Proof Jessica Simpson really is starving for her wedding: she’s hired Tracy Anderson

Last week the National Enquirer reported that Jessica Simpson was trying to lose weight for her wedding and that her fiance Eric Johnson was telling her to drop some pounds or the wedding was off. I said that it was likely that Simpson was trying to lose weight for her wedding because that’s what most women do, but that I doubted that Eric had issued an ultimatum or was particularly concerned with Jessica’s weight. He looks like he’s gained a few since hooking up with Jessica anyway.

In this week’s US Weekly, fraud celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson claims that she’s training Jessica and that “this is a big, forever lifestyle shift” for the accidental fashion mogul. Anderson recommends diets that are around the 800 calorie mark a day, well below the 1200 minimum calories recommended by nutritionists. Anderson has no certification or background in nutrition. To be fair, this article doesn’t say that Anderson is giving Simpson diet advice, it’s just implied. Simpson did go on a “cleanse” before starting the program.

Jessica Simpson, 30, has enlisted the help of celeb trainer Tracy Anders, who’s customized a routine that includes dance aerobics, ab work and strength training. After a few weeks of 75-minute, four-day-a-week workouts, “she’s seeing results,” says a pal. “She really loves it. She thinks it’s so much fun.”

The 5-foot-3 margarita and guacamole-loving star even went on a weeklong cleanse to kick start the regime and intends to cut back on fatty favorites for good. “She is in the mind set that this is a big, forever lifestyle shift,” Anderson tells US, adding that she plans to ramp up Simpson’s workouts. “Jessica has a killer body, but when she goes up to two hours, six days a week, then you will really see her transform.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, February 28, 2011]

What the hell is Jessica thinking? She used to work with Harley Pasternak, whose 5-Factor Diet and 5-Factor Fitness programs are actually sensible and easy to follow. (From what I’ve read, I haven’t done them.) She doesn’t need to get caught up with Tracy’s starvation and overexercise program. Everyone else is doing it, so I guess she’s on the bandwagon now. Good luck keeping it up once the big event is over.

Jessica and Eric are shown on 12/31/10. Credit: Fame. Tracy Anderson is shown showing off her bolt ons on 4/20/09. Credit: PRPhotos

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson

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  1. Leticia says:

    My prediction: She’ll lose weight for the wedding, immediately get pregnant, gain 100 pounds during the pregnancy, then never lose the pregnancy weight.

  2. embertine says:


    Dear sweet Eru those are hideous. What was she THINKING?

  3. Lemon Drops says:

    Obviously that trainer chick has been bulimic, or still is. Look at that jawline…she’s got the bulimic chipmunk cheeks.

  4. Bailey says:

    Bolt on breasts look ridiculous just 2 inches form her clavical

  5. Marjalane says:

    That trainer woman is pretty scary looking. Did she use to be a man?

  6. Candy says:

    Tracy is one of the biggest scams in the fitness industry. Jessica can now look forward to an even bigger battle with her weight. You may see her slim down some but I’ll be anything she’ll be bigger than ever afterward and will continue to yo-yo for the rest of her life. I think she already does that but it will be worse after this crock is done with her. She’ll start to gain a lot weight on just 1000 cals a day which isnt much food at all.

  7. EdithP says:

    Why would you hire someone who looked like that to get you into shape? Yikes.

  8. Quest says:

    Tracy boobs are to close to her throat. I wonder if Jessica’s diet will consist of Tuna or Chicken of the Sea (I could not help it)

  9. brin says:

    @Leticia…that sounds about right.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Anderson has got to have the WORST implants ever. seriously, how can anyone think implants like that look good?

  11. Oi says:

    Who in the world would go to this woman for anything related to body image?

  12. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Tell you what, as soon as the wedding is over, its blimpsville for Jessica.. trust me.

  13. Roma says:

    Small portions. Consistent and fun workouts. Don’t starve yourself and allow for small indulgences. Stay away from Tracy.

    The quick weight loss always rebounds – especially on Jessica. I wish she’d do small and steady lifestyle changes and she’d start to feel and look better.

  14. Jacq says:

    If you were squished like those boobs, you’d be in your armpit trying to undo the strap, too!! Pictures like that are why I’m happy to be flat-ish, I’d forever regret spending money to look like that afterwards.

  15. seVen says:

    I think Jess should dump this mess and just be happy with who and what she is. I’m fat… and engaged, and my hubby to be loves my chunky ass just as is. Self acceptance girl, learn it.

  16. lilred says:

    Holy bolt-ons Batman.

    Can I just say, if my husband had said to me that if I didn’t lose weight there wouldn’t be a wedding, he would be correct there wouldn’t have been a wedding but there would have been a funeral…HIS.

  17. Majosha says:

    You could drive a semi through those things. Damn.

  18. KsGirl says:

    That trainer woman has no neck. Seriously, there is no space between her chest and her chin. That looks damned weird.

  19. Green Is Good says:

    No good can come from this. Not for Jessica, that’s for damn sure.

  20. orion70 says:

    Wait, 800 calories a day and 2 hour workouts? Sounds like a medical crisis waiting to happen.

    Not much point in being a fainting super-skinny bride on one big day if you can’t be healthy for many to come during your marriage.

    Doesn’t this woman work with Madonna? I agree, she’s scary looking.

  21. TQB says:

    Oh come on, Jess. This shouldn’t be that hard. Stop the boozing, eat more veggies and less fried chicken and start working out with a normal trainer. You don’t need starvation crap, you just need to clean up your act a bit.

    This isn’t a person with a weight problem, it’s a person with a college-student lifestyle at age 30.

  22. Melinda says:

    Oh Jess, don’t do it! You don’t want to pass out on your wedding day from malnutrition. Can you imagine how bossy and irritable this regimen would make a bride-to-be who is already under a ton of stress? Not going to be pretty.

  23. wow....really? says:

    Those boobies scare me.

  24. mia girl says:

    I guess when she invoked the “cleanse excuse” a few weeks ago to explain why she stumbled out of that restaurant looking drunk, it was actually true.

  25. Yael says:

    Let’s see how long this lasts Ms. Blimpson…wait after the wedding’s over…

  26. guesty says:

    the trainer looks so natural!!! yikes.

  27. aenflex says:

    the freckle-topped bolt-ons are hilarious.

  28. womanfromthenorth says:

    Yeah Tracey scares me

    Me 2!

  29. MarenGermany says:

    healthy eating, not too much fat, not too much candy, sports daily and i promise in a week you will feel invincable, and in three weeks first results will be showing.

  30. whitedaisy says:

    Tracy Anderson, anorexic/bulemic-to-the-stars.
    NOT a good direction.

  31. Kristin says:

    That makes me sad :(

    Everyone always hates on Jessica, especially for her weight gain, but it’s obvious this girl has a body type that just HAS to hold onto weight. It makes me wonder how hardcore and unhealthy her workouts/lifestyle was when she was very much in shape.

  32. TeeTee says:

    Tracey is a crazy woman, I’ve seen her workouts–smdh..Jessica will not be able to stay on anything like that..

    where is the guy that got her in shape for “Dukes of Hazzard?”

    she must have insulted him or lost him when she broke up w/Ken Paves, smdh.

    that lady is crazed, she’ll slip Jess some kind of peppy drug for a supposed disorder. BAM!! she’ll be slim and then BAM!

    you know the rest.

  33. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Starvation diets and cleanses may work once or twice. However, they negatively impact your metabolism in the long run.

  34. Kiska says:

    Tracy Anderson is dangerous in my opinion. She encourages bad eating behaviour (starvation) and her exercises are hard on the joints. I borrowed a DVD of hers and found the movements very unnatural unless you are double jointed.

  35. bluhare says:

    Note to Jessica: Cleanses don’t do squat if you immediately go out boozing and eating everything in sight.

  36. wunderkindt says:

    Jessica should just run with a ‘Big Fat Wedding’ theme and have ushers passing around baskets of BBQ chicken wings and pizza during the ceremony.

  37. Silver says:

    Ya she will lose weight doing that, but as some others have pointed out, the second she stops that and eats above 800 calories she is going to gain it all back fast. Those diets destroy your metabolism and it takes a long time of eating a normal diet to fix it. This is a horrible mistake.

  38. lucy2 says:

    Who in their right mind would not only listen to but pay this woman?
    I’ll be SHOCKED if Jess doesn’t try to get a sponsorship from Jenny Craig, WW, or one of those.

  39. Eleonor says:

    That is the woman who’s responsible for Madonna’s scaring arms? Does someone still hire her?

  40. TQB says:

    @Kristin, I agree, it’s sad. And what’s most sad is that while she may be naturally a curvier girl, she does not seem to be inclined to be really obese. She just needs to eat sensibly and exercise! So much natural beauty, it’s sad she thinks she’s this desperate. Because really, she just isn’t.

  41. Kim says:

    She will lose a ton before her wedding. No way will she walk down aisle with her pictures in all the tabloids overweight. Esp when her 2 exes are marrying slim girls.

    TQB – I disagree. Jessica is naturally a bigger girl and she is very short so any weight gains shows immediately. She couldnt be stick thin by just eating right & exercising – that is not her normal body type. YES she is probably eating crap and drinking to much which when cut out will make her lose weight but she will never naturally be a size 2. She is a bigger boned girl period.

  42. The H says:

    Without a neck she resembles a turtle.

  43. alexandra says:

    800 calories? We’re supposed to eat 2000 calories a day to maintain and support our body. If you need to lose weight 1200 calories. However, this is a bandaid to the real issue. Why is she eating this way? Skinny is not healthy, overweight is not healthy. We have lost our way to what is important. Is about health and take care and love our bodies. This obsession wanting to look like someone else wanting to loook or resemble a famous person. Love you for you that is all what matters. Fix the inside, Why you dislike yourself? When you love yourself you teach the rest to love you the same.

  44. V. says:

    I use Anderson’s mat workout video, and I like the results. However, I would not partake in anything else she pushes. She encourages exercise bulimia: minimum calorie intake while demanding excessive exercise thus encouraging a negative calorie count. It is a disorder, and no one should pay someone else to make them ill.

  45. jenna says:

    Ugh those implants r ridiculois.

  46. foobie says:

    @44. alexandra

    ITA! I think Jessica will probably look really good on her wedding day. But ultimately, deep insecurity + creepy dad + incredibly bad taste in men = no happy ever afters.

  47. MissyA says:

    TQB – That’s exactly what I was thinking!

    A few Sundays ago, I was preparing for a little event known as the Superbowl (maybe you’ve heard of it?). In order to fully prepare my body for such strenuous ordeal, I started my morning with a proper Wisconsin breakfast – not one, but two PBRs. . . and it all went downhill from there. Throughout the entire day, I ate like my junior year at college (love you, Madison!) – everything was deep fried, covered in cheese, or alcoholic. (Some where all three!) I woke up the next morning, exuberant my beloved Packers won, but feeling like the fried cheese curd stuck to the bottom of my shoe. (Man down!)

    My body couldn’t handle all the crap I put into it anymore. I reeked of domestic beer and fried food for days afterwards. (Superbowl momentos!) I rarely get pimples anymore, but low and behold – three. Three pimples. And it took a couple of times at the gym (a week?) before I could get back into a “normal” routine.

    The point being, it’s not rocket science. You put crap into your system, you get crappy results. I’m not a fitness guru by any means, but I’m comfortable enough with my body to expect certain results, and in order to achieve those results I have to be cognizant of how I fuel my body. I’m never going to give up fried cheese curds for love or money, but they are most certainly a special occasion (Superbowl!) treat.

    Rant aside, I doubt Jessica is going to “get it” this go-around. She’s always been a yo-yo dieter, and I don’t have much hope for her long-term health/weight loss on this bulimic trainer to the star’s newest fad diet. “Chubby” in three months, “fat” in nine. Poor Jess.

    (PS – This is neither here nor there, but since my Wisconsin is already showing I have a very special message for Gov Walker – “Fuck you. Eat shit.” )

  48. StraightfromA says:


    Exactly!Why does a celebrity, who has access to the best nutritionists, doctors, and trainers in the world ever have trouble loosing weight?!!!! Especially, if they have been plump and successful for a while and could easily take their time loosing weight without a problem? There is no magic formula! It takes time and dedication. Jessica Simpson seems too lazy to do it right on her own and loves the bad stuff a lot(inc. her choice in peen) so if her mind isn’t ready to be healthy her body stands no chance. Her answer? Among all the qualified professionals in the world is a scam artist with no credentials. Ah Jessica, when will you learn?

  49. StraightfromA says:


    I get a queasy feeling when I see someone described as “big boned”…First, is there any scientific proof that even exists? And if so, does it even mean you are destined to look fat? Lastly, when you are genuinely out of shape (unless you are counting the shape of an orange- I kid) does being “big boned” mean you don’t need to loose as much? I have been hearing this phrase since I was a kid and if anyone knows any answers to these questions I would like to hear it because I am gonna say that sounds kinda bogus to me…Just saying. Its a little apologist like “baby fat” on a 30 year old…

  50. bored says:

    Anyone TRY her workouts or *temporary* diet plans? Dont comment unless you have. And I really doubt any of you are in good enough shape to be able to comment on her looks or her methods. Enjoy your ice cream fatties.

  51. bored says:

    yeek, there’s another ‘bored’!! and I guess she’s skinny.

  52. Candy says:

    @ Bored
    Nope, you couldnt pay me to screw with my metab the way she does. Those temp. ‘diets’ will do more harm than good in the long run.
    and Im not fat at all (and i do enjoy my ice cream). Ive been in fitness for over 20 yrs, anyone with any type of fitness/nutrition education will verify her and her methods are not good for you and will do nothing but cause you to have to struggle with your weight for the rest of your life.
    She may have a creative move here or there in her workouts but other than that she’s nothing but hype from a famous friend. Research her, you’ll see what a fraud she is to the industry.

  53. ggg says:

    Trainer was recently sued for scamming tons of clients out of money. Look that crazy girl up, no good.

  54. DGO says:

    She already had a trainer for her Dukes of Hazzards days, and couldn’t keep that up. In fact, when she stopped the exercise/diet routine, that’s when she started to blimp up. This is only going to make matters worse.

  55. Tiffany says:

    WORST BOOB JOB EVER! Does she even have nipples? If so, she could nurse herself they are so close to her mouth!
    That is all.

  56. Kiska says:

    @ bored.

    I’m a yoga instructor and also a certified nutritionist.

    Are you Tracy Anderson’s assistant per chance?

  57. TQB says:

    @Kim, I didn’t say she could naturally be a size 0, and I don’t believe she could. However there is huge difference in Simpson being inclined to have a bigger butt, some hips and of course, her boobs, and being inclined to be overweight. It’s called HEALTHY weight. And I insist that if she exercised and ate a reasonable diet, she would be a lovely, shapely girl. She would not be a size 0 stick, because that isn’t how she’s built – but it’s not like she blows up to 300 lbs when she goes off the rails! She’s like 30 pounds overweight right now – if that. Like you said, weight shows up fast on someone her size. 30 lbs does not warrant drastic lifestyle change and crash diets. It just means you’re living a little large.

    I mean, really, when they talk about the obesity epidemic, you know they aren’t talking about people Jess’s size, RIGHT?

  58. crumbcake says:

    whoa. . . . when did Tracy Anderson get those implants? I have a few workouts of hers (stopped using them because I didn’t feel I was getting results), and I swear, she did not have these tacked on fake boobs then. Bad choice, Tracy.

    As far as “big-boned” goes, people do have different frames and builds. I am very broad through the shoulders and have a very weird rib cage. Doesn’t mean I have an excuse to look fat, but no matter how thin I have gotten (once down to 111 lbs and I’m 5’9), I looked skinny (you could my back vertebra and ribs), but still had a broader frame. If people have wide pelvic bones,even if they starve themselves down to a low bmi, they still are not going to look as small as someone whose hips bones aren’t spaced as far apart. So it’s not an excuse to be chubby, but it is definitely why someone might have a slightly larger build than another person. Let’s face us, not all of us can look like a victoria’s secret model, no matter how much weight we lose or how much we work out. But Jessica has looked trim and fit in the past, so we know that it is possible in an ideal world.

  59. Aubi says:

    “Showing off her bolt-ons” Kaiser, you are so funny! Seriously though, is she not embarassed? How can she go out in public like that, I’m just embarassed for her.

  60. Cherry Rose says:

    @ bored – Well have you tried Tracy Anderson’s diets and workout routine?

    800 calories a day is not enough to sustain a human body, healthly. If you want to diet, the recommended amount is 1200 calories.

    You’re basically on a starvation diet on 800 calories.

    And when you lose weight and want to start eating regular food, you’re going to gain that weight back really fast.

  61. jc126 says:

    Why does anyone fall for Tracy Anderson? Has Madonna ditched her, I hope? She of all people should know better.
    Big-boned = large frame. What’s significant is body fat percentage. A lean big-framed person will not look model-thin, and it’s a myth that if we all worked hard enough we could fit in size 2s.

  62. Prunella says:

    Jessica, you don’t have to starve! Go low-carb!