Diddy buys 17 yo son a $405k car – 1 year after buying him $360k car

Sean Diddy Combs and son Justin arrive for Justin Combs sweet sixteen birthday party in New York

What’s more insane than buying a 16 year-old a Maybach car worth $360,000? Buying him a car worth more than that the very next year! Remember last year when Diddy bought his then 16 year-old son, Justin, an insanely expensive car for his sweet 16? Then Diddy got defensive about it and said “I think its appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids… I could do whatever I want to do and you can’t question me about it.” As D-Listed points out, Diddy also cried racism when people asked him about it. Well now he’s continuing that tradition of giving his kids whatever he wants to, and has given this same son, Justin, a Maybach limousine worth over $400,000. It was meant as a “reward” for making the honor role, since the only way to top last year’s car was to gift one worth even more money.

Diddy bought his 16-year-old son a £250,000 limousine for becoming an Honours student.

The 41-year-old rapper – who raises six children – bought his son Justin the Maybach car for his birthday after achieving high grades at school, and hopes he will use it to impress girls.

He said: “Justin has turned himself around and is now an Honours student, which he wasn’t before, so I wanted to treat him. It’s a collector’s car so maybe he will use it for special occasions like on a first date, but like all my kids, he prefers the simpler things than the expensive things. Simple tastes.”

[From The Independent via DListed*]

So you “treat” a kid who already drives an insanely expensive car with another car that’s even more insanely expensive. At least it’s for a good cause, right? And we’re racist for bringing it up, because “You don’t ask white people what they buy their kids. And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentleys, and it ain’t no question.” The highest priced Bentley costs over $100k less than the car Diddy bought his son, and Porsches run about $300k less. Is Diddy really so out of touch that he thinks that six figures are insignificant when we’re talking about… what do they call it – a depreciating asset like a car? If he bought his kid a Porsche of course we wouldn’t be talking as much about him. Then again, the more we talk about him, the more money he makes. That’s why he’s telling us all about it and then protesting about it for even more press.

Credit: PRPhotos; Sean "Diddy" Combs

*Note that DListed has the price of a Maybach limousine at $390k, but if you convert 250,000 pounds to dollars it’s about $405k, which would be consistent with the second to lowest priced Maybach limo on Yahoo! autos. Not that it matters when we’re talking about that much damn money.

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  1. Rita says:

    It’s great the kid is learning the value of money at such an early age.

  2. Redheadwriter says:

    He needs to throw 1 percent of that money towards worthwhile charities. Amazing what that could do for some struggling nonprofits!

  3. Penguen says:

    Um, yeah. Whenever I made the honor roll in high school, my reward was a hug and a big “congratulations” from my parents. That was enough!

    Talk about a way to set your kid up with unrealistic expectations. Can you see Diddy’s son in the working world?

    “Hey, I submitted my TPS reports on time. Where’s my Rolex?”

  4. TeeTee says:

    He knows those cars are for him, he’ll do & say anything for attention.

    his mom, Misa will be driving them, LOL

  5. Kaboom says:

    I’m all for him securing craftsmen’s jobs in Germany.

  6. Penguen says:

    @ Redhead – Totally agreed. That money could do a lot of good. And if he’s going to spoil his son rotten, why not make volunteer work as part of the condition of having the car? Seems like it might add perspective.

  7. QUEST says:

    Diddy is so full of sh_t that it is spilling out is arse, brains, mouth and now his wallet.

    Didn’t he also hired some wh_res for his son’s birthday some time ago?

    Hint: Guide your children don’t spoil them rotten. All I got was cake and a pat on the back. Hmmmmm

  8. jover says:

    This is why I despise today’s rappers – totally lame, materialistic, self-absorbed (although Wiz Khalifa isn’t too bad yet), and yes white celebrities do the same thing – but that extravagance could have been used positively in urban communities.

  9. cici says:

    it’s true that diddy can buy his son anything he wants and it’s his business. it’s all relative anyway. seriously, a lot of people think it’s “too much” to buy your kid a honda.

    as for donating to charity – i’m sure he does. if nothing else, for tax breaks. and even if he didn’t, again it’s all relative. we could say to someone who makes 80,000 a year (as oppose to 800M) that they could live on a lot less and should be more “giving.”

    please, people – live and let live.

  10. Majosha says:

    So he got the 350k car when he had sh*tty grades? I wasn’t even allowed to get my LICENSE until my grades were up to snuff, let alone a damn car.

  11. Majosha says:

    So he got the 350k car when he had sh*tty grades? I wasn’t even allowed to get my LICENSE until my grades were up to snuff, let alone a damn car.

  12. MarkyMark says:

    It’s not just a “RAPPER” thing or a press thing for him. It’s a nouveau-riche, tacky black guy thing
    I have friends like P-DIDDY. While they aren’t even remotely rich like him, They have come into money through well paying occupations. They haven’t been taught the value of money, nor have they been taught the flaunting of money is tacky.
    It’s all about look at what I have & what I can give my kid while you can’t. Will & Jada Smith kind of follow this same principle

  13. devilgirl says:

    Ahhhh, the race card being pulled yet again, by another insanely rich celebrity!

    I still, to this day, have no idea how Diddy got to be where he is, considering he used to hold an umbrella for Biggie Smalls! I guess an umbrella holder pays pretty well, because Diddy has no discernible talent, that I can see.

  14. bondbabe says:

    I agree–I would speak a lot more favorably of him (as I’m sure others would also) if he were to donate the money to a charity. And it would be a nice lesson for his son to see his father doing also. But noooo, we can’t have that now, can we? And while I think it’s great that his son made the honor roll, Diddy seems to be only concerned with lavishing gifts/money on his son, instead of praise and fatherly pride.

    MY reward for making the honor roll was being able to leave the house for fun; if I didn’t make it, I was grounded. And while I groused about it at the time, I was fully capable of making those grades (obviously, since I was a wild child who was on the honor roll!) and it was a valuable lesson instilled in me.

  15. malachais says:

    @devilgirl diddy former known as Puff Daddy was a successful record producer back in the 90′s. He produced records for Lil Kim and Biggie, among other notable artists like Mariah Carey and Usher. Then he tried to make his own music, but didn’t do too well. MTV has given him a bunch of crappy shows, but he’s still loaded from other investments (like a clothing label that has bee around for several years).

    IMO By spoiling his son extravagantly, his son will probably live off of his rich daddy all of his life. Lets hope not but its a pattern for mogul kids.

    @jover, ITA. I cannot stand watching rappers brag about their ‘hood and do absolutely nothing to contribute to their local communities filled with gangs, drugs, and an unfortunate school system.

  16. Laurie says:

    We are racist for mentioning the expensive gift? Halle Berry, P. Diddy, who will be next to throw the “racist” card around this year?

  17. devilgirl says:

    @Malachais- Not being mean, but I am well aware of who he is and what he did. It was a rhetorical question. I find him to be a talentless, windbag, who has gotten away with tons of criminal activity.

    Again, he is only where he is today because he was with Biggie Smalls. Without him, Diddy wouldn’t be where he is today. Fact.

  18. gabs says:

    So jealous that some of you got hugs and a “congrats!” for making the honor roll. My mom would be like “oh.ok. Im not putting that shit (the honor roll bumper sticker) on my car though” Because of course “Why should you get a reward for something that is expected?”

    The racism card was LAME Diddy but I do agree its his money to waste if he wants to. At least he isn’t putting his son in movies and music videos (yet). I didnt even know he had a son that old.

  19. Boat says:

    At least his son is making honor roll. I’m starting to think Diddy is insane. But, then again, I don’t really care about what kind of car I drive (as long as it runs). That might be why I’m almost 30 and have only had two cars. Heck, I’d probably still have the first one if my mom hadn’t traded it in. Also, Diddy thinks everything is racist.

  20. HEB says:

    That kid doesn’t drive the cars–his driver does, duh!

  21. Michelle says:

    Sounds like a lot of jealousy to me. What does it really matter if he bought his son a 400,000 dollar vehicle? A vehicle is a vehicle – hopefully it is a safe one that will protect him and his passengers.
    I doubt any of us knows what it is like to live that type of lifestyle and have that type of income. It is easy to judge when it is not you.

  22. Courtney says:

    yeah actually Diddy’s first album No Way Out went 7x platinum which is a big deal though huger now than it was in 1997. white celebs do tacky things for their children too a 30k birthday partey for a three year old who won’t remember it when their older. obviously a limo is going to coast moe than a regular car. back in the day when a star kid turned 16 and got their licence they were lucky to get their parents old car especially if it was caddilac aston martin or Rolls Royce for example when Liza Todd Burton turned 16 in 1973 she probably got a scooter not her mother Elizabeth Taylors Rolls Royce

  23. catalyst says:

    It is his money, he does what he wants with his money. What is the big deal here? Yea so easy to say the money could do a lot in the world… but wtf do you ppl do. think about yourselves and worry about yourselves before you go raggin on someone who bought there kid a car. I agree with some of what malachais says and majosha that is just funny. N E ways I’m just gonna mind my own now.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    @catalyst: The big deal is he would do his son a much bigger favor if he made him work and save up his money for his own car. That kid is going to grow up with the worst sense of entitlement you ever saw in your life.

  25. ElleD says:

    MarkyMark: It’s not just a “RAPPER” thing or a press thing for him. It’s a nouveau-riche, tacky black guy thing
    I have friends like P-DIDDY. While they aren’t even remotely rich like him, They have come into money through well paying occupations. They haven’t been taught the value of money, nor have they been taught the flaunting of money is tacky.
    It’s all about look at what I have & what I can give my kid while you can’t. Will & Jada Smith kind of follow this same principle

    I take it youre insinuating that blacks do not know the value of money, right? Your logic is about as ignorant as Diddy using the race card… which you pulled yourself with the sterotype that it’s a tacky black guy thing… Statements such as yours… you have the nerve to believe he was wrong for accusing you, I mean, someone else of using the race card? Who are you to tell someone how they should spend their money? If he wants to buy his son a drop of water for a million dollars… hey, he earned it so he can spend it as he pleases. You also sound real envious of your friends for being able to spend money as they wish. Remind me again what the f*ck do you care what they spend their money on? I’d like to know what planet you live on where all people of other races, besides blacks who have money, dont over indulge at some point and time. Since these guys are your “friends” I suggest you take time and educate them on how you were able to sucessfully earn and keep your money… Since I’m sure you have money market accounts, stocks, bonds etc…

  26. ElleD says:

    @catalyst: The big deal is he would do his son a much bigger favor if he made him work and save up his money for his own car. That kid is going to grow up with the worst sense of entitlement you ever saw in your life.

    I’ve seen children whose parents were broke as hell with the same mentality… Damn you people act like this affects you directly…

  27. motheroftheyear says:

    I can’t believe people are suggesting what this man should be doing with his money.

    He pays more in taxes than most people make in a year. Or ten years. He is no idiot, and certainly donates a lot to charity. Don’t hate on a brother because he has the means to buy his son whatever over the top nouveau riche bullshit he wants.

    I can’t stand his music, but I’ve got to hand it to him..he’s done well for himself, and subsequently can do as he pleases.

    Now I’m off to get my cranky toddler ready for our subway ride…

  28. Hmmm says:

    It’s obscene.

    ‘Simple tastes’? Bwah! On what planet?

  29. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Did he really buy the car? Or did his company lease it for a year as a business expense, a tax write off. The lease payments would be more than I make in a year, no doubt, but it’s not the same as dropping almost $1M on cars for a kid. Also, this boy lives in NYC? While I think the age to get your license in NY state is 16, I believe you have to be 18 to drive in the City. & there’s no way a 17 year old could get the CDL necessary to drive a limo.

  30. Venus says:

    Ah, he’s going to be a well-adjusted, down-to-earth young man. {rolls eyes}

    I know it’s Diddy’s money & he can do what he wants with it, but, imo, he has an obligation to society to produce a kid who isn’t a menace — this is not the way.

  31. Someone Else says:

    I now christen this man “Diddiot”.

    Thank you.

  32. TC says:

    Of the wealthy white people I know, my friends first car (Parental net worth 350 million)was a Chrysler K Car convertible. My other friend had to work summer jobs to get his first vehicle, a Jeep Wrangler (Parental net worth 300 million). Their families are on their 3rd or 4th generation of family wealth. Their kids know that hard work and saving are essential to continued success. They also tend to have their money in Assets like homes in nice locations, and Investments, not cars that depreciate in value and are essentially worthless. Good luck on generational wealth Diddy, keep buying the bling.

  33. Lynda says:

    Is it any different with Suri or Willow or Jayden? Just let him stay home and watch his pubes grow in.

  34. DogBoy says:

    Diddy and Douche both start with D….. Coincidence?

  35. JustBe says:

    LOL@Someone Else @32, hilarious!!

    I have no problem commenting on what Diddy does with Diddy’s money since that’s why I hang out at celebitchy.com (a gossip site): to get the scoop on how the other half lives and compare/contrast to the real world.

    It’s a hell of a lot easier to buy 6-figure cars and throw lavish parties than to participate daily in the monotony of parenthood. I’m always skeptical of the parents (in any socioeconomic bracket) that throw lavish parties for every birthday with invitations for everyone to come see how much they love their kids. The kids often spend the party with the same type of lost look on their face that Diddy’s son has in the picture above.

    I can’t imagine how being given such extravagant gifts can warp a child’s brain towards unrelenting materialism/consumerism in the worst way. I know that Diddy has done quite well for himself and all fifty of his kids will probably be living quite comfortably off his fortune, but the initial lessons of ridiculous gifts can set a too-high bar for the rest of life. Why would the kid work a 9-5 in a respectable profession when he’s already got a Maybach? Why should he strive to be valedictorian of his college class when he has been given more than most people will acquire in a lifetime of hard work?

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Diddy, Rick Ross and Pharell Williams just made a HUGE donation of $1 million to the dancers at a strip club! This made Yahoo! News (along with the video footage of them “making it rain”). If he’ll spend that kind of money on strangers, it makes sense he would drop $405k on a car for his son. The way he burns through money, I can see him going the way of MC Hammer. Then he can work the talkshow circuit and bitch and moan about how broke he is and how horrible we should all feel.

  37. renai(jrt) says:

    What is P-diddy’s talent that he is making that much dispensable money?

  38. icantbelievethis says:

    Between Charlie Sheen handing a hooker, umm porn star, $30,000 and a potential nanny position and those guys giving strippers $1M I’ve decided I am really in the wrong field!

    I thought I was generous, my kids get to pick out a game or toy when they bring home good grades. Definitely not letting them see this!!

  39. KitchenDancer says:

    No fan of the guy, but it is his money and he has every right to spend it how he sees fit.

    Could he give more to charity, sure. But he does support a lot of causes already: http://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/54-diddy
    and he’s really not obligated to turn into a selfless philanthropist just because he has the money to do so. He worked hard to get “the life”, and now he wants to live it. Seems fair to me.

  40. Mistral says:

    Whatever, Sean. I think any rich person showering their teens with this type of stuff is spoiling their children. Why not help the kid learn the value of money by making them work for their “toys”? Why not encourage them to go to school, get a career, and earn their own money first?

  41. Summer says:

    I don’t agree with it but it’s his money he can do whatever he wants and Justin has managed to become one of the top players on his high school football and wants to play football in college, Diddy joined Microsoft Tag to launch the 12 Days of Tag and gave $50,000 to charity last year.

  42. Raven says:

    devilgirl: sorry but your wrong about Diddy being where he is today because he was with Biggie because he formed Bad Boy Records and produces Ready to Die, debut album for Biggie and made a name for himself as a producer with more albums by Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, 112 and Mase.

  43. garvels says:

    Diddes playing the race card was more disgusting than buying his son the $400,000 car. I am constantly commenting on the cars parents(of all races)buy their 16 year old children. Granted it is none of my business, but I still think it sucks when all of the 16 year olds in my neighborhood have nicer cars than moi:) Gosh,I think I got a Timex watch for my 16th birthday.

  44. Kim says:

    I dont care how much money you have- no young child should get an expensive car. Diddy is doing his son no favors – it gives him nothing to aspire to earn himself.

    Every kid, rich or poor, loves the feeling of earning something on their own accord not bought by mommy or daddy. Sure they would take expensive things from mom and dad but it cant teach them the sense of self accomplishment and pride that earning it themselves can.

    This is about ego maniac Diddy using his son to say LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE. We dont care and we arent impressed. There will always be people richer than u Diddy – get over it!

  45. Kim says:

    Simple Tastes?? Who is he trying to kid? This guy would wear a suit made of money if he wouldnt get flack for it! He is all about showy new money and zero class.

  46. Kim says:

    Im embarrassed for him. Being this showy with money is so classless.

  47. mdf says:

    Everything this douche nozzle does screams “I HAVE A TINY PEE PEE.”

  48. Emilie says:

    He is tacky, and classless.

  49. Shannon says:

    Damn, it’s just a car. People act like he killed a puppy.

    I think it’s sad that people are calling him “classless,” it’s just code for “that uppity black man has more money than me and I’m upset about it.”

    The nouveau riche have always spent their money in ways that the “old money” crowd finds ostentatious. Get over it. It’s not like he’s frittering away his money on useless things, he has built a business empire and has hundreds of millions tied up in investments as well.

  50. Redheadwriter says:

    @catalyst Since you asked what I do, I’ll tell you. I give to my church, the United Way, Goodwill, the food shelf. I volunteer about 1000 hours each year with various organizations. I work for a nonprofit helping to end child abuse in our lifetimes. I am a former foster parent. I have adopted children from the foster care system. I work daily with people who cannot afford a carton of milk and literally have nowhere to live, no family support, nothing. So yeah, I think I earned the ability to be a little judgmental about this!

    It is his money. I totally agree. And I’m sure he pays more taxes than I’ll ever make! But wouldn’t you rather be known for the good you do instead of how silly you spend your money?

  51. Jacqueline says:

    When I used to work as an au pair in Wellesley, MA I noticed that people who make seriously good money dont think twice about splurging on their kids and they prefer to buy their behavior than discipline them. I always got charges that were 5 and still bottle feeding to 13 years old who read like 7 year olds and had to wrok miracles to change them and discipline them to no parental avail.

  52. Gabriela says:


    Why would you buy a car that expensive if not to show it off, make people look and talk about?

  53. munchies says:

    Its his money! Why people are so nosey? If he give his son 14 Million cash per day, it should not be our business.

  54. Anoni Mus says:

    @49 mdf: I think you hit the nail on the head. This stupid act of throwing his money around this way just shows me what kind of man Diddy really is…. a profoundly insecure one!
    And poor kid. Yeah, it’s Diddy’s business what he spends his money on, but everyone with a bit of common sense and logic can see that this will not bode well for Justin’s future. If daddy can buy me whatever I want, maybe he’ll buy me my career, my wife, my kids…

  55. jemshoes says:

    It’s not about how Diddy spends his money – I couldn’t care less – it’s about the values he’s teaching this son of his. Yes, it’s nice to celebrate great milestones / achievements in your kid’s life, and to do things to and for your kid that tells him you love him, and that you’re proud of him.

    Never look to a celebrity for any “lifestyle” guidance! :D

  56. Phoenix says:

    What a waste of money, although in his case probably not as he can afford it. Unless his son is REEEALLYYY in to cars then isn’t getting another (albeit more expensive) car, he next year, a little bit boring? Couldn’t he get a yacht or a house? May be this kid is intelligent and does understand the value of money, but driving cars like that, I’m not sure how we can really appreciate anything like that.

  57. Hakura says:

    @Dread Pirate Cuervo – And you know the boy isn’t going to be driving that limo himself. I’d be interested to know how much they’ll be paying for the accompanying driver he’ll be needing.
    But I’m with everyone else. It’s not the amount of money he’s spending so much as the message he’s sending his children in spending so freely. It’s *great* that his son is doing well in school, but he really won’t need to aspire to anything. They’d likely feel that any job that paid a ‘normal reasonable’ salary would be beneath them. If my 16th birthday present was worth more than I’d be earning in an entire year of work, I probably would assume that as well.

    I definitely agree that this isn’t about race. Being rich & spending too much money is colorblind. But I understand where some people are coming from, especially in regards to the ‘Gangsta’ image & ideals perpetuated in rap/hip hop/R&B music. (But this includes many races. This is *not* a ‘black person’ thing.) You have to admit those who appear in ‘Gangsta’ culture wear their wealth, go out of their way to show off expensive items they have.

    It often, in my opinion, crosses the line between being ‘proud’ of what they’ve earned… & being ‘arrogant’, & saying:

    “Look how much better I am than you. My pinky ring could pay for 2 years of your kid’s college tuition, don’t you feel pathetic?”

    & while I’m *not* saying all ‘gangsta’ rappers participate in illegal activity, many songs reference illegal activity as a source of their wealth. It does give a bad impression, & it teaches kids a lot of unfortunate lessons about how to go about making that much money themselves. They aspire to unrealistic ‘goals’.

  58. GatsbyGal says:

    Ugh, put it back in the deck, Puff Daddy.

  59. Nimrod says:

    Diddy needs to watch a few episodes of “You’re Cut Off!” and see what he’s creating.

  60. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    I can’t stand this person and haven’t been able to stomach him since Howard University in the 80′s when he was a nobody dropout. I implore America to make him one of those again. PLEASE!!! It doesn’t even have to be an official boycott; just IGNORE him so him and his money (?) will go away.

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