Simon Cowell is a sexist a** as well as a curmudgeon

Simon Cowell’s public statements show that sexual harassment in entertainment isn’t confined to the boardroom or set. He made an obnoxious comment meant to be funny that he initiated the new American Idol judge, attractive songwriter Kara DioGuardi, 37, with a pajama party that included negligees for “the girls,” which presumably also means his coworker Paula Abdul, 46.

“It’s already a big happy family,” Abdul said Tuesday at the American Idol season 8 auditions held in New York. “We are so happy to have her.”

In fact, DioGuardi has already had quality bonding time with all three judges, says Simon Cowell. “We had a picnic last night. I wore jammies and the girls wore negligees and we kind of broke the ice,” Cowell joked. “We had cake until two in the morning.”

Joking aside, DioGuardi says the judges have welcomed her with open arms–yes, even Simon. “You were nice to me,” DioGuardi said to Cowell on the red carpet about their initial meeting. “You were actually OK.”

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That was a throwaway comment that Simon meant as a joke, but those are the type of jokes that intimidate and tell “girls” where their place is at work and in Hollywood – even if Simon didn’t consciously mean anything by it. It figures that Simon would say something like that, and it’s pretty telling that big dawg Randy Jackson didn’t make an appearance in his fantasy meet and greet with the new judge.

DioGuardi is largely considered to be a sane counterbalance to Paula Abdul’s often slurry, sometimes incoherent comments on the judges’ panel. Abdul says she’s thrilled to have her, though, and that there is no competition there.

“It’s about time another girl joined,” Abdul told PEOPLE Monday at the U.S. Open opening night celebration in Flushing, N.Y. “More girl power.”

Abdul, 46, who has been an Idol judge for the past seven seasons, says DioGuardi’s songwriter and producer experience will bring a different mix to the table. “She’s going to be a little more different and more from the industry standpoint.”

This isn’t the first time the pop singer has worked with DioGuardi. The two wrote a song for Kylie Minogue called “Spinning Around.”

Despite initial reports of a dustup after Abdul told a Phoeniz, Ariz., radio station Monday, “I am concerned about the audience and their acceptance … time will tell,” both Abdul and DioGuardi say there are no hard feelings.

“Anybody with the right brain would say something like that,” DioGuardi told reporters yesterday.

But will adding another female judge take the spotlight away from Abdul? “No,” says the singer. “This is great for the show. I’ve been waiting for this. I really have and people will love her. She’s great!”

[From People]

Now that Simon is all focused on getting DioGuardi naked he’ll stop bugging the crap out of Paula while they’re shooting Idol. She probably considers another woman a buffer from Simon’s obnoxious taunting. No wonder she’s so happy to welcome her on.

Here are photos of AI introducing Kara DioGuardi at NYC tryouts at Chelsea Piers yesterday. Ryan Seacrest and Cowell’s hapless girlfriend, Terri Seymour, are also shown.

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11 Responses to “Simon Cowell is a sexist a** as well as a curmudgeon”

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  1. Mavis says:

    Must 46-year-old Paula Abdul refer to herself and another grown woman as “girls”? Simon isn’t the only one with issues.

  2. Allie says:

    Simon is such an oily little man.

  3. KERRI says:

    I read in “THE MIRROR” that Simon is hitting on the new Judge on American Idol U.K. Isn’t he in a serious relationship with Seymore from E! :?

  4. Lola says:

    I actually love Simon Cowell. I have a little crush on him. I totally love his tell-it-as-it-is attitude. At first it shocked me, but now I look forward to some of those contestants hearing some home truths.

    DioGuardi seems OK. Paula shoul have been fired. But who would give her a job? You see, Simon does charity too :wink:

  5. whattheheck says:

    If a girl is going to be intimidated by a bad joke, then she needs to go back to the sandbox. Can you tell I’ve had it *up to here* with political correctness and sensitivity training?

  6. geronimo says:

    Of course he’s sexist, that’s what he does. Without Simon on these panels, they’d descend into the most stomach-churning, sentimental drivel-fests. No one does tongue-in-cheek humour and in-your-face truth like Simon.

  7. heehee says:

    ^^If a girl–? well were not concerned with whether girls were offended but whether adult women were offended by that remark, which, of course, we are. And we;re assuming that the adult women Cowell works with should take offense, too. Biological females are not ‘little girls’ for people to talk down to or joke at for all their lives; in fact little girsl are certainly not to br joked at because they WILL be seriously damaged for life. If you dont like it, it just means you cant accept the truth: We’re not little girls and we to notice when someone mistakes us for things instead. Go get a reality check, not a political correctness or sensitivity class.

  8. KERRI says:

    Lola: I have a crush on Simon too. I know he can be quite abusive at times when he’s in one of his moods, but DAMN, he’s sexy in those tight shirts. He’s the only judge I agree with on most of his comments. I cringe when he’s unnecessarily abusive to the contestents, but he’s gotten soften over the years, yeah?

    I also have an enormous crush on Piers Morgan, another judge whose comments I look forward to hearing and those georgeous eyes of his, well, I just melt.

    Sharon Osborn is a very intelligent woman and gives good solid advice, but I’ll save my opinions for when a thread opens up on her.

    I can’t believe I just admitted to my guilty pleasures 8O

  9. Lola says:

    LOL Kerri. I know what you mean about guilty pleasures, that Simon is a big one for many women :oops:

    Loved Nikki Chapman, my best female judge. Sharon was good but her ‘come hither’ antics can be cringe worthy. Can’t stand Danni and her over stretched face. The dawg is not bad either.

    Geronimo is right, that show cannot be the same without Simon. I liked Piers Morgan in the beginning but now am a bit ambivalent towards him. So a documentary he was doing that turned me off him. Still love him as a judge.

  10. KERRI says:

    Lola: What documentary is that? I haven’t seen it. I know he was fired from his job as Editor-in-Chief for “The Mirror”, something to do with Princess Diana’s death. But other than that, I haven’t heard anything else.

    By the way, Piers does like his women too. He has a tiny smile on his face whenever there is an under-dressed female performing.

    Please Lola, don’t tell me something about Piers that will turn me off to him. Those eyes, sigh!!!

  11. Simon's Spleen says:

    Simon Cowell doesn’t “tell it like it is.” He’s not “honest” or “truthful”.

    Telling someone they are not good enough would be honest. Telling them they are the worst voice you ever heard, when everyone remembers the person last week who was much worse, or that they sound like moose mating calls, etc, that’s not being honest, it’s being a prick.