Kate Hudson says she still ‘basically’ lives with ex husband

Kate Hudson has a new interview in the October issue of Cosmopolitan in which she gives some minor details of her life. She repeats her standard line about how she’s still friends with her ex, Chris Robinson, and adds that they even “basically” live together. Hudson says that divorcing was the best thing that happened to them as a couple. Hudson, 29, and Robinson, 41, separated in 2006 after six years of marriage and were officially divorced last year. They have son Ryder, 4 and a half, and are sharing custody.

Hudson also says that she’s not out partying like she used to because she’d rather be with her son.

Kate Hudson is featured in the October 2008 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine which hits newsstands on Tuesday (September 9).

On her ex-husband Chris Robinson: “Look – Chris and I are still basically living together! We’ve figured it out. I mean, obviously, nothings perfect, but I could never look at our divorce as a mistake. If anything, it’s the best thing that ever happened to us.

On giving up her partying ways for a child: Am I going to look back and say, ‘God, I wish I could have gone to that concert?’ I’d rather be listening to my son sing songs. I’d rather be watching him sleep.

On a soulmate: Every girl wants a fairy-tale ending. And I believe it’s possible. Absolutely.

[From Flawed Hollywood via ONTD]

She’s not revealing anything she hasn’t said before, except for the part about living with her ex husband, which brings up all sorts of questions. Is that confusing for her son or helpful that he gets to see his dad so often? Hudson does get some flack for falling in love quickly and introducing her son to her boyfriends, although she seems like a devoted mom. She goes out occasionally but you don’t see her at the clubs on the weekends or hitting the Hollywood hot spots that would be sure to welcome her. I didn’t really get it when everyone was jumping on her for falling in love with Lance Armstrong this summer, as if she was somehow a bad mom for bringing Ryder with her on dates. If anything it seemed like she just wanted Ryder with her and was maybe a little overeager about a great new boyfriend. It didn’t turn out that well for her, but maybe she’ll have better luck with the next guy. There are certainly plenty of men that would be happy to commit to her, but they’ll need to accept her nontraditional relationship with her ex husband first.

Kate Hudson is shown out in Beverly Hills on 8/14/08. Credit: Fame. She’s also shown out with Ryder in NY on 8/3/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Like her crochet dress, that color flatters her.

  2. gg says:

    I think her dating behavior shows that she is “basically” insecure and codependent. Can’t be alone in any case.

  3. Ron says:

    She just does not have Goldie’s charm.

  4. chaz says:

    i agree ron, i like kate hudson, but i’m still waiting for her to be in a good movie… or at least act differently then “herself” in something. she’s far less annoying to look at then goldie but goldie was in some really great movies, and knows how to perform. i just think she should step away from the romantic comedies for a while.

  5. Kaiser says:

    I like her because she never puts herself out there as a “victim” – she seems to *actually* be independent and fun-loving.

  6. Lizzy says:

    I loved her in “Almost Famous” – but since I feel like it’s been all romantic comedies, which are fun occasionally, but she needs something with substance.

  7. Syko says:

    Kaiser, I can’t believe we’re actually disagreeing on something. I still love you, though.

    I don’t see her as independent at all. I think she doesn’t know how to function without a man in her life, and that’s far from independent. Kind of pitiful, because it’s so much better for a man to be a bonus in your life rather than a necessity.

  8. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – Hmpf. ZOMG WAR!

    No, I see what you’re saying. I guess I just like her because I’ve never read an interview with her where she was complaining about how “difficult” her life is. She always seems so bubbly and “up” – and men seem to love it. Perhaps that’s why she has so many boyfriends.

    Why am I defending her so much? I have no idea. I barely care.

  9. geronimo says:

    :D @ Syko V Kaiser ZOMG WAR.

    I like her because she never seems to make much of a fuss about anything and seems to be really laid back. Kind of just gets on with things and doesn’t seem to be in the least bit bothered about what anyone thinks of her. I like people like that.

  10. Syko says:

    Y’all are defending her because IT’S YOUR JOB! BADettes have to defend ALL the unfairly maligned people!

  11. whatevs says:

    She was great in Almost Famous and absolutely adorable in 200 Cigarettes, but I have a hard time buying what she’s selling. It’s like she tries too hard to be this laid back, free spirited, unconventional bohemian, all the while behaving like the exact opposite in her love life. She does seem like a lot of fun and someone I’d be friends with, I’d just have a lot more respect for her if she was just single for awhile. Who knows, she could just be reeling from her make-up/break-up romance with Owen
    Wilson and on the rebound.

  12. Bodhi says:

    Jeebus! What is a BADette to do?!

    Sorry Syko my sweet, I agree with Kaiser. I really like Kate. Ryder always comes first & she makes damn sure that he gets to spend lots of time with his daddy. Hell, the three of them hang out together all the time & I think that is AMAZING for a divorced couple.

    I wish she & Chris would get back together. They are my dream hippie couple

  13. daisy424 says:

    Bodhi, I keep forgetting to tell you,
    My parents were hippies too, I think I know every word to the Mama’s & Papa’s songs :wink:

    *edit sorry Syko.

  14. Bodhi says:

    The Mamas & the Papas were my very first favorite band!! le sigh.

    My dad was/still is a hippie but my mom has always been pretty square. She has, however, chilled out as I’ve gotten older, which is very cool.

    Ya know… Sometimes I hate being called a hippie because so freaking many of the show-goers & festival kids are awful Trustafarians. I maintain that the only hippies left are the “original hippies.”

    My friends & I call ourselves the Crunchies so as to differ from the Trustafarians. But I will always rally to the hippie call!

  15. gg says:

    oh, the M&Ps were my first favorite too!

  16. Orangejulius says:

    Fellow old hippie here thinks she rushes in and out of relationships much too quickly.
    She’s a pretty woman, but I don’t think she’d have got anywhere without her mom. ‘Scuse my ignorance, but what does ZOMG mean?

  17. Diva says:

    Orangejulius, you make me thirsty everytime you post. The Orange Julius left our local mall a couple years ago and I could have cried!

    I had to ask the ZOMG question, too, the other day, I was informed that it’s like, ZOE MY GOD… like a super big, sarcastic OMG.

    Yeah, Kaiser? lol

  18. Julie says:

    Is it just me, or does she look remarkably like Britney Spears in the second photo?

  19. Kaiser says:

    OJ, Diva: I actually have no idea if the “Z” in ZOMG actually stands for anything… and too lazy to look it up. But seriously, just type it and say to yourself, “ZOH. MAH. GAWD.”

    @Syko – Looks like I won this little war! I got Bodhi & Geronimo on my side! BWAHHAHAHA! Some day our great-grandchildren will speak of The Great BADette Kate Hudson Rift that set back generations! :lol: :lol:

  20. tweekie says:

    She comes off to me as extremely self-absorbed and full of herself, not to immature. I don’t think she’s being a good role model to her son by running around with a different guy every month. Why is it that these Hollywood types don’t take marriage seriously, get divorced because “it didn’t feel right”, bring kids into the world on a whim and then give them an unstable life? I’m tired of hearing about her.