The Olsen twins are fighting over their businesses

It’s been reported for a while that the Olsen twins have been fighting off and on. That’s certainly to be expected when you’re twins; it’s to be expected when you’re famous; and it’s to be expected when you work together. Put those three issues together and add in the fact that the girls often live in the same place and you could see how friction might arise.

Ashley and Mary-Kate have pretty different personalities. Ashley is more serious and career driven whereas Mary-Kate is more of a free-spirited partying type. She’s also had some personal issues (eating disorders, addiction – depending on who you believe) that are getting in the way of the twin’s joint work.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, 22, have spent their whole lives in synch, and together created their clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James, but an insider says their work ethics don’t match anymore — causing a serious rift in their relationship.

“Ashley really wants to be a respected businesswoman and be taken seriously,” says the pal. “MK does too, but she hasn’t been willing to give up her lifestyle and act like an adult for their job.” So Ashley has taken a drastic step: distancing her twin from the couture end of their joint fashion empire. “

Ashley came to a difficult decision. She decided that MK should not be involved with The Row,” says the insider. “She asked her sister to step back from her current responsibilities until she has her personal life together.” Instead, MK will focus on their more affordable line, Elizabeth and James, for which their roles were always less hands-on. “It’s tough because The Row was so much of Mary-Kate’s idea,” says the insider. “Mary-Kate has a unique fashion sense,” notes an insider. “I just see myself more as a businessperson,” Ashley says.

[From In Touch]

I think it’d be a really good idea for Mary-Kate and Ashley to separate their lives a bit. I can’t imagine any two people – twins or not – that could be so intertwined in so many parts of their lives and do it without a good deal of fighting. And it doesn’t sound like the kind of petty sister fighting you grow out of. Business conflicts – especially within families – can go on indefinitely. And they do both have nearly opposite personalities in a lot of ways. They might be happier of they got to emphasize that more and spent a little less time as a unit.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are shown at the Costume Institute Gala on 5/5/08. Credit: Wild1/PRPhotos

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  1. Annicka says:

    “Unique fashion sense”? Mary Kate can’t dress herself to save her life.

  2. polly says:

    On the second photo, one looks like the grand-mother of the other one

  3. Shannon says:

    I’ve always found it strange how much they do together. I understood it when they were little, companies wanted to market the whole “twin” thing. But the fact that they’ve always lived together, and gone to school together shows a codependency that unnerves me.
    I think they should spend some time apart. I mean, actually living apart.

  4. boobaloob says:

    I just want to know what the hell is wrong with Ashley’s eyebrows. Thick, dark eyebrows look great on some people, but Ashley Olsen is not one of them.

  5. Enn says:

    I still can’t tell them apart.

  6. Codzilla says:

    Annicka and Polly: Lol! I agree in full with both your comments.

  7. Bodhi says:

    I briefly dated one of a set of twins & he & his brother were almost always attached at the hip. It made for a very strange relationship. I think that twins really do need to forge separate identities; it just can’t be healthy otherwise

  8. The Old KC says:

    Question: do either of the Olsen twins even have teeth? Why don’t they ever smile and show their teeth? They appear to be ashamed of them – you never see them smile other than with tight-lipped, constipated, pouty-looking smiles. Although, unlike Victoria Beckham, at least they allow the corners of their lips to become upturned at all.

  9. vdantev says:

    They look like two little girls playing dress up with grown-up clothes. Which of course, they are.

  10. paris herpes says:

    It’s probably unnerving for them to be constantly seen as little girls who can’t make adult decisions or choices, and for the most part, they’ve been adults for awhile now. For MK, the choice is the partying lifestyle, but for Ashley, it’s taking the whole fashion business more seriously. I think it’s probably better that they have different focuses in their lives because they’re two different people. Is that a troll leg I spy?!

  11. aurelia says:

    I think Ashley looks like John Stamos in that pic 8O

  12. Nina says:

    Dont know which which, but the one in the very gold dress seems not to know her shoe size. they seem too big.

    They aren’t very pretty, but you don’t have to be to be rich.

    Just goes to show that cute little girls don’t always grow up to be beautiful women.

  13. manda says:

    Seriously, which one is which? I have never been able to tell them apart

  14. lindsay says:

    MK is the one in gold, Ashley in black.

    MK always looks more eccentric while ashley keeps it classic

  15. Jeanne says:

    I don’t think it really matters for our purposes if you can’t tell them apart. They’ll be joined at the hip forever. Something tells me they’re not too well-adjusted.