Kanye West thinks abortions cost about $50,000


I hate wading into this issue, I really do. Fortunately, Kanye West is so far up his own ass that even his musings on abortion aren’t really political or controversial in the conventional sense. While Justin Bieber might spout an Jesusy anti-choice line, Kanye isn’t going to over-think the heated political issue. Kanye is going to breeze in with his own take. Kanye West doesn’t care about research or nothing! Kanye just tweeted something “an abortion can cost … up to 50gs maybe a 100.” So… Kanye thinks abortions cost $50,000? Up to $100,000?


[From Kanye West’s Twitter feed]

Well, at least Kanye’s message comes with a note to “strap up” which I assume means something about wearing a condom…? Back to the issue of abortions costing up to $100,000… Is there such a thing as a designer abortion? Like, a luxury abortion? That’s all I can think of now, that rich people will pay more for anything, including luxury abortions, and Kanye thinks this is normal.

Also – I’m still flabbergasted that Kanye got an invitation to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. You know his outfit is going to be hot. He’s totally going to wear white. And a veil.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Maybe if they were that expensive, people wouldn’t use them as a form of birth control.

    Anyhow, Kayne’s an idiot. He really needs to disappear already.

  2. sarahla says:

    pretty sure he means including the cost to keep the would-be baby mama quiet.

  3. Mia135 says:

    He would totally upstage the bride!

    Any self-respecting woman should not even want to touch this ‘man’, let alone get pregnant for him.

  4. Violet says:

    there are so many things wrong with that statement. it’s depressing that he has a forum for public speech.

  5. Dingles says:

    I’m trying to imagine what exactly a luxury abortion looks like…

  6. Mshuffleupagus says:

    Maybe he’s talking about Unicorn abortions?

  7. Gabriela says:

    Really? He got invinted to the Royal wedding? Oh wow.

  8. Joe says:

    I agree with sarala, he said it costs a “ballin” guy about 50-100k, I don’t think he is that ignorant, but with Kanye you never know. If you’re a normal guy it runs about a grand.

  9. Quest says:

    If someone, somewhere had STRAPUP with Kanye’s mom then we would not have to endure this crap.

  10. ahni says:

    He means the pay-off money, not the procedure.

  11. Sarah says:

    um, I would PAY $50000 just to not get pregnant by him. Also, I feel like if he had a child he would totally try to buy it from the mom like that greasy soccer playa.

  12. rissa says:

    some groupie is probably giggling to herself thinking “oh yea i remember that”

  13. EdithP says:

    I thought he was into guys — he’s not going to have to worry about abortions, anyway.

  14. Rita says:

    If a “ballin nigga” would “slap some mean Kazoo on that bitch” he wouldn’t have to throw down 100k for the suck.

    I have no idea what I just said.

  15. mln76 says:

    I think he’s saying that girls ‘trap’ rich guys by getting pregnant and then ask for 50-100 grand to agree to an abortion (still cheaper than child support). He sort of doing a ghetto PSA on birth control.

  16. Jb says:

    He’s saying that a woman gets pregnant ON PURPOSE and then blackmails the guy for money to have the abortion and NOT have the baby. So disgusting.

  17. CandyKay says:

    Doesn’t “ballin’” refer to an athlete? A rich athlete, in this context.

  18. K says:

    @Sarah: Not everyone who gets an abortion is doing so as a retroactive form of birth control. Sure, there are some people who may have had four or more abortions, but that comment of yours sounds like ignorant anti-choice rhetoric. Should a rape victim who gets pregnant from the trauma be charged $50,000? After all, as you say, it’s a form of birth control. Throw some financial salt into the emotional wounds, that’s a great idea.

  19. voodoobetty says:

    Is it too late for Kanye’s mom to abort him?

  20. Lenore says:

    Hey, you know if you have sex and you don’t use contraception, chicks can get pregnant? And that shit’s expensive.

    How dare women go running round with their ovaries, ensnaring poor innocent dumb men for purely financial purposes. What a hateful, sad world Kanye West inhabits, if he’s simultaneously so sex-crazed he can’t control his own wang AND so mistrustful of the women in whom he wants to insert it.

    Clearly Kanye doesn’t give a shit about getting girls knocked up because of the effect it might have on their life, or because they would be mutually responsible for another human being’s existence, nah; it’s the money that matters. God knows how he’d react if he turned up with the cheque and the woman said she wanted to keep the baby.

  21. Pirouette says:

    If he meant payoff, than that is what he should’ve said. Instead, he said something really stupid and we are amused.

    Why did he say that, anyway? What provoked such a problematic statement?

  22. Obvious says:

    can we pretend kanye doesn’t exist again? those were good times.

    ps while i personally don’t like abortions (extenuating circumstances exempt) and could never see myself having one, I believe in a women’s choice.

    i respect your (others) opinion of pro life, but to force your views on me is wrong. don’t get the abortion. let those who need one get one.

  23. Karin says:

    @k: Good point! But I just hate having to drag the rape thing into the debate because it muddies the real point. Most women DO NOT use abortion as birth control and it is naive and foolish to think such a thing! Birth control (pills/condoms etc) is simple and easy to use. Abortions are a costly and difficult form of “birth control”. No woman who can do the math would use abortion as actual birth control!!

    Bah…I wash my hand of the topic. Kanye is a moron.

  24. MikeyB says:

    I think its costs that much b/c he has to pay the girl off. Basically “Pay me or I’m having your baby that you dont want” (or to tell anyone about)

  25. Quest says:

    I can excuse the Biebs for irrational comments on issues that would make a grown man cringe but Kanye – no dude. You are a full ass grown man with a non functional prick for a brain, when you open your mouth your ass-hole speakette and reeks of crap.

    Man just STFU already

  26. MissyAggravation says:

    I really love how unapologetically moronic Kanye is – I use the quote, “WHY WON’T (x) LET ME BE GREAT??!!1″ more often than an educated woman in 2011 really ought to.

    But I think Michael K summed up my sentiment perfectly: And just so Kanye knows, a true gold diggin’ bitch will have the baby on the down low and the hit the baller up for $50k a month for child support. #shutup

  27. lilred says:

    Rita: “I think you said if Kanye wasn’t so far in the closet he wouldn’t have to worry about pretending to care how much an abortion costs” but my KW translation could be a bit rusty.

  28. Chickadees4me says:

    lmao @ voodoo unfortunately yes

  29. Geekylove says:

    It’s such a sensitive subject!
    And to hear that such a public figure is… Mentioning it and them only refering to money it costs-disgusting.
    It’s not a plastic surgery, kanye!!! You’re not talking about one of your super-artistic-world-changing song/chick/fur/new line if whatever; you’re talking about a big, painful decision.
    I am and always will be pro-choice, but we are talking about a life here: life that isn’t guilty of the people who made it. And it makes me sick that someone as Kanye seems to think he knows anything about it.
    Sorry for the rant

  30. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Rita, I’m cryin over here your post was so funny.

  31. jen34 says:

    Please, please get fixed. Then you won’t have to worry about paying off anybody, and I won’t have to worry about any kids turning out like you.

  32. anti says:

    i wonder if he knows how much a condom costs. babies aren’t the only things that could come back and haunt a gentleman such as himself.

  33. Yasmine says:

    @K, thank you thank you thank you for pointing that out! You took the words right out of my mouth!

  34. Roma says:

    I think Kanye is an idiot.

    But – there are women out there who do get preggo on purpose just for the money. It is naive to think it’s not true. Do I respect those women? No. Do I respect Kanye? No. So, I actually hope those women do find Kanye.

  35. @ Rita : That made me wee a bit I laughed so much. Touche! Hhahhha, yup, still chortling.

  36. Snackysnaxx says:

    “b***hes” and “n***as”. So classy.

  37. fizXgirl314 says:

    He probably had a friend blackmailed… Like “give me $100k and I’ll get an abortion”… at least that’s my guess *shrug*

  38. nanster says:

    @elizabeth and karin – agreed. MOST women only have abortions when they feel they have no other option; besides, who could afford birth control that was so expensive? I firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose.

    PS – I hate Kanye West. Not only does he prove his stupidity every time he opens his piehole, but he is also a whining, sniveling baby.

  39. Liana says:

    God, Rita, STOP MAKING ME GAFFAW. It’s not ladylike.

  40. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      misogynistic troglodyte.

  41. Bill Hick is God says:

    He needs to be de-barked and have oven mitts surgically attached to give the rest of us relief from his spastic Tweets.

  42. TeeTee says:

    he’s counting the HUSH money…

  43. sapphire says:

    He doesn’t know, because he’s never had one. So, for a truly sublime surgical experience, he should try vasectomy.

  44. DD says:

    Umm, if abortions cost 50000, I say it’s gold digging doctors not gold digging bitches.
    Unless either

    a) These gold digging bitches are dating these doctors.
    b) Abortions are the new silicone breasts?
    c) Abortions provide some kind of emotional high?

    I’m confused, I don’t know where gold digging bitches fit into the equation of how much an abortion procedure actually costs.
    Does this guy have all his brain cells intact? Or am I in the twilight zone?

  45. Leah says:

    @Mshuffleupagus bwa ha aha!!! that was rad.

  46. sassy says:

    chicken heads tell rich guys like Kanye that’s how much it costs and they fall for it. stupid guys!!

  47. Blaze says:

    @CandyK- “Ballin” can refer to anyone who makes a lot of money, regardless of profession

    And it’s unfortunate, but there are incredibly ignorant women out there who do not use birth control or condoms, then have multiple abortions when the circumstances are not extreme(as in the case of rape, health of mother and/or baby). Remember that story on dlisted not too long ago about one of Charlie Sheen’s hookers who was on her 4th abortion and felt the need to tell the press about it? I’m pro-choice and aware that many women are much more responsible when it comes down to this issue, but I’m not going to pretend that some people aren’t complete idiots when it comes to birth control and condoms.

    And as for Mr. West…where do I begin? One thing that I think is funny and ironic in an infuriating way is the men who bitch and whine about goldiggers are the same ones who try to impress women solely with their money, as they have no interest in pursuing anything with intelligent, independent-minded women who prefrer relationships based on commonalities and mutual respect over ones based on a meal-ticket.

  48. Maritza says:

    Some girlfriend he dated probably made out like a bandit telling him that’s what it would cost her to get an abortion, what an idiot!

  49. courtney says:

    Kanye and men like him set our society back 50 years. aboriton itself isn’t that expensive though the counseling after it can be.

  50. melinda says:

    Thank you Karin and Elizabeth. Using abortion as birth control is one of the most illogical, uneducated, ridiculous arguments against abortion out there. Can we please put it to rest? It makes no sense.

  51. R says:

    Unfortunately, this IS true and does happen. I know a girl who dated an NBA paller and he gave her 80g’s to not have the baby.

  52. Ilovemee says:

    He knows nothing about abortions, because he loves penis with a passion! “Mr. West is in the closet, swagga on a hundred thousand trillion.”

  53. OfficialB*tch says:

    He is referring to “hush money” LOL
    You need to brush up on your “urban speak.” ;)

  54. toni hodges says:

    Even though his mother was an English professor, he does not understand the English language. He meant having an abortion would “save” 50-100gs, not cost you. Abortions are very reasonable and if a woman got him to give her 50-100gs to have an abortion, BRAVO to her!!

  55. Lynda says:

    just love the language. What is this douche nozzle talking about?

  56. Mouse says:

    I’m as pro-choice as it gets, but there are some sick women out there who use pregnancy as a weapon. They don’t use birth control because they like the attention of being pregnant, then get abortions or place the baby for adoption. I know one girl who had 4 by the age of 23. She “didn’t like” birth control. I think it was also her way of trying to get the Daddys to marry her, but they never did. Granted, the Daddys should have used condoms, but she took no steps to protect herself, either. I also know a girl who wanted to abort her baby because he was a boy and she wanted a girl, but it was too late in the pregnancy by that point. That girl purposely got pregnant by a guy she barely knew out of spite because her older sister was getting married before her, and she wanted to be the center of attention.

  57. Dawning Red says:

    Just read another tweet by Kanye. It says “Man, a brotha go to McDonalds, cost 5gs, maybe 10 for a Big Mac meal if y’all supersize. Gold diggin’ Ronald McDonald be makin’ me hungry on purpose. Strap on y’all own fries, brothas!”

  58. malachais says:

    #53, ITA. I have heard this story a few times and couldn’t help but yawn. He is always trying to make bold statements for attention. Keep trying Kanye.

  59. Bopa says:

    I’m sure this has already been posted but Kanye is talking about paying off women if they get an abortion. The guys are trying to avoid having to pay child support which is what some of the gold diggers that sleep with them want.

  60. MrsOdie2 says:

    I fully support a woman’s right to have a safe legal abortion no matter what the circumstances. It’s her body. I particularly support a woman’s choice to have an abortion if she is a crack-smoking porn star who is banging Charlie Sheen, or a gold digging b**** who is scamming Kanye. Oh, yes I do.

  61. Shazza says:

    I can’t believe how some of you don’t get it-Kanye’s not only talking about the procedure, he’s talking about paying hush money. I read an article in Sports Illustrated about the NBA having the highest amount of illegitimate children. And sad to say, some women DO see being the baby’s momma of a wealthy athlete or rapper as being the cache to a wealthy lifestyle. And I like him encouraging men to strap-up then maybe HIV wouldn’t be so rampant. Some of you just hate him so much, you don’t want to understand what he’s saying.

  62. Dea says:

    Maybe he is hitting at Kim K? During their dating for a few weeks there were those rumors back in December that she was pregnant?? Just saying… :)

  63. Sandy says:

    I can’t believe this disgusting trashy pig is going to the royal wedding. Wow.

    I understand what he’s saying. Does he have to say it like he just crawled out of dung heap? Yuk

  64. Mashmash says:

    I’m just going to say, cause i dont think anyone wrote it yet, but abortions [as far as I know] cost about $500. Nowhere near $50,000.

  65. Dirty Martini says:


    Please be my new BFF.

    Dirty Martini

  66. Az says:

    What a douche! Annoying and moronic. Can someone shut him up already? Make him go away! Please!

  67. Weeble says:

    I think the way this article was presented missed the entire point. Of course he knows a true abortion does not cost that much, but by the time you pay lawyers and other transactions costs, perhaps even a bit of hush money things get expensive.

    There are some gold digging women who get pregnant on purpose to get money or make claims on famous men, just as there are some famous men who irresponsibly sleep around and get women pregnant. It works both ways.

    And I agree with MissyAgg…

  68. Crash2GO2 says:

    Ooh. I’m looking forward to this one being sung by Josh Grogan.

  69. lachica says:

    i can’t believe u guys r making me defend Kanye.

    he’s not saying that abortions cost 50 grand. he’s saying that that is how much some women charge ballers.

  70. annie says:

    I’m a antepartum and postpartum RN, believe me, people use abortion as a form of birth control much more than you would think.

  71. annie says:

    Oh, and Kanye is a super duper deluxe asshole, no respect for anyone but himself.

  72. threem says:

    um, he’s talking about the cost of NOT getting an abortion borne on the man (who of course has no right to tell a woman to get one). after a night of one or both parties being irresponsible there’s an economic incentive for the woman to not get an abortion, and THAT can cost $50k-100k, depending on the man’s means and how willing the woman is to coerce, extort, or sue.

    the real point of the comment was a warning to men to wrap it up. depending on how psycho she is, she might decide to act on that incentive, and it’s especially tough on “ballin’ niggas”. how does that song with jamie foxx go? “eighteen years, eighteen years…”

  73. KT says:

    Eh maybe he’s including the payoff to the person who extorts him because of it. Get girl preg, she hits him up for hush money.

    who knows. He’s in his own world. I’m happy to let him stay there.

  74. Persistent Cat says:

    The abortion/feminism view aside, does no one find offensive his language? It’s Black History Month! If I’m not mistaken, he’s educated. His language and grammar is appalling, what his ignorant language does for black people should be just as concerning.

  75. cotton says:

    His point was that some women use babies to illicit $$ from men.

    But I guess in magical “women do no wrong” land, aka 21st century UK and America, such things should remain unspoken *and endorsed by women*.

  76. LBeees says:

    Haaa… that shizz is hilarious. I thought that was funny, not objectionable, not uncouth.

    He’s calling a spade a spade, my nillas. When you’re a rich old (or young) dude, ladies want your babies. Point blank. So yeah… strap up!

    (and LOLCATZ to Rita. Classic!)

  77. teehee says:

    Ok if the abortion costs that much money, the woman wont be getting rich off of it but instead will use it for medical bills— by his own logic/the way he wrote that tweet which once again proves him to be the most incredibly stupid person.

  78. Bohemia says:

    omg! i cannot BELIEVE he got invited to the Royal Wedding! wtf! how did that HAPPEN?

  79. Shay says:

    Frankly I don’t care whether this is politically correct or not, but I notice a terrible trend lately, one where most African American male music artists happen to be the most ignorant and illiterate. And these men are role models for their culture?
    If that’s the case, then I dread the future.
    What makes the Kanyes (or Chris Brown)different from the Ike Turners?
    Nothing much.
    The recent variety, like Brown and West, try to make ignorance and disrespect (toward women/of women) fashionable. I find that creepy in itself.

    In short: Kanye West is always talking out of his arse anyway, who really cares what he says?
    I’d pay 50 gs to have Kanye sterilised. That, and ban him from Twitter. See how long his ego takes it.

  80. seri says:

    Everyone, I think it’s time we all agree…. we tried to make it work, but now we must abort Kanye. Yes, it is time.

  81. Cheyenne says:

    @shazza: If those b-ball players kept their dicks in their jockstraps, they wouldn’t get played for idiots. Have any of those clowns ever heard of condoms?

  82. The Bobster says:

    I can believe it. His hero Obongo thinks amputations cost 50 grand, too.

  83. ThePhoenix says:

    I very much doubt that, annie. You may be a nurse, but you don’t know these people’s life story. Abortions can be
    painful/uncomfortable. Its a surgical procedure, people!. No one would have an abortion carelessly. Its like going to not brushing your teeth so you can go to the dentist and have an extraction. Both are painful/uncomfortable SURGERIES.

  84. Lila says:

    ThePhoenix, abortions aren’t that big a deal. They don’t take long and they don’t hurt much and they’re a lot less annoying than the side effects from pills and shots. In fact, I was always told to wait three weeks to have sex after my abortions and I never waited a week. I felt fine. My friends all felt fine. I don’t know who the poster was that was whining about how stressful the decision is for women to have an abortion, but I’ve never known anyone who has gave it a second thought. I know prolifers especially want to make women the victims, but I’ve never felt bad for any of my abortions because it’s not a person inside me and even if it is, it belongs to me until it comes out at nine months.

    BTW, I’ve never paid for my abortions because the clinic always does some paperwork that has the state pick it up. They’re really cool and they helped my friend get an abortion when she was 7 months because her boyfriend was cheating on her and she wanted to punish him. If these women Kayne is whining about want to sleep with rich guys and get cash out of it by having an abortion, it certainly seems easier than having the baby, raising it, and cashing the checks for eighteen years.

  85. annie says:

    @ThePhoenix, excuse me, it’s in their chart! When people have 4,5,6 abortions, they’re using it for birth control!

  86. Moops says:

    @Lila – Nice try. You HAVE to be some pro-life, right-wing nut-job troll, trying to stir up trouble here, right? Talking about your multiple abortions, your friends’ multiple abortions, your friend’s late-term, revenge-motivated abortion, and the state paying for them? What a joke.

  87. Jaariel says:

    All I know is, in high school, I had many friends who used abortion as back-up birth control. They weren’t raped or molested; to the contrary,they just didn’t want to “be alone” that night, so they justified their stupid, self-centered, drunken &/or stoned reckless lack of wisdom,of self-control & self-esteem with the thought, “Hey, if worse comes to worst, I can always get an abortion…”– ridiculously SAD & STUPID self-talk that led & still leads so many young to the disingenuously calculated conclusion that “legal” = “not harmful”. I absolutely know that if abortion were illegal again, many of my upper-middle class friends would have made vastly different choices, ones they would not regret to this very day.

  88. Jaariel says:

    When people say they are “pro-choice” I believe what they actually mean is that they are “Anti-Consequence”. They delude themselves-and many others- into believing the impossible: to act, to do, to behave, any way they wish, all minus any unpleasant consequences. This, my friends, is a Lie.
    But what about “choice”? Where does it come in?
    The unhappy truth is, by this time, the “choice” has already been made:
    sexual intercourse sans fool-proof birth control IS the choice. You either choose to “do it” or not.
    There is no such thing as 100% fool-proof birth control method, you say?
    Ah, yes. Welcome to reality. And real choice, with real consequences, which inevitably follow real actions.

  89. Cheyenne says:

    Shay: “I notice a terrible trend lately, one where most African American male music artists happen to be the most ignorant and illiterate. And these men are role models for their culture?”

    Most African-American male music artists are the most ignorant and illiterate? There are hundreds of black male music artists. Are you saying most of them are like Kanye West, Chris Brown and Ike Turner?

    That has got to be the most ignorant and ridiculous comment I have ever read on this or any other blog. Those guys don’t represent most black music artists any more than most white actors are like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen.

  90. ThePhoenix says:

    Yeah right, its in their chart. “patient using abortion as birth control”. Sure. Get real annie.

    Thats what I thought Moops. Its obvious what Lila is doing especially with: “They’re really cool and they helped my friend get an abortion when she was 7 months because her boyfriend was cheating on her and she wanted to punish him” – reads like an anti-choicer belittling the reasons for an abortion. Why do these trolls make themselves SO OBVIOUS!?

    As I said, abortion is SURGERY. It is at the very least, uncomfortable, and far more so and more painful than a condom, a pill or an injection. It also can carry risks of infertility. It is not something a woman decides on doing for fun. It is a very serious decision.

  91. Cheyenne says:

    @Jaariel: I remember when abortion was illegal. That was also during the time when safe contraception was not readily available to everybody. Your upper-middle-class friends who got pregnant out of wedlock would have found a doctor who performed illegal abortions in safe and sterile conditions. Everybody else who wanted to terminate the pregnancy would have gone to some back-alley butcher after which they might have ended up on a slab in the morgue.

  92. annie says:

    @ThePhoenix, you’re the one that needs to get real. I never said i their charts, “using abortion for birth control”, but when someone has that many abortions , whats the logical conclusion? You don’t seem like you can read between the lines, you need everything spelled out simply to you, don’t you?

  93. annie says:

    Cheyenne, you sound like a parrot if there ever was one.

  94. Jaariel says:

    @Annie: you are wrong. How would a high school girl go about locating such a Dr.? She’d have to involve her parents, which is in & of itself a deterrent to both the boy & the girl not to get themselves into a situation that neither one is old or mature enough to handle. Planned Parenthood has made it so “easy”, to where parents aren’t even notified that their minor daughters are terminating pregnancies; but these same girls have to have parental consent to pierce their ears–100 hrs ago, no one would’ve believed this could possibly be reality here in America.

  95. annie says:

    @Jariel, I have no disagreement with you, you’re preaching to the choir.

  96. kate says:

    that’s what your parents thought too, kanye. it wasn’t within their budget.

  97. ballin' nigga says:

    Just me, or does Kayne look increasingly like a petulant Halloween mask version of himself? For someone who is so, so AWESOME he doesn’t look very happy.