Actor Brendan Fehr named his baby daughter James

Brendan Fehr is not really a household name, except maybe among sci-fi fangirls who like bad boy human/alien hybrids with tousled hair. Since his turn as the brooding Michael Guerin in Roswell opposite pre-Grey’s Katherine Heigl, Brendan has bounced around lesser known movies and did a stint as a lab geek on CSI: Miami, which must be the actor’s equivalent of working at Burger King. Hey, we all have to pay the bills.

He returns to TV in the miniseries Samurai Girl, minus the hair, which began airing this weekend on ABC Family.

In real life, the 30-year-old actor is married to Jennifer Rowley. They have a five-month-old daughter named James Olivia.

In Samurai Girl, Brendan plays Jake Stanton, the love interest of the title character, played by Jamie Chung. Jake is also a master ninja and former assassin.

Brendan’s take on the show is a bit convoluted and reveals his insecurities about his performance:

I hate, well, not hate but I always want to be honest with myself and fans and people who have no self awareness or some sort of legimate barometer of sorts with regards to their body of work and talent really bother me. Confidence is great but it still has to be married to reality. At any rate, the “talent” caught myself thinking, “Had I just got caught up in it all and misjudged? Had I just spent too much time with these 2 hours or…? This is exciting right? I mean this is still as good as I thought it was? Cause I thought it was really good. And now? I’m right, right? It’s good. Anyone?” Now, this could be very bad for the “talent” if you were to quit reading here and then tell all your friends and (ABC) family that it’s not that good and that you heard it from the “talent” but just wait! It’s a story with a happy ending! Once hour 3 began and thus inevitably ended, it dawned on the “talent” that this was indeed as good as I, whoops the “talent” thought it was!

[From Brendan Fehr's official site]

I think that means he likes it.

Roswell was more of a cult hit, but Brendan did earn heart-throb status, although nothing along the lines of The Jonas Brothers.

The one time I was literally mobbed was at Disneyland. There were probably 200 16-year-old girls.

[People, print edition, September 8, 2008]

He also tells People he is a hands-on dad to James, “faster than my wife at changing diapers.”

So why give his daughter a traditionally male name?

It was inspired by my favorite musician, James Hetfield of Metallica.

[People, print edition, September 8, 2008]

Someday James will be thankful her dad’s favorite singer wasn’t Englebert Humperdink.

Brendan will soon begin filming Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, opposite Eric Stoltz.

Brendan Fehr is shown at the X Files ‘I want to Believe’ premiere in Hollywood on 7/23/08. Credit: WENN/Fayes Vision

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  1. Jessica says:

    I wanted to name our daughter James, after her father, but he wouldnt hear of it, so we named her Jade instead. He is lucky he has a wife who went along with that name!! I of course, wouldnt call her James all the time, maybe name play, call her Jayme or something… spelled different from my husband’s name (James/Jamie) but NO!!! “James is a boy’s name”!! He is lucky!!

  2. adleisia says:

    Mmm…Brendan Fehr… when I was a 16 yr old girl when Roswell was on, man did I have a big ol’ crush on him. And I sure did watch Samurai Girl because he was in it. It was ok. And I like the name James for a girl.

  3. Nikki G. says:

    his baby girl is a few months old and really cute (read: chubby chunk like babies should be:). i haven’t seen samuri girl but he’s always been a cutie especially in that cheesy,yet entertaining vampire flick the forsaken.

  4. CiCi says:

    I love the name James for a girl.

  5. Moore says:

    I wanted to name my daughter James.Not after anyone I just like the name for a girl.

  6. Codzilla says:

    Love the name for a girl. But after James Hetfield? :?

  7. KateNonymous says:

    Wasn’t Jaime King billed as James King in Pearl Harbor and several other early movies? Which is her original name?

  8. Diva says:

    Yep, Jaime King was James King to start with… I always thought it sucked she changed it, it was kinda cool.

  9. jennifer says:

    HA my friend’s husband wanted to name their son Hetfield after James Hetfield. THANK GOODNESS she didn’t concede… :lol:

    PS they went with “Smith” instead. Better than Hetfield! ;)

  10. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Hey! I thought I came up with the idea of James for a girl. It seems like such a cool name for a girl.

  11. Karla says:

    i love brendan!!! i hope Fort McCoy and samurai girl go well for him :D

  12. Kara says:

    I love Brendan Fehr. He’s such an underrated actor. Ah well.

  13. PJSmo says:

    I saw some of your ole movies & thought you where-are hot. Happy 4th

  14. PJSmo says:

    What you think of the new Metallica cd???

  15. Carlos says:

    I’m From Brasil, I watched your movie sugar, and when over, cried the whole afternoon is not the plot that is melancholy, but the scenario. Today I see that the actor who contracena with you, died. I was devastated. You are an actor excellent, congratulations.

  16. Sandra says:

    Brendan Ferh is an excillent actor. The name of his daughter is beautiful.It’s also a surprise for me that his wife and I share the same last name. Wonder if we are related in some way?

  17. liz souza says:

    Brendan, congrats on whatever it is you are doing in the film industry and how many characters are you? just joking but really..and the child thing i chose not to have kids but enjoy as you will. I am interested in hearing more about what your upcoming plans are in your career and hope to hear more from you keeping in mind the memories you have to give.

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