Keith Urban gave Nicole Kidman a $120K “push present” for baby Faith


I just spent way too much time looking through photos of Nicole Kidman and her Lips of Doom. No, seriously, I wasn’t really trying to look at her lips, but they were like an alien tractor beam sucking me in. My real purpose for going through the Kidman photo archives was to see if we had any photos of her wearing this cross necklace mentioned in the following story. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of it. So… picture it in your brainsicles: a big, expensive-looking diamond and emerald cross pendant necklace. That’s what Keith Urban gave Nicole Kidman as a “push present” for baby Faith.

She didn’t give birth, but Nicole Kidman still got a “push present” from husband Keith Urban when their baby daughter Faith was born to a surrogate.

According to a friend, Keith designed an emerald-and-diamond cross that he gave Nicole soon after Faith was delivered.

“Keith worked with a jeweler, but he pretty much came up with the look,” a friend explained. “He spent around $120,000.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

My only criticism is that it shouldn’t be called a “push present”. Just in general, I find that term very patronizing, and in this particular case, inaccurate. That being said, I like the idea of a man giving his wife/baby-mama a significant piece of jewelry upon the birth of their child. I think it’s a lovely way to mark the occasion, and it’s a tradition that works. Just don’t call it a “push present”. Especially when another woman did the pushing, for the love of God.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Lol…agreed, Kaiser. The push present in this case needs to go to the woman who did the pushing.

  2. Meaux says:

    These two are gross. Who but an ego maniacal and completely out of touch actress would expect a reward for something she didn’t actually do?

  3. Rita says:

    Agree with you on the “push present”. For a moment I thought he gave her a lawn mower.

  4. mln76 says:

    Even if I did push I wouldn’t want to call it that. But um yeah it’s kind of sweet to commemorate the occasion.

  5. KatScorp says:

    I’m possibly way off base here, however, I’m suspicious that Keith wanted another child and Nicole didn’t. I think all of the “pushing” came from Keith and whether it be gratitude or guilt, he owed Nicole something because he pushed for another child after such a miraculous pregnancy with Sunday Rose.

    Just my take on a Nicole interview whereby Nic said something like “Keith wanted another child and I couldn’t get pregnant agin, so…”

    I don’t believe that Nicole is the biological mother of Faith. Not to start something here, but I’ve serious doubts.

  6. Marjalane says:

    Why is something like this publicized? Why are we constantly hearing about how “incredibly happy” these two are? I don’t buy it- I think he’s still screwing around.

  7. Lila says:

    Her lips scare me.

    I hope he got something good for the woman who did the actual pushing!

  8. tracking says:

    She likes men who wear tight clothes (ick). Just an observation.

  9. Quest says:

    Push Present…that’s a new one…I wouldn’t mind the gift that marked the occasion for the birth but the pushing part I would not want to recall.

    Did he give the actual pushee a gift as well? Maybe he can call that one a “Bring Home Present”

  10. PrettyTarheel says:

    I don’t know…I’m preparing to “push” a 7-8lb watermelon out my hooha, and endure all the after-effects, which have been described in great, gory detail in birthing classes. I don’t find the idea of a “push present” sexist. I find it damn well earned. But it should have gone to the woman doing the pushing, I agree.

    Side note: Birthing class has given me my only panic attack in my ENTIRE life. I’m cool under stress, but a bit of a control freak, and that crazy ass woman talking about having no control while yapping about visualization made me want to murder someone. Picturing myself on a soft beach made me yearn for my blackberry and some Eminem.
    I’ve also told my husband none of this jazz shit-I reserve the right to give birth to any music I want-including the entire explicit Recovery album.
    Suck on that, Silent Birth.

  11. devilgirl says:

    @Rita- Who uses a push mower in this day and age?LOL!

    On a different note, I do not get the hate and constant criticism for this couple. Seems to me they mind their own business, do their own thing, and I do think they are happy.

    Maybe I just like them, and don’t see all the negative things.

    Also, who said that they called it a “push present”? She got a present for the birth of their daughter. OutofTouch called it a “push present”, not Keith Urban. Amazing how that rag is accurate when reporting on some people, but not on others. InTouch is the worst rag out there.

  12. REALIST says:

    I didn’t get jack from the ex either time, and the second time I missed the opportunity to have an epidural. OUCCCCH! No wonder I’m divorced!

  13. PrettyTarheel says:

    @devilgirl: My husband did this summer for 3 weeks because ours broke and he wanted to wait to get the “best” deals when Lowe’s put their lawnmowers on sale, so he borrowed one from someone and sweated his ass off for 3 weeks. It was hilarious (from my perspective).

  14. Rita says:


    Not all of us have the resources you RHOBH have. We’re currently saving for a mower with a motor but the rusty ol’ pushy will have to do for now.

    You should be more circumspect in your comments so as not to hurt the feelings of we who are less affluent than you. (By affluent I’m not talking about our command of another language.)

    @Prettytarheel: You go girl!!!!

  15. I Choose Me says:

    I couldn’t agree more Kaiser. God I hate that term.

  16. devilgirl says:

    @PrettyTarheel- I must admit to the same thing back in 2005. I got a great deal on a riding more at Lowes, because I waited. I will say, I was super fit when I was forced to use the push mower.

  17. mln76 says:

    @devilgirl I know someone who has a push mower. In fact she also has one of those old fashioned non motorized cutters that she uses for small patches of uneven grass. (She’s a bit crunchy)

  18. Oi says:

    Never heard of this tradition. But I think Rita has the beginning of Jeff Foxworthy’s new routine written for him.

  19. LindyLou says:

    Man! I never got a “push present”. I feel ripped off! lol

  20. pebbles says:

    Yeah, I have two kids…….never got a “push present.” And I’ve got a wonderful husband too.
    Maybe we thought that just having a healthy beautiful baby was celebration enough.
    I didn’t need jewelry to commemorate it.

  21. Quest says:

    Me neither…all I got was some drugs, stitches and a bad case of gas. :)

  22. Rita says:


    Kaiser went to all the trouble to bring us this lovely story about a loving man giving his wife a beautiful gift and it’s degenerated into a debate of motorized vs manual lawn care implements (which is probably my fault). Focus people.

  23. fabgrrl says:

    @PrettyTarheel – those birthing classes are traumatizing, aren’t they? People would leave them looking shocked and on the verge of tears, and that was the men! Birthing class was the first place I ever heard of a “push gift”. A woman mentioned that she would “push out anything for diamonds”. I know it was supposed to be a joke, but it sounded really shallow and materialistic.

  24. 6 says:

    I’m confused on their story, seriously, all joking aside. Did she actually give birth to their first child? What was her issue with not being able to carry the second one?

  25. poppy says:

    they probably paid the surrogate less than half of what the necklace cost.

    push, non-fuel mowers are the best. good exercise, no gas/oil and no noise pollution. you can cut your lawn at midnight when it isn’t 100* and nobody will complain.

  26. KatScorp says:

    @6 No25: Nicole had difficulty getting pregnant when she and Tom Cruise were married; finally, she had a miscarraige right when he walk out and onto Penelope Cruz.

    Then while filming the movie “Australia”, Nicole got pregnant (to her new husband, Keith) after swimming in a spiritually important lake in the Northern Territory. Nicole gave birth to Sunday Rose a couple of years ago (though some people are suspicious, I do think she was pregnant).

    The new baby, Faith, was carried and given birth to by a “gestational carrier” – a clinical term for the woman carrying a child to term that is not her biological child.

  27. someone says:

    In Touch…really??? I don’t even believe this story..and they look very happy together…I have seen numerous interviews where she said she wanted more kids…

  28. devilgirl says:

    Good God! Thanks for the lesson in manners Rita! For someone who is always “joking” I would have thought you would have taken that comment with a grain of salt!

    FFS, I have a god damn push mower. It was a comment people. Calm down.

  29. 6 says:

    Katscorp- thanks for the info. I really don’t follow them but I thought she carried the first one so I was really confused.

  30. Rita says:


    I did take it as a joke. Please don’t misinterpret my dry humor. You’re a babe.

  31. womanfromthenorth says:

    @ someone..

    I agree, they just make chit up and paste a pic next to it.

  32. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @PrettyTarheel.. I always wished I had never went to the damn birth class. What a waste of time and it gave me nightmares.

    My actual birth experience was nothing what they described.

    Also, Everyone lay off RITA, she is always joking, geez. Calm down and get some coffee..

  33. dea says:

    He meant a visualization of “push” that Nicole has experienced for years. The upper lip of her is such a distraction!! I hope she does not give a smile anymore for the cameras…. it takes away whatever beauty is left in just a second.

  34. devilgirl says:

    @Rita- No problem. I have a dry humor as well, but yours even surpasses mine.

    Wasn’t trying to offend anyone. I am nothing more than white trash from Missouri. Never try to be anything but. : )

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    I don’t usually do this, but my push present:

    Devilgirl and Rita: :) Just a wee misunderstanding between two of my favorite posters. And I agree that with a push mower who the needs a gym membership?

  36. Lynda says:

    The best solution is to be a Princess and never mow the lawn or shovel snow. Get a service to do it, and support the local economy.

  37. emine says:

    lol my husband promised me 1 kg of 22k gold if i give him a son and i was wondering if you girls can give me some advice on how baby boys are concived because all i was able to give him were 2 wonderful baby girls

  38. CallieTrichid says:

    In fairness, were Keith/Nicole really the ones that called it that? Or was that ITW’s wording? It’s not really fair to blame them if that’s what ITW decided to call it.

  39. Rosanna says:

    I love Nic and Keith together – they are beautiful, classy and so in love. I’m so happy for them, but especially for Nicole.

  40. annie says:

    @crash-absolutely beautiful, those eyes!!

  41. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Crash, that was cute. I still want sparkles. Mr. Tarheel usually buys fantastic, but not sparkly gifts (ie, vintage Jordan jersey from when he was at UNC), so this is one time I want some shine!
    @fabgrrl: would you believe my husband went to sleep during visualization? Just conked flat out while picturing the sandy beach? He is totally placid about this whole process, and I was a nervous wreck until I met with my OB and developed my own birth plan. I swear, I’m not sure if they gear that class to the 16 year olds in the front row (seriously), men, or the lowest common denominator, but I hated every minute.

  42. Rita says:


    OMG what a beautiful child! I bet she looks just like mom. Thanks so much for posting your “push present”. *tears blooming* Gosh that was great!!! (Even a riding mower wouldn’t come close).

  43. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    the description of her “push present,” big diamond and emerald cross, sounds like rapper bling.

    @prettytarheel, the experience itself isn’t bad. My first son was OP (sunny side up) and it took a while but I did it, and I have an android pelvis (very narrow). My only complaint after birth was intimacy. Hope this isn’t TMI, but I suggest waiting the full 6 weeks (or more) to do it because, for me, it was super painful the first couple of times.

  44. sapphire says:

    @Pretty Tarheel-you made my morning, I’ve been laughing so hard everyone in the office thinks I am about to quit.
    Make the Mr. come up with serious bling-he’s not doing the work. And BTW, Metallica was my choice for delivery.

    These people simply don’t live in the same world as the rest of us.

  45. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader… I had a C section and had that problem.. I agree, wait the entire 6 weeks.

  46. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Crash, beautiful little girl. I’m currently pregnant with little boy number two and he may be our last. May not ever get my little princess :(

  47. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’ve never heard the term ‘push present’ but I got one from my hubs and son after I had my daughter. It’s not worth $120,000, but it’s a necklace with all our birthstones and a lovely engraved locket. My labor was only 2hrs (4hrs with my first) but I ain’t gonna lie, it was rough. After what amounted to basically 1 long contraction followed by a 9+lb baby rocketing out in less than 10min and 25+ stitches (no time for an epidural), I think I deserved a little bling!

    Tip #1: Definitely wait at least 6wks to do the dance with no pants–you’ll probably be too tired and unhappy with your body to want to anyway! There’s physiological reasons to wait too, but I don’t wanna get too gross. :-)

    Tip #2: Standard childbirth classes are virtually useless. The only useful thing I ever learned was how to hold my baby in a sitting position in front of my chest and work her legs up and down to help relieve gas (it works wonders!).

  48. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Johnny Depps Girl, ouch! Yes, it’s unpleasant either way, you feel as if your organs aren’t being held in properly and the last thing you want is someone poking around in that area! LOL

  49. PrettyTarheel says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader-I’ve already alerted Mr. Tarheel that he better be prepared for a long drought in that department. I may have to buy him a “drought present.” Maybe a new weed-whacker…heeheehee.

    And thanks to everyone on here-I already feel much better than I did in that stupid class. Perhaps I’ll bring my laptop and read CB during labor.

  50. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @emine, google the “shettles method.” it’s controversial in the scientific community. However, a recent Dutch study seems to confirm that a womans vaginal PH does make it more or less inviting for either X or Y sperm. It also has to do with timing intercourse and ovulation. If it’s truly that important to you there’s also sperm sorting (aka sexual selection), which gives you an 80%+ chance of conceiving the sex you’ve selected.

    I’ve never tried either of these, as I have PCOS and had to consult a reproductive endocrinologist to become pregnant. Although I would have liked to have a daughter, it may never be in the cards for me. I consider myself lucky to have a healthy little boy and another little guy on the way.

  51. original kate says:

    nicole’s lips look like vienna sausages smeared with lipstick. ugh. and “push present” sounds like something out of “the handmaid’s tale.”

  52. Rita says:


    Weed Whacker: Holy crap that was funny! Deserves more than just an LOL.

  53. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @prettytarheel, LMAO. Yes! Love it.

  54. Bodhi says:

    1) My husband LOVES his push mower & was offended when he was offered the use of our neighbor’s riding mower, even though he has over an acre to mow. But he is a weirdo.

    2) I want a Kindle for my push present! It will be much easier for me to carry than the big ass books I normally haul around.

    3) We have our childbirth class on the 26th & I’m a wee bit freaked out about it! I can see my hubs falling asleep too! Falling asleep & snoring!

    4) Ok… on topic… I think that the one doing the pushing deserves the present, but they are rich as shit, so it doesn’t really matter, now does it? I’m sure the “gestational carrier” was amply rewarded for the use of her uterus!

  55. Jeri says:

    Who called it a “push present.” Keith & Nicole or the press/blogs?

  56. LindyLou says:

    @emine – don’t know if this would work for you but when I conceived my son, there was a 26′er of vodka and dancing. Hmmm…maybe not! lol

  57. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Bohdi: Most women probably adore it, and think it’s totally informative. I just had a horrible experience because, as a control freak, having some woman stand up and emphasize my lack of control over this entire process in the name of “naturalizing” everything made me psycho. I would advocate bringing some type of shock treatment for your husband if he tries to conk out. Good luck!

  58. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Crash Omg, what a cutie! She’s adorable!

    My really good friend is pregnant right now with her first child. It’s a boy! This is the first time I’ve ever been close to someone who actually wanted to be pregnant, so it’s pretty exciting. That said though, reading everyone’s stories about the birthing classes and the intimacy issues is making me scared for her! I can’t wait to meet her new son. Honestly, I’m really looking forward to having a little one around! But, all things considered, I’m glad he’ll be coming out of her uterus and not mine. Lol

  59. Kloops says:

    @Crash — She is lovely! And exactly what a “push present” should be.

    A new friend recently asked me what I received for my two “push presents”. A)I’d never heard of such a thing B) dick all C) that’s a gross name

    Clearly the gift was meant for the “gestational carrier” and Urban made a faux pas. Oops.

    I think Kidman is a lovely wax figure. Truly. The best made.

  60. dit says:

    i was watching just go with it and omg, her face scared me so much.

  61. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Emine: my husband drank a fifth of Captain Morgan and I had 2 bottles of wine the night BabyTarheel was conceived, and he is definitely a boy. So there might be something to LindyLou’s theory. You need something to knock the balls off those swimmers. :)

  62. Crash2GO2 says:

    Thanks everyone. If only I could get her to stop mugging for the camera and take a normal photo it would be great.

    This has been an awesome thread. I’m home with a migraine, but I still have a grin plastered from ear to ear!

  63. malachais says:

    Seems like a touching gift from Keith. I don’t get the comments that Keith is an ego maniac, he has always come off as down to earth and is extremely talented. I have always thought they were an odd pair, but Nicole & Keith truly look happy together.

  64. SUZANNE says:


  65. devilgirl says:

    Darling little girl Crash!

  66. sapphire says:

    @Pretty TarHeel-I am in awe of Mr. Tarheel. I wouldn’t have gotten knocked up if the (late) Mr. Sapphire had done all that.

    Personally, I thought the whole routine of classes was a crock-I’m a control freak too and my attitude was “This is War!” The Mr. I suspect, napped.

    Back OT, I second who used the term “push present”? My kid got all the goodies.

  67. Nell says:

    Sounds like more PR before the Oscars.

  68. Cha Cha Loca says:

    These two creep me out. He’s got that Billy Ray Cyrus look/vibe going on and she’s done so much tinkering to her face she looks like a totally different person.

  69. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Sapphire: I didn’t say he REMEMBERED the event.

    This is war. That’s going to be my personal mantra until May. This Is War. THIS IS WAR! SPARTANS, PREPARE FOR GLORY!

    I’m going to start dressing in a loincloth and doing the Gerard Butler workout from 300. Or, you know, eating a lot and doing gentle exercises. Whatever.

  70. emine says:

    @lindylou and pretty tarheel-lol, so vodka and wine might be the secret , i hate vodka but i love wine , was that red wine or white ?(i love white)

  71. Liana says:

    I’ve also told my husband none of this jazz shit-I reserve the right to give birth to any music I want-including the entire explicit Recovery album.

    Type O Negative here. If my old dried out ovaries cooperate and I have a child in a few years, I want Type O set on stun. I want my friend Pete symbolically in the delivery room, so I can symbolically gross HIM out, and I need something loud.

  72. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Liana: Off topic here, but you mentioned the story of how you and your hubby got together was on your blog. I confess I have peeked, but couldn’t find it. I’d love to read the anti-Leann Eddie story if I could.

    TIA. :)

  73. Lauren says:

    Keith is such a thoughtful man..I think his mop is hillbilly sexy.

  74. crazydaisy says:

    i got a pearl necklace. albeit freshwater, and only for baby one. baby two, nothing. where’s MY emerald cross?!

  75. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Liana, love that you are a Type O fan and it’s awesome you knew Pete. Would have loved to meet him. You could play some Type O to perk those ovaries up; his voice straight does it for me ;) Although having known him, it might be weird to bring him to bed with you.

  76. Jen says:

    Where does it say that Keith called it a ‘push’ present? This is just another rag magazine twisting words around. Ridiculous.

  77. Liana says:

    @morticians – Yeah… no Type O in the bedroom. Too weird.

    “Push present…” what a bizarre name for something. Seriously doubt either Keith or Nicole called it that. And someone up top (Meaux) made a comment: “These two are gross. Who but an ego maniacal and completely out of touch actress would expect a reward for something she didn’t actually do?” I sincerely doubt she “expected” it at all.

  78. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Liana: Thanks. I needed that this morning.

  79. j. katz says:

    This is heresay, there are no facts to support that in the privacy of their home, he called this a “push present”. They are rich enough he could give her these gifts every week. What we do know are the names of their daughters, and that Keith gave Nicole a cross. Methinks someone is really glad they aren’t with a Scientologist anymore. It’s more like an FU Tom Cruise gift.

  80. JenJen says:

    @Crash- your daughter is adorable, what a cute picture! Hope your headache went away.

    @emine- I was told by a couple with 3 sons that they swear by the theory of making sure the woman is sassified 2x before finishing the deal ;) Good luck!

  81. Ashley says:

    In my idea Keith Urban is a broke addict(or ex addict) who lives off of Nicole’s money,,,he looks good and she needs a man beside her so she doesn’t suffer so much in lonelyness,,,so he didn’t give her anything she might have bought herself some push present..
    She didn’t push anything why is she getting a present anyway??

  82. mauibound says:

    This thread is the best ever! @ pretty tar heel and devil girl you guys are f…n awesome! Laughed my ass off!

  83. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Liana I listen to Type O while embalming and, although I didn’t know Pete, I know his lyrics and think he may have appreciated his music being the soundtrack for my occupation.

  84. Angela says:

    Ashley did you know he actually earned 19 million dollars last year. She only earned 9 million. How did you come up with the idea that he lives off her?

  85. Liana says:

    @morticians: He would have gotten a kick out of it! He wasn’t all dark and depressing like some try to paint him, but he had a wicked sense of humor and an appreciation for death. In fact, for awhile, he was a bit obsessed with it.

  86. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Liana, totally got that about him. Think that’s why his music appeals to me.

  87. shelby says:

    Stupid term and I doubt Keith would use it. It’s incredibly sweet of him to give a gift to his wife upon the birth of their child.

  88. Majosha says:

    A bit late to the party, but Crash, your daughter is absolutely precious. And I agree that the baby who finally appears after all that pushing is the ultimate “present.”

  89. Liana says:

    wait…. I’m gonna have to push? Shit. I’m rethinking this whole having a baby someday thing now.

  90. hyuch says:

    My sister gave me a necklace with three silver rings on it each had teh name of one child engraved on it after my third pregnancy. Its not expensive but I love it.

  91. Camille says:

    I’m also late, but Crash your daughter is gorgeous! :D

  92. Liana says:

    @crash – the pic wouldn’t come up for me until today for some reason (comp’s been acting up). Your daughter is a STUNNER! The prettiest push present around!

  93. Regina Friley says:

    This was adorable. My great-nephew born 3 months early. He is in the NICU right now and weighs 2 pounds. He is doing well, but has to stay and grow. His mom can hold him and will enjoy this hat I am sure. I ran out tonight and bought some sport weight yarn and will use smaller needles. How creative you are. Thanks for sharing.