Jon Cryer checks TMZ to see what Charlie Sheen is up to

Charlie Sheen’s Two and Half Men costar Jon Cryer was on Conan O’Brien last night. Cryer talked about the incredible things that Sheen gets up to, and how the guy seems to take it all in stride. He didn’t mention Charlie’s many ‘rumored’ drug-fueled hooker hookups (and beat downs) but told the story of how Charlie admitted to him that his car was stolen and crashed down a cliff (that happened twice actually) and Charlie was like “whatever.” Cryer also joked that he checks TMZ to see whether he should go into work. At least I think he was joking – maybe he wasn’t.

On Wednesday night’s ‘Conan,’ Jon Cryer told the late-night host what it’s like working with his ‘Two and a Half Men’ co-star Charlie Sheen.

“It’s always a little weird,” Cryer admitted. “Because the stuff you hear is just unbelievable.” The actor joked that he’s “checking TMZ, as I do every day, to know if I have to go to work at all.”

“There was a story that they found Charlie’s car at the bottom of a cliff. So you’re thinking, ‘Wow, sure hope Charlie’s okay,’” he said. “And he comes into work, and it’s like, ‘Hey Charlie, how’s it going man?’”

Cryer said he checked Sheen for scratches after imagining his co-star had “crashed the car, and then clawed his way back up the cliff.” In reality, Sheen told him he was “doing okay” except for the fact “someone stole my car, and ran it off a cliff last night.”

“Normally, you would not believe that from someone,” Cryer said. “But from Charlie Sheen, you believe that… Because that happened to him twice. That actually happened.”

[From Popeater]

That was pretty generous of Cryer to tell the double car crash story and to skip over all the other insane sh*t about Charlie. The dude wants to keep his job, so he’s going to portray Charlie as getting up to all sorts of funny hijinks rather than the reality of the situation, which is that he’s an abusive druggie with a sex addiction. CBS will continue to tolerate Charlie’s behavior as long as his show remains so inexplicably popular. The people who rely on the guy will make excuses and jokes about him. Just seeing how Cryer deals with it kind of brings the issue home for me and helps me understand the other side of it. If you get enough people together who rely on someone to keep their jobs they’re going to prop that guy up and continue to make excuses for him until the bottom falls out. As maddening and transparent as it seems to us on the outside, a lot of us would do the same if our livelihoods were at stake. (Not that it makes it right.)

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23 Responses to “Jon Cryer checks TMZ to see what Charlie Sheen is up to”

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  1. beebeedoom says:

    He should just do an “inmate search” in Los Angeles County, much faster and no bullshit pr stories.

  2. Kiki says:

    Why is this show still popular? I liked it when the kid was a child -I thought he had the best lines-. But now, I just don’t get it. It’s tiring that Charlie’s character doesn’t “grow up.”

  3. Quest says:

    I like Two and a Half Men but I think they should start focusing on the Jake character now… Charlie and Allan are getting monotonous. Hey people, let’s face it – Charlie is just rehearsing his charater on and off the screen. LOL

  4. Maritza says:

    I still find the show funny. Cryer is the one who has the funniest lines. Charlie is practically portraying himself.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    DUCKIE!!!!!! I love Jon so much!!!!!!

  6. Happymom says:

    I am just amazed that Charlie is still able to get himself into work and apparently do his job. At some point, tragedy will strike and then CBS will be spinning some bs story about why/how they tried “everything” but couldn’t save him.

  7. sharylmj says:

    We love this show!! John and Charlie and the kid (don’t know his name) and all the characters are so real and so funny. It does amaze me how Charlie manages to maintain himself on a professional level while he parties is butt off… it’s crazy!!

  8. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never liked the show and don’t watch, but I feel bad for all the people who work on it. It must really suck to have your job depend on a cracked out man whore.

  9. gabs says:

    I used to find the show funny but its getting old. That said I LOVE Jon Cryer. Duckie 4eva! I would feel bad if he loses his job because of Charlie’s antics. I do think its effed up to keep the show going with that loser but then again there ARE so many people involved with the show that would lose their jobs too. I do get the other side of it now. Still, charlies a douche!

  10. orion70 says:

    Liked the show better in its bachelor days. The fiance character gets on my last nerve.

  11. mln76 says:

    I love Jon Cryer but he is doing PR at the behest of CBS and it’s despicable. I really believe at the end of this either Charlie or one of his hookers will end up dead. I get that he has mouths to feed but it’s sad that he is covering Charlie’s butt. And no I’ve never found the show funny.

  12. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I want to know how a person can harbour romantic feelings towards someone who cut up Annie Potts’ perfectly good dress and turned it into a sartorial monstrosity so offensive to behold, one welcomes the moment when occular trauma forces the optic nerves to shatter.

    Man, if your name is in the opening credits, I don’t wanna hear about it. How much does Fat Kid make again? Sheen is the cup bearer to Xenu and Satan’s cabana boy and there’s no disputing it.

  13. Cherry Rose says:

    I always thought Jon Cryer was funnier than Charlie Sheen on this show when I used to watch this.

    But now, none of the characters really developed, and they all seem really one-dimensional. How this show is still going is beyond me.

  14. original kate says:

    i watched two episodes on a plane and wanted to jump out. dumbest show i’ve ever seen.

    i do love the duckman, though.

  15. *-* says:

    I love this show, love both Cryer and Sheen.. I too am amazed that Charlie can work, considering all the stories..
    Wish them all the best.

  16. Jeri says:

    I watched the show for a while but it is so predictable. The same situations over and over, watch the first 5 minutes and you know what will happen and what the jokes will be.

    I don’t understand why it remains so popular. Although I think the 1/2 (Jon’s son in the show), is very talented,

  17. Hmmm says:

    I suppose it is politic of him to say what he did, as long as he was not the publicity shill for CBS. I imagine Cryer (whom I adore as an actor) wouldn’t have to go on welfare if he lost this job. But if he’s a willing mouthpiece it speaks to character. Is everyone in showbiz lacking scruples?

    Hate the show, by the way.

  18. acj says:

    sorry, but people only turn their heads when the celebrity is white.

  19. Teej says:

    Of course they want to keep working–they know it’s only a matter of time until the inevitable happens. They have all most likely tried to help him, to no avail. I fully expect that when Charlie croaks, they will prop him up “Weekend at Bernie’s-style” and the show will go on until he falls completely apart. Milk that drunken teat for all he’s worth….

  20. sanddcastles says:

    who knows what is written into jon’s contract? maybe it says in his contract he can’t badmouth Charlie? wouldn’t be surprised…

  21. I Choose Me says:

    You don’t sh-t where you eat. When the show finally goes under, who knows how long until he gets work again. So I don’t blame him for not bad-mouthing Charlie. You don’t do that ever, at least not to the public, not if you expect to get work ever again. Instead you put on a brave face and you bitch in private to your friends. Or you dance around on the subject on Conan and you do it with humor (though not without some obvious erm, ah, pants- hitching discomfort)

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