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29 Responses to “Jessica Simpson talks about how she farts in bed, prays with Tony at night”

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  1. Orangejulius says:

    OMG Jessica – STFU and go away. Poor ditz.

  2. Syko says:

    Ordering her a case of Subtle Butts even as we speak.

  3. Joe says:

    Tony, I truly hope that ditz slobs an awesome knob for all the crap you have to put up with!

  4. Ron says:

    Damn you Celebitchy! Damn you! I just threw up in my office. Can’t wait to hear about her period next.

  5. Jess Doherty says:

    Good Lord! She is AWFUL!

  6. Nouvel says:

    Orangejulius great high five. No doubt STFU Jessica, you are a complete idiot.. OMG, I feel embarrased for you at this point..

    I can see why Nick left and Tony will too, although he seems like a dumb country redneck so he is no better..

  7. sassyspank says:

    when did “By commenting you agree to the following:” become such an essay?
    Anyway, yes – she’s just horrible. am amazed people are still talking about her – and that she even has a bf. who knows, maybe she’s good in the sac – can’ think of any reason why any fairly intelligent person would want to be with her.

  8. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – :lol:

    Man, Romo sure puts up with a lot just to bang a girl with big boobs and blonde hair, doesn’t he?

    At some point he might re-evaluate.

  9. geronimo says:

    Intentional spelling mistake or not, sissyspank, I think you’ve probably pinpointed the one area where she delivers – the (scrotal) sac department.

  10. Mr. T says:

    When idiots speak. Romo isn’t the brightest boy on the block is he?

  11. MeowMeowHaley says:

    I saw her on the Rachael Ray show earlier this week and she made two references to her flatulence. Enough! Time to grow up, kitten. No one but your MD should hear about your gas!! 8O

  12. lrm216 says:

    I think I am going to vomit….

  13. Codzilla says:

    Joe: Lol! Now THAT was funny. :D

  14. huh says:

    So now that she’s “country” she’s religious again? B/c I distinctly remember reading a quote from her a few years back where she said she was no longer religious.

  15. Codzilla says:

    She’s anything her Daddy tells her to be in order to sell records.

  16. lalala land says:

    She is HORRIBLE!!! What a lady!!! I guess she thinks country music fans like their singer stinky?? What a moron….

  17. Leandra says:

    Take some Beano and please go away….I don’t want to hear about the status of your colon.

  18. Jess says:


    “I toot under the sheets, I spend a lot of money and I can belch the ABC’s.”

    The only talent she has.

    At least John Mayer can play a mean guitar. Just sayin.

  19. Trashaddict says:

    This woman’s whole life is TMI.

  20. anonymous says:

    Wasn’t there a story a while back about her stripping on a webcam for him when she’s on the road?

    Does she do that before or after they pray together on their cell phones…

  21. AE says:

    If People Mag actually did an interview, where are the questions about how she is lending a hand to women in trouble? It seems so bizarre that a few of her lines are parsed to make silly headlines while the real news is that she performed a BENEFIT for the Rape Crisis Center. Her critics might begrudge her every move, but I bet there are many women very grateful for her help and support.

    Oh, and I’ve got the single funniest fart story ever, but I guess I’d better save it for another time.

  22. critic says:

    Is Jessica grateful for the help and support of the Rape Crisis Center in promoting her new album?

  23. AE says:

    critic: I can’t answer that … and unless you’re Jessica Simpson, you can’t either. The point I was trying to make is that if her comments were made while introducing her songs, this would suggest a totally different picture than the “tooting, over sharing” story geared for lots of internet hits. Perception is an easily manipulated commodity, but why would we ignore or try to put a negative spin on something that can only help a worthy cause?

  24. Courtney says:

    When is this fug nightmare of a girl going to finally go away? What is wrong w/ Tony Romo??? Can’t wait until he gets tired of her knob slobbin.

  25. morgs says:

    Was it really appropriate then, to discuss at a Rape Crisis Benefit no less, her body functions and spending habits?

    She has said that music is just a hobby because she makes so much money from her clothing/shoe line. Please, for Christ’s sake, GET ANOTHER HOBBY!!!

  26. drm says:

    ARgh! in JS’ case its spelled ‘cuntry’ 8O (if CB will let that one pass the censor (grin)

  27. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’m not sure what’s considered appropriate as far as bodily functions and sexual awareness benefits go, but I’m pretty sure it’s uncouth to brag about how great your relationship is at a Rape Crisis Center. Ever hear of date rape, ya dumb bitch?

    Damn you and your linemen, Romo. You shall rue the day you crossed Rodgers!