Jamie Lynn kicks Casey out and calls off wedding

Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, is said to be fuming at reports that came out in the National Enquirer last week that Casey was cheating on her with multiple other women even after their daughter little Maddie was born in June. After hearing the allegations of his affairs, Jamie Lynn told Casey to get all this crap out of the house they’ve been sharing in Liberty, Mississippi and has called off their planned wedding:

Just a week after The Enquirer’s blockbuster interview with one of her fiance’s lovers, teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears has kicked Casey Aldridge to the curb for good!

“Jamie Lynn told Casey to ‘Get out!’ and remove all his belonging from their house,” revealed a source.

The young couple had been living in a three-bedroom home on five acres that Jamie Lynn bought in Liberty, Miss., where she and Casey planned to raise their new baby daughter, Maddie Briann.

“But there’ll be no happily ever after for Jamie Lynn and Casey,” continued the source. “Their planned marriage is now out of the question. Jamie Lynn is determined to raise Maddie Briann by herself.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 15, 2008]

That’s pretty much what people expected after hearing that story from the second woman to speak to the tabloids about an affair with Jamie Lynn’s fiance. Casey Aldridge is 18 years old and is obviously not ready to settle down. The first woman who spoke out about an affair may have been doing it for the money or fleeting glimpse at fame, but the second kind of makes it seem like he has a pattern of hound-dogging.

To add an interesting twist to this story is the fact that Casey Aldridge is said to be calling up Kevin Federline and asking for advice. It’s not for a father-to-father chat, though, he wants custody of Maddie and needs to figure out how K-Fed did it with his two kids with Britney, Jamie Lynn’s older sister:

“Casey has been talking with Kevin Federline, seeking his advice and strategy on how he fought and won custody of his two kids with Britney,” said the source.

“Kevin tells Casey to be strong and not let the Spears family cut him off from his child. Unless Jamie Lynn and Casey reconcile at some later time, it is easy to see how this is going to play out – in a huge fight over joint custody.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 15, 2008]

Jamie Lynn and Britney’s situations are entirely different and if she does permanently split with Casey he’s not likely to get more than visitation rights with his daughter. Jamie Lynn is now said to be ignoring Casey’s attempts to contact her. The insider is quoted as saying “She’s finally done with him and isn’t taking his calls. She only text messages him if there’s something to tell him about the baby.” That seems like the best course of action in this case, and Jamie Lynn probably would have made a huge mistake if she ended up marrying the guy.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Yay! Stick to your guns now, JL. You know it makes sense.

  2. SeVen says:

    You’re on an National Enquirer Roll today CB! :D

  3. All Adither says:

    Cheating isn’t cool. But what do you expect? He’s 17! He’s probably only slept with one or two girls. He still needs to sow his oats. And so does Jamie Lynn!

  4. Baholicious says:

    I hope Bristol Palin is taking notes.

    Being a young mother is one thing, throwing two teenagers into a shotgun marriage is something entirely different. You can’t tell me Lynn Spears had no influence on this decision to marry so people wouldn’t think she was a bad mother or her daughter was ‘loose’. That woman is deplorable from what I’ve read esp.re: new book about Britney.

    What’s even sadder though is when two young people have a sexual relationship and a baby is the result. If they’re lucky, they both think they’re in love and both try to make it work.
    Usually, though, it seems it is girl who does most of loving and the trying…

    News like this never makes me happy. No schadenfreude here…never when there’s little ones involved.

  5. bros says:

    look at these two teenagers playing house. what a ridiculous picture of them. they look like 7 year olds having a pretend tea party, only theyve got an actual baby.

  6. poopie says:

    i don’t believe for a second that he wants custody of that baby… does he have a job ? have any money? it’s hard to find a sitter for a baby when you want to go out and ‘sow your wild oats’

    then again, brit brit supports k-fed, maybe j.lynn will toss some cash his way!

  7. Kaiser says:

    Ugh, the idea of Casey calling Federline made me a little sick. I hope that’s just bad reporting – because I doubt Casey really wants custody of his daughter.

    Team Juneau-Lynn.

  8. Moe says:

    I highly doubt that a 17 year old boy that is accused of cheating with several girls would want to fight for custody of a baby.

  9. Anna says:

    Good for her! I predicted this in other threads but never really let myself dare to hope. I’m glad she did it! Stick to your guns Jamie Lynn!

  10. Jag says:

    He probably wants custody as a meal ticket, since JL would be the one to pay support… just musing here. Good for her because she can do better!

  11. Megan says:

    God, how many times has she kicked him out now, 50?

  12. duda says:

    He wants the money he “thinks” he can get from JL if gets custody of maddie.

    JL has shown to be responsible and reliable when it come to her lil daughter so far. while he looks like a teenage idiot.

    Stay Strong JL you can do better then Federline Jr.

  13. Jaclyn says:

    What a ridiculous picture…
    her show pisses me off, it shouldn’t be on tv.

  14. JaundiceMachine says:

    Good for you, JL. Don’t look back

  15. hello says:

    Maybe she decided to stop listening to her mom when she read an advance copy of the britney tell all and didn’t want to become cash cow #2

  16. prissa says:

    What I don’t understand is why is it considered the “right thing” to do for a couple in their teens to get married just because she’s pregnant. The statistics show it hard enough to keep a marriage going when the couple is old enough to supposedly know what they’re doing! So you marry off the teens and by the time they’re 20 they each have a divorce under their belts. Yeah that sure is the “right thing” to do. :|

  17. Trashaddict says:

    They’re trying to follow in Britney’s and Justin’s footsteps, that kid is gonna fall and child protection will be involved sooner or later – you don’t put child seats on counters!

  18. Nudgie says:

    I think Casey should do the honorable thing…


    Watch the Spears’ head for the hills…


  19. Tina says:

    I feel SO SO sorry for Jamie Lynn Spears.

  20. piedlourde says:

    Jesus, just look at the kid. Like a deer caught in the headlights.

  21. Angel says:

    I completely agree with jaclyn, her tv show should NOT be on tv she is not a role model, yes she made a smart decision to kick her two timing baby daddy to the curb but she is not someone I want my daughter aspiring to be and anyone else who feels this way should do what I did and contact the Viacom network and complain about who/what they are airing as “appropriate pre-teen programming”

  22. Safety Girl says:

    Boys are boys and so are men. The world is a different place now that women can take care of themselves, sometimes BETTER than any man ever could. Unfortunately, men now don’t feel any responsibility or loyalty toward situations (and babies) they helped to create. All that matters is that they get laid. We have been given higher levels of learning, judgement and logic for a reason. It’s too bad women are progressing and men are regressing. A man who will step up and govern himself is a rarity anymore, and apparently Casey is joining the rank of all the other LOSERS out there who lack self control and a conscience. She is so right to cut this guy off. A marriage would have sealed the deal for him to have access to her earnings, house, income, etc.

  23. you people are sad says:

    i love how you all think you know how other people think. so tell me all you wanna be frauds i mean freuds how is it that you know he doesnt want to have custody of his child.

  24. keepsake says:

    Some people say jamie lynn isnt a very good role model for a teen.. i disagree… for 1 she is a teenager who happened to get pregeant.. sure she could have ran out and got an abortion? did she? NO! she held strong to responsiblity bought a house and is taking care of her child period! her mom n dad sure arent taking care of it are they?? how many parents of teenage girls and guys are taking care of thier grandkids cause thier own children flunked out on responsblity?? JL I WISH YA LOTS OF LUCK GIRL STICK TO YOUR GUNS YOU GOT A LONG ROAD AHEAD OF YA… NOTHING IS SWEETIER THEN THE LOVE YOUR CHILD WILL GIVE YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF THEM!! :-)

  25. Tammy says:

    Hang in there Jamie Lynn!! I know it ain’t gonna be easy raising a baby by yourself. I was a teen momma too. You know what u gotta do and thats to take care of that cute baby girl. Good Luck hun!! :-)

  26. Marc Sanchez says:

    He finally cheated on her! Hey Jamie wanna marry me? I’ll take care of your daughter! :wink:

  27. Kendra says:

    Wow, they look like kids playing house. Scary. 8O

  28. Greta says:

    Big difference. K-fed at the very least made some money by getting married. Casey wasn’t even smart enough to do that. What a tool box.

  29. Nina says:

    Why don’t you put a gigantic baby chair like that with a little baby that doesn’t even move yet on a counter? You’d probably complain if they put her on the floor, because of germs… it’s a posed picture. I’m sure that kid spends all day in mama’s arms where she belongs. Britney had it tough, but Jamie Lynn isn’t her sister and she seems to be taking real good care of her daughter. What grounds would he have to take her baby? K-fed had good grounds, poor Brit was acting alot weird and she wasn’t good for her kids, but she’s getting beter by the day and she wants to be a good mommy I think.

    To everyone throwing a rock at Jamie Lynn… I suppose you were never sixteen and in love and… you get the picture?

  30. fyi says:

    By the way, that is NOT a car seat, it is one of those things you put a baby in that vibrates and sometimes play music to relax the baby.

    As far as Kevin Federline, he’s been (as far as I can tell) a good dad to his boys. But I still feel like he’s just after Brit’s money. And even she said in one of her interviews, “Kevin has a big heart, but I do think that he asked for a little too much money” I still think he’s a douche!

    and Casey (I don’t think) would ever get a paternity test for little Maddie because one it’s either his or not and taking that test would mean taking a chance with it being a no.

  31. Jeanne says:

    Oh my God, that picture is so not for real, coffee and muffins? Huh? Casey looks so uncomfortable. C’mon it’s Britney’s little sis. What’s so wrong with showing them in the living room with coke and cheetos instead?