Rumer Willis blames dad Bruce for her jaw

I like to blame my parents for as much as humanely possible. In fact once or twice a week I’ll scan my old memory bank to see if there’s anything new I can dredge up and stick on one of them. More often than not I can figure something out if I look really hard. Rumer Willis is one of those unfortunate girls that doesn’t have to look all that hard to find a pretty big thing to be mad at her parents for. Specifically her dad Bruce.

Rumer is supposedly well-aware of the comments people make about her looks – specifically her “potato head.” And while everything north of her neck does resemble a potato with a similarity that can only be described as extremely unfortunately, it’s really the jaw that ruins everything. And that – as anyone can see – is entirely Bruce Willis’ fault.

Rumer Willis blames her father Bruce for her angular jaw. The 20-year-old star – the daughter of ‘Die Hard 4.0′ star Bruce and his ex-wife Demi Moore – can’t stand her unusually large chin, and thinks she inherited it from her dad.

She said: “People tell me all the time that I look my mom. I see the resemblance, sometimes. There was a picture in a magazine about look-a-like mothers and daughters and I saw that I looked exactly like her – which is great.

“I hate my jaw. I don’t know if it’s my dad’s – I think I’m more like my mother, my littlest sister looks exactly like my dad and my middle sister is a mixture of the two.”

[From Female First]

Um, kiddo you look exactly like your dad. You may have your mom’s coloring – which is what people tend to notice and comment upon first. But you couldn’t look more like Bruce if you shaved your head. And it isn’t just the chin, it’s the eyes too. They shape is debatable, but they’re way too small for her overall head size, and that seems to come from Bruce too.

The funny thing is that all those features could come together to look so incredibly hot on one gender, yet look so atrocious on the other. Lots of kids look more like their opposite gendered parent – though most of us look like a mix of the two. But I think the key is that you look like a “your gendered” version of that parent. Your dad’s nose gets feminized or your mom’s eyes become a little more masculine. When nothing changes and you’re a carbon copy except for your genitalia… it’s just not going to look good.

Header of Rumer and Bruce at the House Bunny premiere on August 20th. Images thanks to PR Photos. Here are some pictures of Rumer from June. I will point out that she’s not doing herself by wearing that short, pixie haircut. It’s cute on some girls but in her case only draws even more attention to her jaw. These pictures show how much better she looks with a softer haircut. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Unfortunate, but funny. But, as I have always maintained about Rumor, few people would be so critical of her looks if she didn’t run around Hollywood like she was The Hottest Spawn Ever.

    It’s not just the jaw – it’s the attitude that makes her unfortunate.

  2. Ron says:

    She just got the wrong gene mix. Too bad really. Bruce and Demi are both hot.

  3. Megan says:

    I think her younger sister is very pretty. It’s just unfortunate for Rumor.

  4. anony says:

    the jaw can be helped with the right haircut (i..e. no more pixie cut, that makes her jaw front and center).

    Thing is the face only gets more angular as you age.. so a strong jaw will seem more so the older she gets:(

  5. Lara says:

    Atrocious looking? :| Isn’t that a little harsh? I think she’s cute, really cute. None of those blond, plastic-surgery-refined bimbos running around. Good for her.

  6. nesoxochi says:

    atrocious? i’m a fan of your website and writing style, mostly because it’s celebrity gossip without degrading women, but this post is chalk-full of the cynicism and negativity that so many other blogs pride themselves on. sad times. :(

  7. Mr. T says:

    Well look at her mom. Demi Moore is walking plastic surgery. The kid has herself to blame for not going to a decent University and getting a proper education. Focus on her brain first and her appearance 2nd and she’ll develop character and integrity to last a life time.

  8. Miss Mary666 says:

    Rumer DID go to a decent university. After graduating from one of the top girls’ independent schools in L.A., she enrolled at U.S.C. She left around the end of first semester to seek fame and fortune, alas. She should return to college forthwith; I agree 100% with Mr. T

  9. javagirl1 says:

    I agree, had Rumer been born a boy, she would probably have been hot.

  10. Mairead says:

    Rumer gets jaw from dad… Pope bones up on his Catechism… bear makes lavatorial facilities in the woods…

    Actually – she looks great when she smiles – it’s possible that she doesn’t photograph very well. If she was happy enough to do character acting, she’d possibly be ok. But if she just wants to do the “roles” her mother did, then she is going to be sorely disappointed. :|

  11. Lola says:

    Poor kid she just looks like Pete Wetz. But Demi moore was not hot before hollywood. They spend ages transforming the looks of these stars. It is not surprising that their spawn come out looking like the real thing. Now Chelsea Clinton is one example of wrong gene pool. :(

    Javagirl, she would not be hot. She would have looked like……thinking….. PETE WETZ.

  12. whatevs says:

    Who knew that two seemingly attractive people could morph and create this monstrosity. I agree with Kaiser. If she didn’t think so highly of herself people wouldn’t be lining up to take her down every chance they got.

  13. Diva says:

    Can someone show me where she was “thinking so highly of herself”? I’ve never seen it, I’ve only seen her sounding pretty mature, actually. If I’ve been wrong about that, I’d like to read it.


  14. whatevs says:

    I don’t think there’s any hard evidence. I was just agreeing with Kaiser, who said “….if she didn’t run around Hollywood like she was The Hottest Spawn Ever.” She’s always given off that kind of vibe to me, which I think means she thinks very highly of herself, maybe because of who her parents are. But, that’s just my opinion.

  15. RAN says:

    I think she’s cute — definitely far from pretty, but she can change that with a stylist.

  16. DLR in Canada says:

    Makes me wonder how much plastic surgery Bruce and Demi have had if Rumer looks like that?

  17. prissa says:

    Personally I’ve never gotten the impression that she runs “around Hollywood like she was The Hottest Spawn Ever.” But maybe she does this because she knows she’s not. How much worse would it be if she went around with her head hung, or dressed sloppy or just didn’t go out at all? It’s kinda like that fat chick that wears all the small, tight, revealing sh1t. She knows she looks bad but ppl would talk even if she were dressed normally – so might as well give them something to really talk about.

  18. LiLi says:

    unfortunately we will be seeing that jaw front and center as she helps hand out the golden globes this year 8O

  19. Orangejulius says:

    ‘Monstrosity’????? She’s not gorgeous, by any means, but come on!!!!!

  20. enchantress says:

    Give it a rest – Rumer has a gorgeous body, lovely eyes and skin, a nice smile. Most of us next to her would look ugly in comparison.

  21. Larissa says:

    theres a lot, A LOT of fuglier ppl in the world than Rumer…

    she doesn´t have a barbie face, so what?
    neither do I!

    super short hairdos dont really work for her, am happy that she finally realized that!

    p.s.:and yes she does look a lot like her mother! even the jaw line… tho Rumer´s is a bit more accentuated, indeed.

  22. daisy424 says:

    enchantress; Not me. :-)

    Maria Shriver has a strong jaw line too, but it doesn’t jump out at me like Rumer’s does.
    In the photo with the sunglasses on, her face looks better proportioned. Her eyes are close set and small, that accentuates her jaw.
    Maybe glasses should be an accessory for her, that or a more flattering hair cut.

  23. Codzilla says:

    Go back to school, Rumer. How many people would kill for a free education without having to balance school with a job? She can always come back to acting, but to squander such a great opportunity seems ridiculous to me.

  24. chamalla says:

    Holy crap, this girl is barely an adult, y’all are vicious. How DARE less than perfectly Heigl’d people try and have an acting career! How DARE she let herself be photographed without a bag over her head!

    Rumey keeps her knickers on, she’s trying to make her own way and she doesn’t wander around the streets of Hollywood drunk or strung out. She obviously had decent parenting and is a part of a supportive, loving family that cares about her. Rumey has a LOT more going for her than just about any other famette her age.

    It’s petty and downright cruel to eviscerate this girl on the basis of the shape of one of the bones in her face.

  25. geronimo says:

    Whoa, cruel Jaybird. I never thought she looked anything except pretty normal (with lovely skin and eyes) until I started reading comments on this site.

    And I agree, chamalla, still have no idea what this girl has done to deserve anything like what’s been dished out to her here and elsewhere. Nasty. Will people be happy when she develops a serious complex and decides to numb it with drugs, alcohol etc?

  26. daisy424 says:

    Chamalla; If she wasn’t in the biz, I would tend to agree with you, but Rumer is the one putting herself out there.

    This link might interest you:

  27. geronimo says:

    So, a pic of her drunk? How does this warrant ridiculing her physical appearance which she can’t help? :?

    Daisy, sorry, criticising her for her behaviour is one thing, but the way some people sh*t on her from a great height because of how she looks is just nasty and cruel.

  28. daisy424 says:

    Geronimo, I was referring to chamalla’s comment;’…she doesn’t wander around the streets of Hollywood drunk’, and she has.
    My comments about her bone structure is my opinion.

  29. geronimo says:

    Not referring to your post which I read as just a reasonable assessment of the girl’s face.

    It’s the ‘atrocious’ etc in the main article and the ‘monstrosity’ in the comments that I was referring to.

  30. chamalla says:

    What do you get out of insulting this girl, Daisy? That’s not snark, I’m really just curious. You argue with everyone who defends her, what is it about her that gets you so angry? You’ve implied you’re much better looking than she is, why even worry about her?

    I hadn’t seen the drunk picture, but she’s clearly not a habitual problem or we would have heard a lot more about it.

    Just as you have every right to your own opinions on the shape of her face, I’m entitled to think you’re cruel for spouting them in public.

  31. chamalla says:

    crap, that sounded meaner than I meant it to – you didn’t call her atrocious or a monstrosity. So here, have a cookie b/c I was an asshole. : )

    I don’t see how being less than ideal should keep her in the house or out of an acting career, however. Interesting looking men who aren’t textbook “hot” can have wonderful careers. (hello, Steve Buscemi) Why can’t a woman?

  32. daisy424 says:

    Chamalla not an a$$hole at all, :wink: , no sweat, I love sweets ,thanks!

  33. RAN says:

    Hi Chamalla, I don’t think Daisy was intentionally insulting the girl, she may have just been responding to some of the comments (above)that Rumor is a harmless little girl who doesn’t bring the attention on herself. Daisy is very facts driven and focuses on the details.

    Unfortunately, that jaw is a detractor when you look at Rumor Willis, but she does have flawless skin and beautiful eyes. Perhaps she hasn’t come into her own beauty yet… in the meantime, I agree with whomever said she should stay in school and then pursue acting when her looks have morphed into the beauty that’s in her genes.

    **Edit** just saw Daisy’s comment — sounds like everyone understands each other. I love it when things work out! :)

    *Second edit* I am not insulting anyone who didn’t finish school by saying that Rumor should consider it. Just a suggestion to get her through the tougher years of Hollywood – before the powers that be decides she shouldn’t have a career – if that makes sense. Ok, I’m done now.

  34. Diva says:

    Can someone please explain to me why only “attractive” people should pursue a career in acting?

    I find that absurd.

  35. daisy424 says:

    Hey RAN :wink:

    *edit, good point Diva

  36. RAN says:

    Diva, not sure if you were asking me or not, but I can’t answer the question. I think anyone with talent should be able to pursue a career in acting. Unfortunately, even those with phenomenal talent have a hard time landing acting gigs if there’s not something cosmetically attractive about them. I haven’t seen phenomenal talent from Rumor Willis yet, so I would say she may want to wait a bit. Without looks OR talent…she doesn’t have a chance. Shameful, but true.

    **Edit, hey Daisy! Hurricane/tropical storm/monster amounts of rain hit you yet? It’s miserable here**

  37. daisy424 says:

    RAN, it rained all day yesterday, typical Cleveland weather today, overcast and crap :cry:
    I wonder how Bodhi is faring? It looks like it hit her head on. 8O

  38. RAN says:

    I wondered the same thing… I hope she’s ok – when it landed it was very strong from what I’ve seen. It’s a TON of rain with some pretty strong winds starting to pick up here. It’s like the rain can’t come down fast enough or heavy enough. I have an outdoor wedding to go to tomorrow… wondering what they’ll do about all this. :?

  39. daisy424 says:

    RAN just pulled up local radar, and it looks like it is past you. Should be sunny 78 here tomorrow. Good luck at the wedding, but bring an umrella 8)

  40. RAN says:

    Ready for this weekend? Can you believe I’m going to miss kickoff? Wedding is at 1:00 :roll: I’ll make it to the 4:00 games though

  41. daisy424 says:

    Hey our home teams are both playing texas teams. We are lucky to get any of the Bears games though :cry:
    Moderation again, well have fun at the wedding!

  42. Think Again says:

    Hey Jaybird….. lets see a picture of

    you or your daughter! Bet its much

    ????? You awaful to say such things!

    I bet everyone in your family is good


  43. javagirl1 says:

    @Think Again

    Learn to spell if you want to be taken seriously on this site…just a friendly tip…

  44. javagirl1 says:

    Woah! Just clicked on your link Daisy…wasn’t expecting that! LOL

  45. Lara says:

    Well, I’m pretty late on this, but judging from that picture, the only thing that can be said about Rumer is that she’s a normal teenager having fun on what seems to be a private party. It doesn’t even look that she’s overly drunk. What’s the fuss about?

  46. whatevs says:

    I can see the use of the word ‘monstrosity’ has upset a few people.

    The only reason I said that was because the first time I saw her (a preview for that “Hostage” movie), I thought “Woah. WTF happened there?”. I think her features are too small for her face and she looks a little freakish looking (TO ME) only because her parents are good looking in comparison, she just got the shitty end of the stick. I’ve seen a whole lot worse said about her (not so much on this site) and plenty of mean things said about other celebrities on here, but…we’re all entitled to our own opinions though, right?

    edit..Aside from the small features and large chin/jaw line, she does have nice eyes, a great body, and I think the dark hair/pale skin looks really lovely on her.

  47. Serena says:

    Well Rumer should get it shaved down then. Or at least check out the procedure. She’s obviously not happy with the jawline she was given. Other than that she is a very pretty girl.

  48. starlet says:

    i think rumer is really hot. i see alot of demi. i wonder if she has her smoky voice? i saw a pic of her with a great looking boyfriend. rumer seems loved by her family and probably has an extraodinary life.

  49. Liz says:

    She is interesting looking and pretty enough. She seems to have a healthy perspective on it which must be difficult given the family’s exposure.

  50. twistedvincent says:

    I’ve ALWAYS thought she has a face like a ripped softball…..

  51. Kylie says:

    This really sucks. Imagine being her and the world telling you that you look like a potatoe head! I mean seriously, how childish and sad. Stop copying Perez Hilton. I am so sick of women putting other women down! Why? We can’t all be gorgeous and perfect! Hang your head in shame!
    There is NO NEED TO BE SO CRUEL.
    This makes my blood boil!
    JB – Imagine someone saying that about your child or loved one.

  52. I think its fine to be unattractive and still pursue an acting career.

    What gets me, though, is how Rumer is given things because she is a celebrity’s daughter. She was in People Magazine named as “most beautiful people of the year”. That’s bull and everybody knows it, and she knows it too. She knows she is not a great beauty. People Magazine was not doing her any favors.

  53. Jeanne says:

    What’s she gonna blame on him next, an alcoholic gene?

  54. mark says:

    They should call her Tumor, that is what she is on the media.

  55. Shane says:

    Wow. People are flying to two extremes here. I personally don’t find her physically unattractive. I wouldn’t call her gorgeous, but she isn’t a monstrosity either. One thing I do find highly irritating is people throwing out the old “she’s just being a normal teenager” excuse. I really don’t give a shit who her parents are. She looks like a whore putting condoms in her mouth while she’s off her face, just like any other teenage girl at any high school in the world often does. (And I’m sorry but she is posing for that camera pretty happily.) But those girls at those high schools also get called out on it, and they also deal with scrutiny. Sometimes they are even expelled for such actions. I would like to see a principal try to expel a child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Give me a break, people. She’s pretty damn privileged. So using the “she’s just a normal girl, leave her alone” line is bullshit. I knew plenty of girls growing up that didn’t see a need to get off their faces drunk and act like infants, and they have grown into beautiful, classy women. Being an idiot is not paramount to being a teenager. Maybe she should smarten up if she wants to be such a serious actress. It’s a career, and with that comes responsibility.

  56. anna says:

    What’s wrong with u ppl? Just because she made it and u didn’t u gotta talk shit about rumor? Ugly? R u so “vapid” that u think ur better? Misery Loves Company! Get a life, get Laid or something! She’s a gifted child and kudos 2 her!

  57. October says:

    Her parents are going to make sure she’s a “Leading Lady”, or “Top Model” even if she’s got none of the talent or looks required. Mommy and Daddy have all the “cash”, “favors” and “pull” needed to get that job done! So, guess we just have to turn the channel or not buy the magazine. Do you really think that Hollywood gives a shit what “we” like? They tell us what we like. Complaining isn’t going to make her go away. Don’t buy tickets to her movies…..that’s a good place to start. Her parents can’t buy her way out of bad reviews and box office flops.

  58. lb says:

    I think Rumor’s nose is very small compared to her jaw. But, if you look at just her jaw, it is okay and just her nose, it is okay but two don’t go well together. So, she can’t make her nose longer and surgery to make her jaw shorter is stupid and could cause long term nerve damage…. so just give it time… she will grow into a beautiful young woman with a hot body and find a do that will fit her face perfectly. I myself like long hair on her.

  59. Tammy says:

    I don’t want to be unknind but she looks like Bruce in DRAG.

    • johnny dakota says:

      You don’t want to be unkind yet you make an unwarranted insult towards a stranger?

      Sounds like you do want to be unkind. Why don’t you be upfront about it instead of being another passive aggressive moron who doesn’t know how to express themselves honestly and positively.

      Everyone can be mean you fat cow. Difference here is that you deserve it.

  60. johnny dakota says:

    Some of you are so cruel. Imagine the worst you ever felt in your life before you decide to try to make others feel terrible.

  61. Joe says:

    Yeah, you people are a-holes. She’s cute. Her jaw is big, but I’d prefer that to her looking bland.