All 17 of Paris Hilton’s dogs are fine

Paris Hilton with two of her dogs on 7/20/07. Credit: Fame

Yesterday we ran a story that wild coyotes had run off with two of Paris’ at least 17 dogs. The story originated with paparazzi photo agency X17, and it’s possible that it filtered down to one of their photographers in the “telephone game” type way that rumors get twisted and turned around when they’re repeated. Maybe Paris was upset over something else, someone wondered if one of her many dogs had been hurt, it got misunderstood and repeated and the story turned into a coyote killing two of the pups. Or maybe they just made it up on a slow news day.

Paris’ rep told People that all the dogs are living the high life in their little doggie mansion, waiting to be picked by Paris for an outing like so many neglected pairs of shoes:

Contrary to Internet reports, two of Paris Hilton’s dogs were not eaten by a coyote. They’re not only alive, but living better than many humans.

“They were at Paris’s house Wednesday in her recording studio, and all the dogs were playing and looked as healthy and happy as can be,” a rep for the heiress tells PEOPLE. “Paris even had a doggie mansion built for them and it is very secured. ”

Her rep was responding to reports that Hilton, 27, has been crying non-stop due to the dogs’ deaths.

[From People]

Why Paris has 17 dogs: They keep having babies
Paris Hilton told Ellen Degeneres in February that she has 17 dogs. Ellen asked her why she has so many dogs, and she said “they keep having babies and I feel bad to give them away.” Ellen said “Paris you have to spay and neuter your pets,” and Paris answered “They all just got fixed.” Ellen asked “All of them?” and she hesitated and said “Yes.” Ellen called her out on the fib, saying “Paris you’re lying,” and she was forced to admit “two of them weren’t [fixed].” It just takes two! Hopefully they’re the same sex, not that Paris would know.

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  1. vdantev says:

    17 dogs? isn’t there a law or something ?

  2. geronimo says:

    Like she’d know if they were missing or not. Can she count to 17? Imagine the conversation -

    Which ones are missing, Paris?
    The one with the pink fur coat and uh the one with the sapphire blue leather jacket.
    And their names, Paris?…dog..or something.
    Can you describe them, Paris?
    Uh..kind of like..dogs..small dogs with uh..fur and stuff.

    Please coyotes, get your target right next time.

  3. Larissa says:

    17 is a lot! but am sure she has enough space,money and staff to take care of ´em!
    and the best company for dogs are believe it or not, DOGS! so am sure they perfectly fine and HAPPY… is just silly to say that she should get rid of ´em
    like in the last post!
    and then what? put ´em to sleep? thats even more crazyness!
    this dogs would exist if there was no Paris, after all nobody is breeding especially for her right? so yeah….leave her with her doggies!
    If I had all that money I´d make a shelter for homeless animals, not just chihuahuas…but still I don´t think she is doing anything wrong there! And that´s because she is not!

  4. Carrie says:

    They may be “fine” but 17 dogs is too many. Especially as she’s too busy promoting her tacky endorsed products to take care of them. And she has such an immature attitude to them, like a little girl with teddy bears or dolls.

  5. Larissa says:

    well, what i was saying is that she HAS people taking care of ´em for her…
    like probably in everything else in her life!lol they are not being neglected ffs! i know ppl with a lot less dogs…even one, that wouldnt move their arses to take the dogs for a walk! or worse, after the puppy phase is over and they start getting more messy (like bigger poop)…just dump their dogs on the streets! Now THAT is revolting!

  6. WTF?!?! says:

    Larissa, there are laws in Los Angeles limiting the number of “doggies” people without breeder’s licenses can own. Because she has money to pay people to take care of them, you think it’s okay if she breaks the law?

  7. elisha says:

    My MIL has six dobermans and about 8 pekenese. She was granted a kennel license, although she shouldn’t have been in my opinion. I think basically all you have to do is apply and they give you one. They do not live on property like my parents (who have 100 acres and 6 dogs). There is a very serious mental disorder called animal hording and I’m convised MIL might have it, as she suffers from other mental disorders as well.

    Yesterday people turned this story in a chance to talk about how you should adopt you dogs instead of getting them from puppy mills. Unfortunately, you dogs can get taken by coyotes no matter where you get your dog from, so you should keep your pets close. I’m happy Paris’s dogs are OK, puppy mill or not.

  8. Codzilla says:

    Larissa: Obviously these animals aren’t being cared for properly, since we’re forever hearing about them running around the streets, pissing off the neighbors, and in the case of one of her kittens, getting run over and killed. Also, per her Ellen interview, they haven’t been fixed (a HUGE oversight for any pet owner) and have been humping like rabbits.

  9. Mairead says:

    Don’t large numbers of dogs just basically revert to pack mentality? It’s not just the fact that Paris has staff for them, does she have enough staff doing the right things so the dogs are accustomed to humans; basically to spend time with them and not just to walk or groom them?

    17 dogs in a recording studio – the poor sound engineer! (I could be cruel and say their barks are needed to improve Paris’s singing voice – but I won’t :wink: )

  10. Christina says:

    i’m sure the dogs are fine. sure, a “regular” person can’t keep that many pets, but i’m sure she can afford all the necessary help and accomodations for the pets… i’m sure they’re living the high life so give paris a break…

  11. Kat says:

    All that barking. I’m sure it is lovely.

  12. Nudgie says:

    Her dogs are NOT “fine”…

    They are still HERS! :)

  13. okay it doesnt matter says:

    okay, just cuz u complain doesnt mean anyone is gunna do anything about, paris’s dog’s probably live a better life than any “average” middle class person does. She obviously has enough space, money, and her staff have the time for them. I think their okay. It’s her choice to have 17 dog’s although most would think it’s weird, she may love them just fine. If she were doin anything that wrong I think we’d all find out pretty quick, consdiering the paparazzi and media ALWAYS need a new story to trash her. dont you think? :roll:

  14. strawberryp0cky says:

    I like how many people who replied are replying as if they know her personally and can personally attest to the fact that she doesn’t care for her animals. Codzilla even says that we “know” the animals aren’t being taken care of properly due to all the reports…you mean like the “report” here where the dogs were eaten by a coyote?

  15. Greg says:

    You can’t treat 17 dogs like the should be treated. 17 is far too many!