks for Pierce – he just seems so manly and classy, and low drama. I like that.
    Jesse L Martin always makes me smile – glad to hear he’s as nice as I’d hope he is.
    I like the last photo of Godfrey Gao.

    Naveen never did much for me on Lost (I’m a Josh Holloway girl) but of all the characters, Sayid was one of my faves, and the one I’d pick to be stuck with – that guy could do anything!

  66. Valerie says:

    Umm, Jesse!! Wonderful! Thank you.

    I would also like to request Dean Winters and Dominic West! Yummy to my tummy!

  67. saucy says:

    first time posting after a long time reading….

    ladies, you’ve outdone yourselves today. holy cow! such beautiful beautiful guys!

    also throwing in my requests for ken watanabe, aaron rodgers, and donald driver. love the pack

    ps could we do a “men of the nfl” for next week’s superbowl? :)

  68. Marianne says:

    Gaspard!! Le sigh!

    Putting in another request for Anton Yelchin!

  69. orion70 says:

    I echo the Ken Watanabe love.

  70. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’m one of those people who have weird-ass dreams; some of them my son tells my friends about so they can all laugh at me. I had one about 2 weeks ago where I was a scientist on a space ship; and Josh Holloway was up there as part of the crew! I’m like, dude! How did you get up here? You’re supposed to be on the island! He had no idea what I was talking about; thought I was nuts and as he walked off I knew I had blown it. :-(
    I love these wonderful Friday posts.

  71. SassyOne says:

    The tasty scottish shortbread, Godfrey, classic Pierce ( another man who only improves with age), and Gaspard…mmmmm, Gaspard…

    I vote for… ( drumroll, please)…

    The uber-delectable JAMES CAVIEZEL!!!

    Oh, please,please,please,ladies? He is some serious forever-dong competition ( did you hear that, RDJ? Step up your game!)

  72. mln76 says:

    Pierce was one of my first TV crushes. Whenever I see him I think Remington Steele and I smile a little.

  73. SassyOne says:

    @ MissyA-
    I hear you, and check out Lenny McGill,
    Green Bay CB mid 90s ( GB scout now, I think) serious pretty boy- knockout eyes…

  74. Az says:

    Holy fuckballs. Jason Statham. I almost can’t deal with his sheer hotness. Also, if you aren’t following Chad Ochocinco on Twitter, you really should. Such a wonderful human being, that one.

  75. Dhavy says:

    When I was a teen my favorite ginger was Eric Stoltz (who is still hot) but I love Damian Lewis now…that pout

    James McAvoy total yum and so is Jesse Martin, I never missed L&O when he was on

    I don’t care if Brosnan is boring like they say, he was sexy is Remington Steele, Thomas Crown Affair, After the Sunset and as 007 (I’ll be Onatopp)…love those Irish eyes

  76. LittleOat says:

    I absolutely love Pierce Brosnan. Apparently he adopted his first wife’s children after their dad passed away. Just knowing that makes me love him that much more.

    Didn’t Ochocinco change his name again? Or is going to?

    Also…one more vote for Michael Pitt for a HGF in the future.

  77. greentiger says:

    A few years back I briefly met Pierce Brosnan. It was when he was married to his wife that died from cancer. I was closing down the hotel bar when the staff and I saw a very tall good looking man tapping at the glass door to the club. Someone let him in and suddenly the waitress squeaked in my hear “OMG” its Pierce Brosnan.” I did not believe her. True this guy was hot and dressed in a soft tan leather coat, white shirt and jeans. Shoulder length hair and three day stubble. I watched as he approached the bar, the waitress was wetting herself and shaking while squeezing my arm,then this feeling of recognition. It was his eyes. Then the voice as he politely asked for either tea or coffee. Prrrrr.
    I said “Anything you want we will get for you.” He sat quietly sipping the beverage as we SLOWLY cleaned up. Then he handed me some money to which I replied “its on us.” He then thanked us and left.
    Later on we talked to the night manager and we found out that he was in town with his first wife while she was getting cancer treatment and NIH (National Institute of Health) She was dying. Then I remembered that he did seem as though he was somewhere else. Somber I suppose. Apparently she died a few weeks later.
    Even though he was quiet you could still feel his charisma, and I knew that it was not fake that this was the kind of guy with integrity and honor. A man who loved his wife and was there for her. And there is nothing sexier than a loyal man.

  78. greentiger says:

    A few years back I briefly met Pierce Brosnan. It was when he was married to his wife that died from cancer. I was closing down the hotel bar when the staff and I saw a very tall good looking man tapping at the glass door to the club. Someone let him in and suddenly the waitress squeaked in my hear “OMG” its Pierce Brosnan.” I did not believe her. True this guy was hot and dressed in a soft tan leather coat, white shirt and jeans. Shoulder length hair and three day stubble. I watched as he approached the bar, the waitress was wetting herself and shaking while squeezing my arm,then this feeling of recognition. It was his eyes. Then the voice as he politely asked for either tea or coffee. Prrrrr.
    I said “Anything you want we will get for you.” He sat quietly sipping the beverage as we SLOWLY clean up. Then handed me some money to which I replied “its on us.” He then thanked us and left.
    Later on we talked to the night manager and we found out that he was in town with his firat wife while she was getting cancer treatment and NIH (National Institute of Health) She was dying. Then I remembered that he did seem as though he was somewhere else. Somber I suppose. Apparently she died a few weeks later.
    Even though he was quiet you could still feel his charisma, and I knew that it was not fake that this was the kind of guy with integrity and honor. A man who loved his wife and was there for her. And there is not anything sexier than a loyal man.

  79. Lula says:

    Yum, yum, yummmm!
    Cyril Descours, please!

  80. NicoleAM says:

    Hot list, requesting Jeremy Irons!

  81. latam2012 says:

    where do you do requests? Jon Kortajarena please!

  82. M says:

    Pierce is smoking. Best Bond EVAR – I don’t care if my mom thinks it’s Connery.

    Also, is there anyone else who could have been Thomas Crown? No. There is not.

    Squeeeeee @ Jesse Martin! Always lovely. And always impeccably attired, even if in jeans and t-shirt. In fact, more of that, world, please. :-)

    Kaiser, if you decide not to feature Roger and Rafa this next week, I will keep them to myself. In fact … that might be just the ticket. Forget I asked? lol. :-)

  83. M says:

    Also, Vincent Cassell is yum. Can’t believe I forgot to mention that. Night Fox indeed.

  84. Rita says:

    i don’t think old, bold and b man are hot
    aside sayid and the chinese the others were a horrible choice, thanks

  85. marge says:

    Pierce Brosnan just keeps getting better and better with age… yum

    Vincent Cassel too

    You just gotta love -and respect- men who embrace their age and hairline…

  86. Toe says:

    Godfrey Gao: the name has god in it.
    Thats enough for me to eat that forbidden fruit. I need to go to Taiwan asap. Could you put Vin diesel for future references?

  87. missbhaven says:

    What a great week of Dong. The dessert was great and it proves that hair on a man’s chest is sexy. Why must we wax away all that manliness? This weeks opening distinguished dong was especially nice. That and the above mention of manly hair does bring a request; Tom Selleck. I am sure his has been on before but I would love a recap, especially from his time on Friends. Oh, what about a little Matthew Perry. The funny always does it for me.

  88. Kiska says:

    Thanks for Pierce I’ve crushed on him since Remington Steele. He was especially delicious in a movie called “Murder 101″ Good movie too.

    Vincent Cassel is so damn sexy. Monica Bellucci is lucky to have such a hot husband.

    Jason S. has one of the best chests ever. grrrrrrrrrrr

    A most excellent HGF. Thank you, Kaiser

  89. jaye E says:

    I have had a bit of lady wood for Pierce Brosnan since “Remington Steele”. And like a fine wine, he’s gotten better with age.

    Chad OchoCinco is beautiful as long as he keeps his mouth closed. (although he does have beautiful teeth).

    Godfrey Gao…lawdamurcy!

    I love James MacAvoy. He’s gorgeous and he’s got that wiry little body. Yum!

  90. Nesstastic says:

    Gaspard – ahh ma gawd!! I now have a hot french dong to add to my manwich. Can you please post some pics of my favourite irish dong Cillian Murphy? Much lovexxxxx

  91. Mag says:

    I live in Paris and saw Gaspard eating lunch at the cafe that I haunt. He’s quite small (as in bone structure) but goddamn those eyes and hair. Hot. We had a little eyef*ck moment and it was glorious!

  92. Becca says:

    is there something wrong with my eyes? I don’t find ANY of these men attractive. :(

  93. Lily says:

    Gaspard Ullie is so yummy,, I’d like to request Luke Macfarlane, he is brothers and sisters, he is so hot!

  94. Hey, How are you? Thank you for another fantastic post. I always like reading them for your notable spin on things. Please keep them coming and I’ll continue coming!