Are Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson having twins? (update: no)

Outlets are buzzing that bland emo poster couple Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are expecting twins after a friend of Pete’s spilled the beans in an interview. It could have been a joke or the guy may not know Pete as well as people think. It’s possible he was basing the twins story on a rumor that came out earlier in the year when Pete didn’t want to know the sex of the baby and instead referred to it as “them.” Pete and Ashlee’s rep says they’re just having one baby, so I guess that’s what we should believe:

Pete’s buddy, hip-hop artist Tyga, says that the parents-to-be are expecting not one, but two bundles of joy.

“They’re having twins,” Tyga said in an exclusive interview yesterday at the House of Hype’s pre-VMA barbeque. “They’re really happy.”

Either Tyga spilled the beans or he’s repeating an internet rumor that Pete started earlier this summer…

In June, Pete sent the internet into a tizzy when he referred to his and Ashlee’s unborn baby as “them” during an Arizona radio interview. He quickly denied they were having twins, explaining to blogger Perez Hilton that he was just trying to be vague about the pregnancy.

A rep for the couple insists only one baby is on the way. “It is not true,” the rep said of Tyga’s twins report.

Pete, 29, and Ashlee, 23, were married on May 17 at her parents’ L.A.-area home. Eleven days later the young rockers announced that Ashlee was preggers.

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There will be some mild interest in Pete and Ashlee’s baby, but hardly as much as twins would garner. So many celebrities are having babies that the only way to get much lasting publicity out of giving birth is to have multiples. It’s doubtful they will be having more than one given the origins of the story and the fact that they’re not likely to have sought fertility treatment which would have upped their chances. Ashlee is 23 and Pete is 29.

Ashlee is getting pretty big, but her baby is due in less than two months, reportedly around Halloween. If she does have twins there must be fertility drugs in the water.

Update: Pete Wentz denies that the couple is expecting twins, and told US Magazine “It’s going to be a big disappointment when it’s only one!”

Photo Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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  1. geronimo says:

    I thought that was the law now in H/wood?
    Only two will do. Twin it or bin it.

  2. Roni says:

    I wouldn’t really be surprised because she looked really big at the VMA’s last night! I’m happy for them if its true or not…I tend to believe that all women look beautiful while they are pregnant.

  3. Kolby says:

    SHE may be getting big, but her belly isn’t. She’s supposedly over 8 months pregnant, yet she has a bump to rival Nicole Kidman’s. That black dress is deceiving – her belly is smaller than mine.

  4. Kaiser says:

    No, Syko – Twins are the new men’s eyeliner. :wink:

  5. texasmom says:

    She doesn’t look that big to me — I think this new style of super-mega-long gowns make pregnant women look bigger. I could never have worn one of those long maternity gowns. Am I the only one who got extra clumsy while pregnant? These long dresses look like a fantastic tripping opportunity to me.

  6. Bodhi says:

    Yikes, thats a mighty long comment disclaimer!

    I really like maxi dresses in general, but I don’t have any idea how she didn’t break her neck in this one

  7. Mairead says:

    welcome back Bodhi! Yes it is! Now get back on topic or we’ll be in trouble :lol: :lol: :lol:

    “only two will do” – LOVE it gernonimo. Reminds me of those old drink driving ads with the Garda putting on his serious face saying “Two will do” :wink: (aaaah God be with the days when men were men and Gardaí called cars “veh-hick-ills”)

  8. geronimo says:

    :lol: Mairead!

    Yeah, call me when triplets become the baby du jour. Twins are SO old.

  9. Orangeitjulius says:

    Wonder how long it’ll be till the matching nosejobs…

  10. Bodhi says:

    :lol: I bet she had fertility treatments. She is such an attention whore!
    Oh wait, wrong couple…

  11. WTF?!?! says:

    I agree about the belly-enhancing dresses, but this side-angle makes her look pretty huge:

    Oh, and ROFLMAO, Bodhi.

  12. Kolby says:

    WTF – that’s not huge. She looks to be 6, maybe 7 months along to me, and she’s reportedly over 8. I’m due November 10th and, while everyone grows differently, I am much, much bigger than she is. She’s bigger than me everywhere else, but my belly dwarfs hers.

  13. JoGirl says:

    I think there really *are* fertility drugs in the water here, given the number of pregnant women around me in Los Angeles. It’s like an explosion.

    It also seems like an inordinate number of women are getting pregnant with twins “naturally,” even those who are younger than 35, which is when twins start occurring naturally at much higher rates. (Mind you, not all of those twin pregnancies are resulting in twin births. I keep hearing about acquaintances having “vanishing twin syndrome” in the first or second trimester.)

    Just watch – in a few years we’ll all find out that there’s Clomid in the L.A. reservoir, or that drinking excessive amounts of Diet Coke makes you more likely to have multiples.

  14. Trillion says:

    We can only hope the twins keep them house-bound.

  15. Carrie says:

    LOL geronimo!

    Twins are the new black.

  16. Amanda says:

    i hop that they will have 2 boys this time