Megan Fox’s latest Armani commercial: cheesy, trashy or gorgeous?


Jesus, I think Armani has just decided to slap Megan Fox’s face down on every single product and campaign they’ve got going. What’s funny is that Megan looks completely different and uniquely plastic in each ad campaign – in the Armani makeup ads, she was ridiculously Photoshopped to the point where she looked like her old 2008 face. In last year’s Armani underwear ads, Megan simply posed in polka-dotted panties, exposing her Marilyn tattoo (on her arm). The header image is the Spring 2011 Armani underwear print ad, and Armani just released a 20-second teaser commercial. Watch and see how you barely get a clear shot of Megan’s face:

I call it “Bolt-Ons In the Wind”. Right? That’s all it was – bolt-ons and ass-shots, artsy fabric rippling and Megan’s crazy face. Look, I’ll say it again: Megan Fox used to be really pretty. But she’s jacked up her face too much, and she looks too different from year to year. I don’t understand getting Megan to front a major campaign if you’re barely using her face, like in this commercial. Is this supposed to be exotic or “deep”? Because dudes who still jerk off to Megan Fox don’t care about any of that. They just want to see Megan’s boob (job) falling out of her bra.


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  1. tapioca says:

    The one in the jeans isn’t so bad, but in the undies? Yikes. Just eat something woman!!!

  2. Bee says:

    Does Megan Fox do anything else nowadays besides photo shoots in her underwear? No… Ok.

  3. Cherry Rose says:

    She has the tackiest tattoos ever! Jesus woman. And normally I like tattoos, but damn.

    And the first picture is a pose that she does constantly for Armani.

  4. Quest says:

    @BEE – A photoshoot with nothing by her undies is seeing Megan at her best (believe me), at least we don’t have to see her act or speak. It is a shame that a pretty girl has to resort to these measures

  5. Bailey says:

    she is tiny. its better to pose. she can’t act.

  6. Bee says:

    @Quest I completely agree. That’s why boys didn’t go see Jennifer’s Body. They aren’t interested in hearing Megan Fox speak (who is?)or “act.” Posing in her underwear while staring vacantly into space, with her mouth hanging open, (maybe her nose is always clogged up from allergies, a sinus infection, or the soap suds from Michael Bay’s car) is what this woman does best. Know your strengths Meggie.

  7. RHONYC says:

    all that writing on her looks funny to me.
    like a kindergartner just scribble-scrabbled all over her with a sharpie! :lol:

  8. guesty says:

    the written back tats are so sexy imo. gonna go with goregeous on this one.

  9. KLO says:

    She looks painfully thin. Another 10 pounds and I’d be on board.

  10. Ari says:

    @guesty i liked the jeans/tats/laying down one too

    Her other tats are fugly tho

  11. Missfit says:

    It’s disturbing to see her like that, she has a very weird body, like of a little child, so that’s why it’s weird to look at her. But maybe some pedophiles might get a kick of it,lol. She doesn’t have the figure of a woman, no real curves, no meat. She used to have such a pretty face, why did she have to mess with it? :/

  12. luls says:

    theres too much writing on her back! if she had kept it limited to a couple of lines on the side only, it wuda looked okay. ditto for angelina jolie btw.

    ladies, ur body is not a notebook. dont defile it with ugly images/writing. If u MUST, keep it to a minimum and make sure its MEANINGFUL at least.

    just my 2 cents.

  13. jover says:

    Excellent comments Bee – How does Armani keep a straight face and their cachet when they hire a talentless vacant plastic trailer park moron to be the face of their brand. The fashion industry is completely slumming. How long did Megafarse have to spend on her knees to get this gig, because it wasn’t her beauty and personality that won over Armani – there certainly isn’t a shortage of beautiful Italian models/actresses that could do this. After this contract expires she needs to go back to the Denny’s where she belongs – I love how hollywood thinks they are all cosmopolitan compared to us yokels and then they push someone like megafarse on us. We’ve gone from Kate Hepburn and Liz Taylor to this dope. End of rant.

  14. Francesca says:

    Mouth open is too much. Otherwise, sexy topless lumber humping looks good on her.

  15. Ruth says:

    whats up with her stomach? it looks.. odd for someone who is so underweight to have stomach muscles thats protrude like that..
    boring boring boring.. and her tatoos do look like sharpie scribbling :P

  16. dahlia1947 says:

    Bailey: its better to pose. she can’t act.
    Yep ! Exactly! “you should never accept a job that entails speaking, moving, or anything that can be vaguely construde as acting, because you my dear, don’t have the slightest aptitude for it.”